Margaret of Boston, and Patrick Mannion, int.Sept.11,1834.


Philip of Weston, and Anna Priest, Mar.7,1744.*

Robert of Weston, and Susanah [Susannah.MR] Smith, Apr.30,1747.*


William and Bridget Bradley, int.May27,1843.


Elizabeth A. and Jonas D. Livermore, May20,1841.


Alpheus and Lydia Hammond, July5,1787.

Alpheus and Mrs.Betsy Hayward, int.Apr.9,1812.

Anna and John Cutting, Oct.5,1780.*

Jacob and Lois Hagar, Sept.23,1784.* [Hager.MR]

Jonas and Mary Benjamin, Mar.10,1747.* [1747-8.MR]

Lucy Ann and John Harris, Jan.2,1839.

Rachel and William Lackey, Mar.20,1748-9.*

Samuel and Anna Fiske, July17,1755.* [Fisk.MR]

Sarah and Josiah Peirce, Mar.14,1744.*

GALLAVAN (Callivan)

Thomas [int.Gallivanof Roxbury] and Abby Shea, July21,1844.


Benjamin and Anna Willington, Sept.14,1775.* [Wellington.MR]

Susannah and William Gallop, Feb.22,1770, in Boston.*

William and Susannah Gallop, Feb.22,1770, in Boston.*


Martha and Daniel Parkhust, Nov.6,1746.* [Parkhurst.MR]

Samuell of Boston, and Patty Swift, Feb.5,1780.*


Samuel and Betsey Longdon, int.Nov.22,1818.

GARFIELD (Gearfield, Gerfield)

Abigail and Steaphen Parks, Apr.12,1749.* [Gearfield, and Stephen Parks.MR]

Abijah and Hannah Steams, Mar.26,1801.

Alvis, Capt., and Susan Maynard, int.Sept.19,1818.

Alvis [int.of Barre] and Martha Houghton, Nov.30,1843.

Anna and Jonathan Wellington, Oct.21,1783.

Asaph M., 27, s.Samuel and Eunice, and Phebe P. [int.S.] Smith, Aug.20,1847.

Edward and Lydia Mills, Apr.27,1768, in Weston.*

Elisha and Susanna Bemis, Nov.15,1753.* [Gearfield.MR]

Eunice and Benjamin Harrington Jr., July18,1785.

Hannah of Lincoln, and Charles V. Steams, int.Jan.23,1830.

Joseph and Susanna Hagar, Apr.4,1787.

Josiah, s.Joseph and Susannah, and Caroline L. Nason, Oct.19,1846.

Lois and Braddyl Smith, Feb.3,1789.

Maria and Amos Corey, int.Mar.26,1836.

Maria R., 21, d.Alvis and Maria of Northborough, and Eli B. Russell, Mar.12,1845.

Mary and Josiah Mixer, Aug.7,1740.*

Mary of Lincoln, and John Watson, Nov.4,1784.* [Gearfield.MR]

Rosilla A., 20, d.Alvis, and William M. Grant, Nov.26,1846.

Samuel and Lydia Livermore, Nov.2,1752, in Sudbury.*

Samuel and Eunice Mosman, int Mar.18,1810.

Seraph Matilda, 19 [int.of Lincoln], d.Abijah and Seraph(Colburn), and Jonathan Leander Warren, Jan.28,1847.

Sophronia H. and Winslow Chapin, int.June10,1843.

Susanna of Lincoln, and Edward Brown, Dec.30,1784.* [Gearfield.MR]


Ann of Newburyport, and Nathaniel L. Sibley, int.Sept.28,1828.


Alpheus W. of Boston, and Esther Weston, July26,1821.

Elihu and Mary Kimball, int Aug.23,1823.

Joseph and Ireene Ellis, int.Mar.10,1836.

Winthrop and Lydia A. Wyman, Mar.14,1839.


Michael, Irish, and Mary Neal, Sept.13,1846.*


Jeremiah of Needham, and Hephzibah Peterson, Apr.25,1739.* [Hepzibah Paterson.MR]

Mary Ann T. of Cambridgeport, and George W. Smith, int Mar.17,1843.

GEARFIELD (Garfield, Gerfield)

Deborah and Capt. Abraham Peirce, Apr.28,1791.*

Edward and Martha Nevers, May23,1771.*

Jerusha and Penuel Park, Nov.11,1790.*

Joseph of Weston, and Jemima Stratton, May19,1748.* [Garfield.MR]

Joshua and Ruth Hammond, May23,1754.*

Lydia and Joseph Parks Jr., Apr.17,1755.* [Garfield.MR]

Mary and Samuel Roberts, Aug.18,1774.*

Ruth of E. Sudbury, and David Rice, Apr.9,1788.*

Sarah and John Brown, July19,1759.*

GERFIELD (Garfield, Gearfield)

Hannah and Samuel Gerfield, Apr.17,1751, in Weston.*

Samuel of Weston, and Hannah Gerfield, Apr.17,1751, in Weston.*


Morris and Mary Driscol, int.Oct.5,1847.


Elijah of Newton, and Mary Mead, Oct.15,1835.

Joana and Jonas Bemis, int.Mar.9,1823.

Maria and Reuben S. Adams, int.Feb.4,1830.

Mary N. and Amasa Smith, June14,1837.

Nancy H. and Joseph W. Spring, int.Apr.4,1831.

Sarah A. and Joseph Field, Nov.15,1835.

William and Mary G. Field, June14,1837.


Betsey of Ashby, and Charles H. Kendall, int.Sept.29,1834.

Isaac and Grace Warren, Nov.25,1813.

Lydia and Joseph Wyatt, int.Sept.24,1820.

Mary Ann and Nathaniel C. Russell, Jan.30,1833.


Elizabeth A., 21, of Lincoln, d.John and Elizabeth, and Charles H. Washburn, July2,1848.*


Augustus, widr.[int.omits widr.], 32, ofW. Brookfield, s.Parker and Sally, and Mary W. Gleason, Apr.25,1848.

John, 25, of Roxbury, s.Charles and Emily, and Mary W. Lee, Dec.17,1848.

Lucius I. and Abigail L. Haven, Jan.22,1846.*


Alfred and Betsey Russell, int.Sept.14,1839.

Noah and Mary F. Brown, int.Apr.17,1847.


Catherine and Thomas H. Goodwin, int.Apr.18,1846.


Elizabeth T., Mrs., of Newton, and lrad Myers, Jan.16,1840.*


Rosalinda and Hibbard Ramsey, May8,1842.


Jane and John Whitney, Apr.24,1823.*

Martha and William Mead, int.Feb.29,1824.

GITCHFIELD (Litchfield)

Mary and Davis Thichen, Sept.15,1844.*


John N. and Mrs.Sarah A. Kimball, int.May20,1848.


Amos and Anna Child, Jan.21,1796.

Elizabeth and Nathaniell [int.Nathaniel] Livermore, May11,1797.

Elizabeth, 22, d.Richard and R. uth, and John Harris, Mar.4,1847.

Hannah of Weston, and Joseph Jaquith, int.Dec.2,1821.

Isaac and Elizabeth Harrington, June26,1740, in Woburn.*

Isaac and Sarah Harrington, Oct.9,1766.*

Isaac and Mrs.Elizabeth [Elisabeth.MR] Clark, July4,1771.*

John and Ruth White, Apr.4,1771, in Newton.*

Josiah and Sally Nutting, int.Dec.3,1815.

Mary [int.Polly] and Elijah Brigham, Mar.20,1803.

Mary W., 26, d.Richard and Ruth, and Augustus Gilbert, widr.[int.omits widr.], Apr.25,1848.

Susanna and Elias Viles, May17,1807.

William of Weston, and Sophia P. Bancroft, int.Feb.5,1830.


Henry, 26, b. Francistown, NH, s.Jesse and Deborah of E. Cambridge, and Abby B. Ricker, Apr.25,1845.

Ira D. of Woburn, and Sophia Mead, int.Nov.6,1829.

Jesse and Martha Bartlett, int.Nov.6,1834.


Elbridge of Newton, and Sarah Jane Livermore, int.Mar.28,1840.

John of Cambridge, and Almyra Sanderson, int.Apr.8,1837.

R.L. and Lavina M. Brigham, int.Aug.30,1845.

GODDING (Goding, Gooding)

Martha of Watertown, and Daniel Peirce, June4,1752, in Watertown.*

GODING (Godding, Gooding)

Harriet A. [int.omits A.], 21, d.Luke and Harriet, and John M. Joy, Sept.17,1848.

Stephen [int.of Newton], s.Luke and Harriet, and Deanthia A. Robbins, Apr.13,1848.

GOODING (Godding, Goding)

Elizabeth and Samuell White, Nov.25,1784.* [Goodwin, and Samuel White.MR]

Mercy [int.Goding] and Joseph Adams, Mar.31,1789.

Milly and Oliver Travis, Dec.11,1783.* [Goddard.MR]

Thadeus and Mehitable Travis, July10,1783, in E. Sudbury.*


Asa and Orril Burnap, int.Jan.26,1812.

Edward of W. Cambridge, and Caroline Sanderson, May15,1834.

Mary W. and Cephas Houghton, int.Mar.20,1819.

Mary W. of Watertown, and Henry M. Ryan, int.Apr.8,1837.

Susan K. and John Peabody, Dec.1,1840.

William and Louisa A. Lee, Oct.17,1839.

William H. and Angeline Allen, int.Aug.18,1843.


Jarvis E., 30, of New York City, s.Allen and Mercy, and Mary Jane Townsend, May30,1849.

Sarah E., 24, d.Allen and Mercy, and Sewall K. Kidder, Mar.末, 末末. [int.Mar.8] 1846.


David, s.末末 of Ireland, and Ann E. McCusker, Nov.18,1844.

Nathanael [int.Nathaniel] and Ruth Livermore, Apr.6,1790.

Thomas H. and Catherine Gillagan, int.Apr.18,1846.


Cyrenus of Millbury, and Mary Ann Sherman, int.Aug.20,1833.


John [int.Gormon], s.末末 of Ireland, and Catherine McJennis [int.McGinnis], Feb.20,1844.


Elisabeth of Lincoln, and Elisha Livermore, int.Feb.28,1808.

John of Weston, and Mrs.Tabitha Livermore, Jan.17,1737-8.*

Louiza [int.Louisa] H., 18, d.Lophet and Nancy, and Charles H. Shepherd, Dec.8,1848.

Tabitha of Lincoln, and Jonas Bemis, Aug.28,1792, in Lincoln.


William M. [int.omitsMR], 24, of Medfield, s.John and Louiza, and Rosilla A. Garfield, Nov.26,1846.

GRAY (Grey)

Jane and Otis C. Braman, Aug.4 [int Aug.20, sic], 1836.

Margaret and Lemuel Mayo, int Dec.30,1841.


Ann and Patrick Rooney, int.Nov.1,1849.


Martha of Weston, and Isaac Peirce, Oct.22,1755, in Weston.*


Aaron K.*, 29, s.John, and Nancy P. Townsend, Apr.22,1845.

Benjamin and Martha Brown, Apr.1,1756.*

Benjamin and Mrs.Eunice Smith, Feb.8,1770.*

Elizabeth and Isaac Bemis, Nov.11,1779.*

George and Mary H. Dix, int.Aug.27,1831.

James of Dorchester, and Sarah Adams, May3,1780.*

John Singleton Copley and Mary Anne Appleton, int.Sept.28,1844.

John W. and Lucy Ann B. Flagg, int.Oct.7,1848.

Jonas and Hannah Child, Feb.21,1799.

Leonard of W. Cambridge, and Esther Lawrence,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. before Apr.1,1814] [int.July25,1813].

Leonard and Grace Lawrence, Jan.23,1806.

Lydia and David Russell, Aug.11,1793.

Martha and David Smith, Oct.17,1776.*

Martha and William A. Greenwood, Apr.12,1836.

Nancy of Lexington, and Leonard Lawrence, int.Sept.25,1808.

Nathan, 27, b. Northboro, s.John of Northborough, and Asenith [int.adds F.] Dutton, Mar.13,1845.

Owen and Ann Culliven, int.Mar.26,1842.

Sally and Nahum Spring, Mar.24,1801.

Susan of W. Cambridge, and John R. Hammond, Nov.13,1834.*


Isaac Jr. of Medford, and Hephzibah Shedd [int.Shed], Jan.5,1804.

Sarah B. and James H. Lamb, June30,1842, in Lexington.


Elbridge F. of Salisbury, NH, and Elizabeth R. Eastman, June17,1848.


Charles and Susan Keen, int.Sept.13,1812.

Rebecca of Watertown, and Nathaniel P. Banks, int.Jan.22,1815.

Thomas J. and Eliza M. Burroughs, int.Sept.10,1820.

William A. [int.of Boston] and Martha Green, Apr.12,1836.

GREY (Gray)

George, 22, of Newton, and Abby Holmes, Dec.26,1846.

GRIFFEN (Griffin)

John and Mary McAliarn [?], June9,1844.*

GRIFFIN (Griffen)

John and Mary McMee, int.Feb.3,1843.


David of Portsmouth, and Mrs.Sarah Bowles, Nov.7,1757.* [1747 [sic].MR].


Luther and Polly Quincy, Mar.11,1810.


Frederick, 22, of Watertown, s.Jacob and Elizabeth of Newton, and Mary Ann Thorner Noon, Oct.22,1847.*


Jane E. of Lincoln, and Samuel G. Merdock, Sept.29,1844.*

Payson of Pomfret, CT, and Sophronia Abbot, int.Aug.21,1845.


Levi [? Ginsey] of Lowel, and Ruth Harrington, int.Apr.2,1826.


Sarah Jane of Cambridge, and Richard Heard, int.Oct.18,1845.

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