* Intention NOT recorded
Robbard of Lynn, and Mary Hay, Apr. 6, 1806.

RALF (see Ralph, Rolf, Rolfe)
Daniel and Susanna Hartwell of Hillsborough, NH, int. Dec. 20, 1802.

RALPH (see Ralf, Rolf, Rolfe)
Daniel, Jr., and Molley Thomson, June 10, 1766.*

RAMSDAL (see Ramsdall, Ramsdell)
Joseph and Rachel Teale, both of Malden, Apr. 29, 1730.*

RAMSDALL (see Ramsdal, Ramsdell)
John and Mary Sweetser, Nov. 27, 1764.*

RAMSDELL (see Ramsdal, Ramsdall)
Joseph and Keziah Carter, July 6, 1795. At Stoneham.

RAND (see Rann)
Ebenezer and Elisabeth Winchester, Apr. 25, 1757.*

RANN (see Rand)
Thomas of Lynn, and Elizabeth Parker, July 7, 1720.*

Stephen of Boston, and Sarah Pudney, June 9, 1720.*
Stephen and Sarah Lewis, Jan. 22, 1729-30.*

RAY (see Rea)
Mary of Danvers, and Benjamin Mackentire, int. Oct. 16, 1803.

Thomas of Boston, and Jane Page, July 28, –––8. (1788. TC)

RAYNER (see Raynor)
Abigail and James Emerson, Jr., May 8, 1788.
John and Mary Eaton, Dec. 24, 1789.
Nancy and Thomas Bryant, May 20, 1798.

RAYNOLDS (see Reynolds)
Freegrace, Rev., and Anna Brown, both of Wilmington, Oct. 29, 1797.*

Vol. 1
Page 429
RAYNOR (see Rayner)
Jacob S. (Jacob Stone. int.) and Nabby Dix, Mar. 22, 1807.
Jacob S. and Catherine E. Foster of Waltham, int. Nov. 20, 1831
John J. of Boston, and Sarah A. (Sarah Augusta. int.) Raynor, Sept. 5, 1848.
Mary C. and Charles P. Howard of Salem, int. Oct. 11, 1835.
Sarah A. (Sarah Augusta. int.) and John J. Raynor of Boston, Sept. 5, 1848.
Thomas, Jr., and Mary Parker, May 8, 1799.
Thomas, Jr., and Sarah (Sarah U. int.) Flint, May 7, 1826.
Thomas (of South Reading. int.), and Rachel S. Williams, Dec. 29, 1831

REA (see Ray)
Betsey of Middleton, and George Smith of Danvers, Mar. 2, 1842.*
Peletiah (of Milton. int.), and Patty Rolf, Jan. 20, 1795.
Polly of Danvers, and (Capt. int.) John Lambert, Mar. 1, 1777. At Danvers.

Barzillai and Polly Burditt, Sept. 1, 1799.
Barzillai and Lydia Bryant, Apr. 13, 1808.
Cheeney, Maj., of Brookfield, and Mary Stone, May 31, 1802.
Elisabeth P. of Salem, and George Flint 2d (int. Jan. 31, 1830).
Keziah of Woburn, and Caleb Parker, ––– ––, 1767. At Woburn.*
Lewis of Woburn, and Mary Flint, Nov. 30, 1826.
Lewis L., s. James and Elizabeth, a. 28 y., and Abatha Carleton, d. Timothy and Eunice Foster, a. 31 y., both of Hingham, Feb. 20, 1845.*
Lucretia and Ebenezer T. Cogin, int. Apr. 7, 1833.
Mary and Micah Eaton, int. Nov. 15, 1829.
Mary of Danvers, and Jeremiah Nichols, int. May 22, 1831.
Presaller and William Batts, Mar. 10, 1799.
Rhoda of Woburn, and James Weston 3d, Nov. 30, 1797. At Woburn.
Ruthe and Adam Smith, Apr. 17, 1806.
Sarah of Salem, and Timothy Dame, int. May 6, 1826.
William and Eunice Flint (Dec. TC) 8, 1778.*
William (Rea. int.) and Martha Gray, Nov. 24, 1842.

Vol. 1
Page 430
REYNOLDS (see Raynolds)
Alonzo and Eliza Pratt, Feb. 8, 1831.
Jabez of Concord, and Lydia Damon, Dec. 7, 1828.

John T. and Maria M. Sargent of Lynnfield, int. Dec. 6, 1846.

RICE (see Rise)
Asenath of Brookfield, and Nathan Richardson, int. Sept. 23, 1804.
John of Haverhill, and Ruth Taylor, Mar. 8, 1708-9. At Charlestown.
Joseph and Phebe Richardson of Woburn, May 20, 1703. At Woburn.*
Mary and Jno. Burnet, Apr. 7, 1684. At Charlestown.*

Abigaill and Joseph Holt of Andover, Apr. 7, 1726.*
John and Joana Gray, May 14, 1724.*
Mary and William Tucker, Aug. 1, 1723.*
Thomas of Salem, and Mary Makintir, June 30, 1699.*
Thomas and Rachell Sawer, Mar. 12, 1722-3.*
Thomas of Wilmington, and Mary Sawyer, July 16, 1747. At Wilmington.*

RICHARDS (see Richardson, Richerson)
Oliver (Richardson. MR) and Lidia Wimon, both of Woburn, July 24, 1729.*

RICHARDSON (see Richards, Richerson)
Abba and George W. Heath, Apr. 8, 1841.
Abigail and Dea. John Temple, Feb. 26, 1798. At Woburn.
Abigail of Andover, and John Weston 3d, int. Aug. 27, 1837.
Adeline A. of Woburn, and Calvin L. Parker, int. Apr. 1, 1849.
Amos (of Lynnfield. int.), and Polly Pool, Apr. 22, 1792.
Ann Maria of Woburn, and James S. Leathe, int. July 16, 1844.
Asa, Jr., and Emily Farrington of Woburn, Mar. 3, 1813.
Asa and Lucinda Brown, Apr. 18, 1838. TC
Azor and Fanny Temple, Dec. 3, 1818.
Bill of Boston, and Elizabeth Badger, int. May 19, 1809.
Bridget of Woburn, and Charles Temple, int. Apr. 3, 1815.
Calvin of Malden, and Abigail B. McIntire, Apr. 24, 1828.
Catharine and Amos Evans, int. Aug. 27, 1811.
Vol. 1
Page 431
Charlotte D.P. and John A. Allen, Apr. ––, 1839.
Delia of Charlestown, and James M. Emes of Wilmington, Aug. 12, 1841.*
Ebenezer and Sarah Parker (Jan. 15, 1777. TC).
Elisabeth (Eliza. int.) and Joseph D. Baker, Feb. 11, 1829.
Eliza M. and Henry Bancroft, int. May 3, 1829.
Elizabeth and Joseph Upham, Feb. 28, 1739. At Woburn.*
Elizabeth (Elizabeth T. int.) and Charles L. Moore, Apr. 28, 1829.
Esther and Samuel Richardson, Jr., of Woburn, Nov. 8, 1798.
Eunice and Jonathan Bancroft, Dec. 24, 1795.
Fanny and Aaron Sweetser, Nov. 25, 1800.
Frances S. and Henry F. Pasho, Jr., of Haverhill, int. Apr. 26, 1846.
George of Woburn, and Harriet M. Leathe, Nov. 28, 1839.
Hannah of Woburn, and Jethro Richardson, Nov. 19, 1772. At Woburn.
Hannah (of Woburn. int.) and Nathaniel Wesson, Aug. 17, 1780.
Harriet M. and Samuel S. Crouch, Sept. 28, 1829.
Harriet M. of Wilmington, d. Loae, a. 19 y., and Reuben F. Newhall, s. Reuben and Emily, a. 21 y., b. in South Reading, Feb. 12, 1849.
Harriett C. and John A. Robbinson, Oct. 20, 1836.
Henry G. and Harriet Temple, Apr. 15, 1839.
Henry M. and Emma Allen, both of Stoneham, Aug. 1, 1838. TC*
Herbert and Lydia Parker, Oct. 11, 1785.
Herbert and Polly Upham, Nov. 3, 1791.
James and Elisabeth Arnold, Dec. 22, 1699. At Woburn.*
James Oark of Brookfield, and Betsy Bennet, int. June 17, 1804.
Jason, Jr., and Margaret C. Cutting of Wendall, int. May 19, 1844.
Jemima of Woburn, and Daniel Bayle, int. Nov. 23, 1800.
Jephthah and Rebecca Sweetser, Feb. 22, 1804.
Jeremiah and Nancy (Nancy G. int.) Sweetser, July 4, 1829.
Jerusha and Aaron Mackentire, Mar. 18, 1813.
Jerusha F. (Jerusha Fitch. int.) and Timothy Pool, Dec. 27, 1798. At Woburn.
Vol. 1
Page 432
Jerusha W. of Woburn, d. Samuel and Sally, a. 23 y., and Lewis L. Laclair of Lowell, s. John and Harriet, a. 21 y., June 11, 1846.*
Jethro and Hannah Richardson of Woburn, Nov. 19, 1772. At Woburn.
Jethro, Jr., and Sally Eliot Perkins, Nov. 2, 1797.
Job and Nancy Richardson, both of Woburn, Mar. 30, 1802.*
Johnson, s. Barnabus and Rachel, a. 27y., b. in Woburn, and Dorcas G. Fenderson, d. Stephen and Mary, a. 21 y., both of Woburn, Feb. 14, 1849.*
Jonas of Woburn, and Martha Parker, July 29, 1756.*
Joseph of Woburn, and Anna Knight of Stoneham, Sept. 28, 1795.*
Keziah, wid., of Lynnfield and Samuel Pierson, int. Oct. 30, 1784.
Louisa S. and Elisha Hollowell, May 25, 1826.
Lucinda, d. Loammi and Abigail, a. 19 y., and George W. Peirce, s. William and Abigail, a. 24 y., Mar. 26, 1845.
Lucinda, Mrs., and Jacob Newton of Dixfield, ME, int. Sept. 16, 1849.
Lucretia and Ebenezer Parker, Apr. 29, 1779.
Lucy and John Bowin Bears of Woburn, Nov. 12, 1807.
Lydia P. and Obed Symonds, Jr., Mar. 23, 1826.
Martha and Ebenezer Tomson of Woburn, Dec. 22, 1736.*
Mary and Samuel Felch, May 7, 1772.
Mary and John Fillebrown of Boston, int. Aug. 10, 1828.
Mary Ann and Charles P. Brooks of Charlestown, Aug. 19, 1838. TC*
Nancy and Job Richardson, both of Woburn, Mar. 30, 1802.*
Nathan and Asenath Rice of Brookfield, int. Sept. 23, 1804.
Nathan, Dr., and Betsey Alden, Sept. 4, 1821.
Nathan, Dr., of South Reading, and Mrs. Grace Barnard, Dec. 4, 1834.
Olivia and Thomas Sweetser, Jr., May 21, 1818.
Osborn and Mary Russell of Lynnfield, Jan. 23, 1836.
Patience (of Woburn. int.) and Joseph Damon, Jan. 15, 1782.
Pearson B. of Woburn, and Eleanor Brooks, July 24, 1837.
Peirson of Woburn, and Elisabeth Nichols, June 4, 1723. At Woburn.*
Perley W., s. Eli, a. 23 y., and Harriet A. Stiles, d. Elbridge, a. 15 y., both of Middleton, Oct. 11, 1849.*
Vol. 1
Page 433
Phebe of Woburn, and Joseph Rice, May 20, 1703. At Woburn.*
Phebe and Samuel Holt, Dec. 18, 1800.
Phebe of Woburn, and Luther Parker, Mar. 31, 1808.
Phebe and William F. Nichols of Salem, int. Apr. 19, 1835.
Polly and Ens. Thomas Sawyer, Sept. 26, 1799.
Polly of Woburn, and John Goodwin 3d, int. Mar. 7, 1813.
Preston of Woburn, and Janett Hamden, int. Mar. 19, 1837.
Rebekah F., d. Rebekah F., a. 26 y., and Henry M. Pratt, widr., s. David and Anna, a. 30 y., Aug. 25, 1845.
Richard B. (Richard Baxter. int.), s. Jephthah and Rebecca, a. 26 y., and Louisa J. Damon, d. Edmund and Ruth, a. 23 y., May 27, 1846.
Ruth of Stoneham, and Josiah Walton, Apr. 15, 1735. At Stoneham.*
Sally of Woburn, and Silas Richardson, int. Nov. 27, 1808.
Sally and Ammeriah Hamden, July 11, 1810.
Salome F. of Middleton, and Andrew Hayward, int. Dec. 28, 1833.
Samuel of Woburn, and Esther Richardson, Nov. 8, 1798.
Sarah and Thomas Parker, Feb. 4, 1773.
Sarah of Chelmsford, and Daniel Parker, Jr., May 2, 1780. At Chelmsford.
Sarah of Woburn, and James Bancroft, int. Dec. 14, 1845.
Sarah B. of Woburn, d. Oliver and Abigail, a. 23 y., and James C. Spaulding, s. Daniel and Abby, a. 24 y. Dec. 26, 1847.
Sarah C. of Woburn, and David F. Weston, Dec. 3, 1837.
Silas and Sally Richardson of Woburn, int. Nov. 27, 1808.
Silas (Jr. int.) and Rhoda Osgood, Apr. 18, 1820.
Solon O., Dr., of South Reading, and Susan Barnard, int. Feb. 19, 1837.
Sophia and Darius Pratt, June 6, 1833.
Thaddeus (ot Stoneham. int.) and Lydia Vinton, Nov. 2, 1780.
Thomas and Mary Goold of Ipswich, Mar. 18, 1745. At Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, now Essex.*
Thomas and Phebe Emerson, Mar. 3, 1774.
Zadock and Sally Brooks of Woburn, Apr. 27, 1762. Woburn.*
Zerviah of Woburn, and Ephraim Parker, int. June 20, 1772.
Zerviah and William Temple, Jr., Sept. 23, 1800.

Vol. 1
Page 431
RICHERSON (see Richards, Richardson)
Martin and Martha Burt, Sept. 29, 1714.

Dorathy of Kennebunk, ME, and William Peirce, int. Oct. 13, 1839.
Lucy A.L., d. John H. and Mary, a. 24 y., and Isaac F. Shelden, s. Samuel H. and Sarah, a. 25 y., Dec. 26, 1847.
Nathaniel and Anna Batchelder, Jan. 1, 1822.

James of Boston, and Kate Stimpson, Jan. 27, 1791.

RISE (see Rice)
Mary and John Emerson of Mendon, Nov. 16, 1721.*

ROBRDS (see Robarts, Roberts)
Abigall and John Eaten, Dec. 28, 1721.*

ROBARTS (see Robrds, Roberts)
Elizabeth and Benjamin Nurse, Dec. 24, 1713.
Mary and William Shelton of Salem, Oct. 5, 1714.

ROBBINS (see Robins)
William and Presilla Going, July 2, 1680.*

ROBBINSON (see Robinson)
John A. and Harriett C. Richardson, Oct. 20, 1836.

ROBERTS (see Robrds, Robarts)
Abraham and Susannah Thompson, Mar. 7, 1700. At Woburn.*
Abraham and Elizabeth Peirce, June 8, 1726.*
Ann and Caleb Taylor, Aug. 5, 1707.*
Deborah of Wilmington, and Ebenezer Foster, Dec. 29, 1731.*
Sarah and Samuell Foster, Oct. 13, 1701.*

William and Rebeccah Munroe, int. Sept. 21, 1817.

ROBEY (see Roby)
Louisa and Albert Janes, May 26, 1839.

ROBINS (see Robbins)
Betsey C. of Plymouth, and Amos Phillips, int. Apr. 3, 1821.

ROBINSON (see Robbinson)
Ezra B. and Sarah A. Davis, Sept. 1, 1839.

Vol. 1
Page 435
ROBY (see Robey)
Isaac and Hannah M. Prentis, int. Aug. 11, 1833.
John and Hannah Luis, May 4, 1710.*
Lucy A. and Edwin Jones of Salem, May 10, 1839.

Joel of Tewksbury, and Elizabeth Foster, Nov. 14, 1839.
Samuel S. and Loiza Baldwin, Apr. 28, 1831.
Samuel S. and Fanny Pratt of Malden, int. Jan. 1, 1843.
Samuel S., widr., and Sarah Smart of Boston, Oct. 2, 1843.

ROLF (see Ralf, Ralph, Rolfe)
Daniel and Elizabeth Bordman, July 4, 1799.
Eunice and Samuel Morton of Boston, int. July 16, 1798.
Naomi and Pomp Magus of Beverly, int. Nov. 10 1788.
Patty and Peletiah Rea (of Milton. int.), Jan. 20, 1795.

ROLFE (see Ralf, Ralph, Rolf)
Hiram and Lucy Rolfe, int. Dec. 27, 1790.
Lucy and Hiram Rolfe, int. Dec. 27, 1790.

Peter of Boston, s. Richard and Margaret, a. 25 y., and Cymentha J. Eldridge, of Bingham, ME, d. Winthrop and Hestor, a. 22 y., Jan. 27, 1847.*

Frederick F. of Sheffield. and Sarah Flint, Nov. 3, 1819.

Louisa of Salem, and Rev. Samuel Green, int. Oct. 7, 1821.

Seth and Abigail Morgan of Beverly, Feb. 15, 1798. At Beverly.

Martha of Boston, and Oliver Wallace, int. Dec. 31, 1848.

Cornelia and Samuel Prentiss, Jr., Apr. 16, 1843.

RUSSEL (see Russell, Russhel, Russill)
David of Middleton, and Lydia McIntire, Apr. 21, 1818.
David M. Esq., of Plymouth, NH, and Mary Flint, int. Mar. 4, 1832.
Elizabeth P. of Danvers, and Benjamin Foss, int. July 29, 1832.
Vol. 1
Page 436
Nancy, wid., and Davis Foster, Oct. 22, 1805.
Sarah E. of Shrewsbury, VT, and Benjamin Hartshorn, int. Jan. 15, 1837.

RUSSELL (see Russel, Russhel, Russil)
Abigail of Andover, and Ebenezer Eaton, June 23, 1735.*
Deborah and Joseph Mackintire, May 15, 1729.*
Elbridge of Lynnfield, s. Heller and Betsey, a. 34 y., and Lucy Jane Damon, d. George and Mary, a. 24 y., Feb. 16, 1848.
Eliza and William Fairfield, both of Salem, Aug. 10, 1834. TC*
Elizabeth F. and Charles B. McIntire, int. Jan. 3, 1847.
Henry and Mary Burnap, June 22, 1815.
Jedidiah and Rhoda Pratt, Dec. 9, 1779.
John and Elizabeth Hadley of Danvers, Oct. 22, 1795. At Danvers.
John of South Reading, and Eliza Holt, Jan. 8, 1822.
John A. of Shrewsbury, VT, and Nancy Hartshorn, int. Nov. 8, 1840.
Joseph of Andover, and Hephzibah Eaton, Nov. 26, 1728.*
Mary of Lynnfield, and Osborn Richardson, Jan. 23, 1836.
Nancy of Andover, and Samuel Woodbridge, int. Nov. 29, 1812.
Philip of Lexington, and Lydia Eaton, Apr. 21, 1750.*
Priscilla of Andover, and John Eaton, Jan. 31, 1721-2. At Andover.*
Sarah and James Burnap, Mar. 30, 1775.
Stephen and Nancy Johnson, Apr. 10, 1800.
William B., s. William and Martha, a. 22 y., and Sophia S. Carter, d. William and Susan, a. 20 y., Mar. 25, 1849.

RUSSHEL (see Russel, Russell, Russil)
Racheal of Middleton, and Joseph Jeffery, Jr., int. Feb. ––, 1807.

RUSSIL (see Russel, Russell, Russhel)
David and Rachel Mackintire, Nov. 30, 1769.*
Eunis and Jon. Brown, Nov. 29, 1764.*
Hannah and Joseph Bachelor, Nov. 22, 1764.*
Jethro and Hannah Makintire, Apr. 19, 1764.*
Susanna and Ebenezer Mackintire, Mar. 8, 1769.*
William and Elisabeth Coose, Nov. 21, 1771.
Vol. 1
Page 437

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