Isaac and Mary Allen of Westown, int. Oct. 28, 1775.

Jonathan and Mrs. Ruth Underwood, Nov. 29, 1752.* CR1

Susanna, Mrs., and Jesse Timothy [int. Thimothy], ––––– [int. July 25, 1797]

GALLUP (Galop)

William, Dr., of Concord, and Eliza H. Stone, Feb. 25, 1840.

GALOP (Gallup)

Benjamin of Waltham, and Anna Willington, int. Sept. 20, 1775.


Submit T., wid., 56, d. Thadeus Tuttle and Abigail, and Aaron Brooks, widr., 55, farmer, s. Aaron and Mary, Dec. 13, 1849.*


Aaron Richards of Boston, and Mary Jane Whitney, Oct. 4, 1840.

GEARFIELD (Geerfield)

Abijah and Seraph Colburn, Mar. 29, 1807. [Garfield, and Seraph Colborn. CR1]

Anna of Weston, and Timothy Billing Jr., int. Nov. 11, 1771.

Anna and Jonas Peirce Jr. of Westown, int. Feb. 23, 1778.

Cooper of Weston, and Mrs. Elizabeth Warran [int. Warren], Sept. 16, 1810. [Garfield, and Mrs. Elizabeth Warren. CR1]

Enoch and Nancy Jones, Nov. 7, 1805. [Garfield. CR1]

Hannah and Caleb Parker of Reading, int. Dec. 30, 1776.

Hannah and Charles V. Stearns of Waltham, Feb. 25, 1830.

John and Lucy Smith of Weston, int. May 22, 1775.

Lucy and Nathan Brown Jr., int. Apr. 3, 1775. [Gearfeild, m. Apr. 12. CR1]

Lucy Ann and Andrew Warren of Weston, int. Oct. 16, 1837.

Lydia and William Warren of Weston, int. Apr. 18, 1836.

Mary and Enos Wheeler, int. Oct. 22, 1765.

Mary and John Watson of Waltham, int. Oct. 25, 1784.

Mehetable [int. Mehetibel] and Elisha Child, Jan. 1, 1761. [Mrs. Mahitabel. MR] [Mrs. Mehetable Gearfeild. CR1]

Mercy and Ebenezer Hammond of Weston, Jan. 22, 1756. [Mrs. Mercy. MR] [Mrs. Mercy Gearfeild. CR1]

Rebeckah [int. Rebekah] and David Fisk of Wobourn [int. Woburn], Oct. 31, 1765. [Mrs. Rebekah. MR] [Mrs. Rebeccah Garfeild. CR1]

Sarah of Waltham, and John Brown, int. May 7, 1759.

Sarah and Benjamin Peirce of Ring, NH, Oct. 7, 1771. [Benjamin of Ringe, NH. MR] [Gearfild, and Benjamin Peirce of Ringe, NH. CR1]

Solomon and Sarah Stimpson of Sudbury, int. May 20, 1769.

Susan and Alexander Perry of Nantucket, Nov. 27, 1843, in Weston.*

Susanna and Edward Brown of Waltham, int. Dec. 19, 1784.

GEERFIELD (Gearfield)

Enoch and Polly Barron of Concord, int. Oct. 29, 1799.


Anna of E. Sudbury, and Aaron Parks, Dec. 23, 1783. [Jennison. CR1]


Celestia and Abel T. Hill of Sudbury, int. June 10, 1842.

Joanna of Waltham, and Jonas Bemis, May 11, 1823.


Elbridge W. and Lucy Ann Hayward of Lexington, Dec. 4, 1842.

Lydia M. and James M. Cutler of Lowen, Dec. 10, 1839.


George Washington, 24, farmer, of Watertown [int. of Springfield, VT], b. Springfield, VT, s. Joseph of Springfield, VT, and Sarah Bigelow, 24, d. William, Oct. 31, 1844.


Hannah and Jeremiah Knowlton, int. Sept. 9, 1776. [Mrs. Hannah, m. [torn] 11, 1776. CR1]


John of Concord, and Anna Maria Mercer of Concord, Sept. 18, 1823.*

GOODENOW (Goodnough)

Jesse of Sudbury, and Polley Bond, int. Jan. 24, 1781.

GOODNOUGH (Goodenow)

Isaac and Lydia Carrol of Sutton, int. Mar. 25, 1800.


John M. of Milton, NH, and Mary Parks, June 16 [int. July 1], 1842, in Weston.


Rebecca W, [int. White] and Hosea Weston, May 18, 1837.


Amelia L., 19, dressmaker, d. Asaph and Lucinda, and William Johnson, 28, wharfinger, of Charlestown, s. Jotham and w. Charlestown, Nov. 20, 1847.*

Asaph and Lucinda Brooks, Dec. 27, 1822.


Henry of Sherburne [int. Shurburne], and Hannah E. [int Emeline] Edwards, June 8, 1837.


Austin of Boston, and Lauisa [int. Louiza] Ann Whitney, ––– ––, 1834 [int. Nov. 28, 1833].

Charles and Rhoda Stearnes [int. Stearns], Oct. 22, 1818. [Stearns. CR1]

Elizebeth [int. Elizabeth] and Elisha Livermore of Waltham, ––– –– [rec. between Apr. 21 and May 3] [int. Mar. 17], 1808. [Elizabeth. CR1]

Jonathan and Mary Dole of Littleton, int. July 15, 1811.

Nathaniel [int. Nathanel] and Elizabeth Adams, June 23, 1772. [Nathaniel and Mrs. Elisabeth Adams. MR] [Nathaniel and Mrs. Elizabeth Adams. CR1]

Nathaniel Jr. and Jane Stone of E. Sudbury, int. July 4, 1796.

Nathaniel and Abagail Stone of Framingham, Apr. 29, 1828.

Sarah and Jonas Sanderson of Weston, Mar. 17, 1768. [Mrs. Sarah. MR CR1]

Tabitha and Jonas Bemis of Waltham, Aug. 28, 1792.


Robert, Rev., of Dover, NH, and Susanna Hoar, Aug. 24, 1802.


Samuel S. of Cambridge, and Betsey Lawrence, int. ––– ––, ––––.

Samuel of Boston, and Sarah Hagar, int. Apr. 14, 1777.

Samuel and Hannah Davis of Bedford, int. Oct. 26, 1783.


Elizebath, Mrs., of Boston, and Col. Eleazer Brooks, int. May 26, 1777.


William [and] Mrs. Saviah Tower, Aug. 24, 1817.*


Francis and Abigail Hastings Brown, int. May 7, 1832.

Mary Ann of Weston, and Thomas Nealy, int. Dec. 20, 1825.


Jonathan P. Esq. [int. omits Esq.] of Paxton, and Mrs. Hannah Hoar, Nov. 20, 1838.

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