Mary P., and Simeon Cunningham, Apr.11,1833.*

Benjamin F., a.23y., farmer, and Julia E. Fales, a.20y., both of Lowell, Mar.9,1846.

SANDERS (Saunders)

Elizebeth, and Timothy Dutton, Mar.23,1758.CR1

Abigail, and Nathan Kittridge, Jan.18,1759.CR1

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Levistone, June4,1765.CR1

Hannah, and Jonathan Frost, Oct.29,1765.CR1

James, jr., and Mary Chapman, Sept.21,1767.CR1

Jacob, and Elisabeth McDowel, Jan.5,1773.*

Esther, and Nathan Shed, Mar.11,1779.CR1*

Jacob, and Lydia Frost, "Edmd.junrs.Wife", Dec.9,1779.CR1*

Benjamin, [jr., of], and Mary Stickney, Sept.7,1784.*

Ebenezer, of Billerica, and Patty Stickney, int.Jan.16,1786.

Elisabeth, of Billerica, and William Levistone, Oct.18,1787.CR1

Amos, and Darcas Frost, Apr.21,1789.*

Joshua [of], and Sarah Farmer, Feb.5,1790.CR1*

Sarah [Mary.CTR], and William Chandler, Dec.2,1790.*

Timothy, and Rebecca Frost, May24,1791.CR1*

Samuel, and Rhoda Frost, Dec.27,1796.*

Lucy, and Timothy Button, int.Apr.12,1801.

Sally, of Billerica, and Samuel Brown, jr., Nov.28,1802.*

Jemima, and John Sanders of Billerica, int.May17,1817.

John, of Billerica, and Jemima Sanders, int.May17,1817.

Phinehas, and Nancy Shed, int.Sept.9,1826.


Phillip, of Wilmington, and Lydia French, Apr.22,1834.CR1*

SARTLE (Sertall)

Eli [resident in], and Lydia Hunt, May6,1792.CR1*

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

Sarah, and Samuel Kittridge, Aug.9,1753.CR1

Rachel, and Joshua Frost, Jan.3,1764.CR1

Benjamin, and Nancy Flemings, June9,1807.CR1

Mispa, and Benjamin Symmes of Woburn, May25,1809.CR1

Fanny, and Daniel Levingston, 2d, Apr.22,1811.CR1

Alice, and Benjamin French [], Oct.末,1817.CR1*

Mary, and Benjamin Frost of Reading, May10,1821.CR1*

Rebeckah, and Luther Nichols of Reading, int.July2,1823.

Sarah, and Benjamin Frost of Reading, July4,1826.CR1*

Ann [Anna], and Brown Burt, Aug.31,1826.CR1*

Ziba, and Huldah Frost, Oct.末,1826.CR1*

Rhoda, and Ambrose Clark, Mar.27,1832.*

Eliza J[ane. int.], and Abner Frost, Nov.6,1832.CR1*

Lucy W., and Asa L. Scarlett, int.Aug.21,1836.

Lucinda, and Abiel Holt of Andover, Oct.19,1837.CR1*

Abiel, and] Trull, June20,1839.CR1*

Artemas F., and Lydia [S. int.] Rogers, Oct.末,1842.*


John [S., of Bangor, ME. int.], and Elizabeth [H. int.] Clark, Sept.29,1835.CR1*

SCARLET (Scarlett)

Newman, and Betty Peacock, Oct.27,1761.CR1

Betty, and Abel Davice [of Merrimack, NH. int.], Dec.23,1784.*

Sherebiah, and Olive Levingston, May31,1807.CR1

SCARLETT (Scarlet)

Newman, and Molly Merrill, May24,1776.CR1*

Lydia, and Joseph French, jr., Jan.20,1783.CR1*

Mary, and Moses Gray, July26,1791.CR1*

Rhoda, and Kindell Emerson [resident in], Oct.2,1796.*

Marrial, and Rhoda Hardy, Nov.9,1801.*

Nancy, and Isaac Shed, Sept.27,1802.*

William, and Nancy Manning, Dec.5,1805.*

Mial, and Rebekah Hazeltine, Oct.20,1811.CR1

Rebeakcah, and Ira Mears, int.May4,1824.

Sarah, and Silas Farmer, int.Jan.3,1827.

William, and Hannah Burtt, int.May20,1827.

Asa L., and Lucy W. Saunders, int.Aug.21,1836.

Randolph, and Louisa Wedge of Andover, int.Oct.21,1843.


Caroline, of Lowell, and Harrison G. Howe, int.May15,1829.

Milo, and Sarah E. Haselton of Londonderry, NH, int.Nov.7,1846.


Prudence [Scotten?], and Jonathan Wood of Goffstown, NH, int.Feb.26,1783.


John, of Wilmington, and Nancy French, Nov.4,1806.CR1

SERTALL (Sartle)

Ephraim [Sartel.CR1; Scarlat, of], and Hannah Beard, Nov.19,1795.*


Moses, and Anna Butman, Jan.3,1815.CR1

Amey, of Groton, and Jonathan Butman, jr., int.Sept.22,1818.

Leonard, of Andover, and Harriet Clark, Feb.27,1828.CR1*


Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Kitteridge, jr., Jan.15,1747.CTR

Jacob, and Rebecca Levistone, Nov.7,1751.CR1

John, and Susanna Symonds, Nov.16,1752.CR1

Jonathan, and Lydia Kittridge, Mar.27,1753.CR1

Rebecca, and William Kittridge, jr., Feb.5,1761.CR1

Sarah, and Isaac Mace, Nov.25,1762.CR1

Susanna, and Joshua Blodget, Jan.27,1774.CR1*

Jacob, jr., and Molley Goodhugh of Dracut, int.Mar.6,1777.

Lydia, and Jacob Frost, Oct.2,1777.CR1*

Jonathan [jr. int.], and Abigail Fisk, Mar.18,1778.CR1*

Sarah, and John Jewett, Mar.18,1778.CR1*

Rebecca, and Ephraim Wright [of Dracut. int.], Oct.29,1778.CR1*

Nathan, and Esther Sanders, Mar.11,1779.CR1*

Joel, and Dolly Fanner, July10,1783.CR1*

Mary, and John Needham, jr., Feb.16,1786.*

Daniell, and Polly Lavida Quales of Pepperell, June28,1791.CR1

Esther, and John Baldwin, Apr.18,1793.*

Abigail, and Noah Hunt, Mar.9,1795.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Blanchard of Andover, at Andover, Feb.23,1796.*

Hannah, and Stephen Brown, Feb.25,1796.

Josiah, and Lucy French, Mar.1,1796.*

Samuel [of Reading. int.], and Lidia Clark, Apr.1,1798.*

Elizabeth, and John French, Feb.26,1801.*

Isaac, and Nancy Scarlett, Sept.27,1802.*

Jacob, jr., and Susannah Spaulding of Chelmsford, int.Aug.15,1803.

Dolly, and Samuel Wright of Newport, NH, Dec.3,1806.CR1

Joel, and Betsey Bailey, Dec.21,1808.CR1

John, and Hannah Flemmons, Oct.9,1809.CR1

Ednah, and Loammi Spaulding, Apr.4,1811.CR1

Mary, and Life Farmer, Feb.25,1813.CR1

William [of], and Jerusha Frost, Oct.末,1817.CR1*

Silas, and Polly Brown, Dec.25,1817.CR1*

Jacob, and Clarrisa Carter of Wilmington, int.Apr.27,1821.

Hosley, and Annah Baldwin, Feb.12,1824.CR1*

Rebecca, and Thomas [M. int.] Kendall, Jan.20,1825.CR1*

Betsey, and Rufus Bailey, Dec.25,1825.CR1*

Nancy, and Phinehas Sanders, int.Sept.9,1826.

Emeline, and Samuel Clark [jr., Jan.5. int.], 1828.CR1*

Life, and Catherine H. Hamblen, int.Apr.13,1833.

Abner, and Eliza Blanchard of Wilton, NH, certificate dated Nov.10,1834.

Hosley, and Sarah S. Emory of Winchendon, int.June9,1838.

Hannah, and Silvanus P. Massey of Salem, NH, July2,1840.CR1*

SHELDEN (Sheldon)

Abraham, of Reading, and Mary Wyman, at Reading, July3,1777.*

SHELDON (Shelden)

Amos, of Danvers, and Mary Phelps, Oct.8,1815.CR1

SHEPARD (Shepherd)

John H., widr., of Bedford, NH, a.32y., farmer, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, and Sarah A. Piersons, a.28y., d.William and Lucy, Oct.9,1845.*

SHEPHERD (Shepard)

John H., of Bedford, NH, and Lucy Pearsons, Jan.末,1842. [Dec.末,1841.CR1]*


Samuel H., and Olive Paterson, int.Mar.3,1828.


Sewel, of Dracut, and Rebecca Mears, June29,1820.CR1*

SIMONDS (Simons, Symonds)

John, of Billerica, and Asseenoth French, int.July12,1803.

Sarah, and Benjamen Manning, Oct.18,1803.*

Nancy, and Samuel Manning, jr., Oct.21,1804.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph French, Nov.8,1804.*

Rebecah, and Robert T. [G. int.] Graham of New Rowley, Oct.26,1837.CR1*

SIMONS (Simonds)

Rebecca, and Benjamin Frost, July1,1740.CR1


Loezer [M. int.], a.22y., d.George and Loeza, and John H[enry.CR1] Dayland of South Reading, a.21y., shoemaker, s.John and Sarah, of South Reading, Oct.1,1845.*

Mary C[aroline.CR1], a.21y., housework, b. Wilmington, d.George and Louiza, and Benjamin Barnard of South Reading, a.25y., shoemaker, b. Harvard, s.Benjamin and Harriet H., of South Reading, Sept.7,1847.*


Sally, and William Levingston, Jan.23,1803.*


John [of Hollis, NH. int.], and Mary Hunt, June11,1789.*

Alpheus, and Jane Brown, Dec.28,1826.CR1

Meriam, and John Read, int.Feb.27,1830.

John, of Antrim, NH, and Clemintin Hamlin, int.Mar.12,1830.

Henry, and Mary [F. int.] Mace, Feb.18,1836.CR1*

Harriet E., and Obadiah R. Foster, int.Feb.25,1843.

Josiah, and Elizabeth Kendall of Lowell, int.Aug.17,1845.

Luther [of Lowell. int.], a.27y., farmer, s.Luther and Hannah, and Sarah Livingston, a.22y., d.William and Sarah, July4,1846.*


Susanna, and Francis Kittridge, Jan.2,1739-40.CR1


Joseph J., jr., and Mary S. Randal of Charlestown, int.Feb.8,1834.

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Abraham A., of Charlestown, and Polly Hunt, int.Jan.29,1820.

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Mary, and John Woodward, Sept.3,1740.CR1

William, and Jane Martin, Mar.3,1742.CR1

Rachel, and James Pemberton of Billerica, Sept.21,1761.CR1

Mary, d.Rev. Samson, and John Bridges, Oct.21,1762.CR1

Jona]than], and Mary Marshall, Feb.11,1771.*

Mehetabel, and Benjamin] Burtt, jr., Aug.22,1771.

Phineas, and Elisabeth Bailey, May3,1773.*

Hannah, and Isaac French, Dec.14,1775.CR1*

Anna [], and Rev. Abel Fisk [of Wilton, NH. int.], Aug.19,1783.*

Elisabeth, and Joshua Baldwin [jr.CR1; of Langdon, NH. int.], Dec.20,1787.*

Sarah, and Ens.Josiah Parker [jr., of Hollis, NH. int.], Nov.29,1792.CR1*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Jaquith [resident in], Nov.10,1793.CR1*

John, and Mary Marshall [of], Nov.23,1801.PR9*

Susannah, of Chelmsford, and Jacob Shed, jr., int.Aug.15,1803.

Loammi, and Ednah Shed, Apr.4,1811.CR1

Rufus [of], and Harriot Hunt, Oct.8,1822.CR1*

Mary, of Lowell, and Benjamin Brown, int.Oct.31,1830.

Sidney [Capt. int.], of Lowell, and Permelia Clark, Nov.11,1834.CR1*

John, jr., and Sarah P. Fisk of Wilton, NH [Feb.4.PR9], 1836.

Benjamin Franklin, and Mary Fearing of Hingham, Apr.17,1839.*

Ann F[iske.PR9], and Thomas Marshall of Chelmsford, May4,1843.*


Harrit J., of Andover, and Oren Frost, int.Oct.29,1842.


Greenleaf, and Margaret M. Page of Deerfield, NH, int.Dec.28,1833.


Mary, and Seth Levistone, jr., Oct.21,1748.CR1

Dorcas, and William Levistone, July25,1753.CR1

Timothy [of], and Azubah Needham, Oct.18,1785.CR1*

SPRAK (Sprake)

Ruth, of Billerica, and Joseph French, int.Nov.26,1788.

SPRAKE (Sprak)

Nicholas, 3d, and Margaret Levistone, Aug.15,1753.CR1


Abigail, of Wilmington, and Thomas Manning, int.Mar.6,1776.

Molley, of Amherst, NH, and Daniel Bayly, int.Sept.29,1783.

STANDLY (Stanly)

Sarah, of Wilmington, and Jacob Burtt, int.Feb.8,1775.

STANLY (Standley, Standly)

Jacob, jr. [of Amherst, NH. int.], and Susanna Bayly, Nov.25,1784.*

STARNS (Stearns)

Dolley, of Amherst, and Benjamin Dike, 3d, int.Feb.2,1771.

STEARNS (Starns, Sterns)

Edward, and Lucy Wyman, Nov.28,1754.CR1

Oliver, and Susanna Winch, Mar.8,1757.CR1

Dorcas, and Joseph Frost, Jan.3,1788.*

Dorcas, and John Gould, July5,1810.CR1

Mary, and Marshall Pierce, Sept.20,1815.CR1

Solomon G., and Mary Collins, int.Apr.17,1833.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Hiram A[mbrose. int.], of Boston, a.23y., trader, s.Ambrose and Sally, and Mariah F[] Chandler, a.21y., d.John and Annah, Sept.22,1847.*

STERNS (Stearns)

Susannah, and Aaron Frost, Oct.23,1800.*

STEVENS (Stephens)

Prudence, and Zachariah Hardy, Feb.21,1751.CR1

Joseph, and Mrs.Allice Kidder of Billerica, May26,1761.CR1

Joanna, and Humphrey Webster of Chelmsford, int.Feb.2,1824.

Eliza B., of Marlboro, and Sidney Brigham, int.Jan.7,1825.

Joseph, and Hannah Kendall, Sept.末,1827.CR1*


Abigail, and James Kittridge, 4th, Mar.10,1752.CR1

Abraham, jr., and Sarah Kittridge, Dec.9,1755.CR1

Amos, and Hannah Hunt, Sept.27,1756.CR1

Mary, Mrs., and James Goss, at Billerica, May14,1761.CR1

Samuell, and Elinor Butman, Nov.16,1762.CR1

Eleazer, and Martha Brown, at Billerica, Jan.25,1763.CR1

Jane, and John Mears, Dec.4,1764.CR1

Sarah, and Isaac Kidder [of], June1,1775.CR1*

Hannah, and Samuell Ober, jr., June25,1778.CR1*

Abraham, 3d, and Abigail Bell, Mar.11,1779.CR1*

Elisabeth, and Dr. Zepheniah Kittridge [of Amherst, NH. int.], Mar.8,1781.CR1*

Elisabeth, and John Prescott Bachelor, Jan.22,1784.CR1*

Mary, and Benjamin Sanders [jr. of], Sept.7,1784.*

Patty, and Ebenezer Sanders of Billerica, int.Jan.16,1786.

Amos, and Rebecca Harrington of Lexington, at Lexington, Mar.25,1787.*

Abigael, and Nehemiah Hunt, int.Apr.5,1788.

Abigal, and George Melven [of], Jan.14,1794.CR1*

Anner, and Davis Baldwin, Feb.27,1794.CR1*

Polly, and Isaac Whittemor, Sept.9,1794.*

Anne, and Thomas Patch, jr. of Hollis, NH, Feb.5,1797.*

James, and Polly Baldwen, Nov.26,1801.*

Hannah, of Bradford, and Timothy Hunt, int.Mar.8,1806.

Joseph, and Lucelia Clark, Mar.7,1817.CR1*

Sylvanus, and Eliza Long, int.Oct.25,1823.

Abraham, of Andover, and Hannah Holt, Feb.14,1826.CR1*

Abigail, and Ephraim Jones of Bedford, Oct.27,1836.CR1

Julia, and Mark Averill, int.July7,1838.

Rebekah H., and Alden George of Lowell, int.Jan.2,1841.


Martha B., and Perley Chapman, int.Nov.25,1836.


Pheebe, and Thomas Levistone, Apr.3,1751.CR1

Lydia, and James Danforth, Nov.2,1752.CR1

Jonas [of], and Sarah Toothaker, Mar.7,1792.CR1*

Samuel, of Shrewsbury, and Keziah Foster, Jan.6,1799.*

Alice J., of Cavendish, VT, and Nathaniel Trull, int.Sept.29,1839.


Walter, and Abigail Kittredge, June13,1796.*


David S., of Arkansas, and Charlotte Moor, int.Apr.26,1844.


Lovella, of Mobile, AL, and Mary W. Bailey, July3,1838.CR1*


Benjamin, of Woburn, and Mispa Saunders, May25,1809.CR1

Rebecca, and Ephraim Frost, Dec.28,1826.CR1*

Charles C., of Aylmer, Lower Canada, and Lydia F. Clark, Nov.10,1840.CR1*

Johnson, and Ambrosia Tenney of Lowell, int.May25,1844.

SYMONDS (Simonds)

Susanna, and John Shed, Nov.16,1752.CR1

Eliza, and Simeon Kittredge, Dec.25,1816.CR1*

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