John and Priscilla Allen of Weston, int.May15,1803.


Daniel, Rev. [int.Minott], of Standish, ME, [int.omits ME,], and Dorcas Hastings, Oct.8,1810. [Marret.CR1]

MARSH (Mash)

Eliezer T. [int.I.] of Thetford, VT, and Martha Baker, Aug.28,1838. [Eliezer J. of Cabot, VT, and Martha Baker of Waltham.PR14]

MASH (Marsh)

Jesse [int.Marsh] of Weston, and Sibbel [int.Sibel] Parks, Mar.22,1792. [Marsh, and Sibbel Parks.CR1]


Hannah and Isaac Peirce "tirtius" of Waltham, int.Oct.末,1764. [m.末蔓13,1764.CR1]

Grace and Joseph Tidd of New Braintre, int.Jan.18,1768.

Mary and Joseph Bisco of Watertown, int.Nov.6,1774. [Mrs.Mary and Josiah Bisco of Watertown, m.Nov.10.CR1]

Jonas and Susanna Foster, int.Sept.5,1778. [Mrs.Susanna, m.Nov.5.CR1]

Martha and Benjamin Putnam of Sutton, July16,1782.

Joseph [int.Jr.] and Lucy Flint, Apr.23,1786.

Abigail and James Miles of Concord, Feb.12,1801.

Jonas of Sidney, ME, and Elizabeth Brooks, int.Mar.3,1814.

MATHIS (Matthis)

Molley and Daniel Child, int.July13,1778. [Mrs.Malley, m.July28.CR1]

MATTHIS (Mathis)

Abner and Lydia Smith of Lexington, int.Nov.4,1788.


James of Northfield, and Mary Percival Field, int.May28,1827.


Thomas Jefferson and Wealthy L. Kidder of Charlestown, int.Nov.10,1834.


Francis Sumner of Waltham, and Ariadne Isabel Thwing, int.Jan.16,1842.


Hugh [int.Macfeherson] and Lydia Mead, June2,1777.


Daniel, 22, manufacturer, of Framingham, b. England, s.Danil and w., and Martha R. Parks, 21, d.Schuyler and Susan, Nov.26,1848.*


Lydia and Hugh McFerson [int.Macfeherson], June2,1777.


Cornelius and Elizabeth Parks, int.Feb.9,1756.

MELVEN (Melvin)

Eleazer of Littleton, and Anna Brown, July7 [int.July16], 1783. [Melvin, July17.CR1]

Hannah, Mrs., of Concord, and John Brooks, int.June20,1800.

MELVIN (Melven)

Sarah and Jonathan Jewett of Littleton, int.Dec.6,1788.

Bethiah and William Eaton, int.June13,1791.


Anna Maria of Concord, and John Gooch of Concord, Sept.18,1823.*

MERIAM (Merriam)

John Jr. of Bedford, and Hannah Brooks, int.Nov.18,1760.

James and Mary Cutler, Feb.16,1764. [Mrs.Mary Cutter.MR] [Miriam, and Mrs.Mary Cutler.CR1]

Amos of Concord, and Deborah Brooks, Dec.25,1783. [Brookes.CR1]

Polley of Lexington, and Abiel Abbot, Dec.16,1788. [Polly.CR1]

Ephriam of Concord, and Mary Brooks, Feb.9,1792.

Tryphena and Job Brooks of Farmington, ME, [int.omits ME,], Jan.28,1805.

Samuel and Delpha French of Milford, int, Dec.18,1809.

Josiah of Concord, and Mrs.Rebecca [int.Rebeccah, omits Mrs.] Weston, Nov.7,1815 [Mrs.Rebekah.CR1]

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Mary, Mrs., of Lexington, and Josiah Parks, Apr.7,1757.* [Meriam.MR] [Miriam.CR1]

Joseph [int.Meriam] of Concord, and Lucy Wheeler, Dec.12,1799. [Meriam.CR1]


Priscilla of Cambridge, and Joseph Adams Esq., int.July20,1795.


Salem "Negro Servant belonging to Capt. Braddwell [int.Braddyll] Smith of Weston" [int.Westown], and Vilot "Negro maid Servant of Mr. Nathan Brown," Dec.22,1774.


Abel of Concord, and Lydia Adams, Feb.26,1756. [Mrs.Lydia.CR1]

Elizabeth and John Wyman Jr. of Concord, int.Jan.12,1788.

Polly and Josiah Heywood Wheeler [int.Josiah Haywood Wheelor] of Concord, June14,1791. [Josiah Hayward Wheeler.CR1]

Ezekiel of Concord, and Mary Weston, Jan.1,1795.

Joseph of Concord, and Hannah Brown, July12,1798.*

James of Concord, and Abigail Mason, Feb.12,1801.


James Esq. [int.omits Esq.] of Greenfield, NH, and Ruth Flint, Apr.10,1803.


Daniel Rice of E. Sudbury, and Nancy Baker, Aug.30,1812.

MINOT (Minott)

Sarah of Concord, and Amos Dakin, int.Apr.19,1755.

MINOTT (Minot)

Daniel, see Daniel Marrett.

Lavina of Concord, and Jacob Baker, May9,1816.*PR14

Abel and Eliza Bridden [int.Bridder], May15,1819. [Minot, and Eliza Bridden.CR1]

MONROE (Munroe)

Lydia of Lexington, and Jonathan Page, int.Jan.14,1783.

Betsey and Daniel Mansfield Stearnes, int.Feb.21,1825. [Daniel Mansfield Stearns, m.末蔓末,1825.CR1]

MOOR (More)

Catherine of Sudbury, and Zebadiah Farrar, int.Apr.28,1771.

Wheeler of Sudbury, and Nubby Colburn, int.May10,1819.

MORE (Moor)

Hanah of Sudbury, and Charles A. Wheeler, int.May29,1809.

Salla of Sudbury, and Daniel Lawrence, int.June19,1809.


Gershom of Natick, and Lydia Billing, July25,1799.*

Mary E. of Lexington, and Daniel F. Harrington, int.May末,1840.

Martha Jane, 18, d.Rufus and Nancy, and Francis Newhall, 31, wheelright, s.Pliney and Catarine of Stow, Apr.28,1847.*


Elmira of Boston, and Zadoc Harrington, Mar.17,1836.

Sarah Ann, 20, b. Breman, ME, d.John and Sarah of Breman, ME, and George Johnson, 26, teamster, of Waltham, b. Sudbury, s.Aaron and Nacy of Sudbury, Dec.6,1846.*


John S.H., 25, farmer, b. Scarborugh, s.末末 of Scarborugh, ME, and Joanna L. [int.omits L.] Poland, 22, servant maid, of Andover, d.(Pollard) of Andover, Nov.28,1844.


Nathan, 25, machinist, of Chicopee, s.Silas and Betsey of Chicopee, and Caroline B. Flint, 25, teacher, d.Maj. Ephraim and Susan, May24,1848.*

MULLIKEN (Mullikin)

末末, Mrs., of Concord, and Hezekiah Cheney of Concord, [rec. between May3 and May10], 1808.*CR1

MULLIKIN (Mulliken)

Isaac [int.Mulliken] of Lexington, and Mary Nelson, Dec.7,1815. [Mulliken.CR1]

MUNROE (Monroe)

Mary of Lexington, and Thomas Wheeler of Concord,末蔓末,1721.*PR6

Sarah, Mrs., and Elisha Cutler, Dec.27,1753.*CR1

Eunice and Edmund Wheeler, June24,1756.* [Munro.MR] [Mrs.Eunice.CR1] [Edmund, s.Thomas and Mary (Munroe) of Concord.PR6]

Mary and Joseph Thorp of Charleston [int.Charlestown], Nov.1,1768. [Mrs.Mary Munro and Joseph Thorp of Charlstown.MR] [Mrs.Mary Munroeand Joseph Thorp of Charlestown.CR1]

Bulah and Edward Cabot of Boston, int.Nov.8,1772. [Mrs.Beulah, m.[torn] 4,1772.CR1]

Lucy and John Hapgood of Marlborough, Feb.7,1782. [Monro.CR1]

Abijah and Salley Wheeler of Temple, NH, int.Oct.2,1785.

Isaac and Grace Bigelow of Weston, int.Oct.29,1798.

Isaac and Sally Hartwell, Jan.20,1813.

Mary and Rev. William L. Stearns of Stoughton, June5,1828.

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