WALCOTT (Walcutt)

Susan Maria, ch.Jabez S. and Thankful, May15,1838. [Susan Mariah, d.Jabez S. and Thankfull, a.3.GR]

William, Feb.11,1837. [Feb.10, a.31.GR]

WALCUTT (Walcott)

Artemas, s.Jonathan, Sept.10,1818.

George W., s.Jonathan, Sept.11,1820.


Jane, d.Alanson and Diana, May8,1819. [a.2y.4m.GR]

William F., s.William and Sarah, Aug.27,1820, a.23m.GR


Mary, m., dropsey, Dec.19,1846, a.23.

WARREN (Warrin)

Isaac, s.Peter, May18,1804, a.10.

Leonard, s.Peter and Polly, drowned,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. July18,1844], a.43.

Mary, Jan.末,1848, a.67.

Matilda, d.William and Robey, Oct.15,1781, a.19m.13d.GR

Nancy, d.Eliphalet and Eunice [first w.], Nov.21,179 [dup. 1796].

Phinehas, June30,1797, in 81st y.

WARRIN (Warren)

Grace, d.Phinehas and Grace, Jan.21,1754, a.4.GR


Mary, Sept.29,1841, a.78.

Mary, d.William Watson and Esther Bosman, Feb.26,1846, a.10d.


Harriot [dup. adds Mrs., tuphus fever], Aug.末,1843, a.20.


George, m., heart complaint, Mar.30,1849, a.36. [Mar.29.GR]


Jesse, m., old age, Aug.9,1848, a.75.

Lucy F.,末蔓末, 末末.GR


末末,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Oct.15,1843], a.1.

Sarah E., d.Lewis and Sarah, fitts, June2,1846, a.2y.9m.[Sarah Elizabeth, d.Lewis and Sarah B., a.3.GR]

WELLINGTON (Willington)

Abigail, s.William Jr. and Avis, Sept.21,1805.

Abner,末蔓末, 末末.

Abner, Apr.24,1804, a.27.

Abner, consumption,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. May6,1843], a.39. [May6,1843.GR]

Elizabeth Maynard, ch.Theodore and Martha B., May9,1841.

Elizabeth, d.Marshall, fitts, Mar.1,1847, a.2.

Hannah D., m., d.Francis Duvall, consumption, July25,1846, a.30.

Harriot, d.Richard and Hannah, Nov.26,1833. [Harriet, a.22.GR]

Harriet, d.Enock, fall, June28,1845, a.64.

Isaac, ch.William and Mary, Nov.12,1796.

Isaac, m., cholery, Aug.27,1847, a.47.

Maria Clark, ch.Theodore and Martha B., May26,1841, a.6.

Mary, Dec.6,1833, a.83.

Priscilla Lawrence, ch.Abraham and Elizabeth, Jan.13,1806.

Richard Rush, ch.Darius and Lydia, Dec.25,1831.

Richard, Dec.10,1836, a.53.GR

Samuel, June4,1821.

Susan M. dropsey, July9,1846, a.2y.6m.

Willard, ch.Theodore and Martha B., Apr.16,1841.

Willard, s.Theodore and Martha, croup, Dec.22,1846, a.4.

William, Apr.29,1813.


Dorothy, w.Stephen, Sept.4,1775, a.33.GR


Charlotte L., d.Hastings R. and Lydia, influenzia, Apr.1,1845, a.2m.21d.

Martha Ann, d.Charles and Eliza Ann, Feb.8,1840.


Sarah Jane, d.Nahum, May18,1842, a.8.


Edwin, s.E.P., dysentary, Oct.25,1847, a.1y.2m.

John, "drowned in Fresh Pond in Cambridge," Jan.3,1807, a.20.

Roxanna, b. Dotchester, d.Samuel and Charlotte, bleeding, Oct.2,1844, a.27y.2m.

Sarah, b. England, consumption, July18,1847. [b. "in London in the parish of St. Martins," w.Edward "during the period of 8 years & 1m."GR]


Esther, w.Benjamin, May2,1771.


Bernard, Rev., Nov.5,1834, a.38.

Catherine, d.Hosea and Mary, Dec.末,1833.

WHITNEY (Whittney)

末末, inf.末末, dropsey in head,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. Sept.2,1843].

Abigail, consumption,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. July28,1843], a.57. [July28,1843.GR]

Allen [dup. Allin Whitny], s.James and Marcy, Dec.7,1740.

Amos, June10,1824, a.38.GR

Arthur W.,末蔓末,1838.GR

David [dup. Whittny], h.Rebeckah, Dec.18,1738.

Eleanor S.,末蔓末,1811.GR

Eleoner Sabrina, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, Oct.26,1812.

Eleazer [dup. Whitny], June10,1738.

Emily F., only ch.Leonard and Caroline I., Aug.12,1849, a.15m.8d.GR

Eugene G.,末蔓末,1848.GR

Eunice, d.James and Marcy, Nov.24,1740.

John R., ch.Rev. John and Mary A., Sept.27,1838.

Jonathan, s.David and Rebekah, Apr.9,1757., a.22y.1m.GR




Mary, d.Silas and Abigail of Ashby, Apr.3,1803.

Mary Ann, ch.Abram and Mary Ann, Apr.22,1838.

Ruth, d.David and Rebekah, Apr.23,1757, a.28y.1m.GR

Samuel, s.Elnathan and Sarah, Dec.28,1751.

Sarah, w.Elnathan, Oct.22,1756, a.54.


Sarah B.,末蔓末,1828.GR

Sarah A., ch.Leonard, cholery morbus, Aug.13,1849, a.6y.5m.

WHITTNEY (Whitney)

Beriah, w.John of Weston, formerly w.Daniel Child, Nov.4,1768, in 88th y.GR


Patrick, b. Ireland, cholery, Aug.13,1849.


George Herbert, Mar.20,1847, a.1y.5m.GR

Harriet, w.William E., Feb.15,1844, a.39.GR

William E., May10,1849, a.41.GR


Abigail, wid.Rev. Warham, Sept.18,1789, a.86.GR

Eleazor [dup. Eleazear], s.Rev. Warham and Abigail, Mar.5,1742-3, a.2. [Eleazar.GR]

Eunice, d.Rev. Warham and Abigal [dup. Abigail] [Abigail.GR], Sept.30,1743, a.10.

John, Mr. [sic, see birth], s.Rev. W. and A., Mar.24,1728-9.GR

Leonard Esq., Dec.24,1799, a.60y.4m.28d.["Representative for the town of Waltham and one of the Justices for the County of Middlesex,"GR]

Samuel, s.Rev. Warham and Abigail, Feb.27,1742-3, a.8.

Warham, Rev., June22,1751. [" in 29th of ministry and 52nd of age,"GR]

WILLINGTON (Wellington)

Joseph, Dec.11,1724, a.81.GR

Joseph Adams, s.Joseph and Martha, June27,1769, a.6y.4m.7d.GR

Martha, w.Joseph, Dec.9,1763, in 26th y.GR

Susannah, w.Joseph, May11,1766, in 26th y.GR


Abby Ella, d.Rufus P., scarlet fever, Apr.20,1849, a.1y.7m.[Abbyella, only d.Rufus P. and Abby E., Apr.22, a.1y.1m.GR]


Jacob E., b. Merrimack, NH, dysentary, Aug.15,1849, a.25.


Alice B., ch.Rev. George Pickering and Mary,末蔓末,1840.GR


Sarah, Nov.15,1841, a.62. [Sarah, wid., a.63.GR]


David Jr., Sept.20,1829, a.29.GR


Alice, w.Thomas, Dec.21,1848.GR

Anna, d.Rev. Thomas, July6,1841, a.9. [ch.Thomas and Alice.GR]

James, ch.Thomas and Alice, Dec.26,1839.GR


Charles, ch.Thomas J. and Mary A., Dec.21,1842, a.24d.GR

Edward, ch.Thomas J. and Mary A., Feb.15,1834, a.6m.GR

Edward, ch.Thomas J. and Mary Ann, Feb.12,1835.

Mary M., ch.Thomas J. and Mary A., May27,1836, a.3m.GR

Mary, w.Samuel B., July7,1841, a.28.GR

Silas, ch.Thomas J. and Mary Ann, Jan.4,1832.

Susannah, ch.Thomas J. and Mary Ann, Sept.13,1833. [a.6m.GR]

William Cutter Hanscom, s.Thomas J. and Mary Ann, Oct.27,1840. [Oct.26, a.23m.GR]

WYLLIS (Willis)


Daniel, Dec.9,1841. a.72.

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