Anna, and Jonathan Cutter, both of Charlestown, Sept.3,1778, Dec.18,1777.

David, [of Medford.int.], and Eunice Richardson, Mar.16,1769, Feb.19.MED

Eliphalet, of Nottingham West, and Susanna Green, June17,1797.

Else [Elsie. int.], and James Peirson, at Woburn, Jan.26,1794, Jan.7.WOB

Richard, and Ruth Turner, Dec.3,1826, Oct.14.


Betsey Little, and Aaron Bryant, Oct.9,1803.

Loren, of Boston, and Nancy Putney [in margin, "Forbid by the female named in the notice"], Jan.5,1845.


Augusta Marion [Harriet M.A. int.], and Joshua G. Norwood of Camden, ME, July8,1839, June15.

Caroline M., 27, d.[Aaron and] Abigail, [b. Chelsea], and George Sargent 28, s.Isaac and Catherine, Feb.14,1850, Jan.26.

Deborah, and John S. Bucknam, Apr.8,1819, Feb.6.

Edwin H., of Boston, and Louisa Barrett, Mar.25,1841, Nov.21,1840.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Wait, Sept.8,1816, July21.

Harriet, of Chelsea, and Samuel A. Cox, July30,1834 1835, Nov.22,1834.CHEL

Horatio, and Elizabeth Pindar [Pinder. int.], Apr.5,1832, Mar.17.

Isaac, of Medford, and Persis Sargeant, Jan.7,1801, Nov.30,1800.

James, of Charlestown, and Sally Sargeant, Oct.28,1810, Sept.23.

John, and Jane Gill, both of Medford, Dec.15,1785.

Lucy, and Micah Perkins of Lynn, Jan.5,1818, Nov.13,1817.

Lucy [Eliza.int.], and Charles Lewis, Feb.22,1818, Jan.24.

Lucy, of Chelsea, and Elijah Holde, Oct.10,1835.

Martha, and Jotham Tuttle, Mar.1,1727.

Mary, of Charlestown, and William Barrett, Jan.15,1804.

Mary, and Royal Peirce, both of Chelsea, Apr.20,1837.

Moses, of Medford, and Martha Sprague, Nov.28,1775, Sept.23.

Susan J., and Washington Atkins of Charlestown, Nov.2,1843, Oct.3.

William C., and Drusilla Wallingford, [Date not given, returned Feb.3,1843.] Jan.7,1843.

William O., of No. Chelsea, 26, s.William and Susan, and Harriet and Ramsdill, 21, d.John and Mary Ann, May6,1847, Apr.10.

HALLOWELL (Hollowell)

Bethiah, and Samuel Hastings, of Watertown, at Medford, May27,1719.MED

Bethiah, and William Pell, June5,1759, Apr.8.

Edward, and Huldah Farrington of Lynn, Dec.25,1730.

Huldah, and Benjamin Faulkner, Nov.11,1761, Oct.26,1760.


Emily H., and David H. Burnham, Jr., wid.Stoneham, s.David H., Nov.23,1845, Nov.1.


Jefferson, Rev., and Emeline Porter, Sept.3,1832, Aug.11.


William, and Rhoda A. Harding of Chatham, Mar.21,1846.


John, and Mehitable Dow, Apr.20,1787, Aprril 17,1786.


Nahum, 23, b. Lebanon, ME, s.Isaac and Nancy, and Sarah Emery, 23, b. Dover, NH, d.Noah and Sarah, Nov.26,1845, Nov.8.


George, 24, s.William and Susan, and Almira A. Waitt, 22, d.Thomas and Hannah, Oct.10,1848, Sept.14.

Sarah Ann, of Dover, NH, and Jonathan C. Clough, Sept.23,1837.


Mary, and Nathan Bryant, both of Medford, Nov.6,1809.FCR

Phebe, of Greenfield, NH, and Capt. Lewis Richardson, Nov.22,1828.

Sally, and Jeremiah Haskell, both of Medford, Feb.1,1802.


Ebenezer, and Rebecca Allen,末蔓末,1700.

Ebenezer, and Lydia Wade of Medford, Feb.26,1733-4.

Ebenezer, Jr., and Polly Hills, Sept.8,1777, July28.

Ebenezer, Jr., and Betsey [Eliza.int.] Parker, Oct.3,1806, Sept.7.

Eliza, and Edward Newhall, May5,1805, Apr.7.

Esther, and Solomon Townsend, Dec.24,1764, Nov.25.

Franklin H. of Boston, 24, s.William and Sally, and Julia E. Senter, 25, d.Edward and Malinda, Dec.31,1848, Nov.13.

Hannah [H. int.], and [Lieut. int.] Ebenezer Tufts, Nov.9,1820, Sept.3.

John, and Esther Parker, Oct.13,1742.

John, and Ursula Warner of So. Reading, [Mar. or Apr.末,1823].

Louisa B., and Joseph E. Stanwood, Dec.10,1850.

Lydia, and Lemuel Cox, May28,1815, Mar.18.

Mary, and Jonathan Howard, June1,1726.

Mary, and Joseph Green of Deerfield, NH, July14,1801, June21.

Mary E., 23, d.John and Ursula, and Sewall W. Fall, 21, s.George and Mary, Dec.12,1849, Nov.24.

Rebecca, and Richard Pratt, July9,1729.

Rebecca, and Edward Wade, May21,1771, May26,1770.

Susanna, and John Gould, Sept.15,1742.


Mary, and Joel Jenkins of Lynn, Jan.28,1720-1.


Louisa, of West Cambridge, and Daniel Sweetser, Mar.5,1825.

Mary Ann, and David Simpson, Apr.15,1826.


Amos B., of Danvers, and Nancy Brown, June10,1843.

Edward N., Rev., and Sarah George of Boston, Feb.9,1838.

Elizabeth, and Zachariah Sawtell, Apr.末,1668.CC

Elizabeth Henshaw, and Francis Brinley of Boston, June21,1795, June2.FCR

Hannah E., of Saugus, and Eri Upham, Dec.4,1841.

Leonard W., of New Ipswich, NH, 30, s.William and Hannah, and Mary E. Brown, 18, d.James and Nancy, Aug.4,1846, July6.

Patty, and Asa Tufts of Dover, NH, Sept.30,1790, Aug.30.FCR

Rebecca, Mrs., of Lancaster, and Samuel Wait, Mar.2,1780, Feb.21.LAN

Rebecca, and Dr. John Wheeler of Dover, NH, at Cambridge, Mar.12,1793, Feb.24.CAM


Alfred, and Eleen Ramsdill, June21,1845.


Elizabeth, and John Winbourne, 11:2m:1667.CC

Sally, and Joseph Floyd, May30,1824, Feb.13.


Ruhamah, of Charlestown, and James Green, July6,1727.


Abigail, and Thomas Wayte, Jan.10,1723.

Abigail, and Nathaniel Paine, Feb.5,1733-4.

Abigail, of Chelsea, and Hugh Floyd, Apr.15,1752, Mar.8.

Hester, and Henry Greene, 11:11m:1671.CC

John, of Rumneymarsh, and Abigail Dexter, Nov.17,1730.

Martha, of Leicester, and John Coleman, Jr, Feb.19,1761, Jan.29.

Samuel, of Boston, and Sarah Upham, May9,1737.

Sarah, and Phineas Sprague, Jan.5,1669.CC


Jeremiah, and Sally Hardy, both of Medford, Feb.1,1802.

HASKINS (Hoskins)

John, of Boston, and Hannah Upham, Mar.12,1752, Jan.15.

Nancy P., and Edward Wade, Jr., Oct.26,1814, Oct.8.

Robert, and Rebecca Emerson of Concord, May18,1797, Apr.16.CON

William, and Rebecca Homans, Sept.29,1790, Aug.30.FCR


Charles, of Brighton, and Catherine Lear, Dec.3,1835, Nov.14.

Samuel, of Watertown, and Bethiah Halloway, at Medford, May27,1719.MED


Abigail, and William Bucknam, Jan.21,1798, Jan.7.

Anthony, of Medford, and Elizabeth Blanchard, Nov.27,1809, Oct.15.

Asa, of Boston, and Phebe Sprague, Apr.13,1769, Dec.18,1768.

Catherine, and Thomas Wait Pratt of Charlestown, May24,1791, May12.

Cleft, of Pembroke, and Mary Sprague, Jan.13,1774, May1,1773.

Elizabeth, and William Burditt of Medford, Apr.28,1785, Apr.18.

Hannah, and Ebenezer Paine, July15,1793.

John, and Hannah Tibbetts, Aug.18,1849.

Martha, and Richard Dexter, July31,1780, June30.

Mary Atkins, and Dr. Jeremiah Goss [Gass in record by error], of Provincetown, May1,1798, Apr.15.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Stewart of Chelsea, Apr.23,1801, Mar.9.

Naler, of Boston, and Elizabeth Sprague, Mar.28,1773, Oct.21,1772.

Reuben, and Abigail Cheever of Chelsea, Sept.13,1796, Aug.28.CHEL

Reuben, and Sarah W. Tibbets [Tibbitts.int.], July11,1841, June26.


Ruth, d.George Havens, late deceased, and John Wise, drum major, at Prospect Hill, both of East Greenwich, RI, Aug.末,1775.

Sarah, of Framingham, and Isaac Hill, Dec.29,1743, Nov.20.FRA

Sarah O., and Lemuel Cox, Oct.4,1833, Sept.19,1832.


Silas M., of Somerville, and Sarah and Coulton of Waltham, Oct.3,1843.


Caroline, 23, and John Stevens, wid., of So. Reading, 25, Oct.28,1849.

Hannah, and Joel Tweed, both of So. Reading, June17,1836.

Rebecca, of Lynn, and John Tufts, Feb.20,1763.

Sarah, of Lynn, and Samuel Merritt, Nov.15,1767.

Sarah [Sally.int.], of Lynn, and Richard Shute, Jr., Sept.18,1787, Sept.1.LN

William, [Capt. int.] and Hannah Blaney, Mar.19,1786, Mar.18.


Julia F., of Salem, NH, and German S. Phippen, May23,1846.

HAY (Hayes)

Elizabeth, and David Newman, res.in Medford, Apr.20,1764, Mar.30.

James Hayes, and Mehitable Sprague, Jan.22,1712-3.

Marmaduke, of Reading, and Martha [Patty.int.] Barrett, Apr.28,1793, Nov.2,1792.FCR

Peter [Hays.int.], 4, of Stoneham, and Lydia Lynde, Dec.30,1742, Dec.1.STON


Gilman, of Lynn, and Persis Oakes, Nov.4,1835, Oct.3.

HAYWARD (Howard)

Elizabeth, of Westford, and Samuel Brown, Mar.29,1815.

Sarah, 17, d.Thomas, and John Hayward Eyre, 21, s.Bartholomew, June5,1850.


Eliza, of Lynn, and Henry Robinson, Dec.1,1836, Nov.5.


Charles, of Boston, and Mrs.Harriet Miller, Oct.27,1849.

HEMENWAY (Hemingway)

Eliza, and Levi C. Towner, Dec.18,1847.

Francis, and Hannah Upham, Nov.28,1821, Nov.11.

Hannah, and Samuel Judkins, Nov.5,1842, Oct.22.

Isabel I. [J?], and Willard Edmunds [at Woburn], Nov.14,1847, Oct.9.WOB

Israel, Jr., and Nancy Blodget, Oct.6,1822, Sept.5.

Lydia, and David Pratt, Jan.11,1827, Dec.16,1826.

William, and Eliza C. Nichols, Dec.28,1828, June14.

William, and Mrs.Sarah Ferring, Feb.4,1837.


Jophanus, Dr., of Farmington, ME, and Mary Elizabeth Williams, Oct.22,1841, Sept.4.


Sarah, of Charlestown, and William Bradford of Boston, Apr.26,1784.


Lewis, and Charlotte Beard of Charlestown, July13,1833.


George, of Andover, and Sally Wait, Aug.4,1825, July2.


Susanna, of Medford, and John Dexter, Jan.6,1731.MED


Benjamin S., 24, s.Enoch A., and Martha A. Gove, 19, Feb.1,1849, Dec.23,1848.

David, 26, s.Enoch A. and Nancy, and Mary B. Stowers of No. Chelsea, d.Joseph and Sally, Sept.27,1846, Sept.3.

Enoch A., and Nancy Faulkner, Sept.18,1817, Aug.23.

John G. of Medord, and Cordelia Emerson, Aug.6,1842.

Moses P., and Ann Eliza Pratt, June10,1843.

Nancy F., d.Enoch A. and Nancy, and Robert Oliver, wid.s.Robert and Fanny, Apr.8,1847, Mar.6.

Reuben C., and Mary T. Costillar [Costello?], Dec.13,1838, Oct.27.

Reuben C., wid., s.Enoch A. and Nancy, and Mary J. Godfrey, Feb.11,1844, Jan.26.


Louis H., and Catherine Raymond, Mar.18,1840, Feb.29.

HILL (Hills)

Aaron G[reen. int.]., and Helen and Hyde, Oct.18,1840, Sept.12.

Abigail, and John Dexter, Apr.18,1746, Mar.26.

Abby F., and Joseph Pratt of Methuen, May15,1836, Apr.2.

Abraham, and Hannah Stower, 末:8m:1666.CC

Abraham, and Abigail Upham, May8,1746, Apr.23.

Asa, of Sherborn, and Sarah Hill, May29,1734.

Benjamin G., and Martha Teel of Charlestown, Sept.2,1828, Aug.2.

Charles, and Mary Wait, Dec.18,1777, Nov.17.

Charles, [Jr. int.], and Hannah Crane, Feb.8,1800, Jan.18.

Charles, and Mrs.Phebe Wait, Sept.19,1813, Aug.29.

Charles, Jr., and Mary Nichols, Nov.30,1826, Nov.4.

Elizabeth, and William Boardman of Lynn, Sept.7,1735.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Sweetser of Charlestown, Sept.19,1771, June8.

Hannah, and [Ens.int.] William Nichols, Jr., Jan.16,1821, Dec.16,1820.

Hannah M., of Lowell, and William P. Simonds, Jan.18,1840.

Isaac, and Hannah Haward, 末:4m:1666.CC

Isaac, and Sarah Haven of Framingham, Dec.29,1743, Nov.20.FRA

Isaac, and Mary Crane, Feb.16,1806, Jan.19.

Isaac, and Mary Paine, Mar.17,1817, Feb.22.

Isaac, and Phebe Nichols, Nov.17,1827.

James, and Lois Upham, July5,1727.

John, Jr., of Stoneham, 25, s.John and Lydia D., and Sarah A. Simonds, 20, d.John and Sarah, Nov.14,1847, Oct.21.

Judith, and Jabez Wait, at Medford, Jan.4,1722 [1721-2.]MED

Judith, and Thomas Blanchard, Feb.21,1726.

Lydia, and Jacob Parker, Jr., May16,1769, Mar.17.

Lydia, and William [H.] Richardson, Feb.2,1806, Jan.5.

Martha, and Samuel B. Breeden, Apr.23,1809, Mar.26.

Mary, and William Thomas, Mar.28,1747, Mar.13,1746-7.

Mary, and James Crane, Nov.17,1805, Sept.16,1804.

Mary, and James H. Putnam, June8,1826, May11.

Mercy [Mary.int.], and Samuel Wait, 3, May13,1788, May12.

Moses, and Sarah Parker, Dec.1,1708.

Prince, and Hannah Brown of Medford, July10,1773.

Ruth, and William Augur, 7:10m:1659.CC

Sarah, and Nathaniel Eustis of Boston, Apr.24,1729, Mar.15,1728-9.BOST

Sarah, and Asa Hill of Sherborn, May29,1734.

Sarah, [Mrs.], and James Kettell of Charlestown, Feb.13,1765, Jan.26.

Sarah [Sally.int.], and John Dexter, Jr., June27,1779, June28.

Sally, and Jabez Upham, Mar.10,1786.

Sally, and John Sprague, Nov.17,1805, Oct.20.

Tabitha, and James Barrett of Killingly, May6,1731.

Tamesin, and Phineas Upham, Nov.23,1703.

Zachariah, and Judith Bucknam,末蔓末,1700.


Abigail, and Joseph Chaffee, Dec.1,1709.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Porter, Nov.5,1772, Oct.3.

Gershom, and Elizabeth Chadwick, Nov.11,1667.CC

Hannah, and Andrew Grover, 7:12m:1673.CC

[John, of Kingston, NH], and Elizabeth Kettle, July7,1774, Apr.16.

Joseph, and Mrs.Hannah Mellows, 24:4m:1651.CC

Joseph, Jr., and Hannah Smith, 末:9m:1653.CC

Joseph, and Helen Adkinson, 末:11m:1655.CC

Margaret, and Joseph Hopkins of Charlestown, Aug.18,1742.

Martha, and Samuel Sprague, Jan.11,1736-7.

Patty [Martha.int.], and Samuel Green Sargeant, May, 18,1786, May2,1785.

Mary, and Theophilus Burrell of Lynn, Sept.24,1736.

Polly, and Ebenezer Harnden, Jr., Sept.8,1777, July28.

Sally, and Jabez Upham, May2,1785.

Thomas, and Sarah Burrell of Lynn, Oct.20,1745.

Thomas, and Mary Shute, Apr.26,1750, Mar.18,1749-50.


Naomi, and Matthew Grover at Woburn, Aug.20,1701.WOB


Ann, of Lynn, and Edward Newhall, June9,1777.

Daniel, and Betsey Dexter Wade, May31,1807, May3.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Jacob Shute, Jr., Sept.22,1776, Aug.12.

Elkanah, and Phebe Baldwin, Aug.15,1741.

Eunice, and Thomas Stocker, Aug.17,1723.

George, and Martha S. Rich, Oct.28,1827.

George, and Susan S. Cix of Westbrook, ME, Oct.22,1843.

Hannah, and Henry Crehore, Apr.4,1833, Mar.9.

James, and Susanna Newhall, Nov.11,1794, Nov.1.FCR

James, and Eunice Moore Scott of Boston, Aug.17,1822.

James, Jr., and Mary Ann Wentworth of Concord, Nov.8,1829.

Lydia, and Thomas Waitt, 3, Oct.10,1771, Aug.30.

Mary, 31, d.Jesse and Margaret H., and Isaac Gilford, 22, s.George and Mary, both of Saugus, July15,1849.

Phebe, and Ebenezer Shute, Nov.16,1769, Oct.16.

Susan, and Thomas B. Woodward, Mar.24,1825, Mar.

William, and Mary Hill Lane of Readfield, ME, July10,1841.


Hannah S., of Littleton, and Joseph W. Cox, May3,1845.


Ann, and David P. Libby, Aug.25,1838.


Charles E., 23, s.Nathaniel K. and Susan J., and Elizabeth F. Clapp, 20, d.Timothy and Deborah, [Cert. dates Aug.30] Aug.13,1846, May30.

Mary B., and William Feathers, May10,1850.

HOGAN (Hoggen)

Matthew, res.in Boston, and Jone Joan Neagles, May9,1765, Apr.14.


Joseph, 29, s.Daniel and Mehitable, and Adeline S. Taylor, 20, d.Washington, Aug.27,1848, July3.


Dana, and Almira Cowdry of So. Reading, Apr.16,1836.

Dorcas, and Ivory Phillips of Taunton, Mar.10,1835, Feb.7.

Eli, and Phebe Shute, Apr.29,1832, Apr.5.

Elijah, and Lucy Hall of Chelsea, Oct.19,1835.

Elisha, and Betsey Rich, Dec.1,1831, Nov.5.

Ezra, and Phebe Nichols, Apr.19,1804, Jan.8.

Ezra, Jr., and Lucy Shute, Apr.14,1827.

Fanny, and Peter Tufts, Jan.29,1807, Dec.21,1806.

Jesse, and Sally Dyar, Dec.9,1805, Dec.8.

Jesse, Jr., and Mary Oliver of Saugus, May18,1827.

Nancy, and Abner Breeden, Nov.30,1797, July19.

Nathan, and Esther Damon of Reading, Feb.9,1797, Dec.31,1796.REA

Nathan, and Harriet Richardson, June10,1838, May26.

Peter, and Hannah Brintnall, Feb.28,1797, Dec.31,1796.FCR

Phebe, and Anthony Lovett, Mar.25,1826.

Ruhamah, of Woburn, and Joseph Whittemore, Sept.10,1771, Aug.3.WOB

Sally, and Benjamin Falkner, Aug.4,1790, July.

Sarah, and William Waitt Jr., Apr.28,1833.


Catherine, and John Upham, 末:6m:1671.CC


Urial, and Lydia Hill Parker, Mar.30,1829, Mar.15.


Enoch, and Sarah W. Daveson of Andover, Dec.3,1817.

John, and Lucy Sanderson, Mar.25,1827, Feb.24.

Mary F., of Stoneham, and James Howard, 2, June11,1833, May22.

Mary Ann, and Stephen Emery, Aug.5,1843.

Phebe, of Boston, and Daniel Blakely of So. Reading, Apr.16,1829.


Rebecca, and William Haskins, Sept.29,1790, Aug.30.FCR


Eliza, and Jonathan Baldwin, Jr., Dec.25,1827, Dec.1.


Lucy Ann, and Elliott F. Barron of Saugus, Nov.24,1847.

Ruth S., of Poplin, NH, and Dr. Nathan French, July25,1840


Catherine, and Capt. Benjamin B. Appleton of Boston, July6,1814, June4.


Azariah, and Lucy Ann Fisher, Jan.18,1835, Dec.27,1834.

Benjamin, and Sarah Bassett, Jan.12,1836, Dec.26,1835.

Hannah, and Harvey Crane, May4,1806, Feb.23.

Joseph, of Charlestown, and Margaret Hills, Aug.18,1742.

Lucy Ann, Mrs., 34, d.Lewis and Sarah Fisher, and Dr. Thomas Hopkins of Brewster, 27, s.Nathaniel and Nancy, Feb.2,1847, Jan.2.

Nancy, Mrs., and Solomon Cruse, July22,1833, July6.

Samuel, and Nancy Nichols, May20,1824, Apr.17.

Sylvanus, of Kent, CT, and [Mrs.] Mary Bucknam, Apr.8,1772, Feb.29.

Thomas, Dr., of Brewster, 27, s.Nathaniel and Nancy, and Mrs.Lucy Ann Hopkins, 34, d.Lewis and Sarah Fisher, Feb.2,1847, Jan.2.


John, of Bradford, and Sarah Dexter, June28,1753, May13.


Thomas, of Charlestown, and Dorcas Cluley, at Cambridge, Oct.6,1785, Sept.19.


Sarah, of Chelsea, and Ebenezer Pratt, Aug.3,1752.


Jane, and Micajah Atherton, Dec.6,1832.


Abigail, of Topsfield, and Richard Upham, May19,1698.TOP

James, Dea., and Susanna Dexter, May7,1751, Apr.5.

John, and Rachel Kidder of Billerica, July8,1751, June9.BIL

Mary, and Nathan Sprague, Apr.17,1750, Feb.25,1749-50.

Priscilla, and Samuel Smith, Nov.23,1599.

HOWARD (Haward, Hayward)

Abigail, and John Upham, Oct.31,1688.CC

Amos, and Hannah Lynde, Dec.31,1762, Nov.21.

Amos, Jr., and Atalanta [Atta.int.] Pritget Pritchard, July16,1789, July1.

Amos, and Mrs.Mary Richardson of Woburn, Aug.21,1803, July24.

Amos, and Zeviah Foster of So. Reading, Sept.6,1812.

Atalanta, and Isaac Emerson, Nov.16,1809, Oct.16,1808.

Benjamin, and Abigail Walton, of Reading, June19,1740, Jan.13,1739-40.REA

Caleb, and Lucy Richardson, Apr.1,1834, Mar.8.

Caleb, and Laura Boardman, Apr.15,1839, Mar.12.

Clarissa, and John Howard of Stoneham, Apr.8,1837.

David, and Sarah Childs of Watertown, Nov.17,1710.WAT

David, and Sarah Degresia, Jan.20,1736-7.

David, and Martha Manser, Mar.14,1760, Jan.13.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Barns, Mar.4,1784, Dec.1,1783.

Betsey, and Nathaiel Mansfield of Lynn, June末,1791.

Betsey, and John Badger of Reading, May1,1820, Apr.8.

Elizabeth A., and Samuel Putney of Richmond, VA, Aug.31,1824, Aug.14.

Emily, and Charles Larrabee, Aug.3,1844, June29.

Eunice, and Nathan Upham, May8,1806, Mar.30.

Ezekiel, and Experience Neman of Lynn, Mar.29,1741.

Ezra, and Sarah Lynde, Jan.15,1771, July27,1770.

George, 24, s.Nathaniel, and Madeline S. Jackson, 21, d.Leonard, Apr.10,1850, Mar.21.

Hannah, and Isaac Hill, 末:4m:1666.CC

Hannah, and Thomas Degrusha, [Date not given, probably in 1726.]

Hannah, and Benjamin Wilson, Sept.12,1816, Aug.3.

Huldah, and Timothy C. Edminster, Apr.26,1826, Feb.18.

Jabez, and Elizabeth Newhall, June2,1787, Mar.23.

Jabez, and Rebecca A. Baker, Mar.23,1815, Jan.21,1814.

James, and Lydia Porter, Nov.17,1772, Oct.16.

James, and Elizabeth [Betsey.int.] Thompson of Woburn, Nov.19,1795, Oct.4.WOB

James, [Jr. int.], and Mary Cox, Sept.16 [Sept.4FCR], 1814, July9.

James, 2, and Mary F. Holt of Stoneham, June11,1833, May22.

Jerusha, and Cephas Colburn, June11,1810, Apr.29.

John, and Sarah Grover, Nov.11,1761, Apr.3.

John, and Persis Colman, Apr.17,1765, Feb.24.

John, and Huldah Faulkner, May19,1785, Jan.29.

John, and Abigail Knower, Sept.25,1817, Aug.23.

John, of Stoneham, and Clarissa Howard, Apr.8,1837.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Lee, May14,1690.CC

Jonathan, and Anne Pratt, Jan.13,1714-5.

Jonathan, and Mary Hardnall, June1,1726.

Jonathan, and Winifred Dexter, May14,1756, Apr.2.

Joseph, and Rebecca Sprague, Nov.27,1751, Sept.29.

Joseph, and Lydia Norwood of Lynnfield, Dec.29,1793, Dec.15.LNF

Joseph, and Sarah J. [Jane. int.] Penney, Jan.3,1841, Mar.30,1839, Dec.20,1840.

Lois, and Nathaniel Tainter, Feb.14,1802, Dec.5,1801.

Lydia, and Edward Sprague, July4,1744, June10.

Lydia, and Joseph Eaton Poole of Reading, Oct.25,1786, Oct.26.REA

Lydia, and Richard Shute, Nov.11,1788, Nov.10.

Lydia, and John Ramsdill, Jr., Oct.8,1793, Aug.25.FCR

Lydia, and James Allen, Jan.2,1810, Nov.19,1809.

Lydia P., and Joseph Emerson [of Charlestown. int.], July19,1829, July4.

Mary, and Thomas Mighils of Pomfret, Sept.6,1733.

Mary, and Ivory Boardman of Lynn, Dec.末,1799.

Mary, Mrs., and Samuel Burditt, Jr., Jan.29,1804, Nov.20,1803.

Mary, and Joseph Symonds, Aug. or Sept.末,1828.

Nancy, and John Boardman, Sept.21,1806, Aug.10.

Nancy, and Stephen Putney of So. Reading, Sept.12,1816, Aug.3.

Nathan, and Lydia Lynde, Apr.14,1757, Jan.2.

Nathaniel, and Phebe Howard, June10,1756, Apr.2.

Nathaniel, and Lydia Mansfield of Reading, at Lynn, Dec.5,1797, Aug.6.LN

Nathaniel, and Mary Wyman [Wymond.int.] of Woburn, Mar.2 [Mar.20.FCR], 1803, Dec.5,1802.

Nathaniel, 3, and Cynthia Newhall of Danvers, Apr. or May末,1827.

Nathaniel, 2, and Sophia Green of So. Reading, Mar.6,1828.

Phebe, and Nathaniel Howard, June10,1756, Apr.2.

Phebe, and Elias Emerson, of Reading, Oct.15,1790, Sept.5.FCR

Phebe, and Micah Wait, Jr., Oct.5,1794, Aug.10.GCR

Phebe, and David Smith [Jr. int.], of Reading, Oct.13,1801, Aug.16.

Phebe, and George Newhall, May1,1820, Mar.25.

Rachel, and Samuel Wheeler, Dec.22,1793, Dec.15.FCR

Rebecca, of Lynn, and William Pell, June26,1765, May12.LN

Samuel, and Elizabeth Sweetser, [1661 or 1662].CC

Samuel, and Susanna Wilkinson, 末:1m:1671.CC

Samuel, and Sibyl Lewis,末蔓末,1700.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Wayte, July12,1727.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Barrett, Dec.10,1762, Oct.31.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Upham, Mar.25,1798, Feb.16.

Samuel, Jr., and Lucinda Wyman, Oct.22,1825.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Wilkinson, at Watertown, June21,1714.WAT

Sarah, and Thomas Manser, Sept.18,1759, Aug.26.

Sally, and James Fennel of Boston, Sept.9,1797.

Sally, and William Dix of Reading, Aug.18,1807, June21.

Sarah, and Charles Adams of Brookline, Jan.7,1810, Dec.10,1809.

Zibillah, and Reuben Darbe of Pomfret, Dec.27,1738.

Susan, and Ebenezer P. Richardson, Dec.末,1826.

William, and Polly Townsend, Jan.22,1797, Dec.10,1796.FCR

William, and Ann Maria Spring, Apr.20,1817, Mar.8.

Winifred, and Asaph Winship, Apr.17,1814, Apr.2.

Zachary, and Mary Jenkins, Dec.27,1710.


Catherine [N. int.], and Michael Phillips [of Charlestown. int.], Jan.13,1833, July28,1832.

Francis [D. int.], and Sophia B. Emerson, May17,1832, Mar.30,1831.

Jerry, and Almira Jones of Boston, Apr.29,1837.

Samuel J.S., and Eliza A. Clarinbold, June1,1833, May18.

Sally, of Marblehead, and Jonas Adams, Oct.21,1815.

Warren, and Sarah oliver of So Reading, Aug.31,1839.

William C., and Martha C. Kimball of Methuen, Mar.3,1832.

William C., and Mrs.Zillaah Collins of Boston, July14,1832.


Henry, of Charlestown, 26, s.Peleg B., and Eliza T. Brintnal, 25, b. Charlestown, d.Benjamin and Eliza, May26,1846.


John, Dr., of Providence, RI, and Mary Skinner, at Charlestown, Sept.26,1728.CHAS

John, of Providence, [RI. int.], and Anna Wayte, Aug.11,1743, July27.


Benjamin, and Esther Kenny [Kenkeney in record.int.], of Boston, Aug.26,1827, Aug.9.BOST


Hannah R., of Concord, and Henry Barrett, Jan.16,1841.

Phebe, Mrs., and Thomas Pratt of Chelsea, Dec.5,1816, Oct.19.

William, of Putney, VT, and Phebe Wait, May24,1807, Apr.19.


Joseph, and Phebe Skidmore of Danvers, Apr.23,1814.

Thomas, and Mary Soren of Boston, Feb.9,1800.


Frances Susan, 18, b. Strafford, NH, d.Gideon and Mary, and Thomas H. Speed, 21, s.Samuel S. and Mary, Nov.30,1848, Oct.21.

Hannah D., and Joseph Pickernell of Boston, Oct.29,1846.


Jason C., and Ruth A. Varrell, Oct.4,1840, Sept.12.


Enoch, of Thompson, CT, and Eliza Shute, Dec.23,1804.


Maria T. and Peter Sprague of Greenfield, Apr.30,1828, Mar.1.


Susan, and Beniah Stephens, both of Cambridge, Sept.10,1829.


David, and Sarah A. Tufts, June17,1841, May29.

Maria M., 21, b. Winchester, NH, d.Sewall and Elvira, and Jesse Mallory, Jr., of Fairhaven, CT, 23, Sept.5,1846, Aug.8.


Mary, and Benjamin Tufts of Medford, Jan.7,1730-1.

Phebe, and Joseph Sprague of Dudley, Jan.7,1747-8, Aug.26,1747.

Rebecca C., and James Crane, Jr., of So. Reading, Apr.24,1830.

Sarah, and Ezra Green, Feb.12,1740-1, Nov.28,1740.


Helen M., and Aaron G. Hill, Oct.18,1840, Sept.12.

Henry H., and Susan F. Sprague, July24,1839, June22.


Elizabeth, of Boston, and Charles L. Corbett, Feb.3,1843.

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