Lemuel and Mary Haywood [int. Hayward], Nov. 9, 1828.

Edward E. and Mary L. Smith of Enfield, int. Nov. 24, 1833.

Silas A. and Charlotte E. Willis of Chelsea, int. Oct. 31, 1842.

Sarah A., 20, of Woburn, d. Isaac and Ann, and Aaron W. Cheever, 31, cordwainer, of Woburn, s. Benjamin and Rebecca, Dec. 5, 1847.* [Dec. 6. CR2]


John L. and Susan L. Chipman of Raymond, ME, int. Oct. 10, 1840.


Elizabeth of Malden, and Isaac Cook, Dec. 28, 1787, in Malden.*

NECALLS (Nichols, Nickols)

Ebenezer of Reading, and Susanna Monroo of Lexingingtown, June 10, 1724.*

NEWELL (Newhall)

Joseph of Malden, and Mercy Bradshow, Feb. 21, 1740.* CR1

NEWHALL (Newell)

Lydia and Samuell Wade, Oct. 17, 1706.*

Martha of Malden, and Samuel Waide, Dec. 2, 1741, in Malden.*

Timothy and Susanna Bradshaw, Mar. 1, 1764.* [Newhall. MR] [Newell. CR1]

Sukey and Joseph Hall, Oct. 20, 1791.* [Susanna. CR1] [Susan. PR2]

Samuel (Newhall) and Elizabeth Tufts, Sept. 27, 1798.* [Newhall. CR1]

Susan H. and William E. Otis, int. Apr. 9, 1820. [m. Apr. 30. CR1 PR2]

Rachel D. and Milton Hopkins of Boston, Feb. 10, 1833.* [Rachel D. of Boston, and Milton W. Hopkins of Boston, Feb. 11. CR1]


David and Elizabeth Sargent of Malden, Apr. 20, 1764, in Malden.*

George B. and Ann Kalligen, int. July 17, 1848.


Joseph of Newcastle, and Sarah Dunton, July 22, 1765.* [Dutton. MR] [Hon. Joseph and Sarah Dunton. CR1]


Sally Ann and John H. Haskell, Dec. 2, 1827.

George H. and Margaret Price of Newburyport, int. Dec. 12, 1844.

NICHOLS (Necalls, Nickols)

Hannah and Samuel Polly, Feb. 20, 1745.* CR1

Jemima of Malden, and John Polly, July 18, 1746.* [Nicholls. MR]

Nathan and Elizabeth Wade, Dec. 12, 1824.

George, harness maker, s. William [written in pencil] and Judith, and Sarah White of Charlestown, Jan. 31, 1847.

Frederick W., 24, clerk, of Cambridgeport, s. Jonathan and Mary, and Laura Jane Thompson, 23, d. Luther and Lydia, Dec. 16, 1849.


Lydia of Lynn, and Gardner Greenleaf, Oct. 1, 1786, in Lynn.*

William J. and Emily R. Dyer, Sept. 2, 1838.

William J. and Harriet [int. adds A.] Eames, Dec. 25, 1840. [Harriet Eams. CR2]

NICKOLS (Necalls, Nichols)

Joshuay, and Ruth Grean, both of Molden, Apr. 12, 1720.*

NICKSON (Nickerson)

Dolly and Willard Butters, Mar. 28, 1824.


John of S. Reading, and Anna Deden, int. May 8, 1814.


Joseph and Hannah Elizabeth Richardson of Salem, NH, int. June 24, 1826.

Harriet N. and Benjamin H. Sampson, May 31, 1838. [Northy. CR1]

Jane P., and Caleb M. Jenkins, int. Dec. ––, 1844.

William H., mason, and Mary S. Barker, d. William S. and Nancy, Nov. 29, 1849.


Louisa and John Eames Jr., int. July 7, 1833.

Hannah and William Barton Jr., int. Feb. 9, 1834. [m. Feb. 23. CR2]

Mary and Anthony Carter, Oct. 9, 1839.

Sarah B. and Joshua Barker, int. Apr. 1, 1843. [m. Apr. 23. CR2]

John, laborer, and Mary Ann Stenchfield of Poland, ME, Jan. 1, 1845.


Benjamin and Sarah Baldwin, Mar. 26, 1818.


Hugh and Mary Carnes, int. Aug. 25, 1848.


Mary of Reading and Samuel Francis, Jan. 1, 1718, in Reading.*


Samuel and Hannah Usher of Woburn, int. Aug. 21, 1814.


Martha, 29, and John Bennett, 32, sawyer, Nov. 1, 1849.


Ledia and Jonathan Polley, Feb. 25, 1719-20,*

Jonathan and Hannah Billings of Cambridge, June 15, 1725.*

Benjamin and Ruth Wood of Woburn, Mar. 3, 1742, in Woburn.*


Jane M. and Moses Peirce [int. Pierce], Apr. 22, 1837.

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