Harriet, and Thomas Lambert, both of Lynn, Jan.27,1845.


Sarah Ann, and Isaac S. Jewett, int.Dec.10,1842.


Mary, and Nathaniel Davidson, Nov.2,1738.CR1

Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Frost, Oct.2,1739.CR1

Hannah, wid., and Serg. James Kittridge, June26,1766.CR1

Eliakim, Serg., and Ruth Annice [of Andover. int.], Oct.15,1778.CR1*

Samuell [of Duxbury.int.], and Judith Kendall, Oct.23,1791.CR1*

James, of Shirley, and Anna Handon [Harnden.CR1] of Wilmington, Nov.20,1794.


Sophronia, and Luke Hardy, int.Dec.23,1825.

Anson, and Eliza Bowen of Hardwick, int.Nov.25,1829.


Elenor, and Moses Hagget, jr., Feb.22,1753.CR1

Ruth, and Daniel Russel, Oct.4,1753.CR1

Mary, and David Merrill, Nov.18,1756.CR1


Humphrey, of Chelmsford, and Joanna Stevens, int.Feb.2,1824.

Wealthy, of Billerica, and Edward H. Wood, int.Oct.21,1828.

Sarah, and Timothy Gray, Apr.末,1832.CR1*


Louisa, of Andover, and Randolph Scarlett, int.Oct.21,1843.


John, and wid.Eleanor Bailey, Mar.12,1766.CR1

Benjamin C., and Mehitable Barker of Newburyport, int.June10,1831.


Benjamin F., of Lowell, and Rebecca Knox, Nov.13,1831.


Keene, and Eliza Ann Adams, Oct.24,1833.


Solomon [of Hollis, NH. int.], and Debarah Hunt, Nov.30,1784.*

Solomon, of Hollis [NH. int.], and Betty Rogers, Nov.9,1794.*


Mary Ann [Elizan. int.], and [Joseph.int.] Graham [of Chelmsford, Nov.15. int.], 1823.CR1*

Ann Maria, and Nathan Durant, int.Dec.14,1829. (Postponed by order of said Durant)

Maria Ann, and Capt. Nathan Durant, int.Oct.31,1830.

WHITEMORE (Whittemore)

Molly [Mary.int.], and Solomon French, jr., Nov.29,1791.CR1*

Martha, and Jonathan Mace [of Andover. int.], Mar.1,1792.CR1*

Abraham, of Greenfield, and Martha Marshall, Nov.25,1813.CR1

Ambrose, and Elenor Clark [Nov.22. int.], 1823.CR1*


John, Cornet, and wid.Ann Clark, Feb.22,1747.CTR

Dorcas, and Dr. William Worster, May15,1759.CR1

Oliver, and Ruth Procter of Danvers, at Danvers, Oct.17,1776.*

Mercy, and Amos Wood, Aug.19,1784.*


Sophia, and Jesse Flemings, Dec.1,1817.CR1*

Amos, and Mary Tucker, int.Oct.23,1833.

WHITTEMOR (Whittemore)

Isaac, and Polly Stickney, Sept.9,1794.*

Lydia, and Edward Wood, Nov.29,1795.*

WHITTEMORE (Whitemore, Whittemor)

Ebenezer, Serg., and Martha Kittridge, July14,1763.CR1

Martha, and Nathaniel Clark, Jan.15,1795.

Olivia, and Joseph Roby of New York, int.May2,1816.

George R., a.25y., operative, b. Charlestown, s.Isaac and Lydia, and Hannah Wood of Andover, a.22y., b. England, Jan.23,1849.*


Persis H., of Methuen, and Jonathan Clark, 2d, int.Dec.10,1842.

WHYMAN (Wyman)

Silvia, and William Maynard, int.Nov.12,1837.


Loisa, of Reading, and Isaac Holden of Lowell,末蔓末,1827.CR1

WIN (Winn)

Prudence, and Seth Levistone, Oct.20,1741.CR1


Susanna, and Oliver Stearns, Mar.8,1757.CR1


Charles, and Betsy Richardson of Concord, int.June12,1824.

Wintworth, of Danvers, and Harriet Trow, int.Mar.25,1843.

WINN (Win)

Abigail, and Jonathan Foster, Nov.9,1795.*

Abigail, and Capt. Joseph Read of Westford, Apr.12,1810.CR1


James, resident in Dracut [resident in Tewksbury.int.], and Rebekah Brown, at Dracut, Apr.17,1791.*

WOOD (Woods)

Ebenezer, and Sarah Bootman, May16,1751.CR1

Esther, and Philip Fowler, Apr.1,1762.CR1

Thomas, and Dolley Calton of Bradford, int.Feb.18,1779.

Asa, and Abigail Burbank of Bradford, int.Dec.23,1782.

Sally, and Capt. Peter Hunt, Jan.16,1783.CR1*

Jonathan, of Goffstown, NH, and Prudence Scblotten [Scotten?], int.Feb.26,1783.

Amos, and Mercy Whiting, Aug.19,1784.*

Mehitable, and Jotham Barron [of Dracut. int.], Nov.26,1789.*

Daniel, and Hannah Barron of Dracut, at Dracut, Nov.28,1792.*

Ruth, of Methuen, and Rev. Titus Th[eodore. int.] Barton, at Methuen, July31,1794.*

Joseph, and Darcas Hardey, Nov.19,1795.*

Edward, and Lydia Whittemor, Nov.29,1795.*

Mary, and Eldad Griffin, Dec.30,1807.CR1

Sarah, and Silas Griffen, Dec.12,1808.CR1

Abigail, and Jonathan Abbot, Jan.15,1813.CR1

Micajah, and Rachel Richardson, both of Dracut, July3,1815.CR1

Samuel, of Dracut, and Patience Kendall, Apr.末,1816.CR1*

Ebenezer, and Ruth Woods of Beverly, int.Apr.6,1821.

Dolly, and Stephen Lewis of Maiden, int.Sept.7,1821.

Phinehas, of Rumford, ME, and Elizabeth Kidder, int.Feb.7,1824.

Lydia, and Jeremiah Kittredge of Boston, Oct.19,1824.CR1*

Edward H., and Wealthy Webster of Billerica, int.Oct.21,1828.

Thomas [J. int.], and Evelina Hardy, Apr.2,1833.*

Frances, and Abijah Upum of Lowell, int.Apr.19,1837.

Ellen [Hannah Ellen.PR11], and Jesse L. Trull, Apr.2,1839.CR1 [Apr.9.PR11]*

Miranda, a.23y., d.Warren and Hannah, and Nathaniel Trull, widr., a.39y., fanner, s.Jesse and Olive, Nov.29,1846.*

Hannah, of Andover, a.22y., b. England, and George R. Whittemore, a.25y., operative, b. Charlestown, s.Isaac and Lydia, Jan.23,1849.*


Mary Jane, of Newburyport, and Jeremiah Harding, int.Apr.25,1828.

WOODS (Wood)

Ruth, of Beverly, and Ebenezer Wood, int.Apr.6,1821.

John E., and Nancy Thompson, Oct.13,1833.*

Ann, of Hollis, NH, and Samuel Beard, int.Apr.末,1835. (Objection being made, no certificate given.)


John, and Mary Spaulding, Sept.3,1740.CR1


Mercy, and Richard Hall, Feb.21,1753.CR1

Moses, and Sarah Baldwin of Billerica, int.Feb.5,1782.

Mary, and Timothy Bayley, Dec.10,1793.CR1*

Clarisa, and Dr. William Hardy [jr. int.] of Poplin, NH, Nov.30,1803.*

Hannah, and Thomas Crocker of Lynn, Dec.1,1808.CR1

Leonard, and Rebecca Clark, Dec.31,1810.CR1

Samuel, jr., and Rhoda Rogers of Billerica, int.Mar.20,1819.

George, and Clarissa Rea, Apr.10,1822.CR1*

Mary, and Capt. Peter Clark [2d, Jan.6. int.], 1823.CR1*

Moses, and Lucy Flint of Reading, int.Apr.28,1823.

Harriot, and Joseph [G. int.] Kittredge, Jan.19,1826.CR1*

Caroline, and Charles Worcester, int.Feb.末,1826.

Charles, and Caroline Worcester, int.Feb.末,1826.

Rebecca, and Frances Hobs [of Lowell. int.], Nov.23,1826.CR1*

Horatio, and Susan Pinkham, Aug.8,1830.CR1*

Daniel, and Lydia Merill [of Dracut. int.], Oct.30,1832.CR1*

Arad, and Abigail Mason, certificate dated Dec.15,1834.

Henry E., and Mary A. Blanchard of Billerica, int.Nov.18,1839.

Rhoda, and Joseph Blanchard of Billerica, Dec.22,1840.CR1*


Tracy, and Loiza Ober, int.Mar.1,1828.

WORSTER (Worcester)

William, Dr., and Dorcas Whiting, May15,1759.CR1

Eldad, and Rebecca Osgood, Feb.26,1761.CR1

Molley, and John Flint, Nov.19,1766.CR1

Moses, jr., and Hephzibah Hardy, Aug.17,1775.CR1*

Sarah, and Nathaniell Hardy, Mar.6,1776.CR1*

Dolly, and Timothy Hunt, June19,1781.CR1*

William [jr. int.], and Hannah Frost, June27,1782.CR1*

Samuell, Lt., and Hannah Foster, June26,1783.CR1*

Rhoda, and Josiah Rogers [of Billerica.int.], Dec.15,1785.CR1*

Marcy, and Nathan Bayley, jr., Oct.14,1788.*

Rebeca [Mrs.CR1], and [Dea.] William Hunt [of Dunstable. int.], Nov.24,1789.*

Dolly, and James Bailey, Jan.4,1791.*

Dorcas, and Ebenezer Blake [of Stoddard, NH. int.], Aug.7,1791.CR1*

Eldad, and Esther Brown, int.Nov.11,1793.


Joel, and Mary Peacock, Feb.8,1776.CR1*

Ephraim [of Dracut. int.], and Rebecca Shed, Oct.29,1778.CR1*

Eleanor, of Woburn, and Job Kittridge, at Woburn, Dec.17,1795.*

Samuel, of Newport, NH, and Dolly Shed, Dec.3,1806.CR1

Nathaniel C. [Daniel C. int.], of South Reading, and Judith Farmer, Nov.29,1821.CR1*

Allen, and Susannah [C. int.] Preston, Dec.17,1826.CR1*

Hannah, of Lowell, and Silas Tanner,末蔓末,1827.CR1

Mary, of Westford, and Gilbert Farmer, int.Oct.3,1832.

Betsey, and Rufus K. Clark [of Boston. int.], Nov.13,1836.CR1*

WYMAN (Whyman)

Lucy, and Edward Stearns, Nov.28,1754.CR1

Esther, and John Trull, at Woburn, July3,1760.

Mary, and Abraham Shelden of Reading, at Reading, July3,1777.*

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