Hannah H. of Dennis, and William F. Wheeler, int.Sept.24,1838. [Hannah Hall of E. Dennis, Cape Cod, and William F. Wheeler, s.Charles and Julia, m.Oct.3.PR8]


Jonathan and Lydia Monroe of Lexington, int.Jan.14,1783.

John S. [int.Stephens] and Eliza Ann L. [int.Lawrence] Hook, Sept.4,1834.


John and Mrs.Hannah Peirce, Dec.20,1753.CR1

Caleb of Reading, and Hannah Gearfield, int.Dec.30,1776.


Elizabeth and Cornelius Melonia, int.Feb.9,1756.

Nathan and Mary Farrar, Apr.8,1756. [Mrs.Mary.CR1]

Josiah and Mrs.Mary Merriam of Lexington, Apr.7,1757.* [Meriam.MR] [Miriam.CR1]

John and Anna Faugason of Weston, int.Sept.24,1761.

Lydia, Mrs., and Charles Lee, Feb.15,1763.

Daniel [int.Daniell] and Lydia Priest, Dec.29,1763. [Daniel and Mrs.Lydia Priest.MR] [Daniel and Mrs.Lydia Preist.CR1]

Isaac and Rhoda Faugason, int.July6,1768.

Dorcas and John Flagg Jr. of Weston, Aug.27,1771.

James and Hannah Wesson, Dec.5,1771. [Mrs.Hannah.CR1]

Benjamin and Lydia Wheeler, int.May14,1772.

Stephen and Mary Ricbardson, int.Oct.30,1775. [Mrs.Mary, m.[torn] 8,1775.CR1]

Elizabeth and James Jones of Weston, int.Nov.30,1778.

Molley and Benjamin Fuller of Weston, int.Dec.28,1778. [Mrs.Molley, m.[torn] 11,1779.CR1]

Anna and Daniel Kenney of Stoddard, NH, int.Sept.28,1779.

Josiah and Bulah Tower, int.June19,1780.

Eleazar and Lucy Hagar, int.Apr.3,1781.

Eleazar and Elizabeth Whitney of Stow, int.Dec.3,1781.

Mehetabel and Jacob Symonds of Templeton, Jan.16,1783.*CR1

Jonas and Eunice [int.Unice] Tower, Jan.30,1783. [Eunice.CR1]

Sarah and William Bond of Weston, Sept.18,1783.

Aaron and Anna Genneson of E. Sudbury, Dec.23,1783 [Jennison.CR1]

Leonard and Betsey Bucknam of Malden, int.Dec.19,1784.

Phebe and Daniel Child, Jan.7,1787. [Phoebe, Jan.11.CR1]

Anna and Jonathan Tower Jr., int.June10,1789.

Anna and Joshua Buckman, June11,1789.

Daniel [int.Jr.] and Rebecca [int.Rebeccah] Bacon, May25,1790. [Daniel Jr. and Rebecca Bacon.CR1]

Sibbel [int.Sibel] and Jesse Mash [int.Marsh] of Weston, Mar.22,1792. [Sibbel and Jesse Marsh of Weston.CR1]

Lucy and Jonathan Whitney of Watertown, Apr.9,1793.

Charles and Dolly Puffer of Sudbury, Aug.23,1795

Lucy and Joseph Whitman of Stow, May15,1798.

Daniel and Lurana Whiting of Hingham, int.Oct.20,1805.

Abigail and Charles Baker [int.of Waltham], Aug.13,1807.

Clarissa and Elisha Smith of Sudbury, Nov.16,1807.

Rebecca [int.Rebecah] and Elisha Harrington, Jan.7,1809. [Rebecca.CR1]

Eunice and Joel Flagg of Waltham, Nov.9,1809.

Parnal and William Jones, May29,1810. [Parnel.CR1]

Elijah and Mary Warren [int.Warran] Nov.15,1810. [Warren.CR1]

Hannah and Charles Tolman of Winchendon [int.Winchindon], Mar.7,1811. [Charles Toleman of Winchendon.CR1]

Prisilla [int.Priscilla] and Esek [int.Eseck] Coombs, Apr.18,1816. [Priscilla and Esek Coombs.CR1]

Schuyler [int.Park] and Susanna Jones, Apr.10,1817. [Parks.CR1]

Lucy and Ephraim Hosmore [int.Hosmer] of Concord, Jan.22,1818. [Hosmer.CR1]

William and Lucy Boynton [int.Byington of Waltham], Oct.4,1819.

Lucy, Mrs., and Joseph Peirce of Sterling, May27,1820.

Sally and Benjamin F. Neally, Jan.28 [int.Dec.29], 1821.

Francis and Elizabeth Smith of Sudbury, int.Nov.18,1822.

Roxana and Lewis Whiting of N. Brookfield, June8,1823.

Susan Ann and Cyrus Peirce of Weston, Oct.9,1836.

Mary B. and Oliver W. [int.omits W.] Esty, Aug.9,1837.

Amanda M. and Nathan Simonds of Lexington, Nov.12,1840.

Eliza and Capt. Henry Hobbs of Weston, int.Jan.20,1841.

Frances Elizabeth and Daniel Haynes Jr., Mar.2,1841.

Mary and John M. Goodwin of Milton, NH, June16 [int.July1], 1842, in Weston.

Sophronia Ann and Eseck Coombs, int.July23,1842.

Martha R., 21, d.Schuyler and Susan, and Daniel McLennan, 22, manufacturer, of Framingham, b. England, s.Danil and w., Nov.26,1848.*


Sally and Benjamin Hollowell [int.Holowell], Mar.29,1804. [Hollowel.CR1]


Stephen Jr. [int.omits Jr.], Capt., of Ashby, and Mrs.Dorothy [int.Dorathy] Brooks, Apr.25,1816. [Capt. Stephen Patch Jr. of Ashby, and Mrs.Dorothy Brooks.CR1]

Elias of Weston, and Sukey Russell of Weston, Apr.9,1819.*


Josiah W. and Louisa C. Rich, Nov.17,1840.*

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Hannah, Mrs., and John Parker, Dec.20,1753.*CR1

Elizabeth and Josiah Blanchard, Jan.30,1755.* [ElisabethMR] [Mrs.Elisabeth.CR1]

Isaac "tirtius" of Waltham, and Hannah Mason, int.Oct., 1764. [m.末蔓13,1764.CR1]

Eunice and Henry Smith of Weston, Apr.11,1765. [Mrs.Eunice.MRCR1]

Hannah, Mrs., and Cornelius Waldo of Watertown [int.Watar town], July24,1766.

Nathan of Concord, and Rebecca Blodget, int.Jan.24,1769.

Mary and Moses Underwood, June25,1771. [Mrs.Mary.CR1]

Benjamin of Ring, NH, and Sarah Gearfield, Oct.7,1771. [Benjamin of Ringe, NH.MR] [Benjamin of Ringe, NH, and Sarah Gearfild.CR1]

Susanna and Samuel Hoar, int.June7,1773. [Mrs.Susanna.and Samuell Hoar, m.July8.CR1]

Jonas Jr. of, Westown, and Anna Gearfield, int.Feb.23,1778.

Joseph and Polley Headley, int.July14,1780.

Amasa of Waltham, and Lucy Smith, June10,1802. [Pierce.CR1]

Anna of Holiston, and David Hoar, int.Dec.30,1802.

Isaac Jr. of Waltham, and Lydia Smith, Dec.10,1807.

Rebecca and Elijah Edwards, May26,1811.

Abijah N. [int.Hoar] of Cambridge [int.Cambridgeport], and Hanah [int.Sarah] Hartwell, Dec.31,1818.

Hannah and Benjamin Kidder of Boston, May11,1820.

Joseph of Sterling, and Mrs.Lucy Parks, May27,1820.

Roxany of W. Cambridge, and Alfred Brooks, int.末蔓末, [? 1821].

William H. and Maria Bemis, int.Apr.24,1827.

Cyrus of Weston, and Susan Ann Parks, Oct.9,1836.


M.E.R.R. [int.Mary Elizabeth Rebecca Royal] and Rev. Marshall Shedd of Burlington, VT, Nov.30,1835.


John and Abigail Biglow of Brookfield, int.Nov.12,1781.

Sally and Daniel W. [int.H.] Stratton, July5,1824.

Alexander of Nantucket, and Susan Gearfield, Nov.37,1843, in Weston.*


Lucy and Ephraim Jones of Watertown, Dec.28,1786.


Susan B. of Waltham, and Emory Bemis, int.Sept.7,1830.

Francis A. and Eliza Jane Sanderson of Weston, Apr.2,1834.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Levi, Capt., and Sabra Kidder of Charlestown, int.Dec.末,1830.

Samuel H., 28, farmer, s.Abijah H. and Sarah H. of Easton, and S. Caroline Smith, 20, teacher, s.Jonas and Abigail, Oct.10,1848.*


Lucretia of Dorchester, and Elisha Toleman, int.Sept.4,1797.

POLAND (Pollard)

Joanna L. [int.omits L.], 22, servant maid, of Andover, d.末末 (Pollard) of Andover, and John S.H. Moses, 25, farmer, b. Scarborugh, s.末末 of Scarborugh, ME, Nov.28,1844.

POLLARD (Poland)

Benjamin and Mary Adams of Concord, int.Feb.1,1768.

Candis of Boston, and Joseph Caldwell, int.Nov.21,1808.

James of Ringe [int.Rindge], NH, and Mrs.Edith Colwell [int.Mrs.Eda Caldwell], Jan.1,1809. [James Pollard of Rindge, NH, and Mrs.Edeth Colwell.CR1]


Elizabeth of Concord, and Noah Brooks, int.Dec.4,1759.

Rebeccah of Concord, and Charles Weston, int.Feb.11,1792.


Jonas and Lydia Tower of Framingham, June22,1762. [Mrs.Lydia.MRCR1]


Ame of Concord, and Amos Baker, int.July10,1785.


John, Dr., of Ipswich, NH, and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Rebekah Farrar, Nov.29,1764. [Mrs.Rebekah.MR] [Mrs.Rebeccah.CR1]


Lydia and Danuel [int.Daniell] Parks, Dec.29,1763. [Mrs.Lydia and Dani Parks.MR] [Mrs.Lydia Preist and Daniel Parks.CR1]

Samuel Jr. and Martha S. Rodgers, Dec.25,1843.*


Dolly of Sudbury, and Charles Parks, Aug.23,1795.

Abel of Sudbury, and Sally Baker, Mar.26,1801.


Enoch, Col., of Danvers, and Elizabeth Stratton, int.May11,1778. [Mrs.Elizabeth, m.May24.CR1]

Benjamin of Sutton, and Martha Mason, July16,1782.

Royal and Mary Seaver of Westbury, int.May15,1819.

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