George, shoe manufacturer, of Natick, and Sopronia C. [int. Sophronia Cordelia] Davis, housekeeper, d. Aaron, Aug. 17, 1843.


Cornelius of Watertown [int. Watartown], and Mrs. Hannah Peirce, July 24, 1766.


Josiah Jr. of Newipswich [int. New Ipswich], NH, and Hannah [int. Lucy] Wheat, Feb. 22 [int. Feb. 25], 1787. [Josiah of New Ipswich, and Hannah Wheat, Feb. 22. CR1]


Mary M. and Abner Brooks, s. Levi and Lydia, ––– ––, 1832.* PR1

WARRAN (Warren)

Elizabeth, Mrs. [int. Warren], and Cooper Gearfield of Weston, Sept. 16, 1810. [Warren, and Cooper Garfield of Weston. CR1]

WARREN (Warran)

Andrew of Weston, and Lucy Ann Gearfield, int. Oct. 16, 1837.

Charles of Waltham [int. of Watertown], and Mary Colburn, Nov. 28, 1793. [Charles of Waltham. CR1]

Charles of Weston, and Persis Weston, Oct. 15, 1811.

Hannah [int. Harriet] and Isaac Biglow [int. Bigelow] of Weston, Oct. 2, 1823. [Harriet and Isaac Biglow of Weston. CR1]

Mary [int. Warran] and Elijah Parks, Nov. 15, 1810. [Warren. CR1]

Seviah [int. Sevia] and Nathan Tower, Mar. 27, 1805. [Sevia. CR1]

Walter and Eleanor [int. Eleaner] Travis, Mar. 28, 1815. [Eleanor. CR1]

William of Cambridge, and Mrs. Mary Fassett, June 26, 1805.

William of Weston, and Lydia Gearfield, int. Apr. 18, 1836.


John of Waltham, and Mary Gearfield, int. Oct. 25, 1784.


Susan D., Mrs., and Thomas Brooks, Mar. 24, 1840.

Susan C., 18, seamstress, d. William and Susan, and William O. Benjamin, 25, farmer, s. William and Hannah, June 14, 1846.*

WEATHERBEE (Wetherbee)

Hezekiah, Capt. [int. Wetherbee], and Grace B. [int. Billings] Baker, Sept. 20, 1821. [Wetherbee. CR1]

WELLENGTON (Wellington, Willington)

Marah Ann of Acton, and Leonard Hoar Jr., int. Oct. 31, 1832.

WELLINGTON (Wellengton, Willington)

Benjamin Oliver [int. Olliver], Capt., of Lexington, and Polly Hastings, May 20, 1811. [Capt. Benjamin Oliver. CR1]

Sarah W., 24, d. Elisha and Betsey, and Capt. Albert Hagar, 29, farmer, s. Elisha and Priscilla, Nov. 26, 1846.*


Nabby of Concord, and Elisha Child, int. Nov. 18, 1790.

WESSON (Weston)

Abraham and Abigail Alline [int. Allien], Feb. 2, 1764. [Allen. MR] [Mrs. Abigail Allen. CR1]

Elizabeth and John Lamson of Weston, June 14, 1759. [Elisa beth. MR], [Mrs. Elisabeth. CR1]

Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth], and John Wright of Weston, May 8, 1771. [Elisabeth. MR] [Mrs. Elizabeth. CR1]

Ephraim and Ruth Richardson of Watertown, int. May 4, 1772.

Hannah and James Parks, Dec. 5, 1771. [Mrs. Hannah. CR1]

Hephzibah [int. Hiphzibah] and John Brown Jr. of Weston [int. Weeston], Dec. 12, 1765. [Mrs. Hepzihah. MR] [Mrs. Hepzibah. CR1]

Lydia and Matthew Hobbs of Weston, Jan. 14, 1768. [Mrs. Lydia. MR; Mrs. Lydia and Mathew Hobs. CR1]

Sarah, Mrs., and Peter Heywood, May 29, 1750.* CR1

Timothy Jr. and Esther Lamson, Sept. 26, 1754.* [Lampson. MR] [Mrs. Esther. CR1]

WESTON (Wesson)

Calvin and Eliza An [int. Elizaan] Fiske, Mar. 20, 1823. [Eliza Anne. CR1]

Charles and Rebeccah Potter of Concord, int. Feb. 11, 1792.

Daniel and Lydia Brown, ––– ––, 1793. [Jan. 22. CR1]

Daniel, Maj., and Mary Wheeler, Dec. 27 [int. Dec. 30], 1827. [Dec. 27. CR1 PR6]

Eri of Weston, and Emily Fiske, int. Mar. 20, 1827.

Esther [int. Wesson] and Josiah Adams of Brantree [int. Braintree], Sept. 19, 1785. [Wesson, and Josiah Adams of Braintree. CR1]

George and Hannah Fay Sawen of Marlborough, int. Oct. 10, 1831.

Hosea and Rebecca W. [int. White] Goss, May 18, 1837.

Lucy and Abner Wheeler, [rec. after Dec. 29] [int. Oct. 28], 1811.

Mary and Ezekiel Miles of Concord, Jan. 1, 1795.

Nathan and Abigail Fox, June 10, 1783.

Nathan and Nancy Fox, Nov. 13, 1788.

Persis and Charles Warren of Weston, Oct. 15, 1811.

Rebecca, Mrs. [int. Rebeccah, omits Mrs.], and Josiah Meriam of Concord, Nov. 7, 1815. [Mrs. Rebekah. CR1]

Stephan Jr. and Susanna Whitney of Stow, int. Nov. 30, 1783.

WETHERBEE (Weatherbee)

Charles of Sudbury, and Rebecca Billings, int. Mar. 17, 1760.


Hannah [int. Lucy] and Josiah Walton Jr. of Newipswich [int. New Ipswich], NH, Feb. 22 [int. Feb. 25], 1787. [Hannah and Josiah Walton of New Ipswich, Feb. 22. CR1]

John and Mrs. Abigail Smith of Concord, May 2, 1764.

Joseph and Mary Smith, Nov. 8, 1770. [Mrs. Mary. MR CR1]

Lucy and Jereme Underwood of Wesford, int. Dec. 20, 1713. [Mrs. Lucy, m. Feb. 17, 1774. CR1]

WHEELER (Wheelor)

Aaron of Concord, and Lucy Brooks, int. Sept. 2, 1766.

Abel and Charlotte Bemis, Dec. 3, 1833.* PR6

Abigail and Daniel [int. Daniell] Heald, Dec. 25, 1760. [Mrs. Abigail and Daniel Heald. MR CR1]

Abner and Elizabeth Hunt, int. Oct. 10, 1769.

Abner and Lucy Weston, [rec. after Dec. 29] [int. Oct. 28], 1811.

Adeline and Samuel [int. adds M.] Newhall [int. Esq.] of Littleton, Nov. 20, 1823.

Adeline, housemaid, d. Charles A., and Isaac R. Sanderson, farmer, of Waltham, b. Waltham, s. Abner of Waltham, Apr. 14, 1844.

Asa and Elanor Rice of Framingham, int. Nov. 24, 1807.

Cate of Concord, and Leonard Whitney, int. Dec. 15, 1785.

Charles and Julia Stearns, Dec. 22, 1808. [Julia, d. Dr. Charles. PR6]

Charles A. and Hanah More of Sudbury, int. May 29, 1809.

Daniel of Concord, and Hannah Fiske [int. Fisk], Nov. 21, 1799. [Fiske. CR1]

David 3d [int. Wheelor] of Concord, and Martha Brooks, May 22, 1783. [Brookes. CR1]

Edmund and Eunice Munroe, June 24, 1756.* [Munro. MR] [Mrs. Eunice. CR1] [Edmund, s. Thomas and Mary (Munroe) of Concord. PR6]

Edmund [int. Edmond] Jr. and Elizabeth Brooks, Nov. 20, 1800. [Edmond Jr. CR1] [Edmund Jr., Nov. 16. PR6]

Edmund [int. Edmond] Jr. and Priscilla Hagar, Oct. 22, 1835.

Elisha of Sudbury, and Polly Adams, int. June 21, 1779. [Mrs. Mary, m. [torn]. CR1]

Betsy [int. Betsey] and Samuel Dakin [int. Jr.] of Concord, Oct. 9, 1791. [Betsey and Samuel Dakin Jr. of Concord. CR1]

Enos and Mary Gearfield, int. Oct. 22, 1765.

Hannah Brooks and Nathaniel Swift Bennett of Framingham, Aug. 23, 1810.

Hannah and Theophilus C. Coombs of Boston, Sept. 26, 1841.*

Horatio, Capt., and Mary Read of Newton, int. Jan. 20, 1831.

Jesse of Concord, and Lucy Fiske [int. Fisk], Oct. 14, 1802. [Fiske. CR1]

John and Lydia Allen, Oct. 31, 1754.* [Mrs. Lydia. CR1]

Joseph A. and Salah M. Sanderson, Nov. 30, 1848.* PR12

Josiah Jr. of Concord, and Lucy Heald, int. Mar. 27, 1764.

Josiah Heywood [int. Josiah Haywood Wheelor] of Concord, and Polly Miles, June 14, 1791. [Josiah Hayward Wheeler. CR1]

Jotham of Concord, and Azubah Whitemre, int. Sept. 19, 1810.

Lucy and Ebenezer Edwards of Sliptown, NH, int. Mar. 2, 1778. [Mrs. Lucy and Ebenezer Edwards of Peterborough Slip, m. Apr. 20. CR1]

Lucy and Joseph Merriam [int. Meriam] of Concord, Dec. 12, 1799. [Meriam. CR1]

Lucy of Newton, and Amos Bemis Jr., int. May 2, 1827. [m. June 14. CR1] [Lucy of Concord, and Amos Bemis, s. Amos and Susan (Fiske), m. June 14. PR9]

Lydia and Benjamin Parks, int. May 14, 1772.

Lydia and Daniel Billing, int. Dec. 28, 1778. [Mrs. Lydia and Daniell Billing, m. [torn] 11, 1779. CR1]

Patty and Stephen Butrick of Concord, int. Nov. 30, 1801.

Mary, Mrs., and Elisha Child, Jan. 11, 1748.* CR1

Mary, wid. (Wheeler), and Dea. Joshua Brooks, June 4, 1751.* CR1

Mary and Maj. Daniel Weston, Dec. 27 [int. Dec. 30], 1827. [Dec. 27. CR1 PR6]

Mary Ann, 26, tailoress, d. Capt. C.A. and H., and Benjamin W. Hobert [int. Hoburt], 24, stage driver, of Brighton, b. Brighton, s. Benjamin W. and E.A. of Brighton, Apr. 1, 1845.

Ruth and John Woodward, Dec. 15, 1763. [Mrs. Rachel. MR] [Mrs. Ruth. CR1]

Sarah and Jacob Foster, Apr. 18, 1780.

Salley of Temple, NH, and Abijah Munroe, int. Oct. 2, 1785.

Sarah of Concord, and William S. Whitney, int. Mar. 27, 1837.

Thomas of Concord, and Mary Munroe of Lexington, ––– ––, 1721.* PR6

Timothy and Mrs. Sarah Bond, Dec. 14, 1752.* CR1

Timothy of Concord, and Mrs. Mary Hubbard, July 9, 1754.*

Timothy of Concord, and Sophia Jones, Dec. 26, 1816.

William and Sarah Smith, Mar. 6, 1810.

William F. and Hannah H. Paddock of Dennis, int. Sept. 24, 1838. [William F., s. Charles and Julia, and Hannah Hall Paddock of E. Dennis, Cape Cod, m. Oct. 3. PR8]

WHEELOR (Wheeler)

Eunice [int. Wheeler] and Leonard Hoar, Nov. 10, 1785. [Wheeler. CR1 PR7]

Lemuel and Mrs. Catharine Whitney of Stoe, int. Jan. 14, 1783.

Peter of Concord, and Phebe [int. Pheby] Brooks, Jan. 24, 1788. [Wheeler, and Phoebe Brooks. CR1]

Thomas and Mary Hoar, Mar. 27, 1788. [Wheeler, and Polly Hoar. CR1] [Thomas Wheeler, s. Edmund and Eunice (Munroe), and Mary Hoar, Mar. 29. PR6]

WHIGHT (White)

Abigail and William Reviss of Sudbury, int. Feb. 4, 1760.


Sarah of Bolton, and Seth Bacon, int. Feb. 27, 1792.

WHITE (Whight)

Asa of Acton, and Lucy H. Brooks, Nov. 11, 1830.

Benjamin of Tempelton, and Ruth Wilson, int. Apr. 5, 1773. [Benjamin of Templeton, and Mrs. Ruth Wilson, m. June 9. CR1]

Catharine and Pliney Newhall of Lancaster, Aug. 20, 1812. [Pliny. CR1]

Jonas and Salla Clerk of Waltham, int. Apr. 23, 1799.

Joseph of Lanctster [int. Lancaster], and Rebeca [int. Rebecca] Hoar, June 15, 1784. [Joseph of Lancaster, and Rebecca Hoar. CR1]

WHITEING (Whiting)

Surfrona and Moses Underwood, int. Mar. 29, 1824. [Sophronia Whiting, m. Apr. 8. CR1]

WHITEMORE (Whitemore, Whitemre, Whittemore)

Abigail and Joel Hosmer of Concord, int. Nov. 30, 1780.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Benjamin Clark of Concord, Nov. 19, 1789.*

Jemima, Mrs., and Capt. John Senter of Londonderry, NH, int. Sept. 5, 1778. [Whittemore, and Capt. John Center of Londonderry, NH, m. [torn] 10, 1778. CR1]

Sarah and Joseph Stratton of Concord, May 23, 1780.

WHITEMRE (Whitemore, Whittemore)

Azubah and Jotham Wheeler of Concord, int. Sept. 19, 1810.


John of Weston, and Anna Bond, int. Nov. 22, 1773. [Whitehead, and Mrs. Anna Bond, m. Dec. 8. CR1]

WHITING (Whiteing)

Lewis of N. Brookfield, and Roxana Parks, June 8, 1823.

Lurana of Hingham, and Daniel Parks, int. Oct. 20, 1805.


Eliza P. and Webster Whitney of Winchendon, Mar. 6, 1828.

Ephraim P. of Boston, and Sophronia [int. Sophrona] Ann Jones, Nov. 28, 1833.

Hannah and David S. Jones Esq., int. Apr. 24, 1825. [David Smith Jones Esq., m. Sept. 1. CR1]

Joseph of Stow, and Lucy Parks, May 15, 1798.

Lucinda Porter and Elias Bean of Boston, Sept. 9, 1819.


Abigail and Israel Underwood, Feb. 9, 1762. [Mrs. Abigail. CR1]

Catharine, Mrs., of Stoe, and Lemuel Wheelor, int. Jan. 14, 1783.

Charles H., 22, yeoman, s. Nathan and Martha, and Eliza W. Brigham, 17, d. John and Achsah B., Aug. 25, 1844.

Elizabeth of Stow, and Eleazar Parks, int. Dec. 3, 1781.

Jonathan of Watertown, and Lucy Parks, Apr. 9, 1793.

Joseph and Ann Cook of Waltham, Oct. 2, 1832.

Leonard and Cate Wheeler of Concord, int. Dec. 15, 1785

Loice [int. Lois] and Richard Davis, Nov. 19, 1771. [Lois. MR] [Louis. CR1]

Louiza Ann, see Lauisa Ann.

Lauisa [int. Louiza] Ann and Austin Gove of Boston, ––– ––, 1834 [int. Nov. 28, 1833]

Lucy and Joel Adams, Apr. 14, 1772. [Mrs. Lucy. MR CR1]

Martha and Benjamin F. Cheeney, int. May 7, 1832.

Polly of Watertown, and John Dudley, int. Sept. 1, 1793.

Mary Jane and Aaron Richards Gay of Boston, Oct. 4, 1840.

Nathan and Lydia Viles of Waltham, int. Oct. 27, 1830.

Solomon [int. Jr.] and Mary Fay, Jan. 14, 176– [int. 1762]. [Solomon Jr., Jan. 14, 1762. MR]

Susanna, of Stow, and Stephan Weston Jr., int. Nov. 30, 1783.

Waldo of Leominster, and Hannah M. [int. Matilda] Benjamin, ––– ––, ––––. [int. Sept. 11, 1842].

Webster of Winchendon, and Eliza P. Whitman, Mar. 6, 1828.

William S. and Sarah Wheeler of Concord, int. Mar. 27, 1837.


Luke of Leominster, and Mary Harvey, July 22, 1811.

Samuel of Hopkinton, NH, and Mary Allen, Feb. 9, 1797.

WILLINGTON (Wellengton, Wellington)

Anna and Benjamin Galop of Waltham, int. Sept. 20, 1775.

"Elijr" Lt., and Phebe Brown, int. Nov. 6, 1785. [Lt. Elijah Wellington and Phoebe Brown, m. Jan. 8, 1786. CR1]

Elisabeth and Silas Stearns of Waltham, Oct. 30, 1765. [Mrs. Elisabeth Wellington. MRCR1]

Jonathan Jr. and Lydia Fisk of Waltham, Dec. 9, 1756.* [Wellington, and Lydia Fisk of Watertown. MR] [Wellington, and Mrs. Lydia Fisk. CR1]

Joseph [int. Wellington Jr.] of Waltham, and Martha Adams, Apr. 1, 1760. [Wellington, and Mrs. Martha Adams. MR CR1]

Peter [int. Wellington] of Lexington, and Hepzibah Hastings, May 24, 1813. [Wellington. CR1]

Timothy of Lexington, and Hannah Abbott, int. Dec. 1, 1775.


Francis of Bedford, and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Colburn, Dec. 13, 1803. [Elizabeth Coleburn. CR1]

Robert and Mary Woodward of Sudbury, Feb. 22, 1759 [Willson. MR] [Wilson, and Mrs. Mary Woodward. CR1]

Ruth and Benjamin White of Tempelton, int. Apr. 5, 1773. [Mrs. Ruth and Benjamin White of Templeton, m. June 9. CR1]

WINCHIP (Winship)

Keziah and Peter Underwood, ––– ––, ––––.* PR5

WINSHIP (Winchip)

Lydia, Mrs., and Joseph Adams of Concord, May 1, 1821.

Richard and Salley Turrell of Bedford, int. Feb. 19, 1788.


Amos [int. Jr.] of Concord, and Hannah [int. Hanah] Brooks, Jan. 26, 1797. [Hannah Brookes. CR1]

Daniel of Concord, and Sally Brooks, Feb. 10, 1803. [Sarah. CR1]

Dorcas of Concord, and Jonas Adams, int. Feb. 1, 1799.

Ephriam Jr. of Concord, and Mary Heald, int. Sept. 5, 1758.

Joanna of Leominster, and Josiah Colburn, int. Sept. 8, 1777.


Ebenezer [int. Ebenezar] of Hanover, NH, and Delia Adams, Feb. 26, 1795. [Ebenezer. CR1]

John and Ruth Wheeler, Dec. 15, 1763. [Mrs. Rachel. MR] [Mrs. Ruh. CR1]

Mary of Sudbury, and Robert Wilson, Feb. 22, 1759. [Willson. MR] [Mrs. Mary and Robert Wilson. CR1]

WRIGHT (Right)

John of Weston, and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] Wessen, May 8, 1771. [Elisabeth. MR] [Mrs. Elizabeth. CR1]


Abijah of Lexington, and [int. adds Mrs.] Betsey Dudley, Aug. 13, 1814.

Betsey of Weston, and Ephraim Brown, int. Nov. 2, 1779.

Elizabeth, wid., of Woburn, and Joseph Colburn, int. Sept. 11, 1780.

John Jr. of Concord, and Elizabeth Miles, int. Jan. 12, 1788.

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