WABAN (Wabon)

Rachel, [Wabon. int.], and Abraham Speen [Spen. int.], Apr. 20, 1737.

Thomas, and Sarah Sety, June 6, 1738.*

WABON (Waban)

Thomas, and Judah Scate of Smithfield, int. Jan. 22, 1737-8.

Moses, and Beulah Rogers, int. Feb. 3, 1770.

WADKINS (Watkins, Wodkins)

Thankful, of Hopkinton, and Daniel Travis, Sept. 11, 1766.

WAIT (Waite)

Huldah, and Samuel Stratton, Jr., Mar. 17, 1798.*

Kezia H., and George How, July 4, 1819.

WAITE (Wait)

John, [Weight. int.], of Sudbury and Mercy Hammon, Oct. 4, 1796.

Mercy, and Richard Hammond, June 23, 1822.

Mary Ann, and Amos B. Rice of Leicester, int. May 7, 1826.

Mary Ann, and Luke Law, Sept. 15, 1831.

Abigail, and Charles Goodenow of Framingham, Feb. 11, 1836.

Smith A., and Lydia Sargeant, Aug. 25, 1840.

WALKER (Waker)

Samuel, and Abial Stone of Framingham, June 15, 1743. Framingham.

Josiah, [of Hopkinton. int.], and Sally Jenkenson, May 10, 1798.

Solomon, and Polly Washburn, int. Jan. 13, 1805.

Gilson, of Boston, and Abigail Carter, int. Nov. 2, 1812.

Elliot, and Mary Perry, Oct. 6, 1822.

Permelia, and John Parker, Oct. 25, 1827.

Eliot, and Levina Pratt, Dec. 28, 1828.

Mary, and Sherburn D. Seavy, Dec. 15, 1831. CR

Lowell, and Harriot Bartlett of Milford, int. Feb. 3, 1833.

Sarah, and William F. Flagg of Worcester, Feb. 13, 1833.

Josiah, and Lydia D. Hurd of New Durham, NH, int. Mar. 2, 1834.

Emily Ann, and John A. Whitney, May 27, 1839.

Harriet, and Ogden Hall of Wallingford, CT, Mar. 30, 1840.

Seth, and Caroline M. Felch, d. John, Dec. 31, 1844.

Joseph Hanson, and Sophia Ann Jones of Hopkinton, int. May 23, 1847.

Deborah, and Charles Moore, int. July 15, 1849.


Martha Ann, of Ashland and Philander J. Belcher, int. Oct. 1, 1848.

WALLCUTT (Walcott, Walcutt, Wolcott)

Sarah, of Peperell. and Royal E. Farwell, int. Aug. 9, 1846.


John, [transient person. int.], and Pattee Pegun, June 4, 1770. In Sherborn.

WAMSQUAM (Wamsquan, Wompsquon, Womsquon)

Solomon, and Sarah Jones, [a transient person], Apr. 17, 1759. In Sherborn.

WAMSQUAN (Wamsquam, Wompsquon, Womsquon)

Solomon, and Sarah Lourance, June 5, 1732. In Weston.*

John, and Rhode Babesook, int. Sept. 20, 1761.


Daniel, and Beulah Stratton, Dec. 31, 1797.

Lydia, and Jonas Loker, May 5, 1799.

William, of Watertown, and Eunice Watertown, andd Eunice Moore, Apr. 25, 1816.

Mary, and John C. Butterfield, int. June 14, 1835.


Jason, of Neddham, and Sarah Washburn, int. Jan. 23, 1785.

Thomas, [J. int.], of Sudbury, and Hepzibah Kimball, May 24, 1837.

WARREN (Warrin)

Jemima, and Daniel Clark [David. int.] of Dedham, Aug. 1, 1771. In Dedham.

Hannah, and Samuel Smith, Oct. 11, 1773.

Calvin, of Roxbury, and Caroline Carter, int. Dec. 11, 1814.

Sylvester W., and Isabella Forsyth of Needham, int. Mar. 30, 1845.

Asa J., s. John S. and Martha J., a. 22, and Mary J. Goodwin of Dover, NH, a. 20, Aug. 1, 1847.

WARRIN (Warren)

Gardner, and Sally Mann, int. Jan. 4, 1804.

WASHBOURN (Washburn)

Samuel, and Hannah Haven of Hopkinton, int. June 6, 1779.

WASHBURN (Washbourn)

Mary, and Samuel Woodcock of Needham, Aug. 7, 1777.

Sarah, and Jason Ware of Needham, int. Jan. 23, 1785.

Joseph, and Sarah Gay, Nov. 26, 1786.

Polly, and Solomon Walker, int. Jan. 13, 1805.

Elijah, and Lydia Burbanks, Jan. 19, 1808.

Meriam, and Isaiah Woodcock, July 7, 1808.

Jeddiah, and Mitta Frost of Sherborn, int. Apr. 16, 1814.

Sally, and William Coolidge, Feb. 15, 1821.

Lucinda, and Moses Frost of Sherborn, Apr. 15, 1824.

Edmund, and Harriet Kimball, Apr. 17, 1833.

Lydia, of Boston, and Samuel D. Blood, int. May 19, 1833.

David, and Eliza T. Parker, Dec. 16, 1834.

Mary, and Asher Parlin, May 19, 1836.

Rebecca, and Asher Parlin, Sept. 13, 1837.

Dexter, s. Jedediah, a. 25, and Sarah A. Messinger, b. Hopkinton, a. 23, Nov. 27, 1845.

Samuel, s. Jedediah, a. 23, and Abby W. Haynes, d. Martin and Hannah, a. 20, Apr. 28, 1848.

WATKINS (Wadkins, Wodkins)

Samuel, of Hopkinton, and Susanna Travis, Sept. 11, 1766 [Aug. 16, 1766. int.]

Patty, of Partidgefield, and Fisher Whitney, int. July 28, 1799.

Drusilla, and Charles Smith, int. Mar. 25, 1821.


Orison, and Hannah Allen of Rochester, NH, int. Sept. 9, 1849.

Joseph H., and Eliza Ann, Franklin of Nashua, NH, int. Nov. 25, 1849.


Hannah, [Wabucks. int.], and Peter Ephraim, Mar. 7, 1734. [Mar. 17, 1732-3. MR]


William, and Lucinda Chamberlin, Nov. 25, 1834.


Judith, and Alven Fuller, Jr., int. Mar. 27, 1836.


Susan, of Canton, and Josiah broad, int. May 22, 1836.

Frances J., and Nicholas B. Drew, June 2, 1847.

Eveline, d. Mehitable, a. 18, and Isaac M. Gay, s. Nathan and Betsey, a. 23, Nov. 12, 1849.


Mary F., of Boston, and Calvin Carter, int. Aug. 31, 1817.

Hannah S., of Concord, and Timothy Wheeler, int. Apr. 27, 1835.

Timothy, and Hannah S. Wheeler of Concord, int. Apr. 27, 1835.

Reuben, and Martha B. Morse, Oct. 15, 1841.

Ann J., and Thomas H. Huntress, int. June 23, 1844.

Nancy E., supposed wid., d. Jason Whitney, and David M. Whitney, widr., s. George and Esther, a. 40, Jan. 23, 1845.


Lysander, and Hannah B. Horton, Jan. 13, 1836.


Samuel W., and Lydia Sophia Nute, int. Nov. 26, 1848.

WHITE (Wight)

Sarah, of Stoughton, and [Lieut. int.] Timothy Bacon, July 5, 1759. In Stoughton.

Charles S., of Roxbury, and Betsey Broad, Jan. 26, 1826.

Mary M., of Plainfield, VT, and Henry Loker, int. May 15, 1836.

Aurela, of Sherborn, and Moses Fisk, Jr., int. Nov. 24, 1842.

Farnum, of Hudson, NY, and Margaret L. Bigelow, Dec. 24, 1842.

Fannie M., of South Reading, and James Bailey, int. July 8, 1849.

Mary Ann, of South Reading, and Sammel Bailey, int. July 8, 1849.

WHITING (Witing)

Aaron, of Dedham, and Mehitabel Smith, June 10, 1776.

Fanny, and jeremiah Baker, Jr., of Dedham, Nov. 9, 1786.

Dexter, and Elizebeth Orne Bigelow, May 3, 1826.


James, and Elizabeth Twitchel of Sherborn, Apr. 27, 1732.*

Micah, and Lydia Mason of Watertown, Nov. 11, 1747. In Watertown.*

Jason, and Elizabeth Beal of Sudbury, Mar. 3, 1757. In Sudbury.

Sarah, and Nathan Wodkins [Watkins. MR] [of Hopkinton. int.], June 11, 1761.

Thomas, and Mehetable Bacon of Stoughton, int. Oct. 19, 1761.

Esther, and James Wodkins [Watkins. MR], of Hopkinton, Aug. 30, 1764.

Jason, [Whiteing. int.], of Sherborn, and Deborah Morse, Nov. 13, 1776 [prob. 1766] [Mar. 15, 1766. int.] In Sherborn.

John, a transient person [of Medway. int.], and Molly Cary, Feb. 16, 1768. In Newton.

Tabitha, and John Lessure of Upton, Aug. 31, 1769.

Ephraim, and Sarah Wood, July 11, 1771.

Jason, and Louis Pratt [Lois. int.] of Needham, Mar. 17, 1773. In Needham.

Jane, of Dedham, and Daniel Hill, int. Apr. 12, 1777.

Daniel, and Jane Whitney of Dedham, July 10, 1777.

Jane, of Dedham, and Daniel Whitney, July 10, 1777.

Mehitable, [Whiting. int.], and Artemas Woodward [Woodard. int.] of Newton, Mar. 27, 1787. In Newton.

Abigail, and William Dunton, Oct. 2, 1788. In Sherborn.

Lois, and Thomas Cummins, Jr., of Newton, June 29, 1791.

Mary, and Solomon Parker of Medfield, int. Apr. 22, 1792.

Hitty, and Samuel Lawton, Jan. 12, 1797.

Hannah, and Eli Rogers [of Marlboro, NH. int.], July 11, 1799.

Fisher, and Patty Watkins of Partridgefield, int. July 28, 1799.

George, and Esther Morse, int. Sept. 3, 1799.

Jason, Jr., and Hannah Goodenow, int. Sept. 12, 1801.

Ebenezer, and Mary brown, Apr. 8, 1807.

Amos, of Boston, and Betsey Sawin, int. Nov. 8, 1817.

Hannah, and Henry Rice, Oct. 10, 1821.

Ebenezer, and Joann Law, Nov. 10, 1822.

Emeline Ann, and Elijah Hearsaey [Hersey. int.], Jr., Oct. 14, 1827.

David M., and Mary Ann Gilmore, formerly of Wrentham, Apr. 3, 1828.

George C., and Persis Broad, Dec. 2, 1830.

Mary B., and Abraham Bigelow, 2d., Mar. 6, 1831.

Freeman S., and Eveline Perry, Apr. 4, 1833.

Martha, of Sherborn, and Moses Stratton, int. Aug. 11, 1833.

Martha A., and David E. Allen, Nov. 6, 1834.

Samuel S., Dr., of Newton, and Sarah W. Spalding, Sept. 29, 1838.

George, Capt., and Azubah Hastings of Millbury, int. Mar. 24, 1839.

John A., and Emily Ann Walker, May 27, 1839.

Prudence W., and William G. Wilson of Brighton, Dec. 17, 1842.

Betsey, [S. int.], wid., and Stephen Goodhue, Esq., widr. [of Newton. dup.], Jan. 24, 1844.

James, Jr., and Mary Ann Clark of Sherborn, Apr. 14, 1844.

David M., widr., s. George and Esther, a. 40, and Nancy E. Wheeler, supposed wid., d. Jason Whitney, Jan. 23, 1845.

Esther L., and Theodore T. Parker, int. Oct. 24, 1847.

WIGHT (White)

Sarah, of Dedham, and Oliver Bacon, Jr., int. Apr. 11, 1779.

Daniel, and Zillah Goulding, int. Feb. 3, 1802.

Mariam, of Dedham, and Capt. Asa Newell, int. Dec. 3, 1805.

Ede Goulding, and Willard Childs, Mar. 9, 1824.

Miriam F., and James J. Sawin, Apr. 9, 1834.

Eleazar G., and Phebe W. Carter of Lowell, int. Oct. 31, 1841.

Willard A., and Lucy B. Morse, Nov. 30, 1841.

Daniel, Jr., [Rev. int.], and Lucy Flint of Reading, Sept. 24, 1842.

Eleanor C., d. Daniel, and George Howe, Nov. 30, 1843.


Lidia, of Sherborn, and Joseph Drury, Jan. 10, 1744-5.

Lydia, and Jonthan Richardson, June 14, 1759.


Benjamin B., and Harriet Jennison, July 3, 1842.


William, of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Jennison, Apr. 30, 1767. In Sudbury.

Elizabeth M., and Daniel Carpenter, Feb. 26, 1845. In East Cambridge.


Abigail, of Sudbury, and William Rice, Aug. 16, 1753. In Sudbury.

Cyrus H., and Sarah H. Howe, Apr. 1, 1838.

Sarah H., wid., and William H. Wilson, s. John, May 2, 1843.


Henry, and Harriet M. Howe, Nov. 3, 1840.

William G., of Brighton, and Prudence W. Whitney, Dec. 17, 1842.

William H., s. John and Sarah H. Willis, wid., May 2, 1843.

John O., and Mary Morse, Nov. 22, 1843.

Mary A.B., of Harvard, d. Robert G. and Rebecca, b. Hopkinton, a. 27, and Edwin C. Morse, s. Jesse and Betsey, a. 30, Oct. 24, 1849.

WIN (Winn)

John, and Abigail Battle of Dedham, int. Aug. 11, 1734.


Elizabeth, of Shrewsbury, and Richard Stanford, int. June 30, 1764.

Lucy, of Needham, and Caprt. Charles Morse, int. Mar. 23, 1811.

Enoch, and Dorcas Greenwood of Needham, int. Aug. 15, 1812.

Patty, and Edward Jackson of Newton, Apr. 8, 1822.

Martha B., and William Flagg of Needham, Nov. 6, 1825.

Nancy, and George K. Barker, int. Apr. 14, 1833.

Leonard, s. Enoch and Lucy S. Farriss, d. William, May 11, 1843.


William W., and Eleanor Rice, Nov. 28, 1833.

WINN (Win)

Eliz., [Elizabeth. int.], and Charles Heynes [of Sudbury. int.], May 1, 1759.

Mary, and Oliver Hastings, Dec. 18, 1764.


Jonathan, of Cambridge, and Betsey Coggin, int. Apr. 3, 1800.

Susan, of Needham, and Willard Mann, int. Apr. 18, 1841.


Hannah, of Worcester, and John Ephraim [Jr. int.], Oct. 16, 1775. Indians. In Worcester.


Clarissa, a. 21, and William Jones of Holliston, s. Joseph and Susan, a. 21, Aug. 19, 1846.*

WITING (Whiting)

Roger, [Whiting. int.], and Fanny Broad, May 15, 1794.

WODKINS (Wadkins, Watkins)

Nathan, [Watkins. MR], [of Hopkinton. int.], and Sarah Whitney, June 11, 1761.

James [Waykins. MR], of Hopkinton, and Esther Whitney, Aug. 30, 1764.

WOLCOTT (Walcott, Walcutt, Wallcutt)

Mary E., of Pepperell, and Calvin Leland Jr., int. Apr. 23, 1843.

Martha, d. John of Pepperell, b. Pepperell, a. 23, and Charles E. Stoddard, b. Boston, a. 24, Nov. 26, 1849.

WOMPSQUON (Wamsquam, Wamsquan, Womsquon)

Esther, [Wamsquan. int.], and Phillip Anthony, Apr. 28, 1763. [Indians. MR]

WOMSQUON (Wamsquam, Wamsquan, Wompsquon)

Joshua, and Sarah Pittine, June 2, 1730.

WONSIMUG (Awansamonge, Awonsamug, Awonsamugg)

Thomas, and Hannah Quintilias of Dudley. In Dudley, ––– ––, [1758.]*


Sarah, and Ephraim Whitney, July 11, 1771.

Jemima, and David Morse, Mar. 4, 1779.

Harriet, of Holliston, and Lyman Cargill of Waltham, June 18, 1835.*


Mary Augusta, and Mark Jewell, Mar. 2, 1845.


Esther, of Needham, and Benjamin Morse, Aug. 24, 1758. In Needham.

Samuel, of Needham, and Mary Washburn, Aug. 7, 1777.

Isaiah, of Boston, and Meriam Washburn, July 7, 1808.

William D., of Sherborn, and Fanny Kimball, May 24, 1838.


Nathan M., and Louisa W. Rice, int. Jan. 9, 1848.


Artemas, [Woodard. int.], of Newton, and Mehitable Whitney [Whiting. int.], Mar. 27, 1787. In Newton.


Zelinda, of Richmond, NH, and Walter Loker, int. Mar. 8, 1840.

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