Ruamah, Nov.13,1714, a.38.


John s.Joseph and Ruhamah, Feb.25,1692.


MariethMarriett, Apr.3,1843, a.2y.10m.


Daniel (married), s.Daniel and Patience, Nov.28 [26. dup.], 1843, a.52. Lung fever. Born in Southborough.

Catherine H., May26,1845.CR1

Abigail, w.George W., May27,1845, a.26y.5m.Consumption. [May25,1846, a.26.GR]

Lydia Eliza, d.George and Abigail, June3,1845, a.1y.3m.16d.Consumption.

Lydia Ann, d.George and Abigail, June2,1846, a.1y.3m.GR1


Eleazer, Mar.末,1675. Slain by Indians between Marlborough and Sudbury.MR

Elliazer, Apr.末,1676. Slain by the Indians between Sudbury and Marlborough upon ye Road.[Probably same as Mar., 1675 record.Apr., 1676 appears to be the correct date.]

William, Dea., Aug.10,1687.

Increase, Aug.25,1690, in his 46th year.GR1

Bathsheba, d.William Sr. and Hannah, Oct.6,1693.

William 2d Sr., Nov.25,1697.

Rebekah, d.lncreas, July8,1698.

Daniel, s.Samuel Sr., Apr.13,1700.

Ellizabeth Sr., wid.William "Grand sen'," Dec.9,1700 [in her 87th year. "Servant of the Lord."GR].

Mary, w.Obadiah Sr., Aug.22,1706.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, Jan.4,1707.

Sarah, w.Samuel Sr., Aug.11,1707.

Ellizabeth, w.Obadiah Jr., Aug.27,1709.

Hannah, d.Oliuer, Jan.25,1714-15.

Obadiah, Lt., Jan.5,1717-18.

Joseph, June30,1717.

Sillence, d.Obadiah, Nov.29,1717.

Jane, d.William, May16,1719.

Hannah, w.William, Dec.8,1719-20.

Elezebeth, d.Obadiah and Elezebeth, July26,1721.

Jedidiah, s.Obadiah and Elezabeth, Aug.23,1725.

Submeet, d.Capt. William and Jane, June6,1726.

Elizabeth, d.Obadiah Sr., Jan.21,1730.

Silas, s.Daniel and Mary, Mar.25,1732.

Hopestil, s.Jabez and Phebe, May9,1732.

Hannah, d.Obediah, Feb.23,1739-40.

Gershom, Mr., Nov.24,1739 [in his 47th year.GR].

Edmund, s.Lt. Jabez and Phebe, Dec.16,1745, in his 9th year.

Mary, w.Ensign Daniel, Apr.4 [24.GR], 1750 [in her 45th year.GR]

Obadiah Jr., Mar.14,1752.

Alpheus, s.Beriah and Hanah, Jan.11,1755.

Joseph, s.Phinehas and Mary, Mar.末,1756.

Phinehas, Oct.19,1756.

Mary, d.Phinehas and Mary, Oct.26,1756.

Mary, w.Samuel Jr., Jan.17,1758.

Ensign Daniel, May12,1764, a.63y.17d.

Elisha, s.Daniel and Anne, Apr.23,1767.

Anne, d.Daniel and Anna, Sept.8,1771, in her 4th year.

Phebe, d.Daniel and Anna, Sept.18,1771, in her 2d year.

Daniel, Feb.10,1775 [in his 33d year.GR].

Daniel, s.Daniel and Ann, Oct.1,1775, in his 12th year.GR1

Ann, w.Daniel, Oct.24,1775, in her 34th year.GR1

Grace, w.Daniel (formerly w.Edward Barnes), May16,1788, a.84y.3m.GR2

Phebe, d.Anna Arnold, Apr.14,1806, a.8. [a.9.GR]

Levi, June26,1836, a.53.GR4


John, s.John and Zepporah, Apr.25,1737.

Hastings, s.John and Zipporah, Nov.17,1760, a.17y.8m.17d.At Albany.

Grace, Jan.13,1767, in her 87th year.

John, Lt., Dec.27,1783, in his 83d year.GR2

Zipporah, wid.Lt. John, May2,1790, a.85.GR2

Elizabeth, d.Thaddeus and Lucy, Mar.21,1816, a.27.GR1

Betsy, d.Thaddeus, Mar.22,1816.

Edward, Rev., s.Thaddeus and Lucy, Aug.11,1818, a.32.GR1

Betsy Winslow, w.[Capt.GR] Samuel, Oct.5,1819, a.28.

John Winslow, s.[Capt.GR] Samuel and Betsy Winslow, Oct.23,1819 [a.4w.GR].

Lucy, w.Thaddeus, June17,1821 [a.69.GR].

Thaddeus, June18,1821, a.74.

Emily Goodhue, twin d.Capt. Samuel and Rebekah, Aug.10,1837, a.2m.

Emilia Goodell, twin d.Capt. Samuel and Rebekah, Aug.11,1837, a.2m.GR1

Rebecca M., w.[Capt.GR] Samuel (d.Stephen Morse), Oct.11, [12.CR], 1838, a.45. [44.GR]

Abigal S. [Sophia.], d.[Capt.GR] Samuel and Rebecca, Jan.5,1845, a.19. Consumption.

Caroline R. [Rebekah.GR], d.[Capt.GR] Samuel and Rebecca, Mar.10,1846, a.15y.5m.21d.Consumption.

Charlotte J., d.Samuel E. and Elizabeth, Aug.8,1848, a.6y.6m.Croup.


Jehial, Aug.18,1842, a.22.


Samuel, Jan.15,1803, a.27. Several years a school teacher in this town.GR2


Susannah, w.Supply, Jan.15,1711-12.

Eunice, d.Thomas and Hannah, Nov.18,1731.

Supply, Sept.22,1755.

John, July24,1768, in his 29th year.GR1

Francis, Sept.6,1771, in his 38th year.GR1

Francis, s.Jonathan and Thankfull, Oct.14,1775.

Aaron, s.Jonathan and Thankfull, Oct.17 [14.GR], 1775.

Thankfull, w.Jonathan, Nov.3,1775 [in her 27th year.GR].

Dinah, w.Col. John, Dec.15,1784 [in her 75th year.GR].

John, Col., Feb.11,1787, a.79.

Jonathan, Capt., s.Col. John and Dinah, Apr.5,1805, a.63.

William, s.John and Betty, Sept.29,1805. [a.5y.2. m.GR]

Phebe, d.Capt. Jonathan and Lucy, Aug.14,1812, a.24.GR1

Lucy, w.Capt. John, July1,1817, a.65.GR1

Sarah, w.Francis, May3,1825, a.34.GR1

William H., Capt., s.Capt. Jonathan Jr. and Sarah, Sept.17,1827, a.25.GR1

Elizabeth, wid.John, May3,1838, a.73.

Betsey, wid.John, May4,1838.CR1


Icabod, s.Nathanil, July20,1718.


Sarah B., d.Phinehas and Patty S., Jan.6,1835, a.4y.7m.GR1

Abigail, d.Phinehas and Patty S., Oct.21,1835.GR1


Abigail, Nov.27,1814.


James, Col., Oct.15,1809, a.72.

William, Capt., Mar.21,1816, a.44.GR1

Stephen (single), s.James and Ann, Nov.9,1849, a.76 [75.GR]. Fit. Born in Brooklin. (e)

WETHERBY (Witherbee)

Elisabeth [(Johnson)W], w.Joseph, Sept.22,1726.

WHEELER (Wheler)

Mary, d.John, Jan.25,1697-8.

John, Nov.21,1721.

Josiah, Dec.5,1721.

Dauid, s.Joseph and Deborah, Dec.29,1739.

Dinah, d.Joseph and Deborah, Apr.2,1749.

Allen, s.Lemuel and Lovina, May1,1838, a.14.

Aaron, Nov.22,1838.

Lorenzo, s.Lemuel and Lovina, Dec.30,1838, a.19.

George Henry, s.George N. and Mary B., Oct.22,1842.

Martha L., w.Isaac P., July31,1847, a.26y.4m.27d.Dropsy.

WHELER (Wheeler)

Samuel, June10,1714.

WHETHERBE (Witherbee)

Joseph, Mar.29,1720, a.47.


Susannah, wid., Dec.18,1836, a.90.


Ephraim, July30,1811 [a.61y.11m.GR].

Zelotus, May13,1812.

Elizabeth, w.Ephraim, Feb.18,1823 [a.75].GR2

Fanny, w.Moses D., Mar.24,1840, a.24.


Alonzo H., s.Levi and Mehitable, Sept.2,1824, a.1y.15d.GR1

Joseph Foster, s.Levi F. [and Mehitable E. dup.], July2 [1.GR], 1828, a.2. [2y.11d.GR]

Frances Ann, d.Levi F., Mar.14,1841, a.6.

Frances A., d.Levi and Mehitable, May14,1841, a.11d.GR1


Sarah, w.Benjamin, Feb.15,1730.

Hannah, w.Joseph, Nov.4,1798, a.21.

Ann Maria, d.Daniel and Sarah, Mar.11,1847, a.9m.11d.Whooping cough.

Oscar G., s.Luther P. and Sophia, Oct.2,1847, a.9m.GR3

Israel (married), Feb.12,1849, a.66y.5m.28d.Rheumatic fever. Born in Watertown.

WILDER (Willder)

Solomon, s.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.18,1750.

Sarah, Sept.2,1813, a.63.

Eunice, Jan.12,1837, a.78.

Catherine, wid., Sept.23,1845, a.93y.1m.7d.Old age.

WILKINS (Willkins)

Jonathan, s.Josiah and Lois, Nov.20,1750.

Jonas, s.Edward and Lydia, Apr.2,1753.

John, May14,1763.

Josiah, Aug.21 [24.GR], 1783 [in his 66th year.GR].

Comfort, w.Jonas, Oct.7,1785.

Comfort Priest, d.Jonas and Comfort, Feb.23,1786.

William, s.Jonas and Sarah, Apr.22,1789.

Lois, wid.[Josiah.GR], May24,1796 [in her 76th year.GR].

Harriot, d.Edward and Sarah, July7,1801.

Josiah, s.Levi and Hepzibah, May12,1803, a.12y.1m.19d.GR1

Sophia, d.Levi and Hepsibah, June29,1805, a.5y.11m.18d.GR1

Comfort, d.Jonas and Sarah, Nov.29,1807, a.20.

Mary Barnard, d.Jonas and Sarah, Jan.31,1808, a.8.

Levi, Jan.29,1816. [Feb.1, a.57.GR]

Hannah, d.Edward and Sarah, Sept.25,1817, a.30.GR1

Lucy, June29,1821, a.35.GR1

Jonas, May13,1822 [a.66.GR].

Sarah, wid.Jonas, Aug.21,1822 [a.57.GR].

Edward, May17,1837, a.80

Hepzebeth, wid.Levi, Mar.5,1838, a.78.


Esther, d.Simon and Phebe, Apr.23,1751, a.17y.10m.10d.GR2

WILLDER (Wilder)

Jonathan, Aug.19,1707. Slain by ye Indians.


Ephraim, s.Col. Abraham and 末末,末蔓末, 末末.GR1

Lucy, d.Col. Abraham,末蔓末, 末末.GR1

Thomas, s.William and Elizabeth, Sept.19,1692.

William [eldest s.Abraham and Joanna.], Aug.30,1702.

Abraham, Dec.29,1711-12.

Isaac, s.Abraham, July18,1716.

John, Jan.3,1717-18.

Joanah, w.Abraham, Dec.8,1718, a.90.

Elezebeth, d.Abraham and Prudence, July14,1723.

Prudence, w.Abraham, Jan.16,1724-5 [in her 35th year.GR].

Elizabeth, w.Abraham, Jan.13,1728-9 [in her 20th year.GR].

William, s.Abraham [and Elisabeth.GR], Oct.11,1731. [a.7w.1d.GR]

Breck, s.Abraham and Elizabeth, Sept.3,1734 [a.10d.GR].

Paul, s.[Cornet.GR] Abraham, and Elisabeth, July29,1745. [a.10m.GR]

Anna, d.Larkin and Anna, June26,1763, a.4y.11m.13d.

Abigail [d.Col. Abraham and Elizabeth.GR], July28,1775 [in her 40th year.GR].

William, Aug.1,1775 [in his 35th year.GR].

Elizabeth, w.Col. Abraham, Aug.9,1775 [in her 71st year.GR].

Boardman, May3,1777.

Elizabeth, d.William and Betty, Oct.12,1777, in her 12th year.GR1

Abraham Esq., July10,1781, in his 86th year.

Phebe, w.Samuel (d.Benjamin and Susanna Rice), Jan.20,1794, in her 26th year.

Moses, June26,1802, a.69.

Anne [Anna.], d.Joseph and Anne [Anna.], Oct.30,1804, a.23y.15d.[a.25.GR]

Daniel, s.Joseph and Anna, Oct.15,1810, a.35 [a.34.GR].

George, Capt., Jan.2,1813, a.77 [1812, a.76.GR] [See Columbian Centinel, Jan.2,1813.]

Anna, w.Joseph, Apr.7,1814.GR1

Catherine, Apr.13,1818, a.29.GR4

Molly, wid.Capt. George, Dec.8,1819, a.82.GR4

末末, s.Abraham and Susan, Feb.22,1823, a.16d.GR1

末末, d.Abraham and Susan, Sept.18,1825, a.1d.Interred in Boston.GR1

Abraham [h.Susan], Dec.10,1825, in his 31st year.GR1

Caroline, Oct.4,1830, a.22.GR3

Thomas, s.William, May3,1833 [1834.GR], a.70. [71.GR]

Henry, Esq., Oct.30,1834, in his 43d year.GR1

Rebecca, d.Joseph and Anna, Apr.10,1835, a.51. [a.52.GR]

Charles Francis, s.Daniel and Eliza, Mar.8,1842.

Stephen (married), s.Joseph and Anna, Sept.15,1848, a.78y.3m.21d.

WILLKINS (Wilkins)

Edward, Nov.27,1761.


Hopstill [(Rice).W], w.Edward, Jan.末,1730-31.

WILSON (Willson)

Charles Freeman, s.William, Feb.6,1833, a.13. [13y.4m.16d.GR]

Lavina [Lavinia.], d.William, Mar.3,1842 [1841.CR], a.36.

Everlina Charlotte, d.Leonard and Olive Brown, Mar.28,1844, a.4y.2m.GR5

Edward Leonard, s.Leonard and Olive B., Nov.30,1846, a.9m.GR5

Winslow Phelps, s.William and Martha, July15,1848, a.4y.4m.4d.GR5


Mary, d.Caleb and Anna, Jan.23, 末末 [Jan.21,1776.GR], a.10y.10m.10d.

Rufus, s.Caleb and Anna, Nov.15,1770 [a.8y.3d.GR].

Rufus, s.Caleb and Anna, Jan.21,1776, a.1y.10m.13d.

Caleb, s.Samuel and Sarah, Apr.10,1816, a.4m.20d.

Maria, d.Samuel and Sarah, Feb.23,1822, a.23d.

Anna, d.Samuel and Sarah, May14,1823, a.3.

Anne, wid.Caleb, May14,1823, a.78.

Charles, s.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.22,1827, a.28d.

William, s.[only ch.GR] William and Judith, Aug.24,1832, a.2y.7m.8d.

Jerome Kimball, s.William and Judith, Nov.16,1834, a.1y.4m.23d.


Esther, w.Oliver, Feb.15,1810, a.78.

WITHERBE (Witherbee)

Thomas, s.Thomas, June7,1714.

WITHERBEE (Wetherby, Whetherbe, Whetherby, Witherbe, Witherby)

Nancy M., d.Caleb, Nov.11,1807, a.11m.GR4

Nancy M., d.Caleb, Nov.21,1829, a.21.GR4

John Davis, s.Jabez S. and Harriet, June10,1836, a.2 [2y.4m.GR].

末末, s.Jabez and Harriet, Feb.8,1837, a.7w.GR4

Charles Frederic, s.N. and Mary, Jan.25,1839. [a.1y.4m.15d.GR4]

Charles Frederic, s.N. and Mary, Aug.14,1840. [a.1y.1m.15d.GR4]

Sarah [B.GR], d.Caleb [and Hepsibah.GR], Sept.27,1840, a.22.

Betsey, w.Dennis, Sept.24,1843, a.27. Consumption.

Susan (single), Mar.22,1844, a.25. Consumption. Born in Harvard.

Elijah B., s.Caleb and Hepsibah, Feb.20,1847, a.43.GR4

Francis B., s.Jabez and Harriet, Feb.6,1848, a.6.GR4

Abigail, w.Dennis, Apr.26,1849, a.25. Consumption.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Dennis and Betsey, May13,1849, a.10y.5d.Congestion of the brain.

WITHERBY (Witherbee)

Thomas, Jan.23,1712-13.


Sarah, w.Dauid, Sept.1,1745.

Elizabeth, w.Samuel, May22,1754.

Sibbel, d.Elias and Elizabeth, Feb.16,1755.

Samuell, Mr., Sept.29,1779.

William, s.Asa and Lydia, July30,1790, a.3y.1m.21d.

Henry, s.Asa and Lydia, Aug.3,1790, a.1y.5m.11d.

Samuel, Capt., Sept.23,1791, a.74.GR1

Eliza, w.Josiah, Nov.5,1793, a.62.GR1

Susanna, w.Samuel, Dec.18,1794, a.96.GR1

Lydia, d.Asa and Lydia, July16,1796. At Berlin.

Daniel [s.Jonathan.W], Jan.1,1800 [a.32.GR].

Solomon, s.Samuel and Lucy, Feb.17,1800.

Josiah, May2,1803 [Mar.22,1803, a.79.GR].

Silas, Mr., May27,1813 [May26,1812, a.59.GR].

Catherine, w.Silas, Oct.4,1816, a.47.GR1

Ellin, s.[sic] Ebenezer and Adaline, Mar.7,1825, a.5m.GR1

Mary, Miss, Apr.2,1831, a.72.GR1

Catharine, w.Ebenezer, Feb.3,1837, a.74.

Ebenezer, Feb.25,1840.CR1

Mary Issabella, d.Dwight and Abigail E. Sept.13,1843, a.1. Dropsy in tbe head.

Samuel (married), s.Samuel and Lucy, May29 [30.GR], 1847, a.83y.5m.11d.Old age.

Lucy, wid.Samuel, July7,1847. a.87y.8m.6d.Old age. Born in Acton.


Aaron, s.Peter and Sibbelah, Apr.27,1769 [a.3y.4m.9d.GR].

Maria Louisa, d.Lt. Jedediah and Betsy, July13,1813, a.3y.4m.GR1

Amelia, d.Moses and Rebecca, Feb.15,1815.

Peter, Esq., Mar.5,1820, a.79.

Franklin, s.[Capt.GR] Jedediah and Betsey, Sept.13,1824 [a.2m.13d.GR].

Saphrona, d.Capt. Moses, Aug.18,1829.

Almira, w.Elbridge G., Oct.17,1839, a.25.

George L., July28,1845, a.3m.Lung fever. Born in Stow.

Sibbel, w.Peter, Esq., July22,1882, a.82.GR1


末末, s.John, July10,1678.MR

John Sr., July10,1678 [a.68.W].MR

Joseph, s.John and Lydiah, Nov.1,1681.MR

Mary, d.James and Hopestill, Sept.13,1683.MR

Mary, w.Isaac, Feb.3,1689.

Mary, wid., Aug.17,1690, a.80.

Bethiah, d.James, Dec.12,1695.

Martha, w.John Jr., Apr.1,1697.

Joseph, s.John and Lidiah, Aug.30,1698.

Ephraim, s.Isaac, Sept.27,1698.

John, s.John Jr., Oct.19,1699.

Bethiah, June29,1715.

John, Dea., Apr.5,1716 [a.75.W].

James, Dea., Aug.7,1718, a.72.

Hopestill [(Ward).W], w.Dea.James, Dec.23,1718, a.73.

Margret, d.Isaac, Mar.12,1719.

Issac, July18,1720.

Lidia, w.Dea.John, Sept.24,1723.

Lydia, d.James and Dorothy, June12,1726.

Dorothy, w.James, Nov.10,1734, in her 37th year.

Timothy, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Mar.11,1739-40 [a.17m.GR].

Benjamin, Col., Esq., Sept.29,1740, in his 50th year.

Benjamin, s.Col. Benjamin and Elizabeth, Mar.21,1758.PR

Elisabeth, d.Alpheus and Millicent, Mar.9,1759 [a.9.GR].

Anne, d.Col. Benjamin and Elizabeth, Nov.21,1760.PR

Hepzibah [(Eager).W], w.Dea.James, Dec.31,1768, in her 67th year.

James, Dea., Apr.10,1772 [a.87.W].

Meliscent, w.Alpheus, Apr.17,1781, a.51.GR1

Hephzibah, Aug.2,1787. At Hardwick.

Alpheus, Oct.25,1794, a.67.GR1

Sarah, wid.Alpheus, Feb.16 [18.GR], 1825 [a.90.GR].

Ellen Maria, d.James E. and Sarah S., June20,1842 [a.3m.13d.]GR3

James (married), s.Moses and Molly, Aug.23,1844, a.64.

Sarah Bride, d.James E. and Sarah S., Feb.15,1845 [a.1y.]GR3

William B. (married), s.James and Anna, Dec.11,1845, a.31. y.10m.Disease of the Kidney.


Moses, Sept.10 [8.GR], 1835, a.64.


James, s.John, Feb.21,1834, a.74.

Lydia, w.James, June4,1838, a.72.


Lucy, w.David, June8,1835, a.81.

David, Feb.3,1838, a.88.

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