John and Mary Fuller, Apr. 29, 1832.


Lydia [int. Lydia C. Farley] and Luther Angier, Aug. 2, 1836.


Caroline, 25, of Woburn, d. Elijah and Charlotte, and Joseph W. Knight, 22, cordwainer, of Woburn, s. Moses L. and Prudence, Aug. 24, 1847.*


Jonathan of Groton, and Mary Burt of Groton, June 30, 1725.*


Adoniram and Eunice Stoddard, int. Mar. 9, 1823.

Mary Smith and Nathaniel Holmes Bishop of Boston, int. Sept. 19, 1824. [m. Oct. 21. CR2]


William and Christiana A. Woodbridge of Andover, int. Jan. 3, 1847.


Daniel and Borridilla Bucknam, Apr. 27, 1786.* [Borridill. CR1]


––––– and ––––– Foster of Charlestown, "Irish", ––– ––, 1733.* CR1

James and Elizabeth Long, Jan. 4, 1759.* [Faulkner, and Elizabeth Long. MR] [Faukoner "(a Ranger)", and Eliza Long. CR1]


Eunice A. and Jonathan Oldham, int. May 18, 1844.


Edward W. and Charlotte Kidder, Apr. 6, 1841.


Lovell and Lucinda Churchill of Nashua, NH, int. Mar. 24, 1842.


Mary of Boston, and Cornelius Durant "late" of the Island of St. Croix, May 20, 1786.*


Marianne S. of Charlestown, and Benjamin R. Teel, June 24, 1841, in Charlestown.* PR38


Jacob W. of Boston, and Maria Locke, Dec. 3, 1837. [Ferrin. CR1]


Sarah of Lexington, and Isaac Winship, Mar. 4, 1773, in Lexington.*

Lydia and Elisha Livermore Tainter, Aug. 26, 1810.* PR32


Gardner and Hepzibah Greenleaf [int. Hepsy Greenleif], Dec. 28, 1823. [Hepsey. PR29]

George G., 21, shipwright, s. Gardner and Hepsey, and Sarah E. Richardson, 18, d. Joseph Jr. and Betsey, Feb. 8, 1846.

James F. and Tamzay H. Holbrook of Wellfleet, int. Mar. 27, 1849. [m. May 9. PR29]


John, "a Seafaring Man", and Bethiah Scolly, May 27, 1762.* [Fisk, and Bethia Scollery. MR]

Nancy M. of Barnstable, and Richard Ayers, int. Sept. 20, 1845.


Lemuel of Plymouth, and Sally Converse, Jan. 27, 1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [Fish, 1799. CR1]

Polly [and] Anson Dexter, Mar. 20, 1803.*

Sarah Jane of Saugus, and John Swan of W. Cambridge, Jan. 1, 1843.*


Timothy of Boston, and Abigail Donnahew, Aug. 19, 1746.* [Donahew. CR1]

John Brown of Boston, and Hepzibeth Hall, Jan. 27, 1785.* [Hephzibah. MR] [Hepzibah. CR1]

Eunice and Andrew Hall, Apr. 19, 1789.* [Apr. 18. PR2]

Mary H. and Dudley Hall Esq. [int. omits Esq.], July 19, 1818.

Hepzibah Jones and Dudley Hall, int. Mar. 4, 1821. [m. Mar. 18. CR1] [Hephzibah Jones Fitch, m. Mar. 12. PR5]

William Derby and Susan M. Hall, d. Ebenezer Esq., Oct. 30, 1839. [Susan Mitchell, d. Ebenezer and Eunice (Jones). PR6]

FITTZGERALD (Fitzgerald)

George L. and Letitia Millen of Washington, NH, int. Aug. 3, 1843.

FITZGERALD (Fittsgerald)

Augustus T. [int. Augustus L. Fittsgerald] and Mary Clark, Nov. 21, 1840. [Augustus L. Fitzgerald. CR2]

FLAG (Flagg)

Ebenezer of Wobarn, and Hannah Knight of Wobarn, June 2, 1725.*

Amos and Hannah Johnson, Sept. 16, 1804.*

FLAGG (Flag)

William and Lois E. Collier of Washington, ME, int. Nov. 5, 1847.


William of Boston, and Sarah Hall, May 7, 1805.*


Ebenezer S. and Betsey Cawley of Sanborton, NH, int. Apr. 6, 1842.


Susanna, wid., of Westford, and Capt. William Fletcher of Westford, June 22, 1762.*

William, Capt., of Westford, and Susanna Fletcher, wid., of Westford, June 22, 1762.*

Mary and Soloman Marining, int. Oct. 26, 1823.

Mary W. of Littleton, and Ebenezer Putnam, int. Apr. 15, 1832.

Johnathan V. and Marcy Ann Hill of W. Cambridge, int. Oct. 1, 1836.


Henry and Susan D. Swain of Reading, Sept. 20, 1835.*


Margaret of Charlestown, and Patrick McElroy, int. Sept. 28, 1828.


Mary and Daniel McCarthy, Mar. 23, 1746-7.* [Capt. Daniel. CR1]

Benjamin and Ruth Thompson, Mar. 20, 1749-50.* [Thompson. MR] [Tompson. CR1]

Ellinor of Malden, and Ebenezer Cutter, Sept. 2, 1752, in Malden.*

Mary and William Pool of Danvers, Jan. 22, 1756.*

Noah and Eunice Wayte of Malden, June 29, 1762, in Malden.*

Andrew of Roxbury, and Elizabeth Bradshaw, Oct. 31, 1765.* [Elisabeth. MR]

Benjamin and Rebekah Greanleaf, Apr. 30, 1770.* [Mrs. Rebekah Greenleaf. MR] [Grenleaf. CR1]

Benjamin Jr. and Martha Savels, Jan. 7, 1779.* [1799 [sic]. MR]

Susanna and Ebenezer Hall, Nov. 3, 1793.*

Elizabeth and William Bradbury, Oct. 14, 1795.*

James Thompson and Mary Harris, Nov. 12, 1795.*

Hepzibah of Chelsea, and Joseph Patten Hall, Dec. 6, 1796, in Chelsea.*

Eunice and Hezekiah Blanchard Jr., Jan. 1, 1797.*

Catharine and Aaron Childs, Sept. 17, 1797.*

Isaac and Lydia Hall Tufts, Apr. 26, 1798.*

Joann and Kendal Parker of Andover, May 20, 1800,* [Joanna. CR1]

Abigail and Samuel Teel Jr., June 12, 1803.*

James T. and Hannah Gleason, May 24, 1804.*

Benjamin and Sarah Cook, May 12, 1805.*

Thomas of Chelsea, and Sally Pratt, ––– 31, 1807.* [May 31. CR1]

Susanna and Micajah Morrill of Boston, Nov. 1, 1807.* Morrell

Benjamin and Elizebeth [dup. Elizabeth, int. Elisabeth] Bellows, Oct. 10, 1812. [Oct. 11. PR2]

James T. Jr. and Lydia Rogers, May 28, 1818.

James Thomson and Susan Gleason, int. Nov. 17, 1822.

Thomas and Hellen Weston of Peterborough, int. Oct. 12, 1823.

Benjamin and Susan Morse of Hooksett, NH, int. Dec. 16, 1826.

Joshua G. and Susan Peirce, int. Dec. 16, 1826. [Pierce, m. Jan. 9, 1827. CR2]

James T. Jr. and Sally Turner, May 1, 1833.

Hannah and Henry [int. adds F.] Teel, Nov. 20, 1833.

Thomas A. and Rebecca Williams of Methuen, int. Apr. 19, 1835.

William H. and Sarah E. Cram, int. Feb. 7, 1846.

Hannah G., 19, s. Joshua and Susan, and George Hall Jr., 24, shipwright, s. George and Cynthia, Oct. 14, 1846.


Isabell of Obron, and Joseph Converce of Obron, July 14, 1719.*


James and Mercy Gates, Feb. 12, 1809.* [Mary. PR2]

James and Mary H. Brooks of Boston, int. Nov. 23, 1828.

Lydia Ann of Boston, and George Shoeienburg of Boston, June 24, 1838.*

Emily and John Harwood of Boston, Oct. 11, 1840.*

William of Marshfield, and Sarah W. Tufts, Jan. 2, 1843.

Sarah A. of Dorchester, and George I. Homer of Boston, Nov. 23, 1843.*

Lucy C., 26, d. James and Mercy, and George C. Hodgden, 28, of Brunswick, ME, shipwright, Sept. 3, 1845.


Elizabeth and Ebenezer Tidd of Charlestown, May 8, 1744.*


Jonathan of Charlstown, and Hannah Crouch of Charlstown, June 9, 1724.*

John and Elesebath Tufts, Feb. 26, 1729.* [Foskett, and Elizabeth Tuffts, Feb. 26, 1730. CR1]


––––– of Charlestown, and ––––– Faulkoner, "Irish", ––– ––, 1733.* CR1

Jonathan and Susannah Tufts, Mar. 19, 1776.* [Susanna, Mar. 9. MR] [Susanna, Mar. 19. CR1]

Samuel of Reading, and Mary Eames of Wilmington, June 14, 1785.* CR1

William and Prudence Gill, Mar. 17, 1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799. CR1 PR2]

Beveney [int. Bevene] and Aaron Clefton of Stoneham, Apr. 3, 1817. [Beveney. CR1; Clifton. PR2]

Franklin of Newton, and Harriet L. Kimball, Sept. 7 [int. Sept. 16, sic], 1833. [Kendall, Sept. 7. CR1]

Joshua T. and Ellen [int. adds G.] Sprague, June 12, 1836. [Capt. Joshua Turner Foster. CR1] [Eleanor Gowen, d. Isaac and Rebecca. PR9]

Anna and Thomas Pratt, int. Jan. 1, 1837.


Mary of Cambridge, and Ebenezer Burgiss of Cambridge, Oct. 22, 1718.*

Henry and Sarah Peirce, Jan. 29, 1736.* CR1

Henry and Dorothy Seccombe, Mar. 6, 1738.* CR1

Anna Of Charlestown, and Jonathan Hall, Nov. 22, 1739, in Charlestown.*

Sarah and James Webber, Dec. 13, 1757.*

Rebeccah and John Raymond, May 12, 1763.* [Rebekah. MR] [Rebeekah. CR1]

Dorothy and Samuel Whitmarsh, Dec. 16, 1765.* [Whitmarsh. MR] [Whitmash. CR1]

Henry and Mary Patten, Jan. 8, 1766.* [Patten, 1765. MR] [Pattin, 1766 CR1]

Mary and Peter Connary, Oct. 13, 1774.* [Conorey. MR] [Connery. CR1]

Henry and Rebecca Howard, Nov. 28, 1782.* [Rebecca Harvard. MR]


Talbot T., 25, salesman, s. John & Mary S., and Lucinda Maria Sanborn, 21, d. Benjamin C. & Lucinda T., May 16, 1849.

Orvid M., and Matilda N. Clark, of New Boston, NH, int. July 20, 1849.

FRANCES (Francis)

Lidia [dup. Lidya Francis] and Nathaniel Pierce [dup. Nathaniell Peirce], June 2, 1701, in Woburn.*

Hanah and Isaac Amsdell of Malburroh, June 7, 1725.* [Hannah Francis and Isaac Amsden of Malborough, Dec. 7. CR1]

FRANCIS (Frances)

John and Elizabeth Frost, Dec. 13, 1705.*

Samuel and Mary Nurs of Reading, Jan. 1, 1718, in Reading.*

Nathaniell and Sary Whitmore, May 16, 1723.*

Anna and Benjamin Dany of Cambridge, July 23, 1724.*

Ledia and Joseph Tufts, Jan. 12, 1727.* [Lydia and Joseph Tuffts. CR1]

John and Dorothy Coffin of Newbury, Apr. 22, 1731, in Newbury.*

Ebenezer and Rachel Tuffts, Nov. 15, 1733.* CR1

Francis, Lydia and Ebenezer Blount, Feb. 17, 1739.* CR1

Nathaniel and Ann Cutter of Charlestown, Mar. 31, 1743, in Charlestown.*

Anna and Josiah Dixson of Cambridge, June 16, 1748.* [Dixon. MR CR1]

Mary and William Tufts, Feb. 8, 1749-50.* [Tufts. MR] [Mary ["cousin to Sarah" [(Francis), w. Josiah Smith of Lexington], written in pencil], and William Tuffts. CR1]

Sarah and Josiah Smith of Lexington, Nov. 15, 1750, in Lexington.* [Sarah [cousin to Mary (Francis), w. William Tuffts]. CR1]

Dolly and Ephraim Robherts, June 13, 1751, in Gloucester.*

Rebeccah and Ichabod Tufts, May 17, 1753.* [Rebekah and Ichabod Tufts. MR] [Rebekah and Icabod Tuffts. CR1]

Susanna and Samuel Cutter of Charlstown, Apr. 28, 1757.*

Richard and Hannah Winship of Lexington, Mar. 20, 1760, in Lexington.*

Sarah and Thomas Wyer of Charlstown, Mar. 8, 1766.*

Benjamin and Sarah Hall, Oct. 20, 1768.*

Deborah and John Lagood, Feb. 9, 1775.* [Lagord. MR CR1]

John and Jane Teel, June 3, 1777, in Bedford.*

Lydia and Benjamin Tufts, May 4, 1779.* [Frances. MR CR1]

Convers and Susanna Rand, May 11, 1788.*

Susanna of Beverly, and Joshua Wyman, May 28, 1791, in Beverly.*

Polly and Thomas Savells Jr., Dec. 22, 1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [1799. CR1]

Susanna and James Kettell Frothingham of Charlestown, Oct. 22, 1811.* [Susan. PR]

James 2d and Lucy Blodget, Mar. 18, 1813.

Mary R. and Warren Preston Esq. [int. omits Esq.] of Norridgewock [int. Norridgeworke], Sept. 1, 1814.

Lydia Maria, d. Convers, and David L. Child Esq., ––– ––, ––––.* PR13 [Oct. 28, 1828. WorldConnect]


Hanah of Molden, and Samuell Evens of Molden, Dec. 2, 1720.*


John and Elisabeth Whitton, int. Aug. 18, 1816.


Cato of Cambridge, and Lucy Freeman, Dec. 28, 1796.*

Lucy and Cato Freeman of Cambridge, Dec. 28, 1796.*


Jonathan of Billerica, and Abigail Horsly of Billerica, Jan. 20, 1763.* [Henley, Jan. 20, 1762. MR]

Eliza and Zachariah Shed, Mar. 12, 1801.*

Joshua, of Candia, NH, [int. omits NH], and Polly Johnson, Feb. 16 [dup. Feb. 18], 1813. [Feb. 18. CR1 PR2]

Martha and Reuben L. Dearborn, Dec. 23, 1827.

French, Lucinda W. of Boston, and William G. Parker, int. Oct. 15, 1841.

Abel and Annis E. Sawtell, July 2, 1845.


Samuell and Ruth Blanchard, Sept. 30, 1702.*

Elizabeth and John Francis, Dec. 13, 1705.*

Joseph of Bilreca, and Rebecca Frost of Bilreca, Dec. 8, 1718.*

Rebecca of Bilreca, and Joseph Frost of Bilreca, Dec. 8, 1718.*

Lucy and Jacob Waite, Feb. 26, 1782.* [Wait. MR CR1]

Mary of Cambridge, and Spencer Bucknam, Nov. 9, 1794, in Cambridge.*

Rufus and Mehitable Stimpson Butters, Apr. 4, 1797.* [Mehitable Stimson. CR1]

Mahitable S. and Lemuel Parker of Pepperell, int. Apr. 3, 1814.

Mary Ann of Tyngsboro, and Francis Shed Jr., int. ––––– [rec. between Apr. 5 and May 24, 1829].

Margaret B. of Framingham, and George E. Willis, int. Apr. 2, 1842.


Jonathan of Charlstown, and Huldah Sprague, Oct. 12, 1757.* [Jonathan. MR] [John. CR1]

Sarah and Josiah Austin of Charlestown, Jan. 15, 1778.*

James Kettell of Charlestown, and Susanna Francis, Oct. 22, 1811.* [Susan. PR13]

Joannah (second w.), of Boston, and Josiah Bradlee, ––– ––, ––––.* PR6 [June 15, 1817. First Church in Boston]


David and Sarah Brown of New Grantham, int. Jan. 7, 1825.

Mary B. and Sylvester Currier, Feb. 10, 1841.


Sarah [int. Mary, dup. Sarah] of Boston, and Jonathan C. Richardson, Jan. 10, 1813. [Sarah. CR1 PR2]


Elizabeth of Cambridge, and Isaac Shepard, Dec. 31, 1702, in Cambridge.*

Mary and John Fall, Apr. 29, 1832.

George and Susan Buttrick Gill of Boston, int. Mar. 3, 1835.

Sarah K. and John L. Hunnewell of Charlestown, Feb. 14, 1836. [Sarah R., d. George. CR1]

Mary E. and Warren Sawyer, merchant, of Boston, ––––– [rec. Apr. 30, 1849] [int. Aug. 24, 1848]. [Mary E., d. Dr. Miton, Sept. 28, 1848. CR1]


Sarah Lloyd and Nathan Wate, July 26, 1785.* [Sarah Floyd and Nathan Waite. MR] [Sarah Lloyd and Nathan Waite. CR1]

Frances Burns and Thomas Tilden of Boston, Apr. 16, 1797.*

Mary and Daniel Cushing of Boston, Feb. 10, 1799 [1799, written in pencil].* [David, 1799 CR1]

Lucretia and Samuel Smalledge of Boston, Oct. 13, 1805.* [Smallridge. PR2]


William James of Woburn, and Martha Jane Thompson, Nov. 5, 1848.* CR4


William and Sally Jenks of Salem, int. Jan. 12, 1817.

John C. and Matilda M. Soper of Boston, int. Apr. 22, 1827.

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