Bartholemew, s. Bartholemew and Jane Caper, Aug. 11, 1848. CR3

James, s. John and Mary, Oct. 1, 1846. CR5

John A., s. Patrick, laborer, and Margaret [McOsker. CR3], both b. Ireland, Nov. 20, 1849.

Thomas, s. John, weaver, and Mary, both b. Ireland, Sept. 30, 1849.

RAGAN (O'Regan, Ragin)

Ellen (O'Regan) d. John and Margaret, Dec. 8, 1846. CR5

Ellen (Regan), s. Timothy and Anne, Aug. 7, 1848. CR5

Joanna (Ragin), d. Jeremiah, laborer, and Mary. Aug. 23, 1846.

Mary (Regan), d. John and Margaret, Oct. 8, 1845. CR5

Mary Ann [Regan. CR5], d. Timothy, laborer, and Joanna [Hannah. CR5], Aug. 3, 1846.

Mary [Regan. CR5], d. Michael, laborer, and Joanna, Aug. ––, [1848 or 1849,] [July 16, 1848. CR5]


Eliza, d. Bernard and Hanna, May 11, 1846. CR5


Adeline F., d. Charles, machinist, and Sarah T., at Nashua, NH, May 23, 1845.


Frances E., d. Samuel, carpenter, and Susan E., at Dracut, May 1, 1845.


–––––, d. Thomas S., manufacturer, and Margaret, Apr. 10, 1846.


Henry, s. Thomas, baker, b, St, Johns, NB., and Louisa, b. Hudson, NH, Dec. 16, 1849.


George W., s. Thomas and Hannah, July 4, 1848. CR5

RAY (Rae)

Charles E., s. Charles, cooper, b. NH, and Winnifred, b. Ireland, Sept. 18, 1849.

George Granville, s. John T. 3rd Lucy Ann. Sept. 11, 1826.

Helen F., d. James, trader, and Rachel, July 21, 1843.

Henry Hammon, s. John T. and Lucy Ann, Jan. 4, 1829.

Hiram St. Clair, s. Jesse, manufacturer, and Almira, Apr. 5, 1848.

Levi Woodbury, s. Jesse W. and Almira, Aug. 9, 1832.

Mary Ann (Rae), d. Patrick and Elisabeth, bp. Feb. 4, 1841. CR5

Mary Anne, d. John and Mary, Aug. 11, 1845. CR5

Mary L., d. John P., laborer, b. Tewksbury, and Mary L., b. Litchfield, NH, Sept. 26, 1849.

Sarah E., d. Jesse, stone mason, and Elmira, Dec. 24, 1845.

Sarah E., d. William H., cabinet maker, and Sarah C., Jan. 6, 1846.


Ellen, d. Charles, machinist, and Mary C., Apr. 3, 1849.


–––––, s. Joseph, jeweller, and Martha, Mar. 8, 1846.

READY (Reiddy, Ruddy)

–––––, s. William, stone mason, and Sophia, Aug. 22, 1846.

Catherine (Ruddy), "five days old," d. William and Catherine, bp. May 7, 1840. CR5

Mary Ann (Reiddy), d. William and Catherine, bp. July 25, 1838. CR5


James, s. Michael and Catharine, Mar. 14, 1839. CR5

REED (Read, Reade)

–––––, d. John, machinist, and Eliza, Apr. 28, 1844.

Amanda Malvina, d. Orin, constable, and Sally, July 24, 1846.

Anna Pope, d. Ransom, trader, and Mary P., Jan. 8, 1845.

Charles William, s. Nahum B., clerk, and Sarah A., Mar. 1, 1846.

Edward Mason (Read), s. Elijah M. and Betsy P., July 26, 1835.

Frederick Denaldo, s. Elbridge G., trader, and Martha, Dec. 17, 1845.

Harrison Clarke, s. Asa E., bookbinder, and Mary A., Jan. 16, 1848.

Janet Stewart, d. William and Janet Alison, bp. Apr. 12, 1849. CR1

Margaret Ann, d. William, blacksmith, and Jeanette E[lison. CR1], June 15, 1847.

Mary Allen (Read), d. Alvin N., wheelwright, and Mary Jane, July 21, 1848.

Mary Louise, d. Ransom, trader, b. Vermont, and Mary, b. Billerica, June 13, 1849.

Patrick Robert (Reade), s. Robert and Margaret Delany, July 1, 1847. CR3

Philip, s. Henry, trader, and Rowena, Oct. 13, 1844.

William O., s. Orrin, manufacturer, and Sally, Dec. 6, 1843.


Jesse, s. Ezra, manufacturer, and Sarah D., Dec. 18, 1848.


Mary Yetto, d. Henry, hair dresser, and Mary, Oct. 5, 1848.

REYNOLDS (Runals, Runels, Runnels)

Charles (Runels), s. G. eorge, stone cutter, b. Warner, NH, and Mary Ann, b. Boscawen, NH, Oct. 18, 1849.

Edward, s. Thomas, gardener, and Mary, June 17, 1843.

Ellen M., d. Amasa W., "mills," b. Maine, and Cyrene C., b. Sanbornton, May 27, 1849.

Emma (Runels), d. George stone cutter, and Mary Ann M., Dec. 21, 1847.

George [James. CR3], s. Thomas, gardener, and Mary, June 29, 1845.

James, s. Lawrence and Rose, Mar. 15, 1847. CR6

John Patrick, s. Thomas and Margaret, Dec. 6, 1842. CR3

John (Runals), s. Michael, laborer, and Catharine, Jan. 15, 1846.

John, s. James and Maria, Aug. 9, 1849. CR6

Margaret, d. Patrick, dyer, and Margaret, Aug. 19, 1844.

Margaret, d. Thomas and Margaret, bp. Aug. 25, 1844. CR3

Mary E. (Runnels), d. Bernard, yeoman, and Ann, May 21, 1843.

Mary Ellen, d. Michael and Bridget, May 12, 1848. CR6

Mary, d. Thomas and Elizabeth, July 12, 1848. CR5

Michael, s. Richard, laborer, and Bridget, Apr. 29, 1847.


Edward Beecher, s. John, overseer, and Hannah, Nov. 23, 1847.

John, s. john, manufacturer, and Hannah, July 19, 1845.


–––––, d. Jonathan, butcher, and Rebecca, Jan. 29, 1847.

–––––, d. Jonathan, butcher, and Rebecca, Feb. 19, 1849.

Abby Ann, "deceased," d. Moses, manufacturer, and Laura, Oct. 12, 1846.

Charles H., s. Moses, manufacturer, and Lydia, Dec. 3, 1843.

Helen M., d. Edward M., merchant, and Mary J., Dec. 27, 1843.

James Albert, s. Moses, moulder, and Julia A., Dec. 2, 1844.

John Summerfield, d. Moses and Laura, Oct. 8, 1842.

Julia Emily Scott, d. Moses and Laura, July 16, 1840.

Mary Jane, d. Edward M., clerk, and Mary Jane, Oct. 8, 1847.

Reuben Blanchard, s. twin, Aaron and Mary, Apr. 16, 1835.

Rufus Carter, s. twin, Aaron and Mary, Apr. 16, 1835.


John Hazelton s. Jacob, laborer, and Mary, Mar. 8, 1847.


Albert F., s. John, watchman, and Sarah, Mar. 18, 1844.

Arabella Maria, d. Leonard, mason, and Lydia Ann, Feb. 22, 1849.

Clara, d. Henry, manufacturer, and Clara, Oct. ––, 1846.


–––––, s. Nathan, carpenter, and Bethiah, Apr. 31, 1846.

–––––, d. John B., clerk, and Martha, Mar. 7, [1849. in pencil.]

Alexis, s. John and Hannah, bp. July 6, 1828. CR1

Amy Adams, d. Oliver A., gunsmith, and Mary R., July 9, 1847.

Anginette Amelia, d. Caleb and Letty, Jan. 27, 1828.

Ann Elizabeth, d. Thomas L., overseer, and Lavina F., Oct. 8, 1844.

Artimesia, d. John and Hannah, bp. July 6, 1828. CR1

Calvin Gideon, s. Dexter and Mary Ann, Jan. 10, 1830.

Catharine, d. Stephen, yeoman, and Abigail, Mar. 25, 1844.

Eliza M., d. Matthew T., laborer, and M.M.P., at Cabotsville, May 9, 1845.

Ella Ann, d. Bernice, painter, and Emeline W., Feb. 11, 1848.

Ephraim Oakley, s. Ephraim O., overseer, and Sarah C., Sept. 6, 1844.

Eugene, s. Daniel L., butcher, and Susan, Feb. 26, 1844.

Eveline Eliza, d. Caleb and Letty, at Charlton, July 3, 1821.

George Clifford, s. Thomas L. and Ann French, Aug. 22, 1838.

George H., s. Oliver, carpenter, and Betsey, June 5, 1843.

Hannah Eliza, d. John and Hannah, bp. June 28, 1835. CR1

Harrison Hayen, s. Caleb and Letty, at Charlton, Oct. 31, 1817.

Helen Maria, d. Benjamin F., engineer, and Hannah, Feb. 25, 1847.

Henriett, d. Prentiss and Harriet, Sept. 4, 1827.

James Henry, s. James, trader, and Laura, Mar. 25, 1845.

Joseph W., s. Abram, manufacturer, and Sarah, Mar. 29, 1846.

Louisa Maria, d. Caleb and Letty, at Charlton, May 21, 1823.

Mary A., d. Daniel S., counsellor, and Isabella, Nov. 23, 1845.

Sarah Margaret, d. Thomas L. and Ann French, May 2, 1836.

Sarah Elizabeth, d. Nathan, carpenter, and Bethiah W., July 15, 1844.

William Jackson, s. Oliver A., gun smith, and Mary [R. in pencil.], Aug. 26, 1844.


Charles Henry, s. Robert and Catherine, bp. Nov. 24, 1844. CR1


Caroline H., d. Charles B., paper maker, and Nancy L., at Westford, Sept. 6, 1844.

James H[oward. CR1], s. Alanson J[ames. CR1], clerk, and Anna [Elizabeth. CR1], both b. New York, Sept. 10, 1849.


–––––, d. William, sign painter, and Caroline G., May 7, 1847.

George Albert, s. Eben, mason, and Abigail, May 31, 1845.

Jameson B., s. John S., painter, and Elizabeth C., at Rochester, NH, May 13, 1845.

Sarah Adelaide, d. Ebenezer, mason, and Abigail, Jan. 20, 1849.


–––––, s. Thomas, spinner, and Ann, Jan. 20, 1849.


George Theodore, s. E. of Concord, "United States officer," and Maria Reily Font, "a Spanish Lady," Aug. 27, 1838. CR5

RIESSEL (Reysell)

Anne Jane, d. twin, John and Anne McKeon, bp. Sept. 30, 1838. CR5

Mary (Reysell), "aged six years," d. John and Ann McKeon, bp. Apr. 23, 1839. CR5

William, s. twin, John and Anne McKeon, bp. Sept. 30, 1838. CR5

RILEY (O'Reilley, O'Reilly, O'Reily, O'Rielley, O'Riely, O'Riley, Ralle, Reiley, Relley, Rielly, Rohall)

Anna Maria (Relley), d. Patrick and Mary Dollard, Nov. 20, 1847. CR3

Ann Jane (Reilly), d. Philip and Mary Jane, bp. Feb. 5, 1846. CR3

Ann, d. Peter, laborer, and Ann, Nov. 3, 1848.

Ann (O'Riely), d. Peter and Mary, June 24, 1849. CR5

Barnet [Bernard. CR3], s, Francis, mechanic, and Ann, July 29, 1848.

Bridget (O'Rielley), d. Peter, laborer, and Mary [O'Roake. CR3], Mar. 20, 1846.

Catharine, d. James, laborer, and Marcella, Sept. 29, 1844.

Catherine (Reilley), d. Thomas and Mary Brady, Mar. 13, 1849. CR3

Catharine [Reily. CR5], d. Patrick, laborer, and Ann, Mar. [14. CR5], 1849.

Charles (Riely), s. Joseph R. [P. CR3], manufacturer, Apr. 24, 1844.

Charles (Reilly), s. Philip and Mary Jane, bp. June 17, 1844. CR3

Elizabeth (O'Reilly), d. Bernard and Ann, bp. May 16, 1836.

Elizabeth (Reily), d. James and Marcella, Apr. 7, 1840. CR5

Elizabeth, d John, laborer, and Ellen [Fitzpatrick. CR3], Aug. 23, 1848.

Elizabeth [Reily. CR6], d. John, laborer, and Esther, Apr. 9, 1849. [Apr. 18. CR6]

Frances (Reilly), d. William and Elizabeth Elliot, May 11, 1846. CR3

Frances (O'Riely), s, Patrick and Mary, Sept. 28, 1848. CR5

Francis, s. Thomas, laborer, and Bridget [Donnelly. CR3], both b. Ireland, Oct. 4, 1849. [Aug. 4. CR3]

James, s. Peter, laborer, and Ann, both b. Ireland, Sept. ––, 1849.

James, s. Philip, laborer, and Catherine [Lenehan. CR3], both b. Ireland, Nov. 12, 1849.

Jane, Anne (Reily)., d. Patrick and Margaret, Dec. 23, 1841. CR5

Joanna, d. Daniel, laborer, and Hanora both b. lrelarnd Oct. 20, 1849.

John, s. Michael and Margret, Oct. 4, 1840. CR5

John (Reily), s. John and Ellen Fitzpatrick, bp. June 1, 1844. CR5

John, s. John. weaver, and Ellen, Mar. 6, 1845.

John (Reilly), s. Patrick and Margaret Dollard, June 20, 1846. CR3

John [O'Riely. CR5], s. Peter, laborer, and Mary, July 31, 1847.

Julia Ann (Rielly), d. James and Marchella, Aug. 29, 1842. CR3

Julia, d. Mjchael, laborer, and Catherine, Mar. 16, 1846.

Julia (O'Reily), d. Michael and Catherine, Mar. 10, 1847.

Margaret A[nn. CR3], d. Philip, laborer, and Catherine [Lenehan. CR3], June 24, 1848.

Margaret (Reiley), d. Patrick and Mary Grady, Feb. 22, 1849. CR5

Mary Ann (O'Riley), d. john, laborer, and Esther [Rose. CR5], Nov. 20, 1844.

Mary Ann, d. John, carpet weaver, and Ellen, Aug. [20. CR5], 1846.

Mary Jane, d. James, laborer, and Marcella, Dec. 1, 1846.

Mary Ann (Reilly), d. Patrick and Catherine McDermotte, July 25, 1847. CR3

Mary Ann [O'Reily. CR6], d., Michael, laborer, and Catherine, July [6. CR6], 1848.

Michael (Reilly), s. Michael and Mary Caffeely, Jan. 25, 1847. CR3

Michael, s. Michael K., deeased, and Mary, Jan. 26, 1848.

Miles, s. Philip, laborer, and Bridget [Roark. CR3], both b. Ireland, Oct. 20, 1849. [Sept. 26. CR3]

Nancy, d. Patrick, laborer, and Bridget, Aug. 23, 1846.

Peter, s. John, laborer, and Esther, Aug. 31, 1846.

Peter, s. Peter, laborer, and Mary [Roark. CR3], Feb. 8, 1848.

Peter (Ralle) [Rohall. CR5], s. Miles, laborer, and Catherine, July 27, 1848.

Philip (Reilly), "three months old," s. William and Elisabeth, bp. June 2, 1844. CR3

Rosanna (Reilly), d. Peter and Mary, Feb. 20, 1842. CR3

Thomas (O'Reilley), s. Bernard, and Mary, Apr. 29, 1848. CR5

Thomas, s. Francis, laborer, and Mary Ann [Mary Herne. CR3], both b. Ireland, Dec. 26, 1849.

William (Reilley), s. William and Elizabeth Elliot, Apr. 14, 1848. CR3


Albert Franklin, s. Albert and Elizabeth A. (Clark), Feb. 15, 1839.

Charles Henry, s. William Henry, baker, and Lois, Jan. 14, 1847.

Henry W., s, Henry W., machinist, b, NH, and Lois, b. Acton, ME, Dec. 31, 1849.

John, s. John, laborer, and Joanna, Aug. ––, 1848. [June 18. CR5]

Margaret, d. John, laborer, and Joanna, July [6. CR5], 1846.

RIORDAN (Rareden, Rariden, Raridon, Reardon, Reirdan, Rierdon)

Ann (Reirdan), d. John and Mary, bp. Aug. 31, 1837. CR5

Elizabeth, d. Lawrence, gardener, and Susan, Mar. 4, 1846.

Jeremiah, s. Patrick and Julia, Sept. 22, 1837. CR5

Jeremiah (Reardon), s. Michael and Margaret, June 3, 1842. CR5

Jeremiah (Rareden), s. Dennis, laborer, and Mary, Nov. 10, 1846.

Jerimiah (Reardon), s. Jerry and Hanora, Feb. 20, 1848. CR5

John [Reardon. CR3], s. Patrick, paper maker, and Mary [Dempsey. CR3], Oct. 2, 1843. [Sept. 3. CR3]

Lawrence (Raridon), s. Patrick, laborer, and Julia, Mar. 17, 1848.

Margaret, d. Michael and Johanna, bp. Sept. 1, 1839. CR5

Margaret (Rariden), d. James, shoemaker, and Mary, at Providence, RI, May 1, 1845.

Margaret (Reardon), d. Terence and Susan, Aug. 24, 1848. CR5

Mary, d. Laurence and Susan, bp. Feb. 23, 1837. CR5

Mary (Raridan), d. Lawrence, gardener, and Susan, Aug. 31, 1840.

Mary Ann, d. Patrick and Mary Dempsey, Dec. 22, 1846. CR3

Michael (Reardon), s. Michael and Margaret, Nov. 25, 1847. CR5

Patrick, Hborn six weeks/' s. Patrick. and Julia, bp. Apr. 2, 1839. CR5

Patrick, s. Laurence and Susan, Mar. 4, 1842. CR5

Rose, d. Lawrence and Susan, Nov. 17, 1839. CR5

Susan (Rierdon), d. Lawrence, gardener, and Susan, Feb. 1, 1843.

Susan, d. Lawrence and Susan, Feb. 1, 1844.


Emily, d. Thomas, manufacturer, and Salome, Oct. 27, 1848.

Saloma, d. Thomas, manufacturer, and Saloma, Jan. 24, 1846.


Albion Lafayette, s, David, fuller, and Amanda K., at Strafford, VT, June 25, 1844.

Franklin S., s. David, blacksmith, b. Ludlow, VT, and Amanda K., b. Tunbridge, VT, May 26, 1849.

ROACH (Roche)

Charles, s. Patrick and Mary Tie, Nov. 6, 1848. CR3

Henery, s. Henery and Johannah, bp. Oct. 7, 1848. CR6

James (Roche), s. Edmond and Ellen, Dec. 11, 1847. CR5

Joanna, d. Edmond and Ellen Martin, Apr. 5, 1839. CR5

Johanna (Roche), d. William and Johanna, Nov. 30, 1848. CR5

John, s. Edmond and Ellen, Dec. 27, 1842. CR5

Julia (Roche), d. John, laborer, and Honora [Ann. CR5], both b. Ireland, Aug. 20, 1849.

Margaret, d. John and Honora, Dec. 16, 1847. CR6

Michael, s. Edmond and Ellen, Feb. 14, 1841. CR5

Michael, d. John and Hannah, Aug. 11, 1846. CR5

Richard, s. Edward, laborer, and Elen [Martin. CR5], Sept. 27, 1844.

William (Roche), s. John and Hanora, Aug. 28, 1848. CR5


–––––, d. John D., stabler, and Jane B., Mar. 28, 1844.

–––––, d. George W., musician and Hananh, Elisabeth, Apr. 7, 1848.

–––––, d. Horace, manufacturer, b. Acton, and Lydia, b. Milton, NH, Oct. 3, 1849.

Charles Bodwell, s. John D., stabler, and Jane B., Feb. 7, 1848.

Clara H., d. Leverett, carriage maker, and Susan, Sept. 5, 1843.

Elizabeth Olive, d. Jacob and Nancy P., deceased, bp. Jan. 3, 1837. CR1

Frank A., s. Thomas C., spinner, b. Farmington, ME, and Lydia, b. Rumford, ME, Oct. 27, 1849.

Nancy Pierce Hartshorn, d. Jacob, and Nancy P., deceased, bp. Jan. 3, 1831. CR1

ROBERTS (Robert)

Abraham P., s. Eben A., manufacturer, and Susan A., July 29, 1846.

Eurydice A[nn. CR1], d., David S. [L. CR1], machinist, and Sarah E[lizabeth. CR1], Mar. 9, 1846.

George, s. George W., overseer, and Harriet N., Oct. 7, 1846.

Henrietta Margaret, d. Andrew and Elizabeth, bp. July 22, 1838. CR1

James Edward, s. Andrew and Elizabeth, bp. Oct. 4, 1835. CR1

Levi Sidney, s. Charles, manufacturer, and Jemima, Dec. 24, 1841.

Martha Jane, d. Andrew and Mizabeth, bp. Jan. 5, 1834. CR1

Mary (Robert), d. Joseph, May 29, 1846. CR3

Thomas E., s. Thomas, E., machinist, and Susan H., Dec. 20, 1845.

ROBERTSON (Robberson)

Elizabeth (Robberson), d. Joseph, Dec. 11, 1826. CR1

Margaret Downie, d. John and Custim, Dec. 24, 1831.


–––––, d. George, shoemaker, and Jane, Apr. 16, 1844.

–––––, d. Stickney, millwright, and Miriam, Apr. 2, 1845.

–––––, d. James, manufacturer, and Maria, Apr. 23, 1848.

Addison Monroe, s. Samuel W., roll coverer, and Maria, July 16, 1848.

Alexander James, s. Alfred and Anne Maria, June 27, 1838. CR5

Clementine, d. Jesse L., teamster, and Clementine, July 24, 1841.

Elizabeth Ann, d. James and Jane, bp. May 30, 1830. CR1

Frank J., s. Jesse L., "job wagon," b. Cornish, and Clementine, b. Hartford, VT, July 5, 1849.

Ida Mary, d. Benjamin W., merchant, and Mary R., Nov. 15, 1848.

Isaac Harden, s. Isaac and Hannah, bp. Apr. 19, 1840. CR1

James William, s. Isaac and Hannah, bp. Aug. 1, 1834. CR1

Jasper Marcellus, s. Jesse L., teamster, and Clementine, June 2, 1845.

Joseph Graham, s. Isaac and Hannah, br. Apr. 30, 1837. CR1

Joseph Lewis, s. Stickney, millwright, and Miriam, Apr. 19, 1847.

Leonard, s. Leonard, stone cutter, and Sophia, Nov. 2, 1846.

Lucus, ch. Levi and Lucv, Sept. 27, 1833.

Lucius Wilson, s. David, laborer, and Clarissa P., Jan. 3, 1845.

Lucy, d. Levi and Lucy, Aug. 27, 1831.

Nathaniel, s. George, stone cutter, and Jane, at Londonderry, NH, July 6, 1845.

Sabrina Hannah, d. John, carpenter, and Lavinia Ann, Sept. 11, 1847.

Samuel Harculess, s. Richard, weaver, and Phebe A., Apr. 8, 1848.

Susan Dana, d. John P. and Nancy (Worthen), Nov. 10, 1838.

Sylvester, s. Leonard, stone cutter, b. Cornish, NH, and Sophia, b. Hartford, VT, Sept. 7, 1849.

Thomas Henry, s. Isaac and Hannah, bp. Aug. 1, 1834. CR1


–––––, d. Eldred H., watchman, and Eliza A., Feb. 19, 1847.

Amanda, d. William and Amelia. Dec. 24, 1834.

Augustus, s. Augustus Bigelow and Emily, June 22, 1833.

Frances, s. Augustus Bigelow and Emily, Nov. 9, 1834.

George William, s. William and Amelia, Jan. 24, 1831.

Horace, s. Levi, laborer, and Susan, Oct. ––, 1848.

Marcus Morton, s. Augustus Bigelow and Emily, July 6, 1837.

Mary Ann, d. William and Amelia, Jan. 3, 1838.

Sally Almy, d. Eldred, watchman, and Eliza, at Alexandria, NH, June 12, 1845.


Charles H., s. Henry, laborer [operative, b. Canada. dup.], and Martha, both b. Vergennes, VT, Oct. 2, 1849. [Nov. 2. dup.]

Clara M., d. Joseph, laborer, and Mary, both b. Lower Canada, Oct. 6, 1849.


Eliza Jane, d. Ferdinand, manufacturer, and Peace, Aug. 29, 1845.


Abby Eldora, d. David, stabler, and Mary, Jan. 2, 1847.

Alice Maria, d. Amos, trader, and Eunice, at Somersworth, NH, Jan. 17, 1845.

Ansell Augusta, d. Amos, fruit dealer, and Eunice, Oct. 15, 1846.

Charles Hovey, s. John F., trader, and Sophia P., Mar. 12, 1847.

Elisa, "two months old," d. Jane, bp. Nov. 6, 1842. CR3

Eliza Anne, d. Phelis and Mary, Mar. 20, 1843. CR5

Emily Louisa, d. Rufus, overseer, and Louisa, Nov. 4, 1848.

Emma Jane, d. David, stable keeper, and Mary, Dec. 2, 1848.

John, s. Felix and Mary, Aug. 21, 1846. CR5

John Eastman, 5. John Adams and Helen Rebecca, bp. June 13, 1848. CR1

John, s. Patrick, laborer, and Bridget, both b. Ireland, July 28, 1849.

Margaret, d. James, laborer, and Bridget, Aug. 16, 1846.

Mary Ann, d Patrick, manufacturer, and Bridget, Mar. 16, 1848.

Mary, d. Phelix [Felix. CR5], peddler, b. Ireland, and Mary, b. Co. Derry, Ire., June 23, 1849. [May 27. CR5]

Miller J., s. Miller J., manufacturer, and Angeline H., Dec. 1, 1845.

Sarah A., d. Asahel W., laborer, b. Ossipee, NH, and Sylvia R., b. Mount Vernon, ME, at Dracut, July 7, 1849.

Thomas, s. Felix [Phelin. CR3], trader, and Mary, Nov. 18, 1844. [Oct. 25. CR3]

Thomas, s. Michael and Mary, July 19, 1848. CR5


James, s. Michael, laborer, and Mary, Mar. 2, 1847.


–––––, s. Abiel, clerk, b. Groton, and Clara, b. Concord, Nov. 13, 1849.

Clara Luella, d. Abiel, yeoman, and Clara C., July 31, 1848.


Amanda Malonia, d. Elijah, manufacturer, and Sabrina S., Sept. 9, 1844.

Elijah, s. Elijah, operative, b. Deerfield, and Sabrina, b. Plymouth, NH, July 13, 1849.

Eugene, s. Elijah, painter, and Sabrina S., Nov. 2, 1846.

George Henry, s. Philip Mitchel and Sarah (Chandler), Aug. 1, 1830.


Abby Caroline, d. Edward, operative, and Caroline, Aug. 13, 1848.

George A., s. George W., baker, b. Chelmsford, and Wealthy, b. Windham, NH, at Windham, NH, July 25, 1849.

Nancy E., d. George W., baker, and Wealthy, Oct. 26, 1843.


Charles, s. Ozias, coffin maker, and Clara, May 8, 1848.

John Thomas, s. John and Jennet Meldrum, Jan. 15, 1841. CR2

John, "three weeks old," s. Patrick, bp. Sept. 10, 1843. CR3

Louisa M., d. Ozias, cabinet maker, and Eliza, Sept. 24, 1843.

Mary Anne, d. Patrick and Susan, Feb. 6, 1839. CR5

Ruth Elizabeth, Nov. 23, 1832.

Thomas H., "born 5 weeks," s. Patrick and Susan Hardy, bp. Jan. 14, 1837. CR5


Eliza, d. John and Betsey, bp. July 26, 1849. CR1

John Edward, s. Thomas and Fanny, bp. Sept. 22, 1847. CR1


John, s. Thomas and Bridget Mulvehey, Dec. 10, 1847. CR3

ROURKE (O'Rorke, O'Rourke, Roak, Roake, Roarke)

Ann (Roake), d. Farrell, laborer, and Ellen, Nov. 7, 1843. [Oct. 16. CR5]

Ann [O'Rourke. CR6], d. Patrick, laborer, and Maria, both b. Ireland, Oct. 25, 1849.

Daniel (Roarke) [O'Rourke. CR5], s. Farrell, whitewasher, and Ellen, Dec. 10, 1845.

Daniel (O'Rourke), s. Daniel, operative, and Margaret, both b. Ireland, Oct. 16, 1849.

Francis (Rorke), s. Farril and Ellen, Apr. 5, 1842. CR3

Francis (O'Rourke), s. Michael and Mary, bp. July 17, 1842. CR5

Francis (Roake) [O'Rourke. CR6], s. Miles, laborer, and Bridget, Mar. 12, 1849.

Henry, s, Thomas and Honora, May 2, 1840. CR5

Henry (Roak) [O'Rourke. CR5], s. Michael, laborer, and Mary, Nov. 16, 1844. [Sept. 30. CR5]

James (O'Rourke), s. Michael and Mary, Mar. 1, 1847. CR6

John (O'Rourke), s. twin, Michael and Mary, Jan. 20, 1841. CR5

John, s. Michael and Mary, July 29, 1846. CR5

Maria [Mary. CR6], d. Miles [Myles. CR6], manufactuer, and Bridget, Feb. 4, 1848.

Mary Ann (O'Rorke), d. James and Bridget, May 8, 1842. CR3

Mary, d. Frantis and Catherine, Aug. 3, 1848. CR5

Mary (Roake), d. John, laborer, and Ann, Nov. 11, 1848.

Patrick, "one day old," s. Thomas and Maria, bp. Nov. 6, 1836. CR5

Peter [O'Rourke. CR5], s. Michael., laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, July 3, 1849.

Rosana (O'Rourke), d. twin, Michael, arnd Mary, Jan. 20, 1841. CR5

Rosanna (OtRourke), d. Thomas and Hannah, Oct. 29, 1841. CR5

Thomas D. (Roake) [O'Rourke. CR6], s. Farrar [Farrell. CR6], laborer, and Catherine, Mar. 14, 1849.

Thomas [O'Rourke. CR6], s. Michael, laborer, and Mary, both b. Co. Roscommon, Ire., Dec. 10, 1849.


Charles Hastings, s. James B. and. Selina Grimes, Jan. 12, 1843. CR2

Edward S., s. George R., clerk, and Josephine C., Feb. 2, 1846.

George W., s. James, operative, and Elizabeth F., Nov. 19, 1848.

Gilman Aretus, s. Gilman, weaver, and Lucy, Apr. 2, 1848.

Henry Sherburne, s. George Ransom and Josephine Caroline, bp. June 14, 1846. CR1

Marriette, d. Ebenezer A., carpenter, and Louisa P., Nov. 18, 1847.


Fredirick, s. Francis and Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 11, 1838. CR5


James, s. Charles and Rosanna, May 24, 1847. CR5


Catherine Persis, d. George J., carpenter, and Sarah A., Jan. 19, 1848.

Charles Josiah, s. Josiah M., bookbinder, and Mary J., "removed to Boston," b. Mar. 23, 1848.

Mary Ann, d. Samuel S. and Betsey S. (Hutchinson), Mar. 21, 1837.


John, s. James and Marcell Cummins, Dec. 23, 1847. CR5


Bridgit, d. Richard and Mary, Apr. ––, 1849. CR5


Charles Brobocut [Broadbent. CR1], s. Benjamin, cloth dresser, and Dinah, Sept. 9, 1848.


George Henry, s. John, stabler, and Lois, Sept. 16, 1846.

Sophronia Grove, d. Andrew J., provision dealer, and Phebe P., Nov. 10, 1847.

RUSSELL (Russel)

–––––, d. Israel D., carpenter, and Mary A., June 3, 1844.

–––––, d. Moses M., operative, and Eveline, Mar. 16, 1849.

Asenath Augusta, d. James and Hannah Peabody, Oct. 6, 1836.

Caroline Josephine, at the almshouse, May 20, 1835.

Catherine, d. John, laborer, and Betsey [Bridget. CR5], Feb. [7. CR5], 1847.

Charles Winfield, s. James W., minister and Rhoda, Oct. 3, 1844.

Charles Harrison, s. Harrison E., overseer, and Sarah C., Jan. 24, 1847.

Clara Elizabeth, d. Rufus, carpenter, and Clarissa, June 3, 1846.

Daniel W., s. Rufus, carpenter, and Clarissa, Nov. 20, 1843.

Eliza Ann, d. James and Hannah Peabody, June 20, 1826.

Elizabeth Bartlett, d. James S. and Sarah [Elizabeth. in pencil. dup.] C., bp. Nov. 19, 1843. CR1

Elizabeth Bartlett, d. James S., teacher, and Elizabeth C., Sept. 11, 1844.

Ellen, G. John, laborer, and Betsey [Eliza. CR5], Oct. [7. CR5], 1848.

George Washington, s. Ira and Mary Jane, Oct. 27, 1835.

Hannah, d. James, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

Harriet Maria, d. James and Hannah Peabody, Jan. 1, 1832.

Harriet Maria, d. Samuel P., carpenter, and Elizabeth M., at Boxford, May 30, 1846.

Ira Warren, s. Ira and Mary Jane, Feb. 14, 1834.

James, jr., s. James and Hannah Peabody, June 2, 1829.

John, s. Joseph and Margaret, June 25, 1841. CR5

John (Russel), s. Barthe and Mary, Nov. 27, 1844. CR3

Merriam Irene, d. James and Hannah Peabody, Feb. 13, 1834.

Mary Jane, d. James, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

Mary Butler, d. James S., school teacher, and Elizabeth G. [Sarah C. CR1], Apr. 15, 1846.

Ruth Peabody, d. James, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

Sarah M., d. Harrison E., manufacturer, and Sarah C., Oct. 8, 1843.

Viola Emily, d. Joseph L., painter, and Emily M., Apr. 14, 1845.


Agnus, d. John and Catherine, June 11, 1841. CR5

Ann, d. Henry, blacksmith, and Mary, Aug. 27, 1845.

Ann, d. Peter and Ann, Sept. 2, 1848. CR5

Bridget, d. Martin and Mary, Oct. 2, 1839. CR5

Bridget, d Patrick, founder, and Mary, Nov. 15, 1845.

Dennis, s. Daniel and Ellen, Nov. 29, 1847. CR6

Edward, s. Henry and Mary, bp. Feb. 27, 1842. CR5

Hannah, d. Patrick, laborer, b. Ireland, and Bridget, June 3, 1849.

James, s. James and Ellin Ward, Jan. 21, 1849. CR5

Joanna, d. John, laborer, and Mary A[nne. CR5], Feb. 22, 1846.

John, s. John and Julia, Jan. 3, 1841. CR5

John, "three weeks old," s. Cornelius and Johanna, bp. Apr. 7, 1844. CR3

Julia, d. John and Julia, bp. Jan. 29, 1837. CR5

Mary Anne, d. John and Catherine, bp. Oct. 21, 1838. CR5

Michael, s. Patrick and Margaret Cashman, Oct. 26, 1846. CR3

Michael, s. Patrick, iron founder, and Mary, Mar. 4, 1848.

Patrick, s. John, laborer, and Mary, July 13, 1847.

William, s. John, laborer, and Mary [Sullivan. CR5], Jan. 25, 1849.


–––––, s. Joseph P., stone layer, and Jane, Sept. 10, 1846.

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