HAGGET (Hogget, Hoggit)

Moses, jr., and Elenor Watson, Feb.22,1753.CR1


Benjamin, of Boston, and Abigail Thorndike, Apr.13,1807.CR1

Lydia, of Chelmsford, and Moses Tyler, 2d, int.Dec.9,1815.


Mehitable, and Josiah Colburn of Dracut, at Woburn, May5,1737.

Ephraim, and Eunice Levistone, May8,1738.CR1

Nathan, and Mary Chapman, Feb.18,1742.CR1

Sarah, Mrs., and Nathaniell Clemons, Oct.26,1749.CR1

Richard, and Mercy Worcester, Feb.21,1753.CR1

Hannah, and John Levistone, Mar.17,1757.CR1

Oliver, and Mary Trull, Jan.5,1758.CR1

Ephraim, jr., and Lydia Russell, both of Dracut, May21,1765.CR1

Ambrose, of Sandwich, NH, and Deborah Robinson, certificate dated July5,1834.

Richard [of Shirley.int.], and Sarah Ann Clark, Oct.23,1834.CR1*

HAMBLEN (Hamlin)

Catherine H., and Life Shed, int.Apr.13,1833.

HAMBLIN (Hamlin)

Parker W., a.22y., carpenter, s.George and Hannah, and Lucy M. Foster, a.20y., b. Carlisle, d.Leonard and Dorinda, July4,1846.*

HAMLEN (Hamlin)

George, of Lynn, and Hannah Hardy, Dec.1,1808.CR1

HAMLIN (Hamblen, Hamblin, Hamlen)

Micah, and Sarah Hardy, Nov.30,1803.*

Clemintin, and John Smith of Antrim, NH, int.Mar.12,1830.

Allis, and Thomas Crosby, jr., Apr.末,1838.CR1 [Apr.28. int.]*

HANDON (Harnden)

Anna [Harnden.CR1], of Wilmington, and James Walker of Shirley, Nov.20,1794.

HARDEY (Hardy)

Aaron, and Abigal Dotten [Dutton.CTR], Jan.11,1770.

David, and Rebeckah Manning, Dec.26,1771.*

Nehemiah, and Mary Jones of Dracut, int.Aug.17,1778.

Abigail, of Hollis, NH, and Nehemiah Hardey, int.Mar.15,1780.

Nehemiah, and Abigail Hardey of Hollis, NH, int.Mar.15,1780.

John, jr., and Lucy Kidder, int.Nov.11,1793.

Darcas, and Joseph Wood, Nov.19,1795.*

Stephen, and Sarah Bailey, int.Mar.9,1805.


Jeremiah, and Mary Jane Woodbury of Newburyport, int.Apr.25,1828.

Mary Jane, and William F.J. Damon of Lowell, int.June30,1832.

HARDY (Hardey)

Ruth, and Thomas French, Feb.6,1739-40.CR1

John, and Abigail Kidder, Mar.1,1743.CR1

Elizebeth, and Benjamin Pike, June12,1745.CR1

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Susanna Russell, May21,1747.CTR

Abigail, and Gardner Page, Apr.30,1750.CR1

Zachariah, and Prudence Stevens, Feb.21,1751.CR1

Zilphah, and Samuel Farmer, May30,1753.CR1

Mary, and William Hunt, Nov.26,1755. [Nov.27.CR1]

Ednah, and Peter Farmer, June8,1758.CR1

Sarah, Mrs., and Dr. Nathan Cutler, Oct.3,1759.CR1

James, jr., and Jemime Palmer, Apr.19,1764.CR1

Peter, and Dorcas Jones of Dracut, at Dracut, Jan.24,1771.*

Abigail, and Samuell Ober, 2d, July7,1774.CR1*

Hephzibah, and Moses Worster, jr., Aug.17,1775.CR1*

Nathaniell, and Sarah Worster, Mar.6,1776.CR1*

William, and Hannah Hide, July9,1778.CR1*

David, of Danville, NH, and Hannah Hardy, Feb.19,1799.

Hannah, and David Hardy of Danville, NH, Feb.19,1799.

Samuel, and Mary Kindell [of Andover. int.], Aug.14,1800.*

Rhoda, and Marrial Scarlett, Nov.9,1801.*

Mary, and Samuel Hardy of Poplin, NH, Nov.17,1801.*

Samuel, of Poplin, NH, and Mary Hardy, Nov.17,1801.*

Jonathan, and Betsy Coffrin [resident in Tewksbury.int.], Jan.28,1802.*

Sarah, and Micah Hamlin, Nov.30,1803.*

William, Dr. [jr. int.], of Poplin, NH, and Clarisa Worcester, Nov.30,1803.*

Hannah, and George Hamlen of Lynn, Dec.1,1808.CR1

Micajah, of Andover, and Suky Bailey, Oct.22,1809.CR1

Clarissa, wid., and Ebenezer Hunt, Dec.28,1809.CR1

John, and Mary Clark, Dec.25,1811.CR1

Luke, and Lydia Rogers, Apr.1,1813.CR1

Lucy, and William Pearsons, jr., Jan.30,1814.CR1

Abigail, and Samuel [B. int.] Needham of Milford, NH, Nov.25,1821.CR1*

Clarissa [W. int.], and Amos Blanchard [Oct.6. int.], 1823.CR1*

Hannah, and John Richardson, Mar.8,1825.CR1*

Luke, and Sophronia Warren, int.Dec.23,1825.

William [2d.int.], and Rebecca A[bigail. int.] Blair [May18. int.], 1827.CR1*

Sarah, of Andover, and Artemas Kendall, int.Jan.9,1830.

Samuel P., and Elizabeth T. Ralph of Lowell, int.Oct.21,1830.

Evelina, and Thomas [J. int.] Wood, Apr.2,1833.*

HARNDEN (Handon)

Mary [Mrs.CR1], and Lt. William Kittredge, Nov.22,1770.

Molly, and Ephraim Kendal, Mar.20,1782.CR1*


Olive, see Harwood, Olive.


John, of Rowley, and Cordela Farmer, int.Mar.12,1831.


Rebecca, of Lexington, and Amos Stickney, at Lexington, Mar.25,1787.*


Eleanor, and Joseph Bailey, jr., Nov.29,1757.CR1

Isaac, and Chariot E. Downer, June13,1834.


Lavinia, of Woburn, and John B. Kendall, int.Apr.5,1839.


Olive [Harrad, of Chelmsford.int.], and Jonathan Foster, Mar.18,1777.CR1*

Olive, and William Foster, May11,1784.*

John, and Mary Campbell of Windham, NH, int.Oct.19,1829.


Elias, and Mrs.Sarah Kidder, at Billerica, May14,1761.CR1

HASELTINE (Haselton, Hassaltine, Hasseltine, Hazeltine)

Samuell, jr., and Sarah Bixby, May8,1738.CR1

Deborah, and Jacob Corey, jr., Jan.21,1751.CR1

Sarah, and William Bennett, Sept.4,1755.CR1

Mercy, and Uriah Griffin, Dec.24,1767.CR1

Elijah, and Elisabeth Danforth [resident in Tewksbury.int.], May2,1776.CR1*

James, and Hannah Grifin, Apr.10,1783.CR1*

HASELTON (Haseltine)

Sarah E., of Londonderry, NH, and Milo Scott, int.Nov.7,1846.

HASKELL (Haschal)

HASSALTINE (Haseltine)

Emmy, and Ephraim Cory [of Andover. int.], Oct.22,1772.*

HASSELTINE (Haseltine)

Samuel, and Mary Jefts of Billerica, int.Apr.6,1771.


Lucy, resident in Tewksbury, and John Foster of Andover, int.June12,1803.


Sarah, and Daniel Holden, Mar.25,1834.*

HAZELTINE (Haseltine)

Rebekah, and Mial Scarlett, Oct.20,1811.CR1


Ezra, of Lynn, and Mary [K. int.] French, Oct.1,1835.CR1*


Azubah, of Stoddard, NH, and Joseph Munroe, int.Nov.15,1784.


Hannah, and William Hardy, July9,1778.CR1*

Peggy, and Stephen Barker, jr. of Methuen, Aug.30,1781.CR1*

HILDRETH (Hildrith)

James V. [jr. int.], of Dracut, and Mrs.Lucy French, May9,1826.CR1*

HILDRITH (Hildreth)

Elijah, Ens., and Mrs.Hannah Colburn of Dracut, June20,1765.CR1


William, of Billerica, and Bettey Abbot, int.Apr.1,1775.

Stephen, of Billerica, and Abigail Mace, May末,1816.CR1*

Washington, of Medford, and Lydia French, int.Jan.25,1822.

Abigail, and Oliver Foster, Dec.8,1842*

Elizabeth, a.23y., d.Stephen, and William Trow, jr. of Andover, a.25y., farmer, b. Andover, s.William, of Andover, Nov.25,1847.*


Hannah, of Marblehead, and Dr. Elisha Huntington, int.May12,1825.

HOADLEY (Hoadly)

Elisabeth, and Nathan Kittredge, July9,1789.*

HOADLY (Hoadley)

Priscilla, and William Danforth [jr., of Fitchburg. int.], Dec.29,1782.CR1*

Elias, and Sally French, Mar.20,1794.CR1*


Benjamin, and Anna Hutchins, July23,1751.CR1

Andrew, and Rebecca Levistone, June29,1775.CR1*

HOBBS (Hobs)

Abraham R., of Danvers, and Marcia Brown, May5,1831.CR1*

HOBS (Hobbs)

Frances [of Lowell. int.], and Rebecca Worcester, Nov.23,1826.CR1*


Prisscilla, and Abel Laikin, Aug.末,1826.CR1*

HOGGET (Hagget)

Jesse [Hagget. int.], of Andover, and Hannah Hoit, at Andover, Apr.17,1788.*

HOGGIT (Hagget)

Lyda, of Andover, and Jonathan Foster, at Andover, Feb.2,1758.

HOIT (Hoyt)

John, and Deborah Ross [Russ.CR1], June23,1768.

Hannah, and Jesse Hogget [Hagget. int.] of Andover, at Andover, Apr.17,1788.

HOITT (Hoyt)

Deborah, and Lt. Ebenezer Kittridge, Mar.12,1778.CR1*


Isaac, of Lowell, and Loisa Willington of Reading,末蔓末,1827.CR1

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Rushton, int.Nov.4,1828.

Perkins, of Billerica, and Harriet Munroe, int.Dec.13,1832.

Daniel, and Sarah Haynes, Mar.25,1834.*


Jesse, and Mary Gray, Aug.30,1781.CR1*

Polley, of Chelmsford, and Solomon Hunt, int.Mar.31,1794.

Mary, and Loammi Kittredge, Apr.22,1810.CR1

Asa [L. int.], and Alafenia [Elthena.int.] Fisk, Apr.末,1818.CR1*

Hannah, and Abraham Stickney of Andover, Feb.14,1826.CR1*

Aethenia, Mrs., and Joseph Parker of Bolton [Feb.4. int.], 1830.CR1*

Abiel, of Andover, and Lucinda Saunders, Oct.19,1837.CR1*

Timothy K., and Mary Ann Kidder, int.Sept.3,1842.

Caroline C., of Andover, a.23y., d.Jonas, and James Flemings, a.24y., s.Jesse and Sophia, int.Dec.8,1849.

HOPKENS (Hopkins)

Samuell [of Wilmington. int.], and Susannah Beard, Apr.9,1787.*

HOPKINS (Hopkens)

Sarah, and John Twiss, July1,1761.CR1


Bulier, and Amos Foster, jr., Feb.15,1776.CR1*


Joseph, jr., and Sarah C. Tibbetts of Dracut, Oct.1,1840.CR1

HOW (Howe)

Ephraim, of Salem, and Mary Blanchard, int.July14,1805.

Jereboam, and Abigail Plummer of Londonderry, int.Aug.7,1825.

Alonzo, and Abigail Fox of Dracut, int.Nov.3,1826.


Eliza, of Cambridge, and Meshack Pevere, int.Dec.22,1828.

Almira, of Amherst, and Jeremiah Upton, int.Oct.12,1833.

HOWE (How)

Harrison G., and Caroline Scott of Lowell, int.May15,1829.

HOYT (Hoit, Hoitt)

Dorothy, of Newburyport, and Albon Richardson, int.Nov.7,1828.


Hannah M., and James C. Channel, int.Nov.12,1831.


Catharine H., of West Boylston, and William Fisk, int.Oct.22,1830.


Samuell, and Hanah Kimbal of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.13,1740.

Eunice, and Daniel Clement, Dec.27,1750.CR1

Nathaniel, and Sarah Kittredge, Nov.1,1753.CR1

William, and Mary Hardy, Nov.26,1755. [Nov.27.CR1]

Martha, Mrs., and John Chapman, July5,1756.CR1

Hannah, and Amos Stickney, Sept.27,1756.CR1

Lydia, and Thomas Marshall [of Chelmsford.CR1], Feb.1,1770.

David, and Anna Brown [of Dracut.CTR], Feb.18,1777.*

Timothy, and Dolly Worster, June19,1781.CR1*

Allice, and Joseph Dean, jr. of Andover, int.Oct.29,1781.

Ellen, and Joseph Dane, Feb.14,1782.CR1

Peter, Capt., and Sally Wood, Jan.16,1783.CR1*

Dorcas, and Edward Butman, jr., May13,1783.CR1*

Sarah, and John Beyley, Feb.25,1784.*

Debarah, and Solomon Wheat [of Hollis, NH. int.], Nov.30,1784.*

Nehemiah, and Abigael Stickney, int.Apr.5,1788.

Mary, and John Smith [of Hollis, NH. int.], June11,1789.*

William [Dea.; of Dunstable. int.], and [Mrs.CR1] Rebeca Worster, Nov.24,1789.*

Hannah, and Lenard Fletcher [of Concord, VT.sic. int.], Feb.22,1790.*

Lydia, and Eli Sartle [resident in Tewksbury.int.], May6,1792.CR1*

Jonathan, and Rebecca Tucker [of Wilmington. int.], Oct.11,1792.CR1*

Solomon, and Polley Holt of Chelmsford, int.Mar.31,1794.

Joshua, and Olive Chamberlin [of Chelmsford.int.], at Chelmsford, Nov.20,1794.*

Noah, and Abigail Shed, Mar.9,1795.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Brown, July3,1796.*

Eliphlet, and Rhoda Low, July20,1797.*

Rebeckah, and Joel Foster, Sept.9,1802.*

Dolly, and Jonas Clark, int.Nov.16,1805.

Betty, and Timothy Bailey, Dec.25,1805.*

Martha, and Jeremiah Perkins Chapman, Jan.16,1806.*

Timothy, and Hannah Stickney of Bradford, int.Mar.8,1806.

Ebenezer, and wid.Clarissa Hardy, Dec.28,1809.CR1

Sarah, and John Merril, Jan.1,1812.CR1

Polly, and Abraham A. Spalding of Charlestown, int.Jan.29,1820.

Harriot, and Rufus Spaulding [of Chelmsford.int.], Oct.8,1822.CR1*

Thomas, Capt., and Ann Ingals of Methuen, int.Oct.15,1825.

Isaac, of Andover, and Beulah Frost, int.Sept.23,1848.


Nancy, of Chelmsford, and Phillip Tyler, int.Apr.5,1821.

Marcey, and Franklin Foster of Dunstable, NH, int.Dec.10,1825.


Elisha, Dr., and Hannah Hinckley of Marblehead, int.May12,1825.


Mary, and Jonas L. Parker, widrv of Manchester, NH, innkeeper, May28,1844.*

Sarah Abby, a.20y., d.Joseph and Salley, and J. Henry Bailey of Portsmouth, NH, a.23y., trader, s.M.A. Ponder, Nov.11,1845.*


Anna, and Benjamin Hoagg, July23,1751.CR1

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