a age | d daughter; day; died | Lt lieutenant
abt about | Dea deacon | L Lowell
b born | dec deceased | m male; married; month
bef before | dup duplicate entry | rec recorded
bet between | Ens ensign | rem removed
bp baptized | grandd granddaughter | ret returned
bur buried y year | s son
Capt Captain grands grandson | sr senior
certif certificate | h husband; hour | unm unmarried
ch child | inf infant | w week; wife
chn children | int intention of marriage | wid widow
Co county | jr junior | widr widower
CR1 St. Anne's Episcopal Church
CR2 St. Luke's Episcopal Church
CR3 St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church
CR4 First Congregational Church
CR5 St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
CR6 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
GR1 English Cemetery
GR2 St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery
GR3 School Street Cemetery
GR4 Edson Cemetery
GR5 Lowell Cemetery
(Bibles, Family Records, Etc.)
PR1 Genealogical Record compiled by Town Clerk and inserted in Town Record Book

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