George W[illiam. CR], s.William X. and Rhoda, Dec.21,1834.
Nathan B[ucknarn. CR], s.William X. and Rhoda, July25,1836.

Alfred St. Peirre, s.Alfred J. and Mary S., May10,1840.
Mary Louisa, d.Alfred J. and Mary S., June26,1838.

Abel, s.Reuben and Esther, Oct.23,1736. PR33
Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, Feb.25,1814.
Adeline, d.Reuben and Sally, Dec.29,1818.
Almira, d.Jesse and Sara, bp. Aug.25,1816. CR
Angeliny, d.Josiah and Betcey, Oct.9,1810.
Anna, d.Charls and Anna, Mar.24,1781.
Anna, d.Ens. Rufus, May11,1802. TC
Benjamin, s.Reuben, bp. July26,1741. CR
Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin F., wheelwright, and Sally, Nov.23,1841.
Vol. 1
Page 56
Betsey, d.Josiah and Betsey, Jan.26,1802.
Betsy Tidd, d.Oliver, jr. and Mary, Apr.30,1800.
Bridget, d.Stephen and Briget, bp. 末蔓末,1795. CR
Caleb, s.Reuben and Esther, Oct.24,1738. PR33
Caleb, s.Caleb and Sarah, June6,1771.
Caleb, s.Caleb and Sarah, June1,1773.
Caleb, s.Lt. Rufus and Nancy, Dec.18,1805.
Caleb, 2d, s.Rufus, Jr. and Elizebeth, Aug.5,1830.
Charles, s.Reuben and Esther, Feb.17,1756.
Charles, s.Charles and Anna, Aug.30,1778.
Clara Amelia, d.Sumner, clerk, and Betsey E., Aug.8,1846.
Clarissa Rebecca, d.Alpha and Nancy, June13,1833.
Elijah, s.Reuben and Esther, May4,1741. TC
Elijah, s.Elijah and Ruth, May20,1779.
Elisabeth, d.Reuben, jr. and Jerusha, May15,1761.
Ellen A., 2d w. William Flint Stevens, 末蔓末,1828. PR31
Ernest, s.Abner, cordwainer, and Maria L., Apr.5,1847.
Esther, d.Reuben, jr. and Jerusha, Jan.4,1766.
Fostina, d.Capt. Rufus and Patty [Martha.CR], June11,1815.
Frances Oliver, d.twin, Oliver W., June4,1833. TC
Hannah, d.Nathan and Mary, May6,1689.
Henry Shirley, s.Reuben, 2d and Miranda, Sept.20,1834.
Hepzebah, d.Stephen and Bridget, bp. June末,1797. CR
Jerusha, d.Reuben nnd Esther, June2,1745. PR33
Jerusha, d.Reuben, jr. and Jerushah, Mar.31,1759.
John, s.Alpha and Nancy, Aug.12,1825.
John, s.Benjamin F, and Sally, Jan.12,1837.
John Green, s.Josiah and Betsy, Mar.17,1807.
John Hathaway, s.Jesse and Sara, bp. Aug.25,1816. CR
Jonas, s.Charles and Anna, Mar.29,1792.
Jonas, s.Malachi and Sarah, May5,1794.
Jonas, H. Charles and Sarah, bp. Sept.12,1802. CR
Jonathan Cutler, s.wid. Mary, bp. May10,1801. CR
Josiah, s.Reuben and Esther, Nov.11,1747. PR33
Josiah, s.Caleb and Sarah, Aug.6,1719.
Josiah, s.Josiah and Betsy, July28,1805.
Julia Elisabeth, d.末末, bp. July5,1846. CR
Laurinda, d.Reuben and Sally [Sarah. CR], Oct.26,1813.
Lindey, d.Stephen and Bridget, bp. Oct.20,1801. CR
Loamrni, s.Reuben and Esther, bp. Jan.28,1749-50. CR
Lucy, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, Nov.7,1815.
Vol. 1
Page 57
Lydia, d.Thaddeus and Lydia, May6,1788.
Lydia Bucknam, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, Mar.24,1821.
Malle [Mary. PR23], d.Caleb and Sarah, Nov.5,1781.
Mary, d.Reuben and Esther, Aug.2,1743. PR33
Mary, d.Reuben, jr. and Jerusha, Oct.1,1775. PR33
Mary, d.wid. Mary, bp. May10,1801. CR
Mary, d.Malachi, jr. and Sarah, Apr.7,1807. TC
Mary, d.Oliver, jr. and Mary, May25,1808.
Mary, d.Ruben and Sally, Feb.6,1809.
Mary Elisabeth, d.Oliver W. and Ruth G., Feb.12,1837.
Mary Hay, d.Nathaniel and Abigail, Aug.9,1824.
Mary Jane, d.Alpha and Nancy, Dec.24,1835.
Mary Vinton, d.Elijah, jr. and Polly, May13,1821.
Nabby, d.Malachi and Sarah, May21,1800.
Nancy Ellen, d.Capt. Rufus and Patty [Martha.PR1], Feb.8,1826.
Nancy Ellen, d.Alpha and Nancy, Mar.3,1829.
Nancy Jane, d.Benjamin F., trader, and Sally, Jan.2,1847.
Nathaniel, jr., s.Nathaniel and Abigail, Apr.7,1826.
Oliver, s.Oliver and Lydia, at Woburn, Apr.28,1737. TC
Oliver, s.Oliver and Betty, Nov.7,1773.
Oliver, s.Oliver, jr. and Mary, Jan.14,1798. [Jan, 18. CR]
Oliver, s.Oliver, jr. and Sarah, bp. Oct.26,1806. CR [b. Apr. dup.]
Oliver Francis, s.twin, Oliver W., June4,1833. TC
Oliver George, s.Oliver W. and Ruth G., Apr.27,1835.
Oliver Wyman, s.Oliver and Mary, Apr.26,1806.
Phebe, d.Elijah, jr. and Polly, Mar.25,1812.
Philena Green, d.Oliver W., yeoman, and Ruth G., Mar.11,1847.
Philena, d.Oliver [jr. CR] and Mary, Aug.1,1812. [July. CR]
Reuben, s.Reuben and Sally, Sept.26,1802.
Reuben, 3d, s.Reuben, jr. and Miranda, Jan.20,1831.
Reuben, s.Caleb and Sarah, May13,1777.
Rufus, s.Caleb and Sarah, Aug.7,1775. [Aug. 8. PR23]
Rufus, s.Ens. Rufus and Anna, July5,1803.
Rufus, 3d, s.Rufus, jr. and Elisebeth, Nov.15,1828.
Ruth, d.Reuben and Esther, w.Lt. John Geary, at Woburn, May23,1733. TC
Ruth, d.Elijah and Ruth, Apr.16,1787.
Vol. 1
Page 58
Salla, d.Charles and Anna, May28,1790.
Salla, d.William and Mary, Aug.3,1792.
Salle, d.Malachi and Sarah, May8,1796.
Sally, d.Reuben and Sally, May8,1805.
Sally Tid, d.Oliver, jr. and Mary, bp. June29,1800. CR
Sarah, d.Stephen and Mary, w.Caleb, at Woburn, Mar.10,1743. TC
Sarah, d.Calob and Sarah, June22,1769.
Sarah, d.Stephen and Briget, bp. Nov.13,1791. CR
Sarah Ann, d.William A., cordwainer, and Mary, at Malden, Oct.14,1845.
Silas Newton, s.Alpha and Nancy, Dec.5,1830.
Stephen, s.Stephen, bp. Apr.7,1793. CR
Sumner, s.Oliver [jr. CR] and Mary, Mar.15,1815. [1816. CR]
Sumner, s.Alpha [Alpheus. CR] and Nancy, Apr.16,1823.
Susanah, d.Elijah and Ruth, June14,1775.
Susannah, d.Reuben, jr. and Jerusha, Nov.1,1763.
Susannah, d.William and Mary, Dec.30,1797.
Susannah Inez, d.Abner and Maria Louisa, May13,1843.
Thaddeous, s.William and Mary, Mar.4,1809.
Thadeus, s.Reuben and Esther, Aug.7,1752.
Vernum, s.Stephen and Bridget, bp. Aug.14,1808. CR
William, s.Thaddeus and Lydia, Jan.30,1786.
William, jr., s.[twin. CR], William and Mary, Aug.26,1807. [Sept. CR]
William Addison, s.Nathaniel and Abigail, Apr.9,1817.
William Henry, s.Henry M., shoe manufacturer, and Emma G., May26,1844.
William Park, s.Oliver W. and Ruth G., Sept.9,1841.
William Wallace, s.Reuben, jr. and Miranda, Apr.19,1838.
末末, ch. [s. TC] Oliver, jr., Jan.末,1797. CR [Jan. 14. TC]
末末, ch. Hezekiah, Dec.末,1797. CR
末末, d.Ens. Rufus and Nancy, May末,1802. CR
末末, ch. wid., June末,1804. CR
末末, s.twin, William and Polly, Sept.末,1807. CR
末末, ch. Capt. W., 末蔓末,1818. CR
末末, d.Calvin, shoe manufacturer, and Mary E., Apr.18,1845.

Vol. 1
Page 56
RIGHT (see also Wright)
Anne, d.Timothy and Mary, Dec.5,1733. [1734. PR14]

ROW (see also Rowe)
Phebe, d.Allen and Phebe, Mar.7,1820.

ROWE (see also Row)
Allen, jr., s.Allen and Phebe, Jan.28,1822.
Allin, s.William Allin and Susannah, Feb.12,1789.
Benjamin Rush, s.Allen and Phebe, Mar.3,1835.
Horace Green, s.Vincent and Susan, Mar.15,1838.
Horatio Nelson, s.Vincent and Susan, May28,1835.
John Langdon, s.Allen and Phebe, July14,1827.
Levi Smith, s.Vincent and Susan, Aug.10,1833.
Maria Josephine, d.Allen and Phebe, Nov.13,1832.
Marion Augusta, d.末末, bp. Aug.10,1844. CR
Nancy, d.William A[llen. CR] and Sukey, Nov.23,1799.
Rebeckah, d.William and Rebeckah, Mar.5,1819.
Rozena, d.William and Rebeckah, Aug.9,1821.
Susan Ann, d.Vincent and Susan, Sept.5,1831.
Susanna, d.William and Susanna, Apr.13,1793.
Sylvia Ann, d.Allen and Phebe, Oct.15,1823.
Vincent, s.William A[llen. CR] and Sukey, July22,1802.
Vincent Ross, s.Vincent and Susan, Mar.14,1830.
William, s.William and Susanna, Aug.17,1795.
William Eustis, s.William and Rebekah, Aug.20,1824.
末末, d.Vincent, shoe manufacturer, and Susan, Mar.10,1845.
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