BACHELOR (Batcheller)

John Prescott, and Elisabeth Stickney, Jan. 22, 1784. CR1*


Susanna, and Timothy Putnam, Nov. 17, 1759. CR1

BAILEY (Baily, Bayley, Bayly, Beyley)

Molley, and James Kittridge, 3d, Dec. 27, 1750. CR1

Joseph, jr., and Eleanor Harris, Nov. 29, 1757. CR1

Eleanor, wid., and John Welch, Mar. 12, 1766. CR1

Jethur, and Hannah Davis, Oct. 16, 1766. CR1

Eunice, and Silas Marshall, Apr. 27, 1769.

Betty, and David French, July 13, 1769.

Abraham, and Ruth Kindal, May 29, 1770.

Elisabeth, and Phineas Spaulding, May 3, 1773.*

Sarah, and Joseph Osgood, int. Mar. 13, 1776.

Edner, and Ezra Annis, jr. of Andover, at Andover, Nov. 26, 1778.*

Tamar, and Samuell Farmer, May 5, 1785. CR1*

James, and Dolly Worster, Jan. 4, 1791.*

Samuel [of Andover. int.], and Sally Trull, Feb. 13, 1794. CR1*

Sarah, and Stephen Hardey, int. Mar. 9, 1805.

Timothy, and Betty Hunt, Dec. 25, 1805.*

Betsey, and Joel Shed, Dec. 21, 1808. CR1

Suky, and Micajah Hardy of Andover, Oct. 22, 1809. CR1

Walter, and Sarah Brown, Mar. 7, 1817. CR1*

Samuel [3d, of Andover. int.], and Prudence Farmer [Dec. 6. int.], ––– ––, 1823. CR1*

Abnah, and Hannah Mears of Westford, int. Jan. 8, 1823.

Sarah, Mrs., and Brevity Grey, Apr. 27, 1824. CR1*

Rufus, and Betsey Shed, Dec. 25, 1825. CR1*

James, of Andover, and Abigail F. Rogers, certificate dated Nov. 10, 1835.

Franklin, of Lowell, and Harriot A. Butman, certificate dated Dec. 3, 1835.

Mary W., and Lovella Sweet of Mobile, Ala., July 3, 1838. CR1*

Nancy, of Andover, and Ira Mears, int. Apr. 16, 1842.

J. Henry, of Portsmouth, NH, a. 23 y., trader, s. M.A. Ponder, and Sarah Abby Huntress, a. 20 y., d. Joseph and Salley, Nov. 11, 1845.*

BAILY (Bailey)

Nathan, and Elizebeth Putnam, Apr. 18, 1744. CR1

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Trull, Oct. 4, 1762. CR1

Dorothy, of Andover, and Daniel [David. int.] Bayley, jr., at Andover, Dec. 12, 1776.*

Hanna [Anna. int.], and Stephen Merrill of Newbury, Aug. 20, 1777. CR1*

Rebecca, and Joseph Mace, Dec. 20, 1781. CR1 [Dec. 22. int.]*


[Hartwell. int.], and Margaret Chapman [Mar. 12. int.], 1828. CR1*

Thaddeus, of Shirley, and Mrs. Eliza Puffer, int. Apr. 16, 1846.

BALDWEN (Baldwin)

Polly, and James Stickney, Nov. 26, 1801.*

BALDWIN (Baldwen)

Susanna, and Kendal Pattin, July 31, 1739. CR1

Benjamin, and Mrs. Sarah Pollard, Apr. 2, 1747. CTR

Joshua, and Sarah Grimes, Oct. 4, 1759. CR1

Sarah, and Benjamin Frost, May 23, 1769.

John, 3d [of Billerica. int.], and Isabel Beard, Dec. 6, 1781. CR1*

Sarah, of Billerica, and Moses Worcester, int. Feb. 5, 1782.

Timothy, [of Billerica. int.], and Prudence Chapman, Dec. 4, 1787.*

Joshua [jr. CR1; of Langdon, NH. int.], and Elisabeth Spaulding, Dec. 20, 1787.*

Rebeca, and James Kalley, Apr. 3, 1788.*

Sarah, and Moses Noys [of Pelham. int.], July 21, 1791. CR1*

John, and Esther Shed, Apr. 18, 1793.*

Davis, and Anner Stickney, Feb. 27, 1794. CR1*

Susannar, and Gavin [Gawin. int.] MacAdams of Windham, NH, Mar. 14, 1797.*

Laurana, and John Clark [jr. int.], Dec. 2, 1819. CR1*

Annah, and Hosley Shed, Feb. 12, 1824. CR1*

Laticia, and Capt. Peter Clark, int. Jan. 5, 1827.

Artemas, and Betsey Travis of Hillsboro, NH, int. Mar. 20, 1830.

Joel, jr. [2d. int.], of Billerica, a. 24 y., farmer, b. Billerica, s. Joel and Mary, of Billerica, and Elisabeth W. Trull, a 20 y., b. Salem, d. Washington and Rebecca, Dec. 28, 1848.*


Annah, Mrs., and Dr. Jabez Brown, Oct. 31, 1765. CR1

Rebecca, Mrs., of Hampshire, and Dr. Benjamin Kittridge, Feb. 26, 1767. CR1

Silas, Dr., and Rhoda Griffin, Apr. 6, 1775. CR1*


Charles, of Andover, and Jane Frost, Sept. 29, 1836. CR1*

Edward, a. 22 y., farmer, and Mary M. French, a. 21 y., d. Thomas and Lydia, Nov. 2, 1848.*


Stephen, jr., of Methuen, and Peggy Hide, Aug. 30, 1781. CR1*

Mehitable, of Newburyport, and Benjamin C. Welch, int. June 10, 1831.

Richard, of Andover, and Beulah Livingston, int. Jan. 30, 1841.


Emaline A., and Trueworthy Jewell [of Lowell. int.], Dec. 14, 1833.*

Benjamin, of South Reading, a. 25 y., shoemaker, b. Harvard, s. Benjamin and Harriet H., of South Reading, and Mary C[aroline. CR1] Slack, a. 21 y., housework, b. Wilmington, d. George and Louiza, Sept. 7, 1847.*


William, of Maiden, and Caroline F. Chapman, June 15, 1837. CR1*

Caroline F., wid., a. 39 y., d. Martha Chapman, and Thomas P. Marshall, widr., a. 45 y., farmer, Dec. 3, 1845.*


Moses, and Elizebeth Boynton, Nov. 20, 1749. CR1

Jotham [of Dracut. int.], and Mehitable Wood, Nov. 26, 1789.*

Hannah, of Dracut, and Daniel Wood, at Dracut, Nov. 28, 1792.*


Apphia, of Newbury, and Joseph Bayley, at Newbury, Oct. 21, 1755.


Titus Th[eodore. int.], Rev., and Ruth Wood of Methuen, at Methuen, July 31, 1794.*

Arnold, and Sarah Kelley, int. Sept. 6, 1828.

Michael H., of Boston, and Sarah French, int. June 1, 1830.


Phebe, of Reading, and Jonathan Gray, int. Apr. 17, 1826.


Rebeckah, of Charlestown, and Robbert Hears, at Lexington, Aug. 30, 1763.

BAYLEY (Bailey)

Jonathan, and Mrs. Susanna Trull, Dec. 3, 1745. CTR

Samuel, jr., of Andover, and Hannah Kittrig, at Andover, Jan. 22, 1753.

Joseph, and Apphia Bartlett of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct. 21, 1755.

Daniel [David. int.], jr., and Dorothy Baily of Andover, at Andover, Dec. 12, 1776.*

James [of Andover. int.], and Lucy Brown, Apr. 13, 1786.*

Hannah, and Samuell Dean [of Westmoreland, NH. int.], Apr. 27, 1786.*

Nathan, jr., and Marcy Worster, Oct. 14, 1788.*

Timothy, and Mary Worcester, Dec. 10, 1793. CR1*

Abigail, and Seth Bradford, jr., both of Duxbury, now resident in Tewksbury, Jan. 18, 1798.

Martha, and Joshua Abbot of Charlestown, Dec. 24, 1813. CR1

BAYLY (Bailey)

Daniel, and Molley Standley of Amherst, NH, int. Sept. 29, 1783.

Susanna, and Jacob Stanly, jr. [of Amherst, NH. int.], Nov. 25, 1784.*


Rachel, Mrs., and "old" Dr. ––––– Kittridge, Nov. 2, 1749. CR1

Sarah, and Robert Mears, Feb. 17, 1757. CR1


Aaron, and Susanna Frost, Apr. 21, 1742. CR1

Reuben [of Wilmington. int.], and Rachel Taylor, May 4, 1775. CR1*

Anna, and John Foster [of Billerica. int.], Apr. 16, 1781. CR1*

Jonathan [of Wilmington. int.], and Abigail Kendal, Nov. 7, 1781. CR1*

Isabel, and John Baldwin, 3d [of Billerica. int.], Dec. 6, 1781. CR1*

Susannah, and Samuell Hopkens [of Wilmington. int.], Apr. 9, 1787.*

Ithamer, and Hannah Ames of Wilmington, int. July 28, 1787.

Hannah, and Ephraim Sertall [Sartel. CR1; Scarlat, of Concord. int.], Nov. 19, 1795.*

Ruben, and Susanna Johnson of Wilmington, int. Feb. 22, 1806.

Samuel, and Mary S. Johnson, May 4, 1807. CR1

Lydia, and Edmund French, Mar. ––, 1814. CR1

Samuel, of Maiden, and Mary French, June 2, 1816. CR1*

Ebenezer, 2d, and Betsy Frost, int. Nov. 1, 1816.

Reuben, and Mrs. Olive Levingston, July 2, 1822. CR1*

Samuel, and Ann Woods of Hollis, NH, int. Apr. ––, 1835. (Objection being made, no certificate given.)


Franklin, and Sarah Jane Noyes, both of Lowell, June 9, 1844.


John, and Hannah Peacock, Feb. 21, 1775. CR1*

Abigail, and Abraham Stickney, 3d, Mar. 11, 1779. CR1*

Hannah, and Jeduthan Kittredge, July 28, 1796.*

Molley, and Dannel Mears of Billerica, int. Sept. 29, 1799.

BENNET (Bennett)

Almira P., a. 23 y., d. Abigal Gibson, and Comming Bray, a. 29 y., trader, s. Daniel, of Sangersville, ME, Apr. 10, 1845.*

BENNETT (Bennet)

William, and Sarah Haseltine, Sept. 4, 1755. CR1

BEYLEY (Bailey)

John, and Sarah Hunt, Feb. 25, 1784.*


Sarah, and Samuell Haseltine, jr., May 8, 1738. CR1


Rebecca A[bigail. int.], and William Hardy [2d, May 18. int.], 1827. CR1*


Ebenezer [of Stoddard, NH. int.], and Dorcas Worster, Aug. 7, 1791. CR1*


Joseph, and Mary Frost, June 8, 1758. CR1

Benjamin, of Andover, and Sarah Griffin, at Andover, Jan. 3, 1775.*

John [of Andover. int.], and Dorcas Osgood, May 31, 1789.*

Lydia, of Andover, and Benjamin Shed, at Andover, Feb. 23, 1796.*

Amos [of Andover. int.], and Allis Foster, July 31, 1798.*

Joseph, of Billerica, and Sally Brown, Nov. 13, 1798. [Nov. 15. CR1]*

Mary, and Ephraim How of Salem, int. July 14, 1805.

Isaac, of Wilton, and Betsey Foster, Dec. 5, 1809. CR1

Joseph [of Littleton. int.], and Louise Marshall, Dec. 20, 1815. PR17*

Amos, and Clarissa [W. int.] Hardy [Oct. 6. int.], 1823. CR1*

Anne, of Lowell, and Silas Farmer, int. May 16, 1829.

Cadwallader F. [of Charlestown. int.], and Abby Coggin, Jan. 15, 1830. CR1*

Eliza, of Wilton, NH, and Abner Shed, certificate dated Nov. 10, 1834.

[Cadwallader. int.] F., of Charlestown, and Mary Coggin, Oct. 22, 1839. CR1*

Mary A., of Billerica, and Henry E. Worcester, int. Nov. 18, 1839.

Joseph, of Billerica, and Rhoda Worcester, Dec. 22, 1840. CR1*

Amos F., and Martha [F. int.] Mills, May 10, 1843. CR1*


James D., of Lowell, and Sarah A. French, int. Oct. 18, 1847.


Joshua, and Susanna Shed, Jan. 27, 1774. CR1*


Daniel, of Hollis, and Priscilla Cogin, Apr. 3, 1766. CR1


Peter, and Hannah Manning, Jan. 17, 1813. CR1


George, of Wilmington, and Elener Kittredge, Apr. 21, 1816. CR1*

James [of Andover. int.], and Loisa Kidder [Nov. 1. int.], 1823.*

Thomas D., of Wilmington, a. 30 y., baker, s. Joseph, of Wilmington, and Olive Thompson, a. 23 y., d. Samuel and Lucy, Oct. 30, 1845.*

BOOTMAN (Butman)

Sarah, and Ebenezer Wood, May 16, 1751. CR1

Judith, and Alexander Davidson, Jan. 23, 1772.*

Elisabeth, and Denis Lane [resident in Tewksbury. int.], Mar. 5, 1789.*

Edward, and Sarah Buzwell, Feb. 18, 1796.*

Jane, of Lowell, and Ruel Johnson of Woburn, May 16, 1836. CR1


Eliza, of Hardwick, and Anson Warren, int. Nov. 25, 1829.


Betty, of Chelmsford, and William Corlis of Salem, July 25, 1776. CR1

Benjamin [of Dracut. int.], and Mary Brown, June 24, 1784.*

Betsey [of Bristol, NH, now of Lowell. int.], and Francis L. Moor, Apr. 14, 1835.*


Abel [of Bedford. int.], and Lucy Needham, Mar. 21, 1776. CR1*

Abigail, of Billerica, and Joel Marshall [jr. int.], May 2, 1801. PR17*


Elizebeth, and Moses Barren, Nov. 20, 1749. CR1

Sarah, and Benjamin Clark, Aug. 24, 1757. CR1

Thomas, and Hannah Ames of Andover, June 16, 1772. CR1


George, and Clarissa P. Frost, int. July 10, 1841.


Seth, jr., and Abigail Bayley, both of Duxbury, now resident in Tewksbury, Jan. 18, 1798.


Agnes, and George Gillis of Sunkase Plantation, ME, int. Aug. 7, 1829.

Catharine, and Frederick Folsom, int. Nov. 20, 1829.


Comming, a. 29 y., trader, s. Daniel, of Sangersville, ME, and Almira P. Bennet, a. 23 y., d. Abigal Gibson, Apr. 10, 1845.*


Zebediah, of Reading, and Salley Marshall, Dec. 15, 1796.*


John, and Mary Spaulding, d. Rev. Samson, Oct. 21, 1762. CR1

Anna, and Timothy Osgood of Andover, int. Mar. 7, 1797.

John, and. Mary [F. PR6] Clark, June 8, 1824. CR1*

Mary, a. 19 y., d. John and Mary, and Rich Everett Carter of Lowell, a. 21 y., lumber dealer, b. Wilmington, s. Rich and Elizabeth, of Wilmington, Oct. 10, 1848.*


Sidney, and Eliza B. Stevens of Marlboro, int. Jan. 7, 1825.


Lydia, and Daniel S. Bullard of Needham, int. May 26, 1832.


Timothy, and Hannah Osgood, Dec. 25, 1753. CR1

William, jr., and Mary Osgood, May 17, 1759. CR1

Abigail, of Billerica, and Isaac Marshal, Jan. 5, 1762. CR1

Martha, and Eleazar Stickney, at Billerica, Jan. 25, 1763. CR1

Jonathan, and Lydia Osgood, Mar. 28, 1765. CR1

Jabez, Dr., and Mrs. Annah Ball, Oct. 31, 1765. CR1

Hezekiah, and Mary Manning, Jan. 11, 1768. CR1

Jonathan [2d m. CR1], and Molle French, Mar. 2, 1769.

Samuel, and Mary Marshall [2d m. CR1], Jan. 4, 1770.

Dorcas, and Parker Varnum of Dracut, at Dracut, Mar. 31, 1772.*

Edward Vail ["in the Provincial Servis. " int.], and Elisabeth Clough of Boston [resident in Tewksbury. int.], Nov. 20, 1775. CR1*

Anna [of Dracut. CTR], and David Hunt, Feb. 18, 1777.*

Hannah, and Rogers Rea [of Danvers. int.], Nov. 29, 1778. CR1*

Timothy, and Rhoda Coburn of Dracut, int. Mar. 15, 1779.

Mary, and Benjamin Bowers [of Dracut. int.], June 24, 1784.*

William, jr., and Peggey Tompson of Londonderry, NH, int. Jan. 16, 1786.

Lucy, and James Bayley [of Andover. int.], Apr. 13, 1786.*

Lydia, and Solomon Trull, Jan. 4, 1790.*

Rebekah, and James Winship, resident in Dracut [resident in Tewksbury. int.], at Dracut, Apr. 17, 1791.*

Osgood, and Hannah Mears, at Dracut, Apr. 4, 1792.*

Esther, and Eldad Worster, int. Nov. 11, 1793.

Joseph, and Sarah Foster of Andover, at Andover, June 8, 1794.*

Polly, and Timothy Clark, Nov. 2, 1794.*

Stephen, and Hannah Shed, Feb. 25, 1796.

Mary, and Ebenezer] Hunt, July 3, 1796.*

Joseph, jr., and Mary French, Feb. 8, 1798.*

Sally, and Joseph Blanchard of Billerica, Nov. 13, 1798. [Nov. 15. CR1]*

Samuel, jr., and Sally Sanders of Billerica, Nov. 28, 1802.*

Josiah, and Abigal Varnum of Dracut, int. Apr. 25, 1803.

Stephen, and Hannah Clark, int. July 19, 1803.

Abial, and Nancy Griffen, int. Nov. 29, 1803.

Betsy, and John Jaquith of Medford, int. Sept. 19, 1805.

Hannah, and Eri Rogers of Littleton, June 27, 1807. CR1

James, and Olive Foster, Mar. 15, 1809. CR1

Mary, and Benjamin Kimball of Littleton, Mar. 29, 1810. CR1

Lydia, and Benjamin Dane, Sept. 24, 1815. CR1

Josiah, and Phebe Varnum of Dracut, Nov. 9, 1815. CR1

Sarah, and Walter Bailey, Mar. 7, 1817. CR1*

Polly, and Silas Shed, Dec. 25, 1817. CR1*

George, and Mary Marshall, Feb. ––, 1818. CR1*

Hannah G., and Edward S. Livermore, jr., int. Dec. 5, 1825.

Nancy M., and Dr. Albus Rea of Portland, ME, int. Apr. 23, 1826.

Jeremiah, of South Reading, and Betsey French, Dec. 27, 1826. CR1*

Jane, and Alpheus Smith, Dec. 28, 1826. CR1

Clarrissa, and Rufus Russell of Lowell, int. Aug. 30, 1828.

Mary Ann, and Benjamin Burt [Nov. 8. int.], 1828. CR1*

Cyrus, and Eliza [F. int.] Griffin, Sept. 21, 1830. CR1*

Benjamin, and Mary Spaulding of Lowell, int. Oct. 31, 1830.

Marcia, and Abraham R. Hobbs of Danvers, May 5, 1831. CR1*

George, and Sarah W. Adams of Dunstable, NH, int. Dec. 24, 1831.

Betsey, and Charles Livingston, Mar. 1, 1832. CR1*

Stephen, jr., and Julia Ann Lewis of Lowell, int. Oct. 5, 1833.

John, and B[ersheba H. Griffin, Nov. 10. int.], 1833. CR1*

Abiel, jr., and Beulah French, Oct. 20, 1835. CR1*

Mary, and Joseph Eames of Reading, certificate dated Nov. 9, 1835.

Mary, and Joseph Dane, Nov. 12, 1837. CR1*

Elisa, and Amos F. Buxton of Danvers, Jan. 23, 1838. CR1*

Harriet, and Benjamin Peabody of Middleton, int. Dec. 29, 1838.

Jerusha, and James Lane of Danvers, Apr. 26, 1840. CR1*

Abigail, and Jonas Carter of Wilmington, Apr. 13, 1841.*

Martha, d. Abiel and Nancy, and Alden B. Richardson of Billerica, yeoman, b. Billerica, s. John and Nancy, of Billerica, Nov. 7, 1844.*

Olive, d. James and Olive, and Nathan E. Jaques, jr., a. 23 y., yeoman, s. Nathan and Thankful, Nov. 20, 1844. [Nov. 24, 1845. CR1]*

Jonathan, a. 28 y., physician, b. Wilmington, s. Silas and Abigal, of Wilmington, and Olive T. Carter of Wilmington, a. 23 y., b. Wilmington, d. Eldad and Olive, of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Dec. 27, 1848.*


Levi K., and Sarah A. French, int. Apr. 22, 1848.


Hannah, of Wilmington, and Henry K. Kittridge, certificate dated Sept. 26, 1835.

Nathan, of Wilmington, and Ann Kendall, Nov. 7, 1843.*


Daniel S., of Needham, and Lydia Brooks, int. May 26, 1832.


Abigail, of Bradford, and Asa Wood, int. Dec. 23, 1782.

BURT (Burtt)

Thomas, and Hannah Kidder, Jan. 30, 1800.*

Brown, jr., of Wilmington, and Abigail Kidder, Dec. 28, 1812. CR1

Abigail, of Andover, and Ephraim Kendall, July 7, 1814. CR1

Brown, and Ann Saunders [Anna French. int.], Aug. 31, 1826. CR1*

Benjamin, and Mary Ann Brown [Nov. 8. int.], 1828. CR1*

BURTT (Burt)

Abigail, and William Kittredge, 3d, Mar. 26, 1771.

Benjamin, jr., and Mehetabel Spaulding, Aug. 22, 1771.

Jacob, and Sarah Standly of Wilmington, int. Feb. 8, 1775.

Sarah, wid., and Abijah Thompson [of Woburn. int.], Sept. 29, 1779. CR1*

Mehetabel, and Samuell Manning, Nov. 2, 1780. CR1*

Mary, and Jerimiah Kidder, Aug. 30, 1781. CR1*

Sally, and Jacob Frost, jr., Aug. 6, 1795.*

Hannah, and William Scarlett, int. May 20, 1827.

Dorcas, of Wilmington, and Franklin Kidder, int. Nov. 1, 1827.


Benjamin M., and Susan H. Palmer, both of Lowell, int. Jan. 8, 1846.

BUTMAN (Bootman)

Edward, and Elisabeth Coates, Apr. 22, 1760.

Elinor, and Samuell Stickney, Nov. 16, 1762. CR1

Edward, jr., and Dorcas Hunt, May 13, 1783. CR1*

Jonathan, and Anna Lane, Nov. 8, 1791. CR1

Anna, and Moses Shattuck, Jan. 3, 1815. CR1

Catherine, and Silas Dean, May 1, 1816. CR1*

Jonathan, jr., and Amey Shattuck of Groton, int. Sept. 22, 1818.

Sarah, and Jeremiah Hasten, Mar. 20, 1821. CR1*

Rhoda, and Samuel Fullington of Portsmouth, NH, Oct. 19, 1824. CR1*

Alice, and Benjamin Parker of Lowell, int. Nov. 28, 1829.

Willard, and Mary Dunn of Chelmsford, int. July 10, 1830.

Phinehas D., and Sarah B. Dow of Lowell, int. Apr. 26, 1834.

Harriot A., and Franklin Bailey of Lowell, certificate dated Dec. 3, 1835.


Nathaniell, and Elizabeth Campbell, Mar. 23, 1758. CR1

Abigail, and Shemual Griffin, July 24, 1764. CR1

William, and Nancy Melvin, Apr. 23, 1826. CR1*


Batty, of Andover, and Zebadiah Mears, at Andover, May 1, 1794.*

James, of Wilmington, and Esther Read of Salem, NH, Nov. 1, 1797.


Phebe I. [J. int.], and Robert R. Moore, Jan. 18, 1834.*

Amos F., of Danvers, and Elisa Brown, Jan. 23, 1838. CR1*


Sarah, and Edward Bootman, Feb. 18, 1796.*

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