Daniel, Mr., June3,1805.

Margaret Eliza, d.John W. (Warran) and Harriet, July12,1814.

Mary Caroline, d.John W., Jan.31,1836, a.10.

Elizabeth, d.John W., Apr.6,1836, a.12.

WASTON (Wesson, Weston)

Susanna Fox, d.Nathan and Abigail, Apr.29,1784, a.9w.GR1


William, Mar.20,1836, a.32.

WESSON (Waston, Weston)

Charles, s.Stephen Jr. and Lydia, Mar.25,1769.

Stephen Jr., May6,1776. [in 56th y.GR1]

Hannah, w.Stephen, Nov.19,1776. [Weston, in 83d y.GR1]

Sarah, d.Lydia, wid., Apr.22,1777.

John, Nov.14,1777. [s.Ens.Timothy and Abigail, a.27.GR1]

WESTON (Waston, Wesson)

Abigail, w.Nathan, Mar.9,1787, a.31.GR1

Stephen, Dec.28,1789, in 100th y.GR1

Anna, w.Nathan, Nov.26,1800. [second w.Nathan, Nov.27, a.36.GR1]

Mary, w.Zachariah, Oct.16,1804.

Zachariah, Mr., June13,1806.

Mary, d.Charles, July11,1806.

Mary, w.Capt. Zechariah, Sept.30,1809, a.48.GR1

John, Mr., Dec.15,1809.

Charles, Mar.9,1811, a.42.

Daniel, Mr., Sept.末,1822.

Nathan, Dec.末,1825. [Dec.8, a.74.GR1]

Harriot, d.Nathan, Mar.9,1826, a.40y.6m.[Hariet, d.Nathan and Abigail, a.40.GR1]

Mary Caroline, d.Maj. Daniel, June28,1833, a.2y.9m.13d.[a.3.PR6] [ch.Daniel and Mary (Wheeler), a.3.PR10]

Zechariah, Mr., Aug.13,1833. [Capt. Zechariah [h.Mary], a.83.GR1]

Lucinda, Mar.22,1837, a.43.

Mary, May25,1837, a.91.

Lydia, Mrs., old age, June30,1847. [Lydia, wid., mother of Daniel, June29.PR6]


Elizebeth, d.Hezekiah and Grace, Sept.22,1825.

WHEAT (Wheate)

Joseph, Mr., Apr.25,1760.

Grace, w.John, Sept.6,1762.

Jesse, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.4,1777.

John, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.7,1777.

Molley, d.Joseph and Mary, Aug.19,1778.

WHEATE (Wheat)

John, Mr., Jan.28,1784.


Eunice, see Unice.

Thomas [h.Mary (Munroe)],末蔓末,1750.GR3 [末 末,1749.PR7]

Molley, d.Edmund and Eunice, Mar.22,1757.

Daniel, June13,1758.

John, July20,1765.

Abigail, June14,1769.

Anna, d.Enos and Mary, May10,1771.

Mary, d.Edmond and Eunice, Jan.2,1774.

Jemima, May15,1777.

Mary, w.Elisha, Feb.26,1791, a.32.GR1

Elisha [h.Mary], Jan.26,1794, a.43.GR1

Edmond, Dea., June1,1805, a.74. [Edmund [h.Eunice]GR3] [Dea.Edmund [b. Eunice]PR6]

Charles, s.Charles Esq. and Julia, Nov.5,1809.

Elizabeth, w.Abner, Mar.3,1811. [a.63.GR1]

Susanna, d.Abner, Apr.8,1812, a.26. [Susan, d.Abner and Elizabeth.GR1]

Mary, w.Dea.Thomas, Mar.25,1816, a.52.

Mary A., d.Joseph, Mar.1,1817.PR12

Alonzo, s.Edmond and Elizabeth, May9,1818, a.5y.10m.GR1

William, Aug.6,1821, a.45, in Dumerston.PR6

Unice, wid.Dea.Edmund, Aug.15,1824, a.90. [Eunice.GR3PR6]

Micah Mr., suddenly, July19,1825.

Lucretia, d.Edmund and Elizabeth, Feb.21,1830, a.13. [a.12.CR1] [a.12y.10m.GR1]

Abner, May15,1830, a.74. [[h.Elizabeth] [h.Lucy] May20.GR1]

末末, ch.Thomas 2d, Feb.12,1840, a.2.

Thomas, Dea., Jan.26,1841, a.82.

Mary C., d.William F., Oct.14,1841, a.7d.

George Henry, farmer, s.Charles Esq., typhus fever, Nov.4,1841, a.22.

Julia, d.Charles Esq., June26,1842, a.31. [June24.GR1]

Charles Esq., July11,1848, a.75.GR1


Nathaniel, Mr., June5,1755.

Tabitha, Sept.27,1830, a.73. [Tabatha Wittier.CR1]


Nathanel, Jan.9,1773.


Abigail, w.John, May3,1773, in 31st y.GR1


Relief, wid.Hosea, Aug.末,1826, a.47.


Elisha Edwin [twin s.Nathan and Marthy], Nov.20,1814. [ch.Nathan and Martha, a.33d.GR1]

Charles Henry, s.Nathan and Martha, Nov.20,1820. [a.9m.GR1]

William S., farmer, s.Nathan and Martha, consumption, Aug.13,1848, a.33y.10m.


Mary, w.Samuel, Oct.14,1822, a.54.

Samuel [h.Mary], Oct.15,1822, a.53.


Leander, Aug.10,1838, a.26.


Jonathan, Mr., Feb.20,1778.

Nancy, d.Elijah and Phebe, Jan.10,1801.

Polly, coloured, July23,1840, a abt. 60 ["about 60," written in pencil]


Lydia, d.Benjamin and Lydia, Feb.27,1797, a.14 [14, crossed out] [Winchup, a.16.GR1]

Benjamin, Apr.3,1819. [Winchup, a.64.GR1]


Gideon, see Gedeon.

Gedeon, s.Nehemiah and w., Jan.11,1810. [Gideon P., s.Nehemiah and Mary, Jan.10, a.1y.7m.GR1]

George, s.Nehemiah and Mary, Aug.13,1818, a.6.GR1


Delia, Aug.21,1823, a.19.


Hannah, w.Samuel, Feb.3,1757, in 26th y.GR1

Betsey, w.Abijah, July1,1817, a.33.

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