† - Town Copy with additions
Charles Edward, s. Benjamin (b. Cohasset) and Eunice (b. Needham), Oct. 10, 1829.
Edward Horatio, s. Benjamin (b. Cohasset) and Eunice (b. Needham), Oct. 23, 1832.
Elisebeth Daniell [dup. Elizabeth Daniels], d. Benjamin (b. Cohasset) and Eunice (b. Needham), Nov. 27, 1821.
George Benjamin, s. Benjamin (b. Cohasset) and Eunice (b. Needham), May 21, 1823.
Horatio, s. Benjamin (b. Cohasset) and Eunice (b. Needham), Mar. 29, 1827.
Sarah Ann, d. Charles and Sarah, grand d. William Bunce and Jane, bp. July 6, 1845. CR5
Sarah Eunice, d. Benjamin (b. Cohasset) and Eunice (b. Needham), July 15, 1835.
Sarah Mann, d. Benjamin (b. Cohasset) and Eunice (b. Needham), May 27, 1825.
Susan Jane, d. Charles and Sarah of Saxonville, bp. Sept. 3, 1843. CR5

William Thomas A., s. Thomas (b. New Hampton) and Olivia H. (b. Warren, ME), May 6, 1844, in Upper Falls.

William J., s. John (b. England) and Catherine (b. England), Sept. 22, 1849, in Upper Falls.

Mary, d. John (b. Ireland) and Catherine (b. Ireland), Apr. 21, 1849.

Harriet Lopar, ––– ––, 1798. GR4
John, s. Joshua and Sarah, Dec. 30, 1778.
Nancey (dup. Nancy), d. Elizabeth Grives, Jan. 29, 1779.
Sophia Dudley, ––– ––, 1830. GR4

George E., s. William B (b. Southborough) and Charlotte (b. Alexandria, DC), May 7, 1838, in Newton Corner.
Henry E., s. William B. (b. Soughborough) and Charlotte (b. Alexandria, DC), Sept. 30, 1835, in Newton Corner.
William A., s. William B. (b. Soughborough) and Charlotte (b. Alexandria, DC), Apr. 19, 1831, in Newton Corner.

Edward, s. Moses O. (b. Deerfield) and Syrena S. (b. Putney, VT), Jan. 3, 1849, in W. Newton.
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Emmo, ch. Moses O. (b. Deerfield, NH) and Syrena A. (b. Putney, VT), Mar. 23, 1847, in W. Newton.
Isabella Cooper, ch. John and Abigail, bp. May 18, 1817. CR5
Jane, ch. John and Abigail, bp. Apr. 1, 1821. CR5
John, s. John dec'd and Abigail, bp. June 19, 1831. CR5

Jane, Mar. 4, 1785. GR3
John, Sept. 13, 1782. GR3

Hannola Catherine, d. Thmothy (b. Ireland) and Mary A. (b. Ireland), May 4, 1849.

Abigail, ch. Nathanael and Anna, Nov. 28, 1797.†
Amy, ch. Nathanael and Anna, Nov. 14, 1795.†
Ann J. [dup. omits J.], d. James W. and Esther, July 25, 1820, in E. Newton.
Anna, d. Nathaniel and Anna, July 13, 1788.
Caroline, ch. Nathanael and Anna, Dec. 18, 1802.†
Clarissa M. [dup. clarisa, omits M.], d. James W. and Esther, Apr. 18, 1838, in E. Newton.
Daniel, ch. Samuel and Mary, ––– ––, 1761.†
Edward G., s. James W. and Esther, July 25, 1826, in E. Newton.
Elijah, s. Samuel and Mary, Feb. 16, 1757.
Eliza Jane, d. James W. and Esther, Sept. 4, 1828, in E. Newton.
Ermina, ch. Moses and Mary, ––– ––, ––––.†
Fanny W., ch. Moses and Mary, ––– ––, ––––.†
George F., s. James W. and Esther, May 3, 1824, in E. Newton.
George N., s. James W. and Esther, Apr. 28, 1818, in E. Newton.
Grace, d. Phillip [dup. Philip] and Sarah, Mar. 27, 1724.
Harriet, ch. Moses and Mary, ––– ––, ––––.†
Henry, s. Samuel and Mary, Sept. 24, 1755.†
James, ch. Nathanael and Anna, Aug. 23, 1792.†
James H. [dup. omits H.], s. James W. and Esther, Apr. 3, 1822, in E. Newton.
Jemima, d. Nathaniel and Anna, Aug. 17, 1790.
John C., s. James W. and Esther, Mar. 20, 1817, in E. Newton.
Jonathan, s. Phillip [dup. Philip] and Sarah, Feb. 7, 1734-5.
Josiah, ch. Samuel and Mary, ––– ––, ––––.†
Martha, ch. Nathanael and Anna, Dec. 11, 1799.†
Martha A., [dup. omits A.], d. James W. and Esther, Feb. 5, 1834, in E. Newton.
Mary, d. Samuel and Mary, Sept. 24, 1755.
Mary, d. Nathaniel and Anna, Apr. 11, 1783.
Mary, ch. Moses and Mary, ––– ––, ––––.†
Nathaniel, s. Philip and Sarah, Jan. 30, 1746-7.
Nathaniel, s. Nathaniel and Anna, Dec. 5, 1785.
Philip, s. Phillip [dup. Philip] and Sarah, July 23, 1732.
Philip, s. Philip and Sarah, Mar. 16, 1750.†
Philip, s. Samuel and Mary, Mar. 16, 1755 [dup. 1754].
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Samuel, s. Phillip [dup. Philip] and Sarah, Oct. 18, 1729.
Samuel, s. Samuel and Mary, Dec. 23, 1752.
Sarah, d. Phillip [dup. Philip] and Sarah, Nov. 21, 1739.
Sarah A. [dup. omits A.], d. James W. and Esther, July 5, 1830, in E. Newton.
Seth, s. Philip and Sarah, May 21, 1744.
Stephen W., ch. Moses and Mary, ––– ––, ––––.†
Susanah [dup. Susannah], d. Phillip [dup. Philip] and Sarah, Mar. 31, 1742.
Thankfull [dup. thankful], d. Phillip [dup. Philip] and Sarah, Aug. 23, 1726.
Thomas C. [dup. omits C.], s. James W. and Esther, Oct. 8, 1831, in E. Newton.

Ann Maria, d. James J. and w., Feb. 25, 1826.
Charles, s. James J. and w., June 24, 1823.

George Henry, s. Hosea (b. Newburyport) and Mary s. (b. Portland), Sept. 11, 1849, in Oak Hill.
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