* Intentions also recorded
Lewis and Martha Gould, Mar. 4, 1834.*

Harriet J: and Aaron B. Convers, Nov. 11, 1839.*
Joseph of Wenham, and Elizabeth Sweetser, Jan. 1, 1782. CR

James of Lancaster, and Mary Emerson, Apr. 15, 1817.*

Vol. 1
Page 186
John of Tewksbury, and Mary Felch, Oct. 26, 1763. CR
Judith of Tewksbury, and Nathaniel C. Wright, int. Oct. 6, 1821.
Phebe and Joseph Upton, Sept. 6, 1802. CR

Lucy of Boston, and Jacob C. Brown, Nov. 16, 1834.*

Nancy and Alpha Richardson, int. Apr. 6, 1822.

John and Elizabeth Dunn, both of Stoneham, Mar. 4, 1783. CR

Mary and James Emerson, Nov. 28, 1744. CR

Joseph B. of Malden and Mary F. Richardson, May 26, 1844.

Abigail and Ebenezer Cuttler of Shrewsbury, Apr. 27, 1726. CR
Elizabeth and Eben Boardman, Dec. ––, 1761. CR
Mary and John Farmer of Tweksbury, Oct. 26, 1763. CR
Mary and Timothy Emerson of Ashby, Jan. 19, 1773. CR
Ruth and Andrew Foster, Apr. 1, 1777. CR
Samuel and Mary Richardson, May 7, 1772. CR
Samuell and Katharine Smith, May 6, 1714. CR
Samuell and Eunice Walton, Nov. 24, 1743. CR

FISK (see Fiske)
Martha B. and James J. Mansfield, July 13, 1834.*

FISKE (see Fisk)
Julia Ann, a. 20 y., of Saugus (b. in Saugus, dup.) and Elbridge A. Wiley, a. 20 y. (b. in Lynnfield, dup.) int. July 22, 1848. Md. In Saugus.
Ruth Matilda of Saugus (b. in Saugus, dup.) and Jacob Parker, Jr., int. Aug. 26, 1848.

Joseph, Capt., and Mehitabel Prat, Apr. 6, 1749. CR
Martha L. of Roxbury, and Joseph W. Page, int. May 22, 1841.
Mehitabel and Capt. Samuell Bancroft, Aug. ––, 1761. CR

Charles of Haverhill, and Ann Tuttle, int. May 25, 1833.
Vol. 1
Page 187
Harriet M., a. 16 y., and George Peabody, a. 23 y., of Stoneham, Sept. 19, 1844.
Sarah A., a. 20 y., and Tyler M. Bowen of Woburn, a. 22 y., Sept. 19, 1844.

Levi, and Betsy Brown, Apr. 24, 1833.*

Paul R., and Lucy W. Hubbard of Boston, int. Aug. 11, 1832.
Samuel, Esq., of Concord, NH, and Nancy Boardman, July 12, 1819.*
Sarah L., a. 23 y., of Amherst, NH, and Joseph W. Eaton, a. 29 y., int. Sept. 10, 1847.
Suel, of Watertown, and Sarah Walton, May 6, 1824.*

FLINT (see Flynt)
Caroline, of Reading, and Joseph Eaton, 3d, int. Aug. 27, 1825.
Charles F., of Reading, and Harriet N. Evans, int. May 18, [prob. 1840].
Ebenezer, and Tabitha Burnap, May 18, 1714. CR
Eleazer, and Ester Dammon, Jan. 27, 1761. CR
Hannah, and John Hunt of Billerica, July 10, 1716. CR
Joanna, of Braintree, VT, and John Anderson, int. Apr. 3, 1836.
Jonathan, Jr., and Rebecca Upton, May 20, 1777. CR
Mary, A., and Henry D. Smith, in Reading, Sept. 26, 1844.*
Mercy, and Benjamin Daman, Sept. 9, 1714. CR
Nathan, Jr., of Amherst, NH, and Phebe Smith, Nov. 26, 1778. CR
Polly, and Amos Wesson, June 1, 1790. CR
Samuel, and Abigail Beard, int. Sept. 26, 1835.
Sarah S., of Reading, (d. Daniel and –––––, b. Reading, dup.), and B. Buchanan Yale, [s. Burrage and Sarah S. dup.], int. July 20, 1849.
Susan A., and Nathan Carter of Reading, July 6, 1843.
Susanna, and Davis Foster, May 25, 1826.*
Susannah, and Ezra Tainter of Malden, Apr. 17, 1828.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Newhall, int. Dec. 12, 1829.

FLYNT (see Flint)
Lydia, and Jeremiah Eaton, Apr. 14, 1761. CR
Rebecca, and William Eaton, Nov. 18, 1762. CR
Ruth, and Jonathan Wesson, Dec. 18, 1753. CR

Vol. 1
Page 188
Thomas, of Newbury, and Mary Bancroft, Feb. 18, 1734-5. CR

Peter, Rev., of Taunton, and Emily Eaton, int. Aug. 18, 1838.

FOOT (see Foote)
Henry A., and Lorena Betton of Windham, NH, int. Jan. 5, 1822.

FOOTE (see Foot)
James L., of Dover, NH, and Margaret Swain, June 1, 1829.*

FORSTER (see Foster)
Sarah, and Richard Nicolls, Feb. 16, 1765. CR

FOSTER (see Forster)
Aaron, Jr., and Mary Mansfield of Danvers, int. Mar. 31, 1838.
Abraham, and Rebecca Goodwin, Apr. 13, 1758. CR
Abraham, and Lydia Grover of Saugus, June 20, 1830. CR
Andrew, and Ruth Felch, Apr. 1. 1777. CR
Anne, and John Goodwin, Oct. 5, 1758. CR
Caleb, and Nancy Emerson, Mar. 3, 1808. CR
Caleb E., of Boston, [s. Caleb and Nancy. dup.], and Caroline F. Swain [d. Thomas and Saly. dup.], int. Sept. 8, 1849.
Charles, [s. Russell and Sophia. dup.], and Harriet L. Edmands of Saugus, [d. William and Ruth, b. Saugus. dup.], Aug. 18, 1849.*
Davis, and wid. Nancy Russel, Oct. 22, 1805. CR
Davis, and Susanna Flint, May 25, 1826.*
Dolly, and Raham Bancroft of Worcester, Mar. 27, 1760. CR
Elizabeth, and Benjamin Johnson, Apr. 5, 1765. CR
Elizabeth, and Cleveland Beard, Dec. 28, 1769. CR
Elizabeth R., [a. 25 y., d. Caleb and Nancy. dup.], and Nathan Bancroft, [a. 26 y. dup.] of Reading [s. Timothy and Rhoda. dup.], Nov. 16, 1848.*
Emma, and Benjamin Young, Jr. of Reading, Jan. 1, 1822.*
Jesse, of Boston, and Zeruiah Emerson, May 29, 1796. CR
Jonathan, and Sarah Townsend, Apr. 14, 1761. CR
Nancy, and Joshua Eaton, Dec. 4, 1828.*
Nathan, and Lydia Carter, May 24, 1787. CR
Russel, and Sophia Wiley, int. Mar. 31, 1827.
Samuel, of Boston, and Hepzibah Gould, May 23, 1782. CR
Vol. 1
Page 189
Sarah Jane, a. 17ľ y., and Joseph W. Cushing, a. 24 y., int. June 12, 1847.
Zerviah, and Amos Howard of Malden, Oct. 4, 1812.*

FOWLE (see Fowles)
–––––, and Miss ––––– Damon, May ––, 1838. CR

Lowell, and Sally Green, July 9, 1797. CR

FOWLES (see Fowle)
Susan, and Joseph Thompson, Nov. 4, 1830.*

John, Capt. of Beverly, and Elizabeth Hopkins, Aug. 3, 1780. CR
Samuell, of Medford, and Mary Nurse, Jan. 5, 1718-9. CR

Betsey, of Tewksbury, and Jeremiah Brown, int. Dec. 2, 1826.

Rufus H., of Stoneham, and Susan H. Brown, Dec. 13, 1847.*

Daniel S., a. 25 y., of Reading, and Christiana N. Beers, a. 22 y., in Reading, Oct. 8, 1844.
Elijah, of Middleton, and Eleanor Stimpson, Dec. 24, 1771. CR
Elizabeth, of Danvers, and Levi W. Lamson, int. Aug. 15, 1835.
Ephraim, of Malden, and Abigail G. Sweetser, int. Aug. 14, 1841.
Lydia M., and Thomas L. Eaton of Reading, Apr. 4, 1844.

Mary W., of Boston, and Caleb S. Swain, int. Mar. 23, 1839.

Sarah, and Edmund Chamberlain, Jan. 17, 1717. CR [1717-8]
Vol. 1
Page 190

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