–––––, d. Thomas D., "R.R. Deport," b. Norridgewock, and Sarah, b. Mercer, ME, July 12, 1849.

Aaron C., s. Solomon H., millwright, b. Andover, NH, and Mary, b. Oxford, NH, July 28, 1849.

Eliza Jane, d. Dearborn D., stone cutter, and Laura C., Aug. 5, 1845.

Frank J., s. Jonathan, lawyer, b. Alexandria, and Eunice, b. Beverly, July 15, 1849.

Julia Frances, d. John, stone layer, and Mary, Aug. 27, 1846.


Eusebius, s. Eusebius and Francoise Lajesinipe, May 29, 1843. CR3


Sarah Elizabeth, d. Amasa, carpenter, and Mary E., Aug. 27, 1848.


Bethiah, d. Abel, laborer, and Pricilla, July 13, 1846.


Sarah Jane. d. Oliver, cord wainer, and Mary P., Jan. 29, 1845.

Thomas, s. Oliver, laborer, and Mary P., Nov. 20, 1846.


Anna Almira, d. James and Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 1, 1849. CR1

David, s. James and Elizabeth, bp. July 16, 1839. CR1

David, s. James, block printer, and Elizabeth, Nov. 9, 1843.

David, s. James and Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 8, 1844. CR1

George, s. James and Elizabeth, bp. July 16, 1839. CR1

James, s. James and Elizabeth, bp. July 16, 1839. CR1

Thomas Harris, s. James and Elizabeth, bp. Sept. 8, 1844. CR1


Robert, s. Robert and Anne Mansfield, Mar. 7, 1837. CR5


–––––, s. Cyrus, turner, and Eliza, Apr. 23, 1848.


–––––, s. William, watchman, and Maria, Jan. 5, 1845.

Alfred Thomas, s. T[obias] L.P., pay master, and Mary G., Jan. 6, 1848.

Charlotte A., d. William J., trader, b. Beverly, and Charlotte, b. Marblehead, July 28, 1849.

Ellen, d. William, trader, and Charlotte T., Aug. 28, 1847.

Henry Porter, s. T[obias] L.P. and Mary G., Feb. 19, 1840.

Nathan Green, s. T[obias] L.P. and Mary G., Mar. 31, 1843.


Mary, d. Henry, at Amesbury, June 27, 1747. PR1


Catherine, d. twin, Morris, laborer, and Mary [Murphy. CR3], both b. Ireland, Aug. [21. CR3], 1849.

Catherine, d. Patrick and Catherine, Oct. 28, 1849. CR5

Margaret, d. twin, Morris, laborer, and Mary [Murphy. CR3], both b. Ireland, [Aug. 21. CR3], 1849.

Mary, d. Patrick, laborer, and Catherine [Dineen. CR3], June 3, 1847.

Mary Ann, d. Morris, laborer, and Mary, Nov. 10, 1847.

Mary, d. Maurice and Mary Murphy, Nov. 19, 1847. CR3

LANE (Lain)

–––––, d. John, manufacturer, and Sarah Ann, Dec. ––, 1845.

Bridget, d. William and Mary, Oct. 1, 1848. CR6

Charlotte A., d. David, machinist, and Rosana, Sept. 3, 1845.

Honora, d. Daniel and Ellen, Sept. 30, 1847. CR5

Jeremiah (Lain), s. Patrick and Bridget, Apr. 4, 1845. CR3

Martha Jane, d. Dudley, cigar maker, and Eliza C., Sept. 27, 1844.


Agnes, d. Archibald and Jean, bp. Apr. 2, 1836. CR1

Christina, d. Archibald and Jean, bp. Apr. 2, 1836. CR1

David Poulson, s. Archibald and Jane, bp. Apr. 16, 1837. CR1

Elizabeth Poulson, d. Archibald and Jane, bp. Feb. 22, 1839. CR1

Janet, d. Archibald and Jean, bp. Apr. 2, 1836. CR1

Joseph, "eight days old," s. R. and Barbara, bp. Feb. 27, 1842. CR3

Margaret Jane, d. Roger and Margaret Ford, Feb. 1, 1838. CR5

Mariann, d. James and Elizabeth, bp. Oct. 7, 1834. CR1

Mary McDonald, d. Archibald and Jane, bp. May 9, 1841. CR1

Sarah Jane, d. Archibald and Jane, bp. Apr. 15, 1843. CR1

Walter, s. Archibald and Jean, bp. Apr. 2, 1836. CR1


Charles, s. James, weaver, and Mary, May 11, 1847.


–––––, ch. James, overseer, and Mary, Mar. 30, 1849.


–––––, d. William, mehcanic, and Susan, Mar. 21, 1849.

Ellen Susan, d. William, tin worker. and Susan, Sept. 20, 1846.

LANIGAN (Langan, Lanigin, Lannigan)

Elisabeth, d. Stephen and Ellen, Sept. 27, 1836. CR5

John, s. Stephen and Ellen, July 2, 1839. CR5

Stephen (Lanigin), s. Stephen and Eleanor, Jan. 4, 1833.

Stephen (Langan), s. Stephen and Ellen, Apr. 12, 1838. CR5

William Austin (Lannigan), s. Stephen and Ellen, Apr. 20, 1841. CR5


–––––, d. Rufus, student, and Henrietta, Jan. 27, 1844.

Caroline Desire, d. Luther and Desire (Needham), May 9, 1833.

Henrietta P., d. William, trader, and Elizabeth, Sept. 9, 1843.


William, s. Thomas, laborer, and Catherine, at Roxbury, Jan. 19, 1846.

LARY (Leary)

Alonzo Lewis, s. Lewis, manufacturer, and Eliza A. Sept. 19, 1844.

Ann (Leary), d. Dennis, laborer, and Julia. [1844 or 1845.]

Catherine [Leary. CR5], d. Jeremiah, shop keeper, and Grace, July 9, 1847.

Charles Augustus, s. Lewis D., laborer, and Eliza Ann, Nov. 1, 1848.

Daniel (Leary), s. Dennis and Julia, Feb. 3, 1844. CR5

Daniel (Leary), s. James and Ellen, June 5, 1845. CR5

Ellen, d. Jeremiah, laborer, and Catherine, Oct. 29, 1847.

George Washington, s. Lewis, laborer, and Eliza A., Nov. 26, 1846.

Honora (Leary), d. Patrick and Mary, July 31, 1849. CR5

John (Leary), "three weeks old," s. John and Catherine Moran, bp. July 28, 1844. CR3

Louis (Leary), s. James and Ellen, July 6, 1842. CR5

Margaret (Leary), d. Dennis and Julia, July 1, 1842. CR5

Margaret (Leary), d. James, laborer, and Ellen, Aug. ––, 1848. [Sept. 2. CR5]

Mary, d. Daniel, "dead," and Catharine, May 20, 1845. [June 1. CR5]

Mary A. [Leary. CR5], d. Jeremiah, laborer, and Catharine, Feb. 15, 1846.

Mary (Leary), d. Dennis and Julia, Mar. 18, 1847. CR6

Timothy (Leary), s. Daniel and Catherine, Oct. 21, 1842. CR5


Abigail, d. James and Abigail, ––– ––, 1741. PR1

Alice, d. Nehemiah and Lucy (Morris), ––– ––, 1760. PR1

Alice, w. Eliab, and d. Nehemiah and Lucy (Morris) Latham, ––– ––, 1760. PR1

Arthur, s. Chilton and Susanna, ––– ––, 1705. PR1

Arthur, s. James and Abigail, ––– ––, 1742. PR1

Arthur, s. Nehemiah and Lucy (Morris), ––– ––, 1757. PR1

Barzilla, s. Woodward and Rebecca (Dean), Apr. 3, 1778. PR1

Bethiah, d. Nehemiah and Lucy (Morris), ––– ––, 1769. PR1

Charles, s. Chilton and Susanna, ––– ––, 1701. PR1

Charles, s. Chilton and Betsey, d. Eleazer Carver, ––– ––, 1804. PR1

Charles Austin, s. Galen and Susanna (Keith), July 22, 1807. PR1

Chilton, s. Robert, ––– ––, 1671. PR1

Chilton, s. twin, Charles and Susanna (Woodward), ––– ––, 1741. PR1

Chilton, s. Chilton, 2d and Mary (Howard), ––– ––, 1770. PR1

Cyrus, s. George [s. Eliab. dup.], at Gray, ME, Feb. 6, 1799. PR1

Cyrus H., s. Cyrus and Betsey (Stinchfield), at Raymond, ME, June 1, 1824. PR1

Dean, s. Woodward and Rebecca (Dean), Apr. 3, 1771. PR1

Eliab, s. Woodward and Rebecca (Dean), June 11, 1764. PR1

Eliab, s. Galen and Susanna (Keith), Sept. 2, 1818. PR1

Betty, d. Charles and Susanna (Woodward), ––– ––, 1727. PR1

Elizabeth S., d. Cyrus and Betsey (Stinchfield), at Raymond, ME, Aug. 20, 1821. PR1

Ellen, d. Nehemiah and Lucy (Morris), ––– ––, 1771. PR1

Elvira, d. Cyrus and Betsey (Stinchfield), at Raymond, ME, Sept. 22, 1820. PR1

Galen, s. Woodward and Rebecca (Dean), Feb. 13, 1775. PR1

Galen, jr., s. Galen and Susanna (Keith), June 4, 1805. PR1

George, s. Woodward and Rebecca (Dean), Nov. 9, 1768. PR1

James, s. Chilton and Susanna, ––– ––, 1708. PR1

James, s. twin, Charles and Susanna (Woodward), ––– ––, 1741. PR1

Jane, d. Chilton and Susanna, ––– ––, 1703. PR1

Joseph, s. Chilton and Susanna, ––– ––, 1714. PR1

Lester H., d. Cyrus and Betsey (Stinchfield), at Fairfield, ME, May 20, 1829. PR1

Mary, d. Chilton and Susanna, ––– ––, 1720. PR1

Mary, d. Charles and Susanna (Woodward), ––– ––, 1737. PR1

Mary, d. James and Abigail, ––– ––, 1744. PR1

Mary S., d. Cyrus and Betsey (Stinchfield), at Fairfield, ME, Oct. 15, 1831. PR1

Nathaniel Woodward, s. Chilton and Betsey (Carver), ––– ––, 1810. PR1

Nehemiah, s. Arthur and Alice, d. Nehemiah Allen, ––– ––, 1735. PR1

Nehemiah, s. Nehemiah and Lucy (Morris), ––– ––, 1767. PR1

Robert, s. Chilton and Susanna, ––– ––, 1711. PR1

Robert Johnson, s. Robert and Mary, d. Capt. David Johnson, ––– ––, 1773. PR1

Rowena Williams, d. Galen and Susanna (Keith), Nov. 27, 1809. PR1

Sarah S., d. Cyrus and Betsey (Stinchfield), at Fairfield, ME, Dec. 11, 1826. PR1

Susan Woodward, d. Chilton and Betsey (Carver), ––– ––, 1806. PR1

Susan, d. Galen and Susanna (Keith), Feb. 19, 1812. PR1

Susanna, d. Chilton and Susanna, ––– ––, 1717. PR1

Susanna, d. Charles and Susanna (Woodward), ––– ––, 1729. PR1

Susanna, d. Woodward and Rebecca (Dean), and w. Thomas Blanchard, Jan. 29, 1766. PR1

Williams, s. Galen and Susanna (Keith), Nov. 4, 1803. PR1

Woodward, s. Charles and Susanna (Woodward), ––– ––, 1732. PR1


Anthony, "one week old," bp. July 4, 1841. CR5

LAUGHLAN (Laughey, Laughrey, Laughy, Loughlan, Loughlin, McLaughlin, O'Laughlin)

Catharine (Loughlan), d. James, manufacturer, and Mary, Sept. 25, 1845.

Catharine, d. Dennis, carder, and Bridget, Mar. 21, 1848.

Charley, "born 9 days ago," s. Michael and Bridget Barry, bp. Dec. 19, 1848. CR3

Eliza (Laughrey), d. James and Jane Keegan, Sept. 10, 1849. CR3

Ellen (Laughey), d. James and Mary, Feb. 10, 1840. CR5

Ellen, d. John and Catherine McCarty, Apr. 28, 1846. CR3

James, at the almshouse, July 1, 1835.

James, s. John and Catherine McCarty, Nov. 7, 1847. CR3

Margaret, d. John and Nancy Ready, Mar. 6, 1849. CR3

Mary A[nn. CR3], d. John, spinner, and Catharine [McCarty. CR3], both b. Ireland, June 1, 1849.

Michael (O'Laughlin), s. James and Mary Murphy, Sept. 12, 1837. CR5

William (Loughlin), s. James and Mary, bp. Jan. 20, 1844. CR3


Catharine, d. Patrick, laborer, and Catharine, Apr. 20, 1849.

LAVELY (Lavelle)

Eugene [Lavelle. CR5], s. Patrick, laborer, and Bridget, Apr. 1, 1846.


–––––, d. James, teamster, and Rebecca J., Apr. 1, 1847.

Elizabeth, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

George A., s. James, teamster, and Jane, Sept. 9, 1843.

Nancy Piper, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

Samuel Adams, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

LAWLER (Lawlor)

Elizabeth, d. James, laborer, and Catherine, Dec. 24, 1846.

Mary (Lawlor), "in Concord, NH, one week old," d. Martin and Hannah, bp. June 1, 1842. CR3


–––––, s. Samuel, gentleman, and Alison, Nov. 29, 1844.

–––––, d. Daniel B., carpenter, and Hannah, Mar. 16, 1845.

–––––, s. William F., farmer, and Nancy, Mar. 15, 1846.

–––––, s. Charles, manufacturer, and Elizabeth, Apr. 19, 1849.

Alanson T., s. Samuel, agent of corporation, May 24, 1843.

Albert Otis, s. Otis, merchant, and Sarah, Aug. 28, 1847.

Alison Turnbull, d. Samuel and Alison, bp. June 23, 1844. CR1

Ellen M., d. Samuel, painter, and Dorothy, Nov. 2, 1843.

Emma Plympton, d. William F. and Nancy, Sept. 16, 1848.

George, s. Samuel and Alison, bp. Aug. 4, 1839. CR1

George Walter, s. Charles, stone layer, and Elizabeth G., Dec. 21, 1845.

Grenville B., s. Daniel B., carpenter, and Hannah B., Oct. 21, 1843.

Henry W., s. Erastus W. and Nancy P. (Amsden), Feb. 17, 1834.

Henry C., s. Ambrose, dentist, and Emily, both b. Boscawen, NH, June 11, 1849.

Hiram Gardner, s. Erastus W. and Nancy P. (Amsden), Nov. 1, 1832.

Jane Maria, d. Erastus W. and Nancy P. (Amsden), Nov. 9, 1835.

Mary Nisbet, d. Samuel and Alison, bp. July 24, 1842. CR1

Mary Louisa, d. Daniel P., carpenter, and Hannah B., Oct. 26, 1846.

Nisbet, s. Samuel and Alison, bp. Aug. 3, 1845. CR1

Samuel, s. Samuel, manufacturer and agent, and Alison, Sept. 28, 1846.


Ida M., d. Thomas B., artist, and Catharine, May 1, 1845.

John, s. James and Mary H., bp. Oct. 10, 1840. CR1

Thomas Wayne, s. James and Mary, bp. Aug. 27, 1843. CR1

LAWTON (Lawten)

–––––, d. Reuben, machinist, and Catharine, Jan. 23, 1845.

Charles Andrew, s. Henry and Elizabeth, Oct. 30, 1831.

Cora Elna, d. Reuben, machinist, and Catharine, Aug. 5, 1848.

George Field (Lawten), s. James, superintendent, and Mary, Oct. 17, 1845.

Henry Clinton, s. Henry and Elizabeth, June 11, 1836.

Mary E., d. Reuben, machinist, and Catherine, Jan. 17, 1844.

Le CLAIR (Le Clere)

George, s. John and Harriet, bp. Nov. 6, 1842. CR1

Maria Louisa (Le Clere), "born 18 mos. 1 Jany. last," d. John and Harriet Dupuis, bp. Aug. 15, 1841. CR5


Charles Augustus, s. Augustus, carpenter, and Amanda M., Oct. 17, 1848.

LEAHY (Leahey)

Ellen, d. James and Mary, bp. Apr. 3, 1847. CR6

John (Leahey), s. John and Johanna, Feb. 7, 1849. CR5


Bridget, "two weeks old," d. John and Catherine, bp. Aug. 31, 1844. CR3


Francis, ch. Joseph and Sophia, May 6, 1847. CR5


–––––, s. John D., soap boiler, b. Cambridge, and Sarah, b. Woburn, Oct. 5, 1849.


Mary, d. Michael and Catherine, Nov. 1, 1847. CR5


–––––, d. Daniel G., grocer, and Ann, June 16, 1847.

–––––, d. John B., carpenter, b. Effingham, and Ann M., b. Gilmanton, Dec. 2, 1849.

Almira F., d. E.D., cap maker, b. Cornish, NH, and Almira F., b. Warwick, Aug. 13, 1849.

Burk Fay, s. Erastus D., merchant, and Almira, Sept. 21, 1844.

Horace Hall, s. Erasmus D., trader, and Almira F., July 8, 1846.

James A., s. James, carpenter, and Hannah, July 22, 1843.

John, s. J.B., carpenter, and Ann Maria, June 4, 1846.

Mary Elizabeth, d. Gideon, carpenter, and Mary J., May 23, 1844.

Sarah E., d. Horatio, cap maker, b. Greenfield, and Sarah, b. Princeton, Oct. 11, 1849.

William, s. William H., trader, b. Portland, ME, and Melinda A., b. Wentworth, NH, Oct. 16, 1849.


Lewis, s. Lewis and Catherine Brooks, Dec. 23, 1847. CR3


Adolph, s. Jacob, manufacturer [designer. in pencil.], and Betsey, Aug. 18, 1843.


Ann, d. Francis, laborer, and Margaret [Kelley. CR3], Feb. 17, 1847.

Benjamin Franklin, s. Charles, manufacturer, and Mary A., July 17, 1844.

Daniel E., s. Charles, manufacturer, and Mary Ann, Mar. 12, 1846.

Mary, d. James and Catharine, Sept. 20, 1836. CR5

Mary, d. Michael, laborer, and Catherine [Kimbal. CR3], both b. Ireland, Sept. 27, 1849.

Thomas, s. Francis, manufacturer, and Margaret, Jan. 31, 1845.

William, s. Charles, operative, and Isabella, Feb. 28, 1849.


–––––, d. Richard, cabinet maker, and Mary J., Mar. 3, 1844.

Charles Harry, s. Harry [Henry, trader. dup.] and Sarah, Mar. 4, 1844. [Feb. 3. dup.]

Helen A., d. Richard C. and Mary P. (Rice), Jan. 11, 1840.


Ellen Louisa, d. Andrew, sawyer, and Harriet H., Sept. 4, 1847.


Luke, s. John and Catherine Marooney, Jan. 19, 1847. CR3


Charles Henry, s. Joseph, carpenter, and Eliza, Feb. 10, 1845.


Charlotte Augusta, d. Isaiah and Hannah, Mar. 19, 1833.

Eliza Jane, d. Isaiah and Hannah, Dec. 17, 1832.

Fred Auguustus, s. Andrew, bleacher, and Mary A., June 1, 1846.

George Kneeland, s. Isaiah and Hannah, Apr. 4, 1830.

Henry Kneeland, s. Isaiah and Hannah, Oct. 4, 1826.

Martha, d. Isaiah and Hannah, Feb. 9, 1825.

Martha Ann, d. Isaiah and Hannah, Mar. 9, 1829.

Mary Adeline, d. Isaiah and Hannah, July 28, 1831.

Mary A., d. Andrew, manufacturer, and Mary A., Feb. 5, 1844.

Sophia Dean, d. Andrew, manufacturer, and Mary Ann, July 9, 1848.

William Henry, s. Isaiah and Hannah, Nov. 24, 1827.

LEITCH (Leatch)

John Charles (Leatch), s. Thomas, peddler, and Isabella, Mar. 3, 1848.

Samuel, s. Thomas and Isabella, bp. Mar. 7, 1847. CR1

Sarah Ann, d. Thomas and Isabella, bp. Oct. 19, 1845. CR1


John, s. William and Hanora Hanrahen, Dec. 16, 1846. CR3

LENNON (Lenan, Lennen)

James (Lennen) [Lenan. CR5], s. James, laborer, and Anastatia, Feb. 1, 1847.

James, s. James, butcher, and Ann, both b. Ireland, Sept. 9, 1849.

Joseph Garrett, s. Thomas, teamster, and Catherine, Dec. 12, 1848.

Mary (Lennen), "two weeks old," d. Thomas and Catherine, bp. Oct. 19, 1845. CR3

Michael, s. Thomas, brewer, and Catherine, Mar. 15, 1847.


Henry Joseph, s. Jeremiah and Bridget, Feb. 8, 1836. CR5

Jeremiah, s. Jeremiah, blacksmith, and Bridget [McVey. CR3], July 6, 1846.

John Peter, s. Jeremiah and Bridget, Oct. 29, 1837. CR5

John G., jr., s. John G., trader, and Luthera, Mar. 27, 1844.

John, "born 2 weeks," s. Patrick and Margaret, bp. Aug. 7, 1847. CR6

John, s. Thomas and Margaret, Apr. 1, 1848. CR5

Mary Ann, d. Ira, machinist, and Lydia, Sept. 23, 1846.

Mary Ann, d. Richard and Joanna Murphy, Feb. 15, 1848. CR5

Mary A[nn. CR3], d. Michael, machinist, and Rose [Brown. CR3], May 29, 1848.

Mary Anne, d. Philex and Margaret, July 22, 1849. CR6

Patrick, s. Thomas and Margaret, Mar. 17, 1849. CR6

Rosanna [Rosey. CR3], d. Michael, machinist, and Rosanna [Rose Brown. CR3], both b. Ireland, June 29, 1849.


Ellen Louisa, d. Andrew J., and Hannah, Sept. 4, 1847. CR5

LESLIE (Lesley)

–––––, d. Thomas G., blacksmith, and Elzadia M., Dec. 29, 1845.

Eliza Wilson, d. William H. and Eliza, Sept. 21, 1829.

Elizabeth Ann, d. Thomas and Abigail B. (Brown), Dec. 3, 1836.

Elizabeth Ann, d. Thomas and Abagail, bp. Jan. 12, 1840. CR1

George Francis, s. Thomas and Abagail, bp. June 13, 1841. CR1

Isabella Victoria (Lesley), d. Charles, painter, and Sophia, Nov. 19, 1844.

John William, s. Thomas and Abagail, bp. Jan. 12, 1840. CR1


Charlotte, d. Swan L., manufacturer, and Lydia H., Aug. 10, 1847.

George, s. Swan L., operative, b. Orange, and Lydia, b. Lebanon, NH, Aug. 25, 1849.


Emeline B., d. Benjamin, machinist, b. Cranston, and Emeline, b. Fall River, June 27, 1849.


James, s. William and Mary, bp. Oct. 30, 1849. CR1


Elizabeth, d. Joel and Sarah F., both deceased, bp. May 11, 1835. CR1

Ella S., d. Samuel, barber, b. Barre, and Letitia, b. New York, Sept. 21, 1849.

James R., s. Aaron L., shoemaker, and Rachel S., Jan. 14, 1844.

Joel, jr., s. Joel and Sarah Frye (Brickett), Sept. 28, 1830.

Laban Wilhington, ch. Joel and Sarah Frye (Brickett), Aug. 11, 1833.

Sarah Brickett, d. Joel and Sarah Frye (Brickett), Nov. 23, 1831.


Mary, d. Timothy, laborer, and Ellen, Oct. 23, 1846.

LIBBEY (Libbie, Libby)

Charles Douglass (Libbie), s. John and Mary, Nov. 2, 1833.

Ellen Maria, d. Abram R., machinist, and Elizabeth J., Oct. 3, 1844.

Frances L., d. Isaac H., carpenter, and Louisa, Nov. 5, 1843.

Harriet Emma (Libby), d. William F., carder, and Lucy, Aug. 22, 1847.

Lydia A., d. Varanes, manufacturer, and Ann S., Sept. 27, 1843.

Sarah (Libbie), d. John and Mary, Jan. 12, 1830.


–––––, "died July," ch. Levi E., apothecary, b. Johnson, RI, and Mary L., b. Middleboro, May 15, 1849.

George, s. Abel and Phebe, Aug. 4, 1832.

George, Oct. 9, 1832.

Lowell, s. Abel and Phebe, Mar. 7, 1826.

Marshall, s. Abel and Phebe, Jan. 22, 1828.

Martha, d. Abel and Phebe, Apr. 1, 1830.

Mary Ella, d. Isaac L., blacksmith, and Mary A., at Pelham, NH, Sept. 6, 1845.

Mary Ellen, d. Levi E., druggist, and Mary, July 21, 1846.


Charles Francis, s. David and Sarah, bp. July 21, 1848. CR1


Margaret, d. John, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, Dec. 5, 1849.

Maria, d. William and Ellen, Nov. 13, 1847. CR6


Frank C., s. Festus C., millwright, and Maducia, at Southbridge, May 4, 1846.


Abby Rosa Tenney, d. James M., laborer, and Eunice, Sept. 5, 1848.

Hannah, d. Daniel R., tin plate worker, and Betsey, at Machester, NH, Oct. 17, 1845.

Helen Maria, d. Elisha P., trader, and Luana M., at Pittsfield, July 29, 1844.

James H., s. James H., manufacturer, and Judith, Dec. 10, 1843.

Joseph, "about three months old," s. Antony and Mary, bp. Aug. 18, 1836. CR5

Peter, s. George, operative, b. Ireland, and Ellen, b. England, May 4, 1849. [May 1. CR5]


–––––, d. Dennis G., stove dealer, b. Wells, ME, and Sarah J., b. Epsom, NH, Oct. 5, 1849.

Ann B., d. Dennis G., trader, and Sarah J., July 31, 1843.

Henry Cooms, s. Dennis, sheet-iron worker, and Sarah Jane, Sept. 4, 1846.

Oscar B., s. George, lather, and Abby H., May 7, 1845.


Charles Whitney, s. Charles B., mason, and Orpha S., June 16, 1844.

Elizabeth Brown, d. Edward St. Loe and Hannah, bp. Oct. 4, 1839. CR1

George Williamson, s. Edward St. Loe and Hannah, bp. June 30, 1837. CR1

George Henry, s. Leonard, laborer, and Maria, Oct. 16, 1846.

Mary Jane, d. Edward St. Loe and Sarah Creese, bp. July 23, 1826. CR1

Mary Eliza, d. Leonard W., wood sawyer, and Maria, Dec. 21, 1848.

Mary A., d. Alfred W., laborer, b. Huntington, VT, and Cynthia A., b. Paris, ME, July 31, 1849.

Sarah, d. Edward St. Loe and Sarah Creese, bp. July 23, 1826. CR1

Sarah Jane, d. Edward St. Loe and Hannah, bp. June 30, 1837. CR1

LIVINGSTON (Levingston)

–––––, d. Elbridge, job taker, b. Tewksbury, and Irene, b. Hollis, NH, Aug. 16, 1849.

Alfred, s. William and Mary Ann, May 25, 1837.

Agustus, s. William and Mary Ann, July 5, 1841.

Caroline Adelia, d. William and Mary Ann, Sept. 1, 1830.

Eldora, d. Elbridge, stone mason, and Irene, May 16, 1846.

Ephraim Daniel, s. Daniel, teamster, and Sophronia, Oct. 9, 1847.

Franklin Eugene, s. John O., teamster, and Lucy H., July 22, 1844.

Honora (Levingston), d. James and Mary, Jan. 21, 1849. CR3

Isadora L., d. Elbridge, stone mason, and Irene, Aug. 10, 1847.

John Henry, s. John and Jane, bp. June 15, 1834. CR1

William Edward, s. William and Mary Ann, June 25, 1832.


Maria, d. James, laborer, and Jane, both b. Ireland, Nov. 27, 1849.


Mary Ann, d. John, manufacturer, and Mary, Aug. 25, 1843.

LOCKE (Lock)

Charles Starkweather (Lock), s. John Goodwin and Jane Emenia, at Worthington, Apr. 16, 1833.

Francis Goodwin, s. John G., clerk, and Jane E., July 22, 1846.

Grace Le Baron, d. John G., jr., city auditor, and Ermina, June 22, 1845.

Jane Erucena, d. John Goodwin and Jane Emenia, Aug. 11, 1837.

Jane Ermina, d. John Goodwin and Jane Emenia, May 17, 1840.

John, s. John Goodwin and Jane Emenia, at Buffalo, NY, Sept. 23, 1831.

Joseph Albert, s. Albert and Mary Ann, Oct. 31, 1839.

Martha H., d. Jeremiah, weaver, b. Rye, NH, and Hannah A., b. North Berwick, ME, Sept. 19, 1849.

Mary Haven, d. John Goodwin [scrivener. dup.] and Jane Emenia, June 21, 1843.


Eliza, d. James, baker, and Jane, both b. Ireland, Oct. 6, 1849.


Margaret, "one week old," d. John and Catherine, bp. Nov. 14, 1841. CR5


Janette Isabelle, d. John and Mary Wilson, bp. Apr. 10, 1846. CR1

John Smiley, s. John, weaver, and Mary [Wilson. CR1], both b. Scotland, Aug. 29, 1849.

Mary, d. John and Mary Wilson, bp. Apr. 10, 1846. CR1


Joseph, "three weeks old," s. Lewis and Judith Noel, bp. Sept. 17, 1843. CR3


Mary, d. James and Jane Kelly, Nov. 23, 1849. CR3


Bridget, d. John, laborer, and Rosanna, both b. Ireland, at Manchester, NH, Sept. 25, 1849.

Charles, s. Daniel, manufacturer, and Nancy, Nov. 18, 1847.

Edward, s. John, hostler, and Margaret, Aug. 25, 1843.

Elizabeth, d. John, laborer, and Rosann, Sept. 25, 1846.

John, s. Denis and Mary Sheedy, Aug. 20, 1846. CR3

Mary Jane, d. John, laborer, and Rosanna, Mar. 17, 1848.

Michael, s. John and Ellin, Sept. 29, 1848. CR6


Luther M., s. William, machinist, and Margaret, July 31, 1843.


–––––, d. Asa G., laborer, and Sarah C., Aug. 19, 1846.


–––––, d. Charles, fuller, and Charlotte, Apr. 18, 1846.

–––––, ch. Henry A., trader, b. Ipswich, and Eliza, b. Phillips, ME, Nov. 28, 1849.

Albert [Herbert. dup.], s. Charles, manufacturer, and Charlotte, Feb. 15, 1844.

Clara Elizabeth, d. Henry A., trader, and Elizabeth E., Sept. 17, 1848.

Ella Frances, d. Charles, manufacturer, and Charlotte L., July 26, 1848.

George, s. Hargraves, rent collector, and Ann, July 24, 1847.

Herbert, see Lord, Albert.

Sarah A., d. Hargraves, block printer, and Ann, Feb. 2, 1844.

Thomas, s. Hargreaves, block printer, and Ann, both b. England, June 7, 1849.

William H., s. Hargreaves, carpenter, and Ann, Jan. 16, 1846.


John, s. John and Margaret, Jan. 5, 1842. CR5


Edgar A. [Edward W. Josselyn. dup.], s. Algernon, founder, and Mary, Aug. 13, 1846.


–––––, s. Samuel, carpenter, and Sarah, Jan. 26, 1846.

George H., s. Henry C., machinist, b. NH, and Maria D., b. Stratford, NH, June 2, 1849.

Joanna, d. Darius, machinist, and Sarah Ann, Mar. 31, 1847.

Sarah Jane, d. Darius, machinist, and Sarah, June 14, 1844.

Sophia Alpetta, d. Darius, machinist, and Sarah, Nov. 2, 1848.

William, s. Darius and Jane, deceased, bp. July 17, 1842. CR1


–––––, s. Daniel, blacksmith, and Maria, Jan. 18, 1849.

–––––, d. Noah, cabinet maker, b. Hollis, NH, and Abigail, b. West Cambridge, Oct. 7, 1849.

Charles Athertin, s. Jonathan and Louisa Atherton, Mar. 15, 1833.

Edward S., s. Lund, blacksmith, b. Hollis, NH, and Sarah, b. Allenstown, Oct. 3, 1849.

Edwin Laforest, s. Jacob, manufacturer, and Harriet, Nov. 19, 1848.

Frances Henry, ch. Daniel and Lavina (Rice), Mar. 26, 1829.

Francis Cragie, ch. Jonathan and Louisa Atherton, Jan. 17, 1834.

Francis Cragie, ch. Jonathan and Louisa Atherton, Dec. 22, 1834.

Franklin Herbert, s. Noah, cabinet maker, and Abigail, Nov. 6, 1844.

Fred Mortimer, s. Frederick, express, and Caroline G., at Nashua, NH, July 5, 1845.

George Leroy, s. Jonathan W., manufacturer, and Louisa, June 17, 1847.

Lorenzo, s. Moses, shoemaker, and Charlotte, at Andover, Jan. 23, 1846.

Maria Agnes, d. Izaac and Mary Elizabeth, May 14, 1839. CR5

Maria Theresa, d. Izaack B. and Mary Elizabeth, bp. Apr. 23, 1843. CR5

Sarah Catherine, d. Isaac and Mary E., Jan. 11, 1837. CR5

Sarah Frances, d. Frederick, jr., express, and Caroline M., Apr. 22, 1847.


Catherine, d. Patrick and Bridgit, Apr. 29, 1848. CR5

LOVERIEN (Loverein)

Charles H., s. William, mason, and Almira, Mar. 29, 1844.

George W. (Loverein), s. Luke W., keeper of bowling alley, and Clarissa, July 23, 1844.

George Henry (Loverein), s. George W., manufacturer, and Sophia, Jan. 14, 1845.

John H. (Loverein), s. Luke W., bowling alley keeper, and Clarissa S., Mar. 23, 1846.

Mary Mandana, d. John, painter, and ––––– Kenney, Mar. 15, 1845.


Emma E., d. Thomas, teamster, and Elizabeth, at Somerville, Aug. 11, 1845.

Frank Adelbert, s. Thomas J., teamster, and Elizabeth J., Jan. 5, 1847.

LOW (Lowe)

––––– (Lowe), s. Joseph, blacksmith, and Sarah K., Mar. 24, 1845.

Bridget, d. John and Bridget Dwire, July 23, 1849. CR3

John Edwin, s. Robert M., wheelwright, and Joanna D., Mar. 16, 1847.


Caroline, d. James and Harriet, bp. July 30, 1841. CR1

Eliza Frances, d. James and Harriet, bp. July 30, 1841. CR1

Ellen, d. James and Harriet, bp. Sept. 2, 1838. CR1

Emma Jane, d. James and Harriet, bp. Sept. 2, 1838. CR1

Harriet, d. James and Harriet, bp. July 30, 1841. CR1

LOWNEY (Lowny)

Cornelia, d. John, laborer, and Ellen [Murphy. CR3], Aug. 3, 1846.

Cornelius (Lowny), s. Timothy and Margaret, July 2, 1847. CR5

Denis (Lowny), s. Patrick and Johanna, Sept. 13, 1845. CR3

Jeremiah, s. John, manufacturer, and Ellen, Mar. 24, 1844.

Michael, s. John, laborer, and Ellen, Sept. 29, 1848.

Patrick, s. Patrick and Johanna Harrington, July 14, 1847. CR3


John, s. John and Ellen, Sept. 11, 1840. CR5

Maryann, d. Robert and Mary Ann, bp. Oct. 12, 1834. CR1

Robert, s. Robert and Mary Ann, bp. Oct. 12, 1834. CR1


Richard Charles, s. Charles and Jane, bp. July 4, 1849. CR1


Warren Franklin, s. Daniel, overseer, and Emily, at Andover, Oct. 30, 1844.


Caroline Augusta, d. Jesse H., laborer, and Betsey D., Nov. 5, 1844.

George F., s. Samuel E., tailor, and Cynthia M., Dec. 17, 1843.

Julia E., d. Leander C., yeoman, and Hannah W., Sept. 18, 1843.


Martha J., d. William H., machinist, and Lovina S., June 6, 1843.

William M., s. William H., machinist, and Luvia S., Aug. 19, 1846.


Nancy, d. John W., painter, and Mary E., June 19, 1843.

Susan Maria, d. John W., painter, and Mary E., Oct. 17, 1847.


John, s. John, laborer, and Joanna, Mar. ––, 1848.


–––––, s. Zebulon, manufacturer, b. Stanstead, and Lois, b. Danville, Sept. 7, 1849.

Charles A., s. Noah G., operative, b. Stanstead, VT, and Sarah Y., b. Mercer, ME, Oct. 1, 1849.


Alfred Pynchon, s. Roland and Mary (Howland), Mar. 31, 1841. PR1

Charles Warren, s. John W. and Keziah B. (Lapham), Sept. 22, 1836.

Elizabeth Russell, d. Roland and Mary (Howland), Mar. 23, 1835. PR1

John H., s. Roland and Mary (Howland), May ––, 1836. PR1

Mary (Howland), w. Roland and "a descendant of John Howland who came over in the Mayflower," Aug. 11, 1805. PR1

LYNCH (Lunch)

Alice, d. James, laborer, and Catherine, Nov. 21, 1847.

Alice, d. James, laborer, and Catherine, Mar. 14, 1849.

Catharine, d. Thomas and Eliza, bp. Dec. 9, 1849. CR6

Ellen (Lunch), d. Barney, laborer, and Ellen, Aug. 8, [1845.]

Henry, s. Henry, laborer, and Maria, Feb. 10, 1845.

Jane, "one week old," d. William and Ann, bp. July 30, 1837. CR5

Jane, d. Patrick, laborer, and Elizabeth, Aug. 11, 1843.

Jane, "born 2 months," d. John and Mary, bp. Apr. 18, 1847. CR6

John, s. Daniel and Catherine, May 27, 1837. CR5

John, s. Henry and Maria, Oct. 21, 1843. CR3

John, s. John and Johanna, Apr. 14, 1847. CR5

John, s. John, laborer, and Julia Ann, Apr. 23, 1848.

John, s. Peter, laborer, and Elizabeth, July 24, 1848.

Margaret, d. Barney and Ellen Rudden, July 13, 1848. CR3

Margaret, d. Barney, laborer, and Ann, Nov. 5, 1848.

Margaret, d. Michael, laborer, and Ellen, both b. Co. Cork, Ire., Nov. 8, 1849.

Maria [Mary. CR3] Elizabeth, d. Henry, laborer, and Maria [Kelley. CR3], Mar. 22, 1847.

Mary, d. Daniel and Catherine, June 7, 1840. CR5

Mary Jane, d. James, laborer, and Catharine, Mar. 2, 1846.

Mary, d. Terence and Bridget, Sept. 6, 1846. CR5

Michael, s. Cornelius, mason, and Mary, both b. Ireland, June 19, 1849.

Patrick, s. James and Bridget, Dec. 2, 1849. CR6

Rose, d. Henry and Maria, Mar. 23, 1842. CR3

William, s. Timothy and Johanna, Feb. 28, 1842. CR5


Mary, d. Richard, laborer, and Joanna, Feb. ––, 1848.


Mary, d. Timothy and Ellen, Sept. 22, 1846. CR3

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