Waldo, s. Joseph, tanner, and Mary E., June 18, 1847.


John, s. William and Elizabeth, Dec. 21, 1841. CR5


Mary Ann, d. David, laborer, and Sarah, Apr. 16, 1848.


Edward S., s. Storer, manufacturer, and Sarah, Apr. 16, 1844.

NAWN (Nahan, Naun)

James Emmet, s. Philip, spinner, and Margaret [Kelley. CR3], Aug. 27, 1847.

Mary Ann (Naun), d. Philip and Margaret, Sept. 10, 1845. CR3

Sarah Jane (Naun) [Nahan. CR3], d. Philip, laborer, and Margaret [Kelly. CR3], both b. Ireland, Dec. 19, 1849. [Nov. 19. CR3]

NEALLY (Nealley)

Elizabeth, d. William and Ann, bp. Nov. 4, 1836. CR1

Excelsa, d. Samuel S., manufacturer, and Lydia H., Nov. 21, 1845.

Joseph, s. William and Ann, bp. July 24, 1834. CR1

Lydia A. (Nealley), d. Samuel S. and Lydia H., Dec. 15, 1842.

Robert, s. William, bp. May 12, 1833. CR1

William, s. William and Ann, bp. Jan. 11, 1839. CR1


Mary Ann, d. James, laborer, and Bridget, Aug. 23, 1846.

NELEGAN (Nealigan, Neligan)

John (Nealigan), s. Maurice and Catherine, Aug. 6, 1841. CR5

Mary [Nealigan. CR5], d. Morris, laborer, and Catharine, Feb. 9, 1845.

Mary Ann (Neligan), d. Thomas and Mary, May 31, 1848. CR5


Edwin Nathaniel, s. Henry N., carpenter, and Mary G., Oct. 18, 1841.

Henry Clarence, s. Henry N., carpenter, and Mary G., Apr. 2, 1849.


Mary Ann, d. David and Sarah, Apr. 16, 1848. CR5


Henrietta, d. Thomas, gentleman, and Lucinda, June 8, 1846.

Issabella, d. John, gentleman, and Harriet, Sept. 1, 1844.

James Albert, s. James, laborer, and Elizabeth, Dec. 28, 1845.

John, s. John, gentleman, and Harriet, Dec. 11, 1845.

Julia, d. John, manufacturer, and Harriet, Feb. 1, 1848.

Maria Louisa, d. Thomas, gentleman, and Lucinda C., July 16, 1844.

NEVINS (Nevin)

Bridget, d. Michael, manufacturer, and Catharine, Aug. 7, 1844. [Aug. 8. CR3]

Christopher (Nevin), s. Michael and Catharine, Jan. 4, 1839. CR5

Elisa, d. Michael and Catharine, Aug. 8, 1844. CR3

Eliza[beth. CR3], Jane, d. Patrick, calico printer, and Jane [Crintess. CR3], June 10, 1847. [June 5. CR3]

James Ed. (Nevin), s. Patrick and Jane, Aug. 12, 1844. CR3

James, s. Patrick, laborer, and Jane, Apr. 12, 1845.

John (Nevin), s. Patrick and Jane, Mar. 30, 1840. CR5

Margaret (Nevin), "three days old," d. Michael and Catharine, bp. Nov. 20, 1842. CR3

Mary Jane (Nevin), d. Patrick and Jane, bp. Jan. 23, 1842. CR3


Charles H., see Nowell, Charles H.


Thomas John, s. Thomas, printer, and Ann, Mar. 30, 1847.


–––––, d. Henry L.C., painter, and May W., Dec. 13, 1845.

Henrietta M. d. Henry L.C., printer, b. Marlborough, and Mary W., b. Holderness, Aug. 12, 1849.

NICHOLS (Micklis, Nichol, Nickles, Nickless)

–––––, ch. Rodolphus, laborer, b. Charlemont, and Lavina, b. Tewksbury, Dec. 28, 1849.

Albert Stephen, s. Charles A., grocer, and Martha Ann, Mar. 22, 1849.

Anna Elizabeth, d. Converse, turner, and Sylvia, Jan. 25, 1845.

Annis F., d. Hiram, clothing dealer, b. Merrimack, NH, and Abigail, b. Mount Vernon, NH, Dec. 2, 1849.

Charles Henry, s. Rodolphus, stone layer, and Lavina, Sept. 19, 1846.

Charles Raymond, s. Charles, mason, and Anna Jane, Feb. 11, 1847.

Clarissa Alice, d. Cushing, carpenter, and Charlotte, Sept. 8, 1845.

Edwards H., s. William, jr., trader, and Charlotte, Oct. 20, 1843.

Emma J. (Nickless), d. George, manufacturer, and Susan, June 2, 1846.

Frank Augustus, s. Charles, mason, and Hannah G., Nov. 19, 1848.

George Henry (Nickless) s. Abel, machinist, and Mary Ann, Nov. 8, 1848.

Harriet Almira, d. Hiram and Harriet Almira, June 17, 1832.

Henry Augustus, "deceased," s. Hiram, manufacturer, and Abigail, Nov. 29, 1846.

Ida Margaret, d. Jacob, manufacturer, and Almira A., Oct. 3, 1847.

John, s. Charles A., trader, [1846 or 1847.]

Julia D., d. Jacob, laborer, b. Amherst, and Elmira, b, Litchfield, NH, May 15, 1849.

Langdon W., s. Olden, founder, b. Antrim, and Almira, b. Methuen, Aug. 6, 1849.

Manfred Earl, s. Hiram and Harriet Almira, Jan. 8, 1837.

Margoearet (Nicles) [Micklis. CR5] d. William, laborer, and Ellen, Aug. 15, 1847. [July 31. CR5]

Margaret (Nichol), d. John and Mary, bp. Aug. 11, 1848. CR1

Mariah Boyington (Nickles), d. Abel and Mariah Boyington, Aug. 4, 1833.

Mary Ann, d. Charles A., trader, and Martha A., Apr. 5, 1845.

Sarah Frances, d. Alden, teacher, and Almira, both of Baltimore, MD, Dec. 10, 1846.

Wesley Balch, s. Oren and Lydia Harmon, Sept. 1, 1832.

William Henry, s. Alanson, trader, and Sabrina, Mar. 27, 1845.


Alonzo Abiel, s. Abiel, carder, and Harriet, July 3, 1845.


James, s. Christopher, laborer, and Mary, Oct. 9, 1844.


Anne, d. Patrick and Ellen, Apr. 6, 1844. CR5

Richard, s. Patrick and Ellen, July 30, 1842. CR5

Robert Alexander, s. John, laborer, and Margaret [Kelly. CR3], both b. Ireland, "at sea" Sept. ––, 1849. [Aug. 9. CR3]

William, s. Patrick [Michael. CR3], laborer, and Ellen [Night. CR3], both b. Ireland, Aug. 17, 1849.


–––––, d. George W., stable keeper, and Sally S., Apr. 10, 1845.

Adaline Brown, d. Lawrence E., stable keeper, and Adeline, Mar. 22, 1845.

George H., s. George W., livery stable, and SaUy S., both b. Deerfield, Aug. 10, 1849.

NORTON (Naughton)

Edward Henery (Naughton), s. Thomas and Bridget, May 16, 1843. CR5

Edward E., s. William, manufacturer, and Henrietta, Sept. 5, 1843.

Edward, s. Thomas, laborer, and Ann, Apr. 19, 1845.

Honora, d. William and Betsy, Jan. 31, 1845. CR5

John Patrick, s. Thomas, laborer, and Bridget, Mar. 17, 1848.

Mary, d. William and Betty, Aug. 14, 1836. CR5

Mary (Naughton), d. Thomas and Mary, July 7, 1846. CR5

Patrick (Naughton), s. William and Eliza, Feb. 26, 1839. CR5

Thomas [Benedict. CR5] s. Thomas, laborer, and Bridget, Mar. 21, 1846.

William (Naughton), s. William and Elizabeth, Apr. 13, 1840. CR5


Alonzo, s. Louis and Catherine, Apr. 6, 1848. CR5


Charles H. [Newhall. dup.], s. Foster [manufacturer. dup.] and Mary K. (Knowles), Oct. 15, 1843.

George Foster, s. Foster and Mary K. (Knowles), Feb. 14, 1840.


James, s. Christopher and Mary, Oct. 8, 1844. CR5


–––––, d. Benjamin, teamster, and Sarah, Oct. 23, 1846.

James J., s. Joseph L., stable keeper, b. Newbury, and Abby H., b. Boxford, Oct. 27, 1849.

Joseph, s. Joseph, carpenter, and Daphne, Sept. 12, 1848.

Samuel, jr., s. Samuel, engineer, and Elisabeth R., Sept. 11, 1847.

NUGENT (Nugen)

Bridget, d. Christopher, laborer, and Elizabeth [Farley. CR3], Apr. 12, 1849.

Elizabeth (Nugen), d. Patrick, laborer, and Sarah [Devlin. CR3], both b. Ireland, Dec. 3, 1849.


–––––, d. Alfred, trader, and Judith, Feb. 12, 1845.

Ellen Leora, d. Andrew T., scale maker, and Dorcas S., Jan. 29, 1848.


Sarah Ann, d. Henry, file cutter, and Ann Maria, Oct. 10, 1846.


Elizabeth Jane, d. Thomas and Margaret, bp. Oct. 1, 1835. CR1

James William, s. Thomas and Margaret, bp. Aug. 1, 1834. CR1


–––––, d. Richard, laborer, b. Athens, ME, and Lucy Ann, b. Bethel, ME, Dec. 28, 1849.


–––––, d. William, stone cutter, and Susan, Dec. 3, 1846.

–––––, s. William, stone cutter, and Susan, Sept. 11, 1848.

Alonzo S. s. William, stone cutter, and Susan, Sept. 11, 1845.

Charles A., s. William., stone cutter, and Susan, Aug. 3, 1844.

Sarah Abigail, d. James, stone cutter, and Sarah, June 2, 1846.

NYE (Nyan, Nyhin)

Ellen (Nyhin), d. Francis and Catherine, Nov. 24, 1849. CR5

John [Nyan. CR5], s. Francis, laborer, and Catherine, Oct. ––, 1848. [Nov. 12. CR5]

Marietta, d. George A., laborer, and Elisa J., Dec. 7, 1846.

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