George, s. John and Margaret, Nov. 12, 1841. CR5

GAFFENY (Gaffeney, Gaffney, Gafney, Gaphney)

Francis James [James Francis. CR5], s. James, laborer, and Mary, Dec. 29, 1848. [Dec. 7. CR5]

James Francis, see Gaffeny, Francis James.

James (Gaffney), "two weeks old," s. Bryan and Mary, bp. May 4, 1845. CR3

John, s. John and Ellen, Dec. 24, 1843. CR5

John, "born 5 weeks," s. Mathew and Anne, bp. May 3, 1849. CR6

Margaret (Gaffeney), d. John, laborer, and Ellen, Mar. 23, 1849.

Mary (Gaffney), d. Patrick and Bridgit, Mar. 24, 1848. CR5

Michael (Gaphney), s. John, dyer, and Ellen, July 27, 1845.

Michael, s. John and Ellen, May 1, 1847. CR6

Rosanna, d. Barney, laborer, and Mary, July 11, 1848.

Thomas (Gafney), "one week old," s. John and Ellen, bp. Jan. 13, 1840. CR5


Charles Frederick, s. Charles, blacksmith, and Mary Ann, Aug. 15, 1848.

Edward Taylor, s. William H. and Anne, bp. May 6, 1849. CR1

Henry Francis, s. William Henry, overseer, and Ann, Mar. 24, 1847.

Rosamonda Loiza, d. Benjamin and Loiza, Dec. 5, 1831.

William H., s. William H., manufacturer, and Ann, Dec. 22, 1848.


Mathew, s. John and Honora Darcey, bp. Aug. 1, 1848. CR3


–––––, d. Gilman, butcher, and Lousianna, May 24, 1846.

Charles W., s. James, laborer, and Eunice, at Bristol, NH, July 19, 1845.

Ellen Francis, d. Alvin D., daguerreotype taker, and Amanda, Sept. 6, 1847.

Frederick Augustus, s. Jeremiah W., overseer, and Louisa, Dec. 1, 1844.

Isabel, d. Jeremiah W., overseer, and Louisa, Oct. 1, 1846.

GALLAGHER (Galagher, Galaher, Galaugher, Gallaher, Gallaugher, Gallerher)

Alice, d. John, laborer, and Mary [McAnulty. CR3], Aug. 24, 1848.

Andrew (Gallaugher), s. James and Ann, May 7, 1840. CR5

Bridget (Galgher), d. Owen and Catharine, Apr. 30, 1842. CR3

Catherine Harriet (Galaugher), d. James and Ann, bp. May 29, 1836. CR5

Catherine, d. Owen and Bridget McDonald, Nov. 3, 1846. CR3

Catherine, d. Hugh, laborer, and Catherine, both b. Ireland, Dec. 2, 1849. [Nov. 18. CR5]

Ellen Armora, b. James, inn keeper, and Ellen [Nolan. CR3], Aug. 27, 1847.

Honora (Galaher), d. Bernard and Hannah, May 12, 1838. CR5

John, s. Owen and Catherine, Mar. 2, 1837. CR5

John (Galagher), "aged three weeks," s. John and Mary, bp. Nov. 18, 1844. CR5

John, s. Daniel, laborer, and Winefurst [Winefred. dup.], Apr. 27, 1845. [May 2. dup.]

John (Galaher), s. John and Mary, Jan. 16, 1847. CR5

John, s. Thomas, laborer, and Bridget, both b. Ireland, June 29, 1849.

Mary Ann (Galagher), d. Ann McGoverin, June 30, 1844.

Mary (Gallerher), d. Edward, laborer, and Catherine, Aug. 6, 1846.

Sarah (Galagher), d. Owen and Catharine, Jan. 8, 1839. CR5

Sarah Jane (Gallaher), "one week old," d. James and Ellen, bp. May 25, 1845. CR3

Thomas (Gallaugher), "one week old," s. John and Mary, bp. June 20, 1841. CR5


Mary J., d. John, laborer, and Catherine, both b. Ireland, at New York, July 6, 1849.


Andrew, "two days old," s. Andrew and Rosanna, bp. May 7, 1840. CR5

Bridget, d. Denis and Mary, June 10, 1849. CR5

James, s. James and Margaret, bp. Apr. 12, 1843. CR5

James, s. John, laborer, and Honora [Darsey. CR3], both b. Ireland, Dec. 15, 1849.

John, s. Andrew and Rosanna, Sept. 12, 1842. CR3

Margaret, d. Thomas and Abey, Apr. 21, 1847. CR3

Mary Ann, d. William and Sarah Kane, June 19, 1849. CR3

Matthew, s. John, laborer, and Hannah [Dausey. CR3], Aug. 17, 1846.

Matthew, s. John, manufacturer, and Hannah, Aug. 1, 1848.

Thomas, s. James, laborer, and Margaret, Jan. 30, 1845.


Frances, d. Edward, carpenter, and Prudence, Jan. 23, 1847.

Francis, s. Edward, carpenter, and Prudence, July 2, 1848.


Bridget Catherine, d. Patrick, laborer, and Bridget, Feb. 24, 1847.

George Washington, s. Elbridge J., painter, and Sarah, Jan. 30, 1849.

Jane, d. James and Margaret, July 21, 1845. CR3

Luke, s. James, operative, and Margaret, Nov. 3, 1848.

Margaret, d. James, manufacturer, and Margaret [Golden. CR3], Apr. 17, 1847.

GARDNER (Gardiner)

–––––, s. James, painter, and Adeline, Aug. 31, 1848.

Ann Sarah, d. David P., stone cutter, and Mary R., Dec. 12, 1847.

George, jr., s. George, trader, and Mary Caroline, Oct. 18, 1843.

Joseph Brown (Gardiner), d. Emerson, painter, and Mary B., June 7, 1844.

Mary Caroline, d. George and Mary Caroline, Feb. 14, 1841.


–––––, s. Daniel, manufacturer, and Sarah, Apr. 30, 1849.

Caroline, d. Samuel and Eliza, both from Dunstable, NH, Apr. 11, 1841.

Emma Olive, d. Samuel E., manufacturer, and Betsey, Sept. 16, 1846.

Frances Jane, d. Samuel and Eliza, both from Dunstable, NH, Apr. 25, 1829.

Helen Eliza, d. Samuel and Eliza, both from Dunstable, NH, Aug. 2, 1838.

Henry Walter, s. Daniel H., manufacturer, and Sarah, Oct. 17, 1847.

Joanna, d. Edmund, laborer, and Catherine, Dec. 25, 1847.

John, "one week old," s. John, bp. Mar. 2, 1840. CR5

Lucy Ann, d. Jeremiah, turner, and Charlotte, June 10, 1843.

Mary, d. John and Rosanna, Oct. 4, 1837. CR5

Mary Helen, d. Samuel E., manufacturer, and Betsey, May 3, 1844.

Michael, "born 4 months," s. John and Rosana, bp. Apr. 26, 1849. CR6

GARRAGHAN (Gahagan, Garaghan, Garragan, Garrigen, Garrihen)

Catharine, d. Owen, slater, and Bridget, Sept. 2, 1846.

John (Garragan), s. twin, Owen and Bridget, Aug. 7, 1843. CR3

Malachy (Garrihen), s. Hugh and Bridget Gilhooley, Nov. 10, 1848. CR3

Margaret (Gahagan), d. Owen and Bridget, Sept. 5, 1841. CR5

Mary (Garragan), d. twin, Owen and Bridget, bp. Aug. 8, 1843. CR3

Peter (Garaghan), s. Thomas, laborer, and Mary, Aug. 13, 1848.

Thomas (Garrigen), s. Owen, laborer, and Bridget, Aug. 12, 1844.


Margaret, d. Thomas, laborer, and Abigail, Apr. 28, 1847.

GARRETTY (Gaigherty, Gariry, Garity, Garrety, Garriety, Garritty, Garrity, Garty, Geraghty, Gerarty)

Alice (Garrity), "born nine months," d. John and Bridget, bp. May 25, 1848. CR6

Bartholomew (Garriety), s. Patrick and Ann Timons, July 2, 1848. CR3

Edward (Gaigherty), s. Patrick, operative, and Ann [Timons. CR3], both b. Ireland, Dec. 3, 1849.

Henry (Garrety), s. John and Mary Barr, Sept. 26, 1849. CR3

Hugh J. (Garrity), s. Michael and Rosanna, Mar. 7, 1842.

John (Garity), "one week old," s. Thomas and Mary, bp. June 15, 1844. CR3

John (Garrity), s. John, laborer, and Mary, July ––, 1844.

Mary Ann (Garrity), d. Thomas, laborer, and Mary, Dec. ––, 1846. [Dec. 22. CR5]

Mary (Gerarty), d. Michael and Bridget, Aug. 17, 1849. CR5

Michael [Garty. CR5], s. Michael, carpenter, and Bridget, Nov. ––, 1846. [Sept. 20. CR5]

Patrick (Geraghty), s. Patrick and Anne, Sept. 13, 1839. CR5

Sarah Ann, d. Patrick and Ann, Dec. 4, 1841. CR5


James, s. Thomas and Bridget Cassidy, Sept. 6, 1849. CR3

Mary Ann, d. Philip and Ann, bp. Apr. 8, 1843. CR3


Bartholemew, s. John and Bridgit, Apr. 10, 1847. CR5

Catherine, d. Thomas and Catherine, Jan. 1, 1838. CR5

Catherine, d. Maurice and Ellen Sullivan, June 11, 1839. CR5

Ellen, "born about one week," d. Thomas and Catherine, bp. Mar. 13, 1836. CR5

Ellen, d. John and Ellen, bp. June 18, 1837. CR5

Ellen, d. Timothy, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, May 15, 1849.

Ellen, d. Morris, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, Dec. 20, 1849.

Johanna, d. Mark and Ellen Sullivan, Feb. 6, 1842. CR5

Patrick, s. John, laborer, and Bridget, Apr. 8, 1847.

Thomas, "born 2 weeks and nine days," s. Marcus and Ellen, bp. Jan. 2, 1838. CR5

GARY (Geary)

Ellen, d. John and Mary, May 30, 1841. CR5

Mary (Geary), "9 days old," d. John and Jane, bp. Jan. 21, 1840. CR5

Michael, s. John and Mary, Apr. 5, 1842. CR5

Thomas, s. John and Mary, bp. Sept. 30, 1838. CR5

William, s. John and Mary, Dec. 15, 1839. CR5


Margaret, d. John and Ellen, Feb. 17, 1836. CR5


Catherine, d. Andrew, laborer, and Ann [Dorson. CR6], Nov. 11, 1848.

Jasper, s. John and Rose, Mar. 7, 1849. CR6


–––––, s. John M., machinist, and Lydia B., July 31, 1847.

–––––, d. Noah, trader, b. Sudbury, and Sarah, b. Lincoln, Sept. 29, 1849.

George Warren, s. Elihu and Mary, bp. Mar. 29, 1834. CR1

Helen Maria, d. Noah F., museum keeper, and Sarah M., Dec. 29, 1847.

Josiah Emery, s. Josiah, manufacturer, and Harriet N., Apr. 19, 1845.

Lydia Pussis, d. Josiah and Lydia G. (West), Aug. 20, 1832.

Royal W., s. Josiah, "bolt –––––," b. Acton, VT, and Harriet M., b. Dracut, July 25, 1849.

Sarah Ann, d. Otis W., bobbin maker, and Favrow, Aug. 28, 1847.


Edwin Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel, watchman, and Caroline, Nov. 27, 1845.

Otis Warren, s. Nathaniel, watchman, and Caroline J., Oct. 27, 1847.

GAYTON (Gaiton)

Margaret (Gaiton), d. William, gardener, and Bridget, Sept. 27, 1848.

Sarah A[nne. CR5], d. William, gardener, and Bridget, Oct. 2, 1845.


Thomas, s. Benjamin, weaver, and Eliza, at North Providence, RI, Oct. 28, 1844.


Edward L., s. Edward C., teamster, and Ruth G., Mar. 9, 1844.

Elizabeth A., d. Andrew, "Railroad," b. Haverhill, and Toraida, b. N. Sharon, Aug. 14, 1849.

Ellen F., d. Loren F., carpenter, b. Leeds, ME, and Emily A., b. Bingham, ME, Sept. 30, 1849.

Mary, d. Samuel D., blacksmith, and Louisa, Aug. 6, 1844.

Mary Melissa, d. Alden P., baggage master, and Rebecca R., July 17, 1847.

Richmond Forrest, s. James, block cutter, and Julia, May 17, 1847.


Ellen Jane, d. Greenbury Car and Jane, bp. July 29, 1849. CR1

Francis William, s. Greenbury Car and Jane, bp. July 29, 1849. CR1

Greenbury Carr, s. Greenbury Car and Jane, bp. July 29, 1849. CR1

John Dorsy, s. Greenbury Car and Jane, bp. July 29, 1849. CR1

Mary Euphemia, d. Greenbury Car and Jane, bp. July 29, 1849. CR1

William Francis, s. Grunbaugh, actor, and Jane, Jan. 25, 1848.


James W., s. Benjamin J., trader, and Matilda, Mar. 27, 1844.


David Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Abigail W., Dec. 31, 1830.

Emma Jane, d. Benjamin and Abigail W., May 25, 1827.

James Henry, s. Benjamin and Abigail W., Feb. 3, 1829.


Howard, s. Joseph L., machinist, and Temperance L., both b. Wells, ME, June 9, 1849.

Rebecca, d. Jos. L., machinist, and Temperance, Aug. 22, 1846.

GIBB (Gibbs)

––––– (Gibbs), s. David M., laborer, and Emeline, June 19, 1844.

Clarence Augustine, s. D.N., express, and Emeline, Oct. 28, 1846.

Mary Frances, d. D.N., teamster, and E., Oct. 6, [1848 or 1849.]


Adam H., s. Robert H., painter, and Lydia [Y. CR1], Nov. 12, 1845.

Adam H[enry. CR1], s. Robert, painter, m. Dublin, Ire., and Lydia, b. Billerica, Sept. 27, 1849.

Ann, d. Samuel and Lydia, of Lynn, bp. Aug. 21, 1842. CR1

Elizabeth, d. Joseph, machinist, b. England, and Mary, b. Ireland, at New York, Sept. 14, 1849.

Martha Ann, d. Samuel James and Lydia, bp. Aug. 16, 1846. CR1

Robert [Hill. CR1], jr., s. Robert, painter, and Lydia, Oct. 9, 1847.

Robert, s. William H., block printer, b. Ireland, and Mary, b. "at sea," June 23, 1849.

Samuel James, s. James and [Lydia. in pencil], bp. Sept. 30, 1844. CR1

Sarah Frances, d. Samuel and Lydia, bp. Oct. 1, 1848. CR1

Walter R., s. Thomas H., painter, and Martha A., June 20, 1848.

William [Henry. CR1], s. William, block printer, and Mary [Wallace. CR1], Jan. 23, 1847.

GIBLIN (Gibbin, Gibbon, Giblain)

Frances (Gibbon), s. James and Mary McDermotte, July 25, 1847. CR3

James, s. Martin, laborer, and Catharine [Byrne. CR3], both b. Ireland, Sept. 16, 1849.

Mary Ann (Giblain), d. Michael and Mary Ann Reilley, Nov. 1, 1848. CR3

Mary A[nn Gibbin. CR3] (Giblain), d. James, laborer, and Mary, Feb. 12, 1849. [Jan. 25. CR3]

Rosanna (Gibbon), d. Thomas and Bridget, Apr. 16, 1840. CR5

Thomas Joseph (Gibbon), s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Mar. 3, 1842. CR5


Catherine Elisabeth, d. Thomas, teamster, and Bridget, Nov. 11, 1847.

Margaret A., d. Thomas, soap boiler, and Catherine, Aug. 17, 1845.

Margaret Ann, d. Thomas and Bridget, bp. Aug. 2, 1846. CR1


–––––, d. John, linguist, and Clarissa, Feb. 23, 1846.

[Meta. CR1], d. John, clerk, and Clarissa E., Feb. 17, 1848.


–––––, s. Leonard, blacksmith, and Esther, July 14, 1843.

–––––, s. Leonard G., engineer, and Esther M., Feb. 11, 1849.

Marietta, d. Leonard G., engineer, and Esther A., Sept. 13, 1846.

William, s. William and Elizabeth, bp. Dec. 19, 1834. CR1


Calvin W., s. Levi J., overseer, and Sarah, Nov. 23, 1848.

Levi Chandler, s. Levi J., manufacturer, and Sarah, Oct. 19, 1845.

GILCHRIST (Gilcriest)

Alfred, s. George C., daguerreotype taker, and Nancy, Oct. 8, 1847.

Ann S., d. George C., artist, and Nancy, Jan. 26, 1849.

Mary Perthenia, d. George C., portrait painter, and Mary E., June 13, 1845.

Sarah (Gilcriest), d. Patrick and Eliza, bp. Dec. 30, 1848. CR6


Thomas, s. Michael, laborer, and Ellen, Sept. 15, 1848.


–––––, d. Joseph B., writing master, and Nancy, Mar. 8, 1846.

Emily, d. Daniel S., carpenter, and Ann G., Dec. 8, 1843.

Josephine B., d. Joseph, instructor, and Nancy P., May 17, 1843.


Martha, d. Thomas, laborer, and Winnifred, both b. Co. Wexford, Ire., Sept. 10, 1849.


Ann, d. Michael and Catherine Hockett, Dec. 19, 1849. CR3

Mary A., d. Michael, laborer, and Catherine, both b. Ireland, Sept. 20, 1849.


James, s. James and Julia, Sept. 6, 1848. CR5


–––––, s. John, merchant tailor, and Almira, Mar. 1, 1846.


Clara Isadore, d. Benjamin F., operative, and Mary, Sept. 15, 1848.


Frances Ann, d. Orange, carpenter, and Caroline T., Feb. 6, 1845.


Agnes Ann, d. George and Agnes, bp. Dec. 2, 1832. CR1

George Frederic, s. George and Agnes, bp. May 23, 1835. CR1

Horatio Bradley, s. George and Agnes, bp. July 7, 1839. CR1


–––––, s. John, laborer, and Sarah C., both b. Alton, NH, Oct. 18, 1849.

Angeline F., d. Alfred, clerk, and Dorcas, Mar. 8, 1846.

Ann E., d. Tristram C., carpenter, and Sarah G., June 19, 1843.

Caroline Elizebeth, d. Almas, teamster, and Caroline, Oct. 10, 1845.

Charles Tristram, s. Tristram C., carpenter, and Sarah L., Aug. 29, 1847.

Ed., s. Alfred, clerk, and Dorcas, May 7, 1848.

George Henry, s. Almas H., merchant, and Eliza M., Mar. 23, 1848.

Henrietta A., d. Levi, laborer, and Peace, at Alton, NH, May 29, 1844.

John Taylor, s. Isaac B., manufacturer, and Sarah E., Sept. 3, 1846.

Julia Maria, d. Mark Seavey, deceased, and Hannah Flint, bp. Sept. 24, 1843. CR1

Louisa A., d. Tristram C., carpenter, and Sarah L., Aug. 28, 1845.

Mary Frances, d. Mark Seavey, deceased, and Hannah Flint, bp. Sept. 24, 1843. CR1

Willis Estey, s. Mark Seavy, deceased, and Hannah Flint, bp. Sept. 24, 1843. CR1

GILMORE (Gilmour)

–––––, d. William, hatter, "removed to Chelmsford," b. Aug. ––, 1847.

Edward Clarence, s. William, overseer, and Sarah, Oct. 4, 1846.

Ellen, d. William, overseer, and Sarah, Oct. 7, 1844.

James O. (Gilmour), s. James, machinist, and Ann, both b. Scotland, Aug. 20, 1849.

Jeanette, d. James, machinist, and Ann, Apr. 1, 1844.


Madora A., d. Moses G., manufacturer, and Caroline A., May 17, 1848.


–––––, s. Abijah, painter, and Angeline, Mar. 19, 1847.

Charles E., s. Abijah, laborer, and Angeline, Nov. 24, 1843.


William, s. Michael M. and Sally, Oct. 13, 1837. CR5

GLEASON (Gleeson)

Ed. Hall, s. William H., musician, and Clara M., Nov. 16, 1848.

Philip [Gleeson, s. Thomas. CR3] and Mary Heffron, Sept. 5, 1844.


Caroline Elizabeth, d. John, painter, and Mehitable, Mar. 31, 1845.

Charles, s. Elisha and Roseana, Oct. 23, 1830.

Lucretia Elizabeth, d. Elisha and Roseana, Feb. 26, 1828.


–––––, s. Asahel, clerk, and Mary E., Apr. 25, 1849.

Ellen A., d. Asiel, trader, and Mary E., Jan. 25, 1844.

Nathan Albert, s. Asahel, manufacturer, and Mary E., at Boston, Aug. 27, 1846.

GLININ (Glennan)

John (Glennan), s. Christy and Mary, Mar. 31, 1842. CR5

Mary Ann, "two days old," d. Christipher and Mary, bp. July 2, 1837. CR5


James, s. Alexander and Caroline, Oct. 31, 1838. CR5


Abby Jane, d. James G., manufacturer, and Mary W., Aug. 26, 1845.

George Edwin, s. George B., laborer, and Charlotte, Feb. 9, 1849.


William, "about nine days old," s. William and Catherine, bp. May 2, 1837. CR5


Abba Ann, d. Samuel B., machinist, and Okcenea, Dec. 5, 1844.

Alfred Ernest, s. Alfred, machinist, and Sophia, July 28, 1847.

Edward Augustus, s. Samuel B. and Hannah, Feb. 26, 1839.

John Henry, s. John, carpenter, and Ann, Mar. 15, 1847.

Manerva, d. Samuel B. and Hannah, Aug. 5, 1835.

GODING (Godding)

–––––, d. William, manufacturer, and Ellen, Feb. 9, 1844.

John (Godding), s. David, shop keeper, and Catherine, Oct. 7, 1847.

William H., s. George, engineer, and Betsey, June 2, 1843.


Thomas Kelly, s. James, printer, and Margaret, Apr. 3, 1848.


Johanna, d. Edward and Catherine, Jan. 9, 1848. CR6

John, s. David and Catherine, bp. Oct. 9, 1847. CR6


Charles Frank [Francis. CR1], s. Charles, coach driver, and Hannah, Jan. 1, 1849.

GOLDEN (Goldin)

Elizabeth, d. James and Mary Blakeley, May 26, 1848. CR3

Hugh, s. John and Bridget, bp. Mar. 22, 1840. CR5

James (Goldin), s. Bernard and Ellen, Oct. 8, 1836. CR5

James Edward, s. Bernard and Mary, Aug. 2, 1847. CR5

Michael Edward, s. Bernard and Ellen O'Neil, bp. June 26, 1842. CR5

Owen, s. Owen and Jane, Dec. 25, 1841.


Marie, d. John and Rosallie, Sept. 1, 1847. CR5

GOODALE (Goodall)

Asarelsah, M. (Goodall), s. Aaron, baker, and Mary, Sept. 7, 1843.

Carlinda, d. Amos, laborer, b. Washington, VT, and Julia C., b. Canada, Aug. 29, 1849.

George, s. William, tin worker, and Lucy W., Sept. 16, 1843.

Irving Kader, s. William, tin worker, and Lucy, May 5, 1847.

Joseph, s. O.K., inn keeper, and Nancy A., Dec. 17, 1848.

Mary Ella, d. Amos, blacksmith, and Julia C., Aug. 29, 1847.

Oel Bee, s. Aaron, baker, and Mary Ann, Nov. 8, 1845.


Ellen Francis, d. Jason, manufacturer, and Hannah, Apr. 7, 1848.


Louisa, d. Stephen, farmer, and Mary, at Exeter, NH, Aug. 2, 1846.


Mary L., d. George H., laborer, and Mary M., Oct. 28, 1843.


Celia Elizabeth Chastina, d. Calvin and Chastina (Hewes), July 6, 1836.

John Calvin Clinton, s. Calvin and Chastina (Hewes), Apr. 3, 1839.


–––––, s. Orrin, teamster, and Nancy, Mar. 12, 1844.

Charles L., s. Alfred, manufacturer, and Rhoda, Dec. 18, 1843.

Clara I[ssabel. CR1], d. William, machinist, and Sarah P., May 22, 1843.

Elizabeth, d. Joseph P., carpenter, and Mary A., Nov. 22, 1845.

George Peabody, s. William and Sarah, bp. Aug. 1, 1841. CR1

Georgiana, d. Jonathan, carpenter, and Hannah, June 8, 1844.

Sarah Henrietta, d. William and Sarah, bp. Aug. 1, 1841. CR1

Sarah Francis, d. Jos. P., carpenter, and Mary Ann, June 6, 1848.


–––––, s. Benjamin D., carpenter, and Susan, May 28, 1847.


Abby E., d. Daniel, wheelwright, and Sarah, July 10, 1843.


–––––, d. Charles, belt maker, and Adaline M., Mar. 10, 1849.

Abby F., d. John, laborer, and Elizabeth, July 28, 1843.

Catharine M., d. Jonathan S., overseer in factory, and Sophronia J., Dec. 8, 1844.

George, s. Cyrus K., manufacturer, and Judith B., Aug. 13, 1844.

George Henry, s. Jackson, dyer, and Marcia F., Nov. 24, 1846.

John Kocksbridge, s. David and Mary Jane, bp. Aug. 10, 1845. CR1


John, s. Peter and Mary, Aug. 29, 1845. CR5

GORMAN (Garman, Garmand, Gormand)

Arthur, s. Patrick, machinist, and Ann [O'Brien. CR3], May 26, 1848.

Catherine, d. John and Margret, Sept. 14, 1836. CR5

Charles, s. Patrick and Anne, May 24, 1840. CR5

Ellen, d. Patrick and Mary, Sept. 13, 1837. CR5

Francis Ella (Garmand), d. Jabez, machinist, and Amanda M., at Meredith, NH, Dec. 11, [1845 or 1846.]

Harriet E., d. Jabez, machinist, and Amanda, July 6, 1848,

James, s. John, shop keeper, and Margaret, May 1, 1847.

James, s. John, laborer, and Margaret, May 1, 1848.

John, s. James and Susan, Apr. 3, 1842. CR3

John (Gormand), s. John, laborer, and Margaret, Feb. 8, 1846.

John, s. James, laborer, and Margaret [Tracy. CR3], Mar. 1, 1848.

Kearnan, s. Peter and Mary, July 22, 1847. CR5

Luke, d. James and Margaret Golden, Nov. 3, 1848. CR3

Margaret, d. Patrick, laborer, and Jane [McVey. CR3], both b. Ireland, Aug. 10, 1849.

Mary [Maria. CR5], d. John, laborer, and Margaret, Feb. 2, 1844.

Mary Ann, d. Patrick, manufacturer, and Jane [McVey. CR3], June 21, 1847.

Mary Isabel (Garmon), d. Elbridge, painter, and Sarah, Oct. 13, 1847.

Mary Ann, d. James, operative, and Margaret, both b. Ireland, July 16, 1849.

Michael, s. John and Margaret, Sept. 27, 1838. CR5

Morris, s. John and Margaret, May 7, 1840. CR5

Owen, s. Patrick and Ann, May 16, 1843. CR3

Thomas, s. John and Margaret, Feb. 10, 1842. CR5

Thomas, s. Thomas and Ann, Jan. 10, 1846. CR3

Thomas, s. Peter, laborer, and Mary, Jan. 10, 1846.


Bridget, d. Thomas, laborer, and Wineford, both b. Ireland, in Ireland, May 8, 1849.


–––––, d. Henry, machinist, b. Lancaster, NH, and Jane, b. Scituate, June 13, 1849.

Maria Melcher, d. Henry, millwright, and Ann Jane, Feb. 7, 1847.


Marie Louise, d. Joseph, of Manchester, and Marie, Apr. 9, 1847. CR5

GOUGH (Goff)

Julia [Goff. CR6], d. John, laborer, and Margaret, Feb. 8, 1847. [Mar. 4. CR6]


Eliza Jane, d. Amos A., overseer, and Martha J., Oct. 2, 1848.

Elizabeth Anne, "3 month old the 15th inst.," d. John and Leonora, "a Canadian," bp. May 7, 1845. CR5

Ellen Elizabeth [Louisa. CR5], d. John, laborer, and Leander, Mar. 5, 1848.

Fernando I., s. Jariel, manufacturer, and Frances, Mar. 18, 1844.

Leo William, s. George P., spinner, and Phoebe, Mar. 6, 1847.

Philinda, d. Amos, manufacturer, and Philinda, Apr. 28, 1846.

Warren, s. Jerrold, manufacturer, and Frances, Oct. ––, 1846.


–––––, d. Ezra C., trader, and Hannah E., Feb. 17, 1848.

–––––, s. Ezra C., shoe dealer, b. Weare, NH, and Hannah E., b. Francestown, NH, Oct. 31, 1849.

Clarence Winthrop, s. Winthrop, carpenter and Persis E., June 9, 1846.

Helen Grace, d. Morrill C., manufacturer, and Editha, June 30, 1845.


–––––, d. Zephaniah, iron founder, and Martha Ann, Aug. 3, 1848.

–––––, s. Francis, iron founder, and Sarah Ann, Apr. 16, 1849.

Alphonso Francis, s. Francis, trader, and Almira D., Apr. 23, 1846.

GRACIE (Gracey, Gracy)

Huldah, d. David, carpenter, and Rosanna, at Melbourne, Canada, Aug. 23, 1845.

Mary Jane (Gracy), d. David and Rosana, bp. Nov. 25, 1847. CR1

William (Gracey), s. David and Rose, bp. Mar. 13, 1846. CR1

GRADY (Graady, Gready)

Bridget (Graady), d. Patrick, laborer, and Mary, Aug. ––, 1846. [July 29. CR5]

Bridget, d. twin, Patrick and Catherine, June 16, 1848. CR5

Catharine, d. Patrick, laborer, and Catharine, Mar. 4, 1846.

James (Gready), s. Thomas and Sarah Daley, Sept. 11, 1846. CR3

Margaret, d. James, laborer, and Mary [Catherine. CR5], both b. Ireland, Oct. 11, 1849.

Mary, d. James, laborer, and Mary, July 4, 1847.

Stephen, s. James, laborer, and Mary, Dec. 24, 1845. [Dec. 7. CR5]

Thomas, s. twin, Patrick and Catherine, June 16, 1848. CR5


Charlotte Elizabeth, d. Frederick, overseer, and Margaret, Sept. 8, 1846.

Margaret, d. Terence, laborer, and Catherine [Meloy. CR3], June 1, 1847.


Ellen, d. Robert and Ellen, Oct. 15, 1846. CR5


–––––, s. Daniel, carpenter, and Mary Ann, Mar. 20, 1846.

Bridget, d. Patrick, laborer, and Ann, Mar. 9, 1849.

Issabella Eliza, d. William E. and Eliza, bp. Aug. 8, 1841. CR1

Letitia Jane, d. Jefferson, carpenter, and Emeline, Mar. 18, 1847.

Margaret Diana, d. William E. and Eliza, bp. Aug. 8, 1841. CR1

Rose, d. John and Rosanna, Sept. 8, 1847. CR5

Sarah M., d. Aaron, machinist, and Mahala A., at Falmouth, ME, Dec. 18, 1845.

Sarah Elizabeth, d. Luther C., machinist, and Sarah, Feb. 25, 1847.

Susan E., d. Aaron R., laborer, b. Saco, ME, and Mahala A., b. Pownal, ME, Aug. 18, 1849.


Robert, s. Alexander, manufacturer, and Jane, at Andover, Feb. 15, 1846.


Margaret, d. Patrick, laborer, and Julia, June ––, 1846.


Joseph Henry, s. Joseph A., farmer, and Nancy J., Mar. 28, 1845.

Susan C., d. Jacob, school teacher, and Susan L., Oct. 19, 1845.

GRAY (Grey)

––––– (Grey), s. William, physician, and Maria C., Apr. 25, 1844.

–––––, d. Timothy, jr., turner, and Clarissa M., Jan. 16, 1845.

–––––, s. Timothy, laborer, and Clarissa M., Mar. 16, 1847.

Albert, s. Daniel J., trader, May 30, 1845.

Albert Montressor, s. Daniel S., trader, and Clorinda P., May 23, 1846.

Charles A., s. Timothy, turner, and Clarissa, Jan. 11, 1844.

Charles Munroe, s. James B., mason, and Sarah, Nov. ––, 1844.

Emma Augusta Estella, d. Alanson, mason, and Martha, Nov. 5, 1846.

Frank, s. Daniel, trader, and Colinda P., Mar. 22, 1848.

Laura J., d. Alanson, mason, and Martha, Mar. 8, 1844.

Peter, s. Mark, laborer, and Mary, July 14, 1848.

Sarah Elizabeth, d. James B., mason, and Sarah C., May 22, 1846.

Thomas, s. William and Bridget, July 7, 1847. CR5


–––––, d. Andy, manufacturer, and Catherine, Apr. 30, 1846.

–––––, s. Tyler, carpenter, b. Canada, and Emily, b. Ellsworth, NH, Dec. 16, 1849.

Anne, d. Hugh and Margaret, June 12, 1848. CR6

Charles, s. John and Catherine, bp. Nov. 6, 1836. CR1

Charles Clark, s. James H., manufacturer, and Eleanor M., July 18, 1846.

Elizabeth Ann, d. Charles and Lydia, May 5, 1832. CR2

George Thomas, s. John O[rne. CR1], physician, and Jane, Feb. 21, 1844.

George Amos, s. Charles H., machinist, and Betsey, Jan. 18, 1848.

Hugh, s. James and Honora, July 1, 1841. CR5

James, s. John and Catherine, bp. Nov. 6, 1836. CR1

James, s. John, gentleman, and Bridget, Aug. [9. CR5], 1846.

Jane Isabella, d. Charles and Lydia, May 17, 1833. CR2

John, s. John and Catherine, bp. Oct. 16, 1836. CR1

John Orne, s. John O[rne. CR1] and Jane, June 7, 1841.

John Timothy, s. John, gardener, and Catharine [Bridget. CR5], Oct. 14, 1844.

John, s. John, gardener, and Catherine [Bridget. CR6], July 27, 1848.

Mary Anne, d. James and Hanora, Aug. 1, 1843. CR5

Mary, d. Hugh and Margaret, Oct. 27, 1849. CR6

Patrick, s. Andrew, manufacturer, and Catherine [McCosker. CR3], Dec. 20, 1847.

Thomas, s. Andrew, laborer, and Catherine, May 6, 1846. [May 1. CR5]


Eveline Elizabeth, d. Jane, bp. Nov. 28, 1844. CR1


–––––, d. Gorham, b. Industry, ME, and Esther, b. Westminster, July 3, 1849.

Mary Elizabeth, d. Danniel G. and Rebecca (Proctor), Aug. 28, 1836.


Mary Elvira, d. Newell, manufacturer, and Elvira, Mar. 13, 1847.


Josephine, d. John and Judith, Nov. 30, 1849. CR6

Mary Jane, d. John, manufacturer, and Julia Ann [Judeth. CR5], Apr. 1, 1846.


Charles John, s. William and Ellen, bp. Oct. 14, 1838. CR1

Elizabeth, d. William and Ellen, bp. Jan. 27, 1835. CR1

Joseph George, s. William and Ellen, bp. Oct. 14, 1838. CR1

Margret, d. Thomas and Mary, July 4, 1836. CR5

Thomas, s. Thomas and Mary Hopkins of Haverhill, Sept. 8, 1838. CR5


Ann Maria, d. David and Mary Ann, deceased. bp. July 8, 1840. CR1

Charles O., s. Charles, manufacturer, and Martha Ann, June 24, 1848.

Edna F., d. Josiah E., carpenter, b. Methuen, and Susan A., b. Bradford, VT, Sept. 30, 1849.

Edward C., s. Miles F., shoemaker, and Louisa C., May 11, 1845.

Elizabeth Ellen, d. David and Alice, bp. July 8, 1840. CR1

Emily Alice, d. David and Alice, bp. July 28, 1843. CR1

Emery Abbott, s. George A., shoemaker, and Eliza T., July 11, 1844.

Frederick T., s. David, weaver, and Alice, both b. England, July 14, 1849.

James, s. William and Catharine, Aug. 10, 1849. CR6

John David, s. David and Alice, bp. June 6, 1845. CR1

Jos. Washington, s. Jos., shoemaker, and Deborah, June 27, 1848.

Lydia E., d. Benjamin, cordwainer, and Abigail, Jan. 27, 1844.

Martin, s. Andrew and Mary, Apr. 17, 1844. CR5

Medora Viola, d. Alvah J., peddler, and Esther, July 17, 1847.

Michael, s. John and Ellen, bp. Oct. 13, 1847. CR6

Thomas, s. Michael and Catherine, Nov. 21, 1848. CR5


Bridget, d. John and Ellen Donavan, Apr. 21, 1841. CR5

Catherine, d. John and Ellen, June 2, 1846. CR5

Ellan, d. Peter D., blacksmith, and E.N., Jan. 8, [1849.]

Francis, "two weeks old," s. William and Bridget, bp. Dec. 25, 1841. CR3

Jane Elizabeth, d. William and Mary, Nov. 4, 1838. CR5

Margaret, d. John and Ellen Dunavan, Nov. 2, 1848. CR6

Mary, d. John, iron founder, and Ellen, Oct. 22, 1843.

Mary, d. John, laborer, and Ellen, June 2, 1846.

GRIMSHAW (Grumshaw)

––––– (Grumshaw), d. Thomas and Mary, bp. Feb. 22, 1833. CR1

James Hargraves, s. Amos and Mary, bp. Sept. 28, 1833. CR1

Mary Ann Asher, bp. Apr. 26, 1829. CR1

Mary Jane (Grumshaw), d. Thomas and Mary, bp. Aug. 3, 1838. CR1


Mary A., d. James, laborer, b. Co. "Nochrin," Ire., and Mary, b. Ireland, Oct. 5, 1849.

Rosanna, d. James, manufacturer, and Mary, Aug. ––, 1847.


George Augustus, s. Daniel G., manufacturer, and Pamelia M., Nov. 10, 1846.


–––––, d. David S., manufacturer, b. Ware, and Laura C., b. Brimfield, May 9, 1849.

Adelaide M., d. David S., manufacturer, and Laura C., Nov. 21, 1845.

David Addison, s. Daniel S., manufacturer, and L., Dec. 10, 1843.

Emma, d. Ariston, machinist, and Martha, Dec. 1, 1845.


Mary Ann, d. James and Mary, Sept. 28, 1849. CR5


Mary Elizabeth, d. J.S., barber, and Mary M., July 1, 1846.

Phebe Chandler, d. Joseph S., barber, and Mary M., Aug. 27, 1848.


–––––, d. Benjamin, laborer, and Mary, Apr. 21, 1845.

Azra, s. James W., operative, and Mary, Sept. 10, 1848.


Margaret, s. Patrick and Mary, Aug. 2, 1841. CR5

Patrick, s. Patrick and Mary, Jan. 22, 1844. CR3


Mary Elizabeth, d. Andrew J., lawyer, and Euphemia L., June 3, 1848.

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