* Intentions also recorded
James N. [V. PR1], and Clarissa Coburn, Dec. 30, 1827.
John, and Huldah King, Nov. 28, 1838.*

Benjamin, and Hepsibah Morse of Dracut, at Dracut, Aug. 22, 1793.*
John, and Mary Coburn, int. Sept. 19, 1789.
John, jr., and Phebe Hardy, Aug. 18, 1796.*

Abigail, and Nathan M. Gilson, int. May 15, 1843.
Abner, of Pepperell, and Charlotte Marshall of Dracut, May 9, 1815. PR1
Asa, and Julia Kidder, certificate dated Nov. 17, 1830.*
Dorcas M., and John Farwell, 3d, Dec. 10, 1835. [Dec. 28. PR1]*
Ebenezer, of Chelmsford, and Mrs. Elizabeth Barker, at Dunstable, Dec. 24, 1840.*
Harriet, of Pepperell, and Charles Hunter, Dec. 30, 1835.*
Harrison, and Esther S. Belding of Boston, int. Nov. 13, 1836.
Louisa, Mrs., and Abel H. Tyler, Jan. 5, 1840.*
Mercy, and Asa Wyman, July 9, 1829.
Nancy, and Amos W. Wyman, Aug. ––, 1837.*

Dorcas [Mrs. PR1], and Samuel F. Lund [Samuel French, jr. int.], Apr. 27, 1790.*
Dorcas S., of Hudson, NH, and Reuben M. Frost, Feb. 6, 1840.*
Eli, of East Cambridge, and Lucy Frost, int. May 6, 1839.
Gibbert, of Hudson, NH, and Elizabeth Marshall, int. Jan. 1, 1848.
Vol. 1
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Jonas, of Dracut, and Sarah B. Butterfield, int. Nov. 14, 1844.
Jonathan, and Lucy Ho[torn], int. Nov. 10, 1794.
Simeon, of Nottingham West, and Elizabeth Pease, Apr. 1, 1823. PR1*
Theodore, and Abigail Butterfield, June 25, 1818.*
Thomas, of Nottingham West, and Tamar Gilson, Oct. 21, 1806.*

Mary, of Marblehead, a. 29 y., b. Marblehead, d. Thomas P. and Martha, deceased, and Thomas Breare of Marblehead, a. 23 y., bookbinder, b. Halifax, N.S., s. Thomas and Martha, of England, Nov. 30, 1848.

William, and Eliza Robson, int. Nov. 9, 1839.

Asa, of Nottingham West, and Polly Prescott of Groton, July 18, 1805. PR1
Isaac, of Hollis, NH, and Naomi Coburn of Dracut, May 23, 1820.
Jedediah, and Patty Coburn, int. Nov. 27, 1800.
Jesse, of Hollis, and Rhode Woods, Sept. 26, 1793.
Phebe, and John Hadlock, jr., Aug. 18, 1796.*
William [2d. int.], of Pelham, and Rebeccah Fletcher, Mar. 27, 1803.*

Rebeccah [Harthorn. int.], and John W[illiam. int.] Elliot, both residents in Tyngsborough, May 4, 1809.*

Silas, of Carlisle, and Sally Keyes of Chelmsford, Mar. 18, 1802. PR1

Hannah P., of Hudson, and Elijah Fletcher, int. Nov. 19, 1843.

Mary, and John Gates, Dec. 8, 1791.*

HAWARD (see also Howard)
Phebe, of Salem, and Abraham Upton, int. Dec. 6, 1800.

Ferrinton, and Sa[torn] Knolton of Nottingham West, int. May 15, 1791.

Vol. 1
Page 60
Jonathan, of Merrimack, and Rachel Dunn of Chelmsford, Feb. 11, 1808. PR1

Harriot, and Abijah Gilson, int. Feb. 23, 1831.
Margaret, of Groton, and Charles K. Gilson, int. Sept. 28, 1831.

Betsey, of Pepperell, and Noah Shearer of Palmer, Mar. 26, 1822.

Lydia [Mrs. PR1], and Robert B. Chamberlain of Chelmsford, Dec. 24, 1812.
Samuel, of Washington, NH, now resident in Tyngsborough, and Lydia Barker, int. Aug. 13, 1804.

Jemima, and Timothy Sherwing, Dec. 27, 1798. PR1*
Jonathan, of Merrimack [NH. PR1], and Deborah Coburn [Colburn. int.], Dec. 11, 1804.*

Jonathan M., of Lowell, and Julia Ann Littlehale, Mar. 3, 1829.

Levi, of Westford, and Mrs. Lucy Pike, Dec. 11, 1842.*

HILDRETH (see also Hildrith)
Eliza A., of Westford, a. 17 y., b. Westford, d. Jesse and Lucretia, of Westford, and George S. Frederic of Westford, a. 30 y., farmer, b. Westford, s. George and Sarah S., of Westford, deceased, Dec. 25, 1849.
Hezekiah, and Dinah Davis of Harvard, at Harvard, Oct. 7, 1790.*
Thomas Greenough, and Easter Farwell, int. June 1 [blot], 1800.

HILDRITH (see also Hildreth)
Elijah, and Isabell Caldwell, both residents in Tyngsborough, int. Oct. 20, 1803.
Susanna, and Jonas Pirce [jr. int.] of Chelmsford, May 26, 1805.*

Vol. 1
Page 61
Abigail, and James Taylor of Dunstable, Nov. 8, 1810.*
Artemus, of Bedford, and Betsey Robey of Dunstable, Sept. 23, 1832. PR1
Ebenezer, Rev., of Mason, and wid. Rebecca Howard, int. Oct. [torn], 1795.

Sibel, of Chelmsford, and Jonas R. Proctor, int. Sept. 10, 1809.
Solomon, and Sarah A. Dickey, both of Lowell, Jan. 6, 1836.

HOLDEN (see also Holdin)
Abigail, and [Daniel. int.] Buel of Newport, NH, Feb. 11, 1819. PR1*
Clarissa, and Samuel S. Alexander of Windham, NH, int. Dec. 26, 1846.
Elizabeth, and Earlsworth Crockett of North Chelmsford, int. Nov. 22, 1845.
Jonathan, and [Mrs. PR1] Elenor [Ellen. int.] Weld, resident in Tyngsborough, Apr. 10, 1803.*
Mary R., of Dunstable, NH, and Charles Parker of Dunstable, Oct. 21, 1824. PR1
Nathaniel, jr., and Rebekah Bryant, Apr. 12, 1832.*
Susanna, and David Elliot of Boston, Aug. 21, 1815.*

HOLDIN (see also Holden)
Amey, and Mark White, int. Mar. 9, 1800.
James, and Charlotte Butterfield, June 17, 1821.*
Joanna, and William Pratt of Antrim, NH, Jan. 2, 1821.*
Mary, and Oliver Coburn [Colburn. int.], Feb. 16, 1790.*
Mary, and John S. Wilson of Andover [June. PR1] 5, 1828.*
Nathaniel, jr., and Rebecca Upton of Reading, at Reading, May 30, 1799.*
Silas, and Mary Coburn, May 30, 1813.*

Dean, of Chelmsford, and Sally Fletcher, Nov. 9, 1832. [Nov. 23. PR1]
Polly, of Boxborough, and Solomon Hunt, at Boxborough, Apr. 2, 1794.

James, and Clarissa Chambers, May 25, 1826.*

Luther, and Betsy Burrows, Sept. 26, 1809.*

Vol. 1
Page 62
Susannah, of Dunstable, NH, and William Fletcher, jr., int. May 4, 1818.

Clark, of Antrim, NH, a. 44 y., farmer, s. James and Catharine, and Lucy P. Lawrence of Lowell, a. 31 y., tailoress, d. Daniel and Lucy, Feb. 26, 1845.

Abiel, of Chelmsford, and Sarah W. Upton of Dunstable, Dec. 31, 1835.

Grant, and Patty Fletcher of Westford, June 6, 1796.*

HOWARD (see also Haward)
Calvin, of Westford, and Mrs. Sarah Richardson, Nov. 24, 1842.*
John O., of Rochester, NH, and Matilda A. McClenna, Nov. 3, 1842.*
Jonathan, and Mercy Fletcher, Dec. 22, 1803. PR1*
Jonathan, and Mary E. Perkins, int. Nov. 22, 1829.
Mercy, and Luther Butterfield, June 26, 1827.*
Rebecca, wid., and Rev. Ebenezer Hill of Mason, int. Oct. [torn], 1795.
Samuel [of Chelmsford. PR1; of Tyngsborough. int.], and Rebecah Bancroft, Jan. 6, 1790.*

Lucy, and Jonathan Hamblet, int. Nov. 10, 1794.

Solomon, and Polly Holt of Boxborough, at Boxborough, Apr. 2, 1794.
Susan C., and William Whiting, both of Lowell, Apr. 4, 1833.

Charles, and Harriet Hall of Pepperell, Dec. 30, 1835.*
Hannah R., and Allen Warden, Aug. 17, 1834.*
Joel [jr. int.], and Judith Carkin, Dec. 4, 1831.*
Thomas, and Augusta White, Dec. 1, 1836.*

Elbridge G., and Mary A. Adams of Nashua, NH, int. Aug. 16, 1844.
Stephen, of Carlisle, and Catherine Butterfield of Dunstable, Dec. 2, 1830. PR1
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