* Intentions NOT recorded; † - Town Copy with additions
BABCOCK, see also Badcock, Brabcook.

BACKEN (see also Bacon)
Hannah and Jemes Trobridge [dup. James Trobridg], Jan. 6, 1708-9.* PR1

BACON (see also Backen)
Ann M., d. Silas, and George Billings, July 30, 1846. [Ann Maria. CR6]
Beulah C. and Thomas S. Pulsifer, int. Nov. 26, 1837.
Edward of Westminster, and Lydia Woodward, int. Apr. 25, 1773.
Elisabeth F. and Otis Trowbridge, int. Sept. 2, 1832.
Elizabeth and Joseph Fuller [int. Jr.], Mar. 31, 1785.
Elizabeth of Natick, and William Alden, Mar. 7, 1824.
Ephraim and Mary Brown, July 16, 1752.
George and Susannah Greenwood, July 30, 1729.* [Susanna. MR]
George W., 30, s. Joseph and Beulah C., and Eliza B. Churchill, Dec. 3, 1849.
Hannah and Joseph Lovring [dup. Loring], Jan. 22, 1730-1.* [Lovering. MR]
Harriet H. and Rev. Jeremiah H. [int. J. Sewall] Eaton, June 3, 1840.
Hezekiah and Mrs. Elizabeth C.K. George, int. Jan. 30, 1842.
Horace and Maria Alden, int. July 2, 1843.
James M., Rev., s. Joseph and Beulah, and Maria Woodward, Sept. 17, 1846.
Jane and Samuel Murdock, Mar. 25, 1806.
Jonas and Elizabeth Morse, June 23, 1757. [Elisabeth. MR]
Joseph and Beulah Fuller, Nov. 13, 1805.
Joseph N., s. Joseph and Beulah, and Sarah A. Woodward, Apr. 17, 1845.
Josiah of Boston, and Agnis [int. Agness] Hope, Dec. 1, 1803.
Josiah 2d and Martha Joslin, int. Dec. 14, 1828.
Lucy Jane, 21, d. Silas and Polly, and John Harris Jr., Nov. 3, 1845. [Joseph Jr. CR6]
Lydia of Needham, and Jonathan Cook, Jan. 7, 1768, in Needham.
Mary and James Ward, Dec. 14, 1727.*
Mary and Sebes [dup. Sebas] Jackson Jr., Nov. 19, 1767.
Mary Ann G. and Samuel N. Woodward, Apr. 28, 1842.
Vol. 1
Page 234
Mary Apthorp [int. Abthorp] and Capt. [int. omits Capt.] George Murdock, Oct. 10, 1824.
Phinehas [int. Phineas] and Sally Popkins, Jan. 4, 1798.
Ramsay H. and Evelina Trowbridge, int. Mar. 3, 1839.
Samuel and Elizabeth Child, Apr. 27, 1756. [Elisabeth. MR]
Samuel and Anna Child, Jan. 31, 1797.
Silas D. of Boston, and Martha J. Colburn, Jan. 4, 1844.*
Susannah and John Healy, Apr. 1753.
Susannah and Jonathan Shepard, Jan. 1, 1761.
Willaim H. and Mary L. [int. J.] Jermain, Dec. 1, 1842.

BADCOCK (see Brabcook)
Lydia of Milton, and Phinehas Brown, int. Jan. 1, 1775.
Samuel [dup. Babcock] of Boston, and Sybill [dup. Sybil, int. Sibbil] Pratt, Nov. 22, 1744. [Prat. MR]
William and Mary Bartlitt, May 32, 1711, in Watertown.* [May 31. PR1]

Abigail of Natick, and Rev. William Greenough, June 1, 1785, in Natick.
Sarah of Natick, and Capt. Michael Jackson, Feb. 22, 1791, in Natick.

BAILEY (see Baly, Baylies)
Charles F.R.A. and Savina [?Lavina] E. Sanders, int. Sept. 21, 1845.
Thomas D. [int. Baily] and Ruth F. Goodhue, [Apr.] 11, 1843.

Sophia and Moses Craft, Jan. 7, 1816.*

Lewis and Elisabeth D. Tozier, int. July 14, 1839.

Abigail and Royal McIntosh, int. July 19, 1840.
Benjamin of Cambridge, and Abigail Robbins, May 24, 1774.
George W. of Taunton, and Emma Eliza Hussey, Jan. 13, 1839.
John of Boston, and Sally Baldwin, int. June 29, 1782.
Joseph W. and Mary Ann Varney, July 10, 1838.
Sarah and Sebas Jackson, Apr. 19, 1671. †*
Susan M. and Lyman Daggett, Dec. 29, 1844.*
Thomas of Roxbury, and Hannah Park, Aug. 2, 1722, in Watertown.*
Timothy of Dedham, and [dup. adds Mrs.] Lois Brown, June 21, 1780, in Waltham [dup. May 26, 1780, in Dedham].

Harriet Stillman and Joseph Dana Grafton, June 23, 1816.
Jonathan [int. Jr.] of Boston, and Betsey Hastings [int. Hasting], Dec. 7, 1800.

Anna and Ebenezer Smith, [Dec.] 22, 1767.
Elizabeth of Cambridge, and Ebenezer Hovey, Apr. 5, 1768. [Elisabeth. MR]
Vol. 1
Page 235
Enoch [int. Enock] and Sybbel [dup. Sybil] Knap, May 1, 1781 [Sybbel. MR].
Lydia of Weston, and John Newton Parmenter, Oct. 25, 1764.*
Mary of Sudbury, and Samuel Jackson [int. Jr.], Feb. 7, 1764, in Sudbury.
Relief [int. Releif] of Shrewsbury, and William Hammond, Nov. 12, 1778, in Shrewbury.
Sally and John Baker, int. June 29, 1782.
Samuel, Capt., of Weston, and Rebecca [int. Mrs. Rebeckah] Cotton, Mar. 25, 1762. [Mrs. Rebekah. MR]
Samuell [dup. Samuel] Jr. of Weston, and Millicent [dup. Milliert] Cutler, July 7, 1763.* [Samuel Jr. and Millecent Cutler. MR]
Sewell of Cambridge, and Rebecca Hyde, int. Jan. 1, 1837.
Thomas C. of Boston, and Martha Smith, int. May 25, 1845.
William and Elizabeth Wiswall [int. Elezabeth Wisswal], Dec. 17, 1741. [Elisabeth. MR]

Almira A. and J.B. Coolidge, int. Dec. 17, 1843.
Elizabeth of Watertown. and Thomas Fuller, Apr. 2, 1728, in Watertown.*
Hannah of Watertowne, and William Robison, Feb. 17, 1731-2.* [Robinson. MR]
John [dup. Bull] of Watertown, and Mary Clark, Nov. 12, 1730.*

Stephen of Brookline, and Sally Thayer, July 5, 1812.

BALLOU (see also Bullou, Bullough)
Abner Jr. and Hannah Norcrosa, Mar. 25, 1828.

Abigail and John Fuller, June 30, 1682. †*

BALY (see also Bailey, Balies)
Daniel [dup. Baley] and Rebekah Trusedale [dup. Rebecca Truesdale, int. Trusdell], Nov. 27, 1746. [Bayley, and Rebekah Trusdell. MR]
Susannah of Brookline, and Francis Blanden, int. Dec. 8, 1745.

Daniel and Lydia Robbins, int. Feb. 25, 1843.

BARBER (see also Barbour)
Abigail and Edmond Dana, int. Apr. 23, 1785.
Abigail (see also Elizabeth).
Dorcas of Boston, and Charles Howard, int. Jan. 3, 1795.
Elizabeth [sic] [int. Abigail, wid.] and [int. adds Capt.] Samuel Jenks, Aug. 18, 1785. [Elizabeth [sic]. MR]
John and Abigaiel [dup. and int. Abigail] Fuller, Feb. 14, 1765. [Barbur, and Abigail Fuller. MR]
John of Boston, and Mary Howard, Jan. 15, 1795.
Samuel of Waltham, and Abigail Prince, June 23, 1772.

Vol. 1
Page 236
BARBOUR (see also Barber)
Seward P. and Louisa G. Frates, int. Jan. 12, 1840.

BARETTE (see also Barrett)
Adaline of Watertown, and Alfred Perault, Apr. 11, 1847.* CR6
Onessim [int. Onesim] and Albert C. Newbeit [int. Newbert], Dec. 13, 1846.

Aaron [int. Jr.] and Caroline Jennison [int. Jenison], Apr. 7, 1846.
Henry A. and Elizabeth H. Hardy, int. Mar. 24, 1839.
Hiram and Hepzibeth Faxon, int. Oct. 6, 1839.
Julia A. of Middleton, and William F. Salsbury, Aug. 22, 1844.*

Cordelia M. and William J. Wentworth, int. Sept. 26, 1847.

James F. [int. M.] and Betsy Grover, Nov. 22, 1836.

Betsey and Leonard W. Cushing, Dec. 3, 1818.
James H. [int. of Waterbury, CT.] and Mary N. Goss, Dec. 5, 1844.
Jonas, b. Weston, and Jane Hagar, ––––– [int. Mar. 18], 1827.
Sally and John Burnham, Dec. 1822.
Willaim of Roxbury, and Hester Hyde, Aug. 20, 1826.*

BARNES (see also Barns)
Andrew and Sally Dean, Apr. 21, 1807.
Eunice and Edward Park, Jan. 1, 1730.* [Barns. MR]

Betsey and John P. Holmes, int. Sept. 29, 1847.
Charles, 21, of Tauton, and Ruby H. Marathew [int. Ruby A. Merithew], June 21, 1846.
Enos D. and Mary M. Hussey, int. May 15, 1842.
Hannah, Mrs., and Gen. [int. omits Gen.] George Ellis, Mar. 15, 1824.
James and Margaret Dudley, int. July 29, 1838.
Joseph and Sukey Parmatre [int. Palmater], June 3, 1813.
Mary of Dedham, and Oren Colburn, int. Nov. 21, 1824.
Mary Ann and Lewis H. [int. W.] Robbins, Nov. 25, 1838.
Sophia and Moses Craft, int. Dec. 3, 1815.
Susan and Edwin F. Farwell, int. Mar. 31, 1844.
William O. and Eliza Jane Merithew, int. Apr. 3, 1845.

BARNS (see also Barnes)
Richard of Marlborough, and Ann Hides, Dec. 6, 1715, in Watertown.* [Ann. PR1]

BARRETT (see also Barette)
Abigail and Morris Spillard Esq., int. Mar. 8, 1778.
James of Boston, and Beulah [int. Biller [sic]] Flagg (free Negros), June 4, 1783. [Bulah. MR]
Vol. 1
Page 237
Sarah and [int. adds Rev.] Joseph Lee, [Oct.] 26, 1769. [Barret. MR]

BARROW (see also Barrows)
Hepsibah of Concord, [and] Henry Hammond, July 31, 1791, in Concord.*

BARROWS (see also Barrow)
Angelina H. and Jonathan Bixby, int. Dec. 15, 1844.
Foster and Sarah P. Newell, Sept. 6, 1846.

BARRY (see also Baury)
William Jr. and Axey Priest, int. July 12, 1807.

Elizabeth [torn] and Jemes [dup. James] Prentis, Mar. 8, 170[torn] [1708-9].* PR1

BARTELET (see also Bartlet, Bartlett, Bartlit, Bartlitt)
Sarah and Jonathan Wilard [dup. Willard], Dec. 20, 1708.* PR1

BARTLET (see also, Bartelet, Bartlett, Bartlit, Bartlitt)
Elisabeth and John Prentiss, Dec. 9, 1710, in Marlborough.*
James [dup. Bartlett] and Lydia Williams, Dec. 13, 1758.
James and Luce Morse, int. Dec. 8, 1765.
James and Olive Nutting, int. Mar. 23, 1766.
Mercy [dup. Bartlett] and John Gridley, Mar. 18, 1761. [Mary. MR]
Samuel and Elizabeth Appleton, int. Sept. 7, 1760.

BARTLETT (see also Bartelet, Bartlet, Bartlit, Bartlitt)
Abigail and Samuel Lovell [int. Lovel], Aug. 4, 1796.
Caroline and Joel Frost, June 20, 1819.
Elisha and Sarah Beals [int. Beal], May 26, 1791. [Bartlet. MR]
Eliza and Charles Belcher, int. Sept. 25, 1831.
Eliza Ann of Needham, and Jesse Alexander, Jan. 1, 1837, in Needham.*
Esther and Enoch Perry, Nov. 4, 1776. [Bartlet, Nov. 9. MR]
Esther and Thomas McNoah, Aug. 7, 1825.
George and Jane Nicholson, May 9, 1828.
George of Salem, and Rebecca Woodward, int. Apr. 3, 1842.
Henry and Hannah Fisher, July 1, 1804.
Henry of Needham, and Ann Richards, June 15, 1825.
Henry F. [int. Bartlet] of Needham, and Caroline E. Durant, Oct. 14, 1827.
Hepzibah and Joseph Miller, Apr. 24, 1803.
Joseph and Mary Waite, Oct. 27, 1668. †*
Joshua and Sarah [int. Sally] Bright, Nov. 24, 1795.
Joshua, 43, and Hannah Ross, June 6, 1847.
Longley [int. Bartlet] and Elizabeth Rice, Oct. 14, 1756, in Sudbury.
Luke and Elizabeth Prentice, Nov. 25, 1771. [Bartlet, and Elisabeth Prentice. MR]
Vol. 1
Page 238
Luke and Kezia [dup. Keziah] Grimes, Apr. 2, 1789. [Bartlet, and Kezia Grimes. MR]
Martha and Jesse Glover, Nov. 21, 1834.
Mary and James Sprague, Nov. 18, 1779, in Mendon.
Mercy and Asa Barton [int. Barten], Feb. 1, 1770. [Mary Bartlet. MR]
Moses of Sudbury, Canada, and Esther Beals [int. Beal], July 31, 1791. [July 3. MR]
Peregrine [int. Perigrine] and Lavina Frost, Feb. 18, 1827.
Peter and Betsey Brooks, May 30, 1799, in Stoughton.
Roxana and Luke M. Wheelock, [Apr.] 15, 1840.
Sarah and Moses Davis, [Apr.] 28, 1768. [Bartlet. MR]
Sarah and William Cheney [int. Jr.], Apr. 25, 1782.
Sarah and Elisha Fuller Jr., June 14, 1795.
Solomon [int. Sollomon] and Betsey [dup. Betsy] Tittleton, Feb. 8, 1795.

BARTLIT (see also Bartelet, Bartlet, Bartlett, Bartlitt),
Ebenezar [dup. Ebenezer Bartlett] and Ann Clark, June 24, 1736.
Elizabeth [dup. Bartlett] and John Margrit [dup. Margret], Feb. 9, 1743-4. [Elisabeth Bartlet. MR]
Hannah [dup. Bartlett] and Samuell [dup. Samuel] Convers, Dec. 11, 1716.*
Joseph [dup. Bartlett] and Zabllah [dup. Zebia] Coller, Feb. 11, 1730-1.* [Bartlit, and Zabillah Collar. MR]
Joseph [dup. Bartlett] [and] Marcy Hides [dup. Mercy Hyde], June 14, 1732.* [Bartlet, and Mercy Hide. MR]
Nicholas [dup. Bartlett] and Mary Cooke [dup. Cook], Apr. 17, 1733.* [Bartlet, and Mary Cook. MR]
Sarah [dup. Bartlett, int. Bartlet] and David Knap, Jan. 1, 1740-1.

BARTLITT (see also Bartelet, Bartlet, Bartlett, Bartlit)
Mary and William Badcock, May 31, 1711, in Watertown.* [May 30. PR1]

Asa [int. Barten] of Needham, and Mercy Bartlett, Feb. 1, 1770. [Mary Bartlet. MR]

Elery E. and Mary Ann Rogers, int. June 9, 1839.
Rebecca P. and Zenas Crane, Sept. 6, 1832. [Sept. 16. CR5]

Henry and Eliza Ann Orne, int. Sept. 18, 1843.
James, Rev., and Emily Atwood, int. May 18, 1828.

BAURY (see also Barry)
Alfred L., rector of this Parish [St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Newton Lower Falls], and Mary Catherine Henshaw, July 1, 1829, in Middlebury, VT.* [Barry. CR5]

BAYLIES (see also Bailey, Baly)
Nicholas [int. Bayleis] and Elezabeth [dup. Elizabeth] Park, Nov. 29, 1738.

Vol. 1
Page 239
BEAL (see also Beals)
Elizabeth and John Cookson, Aug. 17, 1785.
Israel and Eunice Flagg, Sept. 8, 1748.
John and Elizabeth Hall, Feb. 27, 1755. [Elisabeth. MR]
Lazarus of Hingham, and Lydia Wheat, July 6, 1749.
Leah [int. Beals] and Elisha Remington, Nov. 27, 1746.
Lucy and [int. adds Ens.] Elisha Murdock, July 25, [dup. July 23], 1793.
Wilder of Boston, and Emeline Taylor, int. Feb. 12, 1837.
William of Watertown, and Mary Ann Brown Wheat, June 17, 1781, in Waltham.

BEALS (see also Beal)
Elizabeth and Samuel Shaddock, int. Mar. 26, 1738.
Esther [int. Beal] and Moses Bartlett, July 31, 1791. [July 3. MR]
Hannah [dup. Beal] and William Holden, Aug. 25, 1735.
Mary and Eleazer [dup. Ebenezer] Hide, Aug. 16, 1739.
Mercy [dup. Beal, int. Marcy] and William Wilton, Aug. 27, 1741.
Sarah [int. Beal] and Elisha Bartlett, May 26, 1791. [Bartlet. MR]
Thomas Jr. and Huldah Flagg, June 21, 1750.

Mehitable and Benjamin Davenport, Jan. 1, 1811.

Elizabeth [int. Beeverstock] of Needham, and Nathaniel Woodcock, Nov. 28, 1765, in Needham.

Mary Eusebeia [?] of Lynn, and B.F. Mudge, Sept. 16, 1846, in Lynn.* CR6

William of Sherburn [int. Sherburne], and Elizabeth Cook, July 8, 1771. [Elisabeth. MR]

BEEMIS (see also Bemes, Bemis)
Charles and Henrietta Hooker, May 22, 1808.

John of Methuen, and Lucretia Ellis, int. Sept. 2, 1827.

Michiel and Hannora Scantlon, int. Apr. 4, 1847.

Charles and Betsy [int. Betsey V.] King, May 20, 1827.
Charles and Eliza Bartlett, int. Sept. 25, 1831.
Eliza, Mrs., and Hezekiah Fuller, int. Dec. 25, 1836.
Emeline R. of Foxborough, and Richard Carpenter, int. Mar. 20, 1831.
Sylvanus H. and Betsey Whitney Needham, int. Mar. 6, 1825.
William L. and Mary Chamberlain, int. Apr. 1, 1832.

Alfred and Charlotte Lowd, int. July 1, 1838.
Josiah 3d of Walpole, NH, and Mrs. Mary Ann Hosmer, int. Oct. 18, 1840.

Vol. 1
Page 240
Tamer of Roxbury, and John Harden, int. Mar. 23, 1806.

BEMES (see also Beemis, Bemis)
Charity [dup. and int. Bemis] of Watertown, and Miles Greenwood, Mar. 21, 1782. [Bemis. MR]

BEMIS (see also Beemis, Bemes)
Amos Jr. of Lincoln, and Lucy Wheeler, June 14, 1827.
Betsy of Charlestown, and James F. Mills, int. Jan. 29, 1837.
Elizabeth H. and Wyllis [int. Wyllys] G. Eaton, Dec. 13, 1835.
Nancy of Waltham, and Joseph Corey, int. Sept. 13, 1835.
Nathaniel [int. Beemis, adds Dr.] of Watertown, and Ann Richardson, Dec. 30, 1813.
Sullivan and Mary Dickerman, Aug. 12, 1830.

BENIT (see also Bennet, Bennett)
James [dup. Bennet] and Mary Dill, Dec. 1, 1725.* [Bennet. MR]

Samuell [dup. Samuel Benjamin] and Mary Hammond, Nov. 28, 1722.*

BENNET (see also Benit, Bennett)
Lydia and Silas Stearns Jr., Apr. 13, 1809.
Mary [dup. Bennett] and Andrew Hall, Oct. 12, 1737.

BENNETT (see also Benit, Bennet)
Dolly and Calvin Morgan, June 4, 1837.*
Edwin B. and Mrs. Sarah Ann Hook, Jan. 1, 1835.
Jonathan S. and Miranda W. Harrington, Apr. 21, 1824.
Lucy Ann of Brighton, and Joshua Jenison, Dec. 19, 1844.
Robert G. of Beverly, s. Cotton and Mary A., and Isabella Lefavour, Dec. 11, 1849.*

Betsy, Mrs., of Waltham, and Samuel Colburn, int. Dec. 13, 1840.
Peter of Sudbury, and sarah Pratt, June 17, 1774.

Thomas M. of Boston, and Nancy Hill, Sept. 28, 1848.*

Amanda C. and James H. Boyt, May 1, 1846.
Catherine, 25, d. Oliver and Lucy, and William Spurgen, June 4, 1846. [Catharine. CR6]
Henry Jr. and Lydia Clow, Sept. 15, 1833.*
Nancy M. of Waltham, and William Meads, July 16, 1832.*

Samuel D. and Sarah E. Holmes, Aug. 5, 1849.

Mary and John Jackson, Oct. 3, 1712, in Watertown.*

BICKFORD, see also Beckford.

BIGELOW (see also Biggelow, Biglo, Biglow)
Elijah and Rebekah Fisk, int. Oct. 2, 1808.
Vol. 1
Page 241
Eunice and Jonas Shepard, Jan. 17, 1796.
Isaac [int. Biglow] and Angeline Prentis [int. Prentice], Jan. 24, 1813, in Newton Lower Falls.
Mary and Benjamin Mills Jr., July 12 [int. July 25, sic], 1779. [Biglow. MR]
Moses of Watertown, and Mary Hammond, June 15, 1756, in Watertown.
Walter Jr. of Worcester, and Mary K. Hyde, int. Dec. 29, 1839.

BIGGELOW (see also Bigelow, Biglo, Biglow)
Joseph Jr. [dup. Bigelow, int. Biglow] of Weston, and Mercy Pratt, Apr. 2, 1752.

BIGLO (see also Bigelow, Biggelow, Biglow)
Nathaniell [dup. Nathaniel Bigelow] and Hannah Robison [dup. Robinson], Nov. 22, 1733.* [Nathaniel Biggelo and Hannah Robbinson. MR]

BIGLOW (see also Bigelow, Biggelow, Biglo)
Mary of Watertown, and Josiah Goddard, Oct. 15, 1730, in Watertown.*
William and Sarah Woodcock, in Oct. 7, 1821.

Beriah and Caroline W. Gay, int. May 3, 1840.
George and Ann M. Bacon, July 30, 1846. [Ann Maria. CR6]
Henry and Louisa Pettee, Nov. 25, 1841.
Sarah of Lincoln, and James Stone, Dec. 31, 1767, in Lincoln.

Phebe of Cambridge and John Lemmon, Sept. 19, 1836.*

Sally and Abner Rumrill, [Sept.] 30, 1779.
Samuel and Susan Wright, Dec. 4, 1814.
William of Boston, and Dorcas Richardson, int. Feb. 19, 1780.

Avis and Nicholas Brown Esq., Sept. 9, 1785.

Anne of Dorchester, and John Clark, Apr. 16, 1697, in Dorchester.*
Daniel of Watertown, and Mary Craft, Sept. 15, 1808.
Hannah of Dorchester, and Norman Clark, June 1, 1749, in Dorchester.
Marcy and Eliezer Hides [dup. Eleazer Hyde], Mar. 21, 1722.*
Mindwell of Dorchester, and Ebenezer Parker, May 10, 1739, in Dorchester.
Samuel of Roxbury, and Margaret Craft, int. Dec. 1, 1799.

Sarah and Henry Segar, Apr. 19, 1671. †*
Thomas of Watertowne, and Mary Blackman, Mar. 16, 1731-2.*

Hugh and Mary Brinnon, int. Apr. 28, 1849.

Anna and Robert Fuller Jr., June 10 [dup. Jan. 10] [int. Mar. 8], 1794.
Betsey [dup. Betsy] and Thomas Tolman, Nov. 19, 1795.
Vol. 1
Page 242
Elizabeth [int. Elisabeth] and Rev. [int. omits Rev.] J.M. Rockwood, June 28, 1842.
Hiram and Eleanor Gardner, Sept. 24, 1828.
Jonathan and Rachel Hobart, Apr. 16, 1709, in Watertown.* [May 6. PR1]
Jonathan of Needham, and Eunice Parker, Oct. 25, 1770, in Needham.
Jonathan and Elizabeth Hammond, [Oct.] 19, 1777.
Jonathan Jr. and Lydia Cutler, int. Oct. 12, 1800.
Jonathan and Angelina H. Barrows, int. Dec. 15, 1844.
Lucy of Westford, and Artemas Rogers, int. June 23, 1816.

Harriet of Adams, and J. Torrey Smith, int. Aug. 6, 1844.

Eliza and [int. adds Capt.] Atkins Adams, June 8, 1813.
Mary J. and Charles Procter, int. Aug. 11, 1816.

Ann T. [int. S.] and Amory Moore, June 2, 1847.
Mary and Thomas Bishop, Mar. 16, 1731-2.*

David of Hardwick, and Sibel Blaver, int. June 22, 1806.

BLAISDELL (see also Blasdell)
Charlotte and Joseph H. Orr, int. Aug. 29, 1846.

Alacea [dup. Alicia, int. Alelase] and Joseph Haws [dup. Hawes], Aug. 7, 1764. [Hawes. MR]
James and Mrs. Catharine B. Harris, int. Mar. 2, 1845.

Daniel and Emily J. Greene, int. Sept. 3, 1826.
John of Boston, and Mercy Adams, Nov. 5, 1806.

BLANDEN (see Blandin, Blunden)
Abigail [dup. Blunden, int. Blandin] and Phineas Eames [int. Phinehas Emes], Dec. 12, 1751.
Abigail [dup. Blunden] and Amasa Whitney, Oct. 5, 1794.
Dorothy and Ebenezer Prentice, Jan. 20, 1809.
Francis and Susannah Baly, int. Dec. 8, 1745.
Mary and Benjamin Williams, Mar. 19, 1804.
Phineas and Phebe Johnson, int. June 30, 1799.

BLANDIN (see also Blanden, Blunden)
Francis Jr. [dup. Blanden] and Abigail Toser [int. Tozer], June 29, 1749. [Bleendin. MR]

BLASDELL (see also Blaisdell)
Elisabeth N. and Aaron Rogers, int. Aug. 19, 1832.

Sibel and David Blackmer, int. June 22, 1806.
William and Sibbel Lovelock, int. June 18, 1797.

Vol. 1
Page 243
Ann of NY, and Asa Hyde, July 13, 1828.*
Lucius [dup. Lucus, int. Lucious] of Boston, and Rhoda Bull, May 21, 1797.
Wendall [int. Wendall] and Sarah Sherman [int. Shurn], Dec. 23, 1832.

BLUNDEN (see also Blanden, Blandin)
Susanna [int. Blanden] and Amariah Learned, June 2, 1772, in Watertown.

Thomas and Elizabeth Fuller, Sept. 15, 1778.

BOIT (see also Boyt)
Timothy W. and Lucinda Hebbard, Apr. 10, 1837.*

John and Alice Hannagan, int. Apr. 9, 1849.

Alfred of Waltham, and Mrs. Sally Stone, Aug. 20, 1820.*

Aaron and Hannah Fuller, June 22, 1786, in Needham.
Elizabeth and Samuel Trowbridge, Feb. 2, 1781, in Waltham.
Elizabeth of Watertown, and Thomas Fuller, Apr. 28, 1789, in Watertown.
Hannah and Dea. Lauren Kingsbury, Apr. 13, 1837.*
Joshua and Mary Newell, Mar. 12, 1809.
Josiah and Elizabeth Fuller, Jan. 31, 1719-20.* [Elisabeth, Jan. 13. MR]
Martha and Joseph Morse Jr., Feb. 2, 1775.
Nathan [int. of E. Sudbury] and Phebe Murdock, July 22, 1790.
Phinehas [dup. Phineas] and Thankful [dup. Thankful] Fuller, Aug. 10, 1749.

George and Mary Davinson, int. Nov. 10, 1811.
George and Rebecca Harris, int. Oct. 10, 1813.

Ann P. and Lucius Robinson, Aug. 14, 1842.
Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth], b. ME, and James Henry Norcross, Nov. 25, 1847.
Mary, 25, d. Asa and Elisabeth, and Libery C. Bullou [int. Ballou, omits C.], Apr. 11, 1846. [Bonny. CR6]

Prudence of Watertown, and Thomas Dean, int. Dec. 11, 1814.

Esther of Natick, and Francis Tetus, Dec. 1, 1805.

BOSWORTH (see also Bozworth)
Ellen C., d. Pliny, and Claudius [int. Cladius], Wadsworth, Mar. 4, 1847. [Wordsworth. CR6]

BOUIN (see also Bowen, Bowin, Bowing)
Easter [dup. Esther Bowen] and Edward Fuller, Sept. 21, 1726.* [Esther Brown. MR]

George L. and Priscilla L. Hatch, int. June 6, 1847.

Vol. 1
Page 244
George of Andover, and Fanny Hyde, int. May 27, 1827.
Sewell and Rebecca Marshall, int. Jan. 8, 1815.

BOWEN (see also Bouin, Bowin, Bowing)
Abigail of Roxbury, and Caleb Kendrick, Sept. 14, 1721, in Roxbury.*
David and Esther Jackson, Dec. 29, 1800.
Fordyce of Bedford, and Ellen E. Ware, [Nov.] 29, 1835.*
Jerusha and Daniel Trowbridge, May 19, 1767.
Sarah and Joshua Rand, Dec. 9, 1736.

John of Newport, RI, and Jane Fullarton, int. Mar. 3, 1776.
Sherman of Dover, and Elmyra Pettingell, int. Apr. 20, 1834.

BOWIN (see Bouin, Bowen, Bowing)
Isaac and Jerusah Printic [dup. Jerusha Prentice], June 20, 1733.* [Brown, and Jerusha Prentice. MR]
Mary [dup. Bowen] and Thomas Clarke [dup. Clark], Apr. 2, 1728.* [Bowen, and Thomas Clark. MR]

BOWING (see Bouin, Bowen, Bowin)
Elizabeth [int. Bowen] and Nathaniel Greenwood, Mar. 2, 1756. [Elisabeth. MR]

Joseph and Hannah Fuller, June 9, 1720.*
Rosanna of Greenwich, and James Downing, int. Dec. 29, 1799.

Eliza P. and John Pulsifer, int. Sept. 16, 1849.
John Jr. and Abigail Pratt, int. May 4, 1817.
Julia A. and William Lyon, May––, 1840.

Betsey of Franklin, and Thomas Stanton, int. Nov. 27, 1825.
Henry N. and Sally Nicholson, int. Oct. 13, 1839.

Ellen of Dedham, and Charles F. Parker, Mar. 19, 1843.*

Charlotte and Otis Sawyer, Sept. 26, 1830.
Eliza A. and Decatur Morey, int. June 9, 1844.
John and Harriet A. Whitney, int. Mar. 4, 1838.
Mary and Michael McIntosh, int. July 9, 1837.
Nancy J. and Albert Crosby, Oct. 2, 1842.
Paul and Nancy Wheeler, int. Aug. 7, 1814.
Richard Jr. and Cynthia Stimson [int. Stimpson], May 23, 1832.
Susan and Joshua Gardner, Jan. 6, 1828.

BOYT (see also Boit)
James H. and Amanda C. Berry, May 1, 1846.

BOZWORTH (see also Bosworth)
Harriet E. and Jonas C. Wellington, int. Sept. 22, 1839.
Joseph H. [int. A.] and Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] M. Crane, Nov. 8, 1835.

Vol. 1
Page 245
BRABCOCK (see also Badcock)
Benjamin F. and Lucy Anna A. Griggs, int. Mar. 26, 1837.

BRACKET (see Brackett)
Nathaniel and Mary Munroe, int. Dec. 31, 1805.

BRACKETT (see also Bracket)
Ann and Joseph Tufts, Nov. 27, 1834.
Ann and Francis Pettee, int. Nov. 2, 1845.
Caroline E. and Abner B. Loring, int. Nov. 8, 1846.
Charles and Lucy Gay, int. Mar. 27, 1825.
Eliza and Jacob A. Abbot, June 28, 1843.
Gilman and Caroline Russell, int. Feb. 18, 1844.
Lucinda and Baxter Hall, Dec. 9, 1827.
Nathaniel, Col., and Mrs. Mary W. Weld, Dec. 19, 1824.
Pamelia of Needham, and Henry T. Small, int. Mar. 10, 1822.
Polly and Throop B. Witherell [int. Witherlee], Jan. 17, 1828.
Sarah, 29, d. William and Ann, and Silas Stevens, July 22, 1847.
William and Ann Hancock, int. Jan. 24, 1813.

William and Mary Rogers, int. Apr. 5, 1846.

Sarah S. of Framingham, and Isaac Dench, int. May 19, 1833.

Maria of Boston, and Elbridge G. Holland, int. June 5, 1846.
Mary and John Wilson, int. Mar. 10, 1771.
Mary A. and James Munroe, int. Dec. 15, 1839.

Charles and Mary Rogers, int. May 5, 1849.

Peter and Sarah Mears, Sept. 10, 1744.

BRECK (see also Brick)
Rebecca R. of China, ME, and Thomas Rice Jr., int. Sept. 14, 1845.

Eliza of Brookline, and William Marshall, Jan. 5, 1809.

Mary and Daniel White [Jan. 21], 1773.

BRICK (see also Breck)
Elijah and Sarah Ann Burroughs, int. Sept. 14, 1823.

BRIDGE (see also Bridges)
Betsey and Elbridge Ware, Nov. 26, 1807.

BRIDGES (see also Bridge)
George E., 22, s. Elisabeth and Abigail F. Smith, Dec. 25, 1849.
Hiram and Julia A. Whitmore, Apr. 13, 1826.
Sybil Ann of Watertown, and William E. Clark, Apr. 14, 1831.
Ziba Jr. and Emeline whitmore, int. May 1, 1830.

Ann and Cyrus Moore, int. Dec. 11, 1825.
Augusta of Pembroke, and Royal Cheney, int. Nov. 15, 1848.
Vol. 1
Page 246
Ellen C. of Brattleboro [int. Brattleborough], VT, and Horace Starr, Nov. 8, 1826.
Lydia and George D.B. Robinson, Aug. 22, 1847.

George and Martha Trowbridge, Dec. 28, 1824.
Henry and Lydia Adams, int. Mar. 23, 1828.
Henry and Susanna Stone, int. Nov. 2, 1845.

Henry and ––––– –––––, Feb. 12, 1712.* PR1
Jemima and Jonathan Trowbridg [dup. Trowbridge], Jan. 3, 1734.* [Trowbridge. MR]
Sarah [int. Sally] of Needham, and Joshua Bartlett, Nov. 24, 1795.

George of Brookline, and Abigail Eddy, Oct. 20, 1791. [George of Brooklyn. MR]

Mary and Hugh Bison, int. Apr. 28, 1849.

Martin and Eliza Ware, Feb. 21, 1820.
Oren and Lucy Cook, int. Sept. 14, 1828.
Thaddeus [int. Thadeas of Needham] and Eunic Hide [dup. Eunice Hyde, int. Unes Hides], Mar. 17, 1740-1.

Asa and Sally Higginbotham, Feb. 22, 1810.
Betsey of Stoughton [int. Stoughten], and Peter Bartlett, May 30, 1799, in Stoughton.
Edward D. and Mrs. Nancy Trowbridge, int. Jan. 26, 1834.
Jonathan B. and Elizabeth Ann Hunter, int. Apr. 1, 1838.
Nathaniel and Lucy Richards, int. Oct. 6, 1786.

BROWN (see also Browne, Broyn)
Abigail and Josiah Hall, May 28, 1747.
Abigail of Waltham, and Jonathan Mirick, Oct. 26, 1749, in Waltham.
Abigail of Watertown, and Joseph Jackson [int. Jr.], Apr. 11, 1754, in Watertown.
Abraham and Abigal Dike [dup. Abigail Dyke], Dec. 12, 1730.* [Abigail Dike, Dec. 1. MR]
Betsey of W. Sudbury, and Ephraim Tilton, int. Feb. 28, 1808.
Betty of Lexington, and Phineas [int. Phinehas] Robbins, Dec. 6, [dup. Dec. 26], 1770, in Lexington.
Ebenezer of Cambridge, and Elizabeth Jameson, June 19, 1754.* [Elisabeth. MR]
Ebenezer of Cambridge, and Mary Hide [dup. Hyde], June 21, 1781. [Hide. MR]
Ebenezer and Abigail Fuller, int. Dec. 15, 1816.
Elizabeth and Henry Alderchurch, Oct. 17, 1751. [Elisabeth. MR]
Elizabeth and Nathaniel Wilton, Aug. 5, 1775.*
Elizabeth of Cambridge, and Josiah Hall, [Feb.] 8, 1776.
Elizabeth L. and George A. Hibbard [int. Hebard], Dec. 18, 1842.
Vol. 1
Page 247
Esther (see Easter Bouin).
Frances and Michael Brown, Oct. 2, 1820.
Isaac (see Isaac Bowin).
Joel H., Dr., and Sarah R.P. Richmond, int. Jan. 21, 1849.
Jonathan of Cambridge, and Elizabeth Capen [Apr. 23,], 1778.*
Joseph and Hannah Fuller, June 9, 1720.* MR
Joseph and Sarah Ireland, int. Nov. 11, 1750.
Lois [dup. adds Mrs.] and Timothy Baker, June 21, 1780, in Waltham [dup. May 26, 1780, in Dedham].
Lydia and Richard Knight [int. Knite], June 29, 1761.
Martha, 26, d. Abijah and Sarah, and Sewall [int. Sewell] A. Brown, Nov. 20, 1845.
Mary of Wattertown, and Gorge Cuten, Jan. 31, 1709-10.* PR1
Mary of Waterown, and Jonathan Woodward [int. Woodard Jr.], Jan. 27, 1742-3, in Watertown.
Mary and Jonas Hagar, int. Sept. 9, 1750.
Mary and Ephraim Bacon, July 16, 1752.
Mary and Garrett Harney, int. Aug. 3, 1845.
Michael of U.S. Army, and Frances Brown, Oct. 2, 1820.
Nicholas Esq. of Providence, RI, and Avis Binney, Sept. 9, 1785.
Phinehas and Lydia Badcock, int. Jan. 1, 1775.
Rebecca and Nathan Fuller, Apr. 7, 1819.
Samuel and Lois Coolidge [int. Loes Coollidge], Oct. 14, 1765, in Watertown.
Sarah and William Healey, Nov. 29, 1677. †*
Sarah of Waltham, and Benjamin Hammond, Oct. 5, 1749, in Waltham.
Sarah of Needham, and Asa Moore, int. Aug. 20, 1826.
Sarah L. of Hopkinton, NH, and R. Everett Pattison, int. July 19, 1829.
Sewall [int. Sewell] A., 26, of Sutton, s. Thomas and Nancy, and Martha Brown, Nov. 20, 1845.
Susanna [dup. Susannah] and Elisha Chamberlain, May 6, 1784 [dup. –––, 1783, adds at the house of her father in law. MR. Josiah Hall & of Mrs Hall his wife, formerly Mrs Brown. The Mother of Miss Susanna Brown, formerly of what is now a Town called Brighton] [int. Mar. 27, 1784]. [Susanna, May 6, 1784. MR]
Thomas [int. Jr.] and Mary Pettis [dup. Pettes], Dec. 15, 1747.
William and Ann Moulton, May 8, 1746, in Watertown.
William and Mary Jane D. Towle, Oct. 6, 1841.

BROWNE (see also Brown, Broyn)
Robert [dup. Brown] and Marcy Foule [dup. Mercy Fowle], Mar. 27, 1728.* [Brown, and Mercy Fowle. MR]

BROYN (see also Brown, Browne)
Deliverence [dup. Deliverance Brown] of Brookline, and Noah Wiswall [int. Wiswell], Apr. 22, 1752. [Deliverance. MR]

Vol. 1
Page 248
Lydia of Framingham, and William Hide, int. Dec. 27, 1767.

Patrick and Bridget Divine, int. Apr. 13, 1846.

Isaac and Esther Fuller, Dec. 15, 1803.
John (see John Ball).
Rhoda and Lucius [dup. Lucus, int. Lucious] Bliss, May 21, 1797.

Hezekiah of Medfield, and Sarah Harrington, Mar. 15, 1753.
John and Mary Ann [int. adds W.] Parker, May 10, 1840.

BULLEN (see also Bullens)
Isaac and Margaret Clapp, int. Feb. 1, 1829.
Thaddeus and Mary Day, int. May 15, 1808.

BULLENS (see also Bullen)
Ira M. and Levina [int. Lavinia] Robinson, Dec. 14, 1834.

BULLOU (see also Ballou, Bullough)
Liberty C. [int. Ballou, omits C.] 27, s. John and Catherine, and Mary Bonney, Apr. 11, 1846. [Bonny. CR6]

BULLOUGH (see also Ballou, Bullou)
Elizabeth [int. Bulloug] and Nahum Mills, Feb. 10, 1805.
John and Catharine Moor, int. Nov. 1, 1807.
John Jr. and Sarah Warren, Nov. 20, 1831.
Joseph and Abigail Symmes, Aug. 30, 1774, in Boston.
Nancy and Asa Kingsbury, July 21, 1805.
Thomas and Sarah Permer, int. Apr. 17, 1814.

Rebecca B. and Thomas Emerson, int. Nov. 5, 1837.

Anna of Natick, and Ebenezer Smith, Mar. 1, 1830.*
Caroline of Needham, and Alpheus Morse, Dec. 10, 1826.*
James and Betsey Hagar, int. Mar. 22, 1801.

Moses, widr. [int. omits widr.], and Laura A. Willard, Aug. 21, 1849.

BURIG (see also Burige, Burridge, Burrig, Burrige)
Ruth [dup. Burrage] and Ebenezer Segor [dup. Seger], Oct. 20, 1731.* [Burridge, and Ebenezer Segur. MR]

BURIGE (see also Burig, Burridge, Burrig, Burrige)
Abigall [dup. Abigail Burrage] and Edward Printice [dup. Prentice], Jan. 8, 1729.* [Abigail Burridge and Edward Prentice. MR]
Lydiah [dup. Lydia Burrage] and John Cheaney [dup. Cheney], Apr. 24, 1729.* [Lydia Burridge and John Cheeny. MR]

BURLEN (see also Burlin)
Charlotte A. and Barak Leland, int. Mar. 28, 1841.

Jacob B. and Ann Maria Whitney, int. Feb. 21, 1841.

Vol. 1
Page 249
BURLIN (see also Burlen)
John and Mrs. Julia Davis, int. Apr. 4, 1841.

Asa [int. adds R. of Somersworth, NH] and Mary Jackson, Oct. 14, 1827.
John and Sally Barnard, Dec. 3, 1822.

Mary Jane of Hudson, NH, and Bartlett Stoddard, int. July 11, 1841.

Joseph E. of Cambridge, and Louisa Richards, Nov. 29, 1829.
Joseph E. and Perlinda K. Woodbury, Jan. 8, 1835.

Charles E. [int. C.] of Boston, s. Herman and Sally, and Lucy W. Willson, Jan. 3, 1849.
Simeon and Anna Smith, int. Nov. 18, 1827.

BURRIDGE (see also Burig, Burige, Burrig, Burrige)
Catherine [dup. Burrage] of Watertown, and Stephen Harriss [dup. Harris] Jr., Dec. 16, 1784.* [Catharine Burridge and Stephen Harris Jr. MR]
Ephraim and Elizabeth Sever, int. Nov. 29, 1767.
Lydia [dup. Burrage] and Archibald Smith, Jan. 17, 1744-5.
Mary and Daniel Smith, May 25, 1708, in Watertown.*
Mary and Samson Adams, int. July 24, 1757.
Mary [dup. Burrage] and Samuel Sanger, Feb. 5, 1787. [Burridge. MR]
Samuel and Mary Draper, Oct. 31, 1754, in Dedham.
Samuel [dup. Burrage] and Hannah Draper, Dec. 14, 1780. [Burridge. MR]
Sarah [dup. Burrage] and Benjamin Adams, Jan. 23, 1755.* [Burrige. MR]
Sylvia of Dover, and Richards Kenrick, int. Sept. 26, 1824.
William [dup. Burrage] and Hannah Osland, Dec. 13, 1744. [Burrige. MR]

BURRIG (see also Burig, Burige, Burridge, Burrige)
Elizabeth [dup. Burrage] and John Cheaney [dup. Cheney], Oct. 22, 1717.* [Elisabeth Burrig Jr. and John Cheany. MR] [Cheney, Oct. 23. PR1]
John [dup. Burrage] and Sarah Smith, Jan. 17, 1724-5.*

BURRIGE (see also Burig, Burige, Burridge, Burrig)
John [dup. Burrage] and Lydia Ward, Oct. 9, 1718.* [Burrig. MR] [Burage. PR1]

Sarah Ann of Waltham, and Elijah Brick, int. Sept. 14, 1823.

Samuel and Sally Parker, int. May 10, 1807.
Sinia Winslow of Freetown, and Noah S. King, int. July 30, 1848.

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