Prudence, and Daniel Levistone, jr., Feb. 18, 1767. CR1

Elisabeth, and Joseph Jaqueth [of Billerica. ], Jan. 16, 1770.

Lucy, and Abel Bowman [of Bedford. int.], Mar. 21, 1776. CR1*

Stearns, and Allice Kidder, May 27, 1779. CR1*

Azubah, and Timothy Sprague [of Billerica. int.], Oct. 18, 1785. CR1*

John, jr., and Mary Shed, Feb. 16, 1786.*

Mary, and Jonathan Gray, Mar. 2, 1786.*

Abigail, and Life Farmer, May 29, 1787. [May 24. CR1]*

Molley, and Dudley Marston, Jan. 1, 1805.*

Samuel [B. int.], of Milford, NH, and Abigail Hardy, Nov. 25, 1821. CR1*


Samuel, of New Suncook, and Esther Trul, Apr. 26, 1797.*

NICHOLS (Nickles, Nicols)

Luther, of Reading, and Rebeckah Saunders, int. July 2, 1823.

Rodolphus, of Andover, and Lavina Frost, int. July 27, 1839.

Isaac N., of Lawrence, and Mary Ann Frost, int. Oct. 2, 1847.

Ellen, of Lowell, and Moses French, jr., int. Sept. 30, 1848.

NICKLES (Nichols)

Robert [jr. CR1], and Margaret W. Dowd [McDowd. CR1], May 5, 176–. [1768. CR1]

Elisabeth, and James Campbell, July 12, 1764. CR1

Margarett, and William Davidson, Nov. 12, 1767. CR1

NICOLS (Nichols)

Charles A., and Martha Ann Durant of Lowell, Sept. 13, 1840. CR1

NOIS (Noyes)

Ward [of Andover. int.], and Clarasa Foster, Aug. 9, 1798.*

NOYES (Nois, Noys)

Betsy M., of Lowell, and Samuel Marston, int. Apr. 25, 1840.

Sarah Jane, and Franklin Beers, both of Lowell, June 9, 1844.

NOYS (Noyes)

Moses [of Pelham. int.], and Sarah Baldwin, July 21, 1791. CR1*


Charles H., and Mary Ann Moore, int. Mar. 23, 1833.


David L., and Margaret Kampton [Kempton. dup. int.], int. Apr. 9, 1832.

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