William, s.Thomas, bp. Oct.7,1753.CR1

Levi, s.Joseph and Eunice, Apr.16,1762.

Lois, d.Joseph and Eunice, Nov.17,1763.

Aaron, s.Joseph and Eunice, Dec.5,1765.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Eunice, Oct.4,1767.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Eunice, Oct.17,1769.

Elisha, s.Joseph and Eunice, Dec.7,1772.

Elisha, twin s.Joseph and Eunice, Sept.10,1775.

Rebecca, twin d.Joseph and Eunice, Sept.10,1775. [Rebeccah.CR1]

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and w., bp. Nov.16,1777.CR1

Isaac, s.Joseph and w., bp. Dec.21,1783.CR1

Polly, d.Joseph and w., bp. Jan.19,1794.CR1

William, s.Joseph and w., bp. Mar.8,1795.CR1


Elizabeth, see Elesibeth, Elezibath, Elezibeth.

Reuben, see Ruben.

Sybil, see Scibel.

Elezibeth, d.Daniell and Elezibeth, Mar.19,1750.

Daniel, s.Daniell and Elezibeth, May4,1752.

Willard, s.Stephen, bp. Jan.21,1753.CR1

Sarah, d.Daniell and Elezibeth [d.Daniel and Sarah.CR1], Feb.20,1754.

Eleazar, s.Ephraim and Mary, Nov.20,1754.

Lois, d.Benjamin and Lois, Jan.30,1755. [Louise, d.Benjamin and Louise.CR1]

Elezibath, d.Daniell and Elezibath, June30,1755. [Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Sarah.CR1]

Jonas, s.David and Sarah, Oct.10,1755.

Fanna, d.Benjamin and Lois, July14,1756. [Fanney, d.Benjamin and Louise.CR1]

Cotton, s.Nathan and Mary, bp. Aug.8,1757.CR1

Josiah, s.Ephraim and Mary, Aug.9,1757.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Abigail, Aug.15,1757.

Hannah, d.Daniell and Elezibeth, Aug.25,1757.

Molley, d.David and Sarah, Jan.30,1758.

Elezibeth, d.William and Lydia, May5,1758.

Abel, s.Benjamin and Lois [Louise.CR1], May24,1758.

George Farrar, s.Nathan and Mary, Feb.14,1760.

Mehetibal, d.William and Lydia, Aug.17,1760. [Mehetabel.CR1]

Elizabeth, d.William and Lydia, bp. Aug.31,1760.CR1

Nabby, d.Stephen and Abigail, Sept.7,1760. [Nabbe.CR1]

Leonard, s.David and Sarah, Oct.25,1760.

Anna, d.Ephraim and Mary, July20,1761.

Charles, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.8,1762.

Jacob, s.William and Lydia, Jan.31,1763.

Ruben, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.7,1763. [Reuben.CR1]

David, s.David and Sarah, May26,1763.

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.10,1764.

Rebeckah, d.Daniel and Lydia, Apr.6,1764.

John, s.John and Anna, May14,1764.

Phebe, d.Lydia, July17,1764.

Amos, s.Joseph Jr. and w., bp. Feb.3,1765.CR1

Lydia, d.William and Lydia, June18,1765.

Sarah, d.David and Sarah, Dec.17,1765.

Nathan, s.Benjamin and Sarah, bp. Feb.9,1766.CR1

Daniel, s.Daniel and Lydiah, July7,1766.

Lurana, w.Daniel,末蔓末,1767.GR1

Abel, s.Benjamin and Sarah, bp. Apr.5,1767.CR1

Cade, s.David and Sarah, Sept.18,1767. [Cady.CR1]

William, s.William and w., bp. Mar.13,1768.CR1

Daniell, s.Daniell and Lydia, bp. Jan.1,1769.CR1

Rebecah, d.Daniell and Lydia, bp. Jan.1,1769.CR1

Anna, d.David and w., bp. Feb.18,1770.CR1

Phinehas, s.William and w., bp. Nov.18,1770.CR1

Benjamin Allen, s.Benjamin and Lydia, Dec.11,1771.

Scibel, d.Daniel and Lydia, Apr.14,1772. [Sybill, d.Daniell and w.CR1]

James, s.James and Hannah, Sept.20,1772.

Elisha, s.William and w., bp. June13,1773.CR1

Cady, s.David and Sarah, May19,1774. [Carle.CR1]

Lucy, d.Daniell and w., bp. Dec.10,1774.CR1

Abijah, s.John and Anna, Jan.29,1775.

Josiah, s.Lt. James and Hannah, June24,1775.

Zebel, d.Daniel and Lydia, Dec.1,1775.

Joseph, s.David and Sarah, Apr.17,1776.

Louis, d.Benjamin and W., bp. Dec.15,1776.CR1

Cady, s.Willard and Lucy, Feb.5,1777.

Eliphilet, s.William and w., bp. Mar.9,1777.CR1

Susanna, d.James and w., bp. Aug.31,1777.CR1

Sukey, d.David and Sarah, July28,1779. [Sukee.CR1]

Relief, d.Daniel and Lydia, Oct.22,1779 [sic, see Isaac]. [Releif d.Danieil and w., bp. Oct.25,1778.CR1]

Isaac, s.Daniel and Lydia, Feb.29,1780 [sic, see Relief].

Abigail, d.Willard and Lucy, Oct.10,1780.

Jonas, s.Jonas and Eunice, Feb.20,1783.

Rebeckah, d.Willard and Lucy, June15,1783.

Marshal, s.Leonard and Betsey, Jan.19,1784.

Rebekah, d.Daniel and Lydia, Oct.12,1784.

Leonard, s.Leonard and Betsey, Feb.14,1785.

Calvin, s.Aaron and Anna, bp. May15,1785.CR1

Marshall, s.Leonard and Elizabeth, bp. Mar.12,1786.CR1

Elihu, s.Aaron and w., bp. Apr.30,1786.CR1

Lucy, d.Willard and Lucy, July22,1786.

Lovey, d.Leonard and Betsey, Feb.1,1787.

Leonard, s.Leonard and w., bp. Feb.18,1787.CR1

David, s.Leonard and Betsey, Sept.9,1787.

Wendal, s.David Jr. and Mary, Mar.28,1788.

David, s.Leonard and Betsey, Sept.9,1789.

Claracy, d.Daniel Jr. and Rebecah, Oct.7,1790.

Betsey Bucknam, d.Leonard and Betsey, Oct.10,1790.

Susan [w.Schuyler],末蔓末,1793.GR2

Emmerson, s.Josiah and Bulah, July末,1793.

Caleb Goddard, s.Leonard and Betsey, July29,1793.

Parnal, d.Daniel Jr. and Rebecah, Jan.12,1794.

Pamela Dench, d.Leonard and w., bp. Feb.8,1795.CR1

Benjamin, s.Phebe, bp. July5,1795.CR1


Seylar, s.Daniel Jr. and Rebecah, Feb.16,1796.

Mary, d.Charles and Dolly, Feb.27,1796,

Priscilla, d.Josiah and Bulah, Apr.9,1796.

Royall Mifflin, s.Leonard and w., bp. Sept.24,1797.CR1

Frances [sic], s.Daniel Jr. and Rebecah, Jan.7,1798.

Lewis, s.Charles and Dolly, Feb.20,1798.

William, s.Josiah and Bulah, Apr.22,1798.

Roxana, d.Daniel Jr. and Rebekah, July31,1799.

Fanny, d.Charles and Dolly, Apr.10,1800.

Lewis, ch.Charles and w., bp. Oct.26,1800.CR1

Mary, ch.Charles and w., bp. Oct.26,1800.CR1

Sally, d.Josiah and Bulah, Apr.22,1802.

Jonas, s.Eunice, May13,1803.

Emerly, d.Josiah Jr. and Sarah, Aug.29,1804.

Susan Ann, d.Schuyler and Susan, Jan.24,1818. [Susan Anne.CR1]

Amanda Melvina, d.Schuyler and Susan, Sept.26,1819. [Amanda Malvina.CR1]

Mary Bular, d.William and Lucy, Oct.20,1822.

Frances Elizabeth, d.Francis and Elizabeth, Sept.14,1824. [w.Daniel Haynes.GR2]

Martha Roxanna, d.Schuyler and Susan, Dec.24,1826.

Sarah C., w.末末,末蔓末,1827.GR2

Caroline Matilda, d.Jonas and Caroline, July10,1827.

Marshal, s.Jonas and Caroline, July26,1829.

William Tunker, s.William and Lucy, Oct.1,1829.

Martha Ann, d.Jonas and Caroline, June26,1831.

Jonas Leander, s.Jonas and Caroline, Apr.16,1833.

Charles Henry, s.Jones and Caroline, Oct.13,1838.


Edith Z., w.Gregory Stone, Oct.24,1808.GR3


Eliza Augusta, d.William A. and Annie M. (Spinney), Dec.7,1885.


Mary Snow, d.James and Mary, bp. Nov.9,1817.CR1

Francis [sic] Anne Parker, d.James and w., bp. June末,1818.CR1


Betsey, d.John and w., bp. Sept.15,1782.CR1

Lydia, d.John and w., bp. Apr.11,1784.CR1

Benjamin, s.John and w., bp. May14,1786.CR1

Chauncy, s.John and w., bp. Feb.24,1788.CR1


Mary, d.Jo末, bp. Apr.末,1751.CR1

PHILLIS (Fillis)

Nanney, d.William and Elesibeth, Jan.5,1767. [Nanne Fillis, d.William and Elizabeth.CR1]

Phebe, d.William and w., bp. Sept.3,1769.CR1


Abagail Bemis, d.Francis A. and w.,末蔓末,1826.

Abraham Bemis, s.Francis A. and Elizabeth, Oct.18,1828.

Eliza Maria, d.Francis A. and Elizabeth, Nov.24,1832.

Ellen Jane, d.Francis and Eliza Jane, Mar.27,1836.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Abijah, Col. [h.Thankful],末蔓末,1727.GR1

Thankful, w.Col. Abijah,末蔓末,1730.GR1

Jonas, s.Jonas, bp. Sept.30,1750.CR1

Susanna, d.Abijah and Thankfull [w.Samuel Hoar], May20,1752 "N.S."PR11

Joseph, s.Jonas, bp. Mar.18,1753.CR1

Nathanael, s.Abijah and Thankfull, Sept.27,1754. [Nethaniel.CR1]

Abraham, s.Jonas and Mary, Sept.2,1755.

Tarbell, s.George and Deborah, Aug.29,1757. [Tarble.CR1]

Isaac, s.Jonas and Mary, Nov.17,1757.

Jacob, s.Jonas and Mary, Mar.13,1762.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.24,1781.

Abijah Hoar [h.Sarah (Hartwell)],末蔓末,1782.GR1

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Feb.3,1782.

Thomas Deaken Jr., s.Jonas and Anna, Jan.4,1783. [Thomas Deacon Pierce, s.Jonas Jr. and w.CR1]

Thomas Dakin, s.Jonas Jr. and w., bp. Apr.18,1784.CR1

Susanna, d.Jonas Jr. and w., bp. June26,1785.CR1

Rebecca, d.Jacob and Olive, Dec.5,1785. [Pierce.CR1]

William Hoar [h.Maria (Bemis)],末蔓末,1786.GR1

John, s.Jacob and Olive, Apr.25,1789. [Pierce.CR1]

Elisha Gearfield, s.Jonas Jr. and w., bp. Nov.14,1790.CR1

Enoch, s.Jonas Jr. and w., bp. Apr.27,1794.CR1

Hannah, d.Jacob and Olive, Nov.11,1794. [Pierce.CR1]

Leonard, s.Jacob and Olive, Jan.7,1799. [Pierce.CR1]

Levi, s.Jacob and Olive, June6,1804.

Sarah Hartwell, rh.Abijah Hoar and Sarah (Hartwell),末蔓末,1822.GR1

Augusta M. [? m.], Mar.3,1826.GR2

Sabara Maria, d.Capt. Levi and Sabara, June24,1832.

Helen Frances, ch.Abijah Hoar and Sarah (Hartwell), w.James Van Voast,末蔓末,1833.GR1

Levi Judson, s.Capt. Levi and Sabara, Apr.21,1835.

Olive Jane, d.Capt. Levi and Sabara, May18,1837.

Pamela A. [A., written in pencil], d.Levi and Sabra [Sabra, written in pencil], Aug.5,1841.

Caroline Augusta, d.Samuel H., farmer (b. Cambridge), and Sarah C., Dec.30,1849.


Stephen Henry, s.Stephen and Lucresha, Dec.20,1822.

Eliza R, w.Gardner Moore, May16,1829.GR3


Thomas Mifflen, s.Maj. Benjamin (Polland) and March, Dec.2,1776. [Thomas Mifflin.CR1]

PRENTICE (Prentis)

Joseph, s.Ebenezer Warren and Rebeckah, Dec.15,1819.

Lydia M., d.Ebenezer Warren and Rebekah, Dec.20,1822.

John Watson, ch.Joel, bp. Dec.5,1830.CR1

Nathan Jones, ch.Joel, bp. Dec.5,1830.CR1

Sarah Watson, ch.Joel, bp. Dec.5,1830.CR1

Ellen B. [? m.], Oct.18,1845.GR3

Carrie [? m.], Oct.24,1848.GR3


William Gardiner, s.Samuel Jr., painter, and Martha, Aug.21,1847.

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