Jacob of Groton, and [int.adds Mrs.] Sarah Bathric [int.Bathrick], Nov.21,1802. [Mrs.Sarah Bathrick.CR1]


Esther and Timothy Wesson Jr., Sept.26,1754.* [Lampson.MR] [Mrs.Esther Lamson.CR1]

John of Weston, and Elizabeth Wesson, June14,1759. [Elisabeth.MR] [Mrs.Elisabeth.CR1]


John of Dedham, and Elizabeth Oliver, int.Jan.2,1787.


Daniel and Salla More of Sudbury, int.June19,1809.

David or Littleton, and Patty Adams, Dec.23,1790.*

Betsey and Samuel S. Green of Cambridge, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Lovey, Mrs., and Dr. Joseph Adams of Townshend, int.Sept.18,1774 [m.[torn] 23,1774.CR1]

Love Adams and Thomas Swan, Apr.17,1804.

Mary and [int.adds Lt.] Asa Brooks of Concord, Oct.30,1796.

Phebe and Rev. Edmund Foster of Littleton, Oct.30,1783. [Phoebe.CR1]

Sally and Samuel Bass of Brantree, Oct.30,1783. [Samuell of Braintree.CR1]

William and Unice Brown, int.Nov.20,1780.


Joana [int.Joanna], Mrs., and Rev. Edmond [int.Edmund] Foster of Littleton, Jan.23,1816. [Mrs.Joanna and Rev. Edmund Foster of Littleton.CR1]


Charles and Mrs.Lydia Parks, Feb.15,1763.

Hannah of Concord, and Timothy Brown, int.Apr.15,1772.

Woodis of Concord, and Mary Foster, May1,1800.*


Polly and Abel Child, int.Feb.10,1780.

LIVEMORE (Livermore)

Jason W. of Paxton, and Elmira Brooks, Nov.17,1832.*

LIVERMORE (Livemore)

Elisha of Waltham, and Elizebeth [int.Elizabeth] Gove,末蔓末, [rec. between Apr.21 and May3] [int.Mar.17], 1808. [Elizabeth.CR1]


Joseph Jr. of Lexington, and Huldah Dudley, int.Mar.8,1756.


Roanna of Waltham, and John Sanderson of Waltham, Mar.15,1835.*


Hollis Clark of Weston, and Cynthia Viles of Weston, Jan.21,1815.*CR1

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