Gavin [Gawin. int.], of Windham, NH, and Susannar Baldwin, Mar. 14, 1797.*


John, of Lowell, and Axa Kimball, int. Sept. 24, 1830.

McCOY (Melcoy)

Anna, and Dr. Daniel Ryan, Nov. 8, 1757. CR1

McDOWD (Dowd)


Elisabeth, and Jacob Sanders, Jan. 5, 1773.*


Isaac, and Sarah Shed, Nov. 25, 1762. CR1

Martha, and Samuell Frost, Mar. 22, 1764. CR1

–––––, and Rebecca French, Sept. 13, 1764. CR1

Benjamin, and Rebecca French, 2d, Apr. 22, 1777. CR1*

Joseph, and Rebecca Baily, Dec. 20, 1781. CR1 [Dec. 22. int.]*

Anna, "(Col. Brown)", and Jacob Anis, Feb. 1, 1787. CR1

Jonathan [of Andover. int.], and Martha Whitemore, Mar. 1, 1792. CR1*

Trustum, and Elisabeth Kittredge, Oct. 3, 1793. CR1*

Hannah, and Josiah Kittredge of Mount Vernon, Dec. 29, 1812. CR1

Abigail, and Stephen Hill of Billerica, May ––, 1816. CR1*

Judith, and John Carter, Oct. 10, 1822. CR1*

Abraham, and Betsey Johnson [Sept. 27. int.], 1823. CR1*

Daniel [W. int.], and Mrs. Patience French, Dec. 21, 1826. CR1*

Abram, Lt., and Mary Johnson, int. Oct. 30, 1830.

Mary [F. int.], and Henry Smith, Feb. 18, 1836. CR1*


Michiel, and Mary A. Gorham of Lowell, int. Nov. 26, 1849.


William, of Andover, and Ruth Calef, int. Aug. 15, 1828.


Charles, and Susanna Farmer, Oct. 24, 1740. CR1


Mary Adelia, and William Dyke Phillips, int. May 2, 1829.


Hannah, of Andover, a. 26 y., d. David and Lydia, and David Alger, jr., a. 35 y., manufacturer, s. David and Sarah, Aug. 9, 1846.


Sarah, and Seth Livistone, 2d m., Mar. 21, 1745. CR1


Mary, and Joseph French, Jan. 4, 1749. CR1

Mary, and Hezekiah Brown, Jan. 11, 1768. CR1

Rebeckah, and David Hardey, Dec. 26, 1771.*

Thomas, and Abigail Standley of Wilmington, int. Mar. 6, 1776.

Samuell, and Mehetabel Burtt, Nov. 2, 1780. CR1*

Thomas, and Rebeca Goodwin, Nov. 20, 1783.*

Eliphalet, jr., and Sarah Gardner [Gooden. int.] of Woburn, at Woburn, Mar. 4, 1785.*

Jesse, of Billerica, and Polly Long, int. Nov. 7, 1796.

Jesse, jr., of Billerica, and Polly Kittredge, Dec. 15, 1796.

Hannah, and Thomas Richardson, jr. of Methuen, int. Nov. 30, 1800.

Benjamen, and Sarah Simonds, Oct. 18, 1803.*

Samuel, jr., and Nancy Simonds, Oct. 21, 1804.*

Hannah, and James Daniels of Chelsea, int. Aug. 24, 1805.

Nancy, and William Scarlett, Dec. 5, 1805.*

Walter, of Wilmington, and Lydia French, Jan. 16, 1812. CR1

Hannah, and Peter Boardman, Jan. 17, 1813. CR1

Nancy, and Zepheniah Kittredge, June 28, 1820. CR1*

Polena, and Oilman R. Gardner of New Bedford, NH, int. Dec. 15, 1820.

Amanda G., and Erastus Gile of Andover, int. Aug. 27, 1842.

Eliza, a. 20 y., d. Benjamin and Sarah, and Wyman Gleason of Andover, a. 28 y., manufacturer, s. John, of Andover, Oct. 9, 1845.*

James M., a. 30 y., farmer, s. Benjamin and Sarah, and Eliza Kittredge, a. 25 y., d. Simeon and Eliza, June 22, 1848.*

MARRILL (Merrill)

Susannah, and Jonathan Frost, jr., May 9, 1771.*

MARSHAL (Marshall)

Thomas, and Mary Tarbul, May 25, 1743. CR1

John, and Mary French, Aug. 12, 1761. CR1

Isaac, and Abigail Brown, at Billerica, Jan. 5, 1762. CR1

MARSHALL (Marshal)

Silas, and Eunice Bailey, Apr. 27, 1769.

Mary [2d m. CR1], and Samuel Brown, Jan. 4, 1770.

Thomas [of Chelmsford. CR1], and Lydia Hunt, Feb. 1, 1770.

Joel, and Sarah Patch of Andover, at Andover, Feb. 21, 1770.

Mary, and Jonathan Spaulding, Feb. 11, 1771.*

Thomas [2d. CR1], and [Mrs. CR1] Phebe Phelps, Aug. 8, 1771.*

Daniel, and Sarah Dutton, Oct. 18, 1774. CR1*

Isaac, and Bettey Trull of Billerica, int. Oct. 30, 1783.

John, and Rebecca Chapman, July 14, 1785. CR1*

Hannah, and Ezra Kindell [jr. int.], Mar. 13, 1787.*

Abel [of Chelmsford. int.], and Patty [Molley. int.] Flint of Chelmsford, at Chelmsford, Mar. 11, 1788. [Apr. 5, 1788. int.]*

Jacob [of Chelmsford. int.], and Polly [Patty, int. and CR1] Richardson, May 15, 1788.*

Salley, and Zebediah Breck of Reading, Dec. 15, 1796.*

Joel [jr. int.], and Abigail Bowman of Billerica, May 2, 1801. PR17*

Mary [of Chelmsford. int.], and John Spaulding, Nov. 23, 1801. PR9*

Sally Patch, and Capt. Timothy Osgood of Newburyport, Oct. 21, 1807. CR1

Herman, and Hannah Kittredge, Feb. 13, 1813. CR1 [Feb. 11. PR17]

Martha, and Abraham Whitemore of Greenfield, Nov. 25, 1813. CR1

Louise, and Joseph Blanchard [of Littleton. int.], Dec. 20, 1815. PR17*

An [Anna Moorse. int.], and Daniel Rug of Salem, Mar. ––, 1816. CR1 [Mar. 6. PR17]*

Elon, and Lucy Allen of Billerica, Dec. 31, 1817.*

Mary, and George Brown, Feb. ––, 1818. CR1*

Eber, and Mary Frost of Boscawen, NH, int. Mar. 16, 1820.

Abel, and Abigail Farmer, Feb. 22, 1821. CR1*

Thomas [P. int.], and Olive Trull [Sept. 3. int.], 1828. CR1*

Herman, and Mahala Marston, Oct. 15, 1835. CR1*

Alven [of Andover. int.], and Hannah [Eames. PR5] Jaques, Nov. 28, 1839. CR1*

Thomas, of Chelmsford, and Ann F[iske. PR9] Spaulding, May 4, 1843.*

William, of Andover, and Mary A. Frost, int. Mar. 28, 1845.

Thomas P., widr., a. 45 y., farmer, and Caroline F. Barrett, wid., a. 39 y., d. Martha Chapman, Dec. 3, 1845.*

MARSTON (Masten, Mastin)

Dudley, and Molley Needham, Jan. 1, 1805.*

Judy [Juley. int.], and Josiah French [resident in Tewksbury. int.], Feb. 10, 1805.*

Mahala, and Herman Marshall, Oct. 15, 1835. CR1*

Samuel, and Betsy M. Noyes of Lowell, int. Apr. 25, 1840.

Mary [Mastins. int.], a. 39 y., d. Dudley, and Henry Rice, widr., of Billerica, a. 58 y., farmer, Mar. 2, 1848.*


Jane, and William Spaulding, Mar. 3, 1742. CR1


Abigail, and Arad Worcester, certificate dated Dec. 15, 1834.


Silvanus P., of Salem, NH, and Hannah Shed, July 2, 1840. CR1*

MASTEN (Marston)

Jeremiah, and Sarah Butman, Mar. 20, 1821. CR1*

William T., and Laura Fletcher of Dunstable, NH, int. May 10, 1827.

Hannah, and Cyrus Farrar of Lowell, int. Apr. 23, 1831.

MASTIN (Marston)

Amos [of Chelmsford. int.], and Judith Thorndike, June 7, 1775. CR1*


Almira, of Lowell, and Seth Merrill, int. Jan. 18, 1834.

William, and Silvia Whyman, int. Nov. 12, 1837.

George W., and Rhoda Foster, int. Apr. 26, 1840.

George, and Lucy Foster, May 12, 1840. CR1


Alexander H., and Caroline Pinkham of Newmarket, NH, int. Apr. 1, 1839.


Hannah, and Benjamin Dows, Aug. 24, 1749. CR1

Mehetabel, and Glode Longgon, Nov. 16, 1749. CR1

Abigail, and Jonathan Dutton, Feb. 7, 1750. CR1

Mary, and Richard Thissel, Oct. 25, 1752. CR1

Robert, and Sarah Bean, Feb. 17, 1757. CR1

Roger, and Dorcas Levistone, Mar. 15, 1757. CR1

Thomas, and Lydia Carleton, Jan. 11, 1763. CR1

Robbert, and Rebeckah Bathrick of Charlestown, at Lexington, Aug. 30, 1763.

John, and Jane Stickney, Dec. 4, 1764. CR1

Roger, and Judith Daverson, Apr. 16, 1788.*

Aaron, and Rebeca Dutten, Aug. 25, 1789. [Aug. 20. CR1]*

Molly, and James Kelly, Oct. 27, 1791. CR1*

Hannah, and Osgood Brown, at Dracut, Apr. 4, 1792.*

Zebadiah, and Batty Butters of Andover, at Andover, May 1, 1794.*

Russel, and Susanna Dutton, July 24, 1794. CR1*

Jane, and Ephraim Frost, Dec. 22, 1795.*

Isaac, of Billerica, and Polly Long, Nov. 24, 1796.*

Rebekah, and Samuel Tomson of Merrimack [NH. int.], July 13, 1799.*

Dannel, of Billerica, and Molley Bell, int. Sept. 29, 1799.

Abel, and Hannah Frost, Dec. 13, 1817. CR1*

Rebecca, and Sewel Silly of Dracut, June 29, 1820. CR1*

Josiah R., of Dracut, and Rebeccah Kelly, int. Aug. 25, 1821.

Hannah, of Westford, and Abnah Bailey, int. Jan. 8, 1823.

Aaron [jr. int.], and Clarissa Foster, Feb. 12, 1824. CR1*

Ira, and Rebeakcah Scarlett, int. May 4, 1824.

Russell, jr., and Hannah Phelps, int. May 12, 1826.

Betsey [Elizabeth. int.], and Joseph Foster [jr. int.], Sept. 28, 1826. CR1*

Lydia, and Elisha Pasho, int. Apr. 25, 1827.

Ira, and Nancy Bailey of Andover, int. Apr. 16, 1842.


Sarah, and Dr. Daniel Ryan, Nov. 5, 1780. CR1*


John [of Andover. int.], and Mary Kidder, Oct. 12, 1786.*

MELVEN (Melvin)

George [of Chelmsford. int.], and Abigail Stickney, Jan. 14, 1794. CR1*

MELVIN (Melven)

Nancy, and William Butterfield, Apr. 23, 1826. CR1*

Mary, of Cavendish, VT, and Charles W. Emerson, int. Oct. 13, 1849.

MERILL (Merrill)

Lydia [of Dracut. int.], and Daniel Worcester, Oct. 30, 1832. CR1*

MERRIAM (Miriam)

MERRIEL (Merrill)

Rebeca, and Edward Page, Nov. 27, 1788.*

Anna, and Benjamin Farley [of Hollis, NH. int.], Jan. 1, 1789.*

MERRIL (Merrill)

Hannah, and Amos Foster, jr., Mar. 4, 1752. CR1

John, and Sarah Hunt, Jan. 1, 1812. CR1

MERRILL (Marrill, Merill, Merriel, Merril)

David, and Mary Watson, Nov. 18, 1756. CR1

James [of Newbury. int.], and wid. Betty French, Jan. 18, 1775. CR1*

Molly, and Newman Scarlett, May 24, 1776. CR1*

Stephen, of Newbury, and Hanna [Anna. int.] Baily, Aug. 20, 1777. CR1*

Molley, and Benjamin Rogers, Nov. 28, 1782. CR1*

Lucy, and Nathaniell Liviston [of Billerica. int.], June 19, 1788.*

Seth, and Almira Maynard of Lowell, int. Jan. 18, 1834.


Patrick, and Mary Templeton, int. Dec. 15, 1833.


Betsey C., of Billerica, and Oliver Carter, int. June 17, 1826.

Mary, and Ansel Fisk, int. Mar. 2, 1834.

Martha [F. int.], and Amos F. Blanchard, May 10, 1843. CR1*


Sarah, and John Kittridge, jr., July 26, 1744. CR1

MOOR (Moore)

Francis L., and Betsey Bowers [of Bristol, NH, now of Lowell. int.], Apr. 14, 1835.*

Charlotte, and David S. Swan of Arkansas, int. Apr. 26, 1844.

MOORE (Moor, Moors)

Mary Ann, and Charles H. Nutter, int. Mar. 23, 1833.

Robert R., and Phebe I. [J. int.] Buxton, Jan. 18, 1834.*

MOORS (Moore)

Simeon, and Joanna Thorndike, Dec. 17, 1755. CR1

Micajah [of Lyme, NH. int.], and Polly Clark, Feb. 19, 1795.*

MOREY (Mory)

Thomas, and Martha Jane French of Billerica, June 19, 1836. PR16*

MORREL (Morrill)

Sarah J., and Azel W. Patten of Billerica, int. Oct. 12, 1848.

MORRILL (Morrel)

Benjamin, and Elisebeth Dutton, Nov. 5, 1767. CR1

Permelia, Mrs., and Nathan E. Jaques, Jan. 18, 1838. CR1*


Joseph, jr. [of Methuen. int.], and Experiance Kidder, Aug. 4, 1788. [Aug. 5. CR1]*

Moses, of Reading, and Ann Frost, Jan. 7, 1838. CR1

MORY (Morey)

Martha, of Reading, and Ebenezer Kittredge, int. Feb. 1, 1821.


Joann, of Medford, and Henry Eaton, int. May 1, 1827.


Joseph, and Azubah Hennery of Stoddard, NH, int. Nov. 15, 1784.

Mary Ann, of Lowell, and Jason Phelps, int. Dec. 1, 1831.

Harriet, and Perkins Holden of Billerica, int. Dec. 13, 1832.

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