* Intentions also recorded
Esther, of Gardner, and John Barns, int. Nov.27,1819.
Hannah Fitch, of Ashby, and David Barns, int. Oct.5,1826.

PAIN (see also Paine)
John, resident in Stoneham, and [Mrs. int.] Polly Larrabee of Malden, Feb.5,1801.*

PAINE (see also Pain, Payne),
Mary, and Walter Blaisdell, at South Reading, Apr.15,1840.
Stephen, and Mary Sargeant Morse, int. Oct.12,1845.

Vol. 1
Page 130
Benjamin, of Malden, and Phebee Green, Jan.22,1741-2. CR
Betsey, Mrs., of Danvers, and Benjamin Gerry, int. May16,1830.
Clementina A., of South Reading, and Oliver Bryant, at South Reading, Apr.20,1837.*
David, of Malden, and Mrs. Elisabeth Groce, June末,1765.*
David E., widr., of Lynn, a.32y., shoemaker, s.Anna, and Emily M. Jenkins, a.22y., d.Joseph, Oct.17,1847.*
Ebenezer, and Ruth Richardson of Woburn, Apr.6,1726.
Ebenezer, and Mrs. Anna Williams of Cambridge, int. Oct.7,1749.
Jonas, of Reading, and Mrs. Mary Gould, Apr.11,1751.*
Loae, of Reading, and Eliza P[ierce. TC] Steele, Mar.27,1832.*
Mary, of Reading, and John Vinton, at Reading, Sept.14,1731.
Nathan, of Reading, and Tabitha Gould, June16,1741. CR
Phebe [Mrs. int.], of Reading, and Nathan Bucknam, May12,1818.*
Phebe C[atharine. TC], and Jacob Gould, May3,1821.*
Samuel K., ond Sally R. Baley of Reading, int. Mar.10,1834.
Susan B., and Abel Flint, both residents in Stoneham, int. Aug.19,1832.

Mehitable P., of Boston, and Joshua Howard, int. Nov.9,1845.

PAYNE (see also Paine)
Ennes [resident in Stoneham. int.], and Joseph Mathews [jr. int.], Aug.20,1786.*

George, and Harriet M. Flagg, int. Aug.18,1844.

PEIRCE (see also Pierce)
Edwin [of Reading. int.], ond Emily Wright, Apr.5,1836.*
Martha, and Jonathan Williams, at Woburn, Feb.25,1739.

Andrew C., of South Reading, a.28y., carpenter, b. Essex, s.Ezra and Lydia, of Essex, and Mary E. Bickford of South Reading, a.25y., tailoress, b. Roxbury, d.Charles and Mary, of Wakefield, NH, Dec.25,1844.

Vol. 1
Page 131
Benjamin M., and Sarah Pierce, Sept.28,1830.*
Benjamin M., and Elisabeth Kittredge of Mount Vernon, NH, at Mount Vernon, NH, Oct.1,1844.*
Daniel, and Lucy Ann Holt of South Woodstock, VT, int. Nov.27,1845.
Daniel G., and Mary Bryant, Apr.7,1825.*
Elisabeth H., and Hiram Marston, both of Medford, Nov.28,1839.
Mary E., Mrs, [wid. Nathan. TC], and William Cotnam, int. May18,1845.
Nathan [resident in Medford. int.], and Mary E [lizabeth. int.] Green, Nov.30,1826.*
Rhoda, and Williamm X. Reed, Mar.20,1834.*

Elisabeth, Mrs., of Lynn, and Daniel Conery, int. May7,1763.

PIERCE (see also Peirce, Pirce)
Betsey, Mrs., and James Steel of Reading, int. Feb.17,1811.
Elisabeth A., and Luther Richardson of Woburn, July2,1839.*
Eliza, and Timothy Sprague [of Stoneham. int.], both residents in Stoneham, June24,1813.*
James, and Eliza Porter of Reading, int. Oct.11,1835.
John, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Ephraim and Sarah, and Agnes Goodhue of Dracut, a.28y., d.Daniel and Triphena, Nov.5,1846.*
Mary, and Onessimus Hadler, Feb.20,1820.*
Nathan, of Reading, and Dolly F. Lewis, int. Mar.25,1832.
Rufus, a.26y., shoemaker, s, Ephraim and Sarah, and Eliza J. McIntire of Reading, a.18y., b. Reading, d.Aaron and Jerusha, of Reading, Apr.5,1849.*
Sarah, and Benjamin M. Perry, Sept.28,1830.*
William H., a.22y., shoemaker, s.Ephraim and Sarah, and Sarah A. Mooney, a.21y., July15,1849.*

Elizabeth A., of Lowell, and Francis Turner, int. Jan.30,1846.
Sarah M[atilda, of Sweden. ME. TC], and Joseph W[arren. TC] Vinton, int. Nov.19,1848.

Vol. 1
Page 132
PILLSBORO (see also Pillsbury)
Martha G., and Thaddeus Richardson of Boston, July1,1840.*

PILLSBURY (see also Pillsboro)
Silas P., of Pembroke, NH, a.32y., mason, b. Pembroke, NH, s, John and
Dolly, of Pembroke, NH, and Charlotte B. Johnson, a.25y., shoe binder, b. Allenstown, NH, d.John and Esther, of Allenstown, NH, Apr.10,1845.*

Delia S., Mrs., and Joshua Bryant of South Reading, int. May24,1849.

PIRCE (see also Pierce)
Abigal, Mrs., and Abijah Kindel of Templeton, Nov.22,1807.
Abigal, Mrs., and John Adden [resident in Stoneham. int.], Dec.3,1807.*

Ignatious S., and Lidya W[illey. int. TC] Barnes, Dec.16,1832.*

Dolly, and Cornelius Wheeler, both residents in Stoneham, July8,1819.*
Harriot, and Oliver Wheeler [both residents in Stoneham. int], July23,1820.*
John, resident in Stoneham, and Mrs. Dorothy Willy, Nov.11,1796.
John Elliot, widr., a.42y., cordwainer, s.John and Dorothy, and Susan Bean, wid., a.51y., spinster, d.Noah and Abigail Weeks, June1,1845.*

Mary P., and Samuel P. Thompson, Sept.21,1837.*

Betsey, and Andrew B. Wilkins [both residents in Stoneham. int], at South Reading, Dec.29,1839.*
Hannah, and Ira Hay, 末蔓末,1841 or 1842. [Dec.5,1841. int.]*

Asahel, and Betsey Atwell of Reading, at Reading, Jan.17,1796.*
Eliza, of Reading, and James Pierce, int. Oct.11,1835.
Hannah H., and John J. Fowle, both of Woburn, 末蔓末,1841.
Vol. 1
Page 133
William [of Reading. int.], and Elizabeth Howard [Haward. int.], June15,1836.*

PRAT (see also Pratt)
John, of Malden, and Mrs. Martha Vinton, int. Feb.24,1782.

PRATT (see also Prat)
Anna, Mrs., and Samuell Wood, resident in Stoneham, int. May1,1784.
Anna, Mrs., and Samuel Hadley, both of Medford, Aug.14,1796.
Phebe, Mrs., and John Dexter [jr. int.], Jan.2,1755.*
Stilman, Rev., of Adams, and Mary Richardson, Mar.22,1841.*
Tabitha [Mrs. int.], of Reading, and Capt. Abraham Gould, at Reading, May9,1797.*

Joseph, and Anna Nobles, both residents in Malden, Dec.8,1816.

Elizebeth [Presson. dup.], Mrs., of Wilmington, and Jacob Cutler, Dec.16,1769.*

Elias P., and Rozena Rowe, 末蔓末,1841. [Sept. 26. int.]*

Nathan, of Westford, and Mrs. Phebe Green, Dec.17,1761.*

Emeline, of Lowell, a.26y., operative, d.Henry C., and John W. Mix of Lowell, a.32y., farmer, s.Enos, Oct.5,1846.

Luther H., and Mary Williams of Manchester, NH, 末蔓末,1841. [Aug. 15. int.]*

PUTMAN (see also Putnam)
Aaron, of Rockingham, and Mrs. Sarah Knight, int. Feb.22,1780.

PUTNAM (see also Putman)
Susannah [Mrs. int.], of Harvard, and Nathan Knight, at Harvard, Sept.13,1770.*

Vol. 1
Page 134
James, of Wentworth, NH, and Mrs. Sarah Bryant [wid. TC], May5,1812.*
Mary, and Aaron Barns, Oct.8,1820.*
Vol. 1
Page 135

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