Jonas of Weston, and Sarah Gove, Mar.17,1768. [Mrs.Sarah.MRCR1]

David of Lexington, and Lucy Adams, int.Nov.2,1812.

Eliza Jane of Weston, and Francis A. Pickering, Apr.2,1834.

John of Waltham, and Roanna Lockie of Waltham, Mar.15,1835.*

Phineas and Mrs.Priscilla Cooms, Mar.19,1835.

Isaac R., farmer, of Waltham, b. Waltham, s.Abner of Waltham, and Adeline Wheeler, house maid, d.Charles A., Apr.14,1844.

Sarah M. and Joseph A. Wheeler, Nov.30,1848.*PR12


Mary and Samuel Bent of Sudbury, int.末蔓末,1831.


Hannah Fay of Marlborough, and George Weston, int.Oct.10,1831.


Andrew [int.Sever] and Melisent [int.Melesant] Brooks, Sept.10,1797. [Seaver, and Melisent Brookes.CR1]

Mary of Westbury, and Royal Putnam, int.May15,1819.


John, Capt., of Londonderry, NH, and Mrs.Jemima Whitemore, int.Sept.5,1778. [Center, and Mrs.Jemima Whittemore, m.[torn] 10,1778.CR1]


Dinah and James Sunday of Concord, int.Jan.5,1781.


Marshall, Rev., of Burlington, VT, and M.E.R.R. [int.Mary Elizabeth Rebecca Royal] Pemberton, Nov.30,1835.

John H., widr., 39, merchant, of Cambridge, b. Jaffray, NH, s.John H. and Susanna of New Ipswich, NH, and Susan Flint, 20, teacher, d.Maj. Ephriam and Susan, June26,1845.*


Eunice, see Unice.

Unice of E. Sudbury, and Zebediah Farrar, int.Aug.30,1780.

Jonas and Mrs.Ruth Farrar, Oct.7,1811.

Mary P. and Capt. [int.omits Capt.] William R. Dudley of E. Sudbury, May5,1833.

Enos of E. Sudbury, and Betsy [int.Betsey] Haynes, Nov.28,1833.

Jahleel B. and Mary Sherman of Wayland, Dec.11,1842.

Mary of Wayland, and Jahleel B. Sherman, Dec.11,1842.


Peter, widr.[int.omits widr.], 57, yeoman, of Oxford, b. Oxford, s.Peter and Rebecca of Oxford, and Mary N. Harris, wid.[int.Mrs., omits wid], 44, b. New Ipswich, d.Onessimus Newhall and Lydia of New Ipswich, Jan.15,1845

SIMONDS (Symonds)

Ruth of Boston, and Nehemiah Farrar, int.Sept.1,1788.

Daniel and Susan [int.Sarah] Ann Stearns of Lexington, Nov.8,1835.

Nathan of Lexington, and Amanda M. Parks, Nov.12,1840.


John H. of Sanbornton, NH, and Maria Alden, int.末蔓末,1830.


Abigail, Mrs., of Concord, and John Wheat, May2,1764.

Henry of Weston, and Eunice Peirce, Apr.11,1765. [Mrs, Eunice.MRCR1]

Braddwell [int.Braddwill], Capt., of Weston, and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Ruth Flint, Nov.20,1766. [Capt. Braddyll and Mrs.Ruth Flint.CR1]

Mary and Joseph Wheat, Nov.8,1770. [Mrs.Mary.MRCR1]

Jonathan and Lucy Billing, Feb.27,1772. [Mrs.Lucy Billings.MR] [Mrs.Lucy Billing.CR1]

Lucy of Weston, and John Gearfield, int.May22,1775.

Lydia of Lexington, and Abner Matthis, int.Nov.4,1788.

Sibel of Westminster, and Jonathan Brooks Billing, int.Aug.29,1796.

Lucy and Amasa Peirce of Waltham, June10,1802. [Pierce.CR1]

Polly and Jonas Stratton, Dec.5,1802.

Elisha of Sudbury, and Clarissa Parks, Nov.16,1807.

Lydia and Isaac Peirce Jr. of Waltham, Dec.10,1807

Elizabeth and Simon Harde of Shursbury, int.Feb.1,1808.

Betsey and Samuel Harding of Shrewsbury, May10,1808.*

Sarah and William Wheeler, Mar.6,1810.

Samuel of Littleton, and Eunice Hoar, Feb.3,1814.

Jonas and Abigail Fiske, Mar.18,1819.

Cyrus and Tryphena Brooks, Oct.24,1819.

Elizabeth of Sudbury, and Francis Parks, int.Nov.18,1822.

Freman and Mary Ann Davis, Aug.23,1823. [Freeman.CR1]

Lucy of Waltham, and Joseph Stiles, int.Mar.26,1826.

Calvin, Lt., and Lucy H. Brooks, int.May30,1826. [m.June1.CR1]

Calvin and Sally C. Kidder of Charlestown, int.Feb.4,1838.

Maria Laurens, 24, teacher, d.Cyrus and Tryphena, and Leonard Thompson, 29, merchant, of Woburn, b. Woburn, s.Leonard and Hannah W. of Woburn, May26,1847.*

Emilie F., 20, d.Cyrus and Tryphena, and James Lorin Chapin, 23, farmer, s.James and Apama of Sturbridge, Apr.4,1848.*

S. Caroline, 20, teacher, d.Jonas, and Abigail, and Samuel H. Pierce, 28, farmer, s.Abijah H. and Sarah H. of Boston, Oct.10,1848.*

Charles R., farmer, of Haverhill, NH, b. Haverhill, NH, s.John and Rebecca of Haverhill, and Mary Ann H. Adams, wid., d.Joseph Whitman and Lucy, Sept.20,1849.*


Samuell [int.Samuel] of Ipswich, NH, and Eunice [int.Eunis] Foster, Jan.4,1770. [Samuel and Mrs.Eunice Foster.MR] [Samuell of Ipswich, NH, and Eunis Foster.CR1]


Leonard, Dr., 29, of Millbury, s.Asa, and Hannah R. Colburn, 24, dressmaker, d.William and Nabby, May27,1845.*

STEARNES (Stearns)

Leonard [int.Stearns] of Bedford, and Sarah Colburn, Mar.5,1812. [Stearns.CR1]

Rhoda [int.Stearns] and Charles Gove, Oct.22,1818. [Stearns.CR1]

Daniel Mansfield and Betsey Monroe, int.Feb.21,1825. [Daniel Manfield Stearns, m.末蔓末,1825.CR1]

STEARNS (Stearnes)

Sarah Ann, see Susan Ann.

Silas of Waltham, and Elisabeth Willington, Oct.30,1765. [Mrs.Elisabeth Wellington.MRCR1]

Charles, Rev., and Susanna Cowdrey of Reading, int.Dec.14,1781.

Polly of Waltham, and Amos Carter, int.Nov.12,1804.

Charles Jr. and Abigail Banistor of South Bury, int.Nov.15,1807.

Julia and Charles Wheeler, Dec.22,1808. [Julia, d.Dr. Charles.PR6]

William L., Rev., of Stoughton, and Mary Munroe, June5,1828.

Charles V. of Waltham, and Hannah Gearfield, Feb.25,1830.

Daniel and Ann Robie Varnum of Lexington, int.May12,1834.

Lucy and George Reed of Charlestown, Nov.9,1834.

Susan [int.Sarah] Ann of Lexington, and Daniel Simonds, Nov.8,1835.


Sarah and Abijah Richardson of Weston, Apr.25,1759. [Mrs.Sarah Stewart.CR1]


Joseph and Lucy Smith of Waltham, int.Mar.26,1826.

STIMPSON (Stimson)

Sarah of Sudbury, and Solomon Gearfield, int.May20,1769.

STIMSON (Stimpson)

James of Weston, and Anna Allen, int.Nov.19,1771.

John of Weston, and Betty Hosmer, int.Nov.30,1778.

STON (Stone)

Deborah of E. Sudbury, and Seth Badcock, int.June7,1783.

STONE (Ston)

Elmira of Watertown, and Peter Underwood,末蔓末, 末末.*PR5

Gregory and Mrs.Hephzibah Brooks, June13,1750.*CR1

James of Newton, and Sarah Billing, Dec.31,1767. [Mrs.Sarah Billings.MR] [Mrs.Sarah Billing.CR1]

Moses Jr. of Watertown, and Elizabeth Hoar, int.Sept.13,1773.

Percies of Framingham, and Bulkley Adams, int.Jan.9,1785.

Gregory and Lucy Jones, Feb.21,1788.

Lydia and Levi Brooks, Jan.29,1794. [Brookes.CR1] [Lydia, d.Gregory and Hephsibah, and Levi Brooks, s.Ephraim and Sarah,末蔓末,1793.PR1]

Jane of E. Sudbury, and Nathaniel Gove Jr., int.July4,1796.

Abagail of Framingham, and Nathaniel Gove, Apr.29,1828.

Mary and Henry H. Jones of Boston, June18,1839.

Eliza H. and Dr. William Gallup of Concord, Feb.25,1840.

Elbridge G. and Sarah L. Knox of Waltham, int.July9,1844.


Jonas, Lt., of Concord, and Mrs.Elisabeth Hartwell, Sept.3,1764. [Mrs.Abigail.MR] [Mrs.Elizabeth.CR1]

Jane of Concord, and Nathaniel Colborn, int.Feb.26,1776. [Mrs.Jane and Nethaniel Colburn, m.[torn] 28,1776.CR1]

Rebecca of Watertown, and Joel Adams, int.Dec.9,1777. [Mrs.Rebeccah, m.[torn] 1,1778.CR1]

Elizabeth and Col. Enoch Putnam of Danvers, int.May11,1778. [Mrs.Elizabeth, m.May24.CR1]

Joseph of Concord, and Sarah Whitemore, May23,1780.

Bradwell of Gerry [int.adds Worcester Co.], and Hannah [int.Hanah] Harrington, Dec.28,1797. [Braddyl of Gerry, and Hannah Harrington.CR1]

Jonas and Polly Smith, Dec.5,1802.

Samuel and Kata [int.Catey] Farrar, Dec.5,1809. [Katy.CR1]

Daniel W. [int.H.] and Sally Perry, July5,1824.

Matilda C., 26, d.Henry and Sylvia, and Charles C.P. Harris, widr., 39, manufacturer, of Harrisville, NH, s.Bethuel and Deborah, Jan.28,1847.*


James of Concord, and Dinah Sharron, int.Jan.5,1781.


Thomas and Love Adams Lawrence, Apr.17,1804.


Stephen of Lexington, KY, and Lucia Tarbell, June10,1830.

SYMONDS (Simonds)

Jacob of Templeton, and Mehetabel Parks, Jan.16,1783.*CR1

Caleb of Cambridge, and Eliza Billing, Jan.1,1304.*

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