Thomas, and Susanna Latham, ––– ––, 1746. PR1*

Elvira, of Newbury, and John Gawn, int. Mar. 11, 1828.

Alice, and John Barron, int. Sept. 26, 1831.

Isaac, and Harriet Newell, int. Oct. 15, 1835.

Sarah H., and Charles Harrington, jr. of Lexington, Apr. 6, 1840.

Fanny, unm., a. 20 y., d. Levi and Abigail, and Charles Drown, widr., a. 25 y., operative, s. Joseph and Margery, July 5, 1845.

James [of Boston. int.], and Eliza Ford, Aug. 28, 1845. CR3

Snell O., and Olive H. Thompson of Kingfield, ME, int. Sept. 8, 1845.

George S., unm., a. 23 y., operative, s. John and Hannah, and Mary M. Clough, unm., a. 21 y., operative, d. David and Abigail, Nov. 1, 1845.

Margaret, unm., a. 25 y., teacher, d. William and Sarah, and Frederic Graham, unm., a. 28 y., manufacturer, s. Aaron and Mary, Nov. 12, 1845.


Newell (Wadley), and Sarah Patten, [Aug. 28. int.], 1828.

Sarah, and Nathaniel G. Simons [Simonds. int.], Mar. 19, 1834.

Laura, and Albert J. Tay, Mar. ––, 1837.

Adaline P., and Amos Blood of Boston, int. Dec. 8, 1839.

Harriet M., and Theophilus C. Blaisdell, Oct. 7, 1841.*

Josephine E., unm., a. 21 y., dressmaker, d. Daniel and Elizabeth, and Horace W. Flint, unm,. of Boston, a. 23 y., clerk, s. Nehemiah and Mehetable, Dec. 10, 1845.

Azariah B., unm., a. 25 y., carpenter, s. Ichabod and Lavina, and Sarah L., Maxwell, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Benjamin and Lucinda, Dec. 21, 1845.

Alanson P., and Phebe J. Mitchell, int. Oct. 1, 1846.

WAITT (Wait, Waite)

Aaron (Wait), Rev., and [Mrs. int.] Hannah D. Colby, July 8, 1832.

Sarah H., and Josiah Wolcott, jr., int. Aug. 4, 1833.

Elizabeth A., and John J. close, certif. Sept. 7, 1834.

Aaron [Rev. Aaron Whipple. int.], of Malden, and Clarrissa Peabody, June 24, 1835.

Daniel S. (Wait), of Chelmsford, and Sarah Ross, int. Aug. 7, 1843.

Lucius E. (Waite), unm., of North Brookfield, a. 22 y., clerk, s. Otis and Polly L., and Lucy A[nn. int.] Pierce, unm., a. 20 y., d. John N. and Charlott A., Nov. 30, 1848.

Mary M. (Waite), and Daniel Merrill, both unm., May 5, 1849.


Charles F., and Abigail M. Henderson, int. Nov. 14, 1831.

Louisa, and Calvin Dutton, both of Boston, June 7, 1841.*

Ivory G., unm., a. 27 y., manufacturer, s. William, and Sophia C. Heald, unm., a. 24 y., d. R. and S. Nov. 18, 1846.

Selenda M., unm., a. 20 y., tailoress, d. Silas and Mary, and William H. Harris, unm., a. 23 y., coachman, s. David and Rosamill, Feb. 24, 1847.

WALCOTT (Walcot, Walcutt, Wolcott, Woolcot)

Hiram (Walcutt), and Marium Farrar of Concord, int. Sept. 16, 1827.

Josiah (Wolcott), jr., and Sarah H. Waitt, int. Aug. 4, 1833.

William W[ells. int.] (Walcot), and Abigail Ann Maynard, int. Feb. 5, 1834.

Hannah, and William H. Elliott, int. Dec. 1, 1836.

William W., and Sarah Robinson, int. Nov. 3, 1839.

John C. (Woolcot), unm., a. 24 y., farmer, and Elizabeth E. Hackett, unm., a. 20 y., housekeeper, both of Danvers Feb. 12, 1846.*

WALDEN (Walkdon)

James (Walkdon), unm., a. 32 y., machinist, and Adeline P. Burgess, unm., a. 28 y., operative, Oct. 30, 1847.

Thomas, unm., a. 30 y., carpenter, b. England, s. William and Mary, and Jessey Elizabeth Muhlig, unm., a. 21 y., b. Nova Scotia, d. Charles and Elizabeth, Dec. 22, 1849. [Nov. 22. CR1]


Marinda M., unm., a. 22 y., d. Benjamin C. and Susanna, and Origen D. Clark, unm., a. 22 y., blacksmith, s. Stephen B. and Susanna, Nov. 7, 1846.


Martha, and Broadstreet Plummer, int. Aug. 18, 1832. [Aug. 16. CR1]

Volentine C., and Dorothy Wallingford, int. Oct. 14, 1832.

Maria F., and Charles B. Frost, Mar. 3, 1844.

Sarah B., unm., a. 37 y., dressmaker, d. John and Comfort, and John S. Harriman, widr., a. 36 y., blacksmith, s. Daniel and Abigail, June 14, 1846.


Lucina, Mrs., and Henry Cheever, int. Nov. 23, 1828.

Elvira M., and Jeremiah D. Whittlesey, [Whittelsey. int.], July 25, 1830.

Mehitable S., and Hugh Gilchrist, int. Nov. 7, 1831.

Alexander, of Deerfield, NY, and Hemitable E. Woodbury, int. Nov. 25, 1832.

Mary Jane, and Warren S. Thomas, int. June 2, 1833.

Betsey P., and Thomas Cochran, int. Oct. 13, 1833.

Sabrina M., and Joseph H. Bryant, int. Apr. 12, 1835.

James, and Lucinda [Lucina. int.] Dunbar, Oct. 11, 1835.

Almore, and Mary Snow, June 5, 1837.

Abby M., and John Y.F. Durgin of Boston, int. Sept. 17, 1837.

Martha E., and William Whittemore of New Ipswich, NH, Nov. 15, 1837.

Andrew, and Mary C. Eastman, int. Oct. 7, 1838.

Dexter M., and Lucinda H. Robinson, int. Oct. 14, 1838.

Adaline, and Henry Haynes, Nov. 22, 1838.

Martha, Mrs., and Samuel Willey of Boston, int. Jan. 6, 1839.

Lydia, and Joseph b. Foss, Aug. 25, 1839.

Sarah, and William H. King, Sept. 20, 1841.

John, and Sophia Snow, Oct. 23, 1841.

Hannah, and Moses Page, Dec. 23, 1841.

Josiah, and Sarah A. Evans, Jan. 24, 1842.

Benjamin, and Catharine [K. int.] Gillis of Wilmington, Oct. 27, 1842.

Prudence G., and Ambrose Hopkinson, Apr. 22, [1843.]

Thomas Charles, unm., a. 25 y., blacksmith, s. Solomon and Nancy, and Lucinda Smart, unm., a. 25 y., d. John and Roami [Loana. in pencil.], June 1, 1844.

Lorin, unm., and Huldah Tilton, unm., June 30, 1844.

Aaron, jr., unm., a. 28 y., teacher, s. Aaron and Submit C., and Harriet C. Oliver, unm., a. 22 y., teacher, d. Samuel C. and Julia A., July 3, 1844.

Joseph C., and Harriet N. Jones of Framingham, int. Sept. 14, 1844.

Justina L., wid., a. 30 y., operative, d. David P. and Mercy Noyes, and Samuel L. Powers, unm., a. 28 y., farmer, s. Obed and Cynthia, Oct. 25, 1844.

Mary Ann, unm., of Nashua, a. 22 y., operative, d. David and Lydia, and Jeremiah Crowley, unm., of Nashua, a. 22 y., mechanic. s. Timothy and Mary, Feb. 4, 1845.*

Ruel J., unm., a. 27 y., operative, s. Loa and Sally, and Mary P. Webster, unm., a. 24 y., tailoress, d. Ralph and Rebecca, Feb. 27, 1845.

Andrew J., unm., a. 25 y., machinist, s. John and Catherine, and Susan T. Boyington [Boynton. int.], unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Mark and Desire, at Dracut, Sept. 21, 1845.

Sarah D., unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Charles and Abby, and Ezra W. Reeves, unm., a. 22 y., operative, s. Samuel and Rebecca, May 18, 1846.

Josiah, and Susan C. French, Dec. 12, 1846.

William A., unm., a. 23 y., operative, and Maria A. Pike, unm., a. 19 y., operative, Mar. 11, 1847.

Augusta H., and Henry Cobb, int. Mar. 4, 1848.

Rosetta P., unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Samuel P. and Sarah, and Francis W. Towle, unm., a. 19 y., operative, s. Jeremiah and Hannah, Apr. 15, 1848.

Susan R., and Ambrose H. Mudgett of Sandwich, NH, May 21, 1848.

Mary, unm., a. 24 y., operative, d. William and Margaret, and William P. Ferrin, unm., of Epsom, NH, a. 24 y., farmer, s. Benjamin and Mary, July 2, 1848.

Ann J., unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Benjamin and Emily, and Caleb Fisher, unm., a. 24 y., s. Caleb and Mary, Nov. 30, 1848.

Charlotte A., and Samuel W. Hunt, Feb. 18, 1849.

Charles F., unm., a. 25 y., operative, s. John and Arethusa, and Alice P. Packard, unm., a. 19 y. [operative. int.], d. Lewis and Celinda, June 18, 1849.

Lydia B., unm., a. 18 y., b. Charlestown, d. Nathan and Mary, and Jackson H. Shaw, a. 21 y., teamster, b. Exeter, ME, s. Ansel and Deborah, Dec. 20, 1849.


Thomas, and Mary Sullivan, int. Nov. 15, 1835.

WALLACE (Wallase, Walles, Wallis)

Charlotte M[ariah. int], and Joseph Exley, int. Jan. 18, 1830.

Rachel L., and Gilmore Pond, both from Medway, bef. Apr. 30, 1830.*

Mary Ann, and Jeremiah Murray, certif. May 18, 1834.

John, and Ellen Ames, certif. July 9, 1837.

Susan, and Chandler Dane of Medford, Nov. 6, 1838.

David, of Nashua, NH, and Catherine W. Swain, Nov. 10, 1840.

John, and Eliza B. Powell, int. Mar. 14, 1841.

Rebekah, and Cyrus W. Towns, int. Feb. 26, 1842.

Nicholas, and Catharine Flyn, Jan. 16, 1844.

Augusta C. [Augustus C. int.], unm., of Brooline, NH, a. 24 y., d. Matthew, and Otis Wright, unm., a. 26 y., machinist, s. Liberty, Feb. 27, 1845.

James, and Mary Graham, Nov. 26, 1845. CR1

Mary E.M. (Wallis), and Thomas W. Lord, int. Sept. 6, 1847.

Patrick, unm., a. 25 y., laborer, s. Patrick and Ann and Agnes McGowen, unm., a. 20 y., Oct. 5, 1847.

Hiram S., unm., of Antrim, NH, a. 23 y., s. Bartlett and Lucy A., and Elizabeth Putnam, unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. Timothy, Nov. 4, 1847.

William (Wallase), unm., of Roxbury, a. 22 y., machinist, s. Benjamin and Susan, and Hannah P. Sproul, unm., of Roxbury, a. 20 y., Jan. 31, 1848.*

Judy, unm., a. 20 y., d. Maurice and Mary, and John Kenny, unm., a. 23 y., laborer, s. Thomas and Ellen, Apr. 30, 1848.

Christian C., and James Collins, June 18, 1848.

Mary, unm., of Portland, and William H. Gibby, unm., Nov. 6, 1848.

Daniel R., and Almira C. Martin of Andover, int. Jan. 27, 1849.

Francis M. (Walles), unm., a. 20 y., operative, b. Freeman, ME, d. John and Fanny, and Joseph H. Ellswroth, unm., a. 21 y., teamster, b. Warren, NH, s. Moses M. and Susan, Aug. 5, 1849.

Ann Jane, unm., a. 26 y., b. Canada, d. Henry and Mary Jane, and Henry E. Goodell, unm., a. 24 y., butcher, b. Westminster, VT, s. Moses and Ann, Nov. 29, 1849.

Mary (Wallis), unm., a. 25 y., b. Ireland, Patrick and Ann, and Francis Semple, unm., a. 23 y., operative, b. Ireland, s. Alexander and Mary, int. Dec. 20, 1849.

WALLBRIDGE (Walbridge, Wellbridge)

Martha (Walbridge), and George Newall [Newell. int.], Dec. 1, 1836.

Louisa [Wellbirdge. dup.; Walbridge. int.], and John C. Underwood of Quincy, Apr. 2, 1838.

John G. (Walbridge), and Lavinia G. Moore, June 19, 1839.


Dorothy, and Volentine C. Waldron, int. Oct. 14, 1832.

Mary W., unm., a. 25 y., operative, d. Peter and Sarah, and Rufus W. Stevens, unm., of Somersworth, NH, a. 23 y., merchant, s. Whiting and Abigail, Sept. 30, 1846.

Clara M., unm., a. 21 y., d. Peter and Sarah, and William B. Martin, unm., of Somersworth, NH, a. 22 y., merchant, s. John and Clarissa, Feb. 7, 1848.

Winthrop W., and Candace Chellis of Nashua, int. Feb. 25, 1848.

Lyman J., unm., a. 24 y., tinplate worker, b. Stanstead, Lower Canada, s. David and Abigail, and Lucy Ann Shepard, unm., a. 25 y., b. Raymond, NH, d. Jesse and Mary, Sept. 23, 1849.

WALTERS (Als Walter)

Sarah (Walter), and George Rayner, int. July 3, 1843.

John C., see Waters, John C.


Joseph W. [Josiah W., of Temple. NH int.], and Nancy Bailey, Mar. 18, 1834.

Josiah, see Walton, Joseph.

Abagail, and Daniel Smith, int. May 31, 1835.

William T., and Frances A. Livingston, Sept. 29, 1839.

Rhoda S. [J. int.], and Alpheus Spaulding, jr., at Chelmsford, Sept. 17, 1840.

Samuel, and Fanny Diggles, Feb. 28, 1841.

Daniel, and Eliza Flanagan, int. July 26, 1841. CR5

Clarrissa H., and George b. Saunders of Boston, June 30, 1842.

Eliza M., of Lynn, and Willard M. Smith, int. July 9, 1842.

Hannah D., and John B. Marshall of New York, July 30, 1842.

Jerusha, and John Crozier [Crowell. int.], Nov. 5, 1842.

Ellen M., of Lynn, and George W. Smith, int. Aug. 17, 1844.

Elizabeth, and Abraham Hoyle of Taunton, Aug. 20, 1846. CR1

Harriet N., unm., a. 25 y., operative, d. David and Mary, and Samuel M. Hatch, unm., a. 26 y., operative, s. Alfred and Sarah, at Dracut, Nov. 6, 1847.

Catherine, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. James and Honora, and James Barry, unm., a. 22 y., operative, s. Richard and Ellen, Nov. 20, 1847.

WARD (Word)

Mary, and James Dugdale, int. Nov. 22, 1827.

Mary S., and Moses Young, int. Mar. 27, 1836.

Stilcy [Stiley. dup.], and Jonathan Leathers, Nov. 30, 1837.

Elizabeth, and Patrick McCluskay [of Chelmsford. int.], May 22, 1839. CR5

Esther, and Sylvester Pierce of Gloucester, Aug. 18, 1839.

Samuel N. (Word) [Wood. int.], and Margaret Kilton, May 11, 1840.

Hannah M., and John S. Barrett, May 24, 1840.

Mary A[nn. int.], and Charles C. Chandler, July 6, 1840.

Ruthy Ann, Mrs., and John E. Chase of Methuen, int. Mar. 14, 1841.

Rufus, and Rowena P. Straw, Nov. 25, 1841.

Moses H., and Phebe W. Simmons, Sept. 1, 1842.

Stephen D., and Jemima B. Staples of Salem, NH, int. Nov. 24, 1842.

John P., and Harriet N. Stockbridge, Feb. 5, 1843.

Nancy L., and Samuel H. Sargent, int. June 17, 1843.

Stephen D., and Miriam S. Douglass, Jan. 1, 1844.

Delia G., and John L. Davis of Chelmsford, int. June 24, 1845.

Catherine B., unm., a. 25 y., and Eben R. Hobbs, unm., a. 24 y., Dec. 25, 1845 or 1846.

Patrick, unm., [of Chelmsford. int.], a. 33 y., moulder, s. Owen and Catharine, and Catharine Shea, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Jeremiah and Elizabeth, Oct. 1, 1846.

Elizabeth G., and Aaron B. Tilton, int. Jan. 2, 1847.

Charles, unm., a. 28 y., trader, s. Artemas and Mary A., and Harriet E. King, unm., d. Oliver and Polly, Apr. 21, 1847.

James, unm., of Manchester, a. 24 y., laborer, and Lovina McIntire, unm., a. 19 y., Dec. 26, 1847. [1846. CR3]*

Margaret, unm., a. 29 y., d. Richard and Catherine, and John Farmer, unm., a. 29 y., laborer, s. Dennis and Bridget, Jan. 13, 1848.

Sarah A., unm., a. 20 y., d. Moses and Harriet, and Plummer C. Tarbox, unm., a. 21 y., operative, s. William and Judith, Jan. 30, 1848.

Catherine, unm., a. 21 y., d. Richard and Catherine, and William Caffy [Coffey. int.], unm., a. 25 y., laborer, s. John and Mary, Mar. 2, 1848.

Harriet J., unm., a. 23 y., dressmaker, d. Josiah and Nancy, and James Leonard, unm., a. 25 y., operative, s. Josiah and Sally, Apr. 29, 1848.

Margaret, unm., and James Stevenson of Manchester, NH, May 11, 1848.

Patrick, unm., a. 27 y., laborer, b. Ireland, s. John and Mary, and Winna Kane, unm., a. 19 y., b. Ireland, d. James and Judith, int. July 20, 1848. [Stopped by P. Ward, July 21.]

Caroline, and Alfred Wiswell of Framingham, int. Aug. 5, 1848.

Thomas, unm., a. 30 y., s. Richard and Catherine, and Catherine Furlong, unm., a. 20 y., d. Michael and Mary, Feb. 6, 1849.

Josiah P., unm., a. 28 y., carpet weaver, s. Josiah and Nancy, and Mehitable W. Griffin, unm., a. 20 y. [dressmaker. int.], d Benjamin and Deborah, May 15, 1849.

WARDEN (Worden)

Robert (Worden), and Lucy Hildreth, int. Jan. 31, 1836.

Jane and Robert Whitton, Dec. 23, 1847.

WARDWELL (Waddell, Wardell)

Nancy, of Dighton, and Richmond Jones, int. Apr. 10, 1831.

Mary Jane, and Samuel Emery, Apr. 7, 1842.

Jemima [Waddell. CR1], and Stephen McMonagle [], Apr. 6, 1848.

Joanna F., unm., a. 23 y., d. Jacob and Mary, and George W. Stevens, unm., a. 33 y., painter, s. Joseph and Sarah, Nov. 2, 1848.

WARE (Wares, Wear, Weare)

Lucy, and John Philbrick, int. Dec. 2, 1827.

Warren, and Louisa Prescott [Sept. 28. int.], 1828.

Joseph, unm., a. 21 y., operative, s. Joseph and Maria, and Mary Jane Irish, unm., a. 25 y., operative, d. William and Lucy, Dec. 24, 1844.

Joseph (Wear), and Ruth Hancock of Dracut, int. June 14, 1845.

John M. (Wares), widr., of Michigan, a. 43 y., farmer, s. Moses and Rebecca, and Mary S. Yeaton, unm., a. 41 y., operative, d. Philip and Huldah, Aug. 12, 1845.

Joseph (Weare), unm., a. 21 y., machinist, s. John and Polly, and Eliza A. Bickford, unm., a. 18 y., d. Dodifer and Lydia, July 3, 1848.

Thomas (Weare) [Wear. int.], and Lydia Wiggin, Mar. 17, 1849.


Myron, of Wales, NY, and Sophia W. Morse, certif. May 7, 1837.

Cynthia Jane, see Warren, Cynthia Jane.

Sophia E., and William Seaver, int. Jan. 17, 1841.

Mary D., unm., of Ipswich, a. 30 y., d. William and Mary, and James P. Archer, unm., of Ipswich, a. 27 y., pianoforte manufacturer, s. James and Elisabeth, May 20, 1847.*

Roena B., unm., of Lancaster, a. 19 y., b. Bolton, d. Elias and Mary Ann, and Curtis P. Smith, unm., of Lancaster, a. 30 y., farmer, b. Barre, s. Andrew and Lydia, Nov. 28, 1849.*


Mary, b. Littleton, and Ithamar A. Beard, b. Tewksbury, Apr. 23, 1812. PR1*

Jonathan, and Rebecca –––––, from Mason, NH, ––– ––, [bef. 1825.]*

Susan A., of Charlestown, and John Bucknam, int. Mar. 14, 1830.

Adaline, and Roswell Douglass, int. May 16, 1831.

David, of chelmsford, and Lydia K. Adams, int. July 12, 1832.

Hannah, and Peter E. Sanborn, int. Aug. 26, 1832.

Horatio [of Westborough. int.], and Lucinda F. Harrington, Feb. 8, 1833.

Lavina, of Hancock, NH, and Alvah C. Chase, int. Apr. 28, 1833.

Abigail, and Joel Wilson [of Dorchester. int.], May ––, 1834. [May 19. int.]

Jonathan, and Maria Dinsmoor, Sept. 7, 1834.

Achsah, and Samuel R. Colburn, Sept. 14, 1836.

Samuel F., of Pepperell, and Harriet L. Sawyer, int. Nov. 11, 1838.

Cynthia Jane [Warner. int. and dup.], and Nathan Griffin of Londonderry, NH, Sept. 10, 1839.

Theodore, and Louisa Davoll of Warren, RI, int. June 23, 1843.

Samuel, and Angeline Nye of Fall River, int. July 22, 1843.

Andrew, unm., of Winslow, ME, a. 23 y., farmer, s. Andrew and Catharine, and Elizabeth L. Hutchins, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Asa E. and Sally, June 18, 1844.

Remember, Mrs., and Sylvanus J. Roberts of West Porspect, ME, int. Sept. 16, 1844.

George, and Lucinda C. Mack, int. Oct. 5, 1844. [Stopped Oct. 9 by request of Lucinda C. Mack.]

Annette, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Isaac and Betsey, and Edward Wilkins, unm., of Deering, NH, a. 23 y., blacksmith, s. Davis and Abigail, Oct. 7, 1844.

Sally, and George W. Shedd, int. Mar. 12, 1846.

Sarah E., unm., of Newburyport, a. 25 y., d. Benjamin and Elizabeth, and Thomas and Pearson, unm., of Newburyport, a. 29 y., manufacturer, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, Oct. 12, 1846.*

Harriet, unm., a. 18 y., d. Isaac and Betsey, and Daniel Hollinger, unm., of Dracut, a. 30 y., paper maker, s. Daniel and Phebe A., Oct. 17, 1847.*

Aaron R., unm., a. 25 y., clerk, and M. Elizabeth Puffer, unm., a. 22 y., d. Elizabeth, Jan. 23, 1849.


John M., and Jenette Crawford, int. Dec. 14, 1832.

Hannah H., and Elbridge G. Rice, int. Jan. 5, 1834.

Oliver, and [Mrs. int.] Betsey W. Geddings, int. May 19, 1834.

Osbert S., of Woodstock, VT, and Mary Jane Southard, certif., Mar. 25, 1838.

Thomas S., and Ann Rodgers, Apr. 1, 1839. [Apr. 9. dup.]

Elizabeth H., unm., a. 22 y., tailoress, d. Reuben and Clarissa, and George Young, unm., a. 28 y., tailor, s. John and Ellen, July 8, 1844.

Edward D., unm., of Boston, painter, and Lucinda A. Bigelow [Bigelow. int.], unm., a. 21 y., operative, d. Joseph, Mar. 22, 1846.


Prentis M., unm., a. 26 y., machinist, s. William and Sarah, and Sarah Rounds, unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Moses and Sarah, Sept. 13, 1846.

Benjamin, see Whitehouse, Benjamin.

Andrew H., unm., a. 21 y., operative, b. Standish, ME, s. Theophilus and Ann, and Frances P. Hagan, unm., a. 23 y., b. Bath, ME, d. Richard and Frances P., int. Sept. 3, 1849.


David W., and Mary B. Herrick, Oct. 22, 1837.

Harrison B., and Lydia Maria Elliot of Nashua, NH, Mar. 13, 1839.

Charles M., and Lydia Greely [Greeley. int.], Oct. 27, 1841.

Achsah, and Ninian Cochran, both of Manchester, NH, Nov. 18, 1845.*

Thankful S., and Newell G. Hemenway, int. May 13, 1847.

Thomas, unm., of Boston, a. 32 y., trader, b. Maine, s. Thomas, and Mary B. Gordon, unm., of Boston, a. 30 y., b. Boston, d. Henry, Sept. 13, 1849.*


Samuel T., unm., a. 31 y., painter, s. Thomas, and Rosanna Barton, unm., a. 17 y., d. John, May 8, 1847.

John C. [Walters. int.], a. 24 y. [unm., a. 23 y., operative, b. England, s. George and Esther. int.], and Sarah A. Fisher, a. 21 y. [unm., a. 24 y., operative, b. England, d. Nathaniel. int.], Aug. 5, 1849.


Lavonia S., and Abijah Watson, int. June 29, 1832.

Sarah, and Rev. Stilman Barden of Harvard, Apr. 9, 1839.

Emily D., unm., a. 20 y., housekeeper, d. H., and James F. Moulton, unm., of Sanford, ME, a. 22 y., blacksmith, s. J., Oct. 18, 1846.

Nancy, unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. Samuel and Hannah, and Joseph Loomis, unm., a. 23 y., railroad conductor, s. Horace and Parthenia, July 11, 1847.

WATSON (Wason)

Moody, and Ruth Elkins, Dec. 7, 1831.

Abijah, and Lavonia S. Watkins, int. June 29, 1832.

Hiram, and Elizabeth Knox, int. Oct. 20, 1833.

Noah, and Catherine Reed, Jan. 6, 1835.

Edward F., from Nottingham, NH, and Meribah Ann Main of Rochester, NH [NY int.], at Rochester, NH, Apr. 12, 1835.

Harriet (Wason), and Albert Mallard, int. Sept. 13, 1835.

Thomas (Wason), and Marcey E. Cowdrey of Lunenburg, int. Dec. 27, 1835.

Abigail, and Ezra Young, Apr. 7, 1836.

Benjamin F., and Mary A. Haynes of Rumney, May 19, 1836.

Abijah, and Phebe J. Sargent, certif. May 7, 1837.

Humphrey S., and Harriet A. Shed, May 16, 1837.*

Mary Ann, and Lotan [Solon. dup.] Ames, Apr. 29, 1838.

Ruth Emerline [F. Emeline. dup.], and Jarius C. Hildreth of Holliston, Nov. 19, 1838.

Shepherd, and Emeline Treat, Jan. 13, 1839.

Barnett (Wason), and Lucy P. Corey of Groton, int. Oct. 27, 1839.

Hannah, and Daniel K. [H. dup.] Kenyon, Jan. 9, 1840.

Benjamin F., and Laura A. Varnum of Dracut, Feb. 27, 1840.

Nancy F., and Thomas M. Smith, Jan. 6, 1841.

Mary A., and Daniel d. Crombie, May 6, 1841.

Melissa B., and William H. Collins, Oct. 3, 1841.

Joseph [C.], and Ruth Watson, Dec. 15, 1841.

Ruth, and Joseph [C.] Watson, Dec. 15, 1841.

Nicodemus, and Eliza Wilkins, Apr. 3, 1842.

William, and Sarah E. Mower, Oct. 3, 1842.

Hannah B., and Moses F. Judkins of Cornville, ME, int. Apr. 22, 1843.

Hannah Hall, and John H. Kimball, Apr. 27, 1843.

John Hall, and Elizabeth Reddington Ladd, Apr. 27, 1843.

Eliza, and Nelson H. Caswell, July 4, 1843.

Freeman, and Olive M. Plaisted, int. Aug. 12, 1843.

Enoch, unm., a. 26 y., operative, s. James and Lucy, and Harriet L. Parkhurst, unm., operative, d. John and Sarah, Aug. 1, 1844.

Benjamin, widr., a. 35 y., merchant, s. Benjamin, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Augusta Brown, wid., a. 27 y., d. John Ladd, Oct. 6, 1844.

Justus D., of Somersworth, NH, and Rosina Callender of Cambridgeport of Boston, Aug. 26, 1845. CR1*

Elizabeth Ann, of Nottingham, NH, and Asahel D. Puffer, int. Sept. 13, 1845.

Elizabeth F., and John Page, jr. of Athens, ME, int. Sept. 20, 1845.

Charles G., of Somersworth, NH, and Phebe C. Knowles of Chelmsford, Nov. 28, 1845. CR1*

Benjamin, widr., of Framington, ME, a. 40 y., farmer, and Sarah Smith, unm., a. 35 y., May 3, 1848.

John D.A., of Haverhill, and Sarah Annie Pearson, int. July 8, 1848.

Oliver, of Sandwich, NH, shoemaker, and Susan Quimby, unm., dressmaker, Apr. 19, 1849.*

James, unm., a. 29 y., overseer, b. Nottingham, NH, s. Benjamin and Lillis, and Mary D. Stone, unm., a. 22 y., b. Newton, d. Joel and Juliette, Nov. 28, 1849.


Theophilus B., and Laura Ann Sargent, int. May 26, 1839.


Ann, and Albert Hastings of Boston, Dec. 3, 1838.

John H., of Montpelier, Ind., and Susan Riggs, July 6, 1840.


Harriet S., and Rufus Proctor, Sept. 24, 1840.

Elizabeth A.P., and George G. Knapp, Mar. 15, 1843.

Martha Jane, of Rochester, VT, and Hiram Abbot, int. Nov. 29, 1848.

John M., 2d m., of Alstead, NH, a. 65 y., farmer, b. Alstead, NH, s. John and Waitstill, and Eunice Peck, unm., a. 50 y., b. Alstead, NH, int. Sept. 22, 1849.


Benjamin H., and Sarah Jane Gates, Oct. 19, 1841.

Caleb G., unm., a. 24 y., merchant, s. Caleb, and Henrietta Shattuck, unm., a. 26 y., merchant, d. Mary, June 4, 1845.

Charles, unm., a. 23 y., carpenter, s. Frank and Naomi, and Mary Abigail McIntire, unm., a. 21 y., dressmaker, d. Levi and Mary, Sept. 1, 1846.


Edward Adolphus, and Deborah York, int. June 2, 1833.

John, and Mahitable Roby, int. Apr. 27, 1834.

Mercy P., of Braintree, and Abner Colburn, certif. Nov. 16, 1834.

Calvin, and Emeline Hill, Nov. 11, 1838.

John E., unm., a. 30 y., machinist, s. John, and Laura Seaver, unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Alanson, Apr. 22, 1847.

James, unm., a. 21 y., laborer, b. Haverhill, s. William and Betsey, and Eliza Jane Sawyer, unm., a. 18 y. [operative. int.], b. Landaff, NH, d. James and Hannah, Sept. 13, 1849.


Ara, and John Sanburn, int. Nov. 23, 1826.

Eliza, and John Chase [of Chelmsford. int.], May 3, 1827.

Susan B., and Edwin Farnham of Andover. int. Apr. 19, 1832.

Almira, and William Mason of Springfield, VT, int. Sept. 2, 1832.

Sally, and James Park [of Windham. int.], Jan. 9, 1835.

Benjamin N., and Ann Urie, at Bedford, Sept. 5, 1837.

Martha H. [D. int.], and Columbus Green [Greene. int.], Apr. 1, 1839.

Eliza, and Ephraim [L. int.] Small, Sept. 25, 1842.

William, of Mason, NH, and Polly Barker, int. Feb. 11, 1843.

Rhoda, and Jonathan J. Coburn of Dracut, int. Oct. 19, 1844.

Rachel, of Salem, NH, and Jesse Burgin, int. Oct. 26, 1844.

Martha J., unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. William and Esther, and Aretas T. Libbey, unm., a. 21 y., manufacturer, s. Ebenezer and Sarah, Mar. 15, 1845.

Annette, and Charles D. Greeley, int. Nov. 14, 1846.

Sylvester D., unm., a. 24 y., tin plate worker, s. Theodore and Lydia, and Julia A. Stackpole, unm., a. 25 y., domestic, d. William and Judith, Dec. 8, 1847.


Lucinda, of Boston, and Henry Van Vronker, int. June 4, 1827.

Charles, and Elizabeth Cooper of Newburyport, int. Dec. 15, 1828.

Mark, and Eunice Wright of Hollis, NH, int. Aug. 29, 1829.

Ezekiel, and Esther Cudworth, abt. 1829. [Oct. 26, 1829. int.]

Levina, and Theophilus Cass, int. Nov. 19, 1832.

Charles, and Maria P. Haine, int. June 2, 1833.

Freeman [of Boston. int.], and Nancy Emory [Emery. int.], May ––, 1834.

John, and Mary McNeal, int. Aug. 3, 1834.

Mary Jane, and Elbridge Nickless, int. Apr. 12, 1835.

George, and Sarah B. Shepherd, int. Dec. 30, 1835.

John L., of Millbury [Milburn. int.], and Mary Ann Barnard, Oct. 9, 1836.

Mary D., and Gerry Wilson [Willson. dup.], May 6, 1838.

Abel, and Lydia Canfield, July 28, 1839.

Sarah M., and John G. Chandler of Dracut, Apr. 9, 1840.

Ruth, and Walter Tilton of Boston, May 6, 1841.

Moses, and Lydia M. Baker, Dec. 16, 1841.

Hannah S., and James M. Hodgdon of Groton, Oct. 9, 1842.

Amanda W. [M. int.], and Lawson B. Collins, Oct. 13, 1842.

Gilman, and Relief Jones, Dec. 16, 1842.

Hannah M., and Rev. Joseph R. Marr of Saugus, int. Feb. 18, 1843.

Mary P., unm., a. 24 y., tailoress, d. Ralph and Rebecca, and Ruel J. Walker, unm., a. 27 y., operative, s. Loa and Sally, Feb. 27, 1845.

Ann Eliza C., of New York, and Charles H. Farnsworth, int. Sept. 17, 1845.

Sarah J., unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Samuel and Sarah, and Stephen N. Hurd, unm., a. 24 y., operative, s. John and Lydia, Sept. 28, 1845.

Mary E., of Haverhill, and Seth W. Hatch, int. May 16, 1846.

Ebenezer, jr., and Mary E. Richards, int. Jan. 5, 1847.

Ann O., unm., a. 17 y., d. Josiah and Mehitable, and Richard C. Pillsbury, unm., a. 22 y., manufacturer, s. Tristam and Sally, Mar. 13, 1847.

George W., of Hanover, NH, and Louisa A. Richardson of L, int. May 24, 1847.

John G., unm., a. 29 y., painter, s. Ralph and Rebecca, and Sarah J. Lull, unm., a. 24 y., operative, d. James and Mary, June 6, 1847.

Justus, unm., of Boston, and Harriet C. Johnson, unm., of Ware, NH, Oct. 5, 1847.*

Moulton S., and Abby H. Ellsworth, both unm., Oct. 24, 1847.

Almira, of Methuen, and Bailey K. Flagg, int. Nov. 16, 1847.

WEDDERBURN (Widdaburn)

Agnus [Widdaburn. int.], and Thomas McCaffrey, July 21, 1842.


Louisa, of Andover, and Randolph Scarlett of Tewksbury, Dec. 2, 1843.*

Ann R., unm., a. 17 y., operative, d. Alexander, and Rufus M. Stanley, unm., a. 21 y., moulder, s. Edward and Harriet, Jan. 9, 1848.

WEDGWOOD (Wedgewood)

Joshua, and Emeline Blood, int. June 11, 1835.

Olive, and Samuel D. Weeks, Aug. 28, 1838.

John (Wedgewood), unm., a. 29 y., trader, s. Jeremiah and Zipporah, and Caroline M. Hoyt, unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Joseph and Mary, at Dracut, May 26, 1847.


Nathaniel, and Francis H. Davis, Nov. 16, 1837.

Abigail A., and Joseph W. Adams of Boston, July 13, 1847.


Mary Ann, and Amos Bent, int. July 7, 1846.

William W., unm., a. 30 y., operative, b. Williamstown, VT, s. Harry E. [C. int.] and Sophia, and Rachel J. Tilton, unm., a. 26 y., b. New Hampton, NH, d. Josiah and Sarah, Oct. 15, 1849.


Ann, and Baruck Whitcomb, int. May 12, 1835.

Samuel D., and Olive Wedgwood, Aug. 28, 1838.

Joshua L., and Achsah French, Feb. 13, 1844.

Sarah Jane, unm., a. 26 y., factory operative, d. Phineas and Lydia, and Charles Locke, unm., a. 20 y., farmer, s. John and Mary, Apr. 30, 1844.

Sarah, of Wakefield, NH, and Thomas J. Andrews, int. May 23, 1846.

T[haddeus. int.] S., unm., a. 23 y., operative, s. William, and Abigail Gaffield, unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. Thomas, Feb. 6, 1847.

Joseph G., unm., a. 27 y., operative, s. Joseph, and Mary Jane Chamberlain, unm., a. 24 y., dressmaker, d. Jonathan, Aug. 15, 1847.

William, unm., a. 25 y., laborer, s. William and Mary, and Margaret Brennan, unm., a. 22 y., d. Timothy and Bridget, Oct. 7, 1847.

Mary A., unm., a. 20 y., spinster, d. S. and E.B., and Henry A. Fielding, unm., a. 21 y., clerk, s. S.K. and S., Feb. 1, 1849.


Clarissa, unm., a. 18 y., d. Peter and Clarissa, and Frederick Metzger, unm., a. 21 y., blacksmith, s. Henry Soler and Madelaine, int. June 13, 1849.

WEIR (Wier)

James [Wier. int.], and Martha M. Hibbard, int. Mar. 2, 1834.

William, unm., of Pelham, NH, a. 23 y., farmer, s. James and Elizabeth, and Betsey Ann Hayes, wid., a. 28 y., d. ––––– Evens, Dec. 9, 1847.

WELCH (Walch, Walsh, Welsh)

Thomas, and Catherine Crowley, int. Jan. 24, 1831.

Mary, and James Costilly of Chelmsford, int. Nov. 6, 1831.

Arnold, and Rebecca Sargent, int. Sept. 30, 1832.

Russell F., and Azubah Ingalls, int. Aug. 3, 1834.

John, and Ellen –––––, certif. Nov. 16, 1834.

Mary, and John Caughlan, int. Jan. 25, 1835.

Rosanna, and Patrick Smith, int. Oct. 18, 1835.

Willard, see Welch, William.

William [Willard. int.] C. (Welsh), and Maria L. Smith, Oct. 9, 1836.

Arnold, and Hannah A. Pierce, May 21, 1837.

Patrick (Walch), and Mary Plant [certif.], Aug. 11, 1837. CR5

Weld, Eben, and Mary Ann Wheeler, certif. Dec. 17, 1837.

John, and mary Sullivan, int. Nov. 11, 1838. CR5

Sumner, and Harriet E. Pitts, Aug. 25, 1839.

Horatio N., and Agnes A. Wilson of Candia, NH, int. Oct. 13, 1839.

Octavia, and Thomas S. [C. int.] George, Jan. 9, 1842.

Caroline A. (Walsh), and Amos Fiske, int. Jan. 29, 1842.

William, and Mary Hickey, int. abt. Feb. 3, 1842. CR5

Hiram, and Martha Ann Willett, int. Feb. 7, 1842.

Mary (Walsh), and John Carroll, Apr. 5, 1842. CR5*

Richard (Walsh), and Ann Dennine, Jan. 7, 1843.

Samuel R., and Betsey Huntoon, Mar. 4, 1843.

Joseph Whittemore, and Eliza Shore Pinder, Apr. 6, 1843.

James F., and Mary S. Merrill, Aug. 17, 1843.

Augusta P., unm., a. 24 y., teacher, d. William and Sarah, and Holden R. Nye, unm., of Bangor, a. 25 y., minister, s. Jonathan, and Mary, Aug. 13, 1845.

Charles A., unm., a. 22 y., operative, s. Bailey and Pricilla B., and Sarah Davis, unm., a. 21 y., d. Samuel and Nancy, Sept. 2, 1845.

Mary Ann (Walsh), unm., a. 19 y., operative, d. Edward and Ellen, and Thomas Donovan, unm., a. 24 y., laborer, s. Patrick and Mary, Nov. 15, 1845. [Nov. 24. CR5]

Michael (Walsh), unm., [of Boston. int.], laborer, s. Michael and Frances, and Catharine Kelly, unm., operative, d. John and Mary, July 27, 1846.

Ellen (Walsh), and John Luby, int. Nov. 9, 1846.

Ellen (Walsh), unm., a. 22 y., d. Michael and Ellen, and William S[heridan. CR3] Hughes, unm., a. 29 y., laborer, s. Ambrose and Mary, Nov. 15, 1846 or 1847. [1846. CR3]

Mary A. (Walsh), of Taunton, and Thomas Lawson, int. Dec. 12, 1846.

Ellen (Walsh) [Walch. int.], unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. William and Mary, and Eugene Sullivan, unm., a. 24 y., laborer, s. Eugene and Johanna, Jan. 16, 1847.

John (Walsh), and Ellen Rieley, int. Jan. 19, 1847. [Withdrawn at request of John Walsh, Jan. 22.]

Patrick (Walsh), unm., a. 22 y., machinist, s. Patrick and Julia, and Margaret Butler, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Richard and Margaret, June 15, 1847.

David, unm., a. 29 y., laborer, s. Daniel and Catherine, and Honora O'Brien [O'Brian. CR5], unm., a. 21 y., laborer (sic), d. Daniel and Mary, July 17, 1847.

William (Walch), unm., a. 26 y., laborer, s. Edward and Ellen, and Mary Ann Harrigan, unm., a. 24 y., d. Thomas and Honora, Aug. 26, 1847.

Sarah J., of Waterville, ME, and Franklin Flint, int. Oct. 11, 1847.

Rachel J. (Walch), of Bath, ME, and William H. Kellett, int. Nov. 20, 1847.

Ann, (Walsh), unm., a. 21 y., d. Anthony and Margaret, and Patrick Joyce [Joice. int.], unm., a. 22 y., laborer, s. Patrick and Alice, Jan. 22, 1848.

Ellen, and Patrick Ryan, int. Feb. 9, 1848. [Stopped by Ellen Welch, Feb. 14.]

Catharine (Walsh), and Thomas Seares [James Sheares. CR6], Feb. 15, 1848.

James S., unm., a. 22 y., clerk, s. James and Lucinda, and Sarah E. Cram, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Jonathan and Eunice, Apr. 16, 1848.

Stephen (Walch), widr., a. 29 y., machinist, s. Ephraim and Mary, and Mary A. Horn, unm., a. 32 y., d. Stephen and Betsey, May 6, 1848.

John, unm., s. Robert and Julia, and Catherine Mead, unm., d. Dennis and Mary, June 24, 1848.

William (Walsh), unm., a. 22 y., laborer, s. John and Mary, and Ellen Haley, a. 20 y., d. Thomas and Mary, Apr. 18, 1849.

Harriet W., unm., a. 19 y., b. Shapleigh, ME, d. George and Elizabeth, and Francis A. Page, unm., a. 21 y., watchman, b. Shirley, s. Augustus and Mary, Oct. 21, 1849.


Martha, and Charles Hastings of Waltham, int. June 6, 1826.

Loiza, of Reading, and Isaac Holden, int. Dec. 23, 1827.

Mary, and Lewis R. Winslow, int. Feb. 12, 1832.

Mary, and Henry Bailey of Salem, NH, Sept. 30, 1834.*


Marietta E., and Lt. Isaac Winn of Chelmsford, int. May 13, 1832.

George, and Louise Hodghes of Walpole, certif. Nov. 30, 1834.

Jonathan, and Floretta [Florella. int.] C. White, Dec. 9, 1841.

Eben B., of Boston, and Martha Ann Williams, Oct. 7, 1842.

Charles P., unm., a. 24 y., machinist, s. Soloman, and Betsey D. Titus, unm., a. 25 y., operative, d. Caleb, Oct. 13, 1847.

John T., unm., a. 23 y., painter, b. Farmington Falls, ME, s. Thomas and Joanna, and Lucy M. Brigham, unm., a. 22 y., b. Barre, VT, d. Thomas and Sarah, Nov. 4, 1849.


Fanny B., and Moses W. Woodward of Marlborough, int. Nov. 22, 1830.

James L., and Elizabeth Kinsman of Ipswich, int. May 21, 1832.

Nancy M., and Nicholas O. Foss, int. Apr. 3, 1834.

Rachel, and Morrill Dickey [of Epsom, NH int.], Nov. 17, 1835.

Lucinda, Mrs., and Samuel Wiley of Ellsworth, ME, certif. Apr. 3, 1836.

Theophilus, and Lucy Robinson, boh, certif. Sept. 4, 1836.

Fanny B., and Thomas J. Searls [Searles. certif.], July 21, 1837.

Mary A.E., and Daniel S. Gray, int. Oct. 25, 1840.

Henry, of Haverhill, and Nerah Wilson, Mar. 29, 1843.

William H., and Tabitha S. Ordway, both of Andover, May 8, 1843.*

Polly, and George Howard, June 8, 1843.

Moses B., unm., of Dracut, a. 20 y., farmer, s. Josiah and Eunice, and Ann Becket, unm., a. 19 y., d. John and Elizabeth, May 9, 1844.

Samuel W., and Hannah Jones, int. Feb. 16, 1846.

Amasa, unm., a. 28 y., painter, s. Benjamin and Sarah, and Rebecca [Rubena. int.] L. Norton, unm., a. 19 y., milliner, d. Reuben and Elizabeth, May 12, 1847.

Samuel, unm., a. 26 y., s. Daniel and Rebecca, and Betsey S. Turner, unm., of Salem, ME, a. 19 y., d. Oliver and Mary, Dec. 16, 1848.

Isabella Ann, Mrs., wid., a. 35 y., d. Walter and Ann Barren, and Robert Reed, unm., a. 30 y., farmer, s. John and Sarah, int. May 5, 1849.

Mary M., unm., a. 31 y., operative, d. Winthrop and Hannah, and Myranda Dutton, unm., of Bedford, a. 28 y., shoemaker, s. Hildreth and Sarah, July 12, 1849.


Garett, of Andover, and Olive Judkins, Sept. 6, 1836.

Isaac, of Groton, Vt, and Elmira [Elmina. dup.] c. Slack, Mar. 20, 1839.

William, unm., a. 24 y., laborer, s. William and Catharine and Mary Donovan, unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Edward and Johanna, Sept. 1, 1846.

WENDALL (Wendell)

Lydia [Wendell. CR1], and Walter Wright, Sept. 1, 1831.


Pamelia, and Ralph Woods [of Groton, Sept. 9. int.], 1828.

William, and Mary B. Prescott, int. Apr. 7, 1829.

Benjamin F., and Rebecca Knox, int. Nov. 14, 1831.

Eli, and Julia A[nn. int.] Hodgman, Aug. 12, 1834.

John [of Andover. int.], and Eliza Lovrien [Lovrein. int.], May 22, 1835.

Asa, and Eliza Emerson [of Wakefield. certif.], Mar. 28, 1837.

Julia Ann [Mrs. int.], and Oliver M. Whipple, Esq., May 10, 1837.

George L. [T. dup.], of Dover, NH, and Mary R. Elkins, July 9, 1837.

David W.C., and Mary D. Gage, May 13, 1841.

Tappan, and Anne McNeil of Hillsborough, NH, int. Jan. 2, 1842.

Susanna, and Alfred L. Davis, May 29, 1842.

Eunice F., unm., a. 31 y., dressmaker, d. Joseph, and Jesse Fowler, widr., of Dorchester, a. 32 y., chocolate maker, s. Isaac, May 2, 1844.

Oliver, unm., a. 23 y., carpenter, s. P. and K., and Mary Horn, unm., a. 21 y., d. W. and K., July 7, 1844.

Betsey A., unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. Ezekiel and Betsey, and Converse L. Weymouth, unm., a. 26 y., turner, s. Samuel and Jane, Nov. 18, 1844.

Elizabeth C., of Readfield, ME, and William E. Whitcomb, int. Dec. 17, 1846.

Jerome B., unm., of Boston, a. 28 y., baker, and Catherine R. Clapp, unm., a. 24 y., d. D. and C.R., Nov. 30, 1848.


Daniel, and Mary Fox of Dracut, int. Feb. 28, 1829.

Lydia G., and Josiah Gates, int. Nov. 8, 1831.

Keene, and Eliza Ann Adams, int. Oct. 20, 1833.

Matilda [of Salem. int.], and Phillip T. White, Nov. 10, 1833.

Nancy, and Peter Cate, certif. July 31, 1836.

Ezra T., and Sarah Alexander, certif. Sept. 25, 1836.

Elizabeth, and Charles B. Coburn, May 24, 1837.

Mary [Sarah. dup.], and Andrew [J. int.], Scripture, Nov. 28, 1839.

Sarah, see West, Mary.

Ann Hazen, and Samuel Bigelow Appleton, both of Boston, Feb. 27, 1840.*

John [M. int.], and mercy Corser, Nov. 8, 1840.

Sarah E., unm., a. 24 y., operative, and William S. Pratt, widr., a. 34 y.,. dyer, s. Ephraim and Hannah, June 2, 1844.

Frances Ann, and Joel Bean, Nov. 26, 1844.

Louisa F., unm., a. 19 y., d. Samuel and Hannah, and Enoch E. Kenney, unm., a. 28 y., grocer, s. Enoch and Susan, Nov. 26, 1845.

Jonathan, unm., of Dracut, a. 28 y., operative, s. Leavitt and Mary, and Elizabeth Lewise, unm., off Dracut, a. 23 y., d. John and Barbara, Nov. 29, 1849.


John, of Fall River, and Sophronia Wright [Wight. dup.], at Bridgewater, Aug. 11, 1839.

WESTON (Wesson)

Almira, of Plymouth, and Judson W. Rice, int. Jan. 29, 1829.

Elbridge, and Ruth W. Felch of Milford, NH, int. Oct. 30, 1831.

Peter [Porter. int.], and Bethiah Rider, int. Oct. 6, 1833.

Ebenezer H. [of Salem. int.], and Sarah A. Wyman, July 5, 1835.

Caroline (Wesson) [of Grafton. int.], and Sylvanus Adams, at Grafton, Sept. 10, 1835.

Henry, of Dunstable, NH, and Sophia Herrick, May 22, 1836 or 1837.

Humphrey S., and harriet A. Shed, certif. Apr. 30, 1837.

James, and Mary Haraden, Nov. 29, 1839.

Wait K., and Lorinda McCoy, Dec. 10, 1839.

Cumings, of Nashua, NH, and Adaline Champion, int. June 4, 1842.

Hiram, unm., a. 25 y., overseer, s. David and Lydia, and Hannah A. Packard, unm., a. 19 y., operative, d. Perrin and Mary, Sept. 14, 1844.

John W. [B. int.], of Boston, a. 24 y., shoemaker, s. Daniel, and Lucinda L. LaClair, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. John and Harriet, June 9, 1845.

Henry, unm., a. 29 y., machinist, s. Samuel and Sarah, and Celissa B. Bartlett, unm., a. 21 y., operative, d. Stephen and Lucinda, June 18, 1846.

Eliza Ann, unm., a. 24 y., d. Peleg and Hannah, and Horatio N. Mains, unm., a. 23 y., carpenter, s. John and Abigail R., Nov. 5, 1846.

Mary, unm., operative, and Nathaniel [Reuben. int.] K. Batchelder, widr. [of Mount Vernon, NH int.], farmer, Jan. 17, 1847.

Charles H., and Abby D. Witham of New Portland, ME, int. May 8, 1848.

WETHERBEE (Weatherbee, Witherbee)

Harriet Almira, and Hyram Nichols, int. Aug. 3, 1829.

William, and Mary Sheldon, int. Oct. 3, 1830.

Nahum (Witherbee), of Andover, and May Smith, int. Mar. 23, 1834.

Emory, of Boxborough, and Hannah Dyer, int. May 1, 1836.

Elvira S., and Leonard B. Caswell, July 4, 1836.

Parmelia (Weatherbee), and Hiram Kilburn, Jan. 8, 1837.

Thomas, and Cyrene S. Page, Mar. 11, 1839.

Elizabeth Weatherbee, and Miles Standish, both of Boston, Jan. 17, 1841.*

Lucinda, and John W. Phillips, int. June 26, 1847.

WEYMOUTH (Waymouth)

Sarah (Waymouth), and Henry Hobson, May 14, 1838.

Augustine D. (Waymouth), and Amanda Chandler, Mar. 2, 1843.

Converse L., unm., a. 26 y., turner, s. Samuel and Jane, and Betsey A. Wentworth, unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. Ezekiel and Betsey, Nov. 18, 1844.

Catharine, and John A. Brown, int. Oct. 11, 1845.

Catharine, and Sullivan Marston, int. Aug. 25, 1847.

Mary, and George w. Barnes, Nov. 30, 1848.

Elizabeth (Waymouth), and Nathaniel C. Goodwin, int. Mar. 21, 1849.


Abijah C., and Priscilla Pettengill of Newburyport, int. Aug. 26, 1832.


Rebecca [of Carlisle. int.], and Jessee Emerson [Nov. 16. int.], 1828.

Dwight, and Eliza Thompson, int. June 21, 1829

Matilda, and Willard Burnham of New Bedford, Nov. 1, 1829.

Sarah Ann, and Samuel W. Cram, int. Mar. 24, 1831.

Betsy, and Follensbee Hazeltine, int. Feb. 26, 1834.

James W., and Fanny Rowell [Rowan. int.], Aug. 26, 1835.

William, and Lucy Miles of Concord, int. Sept. 6, 1835.

Nancy H., and Joel W. Butterfield, int. Dec. 27, 1835.

Sumner, of Townsend, and Adaline Greene, Sept. 7, 1836.

Hannah, and George W. Spear, Feb. 5, 1837.

Otis H., and Melissa Thurston, Apr. 2, 1837.

Angeline P., and Stephen B. Currier of Framingham, Oct. 29, 1837.

Mary Ann, and Eben Weld, certif. Dec. 17, 1837.

Louisa, and Leverett P.E. Richards of Sandy Bay, int. Jan. 14, 1838.

Silas P., of Methuen, and Mary G.S. Davis, certif. Mar. 18, 1838.

Daniel, and Sophia F. Holt, Aug. 24, 1838. [1839. dup.]

Lewis G., and Mary E. Chandler, Dec. 2, 1838. [1839. dup.]

Willard W., and Sarah E. Peart, int. May 12, 1839.

H. Turner, of New York, and Sophia A. Spaulding, Dec. 12, 1839.

Albert, and Mary E. Dame of Farmington, NH, int. May 17, 1840.

Leonard H., and Harriet Wood, Apr. 26, 1841.

Asahel, of Sudbury, and martha Moore, int. May 16, 1841.

Laura A., and Orin Jones, June 2, 1841.

Jonathan B., and Rhoda Butterfield of Chelmsford, June 24, 1841.

Joseph O.D., of Lynnfield, and Mary S. Ames, July 3, 1841.

Asa, of Danvers, and Mehitable Perley, May 31, 1842.

Sophronia, and Leonard Patterson of Woburn, June 20, 1842.

Andrew J., and Keziah Hopkins of Wilmington, int. Sept. 13, 1842.

Charles A., of Westford, and Eliza Barker of Tyngsborough, Nov. 5, 1843.*

Fanny, and Luke Mowry [Morey. int.] of Providence, RI Nov. 16, 1843.

Sophia [Mrs. int.], and Oliver Barett of Shirley, Dec. 24, 1843.

Elizabeth, unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. Abel and Mehitable, and James B. Smith, unm., a. 23 y., grocer, s. Ezra and Ann, Oct. 8, 1844.

Rebecca, unm., a. 26 y., dressmaker, d. Jonathan and Polly, and Daniel K. Heath, unm., a. 25 y., trader, s. David and Eleanor, May 22, 1845.

Sophila, unm., a. 19 y., tailoress, d. Randall and Mercy, and Moses F. Brown, unm., a. 26 y., laborer, s. John and Sally, Aug. 3, 1845.

L. Franklin, unm., a. 24 y., founder, s. Joel and Mary, and Sarah H. Dunbar, unm., a. 16 y., operative, d. Justus and Mehitable, Oct. 19, 1845.

Moody S., widr., of Methuen, a. 35 y., laborer, s. Jonathan and Betsey, and Sarah Paine, unm., a. 32 y., operative, d. William and Charlotte, Nov. 18, 1845.

Elizabeth, and James M. Whitcomb, int. Jan. 24, 1846.

Abby B., unm., a. 21 y., operative, d. Joseph and Betsey, and Harvey B. Coleman, unm., of Danvers, a. 24 y., blacksmith, s. Harvey and Mary, Apr. 8, 1846.

Joseph B., unm., a. 25 y., operative, s. Philip and Nancy, and Almira B. Drew, unm., a. 19 y., operative, d. George and Ruth, July 6, 1846.

Lorinda R., unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Nelson and Bershaba, and William H. Tibbetts, unm., a. 22 y., painter, s. Isaiah and Mary, Aug. 23, 1846.

Lois L., unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Jabez and Lois, and Henry Burrus, unm., a. 22 y., carpenter, s. Moody and Malinda, Sept. 29, 1846.

Charles W., unm., a. 26 y., trader, s. Abraham and Louisa, and Nancy P. Willard, unm., a. 23 y., housekeeper, d. Samuel and Lucy, Oct. 18, 1846.

Sarah M., unm., of Haverhill, NH, a. 23 y., d. Abel and Mehitable, and John F. Manahan, widr., a. 25 y., carpenter, s. Adam and Mary, Jan. 5, 1847.

Artemas, unm., a. 30 y., grocer, s. Artemas and Eliza, and Betsey C. Whittier, unm., a. 29 y., d. Sarah C., Jan. 13, 1847.

Joseph A., and Alice M. Hyde of Francestown, NH, int. May 19, 1847.

Lydia A., and John d. Hildreth of Manchester, int. Sept. 2, 1847.

Louisa M., [formerly of Merrimack, NH int.], a. 21 y., operative, and Seth J. Sanborn, unm., a. 23 y., machinist, Oct. 3, 1847.

Alvah, and Jerusha P. Corson, int. Mar. 19, 1849.

Lucy C., unm., of Westford, a. 29 y., d. William M. and Sarah, and Rufus Long, jr., unm., a. 38 y., operative, s. Rufus and Sarah, July 1, 1849.

Jane C., unm., a. 20 y., [operative. int.], b. Vermont, d. John and Lauriette, and James A. Miller, unm., a. 24 y., carpenter, b. Ryegate, VT, s. David and Elizabeth, Sept. 3, 1849.

J. Kimball, unm., a. 27 y., pattern maker, b. Lyndeboro, NH, s. Josiah and Dolly, and Abby A. Marsh, unm., of Hudson, NH, a. 22 y., b. Hudson, NH, d. Thomas and Abigail, int. Nov. 5, 1849.

Lucy B., unm., of Concord, a. 17 y., b. Concord, d. John H. and Betsey, and Warren Robbins of Concord, a. 31 y., gardener, b. Acton, s. George W. and Rebecca, Dec. 27, 1849.*

WHELAN (Whalen, Whalin, Wheland)

Patrick H. [of Whitefield, ME int.], and Anne E. Molloy, May 30, 1839. CR5

William (Wheland), of Billerica, and Mary Noonan, Nov. 30, 1843. [Oct. 30. CR3]*

Jeremiah, and Mary Coghlin [Cochlan. int.], Jan. 20, 1844.

William [Whalen. int.], unm., a. 30 y., laborer, s. William and Catharine, and Bridget Daly [Daley. int.], unm., a. 25 y., operative, d. Dennis and Mary, Jan. 18, 1845.

Elizabeth (Whalen), and Michael Roche, int. Dec. 19, 1846.

John, unm., a. 32 y., operative [laborer. int.], b. Ireland, s. Matthew and Winna, and Ann Lavalle [Cosgrove. dup. and CR6], 2d m., a. 32 y., b. Ireland, d. Patrick and Catherine Cosgrove, July 31, 1849.

Elizabeth (Mahoney) (Whalin), 2d m., a. 26 y., b. Ireland, d. Jeremiah and Elizabeth, and William Hogan, unm., of Lawrence, a. 26 y., laborer, b. Ireland, s. James and H., Sept. 18, 1849.


Thomas, unm., a. 23 y., reed maker, s. Benjamin and Maria, and Almira Dodd, unm., a. 19 y., operative, d. William and Abigail, May 24, 1844.

WHERITY (Waherty, Wherrity)

Patrick (Wherrity) [Waherty. int.], unm., a. 19 y., laborer, s. Patrick and Catharine, and Ann O'Neill [Neal. int.], unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Peter and Catharine, Oct. 29, 1845.

Catherine [Waherty. int.], unm., a. 22 y., d. James and Mary, and James Powers, unm., a. 24 y., laborer, s. Edward and Catherine, Jan. 26, 1847.

WHICHER (Whitcher)

Perses [Mrs. int.], and Abram Geno, Aug. 17, 1840.

William (Whitcher), and Mary Dickson, Feb. 3, 1844.

Azuba P., unm., a. 25 y., operative, d. Aaron and Pamelia, and Thomas Seaver, unm., a. 38 y., operative, s. Thomas and Meribah, Feb. 4, 1846.

WHIDDEN (Widden)

Joshua, and Martha Fletcher of Westford, int. Oct. 7, 1832.

Jonathan P. (Widden), and Sarah Fellows, Apr. 21, 1836.

Mary E., of Newbury, and Joseph Symonds, int. July 11, 1846.


Lucious, and Fanny Tyler of Chelmsford, int. Apr. 1, 1828.

Stephen, and Abigail Seaver, int. Dec. 6, 1829.

James, and Emily Saunderson of Weston, int. Jan. 18, 1830.

William B., and Marthy Colby of Londonderry, int. May 16, 1831.

Stephen, and Hannah Kingsbury of Francestown, NH, int. July 4, 1831.

George W., and Harriet Johnson of Boston, int. Apr. 29, 1832.

Hannah, and George A. Hastings of Billerica, int. Feb. 1, 1835.

Aaron, see Waitt, Aaron.

Hannah, and John Chase, Mar. 13, 1836.

Oliver M., Esq., and [Mrs. int.] Julia Ann Wentworth, May 10, 1837.

Betsey, and Otis Munroe of North Brookfield, int. Sept. 2, 1838.

George A., and Eliza T. Emerson, Oct. 17, 1839.

Mary Ann, and William B. Courser, Mar. 8, 1840.

Aaron, and Ann W. Green, June 20, 1841.

Frances H., of Providence, RI, and Charles G. Greene of Springfield, July 1, 1842.*

Oliver M., and Sarah Kinsman of Ipswich, in new York, May 15, 1844,*

Ellen S[ophronia. int.], unm., a. 21 y., d. Oliver M. and S.R., and James F[reeman. int.] Huntington, unm., [of Exeter. int.], a. 21 y., mill agent, s. Elisha and Hannah, June 30, 1848.

WHITCOMB (Whitcom)

Ephraim C. [O. int.] (Whitcom), and Eliza P. Richardson, int. June 22, 1834.

Baruck, and Ann Weeks, int. May 12, 1835.

Eliza Warren, and Ebenezer P. Winkley, int. Sept. 14, 1836.

Abigail N., and Jonas Whitcomb, June 11, 1837.

Jonas, and Abigail N. Whitcomb, June 11, 1837.

Mary J[ane. int.], and Lorenzo Judkins, Feb. 2, 1841.

Roxanna, and Charles Butler [jr. int.], July 29, 1841.

Sarah A., unm., a. 27 y., d. E., and Nahum B. Reed, unm., a. 28 y., merchant, s. T., Feb. 20, 1845.

Emeline, unm., a. 18 y., d. Paul and Mary, and Henry S. Fogg, unm., a. 25 y., carpenter, s. James and Deborah, Mar. 14, 1845.

Almira K., and Perley Parker of Dracut, int. Mar. 24, 1845.

Edwin, unm., a. 24 y., s. John and Dorothy, and Susan R. Clough, unm., a. 24 y., d. J. and Elcy, Apr. 24, 1845.

Charlotte A., unm., a. 16 y., d. Rufus and Elisabeth, and Cushing Nichols, unm., a. 21 y., carpenter s. George and D.S., May 18, 1845.

James M., and Elizabeth Wheeler, int. Jan. 24, 1846.

Milly, unm., a. 23 y., dressmaker, d. Samuel and Annis, and Parker Tyler, jr., unm., of Providence, RI, a. 25 y., trader, s. Parker and Abigail, Apr. 16, 1846.

John R., unm., a. 20 y., forger, and Mary A. Woodward, unm, a. 18 y., dressmaker, Oct. 7, 1846.

Joseph T., unm., of Littleton, a. 21 y., s. Peter and Sarah, and Hannah M. Cox, unm., a. 20 y., d. John, Nov. 3, 1846.

William E., and Elizabeth C. Wentworth of Readfield, ME, int. Dec. 17, 1846.

Laurette, a. 23 y., tailoress, and Henry Balch of Dracut, a. 22 y., carpenter, s. William H. and Louisa, int. Oct. 23, 1847.

Sarah A., unm., a. 23 y., d. Charles and Sarah, and E.P. Andrews, unm., of Ashburnham, a. 25 y., blacksmith, s. Broadstreet and Mary, Feb. 22, 1848.*

Sarah M., of Warren, VT, and Benjamin F. Hildreth of Sandisfield, Apr. 24, 1848.*

Samuel W., unm., of Natick, a. 21 y., s. Ephraim and Sally, and Lydia S. Nute, unm., of Natick, a. 21, y., d. Jacob, Dec. 13, 1848.*


David, and Sarah Currier, int. July 3, 1828.

Norman S., of Springfield, and Susan Noyes, int. Oct. 22, 1828.

Abigail [Mrs. int.], and Silas Temple of Marlborough, Dec. 25, 1831.

Fairfield, and Rebeccah Stevens, int. Nov. 19, 1832.

Hannah, of Westford, and Rogers Ryan, int. Mar. 31, 1833.

Charles, and Amanda K. Brown, int. July 17, 1833.

Phillip T., and Matilda West [of Salem. int.], Nov. 10, 1833.

John T. [F. int.], and Susan Hobbs, June 8, 1834.

Michael, and Johanna Gallovan, int. July 26, 1835.

Mary, and Bartholomew McCormick, int. Nov. 8, 1835.

Mary, and John McIntire, Dec. 13, 1835.

John, and Louis Gilman, int. Feb. 14, 1836.

Sarah, and Andrew Wilson, July 19, 1836.

Henry K., of Methuen, and Cynthia Graham, certif. Jan. 15, 1837.

Catherine, and Patrick Davit, int. June 12, 1837. CR5

Mace, and Eliza Dutton, July 16, 1837.

Abigail, of Bradford, NH, and Amos S. Goodwin, Sept. 14, 1837.*

Olive, and John Brown, jr., Mar. 21, 1838.

Caroline E., and Isaiah B. Corliss [Corlan. dup.], Mar. 28, 1838.

Jason G., and Laura B. Champlin of Sutton, NH, int. Sept. 23, 1838.

Charles S., of Marlborough, and Maria P. Ricker, Apr. 22, 1840.

Martin, and Jane FitzHenry, int. Nov. 9, 1840. CR5

Eunice M., and Abel Sweetser of Springfield [Worcester. int.], May 26, 1841.

Floretta [Florella. int.] C., and Jonathan Wellman, Dec. 9, 1841.

Benjamin L., of Greenfield, NH, and Lucy Ann Wilkerson of Nashua, NH, Oct. 7, 1842.*

Christopher, and Ellen Crowe, int. Dec. 31, 1842. [Forbidden by Ellen Crowe, Jan. 1.]

Belinda, and Samuel D. Fifield, Apr. 20, 1843.

Charles, and Elizabeth Lane, int. May 8, 1843.

Christopher, and Mary Gannon, June 10, 1843.

R. Ann [Mrs. int.], and Cyrus C. Farnum of Haverhill, Jan. 1, 1844.

James, unm., a. 30 y., laborer, s. Patrick and Catherine, and Mary Conboy, unm., a. 26 y., operative, d. Patrick and Mary, Apr. 2, 1845.

Sophia, unm., a. 23 y., d. Francis and Mary, and William L. Cross, unm., of Quincy, a. 33 y., stone cutter, s. Thomas and Mary, May 5, 1845.

Benjamin, unm., a. 28 y., founder, s. Welcome and Urania, and Dency W. Britton, unm., a. 23 y., d. William and Sarah, Aug. 24, 1845.

True W., widr., a. 35 y., shoe manufacturer, and Lisette Hutchinson, unm., a. 28 y., spinster, both of Methuen, Sept. 7, 1845.*

Charlotte, unm., a. 20 y., d. M., and John H. Ake, unm., a. 25 y., mechanic, s. J.B., Feb. 14, 1846.

Daniel, jr., unm., a. 29 y., mechanic, s. Daniel and Abigail, and Elizabeth Ann Kimball, unm., a. 18 y., operative, b. Cornish, ME, d. Asa and Elizabeth Parker, Apr. 11, 1846.*

Levi, and Olive Stearns, int. Apr. 18, 1846.

Elizabeth, unm., a. 17 y., servant, d. James and Mary, and Martin Green, unm., of Boston, a. 21 y., laborer, s. Patrick and Winifred, May 16, 1846.

John P., unm., [of Methuen. int.], a. 23 y., operative, d. John, and Martha F. Stevens, unm., a. 24 y., operative, d. Sarah, Nov. 10, 1846.

Lucinda C., unm., a. 26 y., dressmaker, d. Henry and Lucy, and Charles A. Cressey, unm., a. 25 y., machinist, s. Stephen and Martha, at Dracut, Feb. 11, 1847.

Mary, unm., a. 25 y., dressmaker, d. Daniel and Abigail, and Jacob Kelley, unm., a. 25 y., mechanic, s. Jacob and Zipporah, Apr. 11, 1847.

Alma M., unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. Avery and Betsy and Samuel A. Foster, unm., a. 27 y., soap boiler, s. Samuel and Anna, Apr. 12, 1847.

Catharine, unm., a. 18 y., d. Patrick and Catherine, and Michael Grady, unm., a. 23 y., laborer, s. William and Hannah, July 1, 1847.

Josiah R., unm., of Dracut, a. 23 y., painter, s. Samuel K. and Cynthia, and Jane P. Littlefield, unm., a. 19 y., d. J. and Mary, July 2, 1847.

Joseph B., widr., a. 38 y., operatie, s. Samuel and Lavina, and Abigail H. Glover, unm., a. 29 y., operative, d. William and Betsey, Aug. 22, 1847.

Samuel L., of Roxbury, and Orinda J. Keller, int. Sept. 18, 1847.

Anne M., unm., a. 23 y., d. Jonathan and Sarah, and Frederick A. Brown, unm., of Boston, a. 30 y., broker, s. Stephen and Eliza, Nov. 18, 1847.

Bridget, unm., [of Boston. int.], a. 27 y., operative, d. Christopher and Mary, and Jones [James. int.] Shandy, widr., of Boston, a. 37 y., operative, s. James and Ann, Nov. 7, 1848.

Sarah C., wid., a. 43 y., operative, d. James and Sarah Currier, and Enoch Colby, widr., a. 55 y., operative, s. James [Jona. int.] and Martha, May 31, 1849.

Olive, unm., a. 28 y., b. Hadley, d. Jonathan and Phebe, and Rusus R. Stacey, unm., a. 28 y., carpenter, b. Belchertown, s. Arbee and Betsey, int. Aug. 2, 1849.

WHITEFIELD (Whitfield)

Joseph H. (Whitefield), and Sarah A. Lew, int. May 19, 1833.

Daniel (Whitfield), and Rebecca Robinson, Jan. 31, 1837.

Daniel [Whitfield. int.], and Sarah Robinson, Jan. 1, 1841.


Harriet (Whithed), of North field, and Solon Stevens, int. Oct. 17, 1830.

Darius [Whithed. int.], and Mary B. Johnson, June 10, 1834.

Sarah [of Andover. int.], and Dennis Ford, May 14, 1838. CR5


Stephen, and Lucebe Sanburn, int. June 14, 1828.

Sarah P., and Dana Carley, int. July 14, 1833.

Augustus, and Nancy Truell, Apr. 7, 1839.

John J., widr., a. 36 y., machinist, s. Jonathan, and Irene T. Mills, unm., a. 39 y., housekeeper, d. Daniel, Oct. 11, 1845.

Elizabeth [A. int.], unm., a. 19 y., operative, d. Henry and A., and Albert Hussey, unm., a. 21 y., tin plate worker, s. Henry and M., at Dracut, Nov. 9, 1845.

Charles E., and Mary Hildrup of Newburyport, int. Mar. 12, 1846.

Sarah E., of Pembroke, NH, and Nason H. Morse, int. Apr. 24, 1847.

George W., unm., a. 23 y., machinist, s. Jonathan, and Sophronia Allen, unm., a. 20 y., d. Calvin Nov. 19, 1847.

Benjamin W. [Waterhouse. int.], unm., a. 19 y., manufacturer, s. Benjamin, and Eliza Ann Gates, unm., a. 19 y., d. Ezra. Jan. 24, 1848.

WHITELY (Whiteley)

Hannah (Whiteley) and Joseph Whiteley, Feb. 19, 1838.

Joseph (Whiteley), and Hannah Whiteley, Feb. 19, 1838.

Joseph [Whiteley. int.], and Cordelia Perkins, Sept. 6, 1846. CR1

Elizabeth, a. 21 y., and George W. Riley [Ryley. CR1], a. 24 y., wool sorter, both unm., of Andover [], Oct. 18, 1849.*

WHITESIDES (Whiteside)

Edward [Whiteside. dup.], of Boston [Cambridge. dup.], and Frances Thompson, int. Aug. 1, 1848. [Mar. 9. dup.] [Bans forbidden by Eliza Whitesides, Aug. 18, certif. rec. from Justices, Aug. 24.]


Sarah, and Isaac Page, int. Feb. 7, 1831.

Asa T., and Martha A.P. Hunt, int. Jan. 24, 1833.

William, and Susan C. Hunt, int. Mar. 31, 1833.

Hannah Maria, see Whitney, Hannah Maria.

Eliza, and Washington G. Parker, int. Sept. 29, 1839.

Ruth U., and George Pierce of Watertown, Nov. 6, 1839.

Phineas, unm., a. 24 y., merchant, s. Phineas and Sarah, and Anna A. Butterfield, unm., a. 18 y., d. Joseph and Betsey, May 7, 1844.

Edmund C., unm., of Hebron, NY, a. 25 y., housewright, s. Edmund and Mary, and Charlotte M. Decker, unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. John and Rosanna, Nov. 12, 1845.

Thomas S., of Boston, and Rhoda Mead, int. Dec. 27, 1845.

Sarah, unm., a. 25 y., d. Phineas and Sarah, and David Hyde, unm., a. 30 y., Nov. 3, 1847.

Phineas, widr., a. 28 y., s. Phineas and Sarah, and Clara Bagley, unm., a. 20 y., d. George and Clara, June 26, 1848.


Benjamin, and Mary Latham, d. Charles and Susanna (Woodward), ––– ––, 1757. PR1*

Vi Ann [Viann. certif.], and Alexander Pollard, Oct. 2, 1836.


Mariah, and John Baker, ––– ––, 1829. [Jan. 12. int.]

Abraham, of Methuen, and Mary Ann Hopkins of Waltham, Mar. 29, 1830.*

Lucia, and John H. Blacker [name altered to Blake], Mar. 1, 1832.

Ann H., of Rumney, NH, and Alfred Kelley, int. Sept. 16, 1832.

Milo L., and Mary W. Trumbul, int. Nov. 11, 1832.

Mary, and William Green of Westford, int. Oct. 6, 1833.

Orland, and Eliza Ann Carlton, int. Jan. 26, 1834.

Horace, and Marilla Simonds, int. July 27, 1834.

Louisa, and Hiram Fiske of Derry, NH, Mar. 16, 1835.

Orange, and Emeline Harris, int. Oct. 3, 1835.

H[annah. CR1] Maria [Whiting. certif. and CR1], and Benjamin Bruce of Boston, June 22, 1836.

Jemme [Femme and Semme. dup.; Temme. int.], and Jesse Foster, int. June 1, 1837.

Eliza F., and John Diggles, Dec. 25, 1838.

Caroline, and Nathan K. Russ, [not published. certif. Dec. 25, 1839.]

Nelson, of Poughkeepsie, NY, and Dorothy Dwelly, May 17, 1840.

George L., and Harriet A. Mears, Mar. 30, 1841.

James F., of Westford, and Nancy Sanderson, Aug. 19, 1841.

Ann S., and Cyrus Miles of Stowe, Mar. 22, 1842.

Sylvester, and Ann M. Palmer, Sept. 21, 1842.

Merrill, and Zebia A. Hollock, Apr. 16, 1843.

William M., and Ann M. Carrigin, int. Dec. 19, 1843.

Martin L., unm., a. 19 y., manufacturer, s. John and Mary R. Pollard, unm., a. 17 y., manufacturer, d. John, Aug. 22, 1844.

Robie, unm., a. 26 y., operative, s. Edmund and Martha, and Mary Jane Hall, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Solomon and Jane, Sept. 1, 1844.

Varnum, and Abigail C. Parker, both of Lunenburg, Dec. 26, 1844.*

Amos L., and Alice Y. Thurlow, int. Mar. 15, 1845.

Jonathan W., unm., [of Worcester. int.], a. 23 y., carpenter, s. George W. and Mary, and Mehitable B. Emerson, unm., a. 23 y., d. Samuel and Abigail, at Dracut, Nov. 30, 1845.

Mary [Mercy. int.], unm., a. 21 y., opertaive, d. David and Betsey, and Darius Eastman, unm., a. 20 y., operative, s. Ezekiel and Abigail, Dec. 9, 1845.

Albah [Alvah. int.] S., unm., a. 24 y., laborer, s. Josiah and Sarah, and Idris F. Richardson, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. William and Hannah, Nov. 8, 1846.

Parthenia, and Augustus B. Foss, int. May 29, 1847.

Betsey, unm., a. 27 y., d. William, and Justin W. Simonds, unm., a. 26 y., teamster, s. James, June 2, 1847.

Harriet M., unm., a. 25 y., d. William, and Warren B. Spencer, unm., of Boston, a. 29 y., teamster, s. S., June 2, 1847.

George T., unm., a. 28 y., provision dealer, s. Timothy and Lucy, and Charlotte M. Brigham, unm., a. 25 y., milliner, d. William and Sophia, July 4, 1847.

Mary F., unm., a. 24 y., operative, d. Levi, and R.B. Caswell, unm., of Andover, a. 25 y., blacksmith, s., Moody, Oct. 7, 1847.

Alonzo D., unm., a. 24 y., teamster, s. Zabad and Sophia, and Adeline G. Bailey, unnm., a. 25 y., operative, d. Ephraim and Hannah, Apr. 15, 1848.

Levi H., of Poughkeepsie, NY, and Roxanne W. Gates, Apr. 24, 1848.

John L., unm., a. 21 y., printer, s. John and Jane, and Sarah L. MOrse, unm., a. 20 y., dressmaker, d. Caleb and Sarah, Sept. 9, 1848.

Gilman H., of New London [NH int.], and Sarah J[ane. int.] Durgin, Nov. 16, 1848.

Havilah, of Salem, and James W. Dutton, int. Nov. 27, 1848.

Phebe E., unm., and Stephen N. Pinkham, unm. [], Jan. 24, 1849.

Cynthia, M[aria. ], and Mathew H[enry. CR1], Cochran, unm., Apr. 3, 1849.

WHITTAKER (Whitaker)

Samuel A. (Whitaker), and Sarah Fittan, both of Dracut, Sept. 30, 1834. CR1*

Martha, and James Henery, int. Dec. ––, 1834.

John, and Elizabeth McCaghney, Apr. 22, 1842.

James M. (Whitaker), of Dracut, and Sarah Clough, Dec. 30, 1843.

Elizabeth, unm., a. 18 y., d. James and Mary, and Samuel Hoyle, unm., a. 23 y., engineer, s. John and Esther, Apr. 11, 1847.

WHITTEMORE (Whettemore, Whitmore)

Mehetabal Z. (Whitmore), d. Gordon and Zipporah W., of Lebanon, NH, and Josiah Hubbard, s. John and Rebecca H., Sept. 23, 1814. PR1*

Jane, of Jaffrey, NH, and Charles Abbott, int. Nov. 3, 1833.

Aaron, and Betsey Wright, int. Mar. 13, 1836.

Elhannan W., and Hannah Aiken, certif. Jan. 22, 1837.

Horatio G., and Mary M. Davis, certif. May 28, 1837.

William, of New Ipswich, NH, and Martha E. Walker, Nov. 15, 1837.

S.K. (Whitmore), of Salisbury, and John Butterfield, int. Nov. 27, 1837.

Susan K., and Burnam Patch, Sept. 24, 1839.

Betsey [B. int.; Whettemore. dup.], and Bradford Snell of Easton, Apr. 21, 1840.

Jonathan (Whitmore), of Hebron, NH, and Lucy Cochran, int. July 7, 1842.

David R., and Eliza Jane Gilbert of Francestown, NH, int. Oct. 26, 1842.

Sarah (Whitmore), a. 32 y., and Amos B. Coburn, unm., a. 33 y., machinist, Sept. 18, 1844.

Alice, unm., operative, and James M. Allen, unm., machinist, s. James M. and Hannah, Dec. 24, 1844.

Rebecca P. (Whitmore), and Benjamin W. Picket of Newburyport, int. Aug. 30, 1845.

Isaac W., unm., a. 24 y., clerk, s. Isaac, and Sarah J. Denby [Derby. int.], unm., a. 19 y., d. Olive, Mar. 11, 1847.

Sarah J., unm., a. 19 y., operative, d. Isaac and Abigail, and David S. Harvey, unm., a. 21 y., machinist, s. Jonathan and Susan, May 6, 1847.

Eliza Ann, of Livermore, ME, and William G. Ashton, int. Aug. 21, 1848.

WHITTEN (Whitton)

Joseph, and Mary e. Nicholson, int. Nov. 21, 1831.

Horatio G., and Sarah H. Sanderson of Dunstable, NH, int. Sept. 2, 1832.

Eliza Ann, and Jonathan Lane, int. July 28, 1833.

Harriet A. (Whitton), and Ephraim Hapgood, certif. Feb. 12, 1837.

Benjamin F., and Martha Howard, Oct. 6, 1841.

Mary R., and Henry Kathro, Feb. 10, 1844.

William T., and Lydia A. Powers of Milford, NH, int. Dec. 15, 1846.

Robert (Whitton), and Jane Warden, Dec. 23, 1847.


Daniel, and Hannah D. Vose [Nov. 30. int.], 1828.

Eliza, and Thomas Haley, abt. 1831. [of charlestown, Apr. 4, 1831. int.]

Moses, and Lucindia Blood, int. at Townsend, July 3, 1832.

Danniel, and Dorcas Morse, int. Sept. 25, 1832.

Rufus, and Emeline Currier of Methuen, int. Sept. 9, 1833.

Hannah [of Dracut. int.], and Jason Goodhue, June 21, 1838.

Judith S., and George W. Milliken [Milikin. dup.], Sept. 19, 1838.

Esther C., and Elbridge G. Colburn, both of Dracut, Mar. 3, 1839.*

Oliver, jr., of Dracut, and Louisa Jane Chickering, Nov. 5, 1840.

Jeremiah, and Sarah G. Hill of Loudon, NH, int. Mar. 26, 1842.

Delia, and Clark Ames of Hudson, MI, June 20, 1842.

Caroline P., and Almas H. Gilman, Nov. 28, 1842.

Lewis, of Boston, and Sarah A. Bean, at Boston, Oct. 19, 1845.

Betsey C., unm., a. 29 y., d. Sarah C., and Artemas Wheeler, unm., a. 30 y., grocer, S. Artemas and Eliza, Jan. 13, 1847.

Louisa J., unm., of Cannan, NH, a. 24 y., d. William and Charlotte, and Joseph H. Garland, unm., a. 26 y., operative, s. Joseph and Ruth, Nov. 6, 1847.

Drusilla S., and Henry B. Hoadly of Manchester, NH, June 27, 1848.

Julia A., and Calvin M. Drew, int. Aug. 30, 1848.

Lucinda G., of Canaan, NH, a. 23 y., d. William and Charlotte T., and Andrew J. Powell, a. 24 y., operative, s. James and Almira, int. Apr. 28, 1849.

Olive T., unm., a. 19 y., b. Maine, d. John and Sarah, and Jeremiah Stickney, jr., unm., a. 26 y., operative [currier. int.], b. Rowley, s. Jeremiah and Rachel, Oct. 14, 1849.

WHITTLESEY (Whittelsey)

Jeremiah D. [Whittelsey. int.], and Elvira M. Walker, int. July 25, 1830.

WHITTREDGE (Whitredge, Whitteridge)

Sarah F. (Whitteridge), and Benjamin H. Roby, Mar. 28, 1841.

George F., of Lynnfield, and Mary W. Huntoon, Dec. 26, 1842.

John, unm., a. 25 y., operative, s. John and Nancy, and Sarah Hall, a. 18 y., d. Nathaniel J. and Sarah, Sept. 19, 1844.

Hannah G. (Whitredge), unm, a. 26 y., operative, d. John and Nancy, and John Boynton, unm., of Rowley [Beverly. int.], a. 24 y., shoemaker, s. Ebenezer and Jane, Dec. 6, 1844.

Alfred W., widr., blacksmith, and Elizabeth Mansur, wid., July 24, 1845.

Elizabeth, wid., a. 41 y., and Samuel C. Pratt, widr., of [Nashville. int.], NH, a. 40 y., clergyman, Nov. 23, 1846.

Nancy L., and Evans H. Johnson of Pelham, NH, Dec. 2, 1846.

Catherine E., unm., a. 23 y., d. John and Sarah, and Horatio C. Dolloff, unm., a. 23 y., operative, s. Stephen and Lois, May 24, 1849.


Ellen, see Hooley, Ellen.


William H., of Watertown, and Elizabeth S. Gibson, int. July 21, 1845.

WIGGIN (Wiggins)

Giddeon, and Elizabeth Bean, int. Apr. 27, 1834.

Henry, and Sarah W. Berry, int. Nov. 15, 1834.

Mary N., and Thomas Marshall, both of Chelmsford, May 24, 1835.

True (Wiggins), and Martha Marshall, Apr. 17, 1839.*

Hannah Jane (Wiggins) [Mrs. int.], and Benjamin R. Munsey, Aug. 21, 1841.

John, and Mary E. Batchelder, int. Oct. 30, 1841.

Charles S. (Wiggins), of Colebrook [Stewartstown. int.], NH, and [Mrs. int.] Nancy Bachelder, Dec. 18, 1841.

Eliza, and Jonathan H. Johnson, Nov. 20, 1842.

Nathaniel, of North Chelmsford, and Lydia P. Sanborn of Gilmanton, NH, Mar. 29, 1843.*

William, widr., of Watertown, a. 34 y., engineer, s. Nicholas and Betsey, and Sarah Garey [Gary. int.], wid., a. 43 y., d. Miles and Tryphena Davis, Sept. 23, 1844.

Ammi R., widr., of Exeter, NH, a. 35 y., cabinet maker, s. Steven and Hannah, and Zilpha Brigham, unm., a. 27 y., housekeeper, d. Thomas and Sarah, Mar. 4, 1847.

William A., and Hannah Jones of Newburyport, int. Apr. 2, 1847.

Timothy (Wiggins), unm., a. 25 y., mechanic and Mary [Mercy. int.] Pease, unm., a. 24 y., Apr. 10, 1847.

Charles (Wiggins), unm., a. 24 y., carpenter, s. John and Polly, and Sarah B. Gibb, unm., a. 27 y., weaver, d. Benjamin and Sally, July 4, 1847.

William H., and Zilpah S. Robbins of Phillips, ME, int. Nov. 27, 1848.

Mary D., of Durham, and Moses V. Beede, int. Jan. 22, 1849.

Noah L., and Harriet M.H. Sargent, unm., at. Dracut, Feb. 17, 1849.

Mary E., unm., a. 24 y., d. Andrew and Sarah, and Cyrus H. Latham, unm., a. 24 y., civil engineer, s. Cyrus and Betsey S., Mar. 7, 1849.

Lydia, and Thomas Weare [Wear. int.], Mar. 17, 1849.

John A., unm., a. 25 y., carpenter, b. Epping, NH, s. Jacob and Mary, and Elizabeth J. Burleigh, unm., of Methuen, a. 22 y., b. Boston, d. Ezra and Lucy, int. Oct. 24, 1849.


Ruth, see White, Ruth. [Wright]


William R., of Methuen, and Lucinda Lee, Oct. 4, 1843.


Caroline G., and Thomas Ingram, [May 1. int.], 1836.

Fidelia, and George K. Smith, Jan. 27, 1842.

Philinda, and Gustavus A. Bailey, Feb. 14, 1842.


George N. [M. int.], and Martha A. Brown, July 21, 1842.

Andrew J., and Hannah P. Stevens, Dec. 28, 1842.

Benjamin, and Harriet Carter of Charlestown, int. Feb. 14, 1849.


Betsey, of Wendell, and Salmon Stevens, int. Apr. 4, [Mar. 4. dup.], 1831.

Charles H., and Mary B. Robbins, Feb. 5, 1835.

Julia [Julian. int.] M., and John Dodge, Apr. 20, 1836.

Erwin Bartlett, of Pepperrell, and Roxanna Wright, certif. Mar. 26, 1837.

Charles, and Catherine D. Rugg of Leominster, int. Jan. 6, 1839.

Augustus, and Abigail G. Tilden [Tilton. int.], May 16, 1841.

Mary Ann, and Jacob Davis, Sept. 5, 1842.

Levi [F. int.], unm., a. 21 y., farmer, s. Dustin and Mary, and Lucretia K. [R. int.] Quimby, unm., a, 24 y., housemaid, d. John and Nancy, Aug. 3, 1845.

Sarah W.F., unm., a. 26 y., operative, d. Nahum and Hannah, and Horatio Leavitt, unm., a. 34 y., clerk, s. Hooker and Nancy, Oct. 15, 1846.

Huldah, of Brookfield, VT, and Joseph K. Flint, int. Apr. 30, 1847.

Henry H., and Abby B. Adams, int. Mar. 11, 1848.


Elizabeth A., of Chester, NH, and Andrew Winslow, certif. Sept. 3, 1837.


Clark L., see Wilkins, Clark L.

WILKINS (Wilkens)

John, and Harriet Hemenway, both of Hillsborough, NH [Framingham. int.], Sept. 5, 1830.

Samuel L., and Sarah Ann Heald Goodhue of Westford, int. Apr. 25, 1831.

Charles P. (Wilkens), and Abigail S. [L. int.] Brown, Nov. 20, 1834.

Sophia, and Luther W. Louger, int. Mar. 29, 1835.

Lucy S., and Oliver M. Cromwell, int. Oct. 25, 1835.

Adaline, and John Billings, May 5, 1836.

Charles P. [L. dup.], and Grace Ann Puffer, Jan. 25, 1837. [1838. dup.]

Lucy, and Evans William, certif. Mar. 26, 1837.

Fanny, and George W. Patterson, Nov. 25, 1841.

Eliza, and Nicodemus Watson, Apr. 3, 1842.

Sarah A., and Elijah Perry, Nov. 10, 1842.

George, jr., and Sabra D. Pease, Jan. 1, 1843.

Aaron, unm., a. 23 y., mechanic, s. George and Ann, and Asenath F. Stearns, unm., a. 23 y., milliner, d. Hawes and Lydia, July 27, 1844.

Edward, unm., of Deering, NH, a. 23 y., blacksmith, s. Davis and Abigail, and Annette Warren, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Isaac and Betsey, Oct. 7, 1844.

Samuel, 2d, unm., of Middleton, a. 32 y., s. D. and Mary, and Elizabeth Mason, unm., a. 19 y., d. Martin and Catharine, Apr. 6, 1845.

Thomas J., and Harriet P.P. Patten, int. May 10, 1845.

Abigail G., unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Gideon and Sarah, and John S. Richardson, unm., a. 23 y., machinist, s. Reuben M. and Mary Ann, Aug. 2, 1845.

Martha E. and Silas F. Gladwin, at Boston, Dec. 20, 1845.

George W., unm., a. 24 y., moulder, and Catharine A. Lovett, unm., a. 23 y., d. Thomas, July 4, 1846.

Harriet N., unm., a. 19 y., d. Jonathan and Fanny, and John F. Merrill, unm., a. 22 y., machinist, s. John and Betsy, Sept. 3, 1846.

Charles H., unm., and Harriet [P. int.] Cressey, unm., [of Portland, ME. int.], Nov. 26, 1846.

Abiel L., and Sarah F. Sanborn (Simonds. dup.), int. June 21, 1847.

James W., unm., a. 27 y., moulder, s. Abraham, and Adelia Atkins, unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Thomas J., July 4, 1847.

Harrison, and Dorothy C. Stowell [Stewart. dup.], int. Jan. 3, 1848.

Mary, unm., a. 39 y., lady, d. Jonathan, and Daniel Carter, widr., a. 55 y., gentleman. s. Jonathan, Apr. 18, 1848.

Charles, unm., a. 24 y., overseer, s. Zadock and Rhoda, and Mary Ann Buncher, unm., a. 20 y., overseer, d. James and Maria, July 20, 1848.

Clark L. [Wilkes. dup.], unm., a. 21 y., overseer [operative. dup.], s. Selah and Esther, and S. Elizabeth Coburn, unm., of Dracut, a. 19 y., operative, d. Willard and Sarah, May 29, 1849.

Charles, unm., a. 20 y., founder [moulder. int.], b. Peterborough, nH, s. Abram and A[mila. int.], and Ellen M. Shackley, unm., a. 17 y., b. Norway, ME, d. Aaron and Caroline, Oct. 4, 1849.

WILKINSON (Wilkerson)

Mary Ann, and James Campbell, int. Sept. 26, 1830.

Mary Ann, of Carlisle, and Artemas Wilson, int. Nov. 10, 1839.

Lucy Ann (Wilkerson), of Nashua, NH, and Benjamin L. White of Greenfield, NH, Oct. 7, 1842.

Mary Ann, and Charles N. Carter, Mar. 7, 1844.

Hannah (Wilkerson), unm., a. 19 y., d. Robert and Ann, and Otis Blaisdell, unm., a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Jacob and Mary, June 7, 1849.

Joseph W., unm., of Effingham [a. 26 y. int.], blacksmith, b. South Berwick, ME, s. James A. and Mary, and Sarah J. Abbott, unm., a. 23 y., b. Dracut, d. Samuel B. and Sarah J., Dec. 25, 1849.


Stedman, and Mary W. Harwood of Littleton, int. Jan. 9, 1828.

Mary, of Langdon, NH, and Nathaniel Howard, int. Aug. 26, 1832.

Daniel, jr., of Harvard, and Sarah S. Carr, int. Feb. 10, 1833.

Francis ann, and William E. Hirsch of Chelmsford, int. June 24, 1833.

Reuben H.T., and Lucy Ann Sargent, int. Nov. 23, 1833.

Harriet N., of Methuen, and Abraham D. Dearborne, int. Feb. 14, 1841.

Susan P., of Pembroke, NH, and Job H. Cole, int. Mar. 14, 1841.

Betsey K., and Leveritt [Leavitt. int.] Loud of Boston, May 11, 1841.

Maurice [Millard. int.], of Greenfield, and Irene A. Hall, Aug. 12, 1841.

Nancy P., unm., a. 23 y., housekeeper, d. Samuel and Lucy, and Charles W. Wheeler, unm., a. 26 y., trader, s. Abraham and Louisa, Oct. 18, 1846.

WILLETT (Willet)

Martha Ann, and Hiram Welch, int. Feb. 7, 1842.

Adeline, unm., a. 17 y., operative, d. Francis and Angeline, and John Campbell, unm., a. 22 y., machinist, s. Andrew and Mary, June 8, 1847.

WILLEY (Wiley)

Martha Elizabeth, and John L. Woodbury, int. Feb. 10, 1833.

Jacob, and Eliza H. Moore, June 1, 1834.

Samuel (Wiley), of Ellsworth, ME, and Mrs. Lucinda Wells, certif. Apr. 3, 1836.

Samuel, of Boston, and Mrs. Martha Walker, int. Jan. 6, 1839.

Abby D., and Isaac Place, July 19, 1840.

James, and Lydia Ann Lovejoy, Dec. 8, 1840.

Hannah L., and Samuel J. Hoit, Oct. 16, 1842.

Mark L., and Elizabeth P. Murray, Nov. 11, 1843.

Hannah D., a. 25 y., operative, d. James and Hannah, and Almond C. Abbott, unm., a. 24 y., carpenter, s. Joseph and Lydia, Nov. 28, 1844.

Samuel S., widr., a. 29 y., laborer, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, and Climena B. Parsons, wid., a. 30 y., operative, Dec. 10, 1844.

Mary Ann (Wiley), unm., a. 30 y., tailoress, d. Robert and Hannah, and John Kitchen, widr., of Northampton, a. 42 y., dyer, s. William and Jennette, May 15, 1845.

Hannah (Wiley), unm., a. 21 y., operative, d. Robert and Hannah, and Thaddeus C. Bowers, unm., a. 27 y., carpenter, s. Peter and Rachel, June 5, 1845.

Eliza J., unm., a. 19 y., d. Israel and Mary, and John O. McIntire, unm., a. 24 y., farmer, s. Silas and Eliza, Feb. 28, 1846.

Samuel, and [Mrs. int.] Sabra A. Gracier, May 10, 1846.

Almira W. (Wiley), unm., of Beverly, a. 23 y., d. Robert and Abigail, and Henry Symmes, unm., of Beverly, a. 25 y., cordwainer, s. Zachariah P. and Elizabeth d., June 14, 1847.*

Diantha, unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Samuel and Abigail, and Nathan Pinkham, widr., of North Bridgewater, a. 26 y., mechanic, s. Abraham and Hannah, at Dracut, Sept. 6, 1847.

Samuel (Wiley), of Westford, and Maria Hanley, int. June 19, 1848.

Amanda, unm., a. 26 y., d. Eben D. and Sarah A., and William Hulm, unm., a. 23 y., manufacturer, s. Michael and Catharine, Nov. 30, 1848.

Edward K. (Wiley), unm., a. 19 y., moulder, and Sarah G. Hiller, unm., a. 17 y., Mar. 1, 1849.

George F., unm., a. 27 y., operative, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, and Susan Maria Witham, unm., a. 17 y., operative, d. John and Sally, June 14, 1849.

John, unm., a. 22 y., operative, b. Canaan, VT, s. John and Sarah, and Catherine Colburn, unm., a. 17 y., b. Campton, NH, d. Ebenezer and Sarah, Dec. 12, 1849.

WILLIAMS (William)

James, and Mary Jannings, int. Aug. 26, 1832.

Benjamin F. [T., of Orange, NH int.], and Caroline Huntoon [Hunton. int.], Sept. 12, 1833.

Robert, and Elizabeth Gibbs, int. Apr. 19, 1835.

Sarah, and Joshua Phelps, int. Dec. 20, 1835.

Charles H., and Caroline S.E. Stewart, int. Feb. 14, 1836.

Bradford, and Lavina P. Johnson, May 30, 1836.

Peter, and Nancy Johnson, int. July 3, 1836.

Edward, and Margaret Martin [certif.], Feb. 5, 1837. CR5

John B., and Lucy Tibbetts of Warwick, RI, certif. Mar. 12, 1837.

Evans (William), and Lucy Wilkins, certif. Mar. 26, 1837.

Lavina, and Martin Reed, June 18, 1837.

Ebenezer B., of Boston, and Hannah Young, Nov. 30, 1837.

Edmund, see Williams, Edward.

Edward [Edmund. int.], and Mary [Mercy. int.] Maria Dean, Feb. 3, [1840.]

Ira H., and Caroline Holmes, Apr. 5, 1840.

Henry W., and Lydia A. Currier, Aug. 31, 1840.

Elizabeth, and Leonard Kimball, Feb. 28, 1841.

Susan, and Michael McGlaughlin, int. June 3, 1841. CR5

Susan J., of Dracut, and Joseph G. Grennell of New Bedford, Sept. 14, 1841.*

George W., of Sherboro (sic.), ME, and Martha F. Brown of Dracut, at Dracut, Nov. 21, 1841.

William, and Mary Ann Payne, Mar. 27, 1842.

Martha Ann, and Eben B. Wellman of Boston, Oct. 7, 1842.

Eliza, and David Price, Oct. 9, 1842.

Sarah S., and Andrew A. Mason, int. Nov. 29, 1842.

Clarissa, and Samuel Smith, Dec. 15, 1842.

Harriet M., and John Kennedy, int. May 17, 1845. [Banns forbidden by his father.]

Loring, unm., of Bradford, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Daniel and Sally, and Eliza M. Stevens, unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. George K. and Deborah, Aug. 10, 1845.

Ellen, unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. William, and John Carney, widr., a. 29 y., operative, s. Lawrence and Rosanna, Jan. 22, 1846.

Elizabeth C., and Albert Young, June 19, 1847.

Roxanna, and Alonzo P. Quimby, int. Aug. 27, 1847.

Levi C., unm., a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Benjamin and Hannah, and Mary J. [H. int.] Williams, wid., a. 22 y., dressmaker, d. William and Jane Burnett, Nov. 11, 1847.

Mary J. [H. int.], wid., a. 22 y., dressmaker, d. William and Jane Burnett, and Levi C. Williams, unm., a. 22 y., shoemaker, s. Benjamin and Hannah, Nov. 11, 1847.

Gilbert T., unm., a. 22 y., jeweller, s. Samuel M. and Harriet M., and Elizabeth J. Pease, unm., a. 18 y., d. John and Lucy, Apr. 30, 1849.


Almira D., and Francis Goward, May 23, 1842.


Maria, and Samuel C.A. Perry, both of Boston, Oct. 29, 1840.*


Mary, and Henry Bailey of Salem, NH, certif. Sept. 28, 1834.


Eliza, and Aaron Sargent [of Woburn. int.], June 11, 1835.

William, and Julia Ann [Juliann. dup.] Neal, Sept. 17, 1838.

Harriet S., of Framingham, and Thomas S. Edmands, int. Apr. 12, 1840.

Susan H., of Framingham, and Philip D. Edmands, int. Apr. 12, 1840.

Mary, of Tewksbury, and Samuel O. Beard of Andover, Nov. 16, 1842.*

Rhoda M., and Sargent S. Files, int. Sept. 14, 1844.


Thomas, and Belinda Jewett of Stanstead, Lower Canada, June 4, 1837.


Ethan, and Alice Morriss [Morris. int.], Jan. 1, 1834.

Emily S., and Lewis W. Daggett, int. July 31, 1836.

Sarah, and Joseph H. Bryant, Oct. 2, 1836.

Emily, and Kendall H.K. Stone, int. Apr. 1, 1838.

Eliza, and Christopher Barron, jr., Mar. 8, 1844.

Fatima, operative, and Samuel Putney, widr., laborer, June 29, 1845.

Alfred, and Abby L. Clough, int. May 1, 1847.

E[dward. int.] K., unm., a. 21 y., operative, s. George S.K. and Elmira, and Georgiana F. Richards, unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. Abraham H. and Asenath, Aug. 29, 1847.

Aldusta A. [Edusta A. int.], and Andrew Briggs, Oct. 25, 1847.

Maria J. (Willoby), unm., operative, and Simeon Briggs, jr., unm., operative, s. Simeon and Martha, Sept. 24, 1848.


Daniel M., unm., manufacturer, and Abigail D. Cox, unm., operative, Dec. 27, 1846.

Elvin A., of Lexington, ME, and Betsey Forrest, int. Apr. 15, 1848.

WILMOT (Willmot)

Sarah S. (Willmot), of Enfield, NH, and Nathan F. Cressey, Oct. 13, 1842.

James, and Hannah Shattuck, Dec. 18, 1842.

Don C., of Thetford, VT, and Lucy A[nn. int.] Graham, Jan. 17, 1849.

WILSON (Als Willson)

Eliza, and Theodore Butterfield [s. Benjamin and Sarah Chamberlain. PR1; Apr. 23. int.], 1827.

Eliza, of Charlestown, and William H. Leslie, int. Nov. 23, 1828.

Elvira, of Stoddard, NH, and Mark Gillis, int. Jan. 20, 1829.

John (Willson), and Suphrona Averill, int. Sept. 30, 1830.

Darius (Willson), and Betsey Putney, int. Oct. 13, 1831.

Lydia, and Robert D. Gilson, int. Nov. 8, 1831.

Janet, and John Wright, int. Dec. 25, 1831.

Jonas, and Mary Nichols, int. Apr. 15, 1832.

Ann, and Sumner Russell [of Rindge, NH int.], Nov. 9, 1832.

Nathaniel, and Ruth J. [Seward of Barnstead, NH int.], Feb. 28, 1833.

Joseph, and Mary L. Cole, int. Apr. 17, 1833.

John G., of Mason, NH, and Almira Brown, int. June 2, 1833.

David, and Mariah F. Baker, int. July 4, 1833.

Eliza, and Joseph Norris, int. Aug. 11, 1833.

Joseph, of Wilton, NH, and Mariah Abbott, int. Oct. 20, 1833.

Charles L., and Nancy Reed, int. Nov. 3, 1833.

Joel [of Dorchester. int.], and Abigail Warren, May ––, 1834. [May 19. int.]

Lucinda, of Windham, and David S. Metcalf, May 24, 1835. [May 28. CR1]

Edwin T., and Harriet Straw, Nov. 22, 1835.

Catherine, and Robert Wilson, Apr. 7, 1836.

Robert, and Catherine Wilson, Apr. 7, 1836.

Elizabeth, and Robert Morton, May 2, 1836.

Andrew, and Sarah White, July 19, 1836.

Joseph H., and Abby S. Bowney, both of Boston, Oct. 23, 1836.*

Mary, and Simon Harris of Dracut, certif. Nov. 6, 1836.

John, of Salem, NH, and Catherine Stevens of Billerica, Dec. 27, 1836.*

William, and Harriet Hosmer, Feb. 27, 1837. [1838. dup.]

Eliza, and John Crotty [certif.], July 3, 1837. CR5

Samuel B., and Mary Eaton, certif. Nov. 17, 1837.

Daniel B. [Willson. int.], and Eliza Jane Gillingham, Apr. 30, 1838. [Apr. 22. dup.]

Gerry [Willson. dup.], and Mary D. Webster, May 6, 1838.

John M., of Joliet, Ill, and Martha Ann Appleton, Oct. 9, 1838.

Elizabeth Ann, of Portsmouth, NH, and Charles Cuningham, int. Oct. 21, 1838.

Harriet M., of Chelmsford, and David Clark, int. Apr. 28, 1839.

Agnes A., of Candia, NH, and Horatio N. Welch, int. Oct. 13, 1839.

Artemas, and Mary Ann Wilkinson of Carlisle, int. Nov. 10, 1839.

Weltha, and George W. Roper, Jan. 12, 1840.

Mary J., and Warren Richardson [both of Londonderry, NH dup.], Nov. 26, 1840.*

David, and Dolly Calief, int. Feb. 21, 1841.

Adeline M., and Gardner Parker, both of Billerica, at Billerica, May 16, 1841.*

Mary, and William O'Neil, Aug. 15, 1841. CR5

Louisa D., of Chelmsford, and Frederick S. Guier of Pembroke, NH, Sept. 16, 1841.*

Cyrus W. (Willson), of Salem, NH, and Emeline M. Wood, June 5, 1842.

Nerah, and Henry Wells of Haverhill, Mar. 29, 1843.

George W., and Martha N. Hunnex, Apr. 2, 1843.

Clarissa B., and Isaac N. Parker, Apr. 23, 1843.

John, and Lucia L. Greeley, May 28, 1843.

Stillman L., and Cornelia A. Talbot of Fall River, int. Sept. 2, 1843.

Ursula, and Thomas H. Tucker, Oct. 2, 1843.

Edward [of Dracut. int.], and Lydia L. Mason, Dec. 25, 1843.

James, unm., a. 23 y., machinist, s. James and Jane, and Mary E. Stevens, unm., a. 18 y., d. Benjamin and Mehitable, Oct. 30, 1844.

Mary M., see Wilson, Rhoda M.

Rhoda M. [Mary M. int.], operative, a. 18 y., d. John and Sophia, and George S. Stone, operative, a. 21 y., s. Benjamin and Lucy, at Dracut, Nov. 26, 1844.

Lorenzo, unm., a. 25 y., teamster, s. James and Lucinda, and Susan P. Coburn, unm., a. 19 y., operative, d. Reuben and Sarah, Dec. 5, 1844.

Ezekiel J., unm., of Concord, a. 26 y., laborer, s. Isaac and Ruth, and Mary A. Haynes, unm., of Concord, a. 22 y., d. Peter and Sally, Dec. 26, 1844.*

Betsey, unm., a. 21 y., operative, d. Robert and Phebe, and Charles H. Green, unm., of Manchester, a. 21 y., machinist, s. Amos and Melinda, Jan. 21, 1845.

Thomas, unm., a. 27 y., founder, s. William and Jane, and Mary Shaw, unm., a. 24 y., operative, d. Jacob and Eliza, Feb. 2, 1845.

Harriet C., unm., a. 24 y., d. John and Beulah, and Samuel Tilton, unm., a. 27 y., trader, s. John and Eunice, June 5, 1845.

Daniel A., unm., [Billerica. int.], a. 23 y., trader, s. Daniel and Mary, and Betsey A. Blake, unm., a. 18 y., d. John and Betsey, July 3, 1845.

Eliza, unm., a. 20 y., spinner, d. John A. and Persis, and Charles R. Berry, widr., a. 25 y., shoemaker, s. John and Frances, Aug. 28, 1845.

Otis C., unm., of Brunswick, Georgia, a. 27 y., carpenter, s. David and Sally, and Lucy P. Evans, unm., a. 24 y., dressmaker, d. Samuel W. and Mary F., Nov. 6, 1845.

Allen, unm., a. 22 y., baker, s. David and Sarah, and Susan K. Porter, unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. Amos and Betsey, Nov. 12, 1845.

Gordon B., unm., a. 25 y., machinist, s. Nathaniel and Elizabeth, and Mary J. Chase, unm., a. 24 y., d. Richard and Lavina, Jan. 1, 1846.

Nancy, unm., a. 25 y., operative, d. I. and H., and Charles H. Emerson, widr., a. 25 y., mechanic s. J. and S., Apr. 20, 1846.

Sarah, and Allen O. Brown, int. Apr. 25, 1846.

Roxanna, unm., a. 21 y., operative, d. Samuel and Sarah, and Abram Hapgood, unm., a. 26 y., operative, s. James and Mary, July 26, 1846.

John, and Amanda Holmes of Hopkinton, NH, int. Oct. 5, 1846.

Eliza M., unm., a. 18 y., d. James and Eliza, and Charles W. Stevens, unm., a. 23 y., machinist, s. Andrew and Betsey, Jan. 24, 1847.

Caroline, and William Flint of Rhode Island, int. Mar. 15, 1847.

Elizabeth, and Alfred Parker, Jan. 28, 1848.

Catharine, unm., a. 24 y., weaver, d. John and M.K., and John R. Lowell, unm., a. 24 y., manufacturer, s. M.M. and L.W., May 7, 1848.

Eliza A., and Levi K. Moody, both of Boston, May 30, 1848.

Annis, of Windham, NH, and John S. Jewett, int. Oct. 28, 1848.

Bridget, wid., a. 20 y., operative, d. James and Alice Helan, and John F. [H. int.] McKay, unm., a. 24 y., operative, s. John and Margaret, Nov. 14, 1848.

Marion, see Wilson, Mary.

Mary [Marion. CR1 and int.], unm., and Robert McNaughton, unm., int. Dec. 16, 1848.

Peter, and Hanah E. Cain, unm., of Clinton [Canton. int.], ME, at Dracut, Feb. 3, 1849.

Nancy G., unm., a. 39 y., d. John and Margaret, and John L. Tripp, 2d m., a. 49 y., machinist, s. William and Sarah, Feb. 15, 1849.

Jane R., unm., a. 21 y., b. Canada, d. Thomas and Jane, and Henry Gould, unm., a. 23 y., operative, b. Springfield, VT, s. William and Clarissa, int. Dec. 4, 1849.


Samuel, and Rhoda Carter, Feb. 5, 1837.

Sarah B., and Sylvester Lakin, int. June 24, 1838. [July 8. dup.]

Lydia F., and Nathaniel G. Chase, June 30, 1838.

Phebe E., and Charles F. Scholfield of Montville, CT, Oct. 9, 1843.

Emily M., of Nashua, NH, and Cyrus G. Andrews, int. Nov. 4, 1843.

Sarah A., unm., a. 21 y., b. Chelmsford, d. Samuel and Mary, and George A. Parker, unm., of Westford, a. 23 y., farmer, b. Acton, s. Gilbert and Sarah, int. Dec. 8, 1849.


Alpheus G., and Sarah Carr of Newburyport, int. Oct. 27, 1833.

Loran, of Andover, and Mary A. Graham, certif. Apr. 30, 1837.

George, and Betsey Ann Briggs, Feb. 26, 1839.

Benjamin T., and Sarah E. Hall of Charlestown, int. Oct. 16, 1841.

Sarah, and Thomas F. Burgess, int. May 26, 1845.

William, see Wring, William. [Ring]


Stephen B., unm., of Chelsea, a. 25 y., teamster, s. Stephen and Nancy, and Mary D. Parker, unm., a. 23 y., d. Jonas L. and Elizabeth, Apr. 11, 1846.*


Jeremiah, and Maria Jane Langley of Lee, NH, int. Sept. 26, 1831.

Ebenezer P., and Eliza Warren Whitcomb, int. Sept. 14, 1836.

John H., of Barrington, NH, and Eliza Choate, Mar. 21, 1841.


Adaline, of Concord, and Franklin Farrar, int. Mar. 20, 1831.

Sarah G., of Hudson, NH, and Alfed Messinger, int. Dec. 25, 1831.

Jane, of Hudson, NH, and William S. Blood, int. Apr. 22, 1832.

Isaac, Lt., of Chelmsford, and Marietta E. Wellman, int. May 13, 1832.

John S., and Abigail M. Pulcifer of Somersworth, NH, int. Aug. 12, 1832.

Catherine E., and Cyrus K. Morrill, May 30, 1839.

Amos, and [Mrs. int.] Electa Rogers, July 2, 1839.

Silas B., and Nancy D. Herrick of Wilton, NH, int. Sept. 19, 1841.


William G., and Deborah G. Langley, int. Sept. 29, 1845.


Lucy Ann., unm., of Hancock, NH, operative, and Cyrus Puffer, unm., a. 26 y., operative, int. May 8, 1849.


Lewis R., and Mary Wellington, int. Feb. 12, 1832.

Andrew, and Elizabeth A. Wiles of Chester, NH, certif. Sept. 3, 1837.

Edward A., and Izette Nutter of Portsmouth, NH, Apr. 5, 1840.

Ellen P., unm., a. 18 y., d. Edward and Lois, and Ephraim M. Hilliard, unm., a. 22 y., druggist, s. Theophilus and Catharine P., Jan. 7, 1847.

Charity L., unm., a. 24 y., d. Edward and Lois, and Joseph M. Fowler, unm., a. 24 y., dry goods dealer, s. Joseph and Nancy, abt. 1848. [July 1, 1848. int.]

George, widr., machinist, s. Patty and Evelina Hunt, unm., teacher, d. Rebecca, Feb. 1, 1849.

WINTER (Winters)

Hugh (Winters), and Mary Jessep, int. Jan. 22, 1840. CR5

John W., of Georgetown, and Mary J. Withey, int. Mar. 30, 1843.


William E., and Mary A. Corcoran [Corcoren. CR1], Aug. 24, 1847.

Mary, unm., a. 30 y., operative, d. James and Betsey, and William Shepley, unm., of Bristol, RI, a. 27 y, operative, s. Anne, May 8, 1849.


Fanny B., and John W. Elliot, int. Oct. 27, 1853.

WISELY (Wiseley)

Margaret (Wiseley), unm., operative, and Michael Sullivan, unm., laborer, Oct. 10, 1848.

Anne [unm., a. 32 y., operative, d. Patrick and Mary, of Ireland. int.], and Dick Leach [widr., a. 45 y., laborer, s. Richard and Elizabeth, of Ireland. int.], July 28, 1849.


Nathan, and Cynthia Richardson, certif. Apr. 23, 1837.


Alfred, of Framingham, and Caroline Ward, int. Aug. 5, 1848.


Susan, of Harrison, ME, and Hiram Brown of Billerica, Dec. 4, 1842.*

Sarah, unm., a. 23 y., milliner, d. Aaron and Mary, and Champlin L. Smith, unm., a. 23 y., stone layer, s. Ebenezer and Maria, Sept. 29, 1844.

Henry, unm., a. 21 y., laborer, s. Aaron and Polly, and Mary J[ane. int.] Graffam, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Peter and Betsey, Nov. 26, 1846.

Elbridge C., unm., of Lawrence, a. 23 y., machinist, s. Daniel W. and Meribah F., and Helen C. [E. int.] Blaisdell, unm., a. 18 y., d. Emeline, Dec. 5, 1847.

Abby D., of New Portland, ME, and Charles H. Weston, int. May 8, 1848.

Susan Maria, unm., a. 17 y., operative, d. John and Sally, and George F. Willey, unm., a. 27 y., operative, s. Jonathan and Elizabeth, June 14, 1849.

WITHERELL (Wetherell, Wetherill)

Mary M., and Jonas Brown of Sudbury, int. Mar. 2, 1834.

Nathan (Wetherell) [Wetherill. dup.], of Grand Isle, VT, and Emily L. Thorndike of Chelmsford, Feb. 18, 1839. [Dec. 16. dup.]*

Mary Ann, and Charles B. Proctor, int. Aug. 2, 1840.

David, unm., a. 30 y., machinist, s. David and Ruth, and Sarah Jane Bond unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. Thomas and Nancy, Nov. 24, 1846.

Harvey, unm., of Chelmsford, a. 27 y., farmer, s. Almond M. and Phebe, and Caroline V. Farmer, unm., a. 21 y., dressmaker, d. Miles and Lucy, July 4, 1847.

William H., unm., a. 24 y., spinner, b. Rochester, NH, s. John and Betsey, and Catherine A. Morrison, unm., a. 20 y., b. Canada, d. John and Elizabeth, int. Dec. 20, 1849.

WITHEY (Withee)

Rebecca (Withee), and John Clark, Mar. 13, 1837.

Mary J., and John W. Winter of Georgetown, int. Mar. 30, 1843.

Maria, unm., a. 22 y., d. David and Elizabeth, and Thomas Scott, unm., of Methuen, a. 23 y., machinist, s. Robert and Ann, Jan. 4, 1847.


Abagail M., of Harvard, and Isaac Barnes, int. Apr. 22, 1838.

Elizabeth, and Kendall Sargent, both of Dracut, Aug. 29, 1841.*

WITT (Witts)

Phebe, of Woodstock, VT, and John Udall, int. Aug. 13, 1827.

Mary (Witts), and Patrick Quillinen, int. Dec. 7, 1848. [Stopped by P. Quillinen Dec. 9.]


Pheby, see Mixon, Pheby.

WOOD (Woods, Word)

Hannah W., and Jacob Palmer, int. Feb. 18, 1827.

John G., and Nancy Prescott [Prescot. int.], Nov. 16, 1827.

Ralph (Woods) [of Groton. int.], and Pemelia Wentworth [Sept. 9. int.], 1828.

Elizabeth, of Littleton, and Alvah Mansur, int. Mar. 9, 1829.

Lucinda (Woods), and Benjamin Cram [Aug. 16. int.], 1830.

Nancy, and Asa Clark, int. Oct. 3, 1830.

Ephraim, and P. Lunt, int. Apr. 11, 1831.

Samuel, and Julia Morrill, int. June 6, 1831.

Hannah F., and Peter Powers, int. Jan. 16, 1832.

Elisa, of Hudson, NH, and Benjamin Parker, s. Jonathan and grands. Benjamin, Oct. 9, 1834.

Maria, and Kilburn Smith, int. May 17, 1835.

Sarah H. [F. int.], and Samuel Parker, both of Chelmsford, July 20, 1835.

Laura, and Andrew J. [T. int.] Parker, int. Aug. 2, 1835.

Lydia P., and Levi Sprague, Sept. ––, 1835.

Soloman (Woods), and Dorothy A. Eastman, int. Sept. 20, 1835.

Lydia M., and Thomas J. Searles, int. Mar. 20, 1836.

Jonathan, and Ruth J. Butters of Wilmington, certif. Nov. 20, 1836.

Frances, of Tewksbury, and Abijah Upham, May 9, 1837.

Timothy N. (Woods), and Polly R. Pattee [Pettee. dup.] Dec. 16, 1838.

Mary (Woods), Mrs., of Boston, and William Graves, int. June 17, 1839.

Samuel N., see Ward, Samuel N.

Stephen, and Louisa Ann Andrews [Andrew. dup.], Feb. 28, 1841.

Laura, and Luke Spofford, both of Dracut, Apr. 21, 1841.*

Harriet, and Leonard H. Wheeler, Apr. 26, 1841.

Nancy P., and Joseph b. Giles, May 25, 1841.

William P. (Woods), of Rochester, NY, and Mary Wright, Aug. 15, 1841.

Philinda [Woods. int], and Charles Stevens, Aug. 26, 1841.

Martha S., of Leominster, and Henry B. Holt of West Royalston, Dec. 22, 1841.*

Cyrus [M. int.], of Westminster, and Lucindia C. [J. int.] Adams, Apr. 12, 1842.

Emeline M., and Cyrus W. Willson [Wilson. int.] of Salem, NH, June 5, 1842.

Charles, and Laura A. Cheever, July 14, 1842.

George F. (Woods), and Adelia A. Clark, Oct. 18, 1842.

Samuel (Woods), of Dunstable, and Mary Ann Wyman, int. Nov. 8, 1842.

Alonzo A., and Emily Gordon, Nov. 24, 1842.

Samuel N., and Maria Gray of Wilton, NH, int. Dec. 27, 1842.

Lydia P., and T. Thurston Putnam, Nov. 21, 1843.

Ephraim, and Mary A.F. Shattucke, int. June 17, 1844.

Catharine (Woods), unm., a. 24 y., operative, d. Dennis and Mary, and Dennis Galivan, widr., a. 30 y., laborer, s. Thomas and Elizabeth, July 13, 1844.

Robert, and Charlotte Morley of Boston, int. Aug. 8, 1844.

Sarah C., unm., of Dracut, a. 26 y., operative, and Dominicus Stackpole, unm., a. 26 y., mason, s. Stephen and Anna, Aug. 24, 1844.

Ellen E., unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. Otis and Betsey F., and Rodney Churchill, unm., a. 23 y., carpenter, s. Samuel S. and Sarah, Sept. 8, 1844.

Elizabeth R., of Dracut, and Stephen T. Porter of New York, Nov. 21, 1844.*

Lorenzo, unm., a. 24 y., trader, s. Andrew and Lydia, and Sophia D. Cook, unm., a. 24 y., d. William, Nov. 24, 1844.

Walter (Woods), unm., of New Boston, NH, a. 24 y., teamster, s. Moses and Allice, and Lucy C. Patterson, unm., a. 21 y., dressmaker, d. Jesse C. and Atarah, Feb. 9, 1845.

Sarah M. [woods. int.], of Dracut, and Benjamin C. Fields [Field. dup.], int. Apr. 12, 1845. [Publishment stopped Apr. 14, on the request of Sarah M. Wood.] [May 24. dup.]

Cynthia, unm., a. 22 y., tailoress, d. Abel and Polly, and Heman B. Jenkins, unm., a. 23 y., turner, s. Benjamin and Sarah, May 1, 1845.

Timothy L., unm., of Burlington [Boxborough. int.], a. 23 y., farmer, s. Carshena and Tryphena, and Mary H. Richardson, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Obediah and Rhoda, May 27, 1845.

Susan T., and Joshua M. Hadley, int. Aug. 30, 1845.

Rebecca L., unm., a. 26 y., operative, d. Uriah and Sarah, and Orrin Millard, unm., of Becket, a. 25 y., farmer, s. Oliver and Abigail, Oct. 19, 1845.

Samuel A., unm., of Manchester, NH, a. 19 y., printer, s. Amos and Louisa W., and Martha M. Lees, unm., a. 24 y., d. Samuel and Grace, Dec. 6, 1845.

Eliza A., unm., a. 22 y., d. Samuel and Sabra, and Charles H. Fiske, unm., of Manchester, a. 20 y., machinist, s. Lewis and Mehetable, Apr. 2, 1846.

Emily, of Groton, and Nathan R. Thayer, int. May 23, 1846.

Oliver C. (Woods), of Townsend, and Lucina B. Twining, int. Oct. 7, 1846.

Rebecca (Woods), unm., of Hudson, NH, a. 23 y., operative, and John O.M. Ladd, unm., a. 25 y., operative, Nov. 14, 1846.

Sarah Jane, and Samuel s. Mann, int. Dec. 7, 1846.

Thomas (Woods), unm., a. 27 y., laborer, s. Michael and Margaret, and Catherine Maning [Manning. int.], unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. Daniel and Bridget, Jan. 16, 1847.

Elizabeth G., and Aaron B. Tilton, Jan. 21, 1847.*

William, a. 28 y., b. Dracut, s. Micajah, and Elizabeth F. Kidder, a. 28 y., b. Dublin, NH, d. Dr. Moses, May 16, 1847.

Julia A. (Woods), unm., of Dunstable, a. 24 y., dressmaker, d. William and Betsey, and Nathaniel Davis, unm., a. 29 y., stone cutter, s. Alpheus and Abigail, Sept. 28, 1847.

Laura Jane, unm., a. 23 y., d. Jonathan and Susan, and William G. Morse, unm., a. 22 y., overseer, s. Jonathan and Charity, Nov. 21, 1847.

Luther P., unm., a. 29 y., carpenter, s. Alvin and Elizabeth, and Edna Towne [Town. int.], unm., a. 23 y., d. Thomas and Jerusha, Jan. 3, 1848.

Almira E., and John Q.A. Butler, int. May 3, 1848.

Julia A. (Woods), of Henniker, NH, and George W. Patterson, int. Aug. 15, 1848.

Rowena E., and Samuel Hildreth of Dracut, int. Mar. 5, 1849.

Charles H. (Woods), unm., of Southborough, a. 23 y., farmer, s. David and Sally, and Adah W. Potter, unm., a. 31 y., d. David and Adah, Apr. 30, 1849.

Leonard (Woods), 2d m., a. 47 y., mechanic, s. John and Mary, and Sylphia A. Burnap, unm., a. 28 y., d. Ethan and Elizebeth, July 15, 1849.

Sarah J., unm., a. 22 y., d. Andrew and Lydia, and Frederick A. Burnap, unm., a. 23 y., merchant, s. Ethan and Elizebeth, July 15, 1849.

George E., unm., of New York, a. 30 y., carpenter, b. New York, s. Simeon and Eunice, and Nancy E. Clark, unm., a. 21 y., b. Francestown, NH, d. John and Margaret, Aug. 12, 1849.

Mary (Woods), unm., a. 25 y., b., Ireland, d. Patrick and Mary, and Martin Agin, 2d m., a. 30 y., laborer, b. Ireland, s. James and Ann, Dec. 6, 1849.


Abigail J., and Nathaniel Hill, int. May 31, 1829.

Daniel J., and [Mrs. int.] Abigail Selloway [Selliway. dup.], Feb. 18, 1841.


Mary Jane [of Newburyport. CR1], and Jeremiah Harding [of Tewksbury. CR1], June 1, 1828.*

Belinda, of Nottingham, NH, and William Turner, int. Mar. 14, 1830.

Amos, and Mandane Stone, abt. 1830. [Mar. 28, 1830. int.]

David, and Sarah Hale, abt. 1831. [Feb. 28, 1831. int.]

Mehitable E., and Alexander Walker of Deerfield, NY, int. Nov. 25, 1832.

John L., and Martha Elizabeth Willey, int. Feb. 10, 1833.

Joseph, and Lucy W. Pearsons of Brookfield, int. Mar. 3, 1833.

Mary Ann, of Hudson, and Oren Nichols, int. May 26, 1833.

Abigail, of Beverly, and Tymothy Frye, certif. Sept. 28, 1834.

Louisa Jane, and Josiah Emery, Aug. 30, 1840.

Benjamin, of Andover, and Hannah Aiken, Oct. 13, 1840.

Maria L., and Andrew A. Dow of Concord, NH, May 4, 1841.

Susan A., and Jonathan G. Turner, Oct. 10, 1841.

Josephine C., and George R. Rowe, int. Apr. 13, 1844.

Peter, and Mary A. Clark of Stratham, NH, int. Apr. 27, 1844.

Susan O., unm., a. 28 y., operative, d. Jesse and Sally, and Isaac N. Sleeper, unm., a. 28 y., stone layer, s. Peter and Sally, June 29, 1846.

Sarah, unm., a. 40 y., seamstress, d. John and Abigail, and Thomas Marsh, widr., of Hudson, NH, a. 51 y., b. Dracut, yeoman, s. Ebenezer and Susanna, July 1, 1847.

Eliza, a. 22 y., and Luther Eames, a 27 y., farmer, both unm., of Wilton, NH, May 9, 1849.*

Sarah, unm., a. 38 y., operative, b. New Boston, NH, d. Joshua E. and Mehitable, and Thornton Crooks, unm., a. 33 y., operative, s. Thornton and Martha, of Littleton, NH, int. July 7, 1849.


Mary Ann, and Calvin woodward, int. Apr. 1, 1832.

Lucy, and Joseph [Jasper. int.] Rea of Andover, Apr. 26, 1838.

Olivia, and Daniel [Darius. int.] Harriman, June 25, 1840.

Gideon, and Matilda J. Kelley, Jan. 30, 1842.

Esther, and Job Hardy, Nov. 26, 1843.

Julia E., unm., a. 21 y., d. Liberty and Susannah, and Amos F. Crockett, unm., a. 22 y., machinist, s. Charles and Hannah, Dec. 16, 1845 or 1846.

Abram B., see Davis, Abram B.

WOODIS (Woodies)

Louisa, unm., a. 23 y., tailoress, d. Chase and Lois, and John O. Decatur, unm., a. 24 y., carpenter, s. Ephram and Charlotte, Aug. 29, 1846.

Daniel S. (Woodies), and Dorothy Potter of Concord, NH, int. Feb. 26, 1848.


Elizabeth Ann., and John Doughlass, int. Oct. 24, 1830.

Lovey, and Aliphalet Brown, int. Aug. 21, 1831.

Deborah H., and James M. Morrill, int. Aug. 28, 1831.

Louisa, and John L. Fitts, int. June 10, 1832.

Ann Jane, and Henry Gotham, int. Sept. 16, 1832.

John S., see Woodward, John S.

Elbridge G., and Mary A. Blanchard of Wilton, NH, int. Aug. 18, 1839.

Marston, and Susan Jackson, Nov. 6, 1841.

Watson, and Mary Ann Seward, Apr. 2, 1842.

Levi T., of Boston, and Caroline E. Gilman, Apr. 12, 1842.

Olivia J., and Erasmus D. Sandborn, July 4, 1842.

Ruth B., and William Davis, int. Oct. 10, 1843.

Ruhamah, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Jonathan and Martha, and Otis L. Fern, unm., a. 22 y., trader. s. Samuel and Mercy, Jan. 18, 1846.

Harriet C., and Lorenzo D. Sargent, Aug. 25, 1847.

Dolly, of Amesbury, and David Emerson, jr., int. Oct. 19, 1847.

Abigail B., of Bedford, NH, and Jason W. Morrill, int. Nov. 27, 1847.

Adelia B., and Ransom L. James, int. Jan. 1, 1848.


Henry W., unm., a. 24 y., operative, b. Canaan, VT, s. William and Elizabeth, and Betsey Smith, unm., a. 21 y. [operative. int.], b. Canaan, VT, d. Moses and Ann, Sept. 5, 1849.

WOODWARD (Woodard)

John, and Mariah Stiles, int. Jan. 29, 1827.

Moses W., of Marlborough, and Fanny B. Wells, int. Nov. 22, 1830.

Calvin, and Mary Ann Woodcock, int. Apr. 1, 1832.

James, and Mersilvia F. Brown of Springfield, VT, int. June 25, 1832.

Daniel, and Cynthia Symonds [Simonds. int.], Sept. 6, 1832.

Sarah L., and Turner H. Jenkins, Oct. 6, 1833.

Adoniram, and Achsah Hoar, int. May 27, 1834.

John S. [Woodman. int.], and Hannah S. Page, Sept. 12, 1834.

John S. [T. int.], and Mehitable Lane, Apr. 12, 1835.

Ambrose, and Hannah Bixby, int. Aug. 16, 1835.

William, and Lucy Longton, int. Nov. 15, 1835.

Mary P., and Darius Hardy, int. Nov. 23, 1835.

Lucretia L., and Henry B. Allen of Chelsea, VT, int. May 29, 1836.

Luther M., and Eliza Ann Scribner, Nov. 5, 1837.

Deliverance, of Coventry, NH, and Hannah Lambert, Nov. 27, 1837.*

Foster, of Lyndeborough, NH, and Mehitable B. Hildreth of Westford, May 29, 1839.*

Dana, and Martha Clark, July 28, 1839.

Jacob A., and Julia A. Brown, Nov. 11, 1840.

Mary, and George W. Clark of Gardiner, Dec. 31, 1840.

John c., and Abigail Fifield, Jan. 12, 1841.

Anson W., and Lydia A. Richardson, Dec. 25, 1841.

Mary, of Northampton, and Dr. Samuel L. Sprague, int. Apr. 10, 1842.

Susan A. (Woodard), and James Pinkerson, both of Billerica, Oct. 11, 1843.*

Maria (Woodard), and George C. Stiles, both of Dracut, Feb. 1, 1844.*

Eliza, unm., a. 24 y., d. Amasa and Mary Ann E., and Joseph Leicester, widr., a. 37 y., carpenter, Apr. 10, 1844.

Sylvester, and Mary A. Tinker of Charlestown, int. Oct. 12, 1844.

Lovina [Woodard. int.], unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Amasa and Mary Ann, and Samuel Merrill, unm., a. 27 y., grocer s. John and Bethiah, Nov. 9, 1845.

Rebecca S., unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. Samuel and Annis, and Samuel S. Sweetwer, unm., a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. William and Susan, at Malden, May 28, 1846.

Mary A., unm., a. 18 y., dressmaker, and John R. Whitcomb, unm., a. 20 y., forger, Oct. 7, 1846.

Elizabeth S. (Woodard), and Rodman B. Carroll of Cornish, NH, int. Dec. 31, 1846.

Sarah J., unm., a. 22 y., d. D., and John L. Pratt, jr., unm., a. 24 y., mechanic, s. J.L., May 4, 1847.

Collins H., unm., a. 28 y., manufacturer, s. Joseph and Sarah, and Mary H. Merrill, unm., a. 24 y., d. Samuel and Hannah, June 20, 1847.

Lorenzo D. (Woodard), and Olive G. Judkins of Gardiner, ME, int. Oct. 30, 1847.

Arvilla, unm., a. 29 y., teacher, and Norris Nichols, unm., of Andover, s. 33 y., mechanic, Jan. 21, 1848.

Bethia, wid., and Elisha Plaisted, widr., Mar. 17, 1848.

Sarah A., and Cyrus B. Dudley, int. May 15, 1848.

James G., unm., of Dunstable, a. 24 y., farmer, and Phebe Culver, unm., a. 23 y., d. Nathan and Abigail, May 18, 1848.

Lois A. (Woodard), unm., a 18 y., d. Parker and Sarah, and Zebulon Lyford, unm., a. 25 y., weaver, s. Nathaniel and Mary, Oct. 5, 1848.

Judith, unm., a. 28 y., b. Greenfield, NH, d. John and Ann, and George G. Read, unm., a. 37 y., stone cutter, b. Tyngsborough, s. Thomas and Rebecca, int. Dec. 6, 1849.

Wealthy M. (Woodard), unm., a. 20 y., b. Springfield, d. Amasa and Mary, and Charles J. Parmlee, unm., a. 22 y., carpenter, b. Salem, s. Alfred and Sarah H., Dec. 29, 1849.


Louisa, and H. Porter Kittredge of Billerica, int. Dec. 15, 1839.


Edward, unm., [of Newton. int.], a. 32 y., farmer, s. Bartholomew and Ellen, and Johanna Butler, unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Richard and Mary, Nov. 26, 1846.


Mary W. [Mary W. Home. int.], a. 35 y., housekeeper, d. James and Margaret Wood, and John Pitt, widr., a. 45 y., carpenter, s. Daniel and Elizabeth, Aug. 12, 1844.

WORCESTER (Wooster, Worster)

Rebecca, of Tewksbury, and Ens. Francis Hobbs, int. Nov. 20, 1826.

Lewis, and Martha Coburn, int. Sept. 27, 1830.

George (Worster), and Mary Moore, int. Jan. 21, 1833.

Arad, and Abigail Mason, Jan. 4, 1835.*

Caroline L. (Worster), and Alanson H. Morse, Dec. 22, 1839.

Moses (Worster), and Julia M. Cerrel, int. May 28, 1843.

Job, unm., a. 32 y., laborer, s. J. and S., and Ann Presby, wid., a. 31 y., d. M. and P. Champy, Nov. 28, 1844.

Charlotte L. (Wooster), unm., a. 24 y., operative, and Norman [A. int.] Harris, widr., a. 25 y., painter, May 3, 1846.

William F., unm., a. 27 y., machinist, s. Leonard and Rebecca, and Lucy Ann Morse, unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. John and Lucy, Sept. 20, 1846.

Mary A[nn. int.], unm., a. 22 y., tailoress, d. J. and M., and Francis Carl [Carll. int.], unm., a. 21 y., carpenter, s. J. and H., at Dracut, Feb. 6, 1847.

Helen F., and Asa B. Prior [East Windsor, CT. dup.], int. May 17, 1847.

Martha W., unm., a. 18 y., b. Westford, d. George and Sophia, and John Tilton, unm., a. 25 y., carpenter b. Derby, VT, s. Benjamin and Persis, int. Dec. 31, 1849.


Samuel N., see Ward, Samuel N.


Sarah C., unm., a. 23 y., d. Asa and Sarah, and Charles F. Chase, unm., of Haverhill, a. 24 y., shoemaker, s. Frederick and Mary P., int. May 11, 1849.

WORMELL (Wormwell)

John [Wormwell. dup.], and Louisa Brown, int. Jan. 3, 1836. [Apr. 10, 1836. certif.; Mar. 25, 1838. dup.]


John, widr., a. 36 y., manufacturer, s. Joseph and Hannah, and Marion B. Cass, unm., a. 26 y., operative, d. Simon and Rhoda, Dec. 7, 1844.

Jane, unm., a. 17 y., operative, d. Henry and Mary A., and Herrick Fernald, unm., a. 19 y., mason, s. Edmund and Betsey, June 26, 1847.

WORTHEN (Worthing)

Mathew F., and Jane G. Richards, int. Nov. 28, 1831.

Moses P., and Irene Chamberlin of Westford, int. Dec. 15, 1833.

Hannah, and Micah Bolton, int. Nov. 8, 1835.

George W., and Elizabeth A. Clarke, Mar. 12, 1837.

Nancy, of Dracut, and John P. Robinson [Esq. int.], Oct. 3, 1837.

Abigail B., and Page R. Smith, Mar. 20, 1838.

Sarah (Worthing), and Amos Boardman, June 18, 1840.

Ezekiel B., and Emeline Draper, Jan. 3, 1841.

Jonathan P., and Hannah A. French, Oct. 15, 1842.

Mercy Ann, and John A. Snowden, int. Jan. 20, 1844.

Libbee E., and Betsey Clark, int. Mar. 23, 1844.*

Mary M[oodie. CR1], of Dracut, d. Ezra and Mary and William Henry Appleton of New York [City. CR1], Apr. 16, 1844.*

Albert S., unm., a. 21 y., operative, s. Enoch and Lydia, and Rosina Glover, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Peter and Mary, Aug. 17, 1844.

Sanborn, unm., of Lancaster, a. 23 y., machinist, s. Isaac and Hannah, and Lincoln S. Taylor, unm., a. 20 y., d. David and Nancy, Oct. 7, 1846.

Aroline A. (Worthing), unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. David and Loisana, and Horatio J. Fowler, unm., a. 25 y., machinist, s. Thomas and Betsey, at Dracut, May 8, 1847.


Sewell, and Almira b. Dow, int. May 27, 1843.

Martha A., unm., a. 24 y., d. John and Sarah, and George Emerson, unm., a. 24 y., shoe dealer, s. David and Hannah, Dec. 25, 1844.

Rebecca P., unm., a. 21 y., d. Sewall and Rebecca, and Benjamin Richardson, a. 33 y., mason, s. David and Betsey, Nov. 27, 1845.

John, unm., a. 20 y., painter, s. Sewall and Rebecca, and Louisa Merrill, unm., a. 19 y., operative, d. Ervin and Eleanor, Mar. 4, 1847.


Mary, and Patrick Madden, certif. Jan. 11, 1835.


Whiting, and Tryphena Powell, int. Mar. 18, 1844.

WRIGHT (Wight)

Priscilla Caroline, fo Westford, and Elisha Bunce, int. Apr. 2, 1827.

Hannah H., and Silas D. Tanner, int. Oct. 16, 1827.

Edmund, and Sarah Ordway of Hookset, int. Oct. 5, 1828.

Charles, of Littleton, and Mary Ann Gibson, int. Jan. 8, 1829.

Eunice, of Hollis, NH, and Mark Webster, int. Aug. 29, 1829.

George, and Mary Tenney of Littleton, int. June 23, 1830

Mary L., of Bedford, and James Gibson, int. Apr. 7, 1831.

Walter, and Lydia Wendall [Wendell. CR1], Sept. 1, 1831.

John, and Janet Wilson, int. Dec. 25, 1831.

Stephen, and Sophia L. March of Londonderry, NH, int. Apr. 21, 1833.

Mary, of Westford, and Samuel Spaulding, Sept. ––, 1833. PR1*

Elizabeth, of Westford, and Nahum Childs, int. Nov. 3, 1833.

Thomas, and Betsey Chamberlain, int. Apr. 12, [1834 or 1835.]

Joseph, and Harriet Tileston, int. Apr. 15, 1834.

Nathan, of Shelburne, and Lydia Prescott, certif. Aug. 24, 1834.

Hapgood, and Caroline [Emeline. int.] Gates, Jan. 1, 1835.

Betsey E., and Nathan Boynton, jr., int. May 24, 1835.

F.R. [Frances Ruggles. int.], and Isaac Chapman, int. Aug. 8, 1835.

Franklin, and Caroline A. Durant, int. Oct. 13, 1835.

Martin, of Westford, and Eliza Ingalls of Tyngsborough, Oct. 20, 1835.*

Clarissa, and Levi Felch, Nov. 8, 1835.

Clarissa E., and George Chandler, int. Dec. 9, 1835.

Betsey, and Aaron Whittemore, int. Mar. 13, 1836.

Lydia, and Amos Pearson, June 12, 1836.

Amos H., and Prudence W. Beaman, certif. Nov. 6, 1836.

Jannet, and William Caird, Dec. 9, 1836.

Luther, and Hephsibah A. Ferrin, Feb. 12, 1837.

Roxanna, and Erwin Bartlett Wilder of Pepperell, certif. Mar. 26, 1837.

Leverett D., and Mary Ann Nash, June 10, 1837.

Prudence T., and Weare Clifford, June 11, 1837.*

Irene C., of Dracut. and John D. Emerson, int. Sept. 3, 1837.

Lydia M., and Samuel L. Folsom, Nov. 7, 1837.

Nathaniel [Nathan. dup.] M., and Isabella D. Cushing, Jan. 31, 1839.

Andrew J., and Parnel B. Nutting, June 23, 1839.

Sephronia [Wight. dup.], and John Westall of Fall River, at Bridgewater, Aug. 11, 1839.

Alexander W., and Elizabeth Ballou, Oct. 23, 1839.

Charles, of Groton, and Jane Comstock, Jan. 12, 1840.

Martha B., and George J. [s. dup.] Knight [Knights. dup.], Apr. 9, 1840.

Jacob, jr., and Hannah B. Hackett of Wilton, NH, int. May 16, 1841.

Walter, and Lydia Richardson of Westford, at Westford, May 18, 1841. CR1

Ithamar, of Littleton, and Mary Ann Abbott, int. May 30, 1841.

Mary, and William P. Woods of Rochester, NY, Aug. 15, 1841.

Andrew C, and Sarah W. Barrett of Concord, int. Aug. 28, 1841.

Eleazer G., of Natick, and Phebe W. Carter, Nov. 18, 1841.

John F., of Woburn, and Dorcas C. Lary, Nov. 25, 1841.

James J., and Sarah Ann Reynolds, Jan. 28, 1842.

Mary, and Morrell [N. int.] Young, Apr. ––, 1842.

George W. [P. int.], and Mary A. Moore, Aug. 20, 1842.

Calvin T., and Martha H. Chamberlain, both of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, Dec. 14, 1842.*

Joel A., of Westford, and Martha Bartlett, Apr. 25, 1843.

Liberty C., and Zoa Hildreth, int. Nov. 29, 1843.

Freeman, unm., a. 25 y., machinist, s. Jeptha and Mary, and Ruth M. Smith, unm., a. 21 y., May 20, 1844.

Mary E., of Newbury, and Joseph Bartlett, int. May 23, 1844.

Warren, unm., of Westford, a. 32 y., farmer, s. Abijah and Mary, and Sarah Farwell, unm., of Tyngsborough, a. 26 y., tailoress, d. James and Nancy, Dec. 5, 1844.*

Otis, unm., a. 26 y., machinist, s. Liberty, and Augusta C. [Augustus C. int.] Wallace, unm., of Brookline, NH, a. 24 y., d. Matthew, Feb. 27, 1845.

Clara J., unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Joel and Sally, and James M. Sharp, unm., a. 23 y., operative, s. James and Jane, May 22, 1845.

Asahel B., unm., a. 25 y., printer, s. Nehemiah and Olive, and Abby Ann Nichols, unm., a. 18 y., dressmaker, d. Converse and Sylvia, June 22, 1845.

Ruth (Wight), unm., a. 34 y., operative, d. David and Ruby, and Samuel Day, widr., a. 54 y., stone cutter, s. Samuel and Sarah, Sept. 18, 1845.

Amos D., and Alathea [Alsethea F. int.] Knowles of Campton [NH int.], at Campton, NH, Sept. 25, 1845.

Lydia M[aria. int.], unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. Page and Sarah, and Hiram A. Cole, unm., a. 23 y., manufacturer, s. Hiram and Lois, Nov. 23, 1845.

Caroline A., unm., a. 22 y., operative, d. O. and N., and Granville Bell, unm., of Salem, a. 25 y., machinist, s. D. and P., Aug. 5, 1846.

Mary Anne, unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. John and Anne, and John Curren, unm., a. 24 y., tailor, s. Peter and Margaret, Sept. 21, 1846.

Elizabeth, of Boston, and Enos H. Nudd, int. Jan. 27, 1847.

John, unm., a. 28 y., laborer, s. George and Mary, and Mary Ann Coleman, unm., a. 25 y., operative, d. Timothy and Ellen, Feb. 6, 1847.

Caroline A., unm., a. 20 y., teacher, d. Nathan and Sarah, and Albert W. Foss, unm., a. 29 y., operative, s. Jeremiah and Eliza, Mar. 7, 1848.

Lucius R., unm., of Boston, a. 26 y., clerk, s. Samuel and Clara, and Lantha [Leantha. int.] F. Hedges, unm., a. 22 y., d. Horace and Clarissa, May 10, 1848.

Marcus L., and Cynthia M. Gates of Westminister, int. May 12, 1848.

Mary A., unm., a. 21 y., dressmaker, d. Emerson and Fanney, and Asa Parks, unm., a. 20 y., machinist, s. Richard and Margaret, at Dracut, May 27, 1848.

Ezra W., unm., a. 25 y., carpenter, s. Joel and Sally, and Hannah M. Proctor, unm., a. 21 y., operative, d. Joseph and Milly, Sept. 14, 1848.

Leonora M., unm., a. 20 y., operative, and Russell Blanchard, unm., of Morgan, O., a. 25 y., lawyer, Oct. 4, 1848.

Levi P., unm., of Dunstable, a. 24 y., railroad conductor, s. George P. and Elizabeth, and Esther J. Eames, unm., a. 19 y., d. Luther and Esther, Oct. 12, 1848.

Catherine, unm., a. 22 y., spinster, d. Peter and Meribe, and Levi Ferguson, unm., a. 27 y., machinist, b. Elliot, ME, s. Dennis and Amey, int. July 25, 1849.


Jonas, and Betsey Ramsdell, int. July 26, 1846.


Joseph G., and Elizabeth C. Clark, int. Jan. 2, 1833.

Eliza S., and George W. Colcord of Cohasset [Malden. dup.], certif. May 18, 1834. [June 7, 1935. dup.]

Dorothy, of Dunstable, NH, and Daniel Titcomb, int. June 12, 1836.

George W., of Charleston [Charltestown. certif.], and Martha Pulsifer, Apr. 2, 1837.

Abigail, and Jonathan French, Nov. 4, 1838.

Mary A.R., unm., a. 27 y., operative, d. Daniel and Abigail, and Augustus J.G. French, unnm., a. 26 y., operative, s. Nathaniel and Phebe, July 3, 1845.


Diamy, and Ira M. Landers, Dec. 2, 1843.


Sarah, of Nottingham, and Moses Stone, int. Apr. 29, 1828.

Laura P., and Asa Varnum of Peacham, VT, int. Mar. 6, 1832.

Timothy, and Eliza Brown, int. Sept. 23, 1832.

William W., and Sarah A. Treat, int. Feb. 28, 1833.

Doritha, and Jesse Burgan, int. Apr. 4, 1833.

Franklin H., and Dolly Davis, int. Oct. 20, 1833.

Lucy Ann., and Andrew D. Craig, int. Oct. 27, 1833.

Elizabeth, and Samuel S. Keyser of Baltimore, MD, Oct. 15, 1834.

Sarah W., and Ebenezer H. Weston [of Salem int.], July 5, 1835.

Lucy S., and Oliver S. Barrett [certif.], Oct. 2, 1835.

Clarisa W. [M. int.], and Timothy Gray, jr., May 22, 1836.

Abigail J., and Joshua Merrill of Methuen, certif. Aug. 7, 1836.

Eveline, and Jacob Saunders, Aug. 9, 1836.

Olevia, and Jonathan Philbrick, int. June 5, 1837.

John S., and Lavinia H. Rogers of Woburn, int. July 15, 1838.

Mary A., and Joshua E. Barker, int. June 28, 1840.

Elizabeth P., and Joseph D. Ashton, July 17, 1840.

Josiah A., of Chelmsford, and Ruth Frye [Flagg. dup.], July 22, 1840.

George W., of Chelmsford, and Mary Messer, Oct. 7, 1841.

Alexander, and Olive Higgins, int. July 9, 1842.

Louisa E., of Vassalborough, ME, and Ellsworth Fry [Frye. int.], July 19, 1842.

Mary Ann, and Samuel Woods of Dunstable, int. Nov. 8, 1842.

Oliver, and Joann E. Schillinger, Feb. 7, 1844.

Lucina, ad Joseph L. Floyd, both of Hudson, NH, Feb. 26, 1844.*

Sarah Jane, unm., a. 18 y., housemaid, d. Reuben, and Lowell Hartwell, unm., a. 32 y., fish dealer, s. Emerson and Emily, Oct. [5. int.], 1844.

William H., unm., a. 21 y., s. William, and Amanda M. Senter, unm., a. 21 y., d. Abel, Oct. 22, 1844.

John Harrison, unm., a. 24 y., cabinet maker, s. Stephen and Hannah, and Sarah Carroll, unm., a. 23 y., operative, d. George and Frances, Feb. 4, 1846.

Mary C., wid., a. 30 y., operative, d. Isaac and Lydia Marshall, and Joseph Shores, unm., a. 22 y., operative, s. Peter and Lydia, Apr. 4, 1846.

William R., unm., a. 21 y., shoemaker, s. Oliver and Nancy, and Mary J. Keniston, unm., a. 20 y., operative, d. Joseph and Oprah, May 28, 1846.

Marshall, unm., a. 21 y., machinist, s. Anson, and Joanna R. Ham, unm., a. 19 y., July 4, 1846.

John S., widr., a. 37 y., machinist, s. John and Eunice P., and Maria Downs, unm., a. 24 y., operative, d. Reuben and Sophia, Apr. 25, 1847.

Emeline B., unm., a. 18 y., operative, d. Asahel and Betsey, and Samuel Stackpole, unm., a. 23 y., operative, s. Samuel and Sarah, July 24, 1847.

John M., unm., a. 28 y., house carpenter, s. Samuel and Ann, and Eliza Tucker, unm., a. 30 y., operative, d. Henry and Dorothy, Aug. 3, 1847.

Henry, unm., a. 27 y., trader, b. Mason, NH, s. Maverick and Nancy, and Abby B. Shed, unm., a. 22 y., b. Billerica, D. Zaccheus and Caroline, Oct. 23, 1849.

Almira, unm., a. 21 y., b. Belfast, ME, d. Bancroft and Sybil, and Eliakim L. Tandy, 2d m., a. 31 y., dentist, b. Goshen, NH, s. Ezekiel and Milley, int. Dec. 31, 1849.

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