Catharine, d. John, manufacturer, and Margaret, May 20, 1845.

Ellen, d. John, manufacturer, and Margaret [O'Brien. CR5], Aug. 25, 1843.

Jane, d. John and Margaret, July 6, 1840. CR5

Mary Ann, d. John, manufacturer, and Margaret [O'Brian. CR3], Mar. 25, 1848.


Helen U., d. Henry, painter, and Caroline, Nov. 29, 1845.

Sarah Jane, d. Henry, provision dealer, and Caroline, Jan. 20, 1848.

SALMON (Sammon)

Bridget [Sammon. CR3], d. Patrick, manafacturer, and Catherine [Brennan. CR3], Feb. 9, 1848.

Catherine (Sammon), d. Patrick and Catherine Brown, Apr. 21, 1849. CR3

James, s. Patrick and C., Mar. 10, 1846. CR3

John, s. Patrick and Catherine, Aug. 16, 1844. CR3


Maria, d. Timothy, laborer, and Margaret, July 4, 1846.


Eliza, d. James and Catharine, Dec. 24, 1846. CR5


–––––, d. Roman, laborer, and Julia A., Apr. 26, 1845.

Horace James, s. Roman, manufacturer, and Julia Ann, Jan. 20, 1848.

Mary Anna, d. John and Sarah J., July 1, 1838.

SANBORN (Sanburn)

–––––, s. Jacob, carpenter, and Sarah, Mar. 8, 1845.

Amanda J., d, Edward F. [watchman. dup,] and Fanny, June 10, 1843, [June 16. dup.]

Benjamin Cressy (Sanburn), s. Nathan and Emily, May 28, 1835. CR1

Celeste M., d. William, mason, and Louisa, Sept. 6, 1843.

Charles H., s. Edward F. and Fanny, Dec. 8, 1829.

Emily, d. Ransom, mason, and Emily, Apr. 26, 1847.

Evanna, d. Reuben P., machinist, and Elmira, Feb. 4, 1846.

Evanna A., d. Reuben P., blacksmith, b. Sanbornton, NH, and Elmira, b. Hollis, NH, Oct. 23, 1849.

Francis Ed., s. Henry D., manufacturer, and Eunice, Dec. 19, 1848.

George E., s. Edward F. and Fanny, May 17, 1839.

George Washington, s. George W., watchman, and Mary R, Jan. 10, 1849.

Grace T., d. Ebenezer L., mason, and Sarah G., Feb. 2, 1846.

Helen Frances, d. David, mason, and Frances C., Oct. 11, 1844.

John R., s. Henry D., manufacturer, and Eunice, Oct. 1, 1844.

Lurette Salvina, d. Ebenezer, watchman, and Lydia Jane, Dec. 21, 1844.

Martha Elkins, d. Peter E., and Harriet (Warren.), June 29, 1833.

Martha Elisabeth, d. George W., city watchman, and Mary E., June 23, 1847.

Mary Emily, d. Amos, silversmith, and Emily, Jan. 11, 1849.

Sarah Louisa, d. Joseph D., stone cutter, and Anna Louisa, Sept. 4, 1847.

Susan Adellan, d. William, mason, and Lavina, July 15, 1848.

William Harrison, s. Edward F. and Fanny, Mar. 20, 1848.


Charles St. [Pry. different ink.], s. Daniel and Eliza P., bp. July 1, 1832. CR1

Daniel Parkman, s. Daniel and Eliza P., bp. Sept. 13, 1829. CR1

Edward Oscar, s. Daniel and Eliza P., bp. May 5, 1837. CR1

Helena Amanda, d. Daniel and Eliza P., bp. Aug. 3, 1828. CR1

James Augustus, s. Daniel and Eliza P., bp. July 5, 1835. CR1

SANDS (Sans)

–––––, s. James, operative, b, Lyman, ME, and Caroline, b. Hudson, ME, Dec. 1, 1849.

Elizabeth, d. bavid, laborer, and Ann, Apr. 15, 1849.

Ellen (Sans), d. John and Ellen, Dec. 24, 1837. CR5

Ellen Louisa, d. James, manufacturer, and Caroline, Oct. 7, 1847.

Joanna, s. John and Ellen, bp. May 8, 1842. CR5

William, s. John and Ellen, July 6, 1840. CR5

SANTRY (Saundry, Sauntry)

Bridget, d. William and Mary, Feb. 8, 1848. CR5

Catherine, d. William, laborer, and Mary, Feb. [28. CR5], 1847.

Catherine, d. John and Mary, Oct. 28, 1848. CR5

Eliza, d. William and Ann, Aug. 25, 1839. CR5

Jerimia (Sauntry), s. William and Ann, Sept. 25, 1841. CR5

Jeramia, s. William and Mary, July 31, 1849. CR5

John (Sauntry), S. William and Mary Young, Sept. 3, 1837. CR5

John, s. Daniel and Margaret, Feb. 4, 1848. CR5

Mary Ann (Saundry), d. John, laborer, and Mary, Sept. ––, 1846. [Aug. 22. CR5]

Michael, s. James and Mary, Sept. 26, 1848. CR5

Michael, s. James, laborer, and Mary, Oct. 2, 1849.


–––––, s. Svlvester, mason, and Louisa, Nov. 1, 1843.

–––––, s. Aaron, machinist, and Catherine, Feb. 21, 1848.

[Frederick M. different ink.], s. Edward M., express carrier, and Martha, Mar. 8, 1848.

Amanda, d. Curtis B., stone layer [cutter. dup,], and Abigail, May 29, 1847. [Apr. 11. dup.]

Byron, s. Curtis B., stone layer, and Abigail, Dec. 20, 1845.

Charles W., s. Frederick W., tailor, Feb. 10, 1844.

Edly N., d. Philip, manufacturer, and Nancy, Aug. 21, 1848.

Frances N., d. John H., machinist, and Mary Ann, Sept. 11, 1844.

Frances A., d. Ebenezer D., laborer, and Mary D., Nov. 13, 1848.

Francis Gordon, s. Frederic W., tailor, and Emeline, May 8, 1846.

Frederick G., s. Charles G., manufacturer, and Harriet, Dec. 31, 1843.

Frederick William, s. twin, Frederick William, tailor, and Emeline, Feb. 20, 1848.

Geneve, d. Philip, manufacturer, and Nancy, June 2, 1845.

Harriet Maria, d. Lorenzo D., machinist, and Harriet C., Jan. 8, 1848.

John, s. Samuel, blacksmith, and Nancy, Sept. 15, 1843.

Julia Maria, d. twin, Frederick William, tailor, and Emeline, Feb. 20, 1848.

Lucinda Adelaide, d. Sylvester H., card grinder, and Louisa, July 22, 1841.

Lydia J., d. John, mason, and Mary A., Feb. 27, 1844.

Martha E., d. Edward, teamster, and Martha D., Dec. 25, 1843.

Martha Ann, d. Joshua, painter, and Belinda, Mar. 11, 1849.

Phebe, d, Curtis B., laborer, and Abigail, Jan. 12, 1844.

Sarah E., d. Stephen P., manufacturer, and Sarah J., Jan. 30, 1844.

Stephen, s. George W., carpenter, and Betsey, Nov. 13, 1843.

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

–––––, s. twin, Thomas, boot maker, and Betsey, at Chelmsford, Jan. 15, 1846.

–––––, d. twin, Thomas, boot maker, and Betsey, at Chelmsford, Jan. 15, 1846.

Charles B., s. John H., soap boiler, and Nancy R., Feb. 19, 1844.

Henrietta Francis, d. Joel, brewer, and Mary, Jan. 22, 1847.

Thomas Edmund (Sanden), s. Thomas, machinist, and Sarah C., Dec. 2, 1844.

Thorndike Freeman, s. Thorndike Proctor and Abigail Burt Melancy, Dec. 16, 1835.


Ellen Melissa, d. Simon, machinist, and Eveline, Aug. 23, 1848.

John, "2 weeks old," s. James and Enin, bp. June 2, 1849. CR5


–––––, s. William H., overseer, and Sarah P., Jan. 24, 1849.

Appleton Bank (sic), s. Josiah A., carpenter, and Martha T., Sept. 19, 1841.

Clara Ellen, d. John N., machinist, and Susan E., Dec. 6, 1848.

Ella N., d. Josiah A., carpenter, b. Townsend, and Martha T., b. Littleton, Aug. 18, 1849.

George L., s. George F., manufacturer, b. Westford, and Abby, b. Waterborough, ME, Oct. 23, 1849.

John A., s. John, manufacturer, and Eliza, Sept. 24, 1845.

Martha Abigail, d. Josiah A. [carpenter. dup.] and Martha P. [T. dup.], Nov. 12, 1845.

Susan Adella, d. John, manufacturer, and Eliza, Aug. 31, 1847.


Charles F., s. Richard E., laborer, and Rosella, Jan. 12, 1841.

Charles Edward, s. Luther W., machinist, and Sophia W., Nov. 2, 1845.

Clarina Adelia, d. Charles, machinist, and Clarina A., Nov. 14, 1847.

Ella Marzette, d. Cyrus W., cordwainer, b. Buxton, ME, and Charity, b. Greensborough, VT, July 1, 1849.

Frances E., s. Silas W., manufacturer, and Charity, Jan. 14, 1844.

Henry Porter, s. Isaac P., blacksmith, and Susan E., at West Cambridge, Nov. 20, 1844.

Lucile Edgermond, d. John, carpenter, and Mary F., Sept. 30, 1845.

Samuel Frye, s. Samuel and Sarah Adaline (Frye), July 7, 1836.

Sarah H., d. Josiah, manufacturer, and Freelove, Aug. 19, 1843.

Warren Flint, s. Jos. W., machinist, and Martha Jane, Aug. 27, 1848.


Alfred Warren, s. Aaron and Ruth (Stickney), Feb. 19, 1841.

Charles Brooks, s. Aaron and Ruth (Stickney), Oct. 25, 1835.

Charlotte Ann, d. Aaron and Ruth (Stickney), Jan. 9, 1843.

Francis Winslow, s. Aaron and Ruth (Stickney), Dec. 13, 1836.

Mary Lucretia, d. Aaron [cariage trimmer. dup.] and Ruth (Stickney). Mar. 22, 1844. [Apr. 12. dup.]

SCALES (Skales)

Edward Aaron, s, Aaron, manufacturer, and Helen, Oct. 22, 1846.

Ellen Halbert, d, Francis and Margaret, bp. July 2, 1848. CR1

Isaac Pope, s. John and Catherine, bp. Apr. 2, 1836. CR1

Izaak John (Skales), "aged 12 years," s. John and Catherine, bp. Aug. 24, 1845. CR5

Thomas, s. Thomas, laborer, and Hannah, both b. Ireland, Dec. 16, 1849.

SCALLAN (Scallen, Scarlan, Scullion)

Edward (Scullion), s. Michael and Susan McGlaughlin, Jan. 30, 1847. CR3

Ellen, d. Cormick andl Sarah, bp. Sept. 3, 1842. CR3

Mary Ann (Scarlan), d. Michael, blacksmith, and Susan, Aug. 29, 1844.

Patrick, s. Michael and Susan, Feb. 15, 1842. CR3

Sarah Ann (Scallen) [Scullion. CR3], d. Connick, laborer, and Sarah [McGlaughlin. CR3], Apr. 20, 1847. [Mar. 24. CR3]

Thomas Henry (Scarlan), s. Cormick, manufacturer, and Sarah, Nov. 19, 1844.

SCANLIN (Scanlan, Scanlon, Scanly, Scannel)

Bridget, d. James and Catharine, May 30, 1846. CR5

Bridget (Scannel), d. James, laborer, and Catherine, Jan. ––, 1847.

Daniel (Scanlon), s. Cornelius and Johanna., bp. Jan. 1, 1840. CR5

Ellin (Scanlan), d. Maurice and Mary, Dec. 14, 1849. CR5

John, s. Maurice, laoorer, and Mary, Aug. 1, 1847. [June 30. CR5]

Mary (Scanly), "five weeks old," d. John and Bridget, bp. Mar. 2, 1845. CR3


Edward (Sealey), s. Michael, laborer and Susan, Jan. 30, 1847.

Mary A., d. William, laborer, and Hannah, July 3, 1843.


Frances W[arren. CR1], d. William, editor, and Frances, Aug. 1, 1845.

John, s. William, printer, and Frances, Nov. 30, 1846.


John, s. William, laborer, and Honora, May 5, 1848.

SCOFIELD (Schofield)

–––––, s. Edwin, manufacturer, and Mary, June 25, 1843.

Elizabeth, d. William and Elizabeth, Apr. 13, 1843. CR5

Ellen (Schofield), d. William and Elisabeth, Dec. 15, 1840. CR5

Lydia Ann (Schofield), d. William and Margaret, bp. July 12, 1840. CR1

SCOTT (Scat)

Edward, s. James and Ann, Jan. 31, 1841. CR5

Elizabeth (Scat), d, Thomas, laborer, and Ellen, July 22, 1844.

Ellen, "six days old," d. Thomas and Ann, bp. Apr. 10, 1842. CR3

William, s. James and Anne, Oct. 1, 1842. CR5


Charles Henry, s. Charles, machinist, and Laura Ann, Jan. 17, 1849.


Anna, d. Isaac, baker, and Lydia, May 27, 1848.

Emily, d. Isaac, baker, and Lydia, May 8, 1846.

Mary Jane, d. Isaac, baker, and Lydia, July 9, 1844.


Melissa, d. Jonathan, laborer, and Betsey, July 19, 1845.

SCULLEY (Scully)

Eliza (Scully), d. William, laborer, and Hannah, Apr. 8, 1846.

John (Scully), s. William and Hanora, May 15, 1848. CR5

Mary Anne, d. William and Catherine, bp. July 10, 1836. CR1

Mary (Scully), d. William and Honora, bp. July 8, 1843. CR5

William, s. William and Catherine, bp. June 15, 1834. CR1


Harriet, d. Isaac, currier, and Lucinda, June 14, 1845.

SEARLE (Searl)

Catherine E[lizabeth. CR1], d. John P., shoemaker, b. Boston, and Elizabeth, b. Ireland, Nov. 25, 1849.

Georgiana (Searl), d. Edwin, teamster, and Mahala, Feb. 25, 1845.

Sarah Josephine, d. Caleb S., iron founder, and Mary A., Sept. 11, 1847.

SEARS (Sayers)

Mary, d. John and Mary, Jan. 15, 1848. CR5

Michael (Sayers), s. Robert, laborer, and Ellen, Nov. ––, 1846, [Aug. 30. CR5]


–––––, d. Charles, laborer, and Mary A., Feb. 28, 1844.

–––––, d. William, sawfiler, and Mary Jane, Jan. 24, 1848.

Elizabeth Sophia, d. William, laborer, and Sophia E., Aug. 30, 1844.


Helen Mar. Livingston, d. Eliza, bp. July 12, 1835. CR1


Sarah (Davidson), w. A., Mar. 11, 1779. PR1


Alonzo Miner (Sevrens), s. Newell, overseer, and Harriet, Jan. 2, 1848.

Mary Josephine, d. Enoch, painter, and Mary Y., Oct. 23, 1844.


William H., s. George H., carpenter, and Lucinda, Mar. 4, 1844.


Maria (Suel), d. Archibald and Bridget, bp. Sept. 27, 1840. CR5

Samuel, s. Samuel, machinist, and Tryphosa, May 26, 1847.

SEXTON (Saxton)

Bridget, d. Daniel and Mary, Jan. 2, 1841. CR5

Catherine (Saxton), d. Daniel, laborer, and Mary, Dec. 25, 1846.

Joanna, d. Daniel, laborer, and Mary, Apr. 3, 1844.


Thomas Newton, s. John and Hannah Smith, Nov. 4, 1841. CR2


Bridget, d. twin, Jeremiah and Mary, Sept. 2, 1845. CR5

Julia, d. twin, Jeremiah and Mary, Sept. 2, 1845. CR5

SHANLEY (Chandley, Chanley, Shally, Shandly, Shandy, Shanly)

Ann (Shandy), d. John, laborer, and Ann, June 30, 1840.

Anne (Shanly), d. James and Anne, July 8, 1844. CR5

Anne (Chanley), d. John, laborer, and Anne, July 20, 1844.

Bernard (Shanly), s. John and Ann, May 4, 1836. CR5

Ellen (Shanly), d. John and Anne, bp. June 14, 1838. CR5

James (Shanly), s. Michael and Mary, Mar. 30, 1839. CR5

James (Shandly), s. James and Mary Donoley, Jan. 16, 1849. CR5

James, s. James, "brewery," and Bridget, both b. Ireland, Nov. ––, 1849. [Oct. 14. CR5]

John, s. John and Anne, bp. Apr. 16, 1843. CR3

John, s. James, laborer, and Catharine, July 21, 1845.

John (Chandley) [Shally. dup.], s. John, laborer, and Mary, Jan. ––, 1849. [Mar. 27. dup.]

Joseph (Shanly), s. John and Anne, Dec. 13, 1839. CR5

Joseph (Chandley), s, Michael, manufacturer, and Mary, Mar. 21, 1848.

Mary (Shandy), d. James and Catherine, July 30, 1847. CR5

Michael (Shanly) s. Michael and Mary, Mar. 13, 1842. CR5

Thomas (Shanly), s. John and Ann, bp. Dec. 19, 1841. CR3

Thomas (Chandley), s. John, laborer, and Mary, Nov. 27, 1847. [Oct. 27. CR5]


Charles Bernard, "one week old," s. Charles and Ann, bp. Oct. 10, 1843. CR3

Francis, s. Charles, trader, and Ann, Oct. 5, 1843.

Margaret, "born 10 days," d. Charles and Ann, bp, May 14, 1841. CR5


John Wentworth, s. Samuel C., auctioneer, and Emma A., July 15, 1846.

Samuel B., s. Samuel c., auctioneer, and Ann A., Feb. 3, 1844.

SHARKEY (Sharky, Starkey, Starky)

Catharine (Sharky), d. John and Lavina, bp. Apr. 24, 1839. CR5

George F. (Starkey), "two months old," s. John and Divina., bp. Sept. 12, 1841. CR5

George F. (Starkey), "born 5 months," s. John and Lavina, bp. Mar. 31, 1844. CR5

James (Starky), s. John and Mary, Dec. 2, 1836. CR5

James, s. Daniel and Mary, Mar. 20, 1843. CR3

Susan, d. Daniel and Mary, May 17, 1840. CR5


Emma Frances, d. James M., overseer, and Clara J., July 10, 1847.


Alice, d. Cornecins and Mary, bp. Mar. 26, 1833. CR1

Elena, d. Charles, painter, and Elizabeth, Oct. 24, 1845.

Elizabeth Ann, d. Cornelius and Mary, Oct. 4, 1839. CR1

George B[amford. CR1], s. Daniel, manufacturer, and Sarah, Oct. 3, 1843.

Helena, d. Charles, bp. Jan. 25, 1846. CR1

James Shepherd, s. Cornelius, painter, and Mary, June 22, 1847.

Joseph, s. Cornelius and Mary, bp. Mar. 24, 1837. CR1

Mary Ann, d. Charles and Elizabeth, bp. Oct. 15, 1837. CR1

Mary Emma, d. Cornelius, painter, and Mary, Mar. 22, 1845.

Nancy [More. CR1], d. Charles, painter, and Elisabeth, Apr. 19, 1848.

Robert Newton, s. Charles and Elizabeth, bp. Nov. 4, 1836. CR1

William, s. Cornelius and Mary, bp. Apr. 20, 1834. CR1


–––––, d. William H., painter, and Sarah, Feb. 27, 1846.

–––––, s. Henry, machinist, and Silissa Apr. 2, 1847.

Clarence Granville, s. Jesse, laborer, and Harriet, at Dracut, July 25, 1844.

Eliza Jane, d. Edward, machinist, and Eliza J., Apr. 13, 1847.

Emma Harriet, d. George W., teacher, and Sarah J[ane. CR4], Mar. 30, 1847.

Henry, s. Henry, machinist, and Lilicy, May 2, 1845.

Lucinda, w. –––––, and d. Jonathan and Mary Spaulding, Mar. 11, 1794. PR1


Abby, d. Jacob N., iron founder, b. Skowhegan, ME, and Mary J., b. Leeds, ME, July 21, 1849.

Alexine Lovena, d. Francis, iron founder, and Rachel, May 6, 1848.

Catharine, d. Dennis, manufacturer, and Bridget, Nov. 24, 1843.

Ellen F., d. Lorenzo, manufacturer, and Susan M., Sept. 27, 1848.

Harriet Litina, d. Thomas S., machinist, and Mary, Jan. 6, 1848.

Jemima, d. William, spinner, and Martha, both b. England, June 13, 1849.

Martha Maria, d. James, cabinet maker, and Martha, Mar. 17, 1849.

Mary Maria, d. William and Martha, bp. July 15, 1848. CR1

Mary E., d. Thomas S., machinist, b, Holderness, NH, and Mary, b. Bristol, NH, May 2, 1849.

Patrick, s. James and Mary, bp. Sept. 2, 1839. CR5

Richard Wallace, s. Richard P., teamster, and Olive, Jan. 16, 1847.

Serena A., d. Alanson, carpenter, and Sarah L., at Holderness, NH, Oct. 25, 1845.

Sophia, d. Adrian, machinist, and Caroline, Jan. 21, 1847.

William Goodhue, s. George Bradford and Nancy Howard, bp. June 26, 1832. CR1

William, s. Jeremiah, laborer, and Mary, Jan. 18, 1845.

SHEA (Shay)

Ann, d. Timothy, laborer, and Mary, Nov. ––, 1846. [Aug. 21. CR5]

Catherine Maria, "aged two weeks," d. James and Mary, bp. Aug. 28, 1842. CR5

Catherine, d. Jeremiah, laborer, and Ellen [Harrington. CR3], Apr. 20, 1847.

Anora, d. Daniel, laborer, and Catherine, Dec. 16, 1846.

James, s. James and Johanna, Sept. 29, 1846. CR5

Jane, d. James, laborer, Oct. ––, 1846.

Jeremiah, s. Jeremiah, laborer, and Ellen, both b. Ireland, Dec. 25, 1849.

John, s. Jeremia and Mary, bp. Dec. 6, 1840. CR5

John (Shay), Jeremiah, laborer, and Ellen, Apr. 18, 1845.

Mary, d. Thomas and Catherine, June 25, 1838. CR5

Patrick, s. Edward and Johanna, Apr. 27, 1848. CR6

SHED (Shedd)

Albert Augustus, s. Varnum A. and Phebe (Harrington), Oct. 17, 1838. Angeline, d. Varnum A. and Phebe (Harrington), Aug. 6, 1840.

Charles Edgar, s. Varnum A., overseer, and Phebe, July 2, 1846.

Elizabeth Ann (Shedd), d. George M., laborer, and Sarah, July 19, 1848.

Freeman Ballard, s. John, laborer, and Asenath, Dec. 29, 1844.

Lucyett Augusta, d. Varnum A. and Phebe (Harrington), Aug. 31, 1836.

Sylvester J., s. Varnum A., manufacturer, and Phebe, July 29, 1844.

SHEEHY (Sheehe, Shehy)

–––––, (Shehy), d. Thomas, laborer, and Catherine, both b. Co. Cork, Ire., Dec. 21, 1849.

Thomas, s. Thomas, carpenter, and Mary, Mar. 6, 1849.

SHEHAN (Shean, Sheehan, Shenan)

Bridget, d. Denis and Bridget, June 4, 1845. CR3

Catherine (Shenan), "three days old," d. Denis and Bridget, bp. Nov. 26, 1843. CR3

Ellen, d. Dennis and Bridget, Mar. 19, 1842. CR5

Ellen (Shean), d. Denis and Bridget Cusick, May 14, 1847. CR3

Francis (Shenan), s. Charles and Ann, Jan. 15, 1839. CR5

Hanora, "born two weeks," d. Jeremiah and Ellen Caghlan, bp. May 3, 1838. CR5

John (Shean), s. Michael and Hanora, bp. Dec. 5, 1836. CR5

Mary Agnes, d. Dennis and Bridget, Oct. 30, 1840. CR5

Mary (Sheehan), "one day old," d. Denis and Mary, bp. bet. Aug. 2, and Aug. 24, 1845. CR3

Mary (Sheehan), d. Owen and Bridgit, Apr. 27, 1848. CR5

Patrick, s. Michael and Margaret, bp. Feb. 10, 1844. CR5

SHELDON (Shelden)

–––––, (Shelden), d. Ezra, trader, and Nancy M., Jan. 31, 1845.

–––––, s. twin, Abiel W., manufacturer, and Louisa, Feb. 2, 1846.

–––––, s. twin, Abiel W., manufacturer, and Louisa, Feb. 2, 1846.

Ida, d. Ezra, yeoman, and Nancy, Jan. 2, 1849.

Mary L., d. Abiel, manufacturer, and Louisa, May 15, 1843.

William W., s. Abial W. and Louisa F., bp. July 15, 1849. CR3


John, s. John, manufacturer, and Elizabeth, July 19, 1846.

SHERIDAN (Sheriden, Sherridan, Shiriday)

Catherine, d. Terence and Eliza Shanly, Oct. 12, 1842. CR5

Catharine, d. John, trader, and Ann, Nov. 2, 1844.

Catherine, d. Martin, manufacturer, and Mary, Nov. 7, 1846.

Edward, s. Edward and Bridget, bp. June 12, 1848. CR6

James [Sherridan. CR3], s. Martin, manufacturer, and Mary [Bridget. CR3], Aug. 4, 1844.

James, s. Patrick, wool sorter, and Mary, Oct. 5, 1847.

John (Sherridan), s. Edward and Bridget, bp. May 3, 1840. CR5

Margaret (Sherridan), d. Ed. and Bridget, bp. June 19, 1844. CR3

Mary Ann (Sherridan), d. Martin and Bridget, bp. Mar. 15, 1842. CR3

Mary, d. John and Anne, Mar. 11, 1843. CR5

Michael (Shedden) [Shiriday. CR5], s. Terrence, laborer, and Eliza [Elizabeth Shanly. CR5], Mar. 19, 1844.

Thomas, s. Edward and Margaret, June 13, 1842. CR5

Thomas, s. Patrick and Mary, Apr. 4, 1845. CR5

Thomas, s. Edward, blacksmith, and Bridget, Aug. 31, 1846.

Thomas, s. Terence and Eliza Shanley, Dec. 27, 1846. CR3

Thomas, s. Martin and Bridget Reilley, Dec. 24, 1848. CR3

Thomas, s. Martin, laborer, and Mary, Jan. 24, 1849.


Mary Ann [Margaret Anne. CR6], d. John, carpenter, and Catherine [Anne. CR6], both b. Ireland, Dec. 11, 1849.


George Washington, s. Otis, blacksmith, and Lois S., Sept. 5, 1844.

Josiah Leroy, s. Washington, blacksmith, and Marinda, July 20, 1846.

SHERRY (Sherrey)

Bridget [Jane. CR3], d. James, laborer, and Catherine [Campbell. CR3], Aug. 2, 1846. [July 28. CR3]

Catherine (Sherrey), d. Patrick and Bridget Maguire, May 7, 1848. CR3

Mary A. [Mary Jane. CR5] d. James, laborer, and Catharine, Dec. 17, 1843.

SHERWIN (Sharwen)

Charles Emerson (Sharwen), s. Charles and Hannah, May 21, 1835.

John H., s. John, manufacturer, and Martha, Sept. 3, 1843.

SHIELDS (Shiel, Shiels)

Catherine (Shiel), d. Michael and Bridget, Apr. 6, 1841. CR5

Eliza, d. Michael, laborer, and Bridget, Dec. 27, 1844.

James, s. Michael, blacksmith, and Bridget, Nov. 21, 1847.

John (Shiel), s. John and Bridget, Feb. 14, 1843. CR5

Mary (Shiels), d. Bernard and Mary, bp. Aug. 6, 1838. CR5

Mary Ann, d. Catherine Caskins, Feb. ––, 1845.


William M., s. Royal M., "R. Road," b, Walpole, NH, and Betsey H., b. Sandwich, Nov. 9, 1849.


Amelia, d William P., railroad conductor, and Selinda M., Mar. 23, 1848.

Catherine Danvir, d. Charles M. and Mary Danvir, May 22, 1836.

Catharine, d. William and Bridget, Oct. 19, 1842. CR5

Catharine, d. William, hostler, and Bridget, Oct. 31, 1843.

Charles Edward, s. Charles and Mary, bp. Dec. 24, 1837. CR5

Elisa, "four days old," d. James and Mary, bp. Sept. 27, 1841. CR5

Elizabeth, d. James and Mary, July 9, 1837. CR5

Ellen Margaret, d. Charles M. and Mary, Jan. 24, 1840. CR5

John Berry, s. Josiah E. and Nancy, Sept. 12, 1839.

Mary Jane, d. Francis and Catherine, Feb. 12, 1836. CR5

Mary, d. William and Bridget, Sept. 1, 1839. CR5

Peter, s. William, laborer, and Margaret, Apr. [5. CR6], 1847.

Richard Henry, s. Charles and Mary, Oct. 3, 1842. CR3

Thomas, s. William and Margret, Aug. 1, 1849. CR5

William, "about ten days of age," s. William, bp. May 4, 1831. CR5


George Edwin, s. Alonzo, machinist, and Mary Jane, May 27, 1848.


–––––, d. William R., painter, and Phebe S., Oct. 30, 1848.

Charles M., s. John E., manufacturer and Abigail A., Nov. 8, 1845.

SIMONDS (Simon, Simond)

George Washington, s. Arad and Mary F. (Currier), Apr. 9, 1832.

James (Simon), s. Patrick, carder, and Catherine, Mar. 10, 1846.

John (Simond), s. Patrick, manufacturer, and Catharine, Aug. 17, 1844.

Princilla Maria, d. Arad, machinist, and Sophronia, July 28, 1846.

William Crawford, s. William C., laborer, and Emma. Sept. 5, 1845.


Albert Warrington, s. David and Lucinda (Caldwell), [after Aug. 30, 1835.]

Ann, d. William and Catherine Garity, Aug. 14, 1847. CR3

Eliza M. [A. dup.], d. Albert G. [L., manufacturer. dup.] and Catherine E., July 25, 1843.

John, s. Hugh and Ellen, June 15, 1847. CR5

Sarah Josephine, d. David and Lucinda (Caldwell), [after Aug. 30, 1835.] –––––, d. Samuel A., overseer, and Jane, Apr. 4, 1845.


Mary, d. Michael and Bridget, Oct. 25, 1849. CR5


Ellen Maria, d. James, manufacturer, and Eliza, Aug. 2, 1848.

George Holmes, s. James and Eliza, bp. Apr. 9, 1837. CR1

James Bradford, s. James and Eliza, bp. Apr. 9, 1837. CR1

Mary Elisabeth, d. William, carpet weaver, and Eliza H., Nov. 21, 1847.


James, s. James and Anistasia, Nov. 16, 1845. CR5

SISK (Siske)

Margret, d. Maurice and Abey, Jan. 1, 1849. CR5

Thomas (Siske), "born 6 months," s. Maurice and Abby, bp. May 4, 1848. CR6


Joanna, d. William and Mary, July 26, 1841. CR5


Benjamin, s. Christopher, apothecary, and Sophia, Apr. 26, 1844.


Ann Elvira, d. Jonathan, carpenter, and Ruth M., May 6, 1847.

Charles Evans, s. Nathan, trunk maker, and Maria P., at Dracut, July 8, 1845.


George P., d. (sic) James, merchant, and Hannah T., at Boston, Nov. 9, 1845.


Adelaide Persis, d. James, operative, and Harriet L., Sept. 4, 1848.

Clara Augusta, d. James, manufacturer, and Harriet L., July 6, 1846.

John Eli, s. Charles and Martha, bp. June 10, 1849. CR1

Mary Elizabeth, d. James, laborer, and Harriet L., Mar. 10, 1845.

Sarah Etna, d. Robert, manufacturer, and Elizabeth, Aug. 22, 1846.

SLATER (Stohim)

Mary A[nn Stohim. CR3], d. Matthew, painter, b. New York, and Ann [Rodden. CR3], b. Ireland, Dec. 28, 1849.

SLATTERY (Slatery)

Joanna (Slatery), d. Cornelius and Ellen, Feb. 12, 1839. CR5

John (Slatery), s. Cornelius and Ellen, Sept. 13, 1837. CR5

Mary, "'born 5 Weeks," d. Dennis and Julia, bp. June 23, 1848. CR6

Mary Ann, d. John and Ann DWire, Dec. 26, 1849. CR3

SLAVIN (Slaven, Sloven)

Edward [Sloven. CR3], s. Maurice, lawyer, and Bridget [Farrell. CR3], May 31, 1847.

James [John Slaven. CR3], s. Larra [Lawrence. CR3], laborer, and Ann [Foley. CR3], both b. Ireland, Sept. [7. CR3], 1849.

Michael [Slaven. CR3], s. Lawrence, laborer, and Ann [Foley. CR3], Nov. 1, 1847.


Annette Florence, d. Stephen, weaver, and Nancy., Feb. 6, 1848.

Ella F., d. Nathan S., machinist, and Sarah R., Jan. 18, 1846.

Emma Jane, d. John, stage driyer, and Marandia, Dec. 6, 1847.

Maria E., s. Nathan, laborer, and Sarah, Oct. 18, 1843.

Sarah A.J., d. Nathan S., operative, b. Orford, and Sarah A., b. Pelham, NH, June 16, 1849.


Thomas, s. Alexander and Caroline, Oct. 4, 1836. CR5


–––––, s. Ephraim L., tailor, and Eliza, Mar. 4, 1847.

Anson Bearce, s. Anson W., manufacturer, and Harriet, Mar. 6, 1848.

Helen, d. Ephraim, tailor, and Eliza, May 5, 1843.

Walter, s. Ephraim L., tailor, and Eliza, Aug. 22, 1848.


–––––, d. Charles H., machinist, and Susan A., Nov. 8, 1846.

–––––, d. Sylvester, blacksmith, and Mary, Feb. 24, 1849.

Ella, d. Charles, H., machinist, b. Skowhegan, ME, and Susan A. b. Mayfield, ME, Nov. 15, 1849.


Georgiana F., d. Robert E., boot maker, b. Ireland, and Ellen G.E., b. Nova Scotia, Nov. 19, 1849.

John Henry, s. Robert, hutcher, and Maria, at sea, Apr. 3, 1847.

Mary J., d. Robert, fireman, and Maria, both b. Ireland, Dec. 4, 1849.

SMITH (Smyth)

–––––, d. Thomas M., carpenter, and Nancy F., Jan. 20, 1845.

–––––, s. John, soap boiler, and Hannah A., Feb. 17, 1845.

–––––, d. Hamilton, machinist, and Harriet, Apr. 17, 1846.

–––––, s. Josiah, victualler, and Saloma, Jan. 11, 1848.

–––––, s. William A., chaise trimmer, b. England, and Hannah G., Nov. 22, 1849.

Abby Maria, d. Henry, laborer, and Sarah, July 11, 1847.

Ada Morrilla, d. John, soap boiler, and Hannah, Nov. 14, 1846.

Albert, s. George H., operative, and Ann, June 9, 1843.

Alcina A., d. James B., painter, b. Francestown, NH, and Elizabeth, b. Newport, NH, May 24, 1849.

Alonzo, s. Alonzo, peddler, and Elizabeth, Jan. 31, 1849.

Andrew, s. Andrew, laborer, and Catherine [Boyle. CR3], Nov. 27, 1846.

Ann, "aged two years," d. Thomas and Mary Divine, bp. Nov. 10, 1838. CR5

Ann Maria, d. Andrew and Catherine, July 7, 1840. CR5

Ann Maria, d. Andrew and Catherine, July 22, 1842. CR3

Ann E., d. Timothy, carpenter, and Climenia, Apr. 20, 1844.

Ann Maria, d. James E., trader, and Elizabeth, July 23, 1845.

Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Mary, Apr. 2, 1843. CR3

Bridget (Smyth), s. Patrick and Rosanna Walsh, Apr. 2, 1847. CR3

Bridget, d. John and Mary Lamb, Sept. 5, 1849. CR3

Caleb L., s. Luther, "gristmill," b. Needham, and Sarah, b. Tewksbury, June 23, 1849.

Catharine, d. Patrick and Rosanna, Oct. 18, 1839. CR5

Catherine, d, Philip and Margaret, Sept. 11, 1842. CR3

Catharine, d. Andrew, laborer, and Catharine, Nov. 27, 1844.

Charles Henry, s. Charles and Mary Ann (Patterson), Oct. 14, 1839.

Charles E[dward. CR1], s. James C[harles. CR1] baker, and Mary A[nn. CR1]. Dec. 4, 1845.

Charles, s. Owen, laborer, and Mary, Dec. 2, 1846. [Oct. 24 CR5]

Charles Rodney, s. John, soap boiler, and Hannah A., Feb. 11, 1848.

Charles Frederick, s. John, teamster, and Fanny, Aug. 13, 1848.

Chauncey Willard, s. Chauncey C., carpenter, and Caroline A., Feb. 4, 1846.

Christina Jane, d. William M., laborer, and Lavinia G., Dec. 16, 1848.

Eliza J[ane. CR3], d. Patrick, laborer, and Rosanna, May 15, 1845.

Eliza Ann, d. James Charles and Mary Ann, bp. Nov. 21, 1849. CR1

Elisabeth, d. Daniel, spinner, and Sophia, Dec. 27, 1847.

Ellen, d. Charles and Mary Ann (Patterson), Oct. 14, 1836.

Ellen Catherine, d. Francis and Catherine, Apr. 14, 1841. CR5

Ellen, d. Thomas, dyer, and Ellen, Jan. ––, 1849.

Ellen Miranda, d. James Charles and Mary Ann, bp. Nov. 21, 1849. CR1

Emma Florence, d. Charles, overseer, and Emily, Oct. 29, 1848.

Emma L., d. Simeon F., trader, b. Newport, NH, and Lucinda P., b. New Boston, NH, Oct. 2, 1849.

Evelain F., d. Charles, manufacturer, and Emeline, July 3, 1845.

Francis, s, Francis and Catharine, June 15, 1838. CR5

Francis, "two days old," s. Patrick and Rosanna, bp. July 10, 1841. CR5

Francis, "one week old," ch. Owen and Mary, bp. June 22, 1842. CR3

Frank Milton, s. James, overseer, and Abigail, June 25, 1848.

Frederick, s. John, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, Sept. 7, 1849.

George Crosley, s. George and Elizabeth, bp. Aug. 11, 1839. CR1

George Wheelock, s. Edmund R., painter, and Huldah M., Nov. 30, 1845.

George, s. George and Elizabeth, bp. Nov. 19, 1848. CR1

Hannah Elizabeth, d. Charles, bp. July 13, 1828. CR1

Horace Parker, s. Charles and Mary Ann (Patterson), Oct. 1, 1843.

Ida Maria, d. James C[harles. CR1], baker, and Mary A[nn. CR1], Apr. 17, 1844.

Isaac H.C., s. John, carpenter, and Hannah, Sept. 11, 1845.

James, s. Patrick and Rosana, Jan. 3, 1838. CR5

James W., s. John W., manufacturer, and Lucy A., Nov. 9, 1843.

James, s. Daniel, spinner, and Sophia, June 20, 1845.

James Francis, s. Patrick, laborer, and Rosanna [Walsh. CR3], Mar. 27, 1849.

James, s. John and Margaret Duncan, May 29, 1849. CR3

John C., at Blackred, Lancashire, England, July 6, 1813.

John, s. Henery and Catharine, bp. Nov. 27, 1837. CR5

John, s. John and Mary, Oct. 12, 1838. CR5

John, "born one week," s. Benjamin and Mary, bp. July 21, 1839. CR5

John W., s. John, soap boiler, and Hannah, Aug. 3, 1843.

John, s. Thomas, manufacturer, and Mary, Aug. 16, 1843.

John, s. Francis and Catherine, Sept. 12, 1843. CR5

John William, s. Elizabeth, bp. Nov. 3, 1844. CR1

John, jr., s. John, laborer, and Margaret, Feb. 16, 1848.

John, s, John, laborer, and Letitia [Mahan. CR3], both b. Ireland, June 16, 1849.

Joseph, s. Charles and Elizabeth Talbot, May 13, 1841. CR5

Laura E[lizabeth. CR1] M., d. William, manufacturer, and Mary. Feb. 15, 1846.

Lavina J., d. William M., machinist, and Lavina G., Sept. 8, 1845.

Lucy Adeline, d. James and Laura, bp. Dec. 24, 1829. CR1

Margaret, d. Benjamin and Mary, bp. Mar. 26, 1837. CR5

Margery, d. John C., machinist, and Mary, Sept. 23, 1843.

Margaret, d. Christopher and Mary, Apr. 6, 1847. CR5

Margaret, d. James, laborer, and Margaret, Mar. ––, 1849.

Maria, d. John and Bridget McGuire, Nov. 6, 1837. CR5

Martha Jane, d. William and –––––, deceased, bp. Sept. 4, 1842. CR1

Martin F., s. Martin L., card grinder, b. Sandwich, VT, and Melissa, b. Meredith, NH, Aug. 10, 1849.

Mary Ann, d. James and Mary, Sept. 26, 1836. CR5

Mary Ann, d. Peter and Mary, Jan. 15, 1839. CR5

Mary Ann, d. Charles and Mary Ann (Patterson), Mar. 3, 1842.

Mary J., d. Josiah, "restorator keeper," and Saloma, May 10, 1845.

Mary, d. Thomas and Mary Handlin, Aug. 24, 1845. CR3

Mary F., d. John R., pump maker, and Mary C., Jan. 13, 1846.

Mary Ann, d. George H., manufacturer, and Ann, Jan. 25, 1846.

Mary, d. Thomas, laborer, and Ellen, Jan. ––, 1848. [Oct. 23, 1847. CR5] Mary A., d. Timothy, machinist, and Chastina, Aug. 3, 1843.

Mary Ellen, d. William, stone mason, and Mary, Feb. 20, 1848.

Mary Jane, d. Andrew, manufacturer, and Catherine [Boyle. CR3] Mar. 16, 1849.

Mary Ann, J. Owen and Mary Levin, July 21, 1849. CR3

Nancy, d. Sidney and Sarah, bp. Nov. 6, 1832. CR1

Nancy E., d. Stephen B., carpenter, b. "Nuorg," ME, and Mary M., b. Dunbarton, NH, Sept. 21, 1849.

Nicholas Augustus, s, Isaac, machinist, and Mary, June 11, 1844.

Patrick Henry, s. Patrick, laborer, and Rosanna, Apr. 2, 1847.

Peter, s. James and Margaret, Jan. 19, 1838. CR5

Rosanna, d. Patrick and Rosanna, May 31, 1843. CR3

Samuel A., s. Stephen B., carpenter, and Mary M., Dec. 6, 1845.

Sarah Ann Catherine, d. James and Laura, bp. Apr. 12, 1830. CR1

Sarah G., d. James, manufacturer, and Grace, July 16, 1845.

Stephen B., s. Stephen E., manufacturer, and Mary M., Feb. 3, 1844.

Thomas, s. Peter and Mary, bp. Dec. 5, 1836. CR5

Vitus T., s. Thomas, carpenter, and Nancy F., Feb. 20, 1846.

Willard E., s. Willard M., trader, and Eliza M., Jan. 29, 1844.

William, "six months old," s. John and Mary C., bp. abt. Oct. 1, 1843. CR3

William, s. Benjamin, manufacturer, and Mary [McCarty. CR3], Apr. 16, 1846.

William Henry, s. William H., teamster, and Rhoda, Mar. 30, 1848.

William Henry, s. Philip and Ellen, May 28, 1848. CR5


Sarah Elizabeth, d. Charles, machinist, and Sarah F., [1846 or 1847.]


Lebbeus Blosson, s. Lebbeus E., boarding house keeper, and Mary Ann, Aug. 3, 1845.

Martha A., d. William, carpenter, and Nancy, July 11, 1845.


–––––, d. Benjamin, manufactuer, and Eliza, Mar. 16, 1844.

–––––, s. Otis, moulder, and Mary, Apr. 6, 1848.

Charles M., s. Benjamin, laborer, b. North Lincoln, ME, and Laura G., b. Fairfield, ME, Aug. 3, 1849.

Eliza Jane, d. Benjamin, bp. July 26, 1840. CR1

Mary Ellen, d. Benjamin, bp. July 26, 1840. CR1


Gilman Emerson, s. Joseph E., iron founder, and Adaline, July 6, 1846.


Helen Lockhart, d. Allen and Janet, bp. Sept. 6, 1840. CR1


Edward Farnum, s. Royal and Direxa C., Oct. 27, 1837.

John Claflin, s. Royal and Direxa C., Dec. 2, 1835.

John Henry, s. John H., manufacturer, and Sophia, Feb. 23, 1846.

Lucy Maria, d. John R., overseer, and Lucy Sophia, July 22, 1848.

Royal, jr., s. Royal and Direxa C., Mar. 21, 1834.


Joseph, s. Sewel and Ann, June 17, 1849. CR5

SPAULDING (Spalding)

––––– (Spalding), s. Haskell, trader, and H.F., Aug. 1, 1844.

Abel, s. Jonathan and Mary, and [h. Rebecah Ober. dup.], Nov. 27, 1773. PR1

Abel, s. Abel and Rebecah (Ober), Apr. 23, 1800. PR1

Abiel, s. Jonathan and Mary, ––– ––, 1771. PR1

Abram, jr., s. Abram and Elizabeth, Dec. 4, 1828.

Achsah, d. Jonathan and Mary, Sept. 2, 1877. PR1

Adeline (Fullerton), w. Ira, at Boston, Feb. 24, 1805. PR1

Albert Henry, s. Weld and Charlotte, Nov. 29, 1833.

Andrew, s. Edward and Margaret, ––– ––, 1653. PR1

Anna, d. Rev. Sampson, Jan. 19, 1755. PR1

Anna, d. Jonathan and Mary, Nov. 30, 1777. PR1

Asaph, s. Jonathan and Mary, Aug. 2, 1782. PR1

Benjamin, s. Edward and Margaret, ––– ––, 1643. PR1

Charles Alpheus, s. Alpheus, trader, and Rhoda, July 4, 1846.

Edward, s. Edward and Margaret, [bef. 1643.] PR1

Eri, s. Abel and Rebecah (Ober), Feb. 20, 1809. PR1

Frank Elmore (Spalding), s. Amanda (sic) M., laborer, and Hannah, Aug. 30, 1848.

Frederick Abram (Spalding), s. Abram, grocer, and Hannah W.H., Dec. 21, 1847.

George H. (Spalding), s. Ira and Adeline (Fullerton), Apr. 12, 1833. PR1

George O. (Spalding), s. Alpheus, trader, and Rhoda, Apr. 28, 1844.

George Warren, s. Ira, carpenter, and Adeline N.S. [Fullerton PR1], Oct. 7, 1846.

George Clinton (Spalding), s. Joseph, laborer, and Clara, Dec. 3, 1847.

Georgianna R., d. Ira and Adeline (Fullerton), Aug. 13, 1835. PR1

Hannah, d. Rev. Sampson, Nov. 28, 1744. PR1

Hannah, 2d, d. Rev. Sampson, Aug. 7, 1752. PR1

Hannah, d. Jonathan and Mary, Sept. 14, 1784. PR1

Ira, s. Abel and Rebecah (Ober), July 28, 1804. PR1

John, s. Rev. Sampson, Dec. 6, 1750. PR1

John 2d, s. Rev. Sampson, Oct. 2, 1756. PR1

John, s. Jonathan and Mary, Oct. 28, 1792. PR1

Jonathan, s. Rev. Sampson [at Tewksbury. dup.], Sept. 15, 1747. PR1

Joanthan s. Jonathan and Mary, Oct. 29, 1779. PR1

Loammi, s. Jonathan and Mary, Aug. 22, 1786. PR1

Lucinda, d. Jonathan and Mary, Mar. 11, 1794. PR1

Lucinda, d. Abel and Rebecah (Ober), Aug. 19, 1806. PR1

Lydia Maria, d. Abram and Elizabeth, Dec. 1, 1831.

Mahala (Spalding), d. William P., farmer, and Mahala, Mar. 18, 1848.

Mary (Marshall), w. Jonathan, May 23, 1750. PR1

Molly, d. Jonathan and Mary, Aug. 24, 1775. PR1

Mary, d. Abel and Rebecah (Ober), Nov. 5, 1813. PR1

Mary Elizabeth, d. Abram and Elizabeth, Feb. 8, 1830.

Mary, d. Rev. Sampson, Apr. 1, 1841. PR1

Mehetabel, d. Rev. Sampson, May 15, 1742. PR1

Mehetabel, 2d, d. Rev. Sampson, Mar. 13, 1749. PR1

Mehetabel, d. twin, Jonathan and Mary, Aug. 14, 1790. PR1

Rebecca, d. Abel and Rebecah (Ober), Mar. 5, 1802. PR1

Sampson, s. Rev. Sampson, Nov. 13, 1745. PR1

Sampson, s. twin, Jonathan and Mary, Aug. 14, 1790. PR1

Samuel, s. Abel and Rebecah (Ober), June 11, 1811. PR1

Sarah, d. Rev. Sampson, Sept. 28, 1758. PR1

Sarah Jane, d. Weld and Charlotte, June 26, 1828.

Simons P. (Spalding), s. William P., farmer, and Mahala, b. Maine, Sept. 11, 1849.

Warren F. (Spalding), s. Warren C., writing master, and Mary A., Oct. 4, 1845.

William H., s. Ira and Adeline (Fullerton), Dec. 25, 1840. PR1

William Barry (Spalding), s. Weld, trader, and Charlotte, Oct. 21, 1844.


Georgianna, d. Hiram, machinist, and Laura, Oct. 18, 1847.

SPEIRS (Spears)

James Alexander (Spears), s. James, carpenter, and Jane [Goodlet. CR1], Feb. 22, 1848.

Jane Catherine, d. James and Jane Goodlet, bp. Apr. 17, 1847. CR1

SPENCER (Spencor)

Edward, s. Edward and Mary, July 21, 1845. CR5

Elizabeth, d. William and Hannah, Mar. 10, 1834.

John, s. Edward and Mary, Nov. 27, 1842. CR5

Julia Ann, d. Edward and Mary, July 3, 1840. CR5

Patrick (Spencor), s. Edward and Mary, Aug. 1, 1836. CR5


–––––, s. Ransom, carpenter, and Emily, Feb. 28, 1845.

George H., s. Ransom, carpenter, and Emily, Sept. 10, 1843.


George M., s. James W., manufacturer, and Sarah A., Feb. 20, 1844.

George F., s. James W., carpenter, b. Bridgewater, and Sarah, b. Quincy, May 24, 1849.


Catherine, d. Edward and Mary, Mar. 9, 1839. CR5


William, s. James and Catherine, Aug. 1, 1847. CR5


–––––, s. Moses, laborer, and Dorcas, Dec. 29, 1843.

Albin Abram, s. Abram S., yeoman, and Caroline T., May 28, 1848.


Daniel Mason, s. Daniel M., manufacturer, and Mary A., Jan. 2, 1848.


Clarence H., s. Thomas, founder, b. Charlestown, and Sophronia, b. Winchester, Oct. 7, 1849.

Cordis R., s. Thomas, founder, and Sophronia, Feb. 3, 1846.

Lewis Ewing, s. Quartus C., carpenter, and Malinda O., May 14, 1846.

Sarah Jane, d. Trafton, mechanic, and Mary J., May 12, 1844.


Peter, s. Frank, laborer, and Fearnaught, Dec. 25, 1845.

Peter, s. Francis and Joanna, bp. Jan. 4, 1846. CR5


–––––, d. John S., clergyman, and Lydia R., Mar. 13, 1846.

James, s. James F., teamster, and Zephorah, both b. Augusta, ME, Aug. 9, 1849.


Charles, s. Mary, bp. Aug. 4, 1837. CR1

Mary, d. Mary, bp. Aug. 4, 1837. CR1

Warren, s. Mary, bp. Aug. 4, 1837. CR1

William, s. Mary, bp. Aug. 4, 1837. CR1


Maurice, s. Francis and Catharine, bp. Feb. 7, 1846. CR5


Harriet Maria, d. William and Harriet, bp. Mar. 15, 1835. CR1

John Sherman, s. William and Harriet, bp. Feb. 9, 1835. CR1

Margaret, d. William, bp. Nov. 27, 1832. CR1

Martha Remember, d. William and Harriet, bp. June 30, 1837. CR1

William Alexander, s. William and Harriet, bp. Mar. 15, 1835. CR1


Charles Eastman, s. Edward L., druggist, and Ruth R.E., Dec. 27, 1844.


Camilla Edith, d. Charles C., spinner, and Elisabeth, Nov. 17, 1847.

Clara Eliza, d. L.T., manufacturer, and Sarah E., June 3, 1846.

Eugene A., s. George W., manufacturer, b. Boston, and Adeline, b. Baltimore, MD, Oct. 8, 1849.

Helen E., d. Charles E., manufacturer, and Elizabeth, Jan. 4, 1844.

Julia Adelaide, d. Charles E., overseer, and Elizabeth, Apr. 15, 1845.

Sarah Ellen, d. S.T., overseer, and Sarah E., Oct. 4, 1848.

Susan J., d. Phineas, manufacturer, and Virtue, Oct. 13, 1843.


–––––, s. Thomas, machinist, and Betsey, Apr. 30, 1846.

Albert Dana, s. Henry B. and Lydia, bp. Aug. 8, 1847. CR1

Ellen Ann, d. Peter, laborer, and Mary, Feb. ––, 1849. [Jan. 5. CR6]

Julia Matilda, d. Thomas, machinist, and Betsey, Jan. 17, 1849.

Mary Jane, d. Peter and Mary, July 15, 1847. CR5


Elia Serena, d. Samuel H., carpenter, b. Ellsworth, ME, and Sarah A., b. Sumner, ME, Nov. 1, 1849.

Mary Jane, d. William E., mason, and Rachel R., Mar. 18, 1849.


Ann Maria, d. Benjamin L., mason, and Mary Ann, Jan. 23, 1848.

Arthur, s. Nathaniel S., mason, and Elizabeth S., Mar. 2, 1847.


Sarah H.T., d. James, laborer, and Calista J., Mar. 1, 1845.


Sally, at New Ispwich, Feb. 20, 1777. PR1


Caroline N., d. Varus, carpenter, and Nancy, Dec. 3, 1843.

James Francis, s. Edwin L., machinist, and Margaret E., Dec. 9, 1848.

Louis Edwin, d. Edwin L., machinist, and Margaret E., June 25, 1846.

Mary Ann, d. Erastus and Judith R., Oct. 2, 1832.

Nancy Jane, d. Daniel, manufacturer, and Nancy J., Apr. 17, 1848.


Susan Amelia, d. William, manufacturer, and Eliza, June 25, 1846.

STEELE (Steel)

Edwin W., s. Silas and Mary Ann, Sept. 11, 1849.

William (Steel), s. William and Catherine, Aug. 1, 1848. CR5


Rebecca, d. twin, Thomas and Rebecca, Apr. 3, 1841. CR5

Samuel, s. Thomas and Rebecca, Feb. 8, 1837. CR5

Thomas, s. twin, Thomas and Rebecca, Apr. 3, 1841. CR5


Elizabeth, d. Bradford W., shoemaker, and Mary, at Randolph, NH, Aug. 15, 1845.

George G., s. Zenas, laborer, and Martha, Dec. 13, 1843.

Isaac Oldham, s. Zenas, deceased, and Martha, Nov. 5, 1847.

Zenas Tyler, s. Zenas and Martha, Oct. 29, 1841.


–––––, d. Benjamin F., machinist, and Harriet, Apr. 26, 1849.

Abagail, d. Edmund and Susan, Jan. 5, 1828.

Elmira, d. Edmund and Susan, Oct. 12, 1829.

Charles Edward, s. Charles A. and Maria, bp. Oct. 16, 1843. CR1

Edgar F., s. Edgar, machinist, b. Sandwich, NH, and Jane, b. Piermont, NH, Aug. 20, 1849.

Edmund, jr., s. Edmund and Susan, at Chelmsford, June 8, 1825.

Eugene W., s. Charles, painter, and Philenda, July 11, 1843.

Freeman, s. Albert and Mariah, May 22, 1832.

George, s. Charles and Joanna, Jan. 2, 1834.

Harriet E., d. Levi B., mason, and Harriet E., Dec. 5, 1843.

Harriet M., ch. Edmund, farmer, b. Plymouth, NH, and Lucy B., b. Rumney, VT, Nov. 13, 1849.

Olivia Asenath, d. George M., manufacturer, and Olivia T., June 3, 1844.

Rachel, d. Capt. Samuel, of Chelmsford [and Tabitha (Parker). dup.], Jan. 28, 1773. PR1

Sarah Ann, d. Edmund and Susan, Feb. 27, 1831.

Susan, d. Edmund and Susan, at Chelmsford, Aug. 11, 1822.

Truman, May 22, 1832.


Findlay, s. Robert, machinist, and Jane, Aug. 9, 1845.

STEWART (Stuart)

Charlotte Augusta (Stuart), d. Thomas R., butcher, and Susan, June 4, 1847.

George H. (Stuart), s. Moses, trader, and Amanda, Mar. 30, 1846.

John Chappin, s. William and Ann S., Aug. 17, 1825.

Laura Frances (Stuart), d. Edmund, laborer, and Mary A., at Dracut, Nov. 1, 1844.

Sarah Brazier, d. William Murray and Elizabeth, bp. Jan. 26, 1845. CR1

Thursa J., d. Moses, merchant, and Anna, July 7, 1843.


Charles Shepard, s. Benjamin, watchman, and Sarah, Dec. 29, 1846.

Emma G., d. David, tailor, and Nancy P., Nov. 6, 1843.

Frank B., s. Benjamin, watch maker, b. Beverly, and Sarah, b. Jackson, ME, June 19, 1849.

Sarah E.L., d. Benjamin, watchman, and Sarah, Jan. 8, 1845.

STILES (Styles)

––––– (Styles), d. Oliver C., machinist, and Sophia C., Feb. 17, 1846.

Albert Lander (Styles), s. John, mason, and Esther D., Feb. 5, 1845.

Francis Ovid, s. John, mason, and Esther, Nov. 28, 1848.

George Henry, s. John, mason, and Esther D., Jan. 11, 1847.

Harriet Maria, d. Jessee and Arathusa, both from Middleton, Jan. 9, 1831.


Alden Peaseley, s. John, spile driver, and Mary J.L., Sept. 20, 1846.


Isaac N., s. Isaac N., mason, b. Ossipee, NH, and Lois E., b. Whitefield, ME, Aug. 16, 1849.


Joseph Taft, s. Charles, machinist, and Hannah D., at Londonderry, NH, May 7, 1844.


George, Jane, Nov. 8, 1845.


James O., s. James and Briget, Aug. 24, 1836. CR5

Mary Ellen, d. Bartlett, painter, and Mary Jane, July 14, 1847.


George L., s. George L., carpenter, and Jane, Apr. 1, 1846.


Abby Ellen, d. Samuel, carpenter, and Deborah, Sept. 19, 1848.

Anna Louisa, d. Joel, jr. and Juliet, at Newton, Jan. 8, 1829.

Charles C., s. Charles, constable, and Mary A., July 21, 1845.

George Willoughby, s. George H., painter, and Ann B., Jan. 4, 1845.

Joel, jr., s. Joel and Sally, at Chester, VT, Sept. 17, 1779.

Lucy Jane, d. Horace P., carpenter, and Mary B., Sept. 24, 1846.

Mary Durell, d. Joel, jr. and Juliet, at Newton, Jan. 3, 1828.

Mary F., d. Charles, inn holder, May 3, 1843.


Loring Sidney, s. William, spinner, and Sarah, Apr. 4, 1848.


Sarah Jane, d. Thomas, manufacturer, and Leah, Apr. 30, 1845.


–––––, d. Ithamer F., laborer, and Susan P., Sept. 1, 1844.

STRATTON (Strettan)

–––––, d. Jonas, millwright, and Harriet, July 28, 1845.

Aldis Hasden, s. William, machinist, and Adaline, Oct. 12, 1847.

Charles E., s. Ortive, blacksmith, and Eliza, Sept. 16, 1843.

Charles Grompton (Strettan), s. Charles, manufacturer, and Sarah H., Feb. 16, 1847.

Josephine, s. Joseph, manufacturer, and Eliza, at Dracut, Nov. 17, 1846.

Mary J., d. Levi H., machinist, and Lucinda P., both b. Amherst, NH, Sept. 25, 1849.

STRAW (Strew)

––––– (Strew), s. Willard B., carpenter, and Ruth A., Mar. 19, 1849.

John Bean, s. Stephen Stanley and Mariam Bean, Dec. 4, 1826.

Mariam Agusta, d. Stephan Stanley and Mariam Bean, Aug. 17, 1825.

Mary Elizabeth, d. Miriam, Aug. 19, 1838. CR2

William, s. John and Ellen, bp. Feb. 16, 1845. CR1


Alla Irene, d. Leander R., painter, and Eliza Ann, Feb. 27, 1849.

Charles, s. Holland, butcher, b. Vermont, and Caroline, b. Warner, NH, July 27, 1849.

Frank H., s. Holland, provision dealer, and Caroline, Apr. 4, 1846.


Eliza Jane, d. Robert, shoemaker, and Ann, Mar. 4, 1849.

Robert, jr., s. Robert, shoemaker, and Ann, May 22, 1847.

Sarah Ann, d. Robert and Hannah, bp. Oct. 1, 1835. CR1


Helen Maria, d. John, innholder, and Nancy, at Stoughton, Aug. 22, 1846.


George Frederic, s. Moses, carpenter, and Ann M., Apr. 12, 1848.


George William, s. William and Amelia (Shattuck), June 29, 1833.

Sarah F., d. John, machinist, and Mary, Feb. 14, 1847.

Warren, s. William and Amelia (Shattuck), Nov. 30, 1835.


Frances, d. Samuel, bp. Oct. 15, 1837. CR1


Adaline Frances, d. John D., manufacturer, and Dorcas A., Aug. 16, 1844.

SULLIVAN (O'Sullivan, Sullovan)

–––––, ch. John and Ellen, bp. Jan. 26, 1839. CR5

–––––, d. James, laborer, and Julia, July ––, 1846.

Anna, d. John, manufacturer, and Ellen, Aug. 1, 1843.

Ann, d. Timothy and Ellen, Apr. 23, 1839. CR5

Ann, d. Cornelius, laborer [founder. dup.], and Ann, Mar. 4, 1846.

Ann, d. Daniel and Catherine, June 29, 1848. CR5

Bridget, d. Timothy, laborer, and Joanna, Feb. 4, 1846.

Bridget, d. James and Judith, June 19, 1846. CR5

Bridget, d. James and Mary, July 21, 1849. CR5

Catharine, "about two weeks old," d. Timothy and Ellen, bp. July 9, 1837. CR4

Catherine, d. James Mary, bp. Oct. 1, 1837. CR5

Catherine, d. Daniel and Catherine, Oct. 14, 1837. CR5

Catherine, d. Michael and Margaret, bp. Mar. 31, 1839. CR5

Catherine, d. John and Joanna, Sept. 15, 1840. CR5

Catherine, d. John and Ellen, Apr. 21, 1841. CR5

Catharine, d. John, laborer, and Mary, Nov. 20, 1843.

Catharine, d. Edward and Mary, Sept. 20, 1844. CR5

Catherine, d. Michael and Catherine, bp. Dec. 5, 1847. CR5

Cornelius [Sullovan. CR3], s. Cornelius, laborer, and Mary [McGlaughlin. CR3], Jan. 27, 1845.

Cornelius, s. Cornelius and Catherine, Oct. 15, 1847. CR6

Cornelius, s. Cornelius and Ann, Aug. 28, 1848. CR5

Daniel, s. Michael and Joanna, Sept. 13, 1838. CR5

Daniel, s. Edward and Mary, bp. July 19, 1840. CR5

Daniel, s. Cornelius and Mary, Jan. 4, 1842. CR5

Daniel, s. Jeremiah and Ellen, Apr. 27, 1843. CR5

Daniel (Sullovan), s. Richard and Ellen O'Neil, Dec. 21, 1849. CR3

Dennis, s. John and Ann, Apr. 22, 1837. CR5

Dennis, s. Michael and Jane, May 7, 1841. CR5

Dennis (O'Sullivan), s. John and Johanna, Oct. 18, 1843.

Dennis, s. Patrick, manufacturer, and Joanna, Sept. 7, 1845.

Dion, ch. John and Ellen, May 6, 1845. CR5

Eliza, d. John, baker, and Eliza, Aug. 12, 1846.

Elizabeth, d. Michael and Joanna, Nov. 10, 1840. CR5

Elizabeth, d. John and Mary, Nov. 29, 1845. CR5

Elisabeth, d. Jeremiah, iron moulder, and Eleanor, Dec. 27, 1847.

Ellen, d. John and Ellen, Feb. 9, 1837. CR5

Ellen, "one week old," d. Patrick and Catherine, bp. Aug. 20, 1837. CR5

Ellen, "born 3 weeks," d. Michael and Jane, bp. June 9, 1838. CR5

Ellen, d. John, laborer, and Ellen, July 10, 1843.

Ellen [O'Sullivan. CR5], d. Jeremiah and Ellen, Jan. 3, 1846. [Dec. 29, 1845. CR5]

Ellen, d. Patrick and Margaret, Aug. 6, 1847. CR5

Ellen, d. Michael, laborer, and Joanna [Catherine. dup.], Dec. 2, 1847.

Ellen, d. Daniel and Catherine, June 29, 1848. CR5

Ellen, d. Cornelius. laborer, and Ann, Aug. 28, 1848.

Eugene, s. Peter, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, July 12, 1849.

Hannah, d. John, laborer, and Ellen, Mar. 1, 1847. [Feb. 24. CR5]

Honora, d. Timothy and Ellen, Sept. 25, 1841. CR5

Honora, "one week old," d. John and Ellen, bp. Aug. 6, 1843. CR3

Honora, d. Michael, laborer, and Nancy, at Boston, Dec. 20, 1845.

Hanora, d. Michael and Johanna, Dec. 10, 1847. CR5

Hannora, d. Richard and Johanna, Sept. 22, 1848. CR5

Honora, d. John and Honora, Nov. 22, 1848. CR6

Humphrey, s. Cornelius, laborer and Catharine, Aug. 9, 1845.

James, "born six months," s. John and Catharine, bp. Aug. 26, 1837. CR5

James, "4 weeks old," s. John and Johanna, bp. Apr. 7, 1845. CR3

James, s. Thomas [Sullovan. CR3], laborer, and Mary [McLaughlin. CR3], both b. Ireland, Sept. 8, 1849.

Jane (O'Sullivan), d. Michael, laborer, and Jane, Feb. 12, 1845.

Jane [Jane Teresa O'Sullivan. CR6], d. John, manufacturer, and Joanna, Apr. 21, 1848.

Jeremiah, s. John and Joanna, Nov. 21, 1838. CR5

Jeremiah, s. Thomas and Ellen, Nov. 25, 1841. CR5

Jeremiah, s. Edward and Mary, Oct. 23, 1842. CR5

Jeremiah, s. Thomas, laborer, and Bridget, Aug. 27, 1845.

Jeremiah, s. Michael and Margaret, Apr. 7, 1849. CR6

Jeremiah, s. Jeremiah and Mary, bp. Oct. 19, 1849. CR6

Johanna, d. Michael and Johanna, Feb. 14, 1843. CR5

Joanna, d. Daniel and Margaret, bp. Mar. 24, 1844. CR5

Johanna, d. John and Margaret, Nov. 6, 1847. CR5

Joanna, d. Michael, laborer, and Catherine, both b. Co. Cork, Ire., May 19, 1849.

John, s. Edward and Mary, Aug. 27, 1836. CR5

John, s. John and Honora, Aug. 5, 1839. CR5

John (O'Sullivan), s. Michael and Bridget Barny, Jan. 22, 1840. CR5

John [O'Sullivan. dup.], s. Thomas and Joanna, Jan. 23, 1840. CR5

John (O'Sullivan), s. Jeremiah and Catherine, Jan. 4, 1843. CR5

John (O'Sullivan), s. Daniel, laborer, and Mary [Blackford. CR3], Sept. 23, 1844.

John, s. Michael, manufacturer, and Hannah [Johanna. CR5], Dec. 8, 1844.

John (O'Sullivan), "aged 14 weeks," s. John and Eliza, bp. Aug. 9, 1845. CR5

John, s. Patrick, laborer, and Hannah, July 25, 1846.

John, s. John and Jane, Aug. 22, 1846. CR5

John Joseph, s. Jeremiah and Margaret Tully, June 21, 1847. CR3

John, s. Giles, laborer, and Mary, Feb. [17. CR5], 1848.

John (Sullovan), s. Patrick and Catherine Hanley, Dec. 16, 1848. CR3

John, s. John and Ellen, Mar. 4, 1849. CR5

John, s. John and Johanna, Apr. 17, 1849. CR5

John, s. Cornelius and Mary, July 7, 1849. CR5

John, s. Jeremiah, laborer, and Hannah, both b. Ireland, Oct. 22, 1849.

John, s. Richard, laborer, and Joanna, both b. Ireland, Nov. 1, 1849.

Joseph (Sullovan), s. John and Louisa Brooks, Nov. 1, 1847. CR3

Julia, d. Edward and Julia, July 26, 1841. CR5

Julia, d. Michael and Ann, Feb. 3, 1848. CR5

Julia (Sullovan), d. John and Margaret Hanley, Aug. 15, 1848. CR3

Julia A. [Julian. CR5], d. John, laborer, and Bridget, both b. Ireland, Dec. 4, 1849.

Margaret, "born yesterday," d. John and Mary, bp. Mar. 1, 1842. CR5

Margaret, d. Patrick, manufacturer, and Johannah, July 8, 1843. [June 22. CR3]

Margaret, d. Timothy and Margaret, bp. July 19, 1846. CR5

Margaret, d. Peter and Mary Ann, July 5, 1848. CR5

Maria, d. Daniel and Catharine, Nov. 1, 1837. CR5

Mary, d. Roger and Mary, Sept. 11, 1836. CR5

Mary, d. John and Julia, bp. May 15, 1837. CR5

Mary, "aged 3 months," d. Thomas and Mary, bp. Mar. 20, 1839. CR5

Mary, d. Thomas and Honora, June 16, 1844. CR5

Mary, d. Thomas, laborer, and Honora, Jan. 16, 1845.

Mary, d. John, laborer, and Mary, May 10, 1845.

Mary, d. Daniel and Julia, Dec. 8, 1846. CR5

Mary Ann, d. Edward, manufacturer, and Mary, Apr. 10, 1847.

Mary, d. Thomas and Mary, Aug. 10, 1847. CR5

Mary, d. Daniel and Sarah, Dec. 21, 1847. CR5

Mary, d. Michael, laborer, and Margaret, June ––, 1848. [May 15. CR5]

Mary, d. John and Bridget, Aug. 2, 1848. CR6

Mary, d. Michael and Mary, Apr. 20, 1849. CR5

Mary, d. Patrick and Honora, Aug. 16, 1849. CR5

Michael, s. Michael and Johanna, Sept. 9, 1836. CR5

Michael, s. John and Johanna, Feb. 25, 1837. CR5

Michael, s. Jeremiah. laborer, and Ellen, Sept. 8, 1844.

Michael, s. Patrick, Sept. 17, 1845. CR5

Michael, "aged 3 days," s. Cornelius and Mary, bp. July 26, 1846. CR5

Michael, s. Thomas, laborer, and Hannah, Oct. ––, 1846. [Sept. 6. CR5]

Nancy, d. Giles and Mary, Sept. 1, 1849. CR5

Owen, s. Peter and Mary Ann, July 8, 1849. CR5

Patrick, s. N. and Mary, June 28, 1838. CR5

Patrick, "born 4 weeks," s. Timothy and Ellen, bp. Apr. 2, 1839. CR5

Patrick, s. John and Hannah Maran, Aug. 22, 1841. CR5

Patrick, s. Patrick, dyer, and Johanna, July 16, 1847.

Patrick, s. Eugene, laborer, and Ellen, Mar. 7, 1848.

Patrick, s. Dennis, laborer, and Catherine, Apr. 21, 1849.

Robert, s. Cornelius, laborer, and Mary, Nov. ––, 1846. [Feb. 17, 1847. CR6]

Sarah J., d. John, laborer, "dead," b. Ireland, and Eliza, b. England, Aug. 5, 1849.

Thomas, s. Thomas and Honora, bp. Nov. 7, 1841. CR5

Thomas (O'Sullivan), s. Jeremiah, founder, and Eleanor, Dec. 30, 1845.

Thomas, "aged 6 weeks," s. James and Mary, bp. July 2, 1846. CR5

Thomas, s. John and Catherine, July 24, 1848. CR5

Timothy, s. Michael and Johanna, July 19, 1836. CR5

Timothy, s. Timothy and Margaret, Oct. 24, 1848. CR6

Timothy (Sullovan), s. Timothy and Margaret Harrington, Jan. 2, 1849. CR3

William, s. John and Joanna, Apr. 4, 1842. CR5

William s. Thomas, laborer, and Hannah [Honora. CR6], both b. Ireland, Sept. 25, 1849.


Dorcas Elizabeth, d. Damuel, clerk, and Mary, July 19, 1848.

James Dudley, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

Thomas Carlton, s. Daniel, trader, and Mary, Sept. 20, 1844.

SUTCLIFF (Sutclif)

Mary Jane, d. William, manufacturer, and Hannah Marian, Dec. 22, 1846.

Rosa (Sulclif), d. William and Eliza, Nov. 10, 1839.


Allan Henderson, s. Allen and Janet, bp. Sept. 6, 1840. CR1

Jennet Jean, d. Allen and Jennet Henderson, July 8, 1841. CR2

John Alexander, s. Allen and Janet, bp. Sept. 6, 1840. CR1

Robert Young, s. Allen and Janet, bp. Sept. 6, 1840. CR1


–––––, s. Daniel, trader, and Sarah C., Nov. 28, 1845.

–––––, d. Amos, electo magnetic doctor, and Abby, Apr. 10, 1849.

Albert, s. Joshua and Olive, May 26, 1826.

Catherine, d. ––––– and –––––, both b. Scotland, at almshouse, July ––, 1849.

John Thomas, s. Catherine and Thomas Corner, bp. Oct. 21, 1849. CR1

Rodney, s. William S., laborer, and Louisa F., Sept. 4, 1844.

Sarah Jane, d. Joshua and Olive, July 21, 1828.


–––––, d. Naaman G., painter, and Eliza J., Mar. 25, 1845.

Elisabeth, d. Ormond, carpenter, and Martha J., May 26, 1847.

Harriet Jane, d. Ormond, carpenter, and Martha J., Oct. 28, 1845.

Lorenzo D., s. Orman D., carpenter, b. Waterville, and Martha, b. Windham, NH, Sept. 29, 1849.

Mary Ellen, d. Edwin, manufacturer, and Mary E., Sept. 12, 1844.

SWEENEY (Swaney, Sweeny)

Bridget (Sweeny), d. Hugh, and Catharine, Oct. 29, 1841. CR5

Catherine Elizabeth (Sweeny), d. Hugh and Catherine, Oct. 9, 1847. CR5

Catherine, d. Roger, laborer, and Ellen, both b. Ireland, Nov. 20, 1849.

Dan, s. Dennis, laborer, and Julia, Feb. 1, 1845.

Dennis (Sweeny), s. John and Jane, Aug. 3, 1848. CR5

John (Sweeny), s. John and Julia, Jan. 31, 1845. CR5

John, s. John, laborer, and Jane, Aug. 20, 1846.

Julia, d. Owen and Catherine Connell, Aug. 7, 1846. CR3

Julia (Sweeny), d. Dennis, laborer, and Julia, Apr. 7, 1848.

Marion Ann (Swaney), d. Samuel, deceased, and Janet, bp. Oct. 27, 1838. CR1

Mary Ann, d. James, laborer, and Catherine, Apr. 2, 1847.

Patrick, s. James, laborer, and Catherine, Mar. 11, 1849.


Georgiana, d. Nathaniel, trader, and Hannah, Aug. 2, 1844.

William Upton, s. Thomas and Mehitable, both from Boston, Mar. 6, 1830.

William Carlos, s. William, laborer, and Nancy, Oct. 30, 1847.


John, s. John, stabler, and Fanny M., Sept. 13, 1847.

Mary Frances, d. John, stabler, and Fanny M., Aug. 19, 1846.

Oscar Eaton, s. Moses H., stone cutter, and Mary Ann, Dec. 13, 1848.


Charles A., s. Calvin S., manufacturer, and Mary, Dec. 30, 1849.


Samuel, s. Samuel, manufacturer, and Eleanor, Dec. 7, 1846.


Margret, d. John and Mary, Dec. 5, 1849. CR5


–––––, d. Grorge B., machinist, b. Casco, ME, and Nancy, b. Barre, VT, Dec. 10, 1849.

Albert, s. Jordon, operative, and Miriam, Feb. 20, 1849.

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