* Intentions also recorded
Elizabeth, and Hartfield Hart, Nov.12,1833.*
Jane, and Thomas Raymond of Boston, May28,1778. CR
Joseph W., and Martha L. Fitch of Roxbury, int. May22,1841.

Aaron, and Jerusha Damon, Aug.12,1783. CR
Amanda R., and George W. Richardson, Dec.31,1839.*
Amy, and James Dix, Mar.28,1744. CR
Anna, and Joseph Hendrick, Feb.5,1745. CR
Asa, and Hephzibah Nicolls, May20,1762. CR
Bethiah, and Hezekiah Winn of Wilmington, Oct.28,1731. CR
Clementina A., and Oliver Bryant of Stoneham, Apr.20,1837.*
Collins, of Greenfield, NH, and Ruth Bryant, Apr.28,1816.*
Eben, and Mary Williams, June5,1738. CR
Ebenezer, and Mercy Daman, Apr.6,1714. CR
Ebenezer, and Hannah Green of Malden, Dec.12,1722. CR
Ebenezer, and Lucretia Richardson, Apr.29,1779. CR
Edmund, Esq., of Reading, and Rachel Williams, Mar.6,1831.*
Eliab, of Reading, and Nancy Vinal, July11,1816.*
Elizabeth, and Thomas Rand of Lynn, July7,1720. CR
Elizabeth, and Stephen Wesson, Dec.6,1721. CR
Ephraim, and Ruth Bancroft, Dec.14,1749. CR
Ephraim, and Rebecca Temple, Oct.11,1752. CR
Ephraim, and wid. Sarah Perkins of Beverly, Feb.8,1785. CR
Eunice, and Robert Laith, Oct.10,1738. CR
Fanny, and John Brown, Jr., Apr.29,1813.*
Green, and Hannah Eaton, Mar.21,1758. CR
Hannah, and Thomas Symonds of Salem, Nov.29,1739. CR
Hannah, and Jacob Bancroft, Sept.7,1749. CR
Hannah, and Solomon Sargeant of Malden, June5,1789. CR
Harriet, of Reading, and John Winn, int. Sept.10,1836.
Jacob, and Abigail Bancroft, Oct.26,1748. CR
Vol. 1
Page 216
Jacob, and Martha Gould, Oct.30,1787. CR
Jacob, and Eliza Peters, Apr.29,1822.*
Jacob, Jr., and Ruth Matilda Fiske of Saugus, [b. Saugus. dup.], int. Aug.26,1848.
John, and Lydia Richardson of Woburn, Sept.26,1732. CR
John, and Jane Pearson, May2,1748. CR
Jonathan, and Neomi Hinkson, Nov.3,1747. CR
Joseph, and Mary Walton, Sept.22,1743. CR
Joshua, and Sarah Upton, Mar.27,1760. CR
Lucretia, and Caleb Hill, int. June10,1826.
Lydia, and Samuell Bancroft, Oct.30,1735. CR
Lydia, and Herbert Richardson, Oct.11,1785. CR
Lydia P., and James B. Emerson of Providence, RI, Sept.3,1821.*
Martha, and Jonas Richardson of Woburn, July29,1756. CR
Mary L., of Reading, a.23y., and Ebenezer S. Hopkins, a.30y., Nov.9,1847.*
Mehitabel, and Kendal Emerson, Sept.18,1770. CR
Molly, and Joseph Boutwell of Reading, Apr.1,1834.*
Nathan, Col., and wid. Abigail Eaton, Apr.3,1788. CR
Phinehas, Capt. of Pepperell, and wid. Lydia Damon, Dec.19,1782. CR
Polly, and Samuel Wiley, Jr., Mar.5,1817.*
Rebecca, and John Temple, June10,1731. CR
Ruth, and Joseph Bancroft, Jan.3,1721. CR [1721/2]
Samuel, and Martha C. Emerson, Oct.19,1824.*
Sarah, and Nathaniell Cowdry, Apr.13,1758. CR
Sarah, and James Bancroft, Esq., Nov.16,1786. CR
Simeon, and Abigail Pratt, Aug.14,1783. CR
Stephen, and Elizabeth Batchelder, Apr.29,1713. CR
Susanna, and Capt. Bernard Green of Malden, Mar.24,1783. CR
Thomas, and Hepsibah Brown, May1,1716. CR
Thomas. and Sarah procter, Nov.16,1749. CR
Thomas, and Sarah Richardson, feb. 4, 1773. CR
Thomas, Jr., and Hannah Emerson, int. Apr.24,1819.
Thomas E., and Esther S. Woodward, Apr.24,1842.*
William, and Mary Nicolls, June1,1763. CR
William, and Sarah Damon, Aug.21,1783. CR
William, and Abigail Haynes, Sept.13,1818.*
William D., a.21y., and Flora W. Sweet, a.20y., in Reading, May27,1847.*
Vol. 1
Page 217
Hannah, of Greenfild, NH, and David Pratt, int. Nov.3,1821.
Lucretia G., and Shepherd W. Richmond of Boston, int. July17,1835.
Olive S., and William Hall, Jr., Dec.2,1836.*
Sally, and Richard Stanley of Beverly, int. Feb.13,1830.
William J., and Hannah Tweed, Apr.24,1839.*

Catharine R., of Warren, ME, a.23y., and Moses W. Merrell, [widr. dup.], a.35y., [b. Medford. dup.], int. May2,1848. (Md. in ME, dup.)

Anna, and Adam Hawks, Dec.17,1811. CR

George, of Stoneham, a.23y., and Harriet M. Flagg, a.16y., Spet. 19, 1844.*
Mary, of Lynnfield, and Horatio Nelson Whiting, int. Nov.8,1828.

PEARSON (see Pierson)
Jane, and John Parker, May2,1748. CR

PEASE (see Peese)
Abigail, of Lynnfield, and Warren Wiley, int. Aug.5,1820.
Sally L., of Lynndield, and David Wiley, int. June2,1821.

PEESE (see Pease)
Rebecca N., and Samuel S. Wiley, int. Sept.29,1840.

PEIRCE (see Pierce)
Eliza, and George W. Wilder, Jan.27,1821.*
Joseph, of Reading, and Judith Hutchinson, int. Aug.3,1844.

Elma A., of Malden, a.17 1/2y., and James B. Grover, a.20y., int. Oct.29,1847.

Andrew C., and Mary E. Bickford, int. Nov.27,1844.
James G., of Lynnfield, and Rachel H. Anderson, int. Mar.29,1845.
Katharine P., a.25y., and Benjamin Curtis, a.28y., Sept.7,1845.*
Sarah, wid., of Beverly, and Ephraim Parker, Feb.8,1785. CR

Vol. 1
Page 218
Tobijah, of Topsfield, and Elizabeth Pierpont, Mar.15,1716. CR
William K., a.23y., and Susan Dillingham, a.19y., int. Sept.8,1849.

Thaddeus, and Rhode Green, Mar.6,1796. CR

PERVEAR (see Pervere)
Susan W., a.29y., and William R. Pratt of Reading, a.24y., July20,1845.

Titus, of Stoneham, and Peg., Nov.23,1758. CR

Benjamin, Jr., of Andover, and Martha Brown, Oct.9,1783. CR
Eliza, and Jacob Parker, Apr.29,1822.
Lydia, and Nathan Slocomb, Oct.16,1832.*
Naamah, and Peter Tucker, Apr.26,1831.*
Samuel, and Elizabeth Stearns, Apr.21,1791. CR
Samuel, Jr., and Ruth A. Lovering of Burlington, Apr.30,1817.*

Mary E., of Boston, a.22y., and George B Stebbins, a.31y., int. Nov.25,1848.

Nathan, and Bethiah Upton, Mar.17,1761. CR

Jeanette A., and John Hersey, Jr., int. Oct.16,1844.
Martha E., of Chester, NH, a.11y., and Benjamin U. Preston, a.28y., int. Apr.15,1848.

Margaret M., a.23y., and John Cowdrey, a.23y., Apr.25,1845.*
Mary B., and John A. Thompson, Oct.24,1832.*
Sarah B., and Andrew Curtis, July21,1839.*

PIERCE (see Peirce)
Betsey, and James Steele, Apr.18,1811. CR
Elizabeth, and Abraham Roberts, June8,1726. CR
Ephraim, and Sarah Leathe, May13,1806. CR
Josph, of Lynn, a.19y., and Mary B.A. Millett, a.29y., Oct.1,1846.*
Vol. 1
Page 219
Mary, and Stephen Knight, Aug.22,1753. CR
Nathan, of Wilmington, and Sarah Smith, Jan.1,1745. CR
Samuel, and Nancy Quimble, Jan.15,1805. CR

Anna, and Edmund Gale of Marblehead, Dec.9,1731. CR
Elizabeth, and Tobijah Perkins of Topsfield, Mar.15,1718. CR
Mary, and Jonathan Bancroft, Dec.4,1727. CR
Sarah, and Enoch Sawyer of Newbury, Sept.29,1721. CR

PIERSON (see Pearson)
Amos, and Elizabeth Nicolls, Feb.14,1758. CR
Hannah, and Joshua Bancroft of Wilmington, May22,1760. CR
Jonathan, and Mary Hartshorn, June18,1752. CR
Sarah, and James Bancroft, May11,1758. CR

Mary, of Woburn, and Elisha Tottingham, Mat 3, 1765. CR

Delia S., of Stoneham, a.29y., and Joshua Bryant, a.29y., June21,1849.*

Sarah T., and Daniel S. Kenerson, int. Dec.13,1837.

James W., and Sarah Sweetser, int. Feb.23,1833.
Jonas R., and Eliza Clay, Apr.5,1835.*

Charles W., and Lydia A. Stowell, int. Mar.27,1841.

POOL (see Poole)
Abigail J., and Daniel S. Oliver, Jr., Nov.29,1832.*
Betsy, and William, Jr., Dec.20,1787. CR
Charles, and Betsey Smith, Nov.20,1812.*
Dinah, and Kemar Blackman of Woburn, Oct.21,1787. Blacks. CR
Elizabeth, and Nicholas Belknap of Boston, Nov.24,1720. CR
John, and Hannah Green, Apr.21,1729. CR
Jonathan, and Sarah Eaton, Dec.23,1760. CR
Joseph Eaton, and Lydia Howard of Malden, Oct.29,1786. CR
Vol. 1
Page 220
Judeth, of Lynn, and James Boutel, Feb.7,1720. CR [1720/1]
Mary, of Lynn end, and Timothy Wiley, July30,1714. CR
Mary, and Joseph Underwood, June3,1762. CR
Mary, and Col. James Hartshorn, Oct.14,1819.*
Mehitteble, and William Mitchell of Haverhill, Aug.30,1753. CR
Nancy, and William Beard, Jr., Nov.29,1804. CR
Rebecca, and Peter Emerson, Jan.31,1754. CR
Rebecca, and Charles Eaton, Feb.15,1780. CR
Rebecca, and Simon Jones, May2,1810. CR
Sally, and Nathaniel Wiley, Jr., Jan.8,1782. CR
Samuel, and Nabby Ingals, Nov.30,1807. CR
Thomas, of Lynn, and Unice Green, July8,1729. CR
Thomas, of Lynn, and Sukey Stimpson, Oct.19,1799. CR
Timothy, of Lynn end, and Elizabeth Goodwin, Nov.9,1725. CR
Timothy, and Lucy Pope, Mar.25,1787. CR
William, and Hannah Nicolls, June19,1751. CR

POOLE (see Pool)
Eliza F., and Thomas W. Oliver of Reading, int. Aug.25,1838.
Emily M., and William Burditt, Oct.10,1841. CR*
Franklin, and Rebecca P. Rollins of Deerfield, NH, int. June19,1840.
Sarah, and Edmund Bancroft, July31,1770. CR

Betsey, and Thomas Swain, May7,1795. CR
Henry, and Ruth Aborn of Lynnfield, in Lynnfield, Dec.7,1842.*
Jesse, and Nancy Hay, Dec.12,1799. CR
Jesse, and Ede Odell of Merrimac, NH, int. Apr.8,1837.
John, and Clarissa Convers of Woburn, int. May19,1838.
Lucy, and Timothy Pool, Mar.25,1787. CR
Lucy P., and Royal M. Barlow of Boston, Apr.29,1837.
Oliver, and Polly Holman of Salem, int. Jan.9,1819.
Sarah R., and Samuel Kingman, Sept.13,1827.*

Asahel, of Stoneham, and Betsy Atwell, Jan.17,1796. CR
Benjamin, and Mercy Tufts of Medford, June16,1785. CR
Cynthia, and William Weston, Nov.1,1802. CR
Dudley, and Sarah Hay of Woburn, Nov.5,1780. CR

Vol. 1
Page 221
Mary, and Nicholas During, Jan.14,1712. CR [1712/3]

William M., of Gifford, NH, a.24y., and Julia Batchelder of Reading, a.23y., Dec.17,1846.*

PRAT (see Pratt)
Dorcas, and Thomas Wakefield, Mar.29,1750. CR
Elizabeth, and Isaac Wesson, Aug.10,1727. CR
Isaac, and Mehitable Nicolls, Nov.2,1763. CR
Joanna, and Daniell Nicolls, Dec.29,1747. CR
Mehitabel, and Capt. Joseph Fitch of Boston, Apr.6,1749. CR
Sarah, and Isaac Smith, Nov.3,1743. CR
Tabitha, and James Hartshorn, Nov.29,1753. CR
Timothy, and Tabitha Boutell, May26,1724. CR
Timothy, Jr., and Tabitha Emerson, Jan.9,1755. CR

PRATT (see Prat)
Abigail, and Simeon Parker, Aug.14,1783. CR
Amos, of Reading, and Jane Tufts, int. Apr.18,1818.
Benjamin, Jr., and Mehetabel Emerson, Apr.27,1792. CR
Caroline P., a.17y., [d. Sumner and Susan. dup.], and James D. Draper, a.22y., [s. Rufus R. and Mary. dup.], int. Nov.10,1849.
Daniel, 3d, and Mary Whiting, Mar.31,1840.*
David, of Lynn, and Elizabeth Pratt, Jan.1,1788. CR
David, and Hannah Patch of Greenfield, NH, int. Nov.3,1821.
Elizabeth, and David Pratt of Lynn, Jan.1,1788. CR
Elizabeth, and Joshua Tweed, Feb.1,1801. CR
Elizabeth, and Kendal Emerson, Dec.17,1776. CR
Elna, and Harriet H. Barnard, Jan.20,1842. CR*
Harrison B., and Olivia Nichols, Aug.20,1835.*
John, of New Ipswich, and Anna Smith, Sept.3,1771. CR
John, and wid. Hannah Bancroft, Nov.4,1783. CR
Jonathan, and Mercy Burditt, May6,1792. CR
Lucy, and Daniel Emerson, Jr., June28,1781. CR
Ralph, of Charlestown, and Lucy Eaton, Sept.4,1839.*
Sarah, of Lynn, and Thomas Sweetser, Mar.19,1795. CR
William R., of Reading, a.39y., and Susan W. Pervear, a.29y., int. Oct.11,1845.

Vol. 1
Page 222
PRENTIS (see Prentiss)
Pamela, wid., and Capt. John Waldron of Dover, NH, Sept.14,1809. CR

PRENTISS (see Prentis)
Clarissa, and Benjamin Johnson, Mar.20,1805. CR
Pamela, and John Orne of Lynnfield, May9,1799. CR

Levi, of Killingly, and Elizabeth Harnden, Sept.9,1718. CR

Benjamin U., a.28y., and Martha e. Philips, of Chester, NH, a.22y., int. Apr.15,1848.
William B., [widr. dup.], a.35y., and Rosindia Abrams of Boston, a.24y., int. May18,1849.

Sarah E., a.23y., [d. James M. and , b. Lowell. dup.], and Joseph W. Bancroft, a.24y., [s. Charles and Eliza, b. Lynnfield. dup.], Sept.2,1849.*

Sarah, and Thomas Parker, Nov.16,1749. CR

PUDNEY (see Putney)
Sarah, and Stephen Raper of Boston, June9,1720. CR

Aaron, of Rockingham, VT, and Sarah Knight of Stoneham, Feb.20,1781. CR
Aaron, and Mary Felton Walton, Mar.10,1808. CR
Henry, and Mary Hawkes, Nov.9,1775. CR
Israel, and Mary Hawks of Lynnfield, int. Mar.18,1820.

PUTNEY (see Pudney)
Caleb, and Caroline E. Wiley, int. Sept.11,1841.
Ebenezer B., and Eliza Tufts, Dec.4,1817.*
George H., a.20y., and Phebe H. Skinner, a.15y., int. Nov.22,1847.
Mary J., and Dexter E. Robbins, July17,1839. CR*
Samuel, and A Eliza Wiley, Dec.13,1846.*
Stephen, and Nancy Howard of Malden, int. Aug.3,1816.
Vol. 1
Page 223

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