Elizebeth, d.Thomas, Dec.21,1663.
Susannah, d.Thomas, Mar.23,1666.

Abigail, d.Thomas and Rebeka, Nov.30,1655.
Benjamin, 末蔓末,1800. GR1
David H., 末蔓末,1835. GR1
Elizebeth, d.Thomas, Feb.17,1642.
Hannath, d.Thomas, Jan.29,1649. MR
Mary, d.Thomas, Dec.24,1647. MR
Nancy Whidden, w.Benjamin, 末蔓末,1800. GR1
Rebecka, d.Thomas, Feb.10,1644.
Sarah, d.Thomas, June20,1652.
Sarah, d.Thomas, June22,1653.
Sophia R. Cook, w.David H., 末蔓末,1837. GR1
Susannah, d.Thomas and Rebeckah, June27,1658.
Tabbitha, d.Thomas, Nov. (5 MR), 1660.
Thomas, s.Thomas, Sept.15,1663.

KENNEY (see Kenny, Kinney)
Carrie Frances, 末蔓末,1844. GR1
Joseph Warren, s.Jethro and Ruth Eaton, Dec.12,1811.
Louisa, d.Jethro and Hitte, July4,1799.

KENNY (see Kenney, Kinney)
Leander Stearns, s.Pearson and Elizabeth, July1,1814.
Mary, d.Jethro and Hitty, Jan.20,1807.
Matilda, d.Jethro and Hitte, Apr.8,1809.
Phebe Frye, d.Jethro and Hitty, Feb.26,1804.

Anna, d.Robert and Mary, Mar.22,1698.
Elizabeth, d.Robert and Mary, Mar.15,16末.
Margret, d.Robert and Mary, Mar.19,1681-2.
Mary, d.Robert and Mary, July25,1685.
Robert, s.Robert and Mary, Mar.14,1688-9.
Suzana, d.Robert and Mary, July15,1687.

末末, d.Charles and Mary Jane, Apr.9,1847.
Charles Herbert, s.Charles and Mary Jane, May27,1845.
Vol. 1
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Cordelia Jones, w.Nathan 5., Sept.5,1839. GR1
Jonathan G., s.Charles and Mary, b. in Wilmington, July24,1849.
Nathan S., Feb.19,1836. GR1

Joseph, s.Joseph and Martha, bp. 末蔓末,1727. CR1
Priscilla, May30,1814. GR1

末末, d.Jacob M. and Jane Antoinette, Feb.23,1846.
Alice Lesley, d.Edmund P.D. and Elizabeth A., Oct.2,1847.
Frances W., d.Edmund P.D. and Elizabeth P., Feb.11,1844.
James D., 末蔓末,1829. GR1

Alden Bradford, s.Ambrose and Esther, Aug.29,1817.
Ambrose, Mar.20,1789. GR1
Charles Henry, s.Gilman D. and Nancy M., Oct.25,1847.
Diantha Jane, d.Ambrose and 末末, bp. June18,1826. CR2
Esther Elvira, d.Ambrose and Esther, June19,1815.
Francis, s.Ambrose and Esther, Sept.5,1811.
Gilman D. (Gilman Denis. CR2), s.Henry and Sophronia, May18,1820.
Henry, June26,1796. GR1
Henry W. (Henry Washburn. CR2), s.Henry and Sophronia, Dec.15,1818.
Josiah Alden, s.Ambrose and Esther, Oct.11,1825.
Josiah E., s.Ambrose and Esther, Sept.25,1819.
Lucia Mariah, d.Francis and Mary E., Sept.10,1839.
Martha Isriella, d.Frances and Mary, b. in Oxford, NH, Oct.12,1848.
Mary P., w.Ambrose, Mar.2,1805. GR1
Mary S. (Mary Shaw. CR2), d.Henry and Sophronia, Feb.19,1817.
Melvin, s.Francis and Mary E., June14,1841.
Milton Davis, s.Ambrose and Ruth, Aug.31,1840.
Nancy Adams, d.Ambrose and Esther, Nov.7,1818.
Vol. 1
Page 137
Nancy Maria, w.Gilman D., Dec.12,1823. GR1
Roxanna Brown, June18,1818. GR1
Sarah Jane, d.Ambrose and Ester, Sept.3,1822.
Sophronia, Jan.15,1797. GR1
Sumner Augustine, s.Henry and Sophronia, Dec.25,1837.
Susan Adeline, d.Ambrose and 末末, Jan.22,1830.
William P., Mar.11,1823. GR1 (William Parker, s.Henry. CR2)
Zelia Maria, d.Gilman D. and Nancy M., Nov.13,1845.

KINNEY (see Kenney, Kenny)
Hittee, d.Jethro and Hittee, Aug.2,1811.
Timothy Pickering, s.Jethro and Ruth Eaton, Apr.22,1809.

KNIGHT (see Knights)
Amos, s.Amos and Sarah, Nov.17,1712.
Carroll Davidson, in Dunbarton, NH, July25,1840. GR1
Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Mary, July25,1715.
Erastus, 末蔓末,1837. GR1
Franklin, Sept.29,1835. GR1
Hannah E., 末蔓末,1831. GR1
Joseph, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Aug.28,1709.
Mary, d.Ebenezer and Mary, May28,1712.
Olive S., 末蔓末,1825. GR1
Priscilla, d.Charles and Elcy, Nov.17,1843.
Sarah, d.Amos and Sarah, June6,1710.
Zebulon, 末蔓末,1826. GR1

KNIGHTS (see Knight)
John, 末蔓末,1815. GR1
John Harland, s.John, b. in Woburn and Mary E., Sept.14,1848.
Mary Elmira, d.John and Mary E., Oct.14,1841.
Mary Wakefield, w.John, 末蔓末,1817. GR1

Benony, s.Marah, June5,1689.

Caroline E., w.William, in Wilmington, Nov.28,1828. GR1
Othalia J., w.M.H., June10,1847. GR1
Sophia F., w.L.W., July7,1840. GR1
William, in Rotterdam, Holland, Apr.27,1815. GR1
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Page 138

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