Catharine, d. Charles, laborer, and Margaret, July 7, 1844.

Ellen F., d. John, trader, and Ann, Jan. 1, 1846.

John H[enery. CR3], s. James, pedlar, and Eliza [Ford. CR3], Aug. 2, 1846.

Kate, d. Henry C., hatter, and Catherine S., June 29, 1847.

Olive N., June 1, 1848.


Eliza A.C., d. Alanson, machinist, b. Goffstown, NH, and Phebe, Dec. 26, 1849.


Eugene Forrest, s. Ivory, manufacturer, and Sophia, Nov. 20, 1847.


Lavonne E., d. John G., manufacturer, and Lavina G., Dec. 28, 1844.


John, s. John, laborer, and Alive [McCauley. CR3], Feb. 17, 1847.


Margaret, d. William and Mary, bp. Mar. 29, 1834. CR1

Mary Elizabeth, d. James, machinist, and Adaline P., Aug. 16, 1848.


–––––, d. Lorenzo, painter, and Huldah, Mar. 29, 1845.

–––––, s. John N., painter, and Nancy, Apr. 20, 1845.

–––––, s. John, blacksmith, and Nancy, Jan. 28, 1848.

–––––, d. Josiah, hostler, and Susan, Apr. 18, 1849.

Austin Elisha, s. Almore, laborer, and Mary, Jan. 13, 1845.

Charles, s. Andrew, carpenter, and Mary, [1843 or 1844].

Charles Henry, s. Thomas C., laborer, and Lucinda, Jan. 28, 1845.

Charles Loring, s. Samuel O., machinist, and Olive N., [1848 or 1849].

Edward Clinton, s. Andrew J., machinist, and Susan T., Jan. 1, 1847.

Josephine E., d. Philo, laborer, b. Wiliamstown, VT, and Margaret, b. Danville, VT, July 26, 1849.

Lydia, d. Loring, mason, and Huldah, Mar. 23, 1845.

Orin Edward, s. Thomas C., blacksmith, and Lucinda, Aug. 11, 1847.

Phebe Lucretia, d. Almore, laborer, and Mary, Sept. 20, 1846.

Susanna, d. Loren, mason, and Huldah, Aug. 1, 1846.

Thomas James, s. William and Mary, Aug. 23, 1844. CR3


Briget, d. Thomas and Mary, Oct. 15, 1836. CR5

Hannah, d. Thomas and Mary, Dec. 13, 1842. CR5

James Patrick, s. Thomas and Mary, Mar. 4, 1839. CR5

John, s. Thomas and Mary, Dec. 6, 1840. CR5

Margaret, d. Thomas and Mary, May 14, 1848. CR5

Mary Ann, d. Thomas, mason, and Mary [Sullavan. CR3], May 7, 1846. [Apr. 7. CR3]


–––––, s. Charles, carpenter, and Lucy, Oct. 11, 1845.

Ellen, d. Henry, bp. July 12, 1835. CR1

Ellen, d. Patrick, laborer, and Agnes [Ellen. CR5], Oct. 18, 1848.

John, s. Henry, bp. Mar. 23, 1838. CR1

Tammey, d. Nicholas, laborer, and Catharine, [1844 or 1845].

William, s. Nicholas, laborer, and Catherine, Apr. 19, 1847. [Mar. 19. CR6]

WALTON (Walten, Welton)

Ambrose, s. Daniel, inn holder, and Eliza, Jan. 10, 1847.

Charles Warren (Welton), s. Laban C., laborer, and Mary, Jan. 23, 1845.

Martha J. (Welton), d. Llaban C., manufacturer, b. Groton, VT, and Mary, b. Dixfield, ME, Dec. 23, 1849.

Mary Frances, d. Samuel, machinist, and Fanny, at Milbury, Dec. 26, 1844.

Samuel (Walten), s. Samuel and Fanny Diggles, Jan. 21, 1843. CR2

Sarah Frances, d. Samuel and Fanny, bp. Nov. 11, 1845. CR1

Sarah Anne, d. Samuel and Fanny, bp. Sept. 28, 1847. CR1

William, s. Daniel and Eliza Flanigan, June 2, 1842. CR5


Mary Jane, d. Ed. Roche and Mary Ann, bp. Dec. 12, 1847. CR5


Alfred, s. William and Caroline, bp. Oct. 30, 1849. CR1

Percival Dean, s. William and Caroline, bp. Nov. 30, 1848. CR1

Zella, d. Peter, engraver, and Maria, June 16, 1848.


–––––, d. Charles, merchant, and Harriet, Apr. 18, 1849.

Bridget, d. Patrick and Ellen, Feb. 1, 1845. CR3

Catherine, d. Thomas and Julia, Feb. 23, 1843. CR3

Catherine, d. James and Lavina, June 23, 1847. CR5

Charles H., s. Moses, hostler, and Phebe W., July 9, 1843.

Charles Artemas, s. Charles, merchant, and Harriet E., Feb. 17, 1848.

Elisha, s. James and Rosanna Smith, Dec. 9, 1838. CR5

Eliza, d. Patrick, laborer, and Catherine [Reilley. CR3], Dec. 13, 1847.

Eliza A., d. Josiah S., carpenter, b. Lempster, and Elizabeth H., b. Hampton, Oct. 25, 1849.

Francis, s. Thomas and Julia, Dec. 13, 1840. CR5

Henry, s. James and Nancy, Sept. 2, 1848. CR5

James, s. James and Ellen, Apr. 2, 1836. CR5

James Henry, s. Patrick and Ellen, Aug. 21, 1847. CR5

James, s. Francis and Catherine McCosker, Oct. 1, 1848. CR3

John Patrick, s. John and Catherine, Mar. 17, 1848. CR5

Julia Ann, d. Thomas, manufacturer, and Julia, June 6, 1845.

Julia, d. Patrick and Catherine Reilly, Oct. 16, 1849. CR3

Mary, d. Francis and Catherine McCosker, Apr. 24, 1847. CR3

Mary Ann, d. Thomas, laborer, and Catherine, Apr. 24, 1847.

Mary Ann, d. Francis, laborer, and Catherine, June ––, 1847.

Mary Elizabeth, d. Patrick and Catherine Shea, Jan. 1, 1848. CR3

Michael, s. Patrick and Ellen, Jan. 23, 1843. CR3

Patrick, s. James and Nancy, May 25, 1847. CR6

Sarah Jane, d. Thomas, manufacturer, and Julia [Kelly. CR3], Apr. 14, 1847.

Thomas Anthoney, s. Patrick and Catherine Shea, June 3, 1849. CR3

WARE (Weare)

George Warren, s. Warren and Louisa (Prescott), July 19, 1830.

Joseph Daniel [Hancock. CR1] (Weare), s. Joseph, machinist, and Ruth, Apr. 15, 1847.

Louisa Jane, d. Warren and Louisa (Prescott), Oct. 7, 1832.


–––––, s. David A.G., machinist, and Elisabeth, Jan. 13, 1848.


Samuel, s. William and Mary, Apr. 5, 1846. CR5


Clarissa Rebecca, d. Jonathan and Rebecca, at Mason, NH, June 29, 1827.

James W., s. Aaron, machinist, b. Maine, and Elizabeth, Oct. 1, 1849.

Jeremiah, s. Jeremiah and Mary, bp. Oct. 30, 1842. CR5

John Adams, s. Jonathan and Rebecca, July 23, 1830.

John, s. Jeremiah and Mary, Nov. 12, 1845. CR5

Mary, at Littleton, Sept. 13, 1794. PR1

Mary Esther, d. Jonathan and Rebecca, at Mason, NH, June 23, 1825.

Patrick, "aged 5 weeks," s. John and Mary, bp. Dec. 4, 1841. CR5

Richard Thomas, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, bp. Nov. 28, 1838. CR1

Sarah Elizabeth, d. Jonathan and Rebecca, Mar. 29, 1832.

Stephen M., s. Theodore, gravestone maker, and Louisa, Jan. 8, 1846.

Theresa, d. Luke, laborer, and Rosanna, Aug. 3, 1848.

Thomas, "one week old," s. Jeremia and Mary, bp. Oct. 10, 1840. CR5


–––––, s. –––––, machinist, and Ann, Dec. ––, 1846.

Francis Bernard, s. Thomas and Julia, Oct. 4, 1849. CR5

George O., s. Thomas S., machinist, b. Tamworth, NH, and Ann, b. Newbury, Aug. 8, 1849.


–––––, s. Benjamin W., manufacturer, and Eliza Ann, Apr. 11, 1849.


–––––, d. Charles, manufacturer, and Lydia, Apr. 26, 1844.

Shubael D., s. Harrison B., stable keeper, and Lydia M., Oct. 17, 1845.

William R., s. H.B., manufacturer, and L.N., Oct. 10, 1843.


Elizabeth, d. Edward and Bridget, Aug. 31, 1841. CR5

James, s. Brien, laborer, and Elizabeth, Jan. 10, 1846.

Lucy E., d. Samuel A. [N. dup.], clerk, b. Millbury, and Sarah E., b. North Chelmsford, May 19, 1849. [Apr. 12. dup.]

Mary Elisabeth, d. Samuel, painter, and Rosanna, Feb. 6, 1848.

Mary A., d. Edward, "blind," and Bridget, both b. Ireland, Aug. 27, 1849.

Michael, s. Edward, laborer, and Bridget, Aug. 24, 1847. [June 25. CR5]

Thomas, s. Edward, laborer, and Bridget, Nov. 17, 1844.

Thomas, s. Samuel, painter, b. Cornwall, Eng., and Rosanna, b. Ireland, Dec. 11, 1849.

WATSON (Wason)

–––––, d. William, manufacturer, and Sarah E., Mar. 27, 1845.

–––––, s. Abijah, trader, and Phebe J., Apr. 21, 1847.

–––––, d. Benjamin, grocer, and Mary A., Apr. 26, 1849.

Abby Gertrude, d. Edward F., carpenter, and Merabah A., June 6, 1844.

Adelaide Vistoria Cilley, d. Edward F. and Meribah Ann (Main), Mar. 30, 1838.

Adelaide V., d. Edward M., carpenter, b. Nottingham, and Meribah, b. Rochester, NH, May 15, 1849.

Caroline P.L., d. Benjamin, grocer, and Mary A., Dec. 19, 1845.

Charles Henry (Wason), s. Barnett and Lucy, Dec. 2, 1842.

Charles, Edward Francis, s. E.F., carpenter, and Meribah, Sept. 6, 1846.

Edward F., Mar. 8, 1807.

Edward Sargeant, s. Abijah and Phebe, bp. Feb. 19, 1849. CR1

George A., s. Freeman, carpenter, and Olive M., Mar. 1, 1846.

Hannah Augusta Crockett, d. Edward F. and Meribah Ann (Main), Mar. 20, 1836.

Harriet Newell, d. Eliphalet and Matilda, bp. Mar. 29, 1834. CR1

Henry Williams, s. Eliphalet and Matilda, bp. Mar. 29, 1834. CR1

Joseph E., s. Joseph C., spinner, and Ruth, at Dracut, Oct. 12, 1844.

Leslie Ella, d. Abijah and Phebe, bp. Aug. 6, 1845. CR1

Lavonia, d. Abijah and Phebe, bp. Nov. 1, 1839. CR1

Mary Ann, d. Michael, machinist, and Catherine, Nov. 1, 1846.

Sarah Ann, d. Abijah and Lavinia S., bp. Apr. 6, 1833. CR1

William, jr., s. William, manufacturer, and Sarah E., Aug. 27, 1847.


Hiram S., s. Theophilus B., cordwainer, and Laura A., May 3, 1844.


Archibald, s. Archibald, slater, and Eliza, Oct. 3, 1849.

Henry, s. John, grocer, and Susan A., Sept. 15, 1848.

Margaret, d. James and Ann, Nov. 29, 1848. CR5


Frederick E., s. Charles, butcher, and Mary E., Mar. 5, 1844.

Harriet L., d. Charles, butcher, and Mary E., Sept. 25, 1845.


William H., s. George W., carpenter, b. Newmarket, NH, and Susanna, b. Warner, NH, July 17, 1849.


–––––, s. Benjamin H., furniture dealer, and Sarah J., Sept. 27, 1845.

–––––, d. Benjamin H., furniture dealer, and Sarah S., July 19, 1848.

Mary Ella, d. Charles, carpenter, and Mary A., Feb. 10, 1849.


Ellen Elisabeth, d. John E., machinist, and Laura A., Sept. 27, 1847.


Elizabeth Jones, d. Job Page and Tabithy Abrahams, both from Littleton, Sept. 24, 1840.

Henry Page, s. Job Page and Tabithy Abrahams, both from Littleton, Mar. 7, 1831.

James Park, s. Job Page and Tabithy Abrahams, both from Littleton, at Fitchburg, Mar. 11, 1838.

Newton Farley, "deceased," s. Benjamin N., clerk in store, and Ann, Jan. 25, 1847.

Woodward Abraham, s. Job P. and Tabitha A., bp. Aug. 3, 1828. CR1


–––––, d. Alva, wheelwright, and Lucy M., Mar. 3, 1844.

Adelaide, d. Abel, machinist, and Rebecca, July 18, 1846.

Caleb Harvey, s. Caleb, trader, and Lydia T., Jan. 12, 1848.

Ella Frances, d. Ebenezer D., operative, and Mary E., June 15, 1848.

Josephine A., d. Ebenezer, fishmonger, and Mehetabel, June 30, 1845.

Moses S., s. Caleb, trader, b. Pelham, NH, and Lydia J., b. Hopkinton, NH, Dec. 20, 1849.


Lucy Ella, d. Corydan, manufacturer, and Lucretia, Feb. 22, 1847.


–––––, d. Jonathan, manufacturer, and Mary, Apr. 14, 1849.

Adath Alvira, d. Joshua L., machinist, and Achsah, Jan. 10, 1845.

Frank Henry, s. Jos. G., overseer, and Mary Jane, Dec. 31, 1848.

Serlo Bartlett, s. Samuel D., shoemaker, and Olive W., Jan. 12, 1848.

WELCH (Walch, Walsh, Welsh)

–––––, s. Arnold, overseer in factory, and Hannah, Apr. 28, 1845.

Ann Emma (Welsh), d. twin, Robert, machinist, and Hannah, Dec. 29, 1844.

Arnold, s. Arnold and Hannah A., bp. June 16, 1846. CR1

Catharine (Walsh), d. Patrick and Mary, Oct. 9, 1839. CR5

Catherine [Anastasia Walsh. CR6], d. Michael, fireman, b. Ireland, and Catherine, b. Lower Canada, Oct. 18, 1849.

Charles Kingman (Walsh), s. Ebenezer, spinner, and Abiah A., Sept. 2, 1847.

Cordelia J. (Walsh), d. Ebenezer, manufacturer, and Abiah, Nov. 20, 1845.

Cordelia A. (Walsh), d. Ebenezer, spinner, b. NH, and Abiah, b. Farmington, NH, May 5, 1849.

Edward (Walsh), "four days old," s. Patrick and Mary, bp. Aug. 1, 1841. CR5

Ellen, d. William, laborer, and Mary H[arrigon. CR3], July 24, 1848.

Emily Ann (Walch), d. Stephen, shoemaker, and Mary Ann, Dec. 11, 1848.

George Peirce, s. Arnold and Hannah A., bp. June 2, 1844. CR1

Helen (Walsh), d. J. and Catherine, bp. Sept. 4, 1839. CR5

Henrietta (Walsh), d. Ardis and Sarah E., bp. Nov. 19, 1843. CR1

Henry Clay, s. Arnold and Hannah A., bp. June 2, 1844. CR1

James (Walsh), s. Mathew and Catherine, Apr. 20, 1843. CR3

Jeremiah, s. Ed., laborer, and Hannah, Mar. 15, 1849.

John (Walsh), "born one month," s. Robert and Mary, bp. Nov. 11, 1837. CR5

John (Walsh), s. Patrick and Mary Plant, bp. June 7, 1838. CR5

John (Walsh), s. Matthew and Catherine, bp. Aug. 12, 1838. CR5

John Sylvester (Walsh), s. Richard [trader. dup.] and Ann, Feb. 10, 1844.

John, s. John, laborer, and Catharine, Mar. 8, 1844. [Jan. 20. CR5]

John (Welsh), s. David and Honora, Mar. 6, 1848. CR5

John (Walsh), s. Michael and Catherine, May 24, 1848. CR5

Joseph Ardis (Walsh), s. Ardis and Sarah, bp. Aug. 11, 1847. CR1

Joseph (Walsh), s. Ardis, painter, and Sarah, Oct. 19, 1848.

Julia (Walsh), d. Patrick, manufacturer, and Margaret, Aug. 14, 1847.

Lovina Ann, d. Charles A., manufacturer, and Sarah, June 7, 1846.

Margaret (Walsh), d. Michael and Catherine, Mar. 25, 1847. CR6

Maria Estelle, d. Reed, manufacturer, and Betsey, May 31, 1844.

Marie Anne, d. Mathew and Catherine, Mar. 8, 1841. CR5

Martin William (Walsh), s. Mathey and Catherine Disney, Feb. 24, 1847. CR3

Mary Emma (Welsh), d. twin, Robert, machinist, and Hannah, Dec. 29, 1844.

Mary, d. Michael, laborer, and Katharine, Mar. 17, 1845.

Nathaniel C. (Walch), s. Ebenezer, spinner, and Abiah G., at Waltham, June 29, 1844.

Robert (Walsh), s. Mathew and Catherine Disney, July 3, 1849. CR3

Rosanna Maria (Welsh), d. Lochlin and Rosanna, Apr. 30, 1847. CR5

Thomas (Walsh), s. Timothy and Catharine, bp. May 13, 1838. CR5

Thomas (Walsh), s. Mathew and Catherine, Dec. 3, 1844. CR3

Thomas, s. John, laborer, and Catherine [Miron. CR3], Sept. ––, 1846. [Oct. 10. CR3]

William H., s. William C. and Maria L. (Smith), May 19, 1841.

WELLMAN (Welman)

Francis (Welman), d. Charles P., machinist, and Elizabeth, Mar. 27, 1849.

William, s. George, overseer in factory, and Louisa, May 25, 1844.


Anna, d. –––––, of Boston, "sent to L. to nurse," at Boston, Nov. 25, 1849.

Austin Burgess, s. Moses B., laborer, and Ann, Apr. 24, 1845.

Martha Maria, d. Theophilus S., powder maker, and Lucy, Oct. 7, 1845.


Laura A., at the almshouse, May 10, 1836.


Frederic Tappan, s. Tappan and Ann, bp. Oct. 12, 1843. CR1

Mary E., d. William, manufacturer, and Mary, Oct. 15, 1843.

Walter Bryant, s. John R., machinist, and Olive, Jan. 14, 1848.


John, s. John and Julia Looney, May 10, 1847. CR3


Josephine A., d. John, teamster, and Mercy, Aug. 28, 1843.


Ruthina Achsah, d. Elbridge and Ruth Walker, Oct. 16, 1832.

Sarah Augusta, d. Henry, machinist, and Celissa, Jan. 9, 1848.


Sarah Elizabeth, d. Amos and Sarah, Jan. 21, 1830.

WHALAN (Whelan, Wheland)

Edward, s. Edward, laborer, and Betsey, Feb. 29, 1844.

Elisabeth (Whelan), "four weeks old," d. William and Mary, bp. Nov. 16, 1844. CR3

James (Wheland), "three weeks old," s. William and Mary, bp. Mar. 1, 1846. CR3

Mary Ann (Whelan), d. William and Mary Nooney, Feb. 7, 1847. CR3


Timothy, s. Timothy and Ellen, July 28, 1847. CR5


–––––, d. Levi F., moulder, and Sarah H., Nov. 26, 1847.

Albert H., s. Albert, grocer, and Mary E., Apr. 23, 1847.

Edwin Chapin, s. Levi F., iron founder, and Sarah H., Sept. 17, 1846.

Emma Sophia, d. Daniel, overseer, and Sophia F., June 25, 1844.


–––––, d. Lucy, b. Maine, Nov. 14, 1849.


Aaron, s. Aaron, overseer, and Ann, June 2, 1846.

Allice Louisa, d. Oliver M. and Sophronia, Dec. 7, 1834.

Catherine Amanda, d. Oliver M. and Sophronia, May 14, 1823.

Ellen Sophronia, d. Oliver M. and Sophronia, May 4, 1827.

Frank Milton, s. Oliver M. and Sarah (Kinsman), Dec. 9, 1844.

Hannah J., d. Thomas B., laborer, b. Hebron, NH, and Sophia, b. Groton, NH, Nov. 15, 1849.

Henry James Parker, s. Oliver M. and Sophronia, Sept. 18, 1836.

John Nelson, s. Oliver M., Esq. and Julia Ann (Wentworth), June 12, 1842.

Margarette Anne, d. Oliver M., Esq. and Julia Ann (Wentworth), Nov. 28, 1839.

Maria Henrietta, d. Oliver M. and Sophronia, May 18, 1825.

Maria Elizabeth, d. Oliver M. and Sophronia, July 31, 1829.

Oliver M., h. Sophronia, at Wethersfield, VT, May 4, 1794.

Oliver George, s. Oliver M. and Sophronia, July 8, 1831.


James Abbott [McNeil. dup.], s. George Washington and Anna Matilda, July 10, 1834 [bp. Nov. 9, 1834, dup. also CR1]

Kirk Boott, s. George W. and Anna M., bp. Aug. 31, 1838. CR1

William McNeil, s. George W. and Anna Matilda, bp. Aug. 13, 1836. CR1

WHITAKER (Whittaker)

–––––, d. Louisa, Apr. 15, 1846.

Abner G., s. Abner N., mason, and Mandana F., at Vershire, VT, July 5, 1845.

George Samuel, s. Robert and Ann, bp. Sept. 11, 1841. CR1

James, s. Robert and Ann, bp. Dec. 25, 1836. CR1

James William, s. Robert and Ann, bp. Mar. 29, 1839. CR1

Joseph Lawrence, s. Robert and Hannah, bp. Apr. 12, 1833. CR1

William H[enry Whittaker. CR1], s. George, block printer, and Alice, Sept. 1, 1843.


Georgiana, d. George W., carpenter, b. Somersworth, NH, and Sophronia W., b. Plainfield, NH, Dec. 15, 1849.


–––––, s. Ephraim O., carpenter, and Eliza P., Apr. 4, 1844.

Edwin, s. Edwin, carpenter, and Susan R., Oct. 2, 1848.

George Merrill, s. James M., tin worker, and Elizabeth, July 25, 1846.

Susan Maria, d. Edwin, carpenter, and Susan R., Apr. 3, 1846.


–––––, d. John A., clerk, and Lucy A., Feb. 17, 1847.

–––––, d. Ezekiel, peddler, and Sarah, Dec. 8, 1847.

Abby Jane, d. Joseph B., "O.S. carpet," b. Craftsbury, VT, and Abigail, b. Leominster, July 27, 1849.

Ann Maria, d. John and Mary Ann Coleman, Nov. 17, 1848. CR3

Arabella C., d. Jason, yeoman, and Laura P., Sept. 12, 1843.

Catherine, d. James and Mary, Oct. 1, 1847. CR6

Daniel T., s. Daniel, turner [mechanic. dup.], b. Groton, and Elizabeth H., b. Parsonfield, ME, May 1, 1849. [Apr. 28. dup.]

Edward, s. John and Jane, bp. Aug. 11, 1838. CR5

Ellen M., d. Philip and Matilda S., Aug. 6, 1834.

Frederick O., s. Philip T., merchant tailor, and Matilda, Mar. 24, 1844.

George Francis, s. James and Mary, Jan. 8, 1845. CR5

Gideon F., s. Philip and Matilda S., Oct. 27, 1838.

Harriet A., d. Fairfield, laborer, and Rebecca, Oct. 2, 1844.

Henry G., s. Philip and Matilda S., Feb. 4, 1836.

Henry J., s. John H.P., machinist, and Eliza, both b. Ireland, Oct. 5, 1849.

James, s. James and Ellen, Mar. 25, 1837. CR5

James, "born three weeks," s. Michael and Joanna, bp. Feb. 24, 1839. CR5

James Rolan [Roland. CR3], s. Christopher, slater, and Mary, July 7, 1844.

John, s. Christopher and Mary Gorman, Sept. 1, 1846. CR3

Margaret, d. Michael and Johanna, Oct. 31, 1845. CR5

Margaret, d. James, laborer, and Mary, June 10, 1847.

Mary, d. Michael and Johanna, May 16, 1841. CR5

Mary Jane, d. Martin and Jane, June 3, 1842. CR5

Mary Ann, d. Michael, hod carrier, and Brigett, Sept. 24, 1845.

Mary Elisabeth, d. Daniel, turner, and Elisabeth L., Mar. 30, 1848.

Mary, d. Christopher and Mary, Sept. 22, 1848. CR6

Matilda S., w. Philip, Sept. 1, 1812.

Michael, s. Michael and Joanna Galligan, bp. Nov. 11, 1837. CR5

Philip, h. Matilda, Nov. 5, 1808.

Philip E., s. Philip and Matilda S., Oct. 28, 1840.

Roswell B., s. Benjamin, carpenter, and Phebe, Sept. 19, 1844.

William, s. James, laborer, and Mary, Nov. 10, 1848. [Oct. 25. CR5]


Amelia Ann, d. George and Elizabeth, bp. July 1, 1847. CR1


–––––, s. twin, John, machinist, and Eliza, Mar. 14, 1845.

Elihu Burriett, s. Charles E., carpenter, and Mary, Dec. 24, 1846.

Ellen A., d. Augustus, manufacturer, and Nancy, July 23, 1843.

Joel K., s. twin, John, machinist, and Eliza, Mar. 14, 1845.

WHITELEY (Whitely)

Amy Atwood, d. Joseph, shoemaker, and Cordelia E., Sept. 1, 1847.

Caroline (Whitely), d. Henry, machinist, b. Leeds, Eng., and Catherine, b. Hull, Eng., at New York, July 25, 1849.

Ellen Maria (Whitely), d. Joseph and Hannah, bp. Apr. 8, 1841. CR1

Hannah Lydia, d. John J., manufacturer, and Harriet, Sept. 18, 1844.

Hannah, d. Joseph and Hannah, bp. Nov. 24, 1845. CR1

Jane, d. Joseph and Hannah, bp. Nov. 24, 1845. CR1

John, s. Joseph, shoemaker, b. England, and Cordelia, b. Frankfort, ME, Nov. 23, 1849.

Joseph Charles (Whitely), s. Joseph and Hannah, bp. Aug. 31, 1838. CR1

Joseph Simeon (Whitely), s. John, wool sorter, and Mary Ann, Jan. 19, 1848.

Samuel, s. James, manufacturer, and Harriet, Sept. 30, 1848.


–––––, d. Phineas, gentleman, and Clara, Apr. 14, 1849.

Frederick Underhill, s. Levi and Mary Ann, of New York, bp. Aug. 28, 1831. CR1

Hanah Maria, d. twin, Phineas and Sarah, Dec. 21, 1817.

Harriet, d. Leonard, watchman, and Elizabeth A., Sept. 26, 1846.

Henry, s. twin, Phineas and Sarah, Feb. 19, 1822.

Jasper Strong, s. Levi and Mary Ann, bp. July 13, 1828. CR1

John McMahon, s. Levi and Mary Ann, bp. July 13, 1828. CR1

Phineas, s. Phineas and Sarah, Dec. 26, 1819.

Rachel Ann, d. Robert, dyer, and Jane, Jan. 19, 1849.

Robert Edward, s. Levi and Mary Ann, bp. at Governer's Island, Fort Columbus, NY, Oct. 28, 1832. CR1

Sarah Anne, d. twin, Phineas and Sarah, Dec. 21, 1817.

Sarah d. twin, Phineas and Sarah, Feb. 19, 1822.

William Henry Chase, s. Levi and Mary Ann, bp. July 13, 1828. CR1


–––––, s. Martin L., overseer, and Mary R., Oct. 16, 1844.

–––––, s. William M., manufacturer, and Ann Maria, Feb. 4, 1845.

–––––, d. William M., card grinder, and Ann, Jan. 21, 1848.

Abby A., d. Hananiah, boardinghouse keeper, and Sarah, Aug. 20, 1843.

Alonzo A. Miner, s. Merrill, manufacturer, and Zabiah, July ––, [1845 or 1846].

Calista A., d. Alvin, painter, and Susan, Sept. 28, 1845.

Charles Edwards, s. Hananiah, trader, and Sarah B., May 15, 1846.

Charlotte Elizabeth, d. George T., butcher, and Charlotte W., Apr. 17, 1849.

Clara J., d. George L., grocer, and Harriet, Nov. 2, 1848.

Eliza Amanda, d. Orlando and Eliza Ann, Feb. 4, 1855 (sic) [1835?]

Ella A., d. Sylvester, painter, and Ann M., Mar. 20, 1844.

George Orlando, s. Orlando and Eliza Ann, Aug. 14, 1836.

Henrietta C., d. Rufus, trader, b. Westborough, and Emily B., b. North Chelmsford, Dec. 13, 1849.

Mary Margaret, d. Martin L, manufacturer, and Mary R., Feb. 3, 1845.

Milo Leander, s. Milo S. and Mary W. (Trumbull), Apr. 30, 1833.

Newell Augustus, s. Josiah M., wheelwright, and Abby B., Feb. 9, 1845.


–––––, d. Moses and Lucinda (Blood), July 7, 1836.

Daniel Vose, s. Daniel and Hannah D., June 18, 1829.

Elizabeth, d. Moses and Lucinda (Blood), Mar. 31, 1840.

Ellen, d. William T., tin worker, and Lydia, Feb. 25, [1847 or 1848].

Frank A., s. Samuel A., blacksmith, b. Sutton, NH, and Sarah J., b. Cabot, VT, at Cabot, VT, May 23, 1849.

Helen Augusta, d. Moses [overseer. dup.] and Lucinda (Blood), Dec. 7, 1846.

Henry Francis, s. Moses and Lucinda (Blood), Aug. 4, 1833.

Josephine A., d. Jeremiah, laborer, and Sarah, Feb. 2, 1846.

Moses, at Canaan, NH, Apr. 16, 1795.

Nancy Maria, d. Daniel, painter, and Dorcas, July 5, 1844.

Orin, s. Daniel, painter, and Dorcas, Jan. 12, 1846.


Rachel Ann, d. Robert and Jane, bp. Aug. 5, 1849. CR1


Nancy A., d. Alfred W., blacksmith, and Nancy, Feb. 15, 1844.

WHOOLEHAM (Wholehan)

Ed., s. Ed. and Elisabeth, July 22, 1842. CR5

Ed., s. Ed. and Betsey, Feb. 20, 1844. CR5

Ellen (Wholehan), d. Ed. and Elisabeth, Dec. 5, 1840. CR5

WHTIMORE (Whittemore)

Ellen Louisa, d. John, physician, and Mary Ann, Jan. 8, 1848.

Sarah E. (Whittemore), d. Isaac, grocer, and Sarah, Oct. 28, 1848.


–––––, d. Andrew J., machinist, and Rebecca, Mar. 16, 1849.


Antoinette, d. James and Margaret, Mar. 4, 1828.

George F., s. James, farmer, and Mary, Jan. 8, 1846.

James Hervey, s. James and Margaret, Feb. 2, 1830.


Robert, s. John, operative, and Margaret, both b. England, Oct. ––, 1849. [bp. Oct. 14. CR1]


George P., s. Andrew J., manufacturer, and Hannah S. Stevens, Jan. 8, 1844.


Charles Sprague, s. Charles and Catharine D., Apr. 6, 1841.

Charles Wheeler, s. Charles H., farmer, and Mary B., Oct. 4, 1847.

Delia, d. George M., trader, and Martha A., Apr. 13, 1844.

George F., s. Augustus, blacksmith, and Abigail, Apr. 14, 1844.

George W., s. Charles H., farmer, b. Vermont, and Mary, b. Chelmsford, Dec. 17, 1849.

Harriet Amelia, d. Charles H., farmer, and Mary B., Oct. 5, 1844.

Mary H., d. Edmund H., stove dealer, b. Ashby, and Mary, b. Jaffrey, NH, Oct. 28, 1849.

Samuel F., s. Augustus, copper smith, and Abigail, Jan. 30, 1846.


John Lowell, s. Richard and Maria, Mar. 29, 1836.


Abigail Sarah, d. Charles P., grocer, and Grace Ann, Nov. 17, 1848.

Albert Schuyler, s. John, carpenter, and Harriet, Mar. 20, 1845.

Charles Warren, s. Charles, sash maker, and Elizabeth, Oct. 21, 1848.

Charles Ekron, s. Rufus, provision dealer, and Mary Jane, Dec. 19, 1848.

Charles F., s. Charles, manufacturer, b. Acton, and Mary A., b. England, June 2, 1849.

Cyrus J., s. Charles P., trader, and Ann, Oct. 24, 1846.

Frederick Agustus, s. John and Harriet (Hemenway), from Hillsborough, NH, July 13, 1831.

George S., s. Rufus, butcher, and Mary, Feb. 5, 1844.

Mary Eliza, d. Rufus, butcher, and Mary Jane, Aug. 2, 1846.

Victoria Adelaide, d. Charles P., trader, and Grace A., Nov. 5, 1844.

WILLARD (Williard)

–––––, d. Henry S., machinist, and Sarah J., Apr. 16, 1846.

Albert F.W., s. Henry, manufacturer, and Lucy A., Jan. 9, 1849.

David Henry, s. Henry T., machinist, and Sarah J., July 4, 1844.

Mary Elizabeth, d. Henry, laborer, and Mary Ann, Mar. 12, 1846.

Rachal Ann (Williard), d. Samuel and Sally Ingols, Aug. 2, 1827.

Sally Maria (Williard), d. Samuel and Sally Ingols, Aug. 9, 1825.

WILLEY (Wiley, Wylie)

Andrew Faulds (Wylie), s. James Henry and Jane, bp. July 4, 1841. CR1

Ann Maria, d. James, mason, and Ann, Aug. 14, 1847.

Edward (Wiley), s. Edward, mariner, b. Thomaston, and Sarah, b. Marblehead, Aug. 24, 1849.

Frederick Alexander (Wylie), s. James Henry and Jane, bp. July 4, 1841. CR1

James Henry (Wylie), s. James Henry and Jane, bp. July 4, 1841. CR1

Julia Ann, d. James, mason, and Julia Ann, Mar. 10, 1845.

Mary A[nn Wylie. CR1], d. James H[enry. CR1] and J[ane. CR1] D., Oct. 31, 1838.

Mary Ann, d. James L., cabinet maker, and Mary Ann, at Milton, NH, Oct. 1, 1846.

Sarah E., d. James L., cabinet maker, b. Brookfield, NH, and Mary A., b. Danville, ME, June 29, 1849.

Walter S. (Wiley), s. Hiram, machinist, b. Hillsborough, NH, and Hannah W., b. Peterborough, NH, July 12, 1849.


Benjamin Payson, s. Alfred, trader, and Emily, May 14, 1844.

Mary E., d. William B., stone mason, and Mary A., Jan. 16, 1844.

Sarah Maria, d. Charles H., and Eliza D., Nov. 25, 1848.

Susan Abi, d. Josiah, stocking maker, and Elizabeth M., at Groton, July 23, 1844.

William Augustus, s. William, stone cutter, and Mary Ann, Feb. 25, 1847.


Albert Henry, s. William, laborer, and Eliza [ann. CR1], Jan. 13, 1845.

George, s. William and Elizabeth, bp. Mar. 23, 1838. CR1

James, s. William and Elizabeth, bp. July 6, 1834. CR1

Joshua Twining, s. William and Elizabeth, bp. Mar. 23, 1838. CR1

WILLOK (Willock)

Andrew S. [Willock. CR4], s. James, painter, and Margaret, Dec. 26, 1846.


Lamant Cicero, s. Amos M., carpenter, and Lucretia B., Sept. 30, 1845.


Martin Van Buren, s. Daniel M., overseer, and Abigail B., July 5, 1848.


Harriet Adelaide, d. James, manufacturer, and Hannah, Apr. 20, 1845.

WILSON (Willson)

–––––, d. David W., carpenter, and Maria F., Apr. 17, 1844.

Abby Jane, d. Lorenzo, teamster, and Susan P., June 23, 1848.

Abby Frances, d. Hubbard, manufacturer, and Lydia, Feb. 19, 1849.

Adeline Frances, d. Nathaniel, baker, and Ruth J., Mar. 20, 1845.

Alexander, s. Robert and Catherine, July 9, 1842. [1841. CR2]

Andrew T., s. Andrew, iron founder, and Almira, Dec. 19, 1843.

Ann Wallace, d. Nathaniel and Ruth J[ane. CR1], Jan. 2, 1836.

Ann Wallace, d. Nathaniel and Ruth Jane, bp. Apr. 17, 1836. CR1

Catherine, d. John and Margaret, Nov. 28, 1830.

Catherine Brown, d. Robert and Catherine, Feb. 11, 1836.

Catharine Merville, d. Cyrus W., overseer, and Emeline M., Jan. 25, 1847.

Clara Augusta, d. Edwin T., machinist, and Harriet N., Mar. 26, 1846.

Edmund Stuart, s. George W., machinist, and Martha N., Jan. 1, 1846.

Edward, s. Otis C., carpenter, and Lucy P., July 15, 1846.

Eliza Merrill (Willson), d. James and Eliza, Apr. 27, 1828.

Estelle M., d. Cyrus, manufacturer, and Emeline M., Aug. 25, 1843.

Estelle De Florin, d. Edward, overseer in factory, and Lydia L., Oct. 12, 1844.

Fanny, d. James and Eliza, Sept. 18, 1831.

Frances Maria, d. William, manufacturer, and Sarah E., Mar. 24, 1845.

Frank Hubbard, s. Hubbard, manufacturer, and Lydia, June 27, 1847.

George Pickering, s. James and Eliza, Jan. 29, 1830.

Harriet Medora, d. Levi, machinist, and Sophia, Oct. 29, 1844.

Idres Minerva, d. Gerry, manufacturer, and Mary D., Feb. 25, 1846.

Isabella Haven, d. Nathaniel and Ruth J[ane. CR1], May 27, 1837.

Israel, s. Joseph, "saw mill," and Julia Ann, both b. Canada, July 9, 1849.

James, s. Robert and Catherine, Oct. 6, 1838.

James H., s. James, jr., machinist, and Mary E., Sept. 21, 1845.

Jane, d. John and Mary W., bp. Apr. 30, 1837. CR1

Jenet Wright, d. James and Jean, Mar. 6, 1839.

Laura Frances, d. Nathaniel and Ruth Jane, bp. June 29, 1845. CR1

Margaret, d. James and Jean, July 1, 1834.

Mary, d. James and Jean, Oct. 8, 1836.

Mary J[ane. CR1], s. John, carpenter, and Mary W., Aug. 13, 1846.

Nancy Mariah, d. Charles L. and Nancy (Reed), May 6, 1835.

Robert, s. Robert and Catherine [Katherine. dup.], Aug. 2, 1843.

William, s. John and Mary W., bp. Apr. 30, 1837. CR1

William T., s. William, manufacturer, and Martha, Jan. 4, 1844.

William, s. William, rope spinner, and Hannah, at Chelmsford, Jan. 3, 1846.


John, s. William and Mary, Dec. 11, 1848. CR5


Edward, s. True, butcher, and Mary, Nov. 2, 1847.

Jane, d. True, butcher, and Mary, Feb. 11, 1845.

Kate, d. True, butcher, and Mary, July 14, 1843.

Philip Allen, s. True, butcher, and Mary Ellen, Aug. 27, 1846.

Sarah C., d. Benjamin T., blind maker, and Sarah E., June 10, 1843.


George W., s. Eben. machinist, and Eliza, Jan. 16, 1846.

William Warren, s. Ebenezer P. and Eliza Warren (Whitcomb), Oct. 7, 1839.


Charles H., s. Parker, machinist, and Eliza, Aug. 24, 1848.

Mary A[nnah. dup.], d. Silas B., manufacturer, and Nancy D., Sept. 27, 1843.


Frederick G., s. John, trunk maker, and Mary, Jan. 11, 1844.


Catherine, d. William and Mary, Apr. 29, 1848. CR5

Elizabeth, d. Charles and Margaret, Oct. 22, 1848. CR5

Harriet, d. William E. and Mary A., bp. Apr. 26, 1848. CR1

Mary, d. William and Mary, Apr. 29, 1848. CR5

Michael, s. William, dyer, b. England, and Mary, b. Ireland, Sept. 1, 1849. [Sept. 30. CR5]

William, s. William and Mary, Apr. 28, 1848. CR5


Bernard, s. Owen and Mary, bp. Dec. 28, 1842. CR3

John Edward, "three weeks old," s. Hugh and Mary, bp. Apr. 5, 1840. CR5

Mary Anne, "born 3 weeks, ", d. Hugh and Mary Anne, bp. Aug. 1, 1841. CR5


Pierpont, s. William, clerk, and Annie, both b. Portsmouth, NH, at Charlestown, Sept. 9, 1849.


Anne, d. John and Bridget, bp. May 3, 1845. CR5

WOOD (Woods)

–––––, s. Ephraim, laborer, b. Canada, and Mary A., b. Boston, Dec. 4, 1849.

Almira, d. Cammings, laborer, and Almira, Apr. 8, 1844.

Charles F., s. Charles, manufacturer, and Laura A., Oct. 9, 1848.

Charles R., s. Robert, "H. Doctor," b. England, and Martha A., b. Lebanon, NH, July 6, 1849.

Edward (Woods), "born 2 weeks," s. Edward and Anne, bp. Jan. 21, 1838. CR5

Elizabeth Ann, d. Ephraim and Nancy P. (Lunt), Apr. 17, 1832.

Ella, d. Horatio, clergyman, and Abigail, Sept. 3, 1848.

Elen Pearson, d. Ephraim and Nancy P. (Lunt), Dec. 23, 1833.

George Blanchard (Woods), s. George F., overseer, and Adelia A., Aug. 10, 1844.

George Robert, s. Robert and Martha, bp. Oct. 24, 1849. CR1

Homer H., s. Samuel N., trader, b. Dracut, and Laura, b. Orford, CT, (sic), Nov. 20, 1849.

Laura Maria, d. Samuel S., grocer, and Laura Jane, Jan. 30, 1848.

Luella Priscilla, d. Daniel, teamster, and Pamelia, Jan. 14, 1848.

Royal, s. Daniel A., teamster, and Pamelia, Nov. 21, 1843.

Rufus Kidder, s. William, overseer, and Elizabeth F., Nov. 8, 1848.


George Washington, s. John C., deceased, and Mehitable, bp. Aug. 2, 1839. CR1


–––––, s. Peter, carpenter, and Mary A., Apr. 30, 1847.

George, s. twin, John L., housewright, and Martha E., June 5, 1844.

Georgiana, d. twin, John L., housewright, and Martha E., June 5, 1844.

Marcus M., s. Joseph, carpenter, and Lucy W., Oct. 13, 1845.

Phebe Ricker, d. Joseph, carpenter, and Lucy, Dec. 17, 1847.


Frederick E., s. Dennis, machinist, and Dorothy, Mar. 18, 1849.


Deborah, d. Marston, carpenter, and Susan, Apr. 10, 1845.

Emily Ann, d. Watson, painter, and Mary Ann, May 3, 1846.

WOODWARD (Woodard)

Abby Frances, d. John C., laborer, and A., Aug. 25, 1848.

Ann Josephine, d. Calvin and Mary Ann (Woodcock), Nov. 28, 1837.

Charles E. [Corman. CR1], s. James, manufacturer, and Mersilvia, Mar. 19, 1846.

Ellen Jane, d. Amasa, carpenter, and Mary Anne, Apr. 5, 1845.

George Calvin, s. Calvin and Mary Ann (Woodcock), July 2, 1833.

George Franklin, s. John C., laborer, and Abigail, May 4, 1844.

George Rea (Woodard), s. James and Mersylvia, bp. Apr. 25, 1847. CR1

James Benjamin, s. James and Mersilvia Fuller, both from Waltham, Aug. 30, 1833.

Lydia M., d. Dana, painter, and Martha, Nov. 19, 1845.

Mariette, d. Hemen, trader, and Ruth, Jan. 24, 1845.

Martha Jane, d. James, manufacturer, and Mersylvia, Apr. 23, 1848.

Mary, d. John T., manufacturer, and Hannah, May 28, 1843.

Mary Leora, d. Elijah L., manufacturer, and Mary D., Dec. 7, 1844.

Milton, P. LaF. [Petty LaFayette. CR1], s. Calvin, machinist, and Mary Ann, Aug. 22, 1848.

Rosette Maria (Woodard), d. James and Mersylvia, bp. Apr. 25, 1847. CR1

Sarah Elizabeth (Woodard), d. James and Mersylivia, bp. Apr. 25, 1847. CR1


–––––, d. George, farmer, and Margaret Jane, Dec. 30, 1847.

Emma S., d. George, farmer, and Margaret J., Dec. 9, 1845.

Harriet Maria, d. Leonard, tailor, and Minerva, July 6, 1846.


Elizabeth, d. Richard and Elizabeth, bp. Sept. 11, 1841.


–––––, s. William E., engineer, and Margaret B., Mar. 26, 1847.

Catherine Janette, d. George W., civil engineer, b. Bradford, VT, and Elizabeth, b. Hillsborough, NH, Oct. 12, 1849.

Charles Henry, s. E.B., grocer, and Emily, Jan. ––, 1847.

Ezekiel Bartlett, s. E.B., grocer, and Caroline S., Sept. 3, 1848.

Francis W., s. Walter and Hannah, both from Bridgewater, NH, abt. Oct. 5, 1829.

George E., s. Ezekiel B., trader, and Emeline, May 26, 1843.

George Albert, s. Albert, manufacturer, and Rosanna, June 8, 1845.

John Polk, s. Jonathan P., manufacturer, and Hannah A., Feb. 22, 1845.

Julia Ann, d. Ezekiel B., trader, and Emeline, Nov. 16, 1844.

Mary Moodie, d. Mary, bp. Jan. 25, 1829.

William Ezra, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1


Adaline Fleming, d. Robert and Ruth, from Manchester, England, Aug. 28, 1838.

Irene Wyman, d. Robert and Ruth, Dec. 21, 1835.

Martha Ann, d. Robert and Ruth, Oct. 26, 1834.

Rooke E. F[leming. CR1], s. Robert, manufacturer, and Ruth, Nov. 11, 1843.

Ruth Elizabeth, d. Robert and Ruth, bp. June 30, 1837. CR1

Theodore Mitchell, s. Robert and Ruth, Jan. 17, 1840.


Mary, d. John and Mary, Apr. 2, 1847. CR6


Albert D., s. Nathan M., trader, b. Concord, and Iscah, b. Millbury, Nov. 6, 1849.

Alexander, s. Alexander, agent, and Sabra, July 22, 1846.

Alfred Leroy, s. Amos D., weaver, and Althea F., June 29, 1847.

Amy Elizabeth, d. Walter and Lydia, bp. Apr. 14, 1847.

Ann Elizabeth, d. Walter, overseer, and Lydia, Jan. 30, 1847.

Ann Elisabeth, d. Nathaniel, shoe dealer, and Ann Perley, and adopted d. Hapgood Wright, Dec. 16, 1847.

Ann Maria, d. John, teamster, and Mary Ann, Nov. 17, 1848.

Caroline L., d. Luther, laborer, and Betsey, Nov. 30, 1843.

Catherine Janette, d. Alexander and Sabra, Oct. 28, 1831.

Charles W[alter. CR1], s. Walter, overseer, and Lydia, Mar. 27, 1845.

[Frank Merriam. different ink.], s. N.M., shoe dealer, and Isabella, Apr. 10, 1848.

Edward W., s. Ezra W., carpenter, b. Westford, and Hannah, b. Pepperell, Oct. 13, 1849.

Eleanor F., d. Nathan M., shoe dealer, and Isabella, Sept. 13, 1843.

Ella Jane, d. Andrew W., shoe dealer, and Elizabeth A., Aug. 6, 1848.

Ella T[aylor. CR1], d. Walter, manufacturer, and Lydia, Feb. 5, 1849.

Ellen Waugh, d. Alexander and Sabra, Aug. 20, 1840.

Ellen Lydia, d. Walter [manufacturer. dup.] and Lydia, Oct. 3, 1843.

Emeline Lawson, d. Alexander and Sabra, Oct. 3, 1836.

Florence Viola, d. Franklin D., painter, and Julia S., May 25, 1848.

Frank B., s. A.C., trader, b. Concord, and Elizabeth A., b. Plymouth, NH, July 14, 1849.

George A., s. George, manufacturer, and Mary A., Mar. 19, 1844.

George Alexander, s. Alexander W., trader, and Elizabeth, Feb. 28, 1845.

George Henry, s. George, machinist, and Mary E., at Littleton, Feb. 18, 1846.

George S., d. George S., machinist, and Mary F., Dec. 18, 1847.

Harriet Elizabeth, d. Jacob, shoemaker, and Hannah, Nov. 22, 1844.

Helen Lydia, d. Walter and Lydia, bp. Dec. 10, 1843. CR1

John, s. John, teamster, and Mary A[ne. CR6], June 27, 1847.

Laura Grace, d. Nathaniel and Laura, bp. Apr. 24, 1835. CR1

Lilla Elizabeth, d. Asahel B., painter, and Abby N., Sept. ––, 1846.

Lois Ripley, d. Alexander and Sabra, Dec. 4, 1833.

Lucy Reed, d. Peter and Meribah, bp. Oct. 26, 1845. CR4

Mary Montgomery, d. Alexander and Sabra, June 19, 1838.

Nathaniel, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

Pretice Emery, s. Nathaniel and Laura, bp. Apr. 24, 1835. CR1

Sabra, d. Alexander and Sabra, Mar. 7, 1830.

Susan, d. –––––, laborer, Aug. 18, 1845.

Susan Floretta, d. Jacob, shoe dealer, and Anna B., Aug. 4, 1848.

Thomas, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

Tilden B., s. Joel A., manufacturer, and Martha B., Apr. 29, 1846.

William Henry, s. Nathaniel and Laura, bp. Apr. 24, 1835. CR1


Charles, s. Charles and Catherine Callighan, Dec. 30, 1842. CR5


–––––, s. John P. ["wife dead. " dup.], manufacturer, Aug. 13, 1843.

George Austin, s. Oliver, machinist, and Joanna, May 27, 1848.

George Joseph, s. John and Catherine, Sept. 3, 1849. CR6

Hamilton W., s. Josiah A., machinist, and Ruth H., July 12, 1845.

John Sidney, s. John L., machinist, and Maria, Sept. 13, 1848.

Louisa, s. Augustus M., b. Ipswich, and Louisa, b. Shirley, Dec. 18, 1849.

Mary J.W., d. Archelus C., shoemaker, and Abigail, G., Sept. 6, 1845.

William, s. William W. and Sarah, bp. July 5, 1835. CR1

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