Hannah, d.Joshua and Mary, bp. 末蔓末,1744. CR1
Molly, d.Joshua and Mary, bp. 末蔓末,1744. CR1

Anna, d.William and Hannah, bp. 末, 1738. CR1
Eliza, d.William and Hannah, bp. 末蔓末,1738. CR1
Emily A., 末蔓末,1828. GR3
Hannah Moor, d.James and Phebe, Mar.25,1818.
Hannah Parker, d.Robert M. and Sally, Mar.14,1819.
Isabel, 末蔓末,1815. GR1
James Stone, s.James and Phebe, June3,1819.
John Buxton, s.James and Phebe, Jan.2,1821.
John Prince, s.John B. and 末末, Nov.5,1847.
Mary, d.William and Hannah, bp. 末蔓末,1738. CR1
Robert M., Jan.22,1822. GR3 (Robert Moore, s.Robert. CR2)
Sally Nichols, d.Robert and 末末, bp. Nov.26,1826. CR2
Samuel Grimes, s.W. and 末末, bp. May22,1831. CR2
Sarah Frances, d.Warren and Charlotte S., Mar.7,1848.
Warren Augustus, s.James and Phebe, Nov.25,1822.
William, s.William and Hannah, bp. 末蔓末,1739. CR1

Vol. 1
Page 49
Daniel, s.Timothy and Margaret, both b. in Ireland, Dec.9,1848.

George N., s.Noyes and Nancy A., June11,1816.
Lucy M., 末蔓末,1844. GR1
Sarah J. (Sarah Jane. CR2), d.Noyes and Nancy A., Oct.3,1830.
Susan A., d.Noyes and Nancy A., Apr.6,1818.
William H., s.Noyes and Nancy A., Apr.17,1820.

Arthur W., Sept.11,1834. GR1

Abigal, d.Thomas and Abigal, Dec.27,1717.
Abner, s.Thomas and Thankful, bp. Apr.19,1801. CR1
Albert Henry, s.Nathaniel W.C. and Susannah W., Mar.18,1844. GR1
Anna, d.Thomas and Thankful, bp. Aug.30,1795. CR1
Charles, s.Samuel W. and Nancy, Apr.14,1821.
Edward, Jan.14,1836. GR1
Eleanor, d.Samuel W. and Nancy, May15,1826.
Elijah, s.Thomas and Thankful, bp. Aug.30,1795. CR1
Elijah, s.Elijah and Hannah, June13,1802.
Ella, d.Nathaniel W.C. and Susannah W., Dec.27,1849. GR1
Emma, d.Nathaniel W.C. and Susannah W., Nov.11,1846. GR1
Ephraham, s.Elijah and Hannah, Aug.14,1809.
Ephraim, s.Thomas and Thankful, bp. Aug.30,1795. CR1
Frederick Orlando, s.Nathan, b. in Wilmington, and Susan A., Mar.13,1849.
George, s.Thomas and Thankful, bp. Aug.21,1796. CR1
George F., s.Ruel, b. in Billerica, and Martha, b. in Atkinson, NH, July14,1849. Twin.
Hannah, d.Elijah and Hannah, Mar.8,1795.
Henry Adams, s.Elijah and Hannah, Dec.7,1806.
Henry Gardner, s.Nathaniel W.C. and Susannah W., Apr.6,1842. GR1
James Oliver, s.Oliver and Sarah, May14,1839.
Jemima A., w.Nathaniel W.C., 末蔓末,1832. GR1
Vol. 1
Page 50
John R., s.Ruel, b. in Billerica, and Martha, b. in Atkinson, NH, July14,1849. Twin.
Loami Ingals, s.Elijah and Hannah, Apr.17,1793.
Lucy, d.Thomas and Thankful, bp. Aug.30,1795. CR1
Maria, d.Samuel W. and Nancy, Feb.1,1831.
Maria Elizabeth, d.Oliver and Sarah, July30,1837.
Mary Ann, d.Samuel W. and Nancy, Sept.11,1823.
Nancy, d.Thomas and Thankful, bp. Aug.30,1795. CR1
Nathaniel W.C., 末蔓末,1814. GR1
Oliver, s.Elijah and Hannah, July18,1797.
Polly, d.Thomas and Thankful, bp. Aug.30,1795. CR1
Rosenna Arianna, d.Nathan and Susan A., June16,1847.
Samuel W., Apr.21,1796. GR1
Sarah Louisa, d.Oliver and Sarah, Mar.8,1842.
Sophia, d.Elijah and Hannah, July10,1804.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Abigail, Mar.21,1715.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Thankful, bp. Aug.30,1795. CR1
Warren, s.Thomas and Thankful, bp. July29,1798. CR1
William, s.Elijah and Hannah, Nov.9,1799.
William, s.Samuel W. and Nancy, Aug.8,1828.

Everline, d.Joel and Keziah, Oct.25,1800.
Gilman, s.Joel and Keziah, Dec.26,1809.
Joel, s.Joel and Keziah, Apr.23,1803.
Keziah Dana, d.Joel and Keziah, Jan.21,1805.
CASE, Betsey, d.Humphrey and Elisabeth, Aug.18,1778.
Charles A., s.Nehemiah, b. in Topsfield, and Emily M., b. in Oxford, England, Oct.16,1849.
Daniel Webster, s.Elisha and Almira, Jan.20,1846.
Darius Walter, s.Elisha and Elvina, b. in Boxford, June16,1849.
Eliza M., w.Sherman H., Aug.15,1814. GR1
Martha Fidelia, d.Elijah and Patty, bp. Jan.4,1829. CR1
Nehemiah Berry, s.Elijah and Patty, bp. Jan.4,1829. CR1
Sherman H., Sept.15,1809. GR1

Charles Neal, s.Horatio N., b. in Brookfield, NH, and Sarah A., b. in Eaton, NH, Jan.24,1849.
Daniel, s.Horatio N. and Sarah N., in Tamworth, NH, Mar.23,1845. GR1
Vol. 1
Page 51
Horatio N., Esq., Aug.21,1811. GR1
Sarah Ann, w.Horatio N., Aug.19,1819. GR1

Anna, d.末末, and Sarah, bp. 末蔓末,1724. CR1
Benjamin, s.and Sarah, bp. 末蔓末,1725. CR1
Joseph, s.and Sarah, bp. 末蔓末,1722. CR1
Mary, d.and Sarah, bp. 末蔓末,1722. CR1
Rachel, d.Edmon and Sarah, bp. 末蔓末,1728. CR1
Sarah, d.Edmond, bp. 末蔓末,1720. CR1

John, s.Thomas, Mar.14,1655.
Nabby, d.John and Nabby, Jan.3,1794.

James O., 末蔓末,1833. GR3
Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Aug.20,1778.
Sophia A. Prentice, w.James O., 末蔓末,1837. GR3

Alecta, d.Jacob and Nancy, June27,1807.
Gorham, s.Jacob and Nancy, Sept.23,1803.
John, Feb.19,1814. GR1
John Harlem, s.John and Mary A., Jan.12,1843.
Mary A., w.John, Sept.11,1823. GR1
Nancy, d.Jacob and Nancy, Dec.3,1800.
Sumner, s.Jacob and Nancy, Jan.9,1805.

Daniel, Sept.28,1760. GR1
Nancy, Sept.1,1794. GR1 (Nancy, d.Daniel, bp. Sept.末,1797. CR2)
Polly Stimson, w.Daniel, Apr.16,1760. GR1

Abigail Eaton, w.L. Dexter, 末蔓末,1813. GR1
L. Dexter, 末蔓末,1810. GR1

CLARK (see Clarke)
末末, s.David and Caroline, Apr.5,1845.
Elizebeth, d.Perley, Jan.14,1669.
Fannie M., Dec.23,1846. GR1
Isaac M., Jan.9,1819. GR1
Julia F., w.Ozro C., 末蔓末,1836. GR1
Mary A. Lang, w.Isaac M., June9,1822. GR1
Ozro C., 末蔓末,1832. GR1

Vol. 1
Page 52
CLARKE (see Clark)
Elizebeth, d.Thomas, Nov.3,1659.
Thomas, s.Thomas, Oct.13,1661.

Martin C., Nov.14,1833. GR1

Calvan Hopkins, s.Calvin H. and Ruth Ann, Oct.23,1844.
Charlotte Ann, d.Calvin H. and Ruth A., Aug.1,1842.

Mary, d.Henry W. and Calista C., Mar.5,1847.

Betsey, Mar.13,1800. GR1
John, Sept.8,1825. GR1
Mary, d.Curtis and Mary Ann, Aug.末,1847.

COALE (see Cole)
Jonathon, s.John and Mary, Sept.30,1699.

Betsey Walker, d.Malatiah and Rebecca, bp. May21,1797. CR1
Clarissa, d.Malatiah and Rebecca, bp. May21,1797. CR1
John Brewster, s.Malatiah and Rebecca, bp. Oct.20,1799. CR1
Lemuel, s.Malatiah and Rebecca, bp. May21,1797. CR1
Mahala, d.Malatiah and Rebecca, bp. May21,1797. CR1
Rebecca, d.Malatiah and Rebecca, bp. May21,1797. CR1
Sukey, d.Malatiah and Rebecca, bp. May21,1797. CR1

Augustus Damont, s.Josiah W. and Eliza N., Nov.1,1847.
Mary Swain, d.Josiah, b. in Dracut, and Eliza N., Jan.4,1849.

Harriet A. Parker, w.Charles W., Dec.22,1831. GR1
James, Nov.30,1767. GR1
James Hanson, s.James and Mary, Aug.31,1815.
John, s.James and Mary, Oct.8,1823.
Mary, w.James, June17,1790. GR1
Maryann, d.James and Polly, Nov.11,1821.

Esther, d.Samuell and Esther, Feb.5,1749-50.

Vol. 1
Page 53
COGEN (see Coggin, Cogin)
Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Aug.9,1752.

COGGIN (see Cogen, Cogin)
末末, s.Ebenezer T. and Lucretia, b. in Wilmington, Aug.25,1849.
Abner Phelps, s.James and Mary, June15,1813.
Diantha, d.Ebenezer T. and Lucretia, Sept.9,1846.
Ebenezer Thompson, s.James and Mary, Mar.12,1807.
Eliza Jane, d.Ebenezer T. and Lucretia, Aug.18,1835.
Gilman Aires, s.James and Mary, Nov.20,1815.
Lucretia Reed, w.Ebenezer T., Oct.14,1807. GR1
Mariette W. (only d. GR1) of Gilman A. and Susan N., June28,1845.
Mary, d.James and Mary, Nov.6,1805.
Rachel Ann, d.Ebenezer T. and Lucretia, June18,1841.
Sally Dix, d.James and Mary, May11,1821.
Samuel, s.James and Mary, Mar.30,1809.
Susan N., w.Gilman A., Nov.26,1814. GR1

COGIN (see Cogen, Coggin)
Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Mar.26,1740.
Samuel, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.28,1744-5.
William, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.7,1742.

COLE (see Coale)
Jonathan, s.John and Mary, Apr.23,1698.
Martha, d.John and Mary, Mar.29,1695.
Mary, d.John and Mary, July24,1693.

Susanna, d.Abijah and Sarah Brayford, in Lynn, May19,1765.

COLSON (see Colston)
Josiah, s.Adam, Mar.6,1672-3.

COLSTON (see Colson)
David, s.Adam, Apr.26,1682. Elizebeth, d.Adam, Oct.9,1676.
Liddiah, d.Adam, Mar.31,1680.

Ruth, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, June23,1704.

Alice Jane, d.George and Jane M., Dec.18,1842.
Augustus George, s.George C. and Jane M., July31,1837.
Frederick Henry, s.George C. and Jane M., Jan.6,1840.

Vol. 1
Page 54
George C., Mar.24,1815. GR1
Jane, w.George C., Mar.12,1819. GR1
Mary E., Feb.17,1831. GR3
Sarah Amanda, d.George C. and Jane M., Feb.25,1845.
Walter Elmore, s.George c., b. in Charlestown, and Jane N., Feb.12,1849.

John, s.Cornelius, b. in Ireland, and Hannah, b. in Cork, Ireland, in Andover, Aug.31,1848.

CONNELL Y (see Connely)
Ellen, d.Jeremiah and Ellen, Aug.1,1848. [Twin.]
Margaret, d.Jeremiah and Ellen, Aug.1,1848. [Twin.]

CONNELY (see Connelly)
Daniel, s.Jeremiah and Ellen, July4,1845.

Albert F., 末蔓末,1833. GR1

Abigail Needham, d.Joseph and Betsey, June17,1825.
Augustus Porter, s.Joseph and Betsey, Aug.2,1843.
Caroline, d.Jonathan and Hannah, July2,18244
Caroline, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Oct.15,1827.
Charles Stuart, s.James D., b. in Salem and Rebecca W., b. in Lynn, Oct.14,1849.
Elizabeth Rebecca, d.Joseph and Betsy, Jan.18,1834.
Emeline, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Dec.16,1836.
George Frederick, s.James D. and Rebecca W., Sept.18,1847.
Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Feb.11,1826.
Henry, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Mar.15,1835.
James Warren, s.James D. and Rebecca, Aug.3,1831.
Jeremiah Coney, s.James D. and Rebecca, Oct.14,1833.
John Francis, s.James D. and Rebecca, June24,1843.
John Needham, s.Joseph and Betsey, Nov.7,1837.
Jonathan, in Salem, Feb.2,1799. GR1
Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, May21,1831
Joseph Judson, s.Joseph and Betsy, Nov.10,1831.
Lydia Ann, d.Joseph and Betsy, July30,1827.
Martha, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Apr.26,1833.
Mary, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Aug.29,1829.
Mary Procter, d.Joseph and Betsy, Apr.11,1829.
Orange Scott, s.James D. and Rebecca, Jan.21,1836.
Phebe A. Hedther, w.John F., 末蔓末,1844. GR1
Sarah Aurilla, d.James Dearborn and Rebecca Walton, Sept.16,1845.

Elizabeth Shaw, d.Edward and Abigail D., Feb.10,1849.

Arthur Clarance, s.Elbridge, b. in Stoddard, NH, and Ruth, b. in Washington, NH, July26,1849.
Elbridge, 末蔓末,1813. GR1
Ellis, s.Elbridge and Ruth, Sept.19,1847.
George, s.Elbridge and Lucy M., 末, 1840. GR1
Hubbard, s.Elbridge and Ruth, Dec.18,1845.
Lucy Mead, w.Elbridge, 末蔓末,1814. GR1
Ruth B. Mead, w.Elbridge, 末蔓末,1818. GR1
Sydney, s.Elbridge and Lucy, Mar.29,1842.

Philinda A., w.C.R., 末蔓末,1837. GR1

Fanny F. Mitchell, w.Joseph H., 末蔓末,1833. GR1
Joseph H., 末蔓末,1806. GR1

COUDERY (see Coudry, Cowdrey, Cowdry)
Isaac, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.20,1774.
Nathaniel, s.William and Tabatha, Aug.11,1710.
Rebeckah, d.William and Tabatha, Jan.1,1707-8.
William, s.William and Tabatha, Dec.24,1702.

COUDRY (see Coudery, Cowdrey, Cowdry)
Elizebeth, d.William and Ester, Jan.3,1694-5.
Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.4,1759.
Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Tabitha, Apr.19,1737.
Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Nov.29,1761.
Susannah, d.Jonathan and Rachel, July20,1755.
William, s.Nathaniell and Tabitha, Oct.27,1739.

COWDREY (see Coudery, Coudry, Cowdry)
Ezra, s.Ezra and Mercy, in Stoneham, Jan.14,1790.
Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, June7,1770.
Isaac, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Apr.19,1772.
John Everett, s.wid. 末末, bp. Jan.7,1829. CR2

Vol. 1
Page 55
COWDRY (see Coudery, Coudry, Cowdrey)
Aaron, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Jan.14,1777.
Aaron, s.Aaron and Betsy, Feb.26,1805.
Bethyah, d.William, Apr.17,1643.
Betsey, d.Lieut. Aaron and Betsy, July20,1809.
Betsy, d.Capt. Nathaniel, Jr., and Jerusha, July2,1794 .
Elizebeth, d.Nathaniel, Aug.13,1659.
Elizebeth, d.Nathaniell and Elizebeth, Oct.6,1689.
Esther, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Jan.29,17644
Ezra, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Apr.10,1766.
George, s.Nathaniel and Jerusha, July16,1788.
Harris, s.Aaron and Betsey, Sept.27,1802.
Hester, s.William and Tabatha, Mar.8,1717.
James, s.Nathaniel and Tabitha, Aug.7,1744.
Jerusha, d.Nathaniel, Jr., and Jerusha, Apr.26,1783.
Johanna, d.Nathaniell, Apr.23,1673.
John, s.Capt. Nathaniel, Jr., and Jerusha, Dec.16,1796.
Jonas, s.Aaron and Betsey, Aug.6,1799.
Joseph, s.William and Mary, Jan.8,1732-3.
Mary, d.Nathaniel, Aug.7,1668.
Mary, d.Samuel and Elizebeth, Apr.1,1689.
Mary, d.William and Tabitha, June25,1713.
Mary, d.Nathaniel and Jerusha, May5,1792.
Matthias, s.Nathaniell, Apr.11,1679.
Mathyas, s.William, Sept.30,1641.
Mehetabel, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.7,1768.
Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell, Aug.18,1661.
Rebecka, d.Nathaniel, Oct.25,1663.
Ruth, d.Samuell and Elizebeth, June11,1687.
Sally, d.Nathaniel, Jr., and Jerusha, Aug.24,1785.
Samuell, s.Nathaniell, May16,1657.
Sophia, d.Nathaniel and Jerusha, Apr.27,1790.
Susannah, d.Nathaniell, May1,1676.
Susannah, d.William and Esther, Mar.4,1696-7.
Thomas, s.Nathaniell and Tabitha, Mar.6,1742.
William, s.Nathaniell, Mar.13,1665-6.
William, s.William and Mary, Sept.6,1730.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Oarissa, Dec.12,1810.
Carissa, d.Benjamin and Clarissa, Aug.8,1806.
Susan, d.Benjamin and Clarissa, Aug.27,1808.

Justin, Nov.26,1846. GR1

Vol. 1
Page 57
Francis Barker, s.Samuel B. and Eliza, Dec.3,1847.

Charles Lyman, s.Samuel S. and Harriet M., Apr.14,1835.

Lizzie P., w.William L., Feb.13,1839. GR1

Abigail, d.Cornelius and Abigail, Nov.16,1755.

Abby L., w.Horace L., Oct.13,1830. GR1
Helen T., d.Cyrenius C. and Rebecca N., Mar.17,1847.
Horace L., Apr.16,1829. GR1
Marquis Josiah, s.Cyrenus C., b. in Peacham, VT, and Rebecca M., b. in Salem, May21,1849.
Rebecca A., w.Cyrenius C., Sept.24,1824. GR1

Elizebeth, d.David and Elizebeth, Mar.5,1819.
George L., s.David and Elizibeth, July20,1816.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and 末末, bp. 末蔓末,1757. CR1

David, s.Thomas, Feb.22,1670.
Ebenazer, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Nov.17,1700.
Elizabeth, d.Nathaniell and Elizabeth, Apr.20,1705.
Elizebeth, d.Thomas and Elizebeth, in Charlestown, June7,1692.
Esther, d.Thomas and Hannah, July19,1724. Charlestown.
Hanah, d.Thomas and Hannah, of Charlestown, July24,1722.
Hannah, d.Nathaniel, June9,1662.
Hannah, d.John, Apr.24,1678.
Hannah, d.Thomas and Elizebeth, in Charlestown, June25,1696.
John, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Oct.30,1707.
Jonathan, s.Thomas, Jan.14,1677.
Jonathon, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Feb.17,1710-1.
Lidiah, d.Nathaniel, Apr.30,1669.
Mary, d.Nathaniell, July15,1656.
Mary, d.Thomas, Oct.24,1663.
Vol. 1
Page 58
Mary, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Aug.28,1698.
Mary, d.Nathaniell and Elizabeth, Feb.18,1700. [prob. 1700-1.]
Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell, Mar.12,1658-9.
Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Elizabeth, Dec.8,1702.
Ruth, d.Thomas, Feb.2,1668.
Sarah, d.Nathaniel, Mar.15,1664-5.
Sarah, d.Thomas, Nov.23,1666.
Thomas, s.Thomas, Feb.24,1660.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizebeth, in Charlestown, Mar.3,1690-1.

Martha J., 末蔓末,1836. GR1
Vol. 1
Page 59

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