JAQUES (see also Jaquis, Jaquith)
George Jefferson, s. Daniel and Sarah, June 8, 1830.
Hannah Swallow, d. Daniel [jr. dup.] and Sarah, Aug. 18, 1820.
John Murray, s. Daniel and Sarah, Oct. 6, 1835.
Josiah Spaulding, s. Daniel and Sarah, Mar. 15, 1833.
Sarah Harriet, d. Daniel [jr. dup.] and Sarah, June 29, 1823.
Susan Adaline, d. Daniel and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1828.

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JAQUIS (see also Jaques)
Abigail Jane, d. Daniel, jr. and Sally, Dec. 8, 1825.
Daniel Harrison, s. Daniel, jr. and Sally, Sept. 25, 1817.

JAQUITH (see also Jaques)
Daniel, s. Daniel, bp. Apr. 1, 1798. PR1
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