Mary Jane, d.William A. and Dorrothy, July17,1822.


Sarah W., w.William S. Whitney [Jan.末,1819].GR2

KEZER (Kizer)

Olive, d.Nathaniel and Jane, Apr.16,1776. [Kizer, d.Nethaniell and w.CR1]


Abner C. [h.Sarah W.] [h.Mary A.] [Dec.末,1810].GR2

Isaih, Mar.18,1811.GR3

Mary A., second w.Abner C. [Feb.末,1812].GR2

Sarah W., first w.Abner C. [Feb.末,1813].GR2

Abner C., ch.Abner C. and Sarah, W. [Dec.末,1839].GR2

Charles W., "Co. E, 4th Reg't Mass.Heavy Art'y" [Nov.末,1846].GR2


Lydia, d.Jeremiah and Abigail, Feb.16,1771.

Abigal, d.Jeremiah and Abigail, Jan.21,1774.

James, s.Jeremiah and w., bp. Feb.22,1778.CR1

Joseph, s.Jeremiah and W., bp. May14,1780.CR1

James, s.Jeremiah and Hannah, bp. July28,1782.CR1

Daniel, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Jan.11,1803.

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Oct.21,1804.

Mary Ann, d.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Sept.13,1806.

Beriah, d.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Nov.21,1808.

Louisa, d.Nathaniel and W., bp. Mar.17,1811.CR1

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