ABBOTT (Abbot)

Nehemiah, s.Joseph and Hanah, Sept.27,1754. [Abbot.CR1]

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, Mar.29,1757.

Abiel, s.Joseph and Hannah, Sept.16,1759.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Hannah, July25,1762.

Abigail, d.Joseph and Abigail, July15,1765.

Asa, s.Joseph and Hannah, Feb.21,1768.

Mary, d.Ens.Joseph and Hannah, Jan.29,1773.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph Jr. and Ruth, Nov.16,1778.

Hannah [dup. Hanah], d.Joseph Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth, Apr.14,1781.

John, s.Joseph and Ruth, June20,1783.

William, s.Joseph and Ruth, June5,1786.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Ruth, Nov.14,1788.

Joseph Jr., s.Joseph and Ruth, Apr.19,1791.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Ruth, Apr.22,1793.

Abagail, d.Joseph and Ruth, Oct.10,1795.

Abiel, s.Asa and Hephzibah, Nov.26,1795.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Ruth, Mar.22,1798.

Elizabeth [dup. Elizabith] Brooks, d.Asa and Hepsibah [dup. Hepsabah], Sept.11,1798. [Elizabeth Brookes.CR1]

Mary, d.Joseph and Ruth, Jan.28,1801.

Evelina, d.Joseph and Ruth, May20,1803.


Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.29,1747.

John, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Aug.5,1748.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Jan.30,1749.

Amos, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Jan.12,1750.

Charles, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.8,1750.

John, s.John and Lucy, Apr.15,1751.

Elisabeth, d.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Oct.21,1751.

Nathan, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.11,1752. [Addams.CR1]

Edward, s.John and Lucy, Mar.27,1753. [Addams.CR1]

Abigail, d.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Oct.7,1753.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Oct.11,1754.

Abel, s.John and Lucy, Mar.28,1755.

Nathan, s.Josiah and Grace, Sept.12,1755.

Stephen, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Dec.15,1755.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Mary, Sept.13,1756.

Bettey, d.James and Kezia, Jan.22,1757. [Betty.CR1]

Abel, s.John and Lucy, Feb.20,1757.

Joseph, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Jan.11,1758.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, July14,1758.

James, s.James and Keziah, Jan.14,1759.

Bulckley, s.John and Lucy, Mar.14,1759. [Bulkley.CR1]

Asa, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Nov.7,1759.

Nathan, s." Cor" Joseph and Mary, Mar.1,1760.

Thomas, s.John and Lucy, Mar.22,1761.

Abigail, ch.John Jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Nov.8,1761.CR1

Amos, ch.John Jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Nov.8,1761.CR1

Asa, ch.John Jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Nov.8,1761.CR1

Elisabeth, ch.John Jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Nov.8,1761.CR1

John, ch.John Jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Nov.8,1761.CR1

Stephen, ch.John Jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Nov.8,1761.CR1

Mary, d.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Dec.2,1761.

Kezia, d.James and Kezia, Nov.6,1762.

Lucy, d.John and Lucy, June2,1763.

Pattee, d.Joseph and Mary, July15,1763.

Alice, d.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Dec.9,1763.

Ephraim, s.John and Lucy, Feb.24,1765.

Joseph, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Feb.14,1766.

Daniel, s.Capt. Joseph and Mary, Apr.14,1766.

Rebecca, d.John and Lucy, Feb.28,1767. [Rebeccah.CR1]

Dily, d.James and Deliverance(Adams), May26,1767. [Dillee.CR1]

Andrew, s.James and Deliverance(Adams), bp. Oct.9,1768.CR1

Ephriam, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Nov.8,1768. [Ephraim.CR1]

Lovey, d.Capt. Joseph and Mary, Mar.21,1769.

Ephriam, s.John and Lucy, Aug.11,1769.

Eli, s.James and Deliverance(Adams), Mar.14,1770. [Ely.CR1]

Alice, d.John and Elisabeth, bp. Feb.3,1771.CR1

Mary, d.John Jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Feb.3,1771.CR1

Samuel, s.James and Deliverance(Adams), June7,1771. [Samuell.CR1]

Ephraim, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Sept.1,1771.CR1

Jonas, s.John and Lucy, June8,1772. [h.Dorcas.GR1]

Kezia, d.James and Deliverance(Adams), Feb.19,1773. [Keziah.CR1]

Sarah, d.Joel and Lucy, Apr.8,1773.

Judath, d.Joel and Lucy, July12,1774. [Judeth.CR1]

Joseph, s.James and Deliverance(Adams), Nov.7,1774. [Addams.CR1]

Dorcas(Wood), w.Jonas, June5,1775.GR1

Joseph, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, bp. Sept.1,1775.CR1

Lovey, d.Dr. Joseph Jr. and Lovey, Sept.30,1775. [grand d.[Rev. William Lawrence].CR1]

Rebecca, d.James and Deliverance(Adams), Apr.4,1776. [Rebeccah.CR1]

Nathan, s.Joel and Lucy, Mar.12,1777.

Joseph, s.James and Deliverance(Adams), June17,1778.

Abigail, d.Joel and Rebecah, bp. Feb.7,1779.CR1

John, s.James and Deliverance(Adams), Nov.13,1780.

Polley, d.James and Delverance, July9,1782. [Polly.CR1]

Joseph, s.James and Deliverence [Deliverance.CR1], May6,1784.

Persis, d.Capt. Bulkley [Bulkely.CR1] and Persis(Stone), Oct.13,1785.

John, s.Capt. Bulkley [Bulkely.CR1] and Persis(Stone), May31,1787.

Nancy, d.Capt. Bulkley and Persis(Stone), June13,1788.

Daniel, s.James and Deliverence, Feb.20,1789.

Amos, s.Joseph and Marcy, bp. Jan.17,1790.CR1

Harriet, d.Joseph Jr. and w., bp. Dec.19,1790.CR1

Almira, d.Jonas and Dorcas, Feb.7,1802.

Hannah Harrington, d.Capt. Bulkley and Anna, May25,1802.

William, s.Jonas and Dorcas, Dec.29,1803.

Mary Anne, d.Bulkley and w., bp. May31,1807.CR1

Susan, d.Zabdiel and w., bp. Apr.14,1816.CR1


Seth, Rev. [h.Mary (Denny) and Persis (Rice)],末蔓末,1793.GR2

William B., s.Rev. Seth and Mary D., May16,1825.GR2

William B., s.Rev. Seth and Persis R., Dec.22,1836.GR2


Catherine Uphrasia, d.James and Catherine,末蔓末, 末末.

Eunice, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Jan.28,1732-3.

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Mar.29,1735.

Beulah, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Apr.16,1737.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Eunice, Nov.11,1739.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Eunice, June26,1742.

Phinnehas, s.Benjamin and Eunice, Apr.6,1745.

Rachel, d.Benjamin and Eunice, June25,1747.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Sept.20,1749.

Lucy, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Mar.20,1753.

Pattee, d.Benjamin Jr. and Aary [sic][Mary.CR1], Mar.12,1766.

Mary, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, bp. Oct.9,1768.CR1

Benjamin, s.Phinehas and w., bp. Nov.9,1777.CR1

Amos, s.Josiah and Sarah, Feb.11,1781.

Dolly, d.Phinehas and Abigail, bp. Jan.27,1782.CR1

Charles, s.Josiah and Sarah, Jan.31,1783.

Abby E.(Colburn), w.Rev. Stephen T.,末蔓末,1818.GR2

AMES (Eames, Emes)

Mary, d.Ephraim and Polly(Underwood), May16,1792.

William, s.Ephraim and Polly(Underwood), May27,1799.

Eunice, d.Ephraim and Mary(Underwood), May7,1807.

Almira, d.Ephraimand Mary (Underwood), Aug.10,1812 [sic, see death].

William Arnold, s.William and Martha (Forbs), Mar.11,1831.

Martha Almira Hayward, d.William and Martha F.(Forbes), June16,1833.

William Arnold, s.William and Martha(Forbes), Sept.4,1835.

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