Gardner, and Abigail Hardy, Apr.30,1750.CR1

Edward, and Rebeca Merriel, Nov.27,1788.*

Loisa W., of Shirley, and Joel Foster, Oct.1,1825.CR1*

Margaret M., of Deerfield, NH, and Greenleaf Spofford, int.Dec.28,1833.


Jemime, and James Hardy, jr., Apr.19,1764.CR1

Susan H., and Benjamin M. Butler, both of Lowell, int.Jan.8,1846.


Samuel, and Anna Tarbel, July28,1743.CR1

Ruth, of Chelmsford, and Timothy Rogers, at Chelmsford, June2,1757.

Philip, and Anna Osgood, Dec.29,1768.

Josiah, Ens.[jr., of Hollis, NH. int.], and Sarah Spaulding, Nov.29,1792.CR1*

Samuel, of Methuen, and Tryphena Flint of Dracut, May26,1815.CR1

Frederick A., Dr., of Salem, and Mary Coggin, Dec.24,1816.CR1*

John, and Mary Jaques, June4,1817.CR1

Maria, of Woburn, and Simon Adams, int.June7,1829.

Benjamin, of Lowell, and Alice Butman, int.Nov.28,1829.

Joseph, of Bolton, and Mrs.Alethenia Holt [Feb.4. int.], 1830.CR1*

Jonas L., widr., of Manchester, NH, innkeeper, and Mary Huntress, May28,1844.*


Ruth [P. int.], and Frederick Rea, Feb.3,1824.CR1*

Joseph, of Billerica, and Lydia Allen, certificate dated Feb.27,1835.

PASHO (Patio)

John Andrew, jr., of Burlington, and Sally Foster, Feb.14,1814.CR1

Elisha, and Lydia Mears, int.Apr.25,1827.


Sarah, of Andover, and Joel Marshall, at Andover, Feb.21,1770.

Timothy, and Susannah Dusten of Haverhill, int.Jan.11,1777.

Thomas, jr., of Hollis, NH, and Anne Stickney, Feb.5,1797.*


Olive, and Samuel H. Shipley, int.Mar.3,1828.

PATIO (Pasho)

Sarah, and Harison [O. int.] Fairbanks, Apr.末,1836.CR1*

Martha L., and George W. Livingstone, Apr.3,1839.CR1*

PATTEN (Pattin)

Mehitabel, Mrs., and John Dutten, Dec.16,1746.CTR

Hannah [of], and William Kittridge jr., Nov.25,1779.CR1*

John, of Lowell, and Sophia Lawrence, int.June19,1830.

Azel W., of Billerica, and Sarah J. Morrel, int.Oct.12,1848.

William H., of Billerica, a.23y., miller, b. Billerica, s.Aaron H. and Eliza, of Billerica, and Abby A. Jaques, a.20y., d.Nathan E. and Thankful, Oct.12,1848.*


Hannah, of Methuen, and Lt. Jesse Clark, int.June7,1817.

PATTIN (Patten)

Kendal, and Susanna Baldwin, July31,1739.CR1

John, and Elizabeth Frost, May28,1741.CR1

Hannah, and Josiah Kidder, June7,1744.CR1

Thomas, and Mrs.Sarah Clark, June22,1749.CR1

Mary, and Ephraim Frost, Dec.5,1754.CR1

Rebecca, and Samuell Ober, jr., Feb.18,1755.CR1

Hannah, and Nathaniel Clark, jr., Dec.3,1755.CR1

Sarah, and Daniel Kittridge, Dec.4,1755.CR1

Ruth, and Davis Chapman, Feb.8,1776.CR1*


Phineus [of Wilmington. int.], and Rebecca Kittredge, Oct.31,1775.CR1*

Benjamin, of Middleton, and Harriet Brown, int.Dec.29,1838.


Mary, and Ephraim Curtis, Aug.19,1742.CR1

William, and Betty Farmer, Feb.3,1743.CR1

Betty, and Newmen Scarlet, Oct.27,1761.CR1

Hannah, and Davis Chapman, July26,1763.CR1

William, and Abigail Kidder, July24,1770.

Hannah, and John Bell, Feb.21,1775.CR1*

Mary, and Joel Wright, Feb.8,1776.CR1*

Olive, and Asa Levistone, May21,1778.CR1*

Betty, and Serg. Thomas Kittridge, Dec.22,1779.CR1*

PEARSON (Pierson)

Mary J., of North Tewksbury, and James T. Currier of Lowell, int.Nov.4,1849.

PEARSONS (Pierson)

William, jr., and Lucy Hardy, Jan.30,1814.CR1

Lucy, and John H. Shepherd of Bedford, NH, Jan.末,1842. [Dec.末,1841.CR1]*


James, of Billerica, and Rachel Spaulding, Sept.21,1761.CR1


Samuel M., of Lowell, and Sarah J. Kendall, int.Sept.3,1847.

PETTENGILL (Pattengill)


Meshack, and Eliza Howard of Cambridge, int.Dec.22,1828.


Henry, and Mrs.Susanna Kittridge, May15,1760.CR1

Joseph [of Andover. int.], and Ruth French, Mar.7,1771.*

Phebe [Mrs.CR1], and Thoma]s Marshall [2d.CR1], Aug.8,1771.*

Phebe, and Jacob Foster [jr. of Andover. int.], Apr.1,1773.*

Joseph, and Isabel Dutten, Dec.28,1790.*

Ruth, and Ephream Frost, int.Sept.26,1803.

Elisha, and Mary French, Feb.7,1814.CR1

Mary, and Amos Sheldon of Danvers, Oct.8,1815.CR1

Hannah, and Russell Mears, jr., int.May12,1826.

Henry, and Betsey Foster, Feb.21,1828.CR1*

Jason, and Mary Ann Munroe of Lowell, int.Dec.1,1831.


William Dyke, and Mary Adelia Maidment, int.May2,1829.


Marshall, and Mary Stearns, Sept.20,1815.CR1

Nathaniel, and Martha Francis of Lowell, int.July6,1839.

PIERSON (Pearson, Pearsons, Piersons)

Caroline E., a.19y., d.William and Lucy, and David S. Prince of Amherst, NH, a.21y., wheelwright, Sept.19,1848.*

PIERSONS (Pierson)

Sarah A., a.28y., d.William and Lucy, and John H. Shepard, widr., of Bedford, NH, a.32y., farmer, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Oct.9,1845.*

Abby, a.25y., d.William and Lucy, and Edward R. Gardner, a.27y., farmer, s.Patience Mace, Jan.1,1846.*


Benjamin, and Elizebeth Hardy, June12,1745.CR1


Susan, and Horatio Worcester, Aug.8,1830.CR1*

Caroline, of Newmarket, NH, and Alexander H. Mayo, int.Apr.1,1839.

Sarah R., and Porter Levingston [Mar.4,1843. int.]*


Salley, of Wilmington, and Peter Clark, jr., int.Nov.24,1787.


Abigail, of Londonderry, and Jereboam How, int.Aug.7,1825.


Sarah, Mrs., and Benjamin Baldwin, Apr.2,1747.CTR


Mary Ann, and John Cheever, May12,1825.CR1*


Thomas B., of Andover, and Beulah S. French, July11,1843.CR1*


Thomas, of Lowell, and Clarisa W. Crocker,末蔓末,1827.CR1

Joseph, and Sarah Rowell, int.Aug.22,1828.


Susannah [C. int.], and Allen Wright, Dec.17,1826.CR1*

Henry E., and Lucy G. Jaques, Oct.15,1835.CR1*


David S., of Amherst, NH, a.21y., wheelwright, and Caroline E. Pierson, a.19y., d.William and Lucy, Sept.19,1848.*


Ruth, of Danvers, and Oliver Whiting, at Danvers, Oct.17,1776.*

Samuel, jr., and Sally Gould, both of Chelmsford, July23,1793.CR1


Nancy, of Acton, and Adam Putnam, int.Dec.13,1823.

Eliza, Mrs., and Thaddeus Balcom of Shirley, int.Apr.16,1846.


Mary S., of Lowell, and Franklin Kidder, int.May20,1843.


Elizebeth, and Nathan Baily, Apr.18,1744.CR1

Timothy, and Susanna Badger, Nov.17,1759.CR1

Adam, and Nancy Puffer of Acton, int.Dec.13,1823.

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