Lemuel, Sept.25,1833, "at the Poor house. "


Patrick, b. Ireland, consumption,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Aug.7,1844], a.45.


Anna Brown, w.J.E., Apr.27,1849, a.34.GR

Catherine Brown, w.J.E., Nov.5,1833, a.26.GR


Augustus, Oct.5,1827, a.10. [s.Daniel and Martha.GR]

George, Nov.30,1839, a.25. [Nov.30,1838.GR]

Martha, w.Daniel, Apr.10,1840, a.53. [a.54.GR]


Charebel E., d.Perry, dysentary, Sept.7,1849, a.2y.6m.7d.


Ann, Mrs., Aug.23,1820, a.25. [Anna, w.Jacob.GR]

Eliza Jane, d.Jacob and Dorcas, Sept.20,1836. [a.2y.2w.GR]

Fanny Rebecca, d.Cyrus and Mary, Oct.4,1839.

Francis, ch.Zacheus and Harriet, Oct.28,1832. [Oct.29, a.4.GR]

Harriet B, d.Cyrus, Oct.17,1844, a.19. [Harriet B., d.Cyrus and Rebeckah, Oct.17,1845.GR]

John, s.Cyrus, drowned, Dec.3,1841, a.13. [John N., s.Cyrus and Rebeckah, a.12.GR]

Rebecca, w.Cyrus, Mar.13,1838, a.42.

Rebeckah R., d.Cyrus and Mary F., Oct.4,1839, a.14m.GR

Thaddeus G., s.Peter, suicide, June14,1847, a.33.

Zacheus Jr., July10,1840, a.29. [s.Zacheus and Harriet.GR]


Amos Derby, Jan.22,1840, a.15. [ch.Amos and Eudotia, Jan.20, a.15y.4m.15d.GR]

John P., m., b. Townsend, NH, consumption,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. June20,1844], a.54y.n m.12d.


Francis, s.Francis and Eliza Jane, Nov.1,1841.

Francis Jr., s.Francis, consumption, June13,1849, a.1y.2m.

Francissa, d.William B., Apr.4,1849, a.3.

John Chenery, ch.James and Elizabeth B., Aug.27,1820.

Sarah Finch, d.Francis and Eliza Jane, Jan.22,1838.


Abigail, ch.Bethuel and Abigail D., Apr.14,1819. [Apr.11, a.6m.GR]

Dwight, scolded, Mar.1,1847, a.1y.9m.

James Dwight, s.James and Almira B.,末蔓末, 末末.GR

Martha Ann, ch.Bethuel and Abigail D., Sept.5,1820. [a.12m.GR]


Elizabeth, Feb.末,1838., a.83. [Hepzibeth, Feb.11, a.84.GR]


Mary, b. Ireland, heat, July28,1849, a.20.


Herman A., s.Pitts and Lavinia, Jan.2,1847, a.6.GR

FISK (Fiske)

Abijah, June25,1774, in 45th y.GR

Amanda, w.Sewall, May24,1824, a.25.GR

David Jr., Mar.5,1723-4, in 47th y.GR

David, s.Josiah and Sarah, Oct.15,1729, a.1y.8m.GR

Elizabeth, w.David, Mar.21,1717-18, in 65th y.

Jacob, Sept.30,1801, a.32.GR

John, Jan.6 [dup. June6], 1718, in 63d y.GR

Jonas, Sept.21,1822, a.55.GR

Jonathan, Mar.30,1787, a.52.GR

Mary, W. Lt. John, Feb.27,1726, in 36th y.GR

Mary [dup. Fiske], d.Abijah and Elizebeth [dup. Elizabeth], Oct.8,1760.

Mary, w.Thomas, Mar.5,1783, in 81st y.GR

Mary, d.Jonathan and Abigail, Mar.12,1790, a.10.GR

Polly, d.Jacob and Sarah, Sept.10,1792, a.18m.GR

Mary, m., Mar.17,1848, a.47.

Ruth, W. Jonas, Jan.19,1799, a.26.GR

Samuel, Mar.22,1761, in 52d y.GR

Thomas, Sept.27,1778, in 78th y.GR

FISKE (Fisk)

Abigail [dup. Fisk], wid.Jonathan, Oct.21,1803, a.59.

Abraham [dup. Fisk], Jan.26,1812, a.39 [dup. in 39th y.]

Abraham, June6,1833.

Benjamin Franklin, ch.William and Ruth, June28,1832, a.35.

Charles, m., fitts, Aug.31,1847, a.62.

David [dup. Fisk], June26,1738, a.86.

Elijah [dup. m., lung fever], July15,1843, a.78 [dup. a.75].

John, ch.William and Ruth, Apr.4,1825, a.33.

Jonathan, Jan.20,1843, a.75.GR

Lorenza, d.Theodore and Ann, Mar.14,1841.

Luke, m., s.Elijah and Lydia, deseise of the heart, Feb.26,1845, a.51y.18d.

Lydia Elizabeth, d.Luke and Susan, Apr.22,1843, a.22.

Ruth, wid.William, Aug.6,1837, a.76.

Samuel, ch.Abraham and Grace, June12,1806.

William [dup. Fisk], Mar.28,1760, a.55. [Fisk.GR]

William Esq., Aug.13,1803, in 50th y.

William, Nov.22,1818, a.41.


Bezaleel, June21,1749.

Bezaleel, Aug.14,1806, a.74.

Elizabeth, w.Timothy, Mar.11,1803.

John, Mar.14,1733-4, in 34th y.GR

Mary, Mrs.,末蔓末, 末末.GR

Mary, w.Bezaleel, Nov.23,1780, in 46th y.GR

Nathaniel, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, old age, Sept.20,1845, a.84.

Rhoda, w.Bezaleel Jr., Sept.19,1803.

Sarah, d.John and Hannah, June16,1737.GR

Susannah [dup. Susanah], W. Bezaleel, Dec.12,1745.


James, Oct.20,1817, a.37.

Sophia, d.John and Anna, Feb.25,1794. a.4.GR


末末, fever, Dec.26,1841, a.10

Philenda T., m., d.Joseph Bond, consumption, Sept.29,1847, a.22.

Susan Augusta, d.Daniel and Phebe, Apr.13,1840, a.11.


William Earl, ch.William and Phebe, Oct.末,1819.


Emily, d., George, inftamation on bowels, May18,1849. [d.George W. and Adeline E., May19, a.2y.6m.GR]


Eunice, W. Cyril, June1,1821.

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