† - Town Copy with additions
Adelade Maria, "an orphan under the guards'nship of" Ellis Stedman, bp. July 16, 1848. CR5

Sarah, d. John (b. Ireland) and Ann (b. Ireland), June 22, 1849, in Lower Falls.

Michael, s. James (b. Ireland) and Mary (b. Ireland), Apr. 25, 1849, in Upper Falls

Maria, d. –––––, bp. Dec. 19, 1824. CR5

Elisabeth, d. Thomas (b. Ireland) and Bridget (b. Ireland), May 21, 1849, in Upper Falls.

Mary, d. Thomas and Mary, May 13, 170 [sic].

Charles, ch. Cornelius and Susannah, ––– ––, ––––.†
Cornelius, ch. Cornelius and Susannah, ––– ––, ––––.†
John, ch. Cornelius and Susannah, ––– ––, ––––.†
Nancy, ch. Cornelius and Susannah, ––– ––, ––––.†
Nathanael, ch. Cornelius and Susannah, ––– ––, ––––.†
Penny, ch. Cornelius and Susannah, ––– ––, ––––.†
Susan, ch. Cornelius and Susannah, ––– ––, ––––.†
William, ch. Cornelius and Susannah, ––– ––, ––––.†

LEONARD, see Learned.

Irville Irwin, ––– ––, 1819. GR4
Maria (Rice), ––– ––, 1821. GR4

Hepzibah, ch. Jonas and w. bp. Apr. 18, 1773. CR1
Nancy Louisa, adopted d. Reuben Spaulding (b. Jaffrey, NH) and Nancy, Feb. 16, 1834, in Newtonville.

George, s. John (b. Germany) and Elisebeth (b. Germany), Oct. 14, 1847, "On the Ocean to America. "

Ebenezer [dup. Littlefield], s. Ebenezer and Lidiah [dup. Lydia], May 2, 1701.
Ephraim [dup. Littlefield], twin s. Ebenezer and Lidiah [dup. Lydia], Nov. 21, 1712.
Ezra [dup. Littlefield], s. Ebenezer and Lidiah [dup. Lydia], Mar. ––, 1799 [sic, 1699] [dup. Mar. 1699].
Jemima [dup. Littlefield], d. Ebenezer and Lidiah [dup. Lydia], Aug. 19, 169 [sic] [dup. 1697].
Jerusah [dup. Jerusha Littlefield], d. Ebenezer and Lidia [dup. Lydia], Apr. 15, 1708.
Lidiah [dup. Lydia Littlefield], d. Ebenezer and Lidiah [dup. Lydia], Feb. 15, 1706.
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Pellatiear [dup. Pedaliar Littlefield], s. Ebenezer and Lidiah [dup. Lydia], Oct. 12, 1703.
Praisever [dup. Praisedoer Littlefield], s. Ebenezer and Lidiah [dup. Lydia], May 15, 1710.
Sibyll [dup. Sybil Littlefield], d. Ebenezer and Lidiah [dup. Lydia], Nov. 1, 1714.
Susanah [dup. Susannah Littlefield], twin d. Ebenezer and Lidiah [dup. Lydia], Nov. 21, 1712.

Nancy, Aug. 19, 1789. GR1

John Francis, s. Jessee A. and Sarah B., Mar. 24, 1848.
John Pierpont, s. William and Mary, Aug. 26, 1828.
Mary Anne J. [dup. omits J.], d. William (b. Lexington) and Mary (b. Bolton), Mar. 3 [dup. May 3], 1836, in Newton Corner.
Mary Antionette, d. William and Mary, May 31, 1826.
William Russell, s. William and Mary, Apr. 15, 1823.

Clarissa M., d. Brackett (b. Tamworth, NH) and Clarissa W. (b. Hunter, NY), Apr. 7, 1846, in Upper Falls.
John B. s. Brackett (b. Tamworth, NH) and Clarissa W. (b. Hunter, NY), June ––, 1848, in Upper Falls.
Marion Ruthven, d. George C. (b. Kennebunk, ME) and Marion R. (b. Boston), Oct. 3, 1849, in Newton Corner.

Edwin H., s. Nathaniel B. (b. Pembroke) and Ann P. (b. Roxbury), July 19, 1848, in Newton Center.

Cyrus M., s. Manly [dup. Manley] (b. Bridgewater) and Patty (b. Bridgewater), June 3, 1833, in Newton Center.
Martha K., d. Manly [dup. Manley] (b. Bridgewater) and Patty (b. Bridgewater), Jan. 2 [dup. June 2], 1831, in Newton Center.
Mary Williams, d. Manley, July 4, 1841.

LOUD, see Lowd.

Nancy B., ch. Thomas and Mary, Mar. 8, 1793.†
William, s. William and Sibyll [dup. Sybil], Jan. 18, 1784.

Bernard Jr., s. Bernard (b. Ireland) and Elisebeth (b. Ireland), Aug. 22, 1843, in Newton Corner.
Esther, d. Bernard (b. Ireland) and Elisebeth (b. Ireland), Apr. 4, 1846, in Newton Corner.

Julia Murdock, ch. Allin and Julia, bp. Dec. 15, 1822. CR5

LOWEL (see Lowell)
Katey [dup. Katy Lowell], d. Sylvanus and Patty, Mar. 8, 1791.

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LOWELL (see Lowel)
Hanna B., d. William B. (b. Amesbury) and Mary E. (b. Holden), May 28, 1849, in Newtonville.
Mary Olive Ann, Jan. 24, 1847.

Laura, July 19, 1807, in Vershire, VT. GR4

Edward, s. Enoch W. (b. Baltimore, MD) and Sophia (b. Watertown), Nov. 9, 1840, in Newtonville.

Thomas, s. George and Matilda, bp. Sept. 23, 1849. "this name was given by the parents of ye child (in writing) by mistake, they designed their son to bear the name of his maternal grand Father Thomas Smallwood. " CR5

Anna Louisa, d. George W. and Mahitable (b. Salem), July 29, 1849, in Lower Falls.
Emely, d. Mortimer and Lucy, bp. Dec. 18, 1836. CR5
Heber Chase, s. Mortimer and Lucy, bp. Feb. 20, 1842. CR5
Helen Maria, d. Seth and w., bp. Oct. 18, 1835. CR5
Howard, s. Mortimer and Lucy, bp. Apr. 5, 1838. CR5
Lemuel, Feb. 16, 1783, in Milton. GR4
Peter, s. John W. and Sally of Chaplin, CT, bp. July 29, 1838. CR5
Thankful (Damon), w. Lemuel, Oct. 20, 1783, in Scituate. GR4
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