* Intentions also recorded
Mary P., and Robert W. Emmons, int. Dec. 1, 1848.

Issachar W., and Phoebe E. Gould, Jan. 1, 1844.*

LARRABEE (see also Larraby)
Elizabeth [Mrs. int.], and Nathan Willy, jr., Aug. 30, 1798.*
Hannah, of Lynnfield, and Martin Green, Sept. 12, 1805.*
Polly, of Malden, and John Pain, resident in Stoneham, Feb. 5, 1801.
Rebekah, and John Cornelly of Charlestown, Nov. 15, 1737. CR
Warren, of Woburn, formerly of Salem, and Lucinda C. Follett, formerly of Winthrop, ME, int. Aug. 18, 1849.

LARRABY (see also Larrabee)
Thomas, and Mrs. Abial [Abia. int.] Stratten of Newton, Nov. 8, 1748*

LATHE (see also Leathe)
Francis, of Woburn, and Mrs. Esther Richardson, Oct. 7, 1751.*

LAWRANCE (see also Lawrence)
Dorathy, Mrs., and Noah Newhall of Lynnfield, int. Nov. 2, 1784.
Ebenezer, and Mrs. Dorothy Brown, Jan. 18, 1759.*

LAWRENCE (see also Lawrance)
Alice B., and Benjamen F. Tay, Nov. 11, 1832.*
Ebenezer, widr., a. 40 y., carpenter, and Eunice Avery, unm, a. 37 y., Apr. 11, 1847.*
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Lucy, Mrs., of Dunstable, NH, and Onessimus Hadley, int. Jan. 26, 1834.
Mary, Mrs. Medford, and Asa Holden, Oct. 10, 1841.

LEATHE (see also Lathe)
James, and Betsey Wiley, Nov. 13, 1816.*

Joseph, and Eliza Geary, Juue 5, 1823.*
Joseph, and Betsey Lynde, Mar. 6, 1825.*
Joseph, and Eliza Lynde of Malden, int. Mar. 10, 1827.
Polly [wid. int.; wid. Thomas G. int. TC], and Moses K. Messer, Apr. 8, 1838.*
Thomas G., and Polly Lynde, Nov. 20, 1831.*

LEWIS (see also Lues, Luice)
David N[ewman. int. TC], and Sally Reed, both residents in Stoneham [both of Stoneham. int.], Nov. 30, 1823.*
Dolly F., and Nathan Pierce of Reading, int. Mar. 25, 1832.
Emely, and Lewis B. Hawkins, both residents in Stoneham, Mar. 15, 1831.*
Rebecca, Mrs., and John Goldshwait of Lynn, int. Aug. 6, 1812.

LOCK (see also Locke)
Reuben, and Mrs. Polly Wiley, Feb. 1, 1804.
Ruben, of Charlestown, and Mrs, Jerusha Richardson. int. Dec. 23, 1772.
Stephen, and Mrs. Sukey Willy, Apr. 6, 1813.*

LOCKE (see also Lock)
Abner G[erry. int.], and Nancy B. Howard, May 6, 1834.*
James L., a. 23., y., cordwainer, s. Reuben and pony, and Olive Stewart, a. 20 y., shoe binder, d. Stephen and Sally, Apr. 30, 1846.*
Luther, and Lucinda Wyley [of South Reading. int.], Oct. 23, 1833.*

Rachel [resident in Stoneham. int.], and Ebenezer Bucknam, Mar. 16, 1786.*

LOVERING (see also Lovring)
Rufus, and Emma Wyman, both residents in Stoneham, int. Oct. 27, 1827.

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LOVRING (see also Lovering)
Hannah F., of Woburn, a. 30 y., spinster, d. David and Abigail, and Francis Hill, a. 40 y., cordwainer, s, James and Mary, Apr. 16, 1846.*

LUES (see also Lewis)
Anna, Mrs., resident in Stoneham, and Daniel Hay, int. May 7, 1781.

LUICE (see also Lewis)
Caleb [Lewis. TC], resident in Stoneham, and Mrs. Hanah Numan of Lynn, int. Aug. 19, 1786.

LYNDE (see also Lynds)
Aaron, and Lucinda Hosmer, Nov. 6, 1833.*
Alonzo V[alentine. int. TC], a. 21 y., student, s. Daniel and Prudence W., and A[bigail. int. TC] Julia [Juliet. int. TC] Sweetser, a. 20 y., teacher, d. Lot and Abigail, Nov. 27, 1845.*
Betsey, and Joseph Leeds, Mar. 6, 1825.*
Daniel, and Prudence W. Fowle, June 22, 1817.*
Elihu, and Sarah G. Stone, Nov. 6, 1832.*
Eliza, of Malden, and Joseph Leeds, int. Mar. 10, 1827.
Emma, and Asa Hill, June 19, 1838.*
Hannah, and Darius Stevens, June 14, 1818.*
Hepzibah, and Ens. James H. Gould, Jan. 23, 1818.*
Jabez, and [Mrs. int.] Hepzibah Newhall, both residents in Stoneham, May 2, 1793.*
Joseph, of Malden, and Phebe Vinton, int. Mar. 26, 1814.
Lydia, of Malden, and Peter Hay, 4th, Dec. 30, 1742. CR
Mahala, and Benjamen D. Wheeler, Nov. 9, 1832. [Nov. 6. PR26]*
Mary [Mrs. int.], of Malden, and Thaddeus Simonds [resident in Stoneham. int.], at Malden, May 11, 1800.
Nancy, of Malden, and Aaron Green, resident in Stoneham, int. Nov. 1, 1827.
Otis, and Ann Maria Richardson, Nov. 5, 1833.*
Otis, and Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler [wid. Timothy. TC], int.
Dec. 25, 1842.
Phebe, and Allen Rowe, June 13, 1819.*
Polly, and Thomas G. Leeds, Nov. 20, 1831.*
Polly, and Steven Bucknam, Aug. 20, 1837.*
Sally, and Arad Geary [2d. int.], Jan. 22, 1826.*
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Sally, and Warren Sweetser, Dec. 26, 1826.*
Stephen [jr. int.], and Polly Bucknam, Oct. 19, 1817.*
Stephen, and Caroline Wilkins of Middleton, int. Oct. 22, 1846.
Sukey, and Joseph Vinton, May 10, 1821.*

LYNDS (see also Lynde)
Nathan, of Malden, and Mrs. Lydia Green, Dec. ––, 1759.*
Stephen, and Hannah Willy of Malden, Aug. 19, 1794.*

Thomas U., and Adeline Dike, ––– ––, 1841. [Oct. 24. int.]*
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