* Intentions also recorded
Catherine, and John M. Fitch, both of Bedford, May 16, 1833.
Henry, of Springfield, and Catherine Frederick, int. Feb. 21, 1842.

George O., of North Chelmsford, a. 25 y., stonecutter, b. East Canada, s. Joseph and Laura, of East Canada, and Mary Ann Woods, a. 21 y., teacher, b. North Chelmsford, d. Isaac and Mary, of North Chelmsford, Sept. 7, 1848.
Sybbel, and Joseph Willard, both of Dunstable, Feb. 16, 1790.

Richard, and Mary Read, Mar. 19, 1807.*

Hannah, of Temple, and John Kendall, int. July 21, 1807.

Abiah, and Timothy Coburn, Mar. 30, 1828.*
Betsy, and Philip Clement of Dunstable [NH. int.], June 30, 1803.*
Cloa, and Oliver Richardson of Chelmsford, Mar. 31, 1791.*
Ebenezer, jr., and Hannah Town of Stoddard [NH. int.], Mar. 11, 1805.*
Ebenezer, jr., and Jane R. Kezar of Portland, ME, int. Nov. 8, 1835.
Elizabeth, and James Carkin, May 12, 1823. PR1*
Ephraim, and Harriet V. Coburn [Colburn. int.], Aug. 26, 1838.*
Vol. 1
Page 38
Isaac, and Mercy Coburn, Mar. 5, 1799. PR1*
Jane, and Isaac P. Cummings, Jan. 26, 1837. PR1*
Jonathan, and Eliza Jane Kendall, Dec. 2, 1838.*
Joseph F[arwell. int.], and Sarah T[yng. int.] Farwell, June 30, 1814.*
Lucenda, and Timothy Robertson of Chesterfield [NH. PR1], Oct. 12, 1807.*
Lucy, and Gardner Town of Stoddard [NH. PR1], Jan. 27, 1795.*
Lydia T., and Charles Orson Perham of Nashua, NH, int. Mar. ––, 1838.
Martha, and Aaron Parlin, Feb. 6, 1797. PR1*
Mary, and Ebenezer Swan, Nov. 26, 1801. PR1*
Mary Dandridge, and Jonathan Barron of Chelmsford, Nov. 19, 1795.*
Mercy [C. int.; Mary. PR1], and Daniel Ingals, Sept. 7, 1817.*
Rebecah, and Samuel Howard [of Chelmsford. PR1; of Tyngsborough. int.], Jan. 6, 1790.*
Rebecah, and Edmund D. Page of Dunstable, NH, June 9, 1836.*
Sarah, and Nathan Jones [jr. int.] of Mount Vernon, NH, May 20, 1813.*
Sarah, and Abel Blood of Dunstable, NH, July 10, 1828.*
Susanna, and Rev. David Howe Williston of Tunbridge, at Chelmsford, Jan. 26, 1796.*
Susanna, and Gardner Towne, 2d of Stoddard, NH, Dec. 20, 1843.

Cyprian, and Mahala Worcester, int. Jan. 10, 1811.

Allis, and Jonas Carkin, int. July 4, 1796.
Amos R., and Maria Ames of Groton, int. Aug. 28, 1836.
Eliza, and Charles A. Wheeler of Westford, int. Oct. 7, 1843.
Elizabeth, Mrs., and Ebenezer Hall of Chelmsford, at Dunstable, Dec. 24, 1840.*
Ezra, and Mary [Sally. PR1 and int.] Pitman of Newbury [Newburyport. int.], Dec. 7, 1795.*
Ezra, and Dorcas Carkin, int. Nov. 14, 1831.
Ezra, and Betsey Carkin, Sept. 25, 1833.*
Hannah C., and Calvin Webster of Dracut, May 19, 1842.*
Vol. 1
Page 39
Lydia, and Samuel Healy of Washington, NH, now resident in Tyngsborough, int. Aug. 13, 1804.
Mary, and Benjamin Fletcher, int. June 1, 1830.
Nancy, and William Barker, Apr. 9, 1826.*
Polly [Mrs. PR1], and Nathaniel Merrill, Dec. 30, 1827.*
William, and Nancy Barker, Apr. 9, 1826.*

Isaac, of Lowell, a. 32 y., operative, s. Isaac and Susan, and Mary Breed, a. 32 y., tailoress, d. Thomas K. and Mary, July 19, 1845.

Jonathan, of Chelmsford, and Mary Dandridge Bancroft, Nov. 19, 1795.*
Mary, and Moses Pierce of Boston, Jan. 22, 1816.*

Foster, of Newton, a. 23 y., laborer, s. Rufus and Eliza, and Sarah P. Newell of Lowell, a. 27 y., operative, d. George and Thankful, Sept. 6, 1846.

Jonas, and Harriot Chaffin of Harvard, int. Mar. 28, 1814.

Esther S., of Boston, and Harrison Hall, int. Nov. 13, 1836.

Nancy [wid. int.], and Fradrick Dolt of Groton, Apr. 9, 1803.*

Mary [Mrs. PR1], of Quincy, and Benjamin Ames, Apr. 24, 1831.*

Zephaniah, of Chelmsford, and Polly [R. int.] Woodward, Apr. 8, 1830.*

Stilman, widr., of Holliston, a. 41 y., comb maker, s. Levi and Clarissa, and Eliza Ann Keyes, a. 24 y., comb maker, d. Jonas and Susanna, Nov. 7, 1849.*

Cornelius W., of Lowell, and Sarah Sherburne, May 23, 1841.*
Ebenezer, and Catharine Searls, both of Dunstable, Jan. 26, 1804. PR1
Rebecah, and Dr. Ebenezer Star, both of Dunstable [NH. PR1], Dec. 3 [1794. PR1].

Vol. 1
Page 40
BLODGET (see also Blodgett)
Abagail, and Elijah H. King of Boston, Sept. 6, 1830.*
Betsey, and Jacob Parkhurst of Dunstable, Nov. 24, 1818.*
Charlotte, and Justice [Justus. PR1] Pike, Nov. 30, 1817.*
Jacob, and Susan Blodget of Chelmsford, int. Jan. 27, 1818.
Jemima, of Dunstable, and John Parham, jr., July 4, 1793.*
John, and Sarah Swallow of Dunstable, int. Mar. 19, 1837.
Mary, and John Johnson [jr. int.] of Groton, July 3, 1810.*
Mary, of Dunstable, and Francis Richardson of Chelmsford, May 29, 1823. PR1
Olive, and Jacob Drake of Chelmsford, May 3, 1829.*
Rufus M., and Hannah Kidder of Chelmsford, int. May 15, 1827.
Sabra A., and Stephen Spaulding, Oct. 2, 1831.*
Samuel [Ens. int.], and Rebekah Fletcher, Aug. 30, 1831.*
Susan, of Chelmsford, and Jacob Blodget, int. Jan. 27, 1818.
Thaddeus, and Mary Frederick, Feb. 25, 1817. [Mar. 25. PR1]*
William, jr., and Mary W[yman. int.] Thompson, Mar. 24, 1813.*
William [jr. int.], and Rebekah [Rachel. PR1] Thompson, Dec. 1, 1817.*

BLODGETT (see also Blodget)
Jonathan, of Rumney, and Sally Burns of Nottingham West, Feb. 7, 1799. PR1

Abel, of Dunstable, NH, and Sarah Bancroft, July 10, 1828.*
Alethea, and David Rideout, both of Dunstable, Oct. 26, 1826. PR1
Benjamin, and Mary Thompson Person of Milford, NH, int. Nov. 23, 1803.
Betsey, and Ebenezer Steadman, both of Dunstable, Nov. 4, 1830. PR1
David, and Sally Davis, both of Dracut, Aug. 11, 1814. PR1
Eli W., and Elizabeth T. Blood, both of Dunstable, Jan. 16, 1834.
Elizabeth T., and Eli W. Blood, both of Dunstable, Jan. 16, 1834.
Joseph, and Hannah Walker, Feb. 2, 1796.*
Luther, and Martha Woodward, Feb. 19, 1837. PR1

Vol. 1
Page 41
John, and Lydia Smith of Nottingham West, NH, int. Oct. 10, 1814.

Charlotte, a. 24 y., b. Underhill, VT, d. Reuben and Malinda, deceased, and John W. Wright of Westford, a. 31 y., stone-cutter, b. Westford, s. Reuben and Esther P., of Westford, Jan. 10, 1849.*

Anna [Knowles. PR1], of Dracut, and Ziba Whiting, May 14, 1793.*
Reuben C., and Betsey Lund, both of Dunstable, NH, May 13, 1805. PR1

Samuel, and Mrs. Evelina Dunn, int. Nov. 17, 1841.

Sarah, and David Keyes, at Westford, May 15, 1792.*

Thomas, of Marblehead, a. 23 y., bookbinder, b. Halifax, N.S., s. Thomas and Martha, of England, and Mary Hammond of Marblehead, a. 29 y., b. Marblehead, d. Thomas P. and Martha, deceased, Nov. 30, 1848.

Mary, a. 32 y., tailoress, d. Thomas K. and Mary, and Isaac Barrett of Lowell, a. 32 y., operative, s. Isaac and Susan, July 19, 1845.

Sarah E., of Boston, and Nathaniel Brinley, int. Sept. 22, 1839.
William Stoddard, of Chelmsford, and Mary Pitts, int. Oct. 14, 1811.

Joseph, of Lowell, a. 23 y., painter, s. Thomas S. and Mary, and Olive A. Prime of Lowell, a. 19 y., operative, d. George, Sept. 11, 1844.

Rebeckah, of Beverly, and Edward S. Lang of Salem, July 14, 1823. PR1

Nathaniel, and Sarah E. Bridge of Boston, int. Sept. 22, 1839.
Robert, and Elizabeth Pitts, Sept. 22, 1801.*

Vol. 1
Page 42
Bredget, wid. [Butman. PR1], and Thomas Butman, Nov. 10 [1794. PR1].*
Catharine, and Demas Kembal [Kimball. PR1], Aug. 1, 1793.*
Deborah, of Dracut, and Roger L. Littlehale, June 18, 1834.*
Elisha, and Sarah Moors of Hollis, Apr. 13, 1790.*
Israel, resident in Tyngsborough, and Elizabeth Smith of Andover, int. June 17, 1805.
Jacob, of Milford, and Betsey Coburn, Nov. 28, 1816.
James, and Mary Winch, int. Sept. 25, 1806.
John, and Susanna Davis of Dunstable, July 26, 1792.*
John, of Hudson, NH, and Charlotte S. Cutter, Apr. 11, 1833.*
Joseph, and Abigail Underwood Estabrooks, int. Dec. 14, 1799.
Rhoda R., and Jonathan Parham, jr., Jan. 1, 1811.*
Sarah, Mrs. [wid. int.], and Eleazer Farwell, Apr. 18, 1813.*

Aaron, jr., and Sarah K. Winn of Amherst, NH, int. Jan. 20, 1830.
Elazabeth, and William Rodney Winn of Amherst, NH, Mar. 13, 1827.*
Rebekah, and Nathaniel Holden, jr., Apr. 12, 1832.*

[Daniel. int.], of Newport, NH, and Abigail Holden, Feb. 11, 1819. PR1*

Sarah, of Windham, NH, and Kendall Marshall, int. Sept. 19, 1835.

Mary [Ann. PR1], and Alfred Vickery of Merrimack, NH, Dec. 13, 1832.

Asa, of [Dunbarton. int.] NH, and Eleanor D. Davis, Apr. 1, 1838. PR1*

Sally, of Nottingham West, and Jonathan Blodgett of Rumney, Feb. 7, 1799. PR1

Betsey, and Josiah Spaulding, Oct. 28, 1800. PR1*
Vol. 1
Page 43
Betsy, and Luther Honey, Sept. 26, 1809.*
James, and Catherine Shute of Boston, int. Feb. 24, 1839.
Jamima, and Josiah Carkin, May 13, 1827.*
Joseph, and Mercy Tarbox, Oct. 23, 1825.*
Lydia, and William T. Wyman, Oct. 3, 1822.*

John, and wid. Dolly Richardson, both of Dracut, May 5, 1808. PR1

[Bridget. int.], wid., and Silas Pierce of Chelmsford, Sept. 11, 1800. PR1*
Lydia, and Jeremiah Kendall, Dec. 31, 1815.*
Thomas, and wid. Bredget Brown [Butman. PR1], Nov. 10, [1794. PR1].*

Abigail, and Theodore Hamblet, June 25, 1818.*
Abner R., and Hepsabath Buttrick of Concord, Oct. 27, 1791.*
Alicia O., and Dr. Augustus Pierce, Dec. 28, 1834.*
Asa, jr., and Mary Whittle of Dunstable, NH, int. Jan. 1, 1814.
Betsey, and Daniel Richardson, May 1, 1810.*
Catherine, of Dunstable, and Stephen Hutchins of Carlisle, Dec. 2, 1830. PR1
Charlotte, and James Holdin, June 17, 1821.*
Cyrus, and Clarissa P. Dwinell of Dracut, int. Mar. 9, 1830.
David, and Ruth Perham, Dec. 15, 1818.*
David, and Mary Sawyer, Nov. 8, 1840.*
D[eborah. PR1], and Reuben Richardson of Dracut, Apr. [14. PR1], 1791.*
Emeline, and Alexis Pierce of Dracut, int. Feb. 2, 1839.
Harriet, and Isaac Littlehale, Sept. 12, 1819.*
Haskell, and Mary Ann Ames of Woburn, int. Oct. 17, 1840.
Isaac, and Ellis [Elcy. int.] Carkin, Oct. 19, 1823. PR1*
James, Capt. [jr. int.], and Rachel Perham, Oct. 9, 1826.*
John, and Celestia Gilson, int. Mar. ––, 1827.
Joseph, jr., and Sally Coburn, Aug. 30, 1818.*
Leonard, and Polly Taylor, both of Dunstable, Dec. 1, 1796.
Luther, and Mercy Howard, June 26, 1827.*
Luther, and Rhoda Fletcher, Oct. 30, 1832.*
Mary Jane, a. 21 y., d. Timothy and Betsy, and Simeon F. Piper [of Exeter, NH. int.], a. 24 y., merchant, s. Samuel and Mary, June 29, 1848.*
Vol. 1
Page 44
Mercy, resident in Tyngsborough, and Thomas Madeson, "of Saint Jons, or a native of Scotland," int. Jan. 14, 1799.
Olive, and Jonas Kindall, both of Dunstable, Apr. 19, 1795. [1796. PR1]
Philip [Capt. PR1], and [Mrs. PR1] Polly Forster, both of Dunstable, Aug. 15, 1802.
Philip, jr., and Sally Dakin, Feb. 6, 1803.*
Polly, and Timothy Woodward, both residents in Tyngsborough, int. Sept. 5, 1803.
Sarah B., and Jonas Hamblet of Dracut, int. Nov. 14, 1844.
Timothy, Capt., and Elizabeth Whittle of Dunstable, NH, int. Feb. 20, 1822.
William, and Rebekah Queen, Feb. 19, 1801. PR1*

BUTTERICK (see also Buttrick)
Ephraim, of Dunstable, NH, and Lydia Fletcher of Westford, Nov. 11, 1835.

BUTTRICK (see also Butterick)
Hepsabath, of Concord, and Abner R. Butterfield, Oct. 27, 1791.*
John W., and Sarah E. Nesmith of Antrim, NH, int. May 14, 1839.

Charlotte C., of Nashua, NH, and Nathaniel Lawrence, 2d, int. Mar. 28, 1840.

Laura, of Chelmsford, and Samuel White, int. Oct. 29, 1837.
Vol. 1
Page 45

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