Penuel Bowen [int. Penual Bowen Eagar] of Lowell, and Harriot [int. Hannah] Austin Tolman, 1833 [int. Mar. 3, 1834].

EAMES (Emes)

Ephriam of Weston, and Polly Underwood, Apr. 5, 1797.


William and Bethiah Melvin, int. June 13, 1791.


Ebenezer of Sliptown, NH, and Lucy Wheeler, int. Mar. 2, 1778. [Ebenezer of Peterborough Slip, and Mrs. Lucy Wheeler, m. Apr. 20. CR1]

Ebenezer Esq. of Temple, NH, and Mary Flint, May 12, 1801.

Elijah and Rebecca Peirce, May 26, 1811.

Hannah E. [int. Emeline] and Henry Goulding of Sherburne [int. Shurburne], June 8, 1837.

Jacob P., 25, cordwainer, s. Elijah and Rebecca, and Thirza Rockwood, 21, of Brookline, NH, d. Luther and Keziah of Brookline, NH, Nov. 3, 1846.*

Mary Ann and Isaac B. Clarke of Weston, Apr. 5, 1838.


Robert of Boston, and Lydia F. Billing [int. Billings], Jan. 1, 1828. [Billings. CR1]

EMES (Eames)

Robert of Sudbury, and Sarah Adams, Aug. 14, 1783. [Sally. CR1]

ESTABROOK (Esterbrook)

Susanna of Concord, and Ephraim Brooks, int. Mar. ––, 1784.

ESTERBROOK (Estabrook)

Hannah [int. Esta Brooks] of W. Cambridge, and William Benjamin [int. Jr.], May 28, 1818. [Estabrook. CR1]


Oliver W. and Mary B. Parks, Aug. 9, 1837.

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