Adelaide A., 末蔓末,1830. GR1
William H., 末蔓末,1827. GR1

Abba Maria, d.Hiel J. and Maria, Aug.22,1847.
Alexander, s.John and Anna, Apr.16,1794.
Anna, w.John, in Warren, Dec.14,1754.
Anna, d.John and Anna, Aug.19,1797.
Clarisa Priscilla, d.James and Priscilla, Nov.30,1801.
Dana, s.Hiel J. and Maria, Sept.29,1842.
David s. John and Anna, Oct.19,1793.
Eliza, d.John and Anna, in Warren, Aug.28,1783.
Esther, d.John and Anna, in Warren, Feb.6,1788.
George W., s.Hiel J. and Maria, May23,1845.
Hiel J., Aug.16,1812. GR1
Vol. 1
Page 154
James. s. John and Anna, in Warren, Feb.18,1779.
Jane, d.John and Anna, in Warren. Sept. 11, 1181.
John, s.John and Anna, in Warren, Oct.9,1785.
Josephene (Josephine W. GR1), d.Hiel J., b. in Sutton, NH, and Maria, b. in Harvard, Dec.28,1849, (w. Henry Rood. GR1)
Sarah, d.John and Anna, in Warren, May28,1776.
William, s.John and Anna, Mar.29,1791.

NEWEL (see Newell, Newhall)
Joseph, s.Andrew and Olive, May28,1775.

NEWELL (see Newel, Newhall)
Warren. s. Joseph and Susannah, May24,1796.

NEWHALL (see Newel, Newell)
Claresa, d.Reuben and Polly, Feb.16,1803.
John, s.Joseph and Sussanah, Feb.12,1793.
Joseph, s.Joseph and Susanna, May24,1796.
Mary, d.Reuben and Polly, Jan.3,1797.
Mary. d. Joseph and Susanna, June8,1798.
Reuben, s.Reuben and Polly, June8,1795.
Sally, d.Reuben and Polly. Aug.13,1800.
Sukey, d.Joseph and Susannah, Jan.15,1791.
Thompson, s.Reuben and Polly, Dec.26,1798.
Wright, Aug.14,1799. GR4

NEWMAN (see Numan)
Charles, s.Charles and 末末, Oct.21,1829.
Emma, d.Charles and 末末, Nov.1,1833.

NICHOL (see Nichols, Nickcols, Nickolls, Nickols, Nikolds, Nikols)
Adams, s.James and Lydia.May14,1801.
Betsey, d.Ebenezer and Betsey, Oct.21,1791.

NICHOLS (see Nichol, Nickcols, Nickolls, Nickols, Nikolds, Nikols)
末末, s.William Webb and Rebecca Upton, Apr.9,1844.
末末, d.Warren and Mary, Oct.6,1846.
A. Frances, w.Henry W., Nov.26,1844. GR1
Abialbon, s.Jeremiah, Jr., and Rebeccah, May20,1804.
Abner, s.Simon, Jr., and Rebeckah, July14,1802.
Achsah, d.Samuel and Achsah, July26,1833.
Vol. 1
Page 155
Albert, s.John and Anar, May18,1817.
Albert, s.Edmund and Bethiah, Jr., Mar.25,1820.
Alfred, May31,1825. GR1
Alice, d.Joseph and Mary, bp. May23,1779. CR2
Amelia Frances, d.James and Hannah, July16,1823.
Amos, s.Simon and Mary, July1,1778.
Amos. s. Amos and Molley, Apr.20,1803.
Amos, s.Amos and Molly, Aug.4,1819.
Amos Blanchard. s. Isaiah and Sophia, June10,1834.
Anna, w.John, June30,1788. CR1
Aseneth, d.Jeremiah and Lois, June11,1800.
Atherton, s.Thomas and Charity, Feb.15,1773.
Augusta, d.John and Annar, July3,1819.
Augusta Maria, d.Warren and Mary, June6,1840.
Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Jan.20,1780.
Benjamin, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, Apr.30,1790.
Bethiah, d.John, Jr., and Jerusha, Dec.2,1791.
Betsey, d.Simon and Mary. Sept.29,1781.
Betsey, d.Jeremiah and Lois, Dec.22,1781.
Betsey, d.Ebenezer and Betty, bp. Oct.30,1791. CR2
Caleb Bartlett, s.James and Lydia, July7,1810.
Calvin, s.James and Lydia, Apr.29,1808.
Caroline, d.Luther and Rebecca, Jan.1,1828.
Cephas Kendall, s.Richard and Clarissa, June30,1834.
Charles, s.Thomas and Charity, June2,1770.
Charles, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Apr.19,1779.
Charles H., 末蔓末,1838. GR1
Charles H. (Charles Henry, dup.), s.Richard. Jr., and Julian. b. in Gardner, ME, Sept.5,1849. (1847, dup.)
Clarisa, d.John, Jr., and Jerusha, Jan.24,1797.
Cornelia Nancy, d.John and Anar, July14,1830.
Cyrus, s.James and Lydia, Oct.31,1799.
Daniel, s.Edmond and Dolly, Aug.7,1789.
Daniel, s.Edmund and Dolly, May25,1796.
Daniel, s.Richard. Jr., and Clarisa, Dec.16,1817.
Daniel Marshall, s.Daniel and Nancy O.W., b. in Fitzwilliam. NH, Dec.21,1848.
David, s.John and Johanna, Mar.7,1741.
David, s.Amos and Molly, Jan.3,1805.
Debbe, d.John and Anna, bp. June21,1801. CR1
Dolly, d.Edmund and Dolly, Dec.16,1793.
Eaton, s.Thomas and Charity, Feb.17,1775.
Vol. 1
Page 156
Eben Hayward, s.Ebenezer and Rebecka, Jan.20,1790.
Ebenezer, s.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.14,1762.
Ebenezer, s.John and Bethiah, bp. Oct.29,1775. CR2
Ebenezer, s.Richard, Jr., and Susanna, July25,1789.
Ebenezer, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, Dec.2,1798.
Edmond, s.Richard, Jr., and Sarah, Mar.9,1765.
Edmond, s.Edmond and Dolly, Feb.28,1787. [Twin.]
Edward Everett, s.Luther and Rebecca, Oct.15,1834.
Edward Irison, s.John and Anna, bp. July8,1787. CR1
Edward S., s.Oren and Mary, bp. 末蔓末,1834. CR1
Edwin Parker, s.Richard and Clarissa, Jr., Oct.23,1822.
Eli, s.Richard, Jr., and Susanna, Oct.3,1782.
Eliza, d.Luther and Rebekah, Jan.22,1826.
Eliza Ann, d.Warren and Mary Ann, Aug.5,1844.
Eliza Frances, d.James C. and Hannah T., Nov.24,1830. GR1
Elizabeth, d.Job and 末末, bp. 末 末, 末末. CR2
Elizabeth, d.Jesse and Elizabeth, Apr.29,1792.
Elizabeth Day, 末蔓末,1820. GR1
Ellen Amelia, d.John and Anar, Sept.28,1834.
Elmus, s.Amos and Harriet, Mar.30,1843.
Elvira, d.Jeremiah and Rebeccah, July8,1814.
Emma Frances Kellom, w.Charles H., Mar.4,1848. GR3
Fanny, d.John and Anar, July12,1823.
Frances Maria, d.Oren and Mary, bp. 末蔓末,1834. CR1
George, s.James and Lydia, Apr.14,1796. (1795, dup.)
George Augustus, s.Richard and Julia Ann, June16,1844.
George S., s.Reuben and Joanna, Jan.13,1844.
George Whitefield, s.Samuel and Achsah, Apr.末,1840.
Gustavus, s.Job and Betsey, Nov.15,1826.
Gustavus, s.Job and Betsy, Feb.28,1833.
Hannah, d.Simon and Mary, June15,1773.
Hannah, d.Herbert and Hannah, June2,1783.
Hannah, d.Kendal and Hannah, Jan.17,1791.
Hannah B. Potter, w.Alfred, May8,1830. GR1
Hannah Carter, d.Isaiah and Sophia, Apr.15,1837.
Harriet, d.John, 3d, and Anar, Jan.11,1816.
Harriet, d.Simon and 末末, bp. Aug.10,1823. CR2
Harriet Ann, d.Luther and Rebecca, Oct.24,1833.
Harriet Sophia, d.Isaiah and Sophia, Aug.11,1831.
Vol. 1
Page 157
Harriet Stillman, d.Oren and Mary, bp. 末蔓末,1834. CR1
Hartwell, s.Daniel and Lavina, June1,1822.
Henry Elijah, s.Isaiah and Sophia, Feb.14,1844.
Henry Warren, s.Warren and Mary A., Sept.8,1842.
Howard Parker. s. Daniel and Levina, Feb.24,1832.
James, s.James and Mary, Dec.25,1765.
James, s.John and Bethiah, Apr.29,1768.
James, s.John and Anna, bp. Aug.17,1794. CR1
James, s.James and Lydia, Oct.10,1794.
James, s.James and Lydia, Nov.27,1797.
James Brown, s.Amos and Molly, May22,1816.
Jeremiah, s.Richard and Mary, Aug.20,1755.
Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Lois, Feb.27,1779.
Jerusha, d.John, Jr., and Jerusha, Nov.11,1786.
Jesse, s.Benjamen and Mary, May1,1760.
Job Kimball, s.Job and Betsy, Nov.5,1835.
John, s.John and Bethiah, Apr.19,1761.
John, s.John and Mehitabel, in Beverly, Mar.10,1770.
John, s.John and Anna, bp. May1,1785. CR1
John, s.Herbert and Hannah, May11,1786.
John, s.John, Jr., and Jerusha, Oct.21,1788.
John, s.Edmund and Dolly, bp. June末,1796. CR2
John Brooks, s.Luther and Rebecca, Nov.11,1831.
John Newton, s.Richard and Oarissa, Jr., July4,1825.
John Walton, s.Hay and Eunice, Feb.23,1805.
John Wesley, s.Samuel and Achsah, Nov.2,1837.
Jonathan, s.Benjamen and Mary, June18,1758.
Jonathan, s.Ebenezer and Betsy, Apr.3,1793.
Jonathan, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, May15,1796.
Joseph, s.John and Anna, bp. Apr.15,1798. CR1
Josephene, d.Edwin P. and Lucinda A., Aug.17,1847.
Josiah. s. Simon, Jr., and Rebeckah, May10,1805.
Julia A., w.Richard, Aug.1,1823. GR3
Julien, s.John and Annah, Nov.21,1821.
Kendall, s.John, Jr., and Bethiah, Jan.10,1766.
Kendall, s.Kendall and Hannah, Dec.25,1787.
Leonard Hay, s.Hay and Eunice, Sept.26,1800.
Levi, s.William and Mary, Dec.9,1779.
Lize, d.Richard, Jr., and Susanna, June9,1776.
Loisa Brooks, d.Edmund and Bethiah, Jr., Sept.2,1825.
Lucey, d.Symon and Mary, June26,1771.
Vol. 1
Page 158
Lucinda, d.Simon and Mary, July 19, 末末. (bp. July3,1791. CR2)
Lucinda A. Flint, w.Edwin P., Jan.1,1824. GR1
Lucy, d.Simon and Mary, Aug.16,1780.
Lucy, d.James and Lydia, Apr.2,1806.
Luther, s.John and Jerusha, Dec.29,1800.
Lydia, d.Richard and Mary, Dec.30,1761.
Lydia, d.Jeremiah and Lois, Jan.31,1787.
Lydia, d.James and Lydia, Nov.24,1804.
Lydia J., d.William W. and Rebecca, May2,1837. GR4
Lydia S. Potter GR1 w. Albert, Apr.14,1838. GR1
Margaret A., d.Richard and Julian, b. in Gardner, ME, July24,1849.
Margiana, d.Job and Betsey, Aug.30,1838.
Martha, d.Edmund and Bethiah, June9,1822.
Mary, d.John, Jr., and Bethiah, Oct.2,1763.
Mary, d.Jesse and Elizabeth, Sept.7,1801.
Mary, d.Levi and Salley, May23,1805.
Mary A., d.William W. and Rebecca, Sept.24,1849.
Mary Ellen (only d. GR1), of David and May (Mary G. GR1), July10,1838.
Mary Flint Aborn, w.Jonathan, 末蔓末,1799. GR1
Mary J., w.John N., 末蔓末,1827. GR1
Mary Thurza, d.Edmund, Jr., and Bethiah, Feb.20,1804.
Mehitebell, d.John and Mehitebell, Feb.20,1772.
Mira, d.Jeremiah and Louis, Feb.15,1796.
Molle, d.Simon and Mary, Aug.24,1769.
Moses Ephraim, s.Isaiah and Sophia, June7,1841.
Nabby, d.Simon and Mary, Oct.26,1785.
Nancy, d.Simon and Mary, Aug.21,1776.
Nancy, d.John and Jerusha, Sept.7,1805.
Nanny, d.John and Nanny, bp. 末蔓末,1783. CR1
Nathaniel, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, Apr.2,1794.
Needham, s.Amos and Molly, Mar.18,1810.
Newton, s.Amos and Molly, Sept.19,1806.
Norris, s.Amos and Molly, Apr.7,1814.
Norris A., s.James B. and Sarah B., July24,1846.
Oliver, s.Simon and Mary, Dec.18,1787.
Oliver, s.Amos and Molly, Feb.8,1812.
Vol. 1
Page 159
Oliver Clark, s.Amos, b. in Woburn, and Harriet F., Nov.7,1848.
Oren, s.Jerimiah, Jr., and Rebecca, Oct.12,1800.
Oren Augustus, s.Levi and Sarah, bp. Oct.17,1824. CR1
Osgood, s.Simon, Jr., and Rebekah, Apr.28,1798.
Osgood, s.Simon, Jr., and Rebeckah, June14,1800.
Parker, s.Luther and Rebecca, Apr.7,1839.
Pircival, s.Jeremiah and Rebeccah, May2,1818.
Polly, d.Joseph and Mary, bp. May23,1779. CR2
Randal, s.Jeremiah, Jr., and Rebeccah, Apr.25,1802.
Rebecca Jenkins, w.William W., Apr.23,1808. GR4
Rebeckah, d.John and Ruth, Apr.11,1750.
Rebeckah, d.Simon, Jr., and Rebeckah, Sept.22,1806.
Rebekah, d.Luther and Rebekah, June25,1824.
Richard, s.Richard, Jr., and Susanna, Nov.20,1773.
Richard, s.Edmond and Dolly, Feb.28,1787. [Twin.]
Richard, May14,1813. GR3
Richard Baxter, s.Richard and Clarissa, Apr.30,1831.
Rosannah, d.Richard and Clarissa, Aug.28,1828.
Roxana, d.Jeremiah, Jr., and Rebecca, June11,1806.
Salley, d.Edmund and Dolly, May28,1798.
Salley, d.Levi and Salley, Aug.6,1803.
Samuel, s.John (Jr. CR2), and Bethiah, Aug.28,1772.
Sarah, d.Benjamin and Mary, July10,1764.
Sarah Eames, w.E.E., Mar.22,1832. GR1
Sarah Elizabeth, d.Job and Betsy, Apr.19,1819.
Sarah M. Lewis, w.Howard P., Sept.5,1849. GR1
Seth, s.Edmund and Dolly, June2,1791.
Simon, s.John and Johannah, Aug.2,1745.
Simon, s.Simon and Mary, Dec.6,1774.
Susan, d.Richard and Clarisa, Jr., Oct.2,1820.
Susanna, d.Richard and Mary, Aug.20,1759.
Sylvana, d.Jeremiah and Rebecca, July21,1811.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Charity, May16,1768.
Thomas Burke, s.Newton and Aseneth, May14,1836.
Timothy, s.Simon and Mary, Feb.21,1791.
Uriah, s.John, Jr., and Bethiah, bp. Aug.30,1778. CR2
Warren, s.James and Lydia, Jan.26,1803.
Warren, s.Simon and Rebecca, bp. May18,1817. CR1
Vol. 1
Page 160
William, s.Richard and Mary, Feb. 36, 1749-50.
William, s.William and Mary, Aug.31,1777.
William (William W. GR4), s.Levi and Olive, Nov.16,1807.
William Gates, s.Luther and Rebecca, Aug.14,1829.
William Isaiah, s.Isaiah and Sophia, Oct.29,1829.
Wyman, s.Daniel and Levina, Aug.5,1829.
Zechariah, s.John and Bethiah, July14,1770.

John, s.John and Nanny, Feb.28,1785.
Nanny, d.John and Nanny, June12,1783.

Mary, d.Richard and Mary, bp. Feb.25,1776. CR1
Rebeckah, d.Richard and Marey, Dec.31,1777.
Sarah, d.Richard and Mary, Dec.3,1779.

NICKOLS (see Nichol, Nichols, Nickolls, Nickols, Nikolds, Nikols)
John, s.Thomas and Mary, Jan.24,1711-2.

NICKOLLS (see Nichol, Nichols, Nickols, Nickols, Nikolds, Nikols)
Abigaill, d.Samuel and Abigaill, May1,1736.
Abigaill, d.William and Abigaill, Oct.17,1736.
Edmond, s.Ebenezer and Susanna, Oct.2,1727.
Eunice, d.Ebenezer and Ann, Apr.1,1730.
Hannah, d.Timothy and Hannah, Mar.13,1729.
Hepzibah, d.Timothy and Hanah, Jan.17,1726-7.
Hepzibah, d.Jonathan and Phebe, May27,1726.
Jacob, s.Richard and Abigaill, Aug.21,1726.
Joseph, s.Jonathan and Phebe, Dec.10,1728.
Lydia, d.Ebenezer and Ann, May19,1727.
Richard, s.Richard and Mary, July7,1740.
Samuell, s.William and Abigaill, Feb.15,1728-9.
Sarah, d.Samuell and Mary, Oct.30,1739.
Susanna, d.Ebenezer and Susanna, Nov.27,1729.

NICKOLS (see Nichol, Nichols, Nickols, Nickolls, Nikolds, Nikols)
Abigail, d.Thomas and Rebeckah, Mar.14,1692-3.
Abigail, d.Jonathan and Phebe, March 25, 1734.
Abigail, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Nov.3,1741.
Abigaill, d.John and Johannah, August 1, 1738.
Abigal, d.Richard and Abigal, Jan.8,1707-8.
Vol. 1
Page 161
Abigall, d.John and Abigal, Mar.13,1693-4.
Abigall, d.Nathanell and Esebell, July13,1721.
Amos, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, Dec.20,1736.
Ana, d.Ebenezer and Ann, Nov.5,1721.
Benjamen, s.Benjamen and Mary, Mar.4,1754.
Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Phebe, Nov.4,1723.
Daniel, s.Capt. Thomas and Rebekah, Aug.10,1707.
Daniel, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, June27,1730.
Didimus, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, July26,1734.
Ebenazer, s.James and Mary, Mar.29,1703.
Ebenezer, s.Thomas, Sept.29,1686.
Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Suzanna, May17,1725.
Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Ann, July7,1733.
Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Susanna, Nov.9,1750.
Edmond, s.Ebenezer and Susanna, July12,1741.
Edmond, s.James and Hannah, Mar.11,1747-8.
Edmond, s.Richard and Mary, Jan.26,1758.
Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, Jan.2,1710.
Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Phebe, Oct.11,1719.
Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Susanna, Mar.6,1732.
Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, June9,1732.
Elizebeth, d.James and Mary, Jan.6,1693-4.
Esther, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Dec.29,1738.
Hannah, d.John and Johannah, Mar.23,1734.
Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Mar.10,1742.
Hephzibath, d.Richard and Abygall, Feb.28,1720-1.
Hepzibah, d.John and Hepzibah, Mar.4,1744.
Herbert, s.Thomas and Mary, Nov.27,1705.
Herbert, s.John and Ruth, Mar.1,1747.
Jacob, s.Thomas and Mary, Oct.17,1719.
Jacob, s.Jacob and Lydia, Aug.17,1748.
James, s.James, July2,1683.
James, s.John and Abygall, Oct.28,1688.
James, s.James and Joanna, Apr.1,1708.
James, s.James and Joanna, June13,1719.
James, s.James and Hannah, Jan.31,1741-2.
Joannah, d.James and Joannah, May12,1710.
John, s.John and Abigail, July3,1677.
John, s.Thomas and Mary, Nov.29,1708.
John, s.Richard and Abigal, Mar.22,1711.
John, s.John and Johanna, Sept.21,1736.
John, s.John and Ruth, Feb.21,1743-4.
Vol. 1
Page 162
Jonas, s.James and Hannah, Apr.27,1745.
Jonathan, s.James and Mary, Feb.23,1690-1.
Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, June24,1715.
Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Phebe, Nov.5,1717.
Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Feb.15,1750-1.
Joseph, s.Benjamin and Mary, Apr.13,1752.
Joshua, s.Richard and Abigal, Aug.7,1718.
Joshua, s.Joshua and Hepzibah, Dec.16,1741.
Joshua, s.Joshua and Hepzibath, Dec.24,1746.
Joshuah, s.William and Abigail, Aug.1,1724.
Judeth, d.James and Mary, Sept.2,1688.
Judeth, d.Joshua and Hepzibeth, Oct.7,1749.
Katherine, d.Ebenezer and Susanna, Apr.4,1734.
Kendall, s.John and Abigall, July18,1686.
Kendall, s.John and Johanna, May17,1743.
Lucy, d.Timothy and Hannah, Feb.11,1742-3.
Lydia, d.John and Ruth, Aug.5,1739.
Mahiteball, d.Richard and Abigal, Mar.23,1723.
Martha, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Nov.9,1746.
Mary, d.James, Nov.12,1685.
Mary, d.Richard and Abigail, Mar.30,1713.
Mary, d.James and Johanna, Oct.14,1713.
Mary, d.Nathanel and Esable, Apr.20,1717.
Mary, d.Ebenezer and Anna, Apr.20,1719.
Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Apr.16,1737.
Mary, d.Richard and Mary, Aug.17,1742.
Mary, d.John and Joanna, Oct.2,1750.
Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, July1,1756.
Mehetabel, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Oct.31,1743.
Mehetabell, d.James and Mary, July24,1705.
Mehetable, d.Richard and Mary, Nov.19,1744.
Mehitable, d.Timothy and Mehiteble, July19,1752.
Moses, s.Timothy and Hannah, June28,1740.
Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Esibel, Mar.6,1719.
Nathaniell, s.John and Abigail, July18,1691.
Phebe, d.Jonathan and Phebe, Aug.27,1721.
Rebackah, d.Ebenezer and Ann, Oct.4,1724.
Rebeckah, d.Thomas, Aug.10,1684.
Richard, s.John and Abigail, Dec.21,1679.
Richard, s.Richard and Abigal, Apr.10,1715.
Ruth, d.John and Ruth, Sept.25,1754.
Samuel, s.James and Joanna, July29,1712.
Vol. 1
Page 163
Samuel, s.Thomas and Mary, Dec.6,1714.
Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Sept.18,1743.
Samuell, s.John and Abigal, July23,1696.
Samuell, s.Samuell and Abigal, Apr.28,1723.
Sarah, d.Timothy and Hannah, Mar.9,1737.
Sarah, d.Richard and Mary, June10,1747.
Susanna, d.Ebenezer and Susanna, July9,1748.
Tabatha, d.Richard and Mary, Nov.25,1752.
Thomas, s.John and Abigall, May15,1682.
Thomas, s.Thomas, Aug.28,1682.
Thomas, s.Timothy and Hannah, July12,1731. Twin.
Thomas, s.John and Ruth, Dec.27,1741.
Timothy, s.Timothy and Hannah, July12,1731. Twin.
Timothy, s.Timothy and Mehittable, Feb.16,1756.
William, s.James and Mary, Feb.14,1695-6.
William, s.William and Abigall, Dec.9,1721.
William, s.Jonathan and Phebe, Mar.11,1731.
William, s.Ebenezer and Susanna, Dec.27,1743.
William, s.John and Joanna, Aug.15,1747.
Zachariah, s.James and Joanah, Mar.25,1721.
Zachariah, s.Zachariah and Mehiteble, Feb.22,1751-2.

NIKOLDS (see Nichol, Nichols, Nickols, Nickolls, Nickols, Nikols)
Benjamin, s.John and Abigall, Apr.27,1699.
Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Rebeka, Nov.3,1699.
Sarah, d.James and Mary, Mar.30,1699.

NIKOLS (see Nichol, Nichols, Nickols, Nickolls, Nickols, Nikolds)
Joseph, s.John and Abigail, Nov.9,1702.
Timothy, s.Thomas and Rebeka, May16,1702.

C.E., 末蔓末,1831. GR1

Alexander Peter, s.John, b. in Scotland, and Martha I., Nov.21,1849.

Clarissa A. Norton, w.Edward J., Feb.12,1829. GR1
Edward J., Aug.28,1822. GR1
James To, May11,1838. GR1
Katie V., Nov.20,1840. GR1
Lewis, Mar.9,1809. GR1
Margaret A., d.Edward J. and Mary A., Aug.12,1844. GR1
Vol. 1
Page 164
Mary A., w.Edward J., Aug.14,1822. GR1
Mary Thompson, w.Lewis, June8,1814. GR1

Florence N., s.Charles, b. in Lynnfield, and Polly, July8,1849.
John Royal, Jan.3,1847. GR1

NUMAN (see Newman)
John, s.John and Anna, Apr.16,1718.

NURS (see Nurse, Nursse)
Caleb, s.Frances and Sarah, Jan.15,1701-2.
Martha, d.Francis and Martha, Feb.27,1717.
Martha, d.Frances and Martha, Mar.13,1721-2.
Mary, d.Josiah and Mary, Apr.14,1718.
Sarah, d.Benjamin and Elizebath, May2,1723.
Susanna, d.Jonathan and Abigal, Aug.14,1714.
Timothy, s.Frances and Martha, Mar.17,1723-4.

NURSE (see Nurs, Nursse)
Caleb, s.Francis and Martha, Dec.17,1728.
Daniel, s.Francis and Martha, bp. 末蔓末,1732. CR1
Francis, s.Francis and Sarah, Mar.10,1686.
Francis, s.Francis and Sarah, Jan.3,1688.
Hepsibah, d.Jonathan and Hepsibah, bp. 末蔓末,1745. CR1
Jonathan, s.Frances and Sarah, Mar.4,1691-2.
Jonathan, s.Francis and Martha, Aug.26,1719.
Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hepzibah, Mar.9,1743.
Josiah, s.Frances and Sarah, Sept.9,1694.
Mary, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Nov.30,1725.
Sarah, d.Frances and Sarah, Jan.27,1696-7.
Sarah, d.Francis and Martha, June21,1726.

NURSSE (see Nurs, Nurse)
Benjamin, s.Francis and Sarah, Jan.28,1689-90 .

James, s.Jonathan and Susanna, in Boston, May15,1781.
John Bacheller, s.Jonathan and Susanna, in Salem, Feb.27,1771.
Polly, d.Jonathan and Susanna, Dec.12,1775.
Samuel, s.Jonathan and Susanna, Feb.3,1778.
Vol. 1
Page 165
Susanna, d.Jonathan and Susanna, May21,1764.
Susanna, d.Jonathan and Susanna, in Salem, May7,1774.
Vol. 1
Page 166

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