Hannah, d.Nathaniel [Nathaniel of Boston.CR1] and Elizabeth, June8,1775.


Isabel M., w.William L.G. Peirce,末蔓末,1831.GR2


Joshua, s.Nathan, bp. May16,1736.CR1

Anna, d.Benjamin and w., bp. June25,1797.CR1

Nathan Child, s.Benjamin and w., bp. June25,1797.CR1

William, s.Benjamin and w., bp. Oct.13,1799.CR1


Francis Henry, s.Dr. Henry and Lydia, Feb.6,1842.

Charles Theodore, s.Dr. Henry C. and Lydia D., July26,1844.

Lucius Loyd, s.Dr. Henry C. and Lydia D., Aug.25,1846 [6, written in pencil].

Carrie Brooks, d.James L., farmer (b. Sturbridge), and Emily F., Oct.15,1849.


Eliza Tucker, twin d.Hezekiah and Sally, May29,1803.

Horatio Nelson, twin s.Hezekiah and Sally, May29,1803.


Mercy, see Marcy.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Grace, Mar.26,1749.

Mary, d.Elisha and Mary, bp. Oct.6,1751.CR1

Daniel, s.Joshua and Grace, Dec.24,1752.

Daniel, s.Isaac and Hannah, Nov.24,1754.

Betty, d.Joshua and Grace, Sept.1,1755.

Abel, s.Isaac and Hannah, Apr.10,1757.

Beriah, d.Joshua and Grace, Feb.5,1758.

William, s.Elisha and Mary, June16,1759.

Elijah, s.Joshua and Grace, Nov.17,1760.

Nabbey, d.Elisha and Mehetabel, Aug.3,1761. [Nabbe.CR1]

Sarah, d.Elisha and Mehetabel [dup. Mehetibel], May18 [dup. May17], 1763.

Samuel (Child), s.Elisha and Mehetibel, Feb.1,1765.

Micah, s.Joshua and Grace, July15,1766.

William, s.Daniel and Molley [s.Danill and Anna.CR1], Nov.23,1778.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Molley, Sept.22,1780.

John, s.Joshua and Elizabeth, Oct.19,1781.

Jonas, s.Daniell and Molly, bp. Dec.29,1782.CR1

Polley, d.Joshua and Elizabeth, Apr.15,1784. [Polly.CR1]

Mary [?m.],末蔓末,1785.GR1

Polley, d.Daniell and w., bp. Apr.17,1785.CR1

Joshua, s.Joshua and Elizabeth, June25,1785.

Potta, d.Abel and Polley, Mar.29,1786.

Marcy, d.Abel and Polley, Nov.9,1787.

Timothy, s.Daniel and Phoebe, bp. Nov.11,1787.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Joshua and Elizabeth, Apr.10,1788.

Polley, d.Elisha and Abigail, Sept.8,1791.

Elisha, s.Elisha and Abagail, Mar.24,1794.

Jonas, s.Elisha and Nabby, July24 [dup. July15], 1796.

末末, ch.Elijah and Mary, June19,1808.

Almira, d.Elisha and Martha, Jan.3,1831.

Edward, s.Elisha and Martha, Aug.23,1832.

Mary Frances, d.Elisha and Martha, Jan.10,1834.


Mabel, d.Joseph L. and Hattie H (Webster), Dec.8,1884.


Albert Marquis, s.Charles and Martha (Monsen), Feb.29,1885.


Sarah, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Nov.24,1749.

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Nov.27,1750.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Sarah, May12,1752.


Ogden, s.Charles Russell and Sarah (Ogden), Sept.17,1839, in Boston.GR3

COLBURN (Colbrun)

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Jane, June14,1777.

William, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Jane, Aug.26,1779. [Colburn, s.Nethanill and Jenny.CR1]

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Dec.3,1781.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, July3,1785. [Colhorn.CR1]

Sarah, d.John and Bulah, Oct.12,1785.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Feb.29,1787.

John Jr., s.John and Bulah, Jan.20,1788.

Nancy, d.John and Bulah, Apr.17,1789.

Charles, s.John and Bulah, Dec.27,1790.

Jonas Wyman, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Jan.25,1791.

Poley, d.John and Bulah, Oct.11,1792.

William, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Jan.18,1793. [Dea.William [h.Nabby (Reed)].GR2]

Nathaniel, s.John and Beulah, Oct.1,1794. [Colhorn.CR1]

Nabey, d.John and Bellah, Mar.12,1796. [Nabby.CR1]

Luther, s.John and Bulah, May14,1797.

Elisha, s.John and Bulah, Apr.11,1800.

Samuel, s.John and Bulah, Sept.3,1801.

Thomas, s.John and Bulah, Sept.17,1803.

Alice, d.John and Bulah, Apr.9,1805. [Allice.CR1]

Francis, s.John and Bulay, Sept.末,1806. [Coleburn.CR1]

George, s.John and Beulah, Dec.15,1809. [Coleburn.CR1]

Abigail E., d.William and Nabby, Oct.5,1818. [Abigail Elizabeth.CR1]

Hannah R., d.William and Nabby, May29,1820. [Hannah Reed.CR1]

Sarah A., d.William and Nabby, Sept.25,1821. [Sarah Antoinette Colborn.CR1]

Susan Maria, d.William and Nabby, Aug.31,1824.

Mary Caroline, d.William and Nabby, Aug.8,1828.

Jonas Wyman, ch.Jonas, bp. July4,1830.CR1

Harriet Amelia, d.William and Abigail, Sept.13,1831. [Harriot Amelia.CR1]

Ellen Frances, d.William and Abagail, July21,1836.


Hannah Green, d.Capt. Abraham and Patty, Aug.24,1799.

Joseph Green, s.Capt. Abraham and Patty, Mar.16,1801.

Martha Green [Green, crossed out] d.Capt. Abraham and Patty, Jan.5,1803.

William, s.Capt. Abraham and Patty, Feb.23,1806.

Albert Augustus, s.Abram and w., bp. July30,1809.CR1


George Putnam, s.Albert A. and Harriet (Putnam), July17,1884.

COOMBS (Cooms)

Eseck, Oct.21,1795.

George Reubin, s.Eseck and Priscilla, Apr.5,1817.

Eseck, s.Eseck and Priscilla, Nov.3,1818.

Josiah, s.Eseck and Priscilla, Aug.18,1820.

Hannah Maria," reputed'" d.Enoch Gearneld and Priscilla Cooms, Oct.5,1824.

Enoch, "reputed" twin ch.Enoch Gearfield and Priscilla Cooms, Oct.25,1826.

Priscilla, "reputed" twin ch.Enoch Gearfield and Priscilla.Cooms, Oct.25,1826.

Francis, s.Enoch Gearfield and Priscilla Cooms, Oct.8,1829.

Joseah, s.Enoch Gearfield and Priscilla Cooms, Sept.8,1831.

John William, s.Enoch Geartield and Priscilla Cooms, Feb.12,1833.


Chambers, s.Samuell and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.14,1756.CR1

Samuell, s.Samuell Jr. and w., bp. Sept.25,1757.CR1


Caroline, w.Webster Smith, Nov.2,1840.GR2


Eunice Barnes, d.Thomas and w., bp. Oct.27,1799.CR1


Ralph Plimpton, s.Eben P., sailor (b. Wayland), and Catharine (b. Liverpool, Eng.), July19,1849.


Nathaniel F.,末蔓末,1831.GR2


Joseph, s.Patrick and Delia (Mahoney), Apr.17,1884.

Martin, s.Patrick and Delia (Mullaney), Dec.28,1885.


末末, d.Daniel and Elizabeth(Reardon), Apr.12,1885.


Michael, s.Patrick and Nancy (Dow), Jan.28,1885.


Sarah, d.Elisha and Sarah, July17,1755.

Anna, d.Elisha and Sarah, Apr.1,1757.

Lucy, d.Elisha and Sarah, Aug.14,1758.

Charles, s.Elisha and Sarah, Aug.26,1760.

Ruth, d.Elisha and Sarah, Dec.31,1761.

Esther, d.Elisha and Sarah, Aug.8,1764.

Calob, s.Elisha and Sarah, May31,1766.

Catherine, d.Elisha and Sarah, July16,1768.

David Fisk, s.Caleb and Rebecca, July20,1798. [David Fiske.CR1]

Edwin Augustus, s.James and Maria, Aug.29,1841.

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